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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"The Omega Project"
Original Air Date: 09/09/00 Featuring footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five #29 - Munasawagi No Hoshizora
(Premonition Of The Starry Sky)
GoGo Five #30 - Datsu Shutsu! Ankoku Wakusei
(Take It Out! The Dark Black Planet)
*4th episode of 8th Regular Season
(20th of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1020
*20th episode of PRLR
*358th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Jonathan Robinson _AS_ Simon
Brett Jones _AS_ Tech
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)


[Scenes from "The Cobra Strikes", "Olympius Ascends" & "The Queen's Return"]

Somewhere in Mariner Bay one evening, Joel is visiting with a his young pal, Simon. The boy, clearly a genius (and not just because his shirt is blue), has finished the modifications on his telescope. Joel is in awe over the various scientific devices around the child's room, and once Simon completes his lens alteration (to gather more light), he scopes into the telescope. Joel gazes at the stars and constellations above, remarking to Simon on what a great telescope it is. As his hands are busy gripping the eyepiece, Joel is unaware that Simon has taken one of his devices and ran it across the Rescue Morpher on his wrist. The device beeps and locks in on the communications signal delivered to the Morpher from Lightspeed. Joel spots Simon doing this and turns from the scope to ask what it is, and Simon reveals it is a High Frequency Scanner, another of his inventions. Joel inspects it, the technology Greek to him. Simon asks innocently, "So Joel, do you think i'm ready to work at Lightspeed?" Joel puts the scanner on the desk and sits down, talking to Simon eye to eye. He tells the kid straight, "What we do at Lightspeed isn't kids stuff, it's serious! But if you work hard enough, then someday, you'll be able to work wherever you want." Simon hangs his head low in disappointment. Joel smiles and tells his buddy, "Hey, I've got to get back to the Aquabase, i'll talk to you later, huh?" Simon bids Joel good-bye and they slap each other five, as Joel puts on his cowboy hat and departs (hey, check out that trumpet near Simon's computer. Didn't it once belong to Zack's uncle? But I jest on the Trumpet Top monster...). Simon turns to the window and sighs, he wants to grow up, he's no longer a Toys R Us kid.

Meanwhile in Skull Cavern, Olympius addresses what's left of his mother, Queen Bansheera, in the fog-filled room. "Mother, there is something I would like you to see. Behold! It is so powerful it will completely obliterate Mariner Bay in just seconds!", Olympius notes as he points to the viewing puddle. The image is of a very large and spikey asteroid floating through outer space. Olympius' dreams of having it smash down on the city and allowing the Queen access to rebuilding her palace on the ruins is shown in two rather crudely made drawings (likely done by Olympius when he was still Impus, since they appear to be in crayon). Bansheera's torso finds this astronomical plan to be brilliant, as "Even the Rangers won't be able to stop it!" Olympius promises that, "This time we won't fail!" Back in the city, Simon is looking through his telescope, when his mother calls out that it's time for bed. Simon okays this and continues peering into the lens, when he suddenly spots something both horrific and astonishing. Adjusting the magnification to its maximum, he gets a good clear view (matching that shown in the puddle screen, meaning that likely, the puddle was showing us the view from Jinxer's telescope). Simon can only look up and gasp, "Wow! An asteroid!"

[opening credits. Version 1.2 still, as Ryan is still credited.]

A view of the Train Bay over the waters of Mariner Bay is shown, on a relatively quiet day. Deep below, in the Lightspeed Aquabase, Ms. Fairweather is putting the finishing touches on an urgent matter of late. She does some slight tweaking to Carter's Battle Booster and hands it back to him, explaining, "I've developed this simple modification, so that from now your Battle Boosters will be able to operate the Max Solarzord by remote." Now Ryan's leave of absence will no longer hinder the team when it comes to their third battle machine. Fairweather continues to add about the Solarzord, "You'll need it to initiate the Omega Megazord." Dana is stunned, questioning the mention of this new Megazord. Ms. F stands up and points them to her computer terminal screen. The four stare at it, as Fairweather calls it "The very latest in Zord technology!" They're captivated by the sight of five new Zords in the hangar bay, watching as they're lifted around by large cranes. Ms. Fairweather leaves them to this thrilling display, and heads off to discuss technical operations with some technicians. She doesn't get much work done, before Joel walks in, with another bouquet of flowers behind his back. He clears his throat and gains her smirking attention, "Joel, late as usual, I see." He states, "I was out getting something for you!" She grins and awaits her gift, when Carter interrupts by exclaiming, "Incredible, Ms. Fairweather," concerning the Omegazords. Joel turns his back away from view of his teammates, not wanting them to see him making the same mistake as always. Ms. F asks Joel about what it is he had to give her, and he stutters. Suddenly, his Rescue Morpher beeps. Lifting his left arm up quickly to answer the call, he accidentally keeps the bouquet in hand as he draws his wrist to his face. Fairweather, and the four Ranger Recruits, burst out laughing at Joel's expense, as he fumbles in an attempt to get the flowers out of sight. The call is from none other than Simon! Joel doesn't want to get his pal in trouble, so he ducks down behind the Rescue Rover and answers angrily.

Joel asks Simon how he got that frequency, and he tells him, "I hacked into it! You've got to listen to me!" Before Joel can say another word, he witnesses the dark suited legs of Captain Mitchell sternly approaching. Simon keeps trying to get Joel's attention again, loudly (notice the paperweight once known as Mint makes quite a few appearances in the background this episode, more clearly than usual. Set continuity falls to pieces as he appears up beside Joel one-second, and way behind him, near the Green Power Box, the next. I shudder to think that thing is breeding). Joel looks up at the Captain, who asks, "A friend of yours?", at the sound of the boy's voice. Joel stutters again, claiming, "Yes... sir.. sort of. Don't worry! It'll never happen again." Joel then salutes, using the hand holding the flowers. In an attempt to not look stupid, Joel turns his head and hands the bouquet to Captain Mitchell. Mitchell shakes his head in disgust over Joel's frequent insubordination, but lets Joel take the Rescue Rover off to the city anyway. Minutes later, Simon waits by his front door, until Joel pulls up. The boy rushes over and hops in, with his bookbag. Joel asks, "Do you know what kind of hot water you put me in?! THIS is for emergencies, that's all," pointing to his Rescue Morpher. Simon notes that this IS an emergency, "There's a giant asteroid and it's heading straight for Mariner Bay!" Joel is dumbfounded, asking the boy to reiterate. Simon states, "I saw it last night through my telescope.." Joel is a bit skeptical, until Simon pulls out a notebook and says, "I know you think i'm just a kid. But i'm a smart kid. And I know what I saw." Joel flips through the notebook, finding page after page of detailed mathematic equations. Joel may not be a rocket scientist, but from looking at the work he's done, Joel knows the heavily intelligent boy isn't crying Craterite! Simon says (hop on one leg!), "I have the position, the velocity, EVERYTHING!" Joel takes this very seriously, driving the Rover straight back to the Lightspeed Aquabase, with Simon tagging along.

Once in the Transport Bay, Simon is a wow-fest at all the sights there is to see in the sophisticated Aquabase. Joel leads the boy over to Ms. Fairweather, who orders a Cadet to "begin test phase 3." Joel asks Ms. F to check something out for him. She tells him "not now!, before turning to Simon with a smile and saying "Hi!", Simon gives one back, and Fairweather informs Joel that she's in the middle of a test. Joel attempts to tell her it'll only take a minute, before another technician calls her over and she takes off without so much as an excuse me! The tech shows Fairweather a monitor and mentions, "Phase 3 levels are a little high but well within tolerances," the monitor showing "Air Release Engaged" under a computer diagram of the Aquabase domes. Joel feels ignored but remains quiet, until Simon urges him to get going and ask her again. Joel obliges and storms over to Fairweather, pleading with her to check something out for him. The tech states the levels are going down and Ms. F tells him to go to phase 4 (if that involves ants, we're history!). Joel begs some more, but she refuses, claiming she has to monitor these results. Simon has no such hang-ups, and ducks down out of sight, waiting for a tech to depart from the computer lab. He crawls in, closes the door, hops on the terminal, breaks out his notebook, cracks his knuckles and starts typing away. Joel promises that it'll only take a minute of Fairweather's time, but she continues resisting his charms.

Simon's hacking becomes evident when the tech notices that something is interfering with the test program. Fairweather checks it out, the screen readout is in error. Joel notices that Simon is missing, so he calls out to his pal, only to spot the boy inside of Fairweather's lab! He, the tech, and Miss F rush over and begin banging on the door, demanding the boy let them in. Fairweather uses her ID badge to unlock the door through a card reader, but it doesn't work! She tries again, with a few added button presses, and they finally manage to barge in. Simon types on as many keys as he can before being yanked away (managing to hit "enter" as he's grabbed) from the keyboard by Joel, who asks the boy, "Are you crazy?! This isn't a playground!" Fairweather tries undoing any damage the boy made, but pauses once Simon points them all to look at the screen. Ms. F removes her glasses as she stares as the image, of the giant asteroid making its way through space. Fairweather puts it Cranston-style, "Incredible!" Simon gives a "I told ya so" smile to Joel. Fairweather gazes down at the notebook, reading the paperwork in shock. Joel joins in with Simon on the "told ya so" parade, as Simon remarks to Fairweather, "See? We tried to tell you!" The alarms start to sound, and Simon hops over to Miss F's side, where she tells him thanks and kisses him on the cheek! Joel feels left out, so he lowers himself down a little, turns his head, puts his tongue in his cheek and awaits for his kiss as well. Fairweather has Simon help her on charting the asteroid's position. She looks at Joel and orders, "Joel, Go! Get on it!" Elsewhere in the Aquabase, Chad & Kelsey come racing down on hallway together, with Carter, Dana, and Joel joining them as they rush down another. The five quickly Morph offscreen, and combined, the Lightspeed Rangers head down into their Rail Rescues.


The asteroid, along with its various floating chunks, continues gliding towards Earth. Inside of his cockpit, Red Ranger remarks, "All right! Let's blast this asteroid back to where it came from!" His four teammates agree, shouting "Right!" as they salute at the same time. The Lightspeed Solarzord has linked up offscreen, and lands in the center of the city, fully transformed. Yellow Ranger reads the monitor and notes, "Target's in our sights and locked on!" Pink Ranger presses some buttons, "Charging lasers to full power!" The sun gleams brightly down upon the solar panelings of the Lightspeed Solarzord, energizing the power storage. Ms. Fairweather & Simon sit at the computer, watching the action from afar. Blue Ranger exclaims, "Ready to fire at your command!" Finally, Red Ranger commands, "All right! Let's blow this thing right out of the sky!" (Carter is feeling Alright today, I suppose) The asteroid floats in space and the Lightspeed Solarzord continues charging up. In Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera is well aware of these occurrences, telling her son, "Olympius, the Rangers have the firepower to destroy your asteroid! You must take action right away!" Olympius has a plan, "I'll blight out the sun from their Lightspeed Solarzord, leaving them powerless!" Back in the city, Green Ranger states that the gauge is at full power. Red Ranger shouts, "Fire!" (in a crowded Megazord, isn't that illegal?) The Lightspeed Solarzord whips out all of its cannons and begins to unleash blast after blast of energy bolts into the sky. They rip into the rocky exterior of the asteroid (and likely take down many communications satellites in their wake), blowing it to smaller pieces, a little at a time. Fairweather & Simon seem relieved and happy that this is working out well.

Carter states that it's working and that one more blast should do the trick. He sets the weapons to recharge, and awaits the next phase. On the streets below where the Lightspeed Solarzord is standing, Olympius fades in, and begins laughing maniacally. Fairweather becomes aware of him, and orders, "Carter! You've got to stop Olympius!" It's too late, Olympius charges up his red Star Power, begins glowing with purple energy, and creates a massive dome over the Lightspeed Solarzord, blocking out the sun. Carter wonders what's happening as the lights grow dim, Kelsey notes energy levels are dropping, Dana says they're losing all of their power, and Chad gets the most useful line, "It seems like something's blocking the sunlight!" Red Ranger tells his team, "There's something very wrong here guys, and there he is!" Olympius calls out to the Rangers and makes himself known below their feet. Carter realizes that they have to deal with Olympius first (didn't he hear Fairweather's transmission on this subject?! Sounds like someone needs to initiate: Lightspeed Earwax Removal), and orders his team to go. All five leap from the Megazord, and land in the pavemented courtyard. Olympius just stands there, looking evil, prompting Carter to jump up and attack him. Meanwhile, the asteroid continues its trek to Earth, its underside resembling the Dark Fortress in the shadows. Be funny if it was a leftover chunk of Dark Specter. He was a big fan of tossing asteroids to Earth. In the Aquabase, Simon gets bored watching the Rangers, and turns to his notebook, rereading everything he wrote down the night before. Pretty sad when a kid would rather do homework than watch you fight demons.

Whoo boy, here comes plotholes. As in the last Lightspeed Rangers shot, all five have a secondary gun holster on their sides now. These are never explained this episode. We now see Red Ranger rolling away from a failed fight with Olympius, regrouping with his team. All five of the Rangers are holding not only their Rescue Blasters, but these new unnamed secondary weapons! As per the toy line, they're called the Thermo Blasters. We can pretend that Fairweather made these new guns, but hasn't completed testing, so a full introduction to them will come at a later date when she irons out the kinks in it (they sure didn't do much damage to Olympius, so they obviously need some more work!). Olympius waits for the Rangers to regroup, and then he does his "aim your palm at them and cause all five to burst into smokey sparks" attack. Our heroes writhe on the ground in pain, as Olympius approaches, grunting, "Ahaha! You're out of tricks, Rangers!" Red Ranger recovers to his feet and corrects Olympius by noting that is not right. He then lifts his right wrist and presses "555, Activate" on his Battle Booster. The other four do the same, and all at the same time, the Power Rangers unleash a quint-beam assault of Battle Booster energy! The colorful streaks stream across the courtyard, blasting into Olympius as a water fountain sprinkles in the foreground. Olympius bears the brunt of the constant attack, exclaiming, "You'll never make me retreat from my mission!" Olympius begins sparking and smoking as the Battle Boosting is ceased. In the Aquabase, Simon notices that his calculations were incorrect, and the asteroid is even bigger and faster than they originally thought! Fairweather relays this to our heroes, and that the Solarzord doesn't stand a chance of bringing it down. Carter takes the message in his helmet, as Olympius rises once more, proclaiming, "You may as well admit your defeat!" (he then presumably teleports back to Skull Cavern). Chad wonders what they're going to do now and Dana thinks there's got to be another way. Fairweather ponders for a moment, and then speaks into the microphone, "Rangers, return to the Aquabase. It's time to initiate the Omega Project!"


The Rescue Rover rolls AWAY from the Aquabase with all five Ranger Recruits inside (Oops? They going out for ice cream or something? What's going on here?! Shouldn't they have taken the Lightspeed Solarzord back to base?). Meanwhile in the Train Bay, the crane picks up the Red Omegazord, and readies it into position. In the Aquabase, Cadets & Techs ready schematics for the upcoming operation. In Skull Cavern, the asteroid is on the viewing puddle again. Jinxer explains, "Everything is working perfectly, my prince! Soon the asteroid will destroy Mariner Bay, and you & your mother will rule supreme!" Queen Bansheera remarks, "IF this plan works, Olympius will be my second-in-command!" (he isn't already?) Olympius bows and sighs, "Yes, mother." Loki is outraged, grunting "What?!". Vypra is also angry, storming away without uttering a single line. Back at Lightspeed, the Red Omegazord is inserted into Rail Rescue 1 by remote. In the Transport Bay, Ms. Fairweather & Simon make their way through the crowd to watch as the five Lightspeed Rangers are lowered down on the Lift. Fairweather has to hold Simon back as he tries to rush over to Joel's side. Green Ranger pops his visor up and salutes him, asking, "You keep an eye out for us, Simon!" Simon salutes back, with a worried look on his face. The lift is lowered down, and the Max Solarzord Bay is our heroes destination. They hop into the cockpit of the Supertrain (Inside Rail Rescue 1), and strap themselves in. The Max Bay links up, and Fairweather states, "Omega Ready!" The Rail Rescues are lifted and lowered over to a small shaft in front of the Max Bay, linking up together vertically. Fairweather reads off the final countdown, as the Max Solarzord comes online by Battle Booster remote, rolls out, links up with the Rail Rescues, leans backwards, and upon the end of the countdown, ignition is initiated and liftoff begins. The Solarzord shuttles into the atmosphere, carrying the five Rail Rescues along behind it.

Ms. Fairweather takes Simon up to Rescue Ops, where Simon gives Captain Mitchell a salute. Mitchell returns the salute, and puts his hand on the boy's shoulder as they join in with the other Lightspeed Employees as they watch the Rangers chase the asteroid into space. Our heroes are quiet as the Solarzord carries the Rail Rescues out of the atmosphere and into the asteroid shower. Loose debris smashes against the sides, but does no damage to the massive metal structure. Carter remarks that they should give the Omegazords a try, and that's just what they do, piling out of the Supertrain cockpit and into their individual new Zords. The Rail Rescues open up, as if they were releasing the Lightspeed Rescuezords. Instead, five new space vehicles engage and pop out, flying off and leaving the Solarzord zooming through space all by itself (hopefully aimed on auto pilot away from the asteroid). Red Ranger presses some Battle Booster buttons and activates the Omega Crawler, as do his teammates. The five Omegazords reassemble themselves into position, with the Red as the center torso, Green as the back, Blue as both arms and Yellow & Pink are legs. In Crawler mode, though, all the arms are legs and the back is simply the bottom. The Omega Crawler swoops down near the asteroid's surface, pockets of gas pour smoke and every inch of the place is covered with jagged rocks. Carter whines about there being no place to land, so Chad offers, "Then I guess i'll just have to make one! Fire!" The large cannon begins unloading firepower into the asteroid, paving a clear landing strip in no time. All five Rangers are in the Omega Megazord cockpit (which looks exactly like the Supertrain's, except for some added decoration behind them on the wall), where Carter commends Chad on his excellent work.

The Omega Crawler decreases booster thrust and lands on all fours on the barren surface of the asteroid. Joel, a regular Launchpad McQuack, remarks, "Nice landing!" Carter says, "Now let's see what this bad boy can do!", as he controls the Crawler, making it crawl across the surface rather slowly. It holds steady through the hostile terrain, and reaches the point where Carter tells Dana to lower the first explosive. Dana deploys the Drill Arms, which pop out of the Yellow & Pink Zords, and do as they're named, drilling holes into the rocks. Kelsey inserts explosive number 1, a huge yellow container with a Lightspeed Emblem on top of it. Joel makes her work a breeze by reminding her, "Easy with that thing, Kelsey. You do NOT want to drop it!" Kelsey tells him, "Quit it! I'm nervous enough!", as she lowers the bomb into the hole with ease. Dana remarks how that was the first one, and Chad is like, "Good! I want to get out of here! This place is giving me the creeps!" Carter agrees, but urges them to keep it together, as they're only halfway there. The Omega Crawler lifts off again, zooming parallel to the surface, with the second blasting location just over the ridge. The Crawler does its Red Dwarf Starbug impression as it hovers across the surface. Chad finds the location and sets the whole thing down. The Drill Arm digs in, and Kelsey inserts explosive number two. Carter is very quick to get out of there, lifting off in a hurry. Suddenly, Queen Bansheera's misshapen form appears before our heroes, remarking, "Leaving so soon, Rangers? I wouldn't hear of it!" Carter is stunned to see her, and Chad mentions that they can't move! The ground comes to life as spikey rocks begin to poke out, grabbing the entire Crawler like a giant inhuman hand. On Earth, Simon gasps, and Fairweather orders the team to pull out. They don't listen, too busy gets sparked to death by the backlash of energy as the Crawl gets crushed by the sentient rock. Fairweather orders them to get out of there, but as Carter informs her, they can't, the asteroid is alive! Kelsey notes that it has a hold on them, and Dana reveals that they don't have enough power to break free.

With the prospects of them getting squished to death on the same rock that's going to squish Mariner Bay, Carter has no choice but to detonate the explosives manually. Captain Mitchell vetoes this, commanding, "No, Carter! It's too dangerous!" But as per this episode, when in Ranger mode, Carter can't hear a thing. He initiates the Omega Megazord, a button popping up on the console (with "V-Mars Transform" under it, due to the Omega Crawler being co-funded by the Mars Candy corporation, thinking the asteroid to be a chunk of radioactive Snickers launched in space in 1986) which he presses instantly as the whole cockpit continues getting rocked like the Casbah. The transformation is not only fast, it's explosive, as the Crawler shifts its body around, releasing a barrage of blasts into the asteroid fingers holding it down. Now free to rise, the Omega Megazord ascends up onto its legs, the gravity increased around it to the point that many rocks in the area are sent hurtling into space. Fairweather watches in bated breath, as Chad exclaims, "Omega Megazord, transformation complete!" The Omega Megazord stands ready, with its large metal staff in hand. Inside, Carter presses on the ever-useful Blaster Grip, initiating the Omega Missile! The metal staff is swooped around and aimed to the asteroid surface. Joel prays, "This better work!" As the rocket end of the staff and buried into the asteroid, and ignited. Explosions ring out all over the asteroid, causing more sparks to fill the Omega cockpit. The asteroid is blowing up pretty good, breaking into smaller pieces which also blow up real good. The Omega Megazord is caught in these series of explosions, our heroes engulfed by the flames. Simon drops his notebook and cries out for Joel, running towards the monitor only to get held back by Ms. Fairweather once more. She's horrified as well, as everyone watches the cockpit being filled with minor damage and causing the Rangers pain. The camera suddenly goes out, leaving only static and snow.

Captain Mitchell steps forward, fearing the worst but not about to burst into tears just yet (he knows the drill, as this makes the 976th "oh no, are they dead? no, they're alive!" scene this season alone). Fairweather, though, rips off her glasses and starts sobbing with holding Simon, turning her eyes away from the screen. Up in space, the asteroid makes its final appearance, before exploding into a flash of light. The blast is pretty large, leaving only small debris to rain down on Earth. The Cadets in the Aquabase are all weeping, and Mitchell is just about to accept defeat, when the staticy screen is filled with live audio from Carter! He asks, "Captain Mitchell, can you read me? Can anybody here us? The asteroid's been destroyed and we're still in one piece!" Fairweather and Mitchell stop their crying and listen closely to the transmission. The picture kicks back in, showing the Max Solarzord with the Rail Rescues behind it, safely escaping the ball of fiery destruction behind it. Everyone in the Aquabase cheers and jumps up and down, Simon exclaiming, "Joel! Yes!" Up in space, Joel remarks, "We rocked that rock!" Chad has to remind us something we already knew again, "We made it through, everyone's alright!" Fairweather is overwhelmed with joy, as is Mitchell, who puts his arm around her with a smile. Simon just won't shut up about Joel, with every other word revolving around him (hey kid, they're a team! Joel didn't do squat himself!). Red Ranger salutes and says, "Mission accomplished, sir. We're headed for home." The Solarzord glides back towards Earth, with the Rail Rescues, Omegazords, and Lightspeed Rangers safely in tow.


The five Ranger Recruits return to Rescue Ops through the elevator, to find the usual applauding crowd of technicians and cadets. Joel decides not to spend the time bragging, and rushes over to Simon. He tells Miss F she did a great job, but she claims she couldn't have done it without Simon. Fairweather then races off and starts congratulating the other four Ranger teens on a successful test flight of the Omegazords. Joel grabs Simon and drags him off to the Conference room. Simon says, "This place is great! Especially Ms. Fairweather!" Joel whispers, "Look, I need you to do me a favor." Simon is happy to do anything, asking him to "Just name it!" Joel puts his cowboy hat on Simon's head, and tells him, "I want you to ask Ms. Fairweather for a date. I mean, I could do it myself, but I can see she likes you." Simon smiles and okays this, walking off over to the crowd, as Joel remains peeking around the corner. Simon taps her on the arm and asks her, she smiles and Simon soon returns to Joel's side. "She said yes!", according to Simon, causing Joel much excitement. "Alright! Simon, you're the man! I never thought she'd go out with me!", Joel exclaims while bumping fists with his lil' homey. Simon breaks the news, "You?! I asked her to go on a date with me! We're going to the planetarium!" Joel is distraught, snatching his hat off the boy's head. Ms. Fairweather then strolls over and asks, "Simon? Shall we?", before taking his arm in hers and strutting off right in front of Joel. He's quite annoyed, especially when his teammates pop up behind him, laughing their Lightspeed Booties off at his expense. Dana & Carter comfort him a bit with a touch on the shoulder, though. Joel puts on his hat, looks at his friends, and quickly turns away, rushing off to stop Ms. F, or at least join them on their brainiac date.

[Scenes from "The Fifth Crystal"; end credits]

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