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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"Yesterday Again"
Original Air Date: 09/23/00 Based on:
GoGo Five #36 - Okugi! Tatsumaki Otoshi
(Mystery! The Falling Tornado)
*6th episode of 8th Regular Season
(22nd of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1022
*22nd episode of PRLR
*360th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: John Fletcher & Jackie Marchand
[Note: John's first episode written since "The Barillian Sting"!]
Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Ms. Fairweather
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Koji Kataoka _AS_ Sensei Tamashiro [Note: Played Kai-Ogi in MMAR!]
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice; uncredited, but heard!)
Richard Epcar _AS_ Cyclopter (voice)


[Scenes from "The Cobra Strikes," "Olympius Ascends," "The Queen's Return" & "The Omega Project]

Inside the dark dimension known as Skull Cavern, we find the horde of demons sitting around a table, enjoying a meal. Not your typical family gathering, as Batlings dressed like waiters serve Vypra, Olympius, and Loki. One Batling dressed as a chef roasts a small chicken over an open flame, as Jinxer stands behind, overseeing it while wearing an apron. The table setting is awfully similar to the one in "From Out Of Nowhere, Part 1" Loki scarfs down his meal and exclaims, "Yummy! Pretty tasty rat, bring me another one!" He then tosses the small skeleton of the tiny rodent onto a platter held by a Batling. Vypra has a rather full plate in front of her, and she seems to make a disgusted face as a live white mouse crawls in front of her. Olympius turns to the henchdemon and says, "Stop playing with your food!" Loki dangles a rat over his lips, remarking, "But they're so much tastier when all riled up! Hehehahah!" Olympius calls him disgusting and useless, causing Loki to drop his rat on the floor, and turn hostile towards the younger demon. Loki stands up suddenly and demands, "Take it back!" Olympius simply sits calmly, sipping his bile cider, and saying, "Why? It's true! You haven't created a monster in ages! I doubt if you even can!" Loki is offended again, shouting, "Oh yeah?!", before whipping out a demon card and heaving it across the room, into the ghoul head statue's hellish mouth. Out pops an orange monster, with only one eye, a few spikes on his shoulders, one on his head, and a large gold beat buckle (must have beat Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania 2000 B.C.). The dinner table is abandoned, and the demons are over closer to the center room, as Loki introduces the monster to them and us, "Meet Cyclopter!" Cyclopter exclaims, "Yeah! I'm pumped and ready to rumble!", asking three Batlings if they are too. He gets up in their faces, glaring at them with his uni-pupil. They cower before his mighty presence, and when he asks them to show him what they've got, the waiter-outfit wearing Batlings fail to react. Cyclopter grabs one, flips him over, then does the same to the others, knocking them to the mist-covered floor. Wanting more of a challenge, he turns to Vypra, who stands like a deer trapped in a single headlight, with intent of fighting her. But instead he figures, "Nah, too easy" (boy, isn't he right. Those rats could have taken her)! Cyclopter belts out, "Isn't there anyone here worthy of challenging the mighty Cyclopter?!" Loki speaks up, "Oh, I just might have a little something for you. Leave it all to me!" Cyclopter seems intrigued by the prospect of a Don King-like agent, chuckling, "Bring it on, baby! Yeah!"

Meanwhile, somewhere in or around Mariner Bay, Dana carries a dead body over her shoulders across the rocky surface of a waterfall! Did she snap and kill Earl? No, it's a dummy, and judging by her bright pink shirt and black pants, she's in training again. She makes it across safely, and stops for a breath as she continues trekking along with the heavy mannequin slumped over her back. Nearby, Joel is racing through the woods with a backpack on and holding a rope in his hand. He passes Carter, who is doing the job that Captain Mitchell once was in charge of in "Trial By Fire," namely that of keeping track with the stopwatch. Behind him, Kelsey & Chad are affirming their status as swingers, by lowering themselves from a tall tree branch via body harnesses. The two land on the ground, and slap each other five on a job well done. Soon, Joel & Carter are carrying a stretcher with the dummy, laying on it, to the Rescue Rover. Chad passes by them and begins loading his gear into the back. Joel makes what happened to clear to us, "That was a great workout, Carter!" To which Carter agrees, "Sure was!" Dana & Kelsey show up next, throwing their items into the Rover, the training done for the day. Little does anyone realize, that a short bald Asian man with a white bushy beard has made the scene. He calls out to Chad, who turns around and smiles when he sees the man, standing at attention in respect. The man asks, "Have you abandoned all of my training?" Chad speaks the man's name. Mr. Tamashiro, as the man shakes his head in disgrace, claiming, "You were my best student, Mr. Chad Lee." He turns to the other four Ranger Recruits and informs them, "Did you know your friend could have been a world class karate master? Instead... he became a Power Ranger. What a waste!" The Rangers seem offended by the old man's ramblings, while Chad seems visibly hurt by his Sensei's rejection. Tamashiro asks Chad, "Remember the path I planned for you?" Chad asks in return, "With respect, Sensei... I must follow my own path." Tamashiro shakes his head again and states, "You chose the wrong one," before walking off into the woods, likely in search of frogs (Ribbit, Ribbit!). Chad remains silent, looking down, as his teammates begin packing up again.

[opening credits]

In the Lightspeed Aquabase later, Dana & Joel stand in the Transport Bay, as two technicians write stuff down about their progress at the training. Kelsey & Chad walk past them while heading into the hall, discussing what happened. Chad claims he really feels badly, and Kelsey understands, "Well, yeah. You said he was like a second dad to you!" Chad pauses from his walk to explain, "He taught me everything I know about martial arts, and... I think he really wanted me to follow in his footsteps. When I became a Ranger, I REALLY disappointed him." Kelsey reminds him that being a Ranger is important too, but Chad tells her that it isn't to his Sensei, martial arts is his whole world. A moment of silence comes over them, until it's suddenly broken by the sound of Carter, ordering over their Rescue Morphers, "Dojo, on the double!" Soon, at a Dojo somewhere in Mariner Bay, Cyclopter is beating his arms and head against the brick wall of the building. This causes the ground to shake everywhere within the vicinity, sending people flopping to the ground, and rolling down the steps of the apparently popular Dojo. Cyclopter ceases the pounding, and spots a guy unable to run away from the monster in time. He calls out to the man, known here as "Hey you!", causing the man to trip and fall. Cyclopter catches up to him and lifts him up, demanding, "Where are the Power Rangers?! I want to see them, now!" He gets his wish, as the man points out that the Lightspeed Rangers are racing to the rescue, Dana shouting "Put him down!" and Chad adding "Let him go!" as they run up to the building. Cyclopter gladly does this when they arrive, shoving the man aside to face the Rangers. Standing on the steps of the Dojo, Cyclopter introduces himself to the five Power Rangers, saying "I've come to challenge you all to a fight!" Red Ranger asks the monster what he thinks fighting them will prove, Cyclopter says, "That I'm the best!" Carter whips out his Rescue Blaster and fires it at Cyclopter, remarking, "We're not falling for that!" Instead, Cyclopter falls, taking the laser blast and tumbling down the steps. Carter is shocked, wowed by how the monster didn't even put up a fight. Cyclopter recovers, whining, "Hey! That wasn't fair! You used your weapons!" Green Ranger quips to that, "No kidding!" Red Ranger then grabs his V-Lancer, and tells the others to get theirs ready as well. Cyclopter begs for them to hold on, challenging them to fight him without his weapons, in hand-to-hand combat. Blue Ranger gets his fists ready, saying "Well, if that's what it takes for you to leave..", Pink Ranger adding while folding her arms, "...Then you go it!" The five Rangers get ready to rock rushing towards the monster, and one by one getting taken down. Yellow Ranger struggles the most, but eventually ends up flipped over by the creature.

With the Rangers lying on the ground, writhing in pain, Cyclopter claims victory, "No one can defeat Cyclopter! I'm the bomb! Hahaha!" Suddenly, Mr. Tamashiro calls out from the sidelines, "I can defeat you!" Chad is shocked to see his Sensei, who stands patiently in the distance, smiling and holding a small pint of milk with a large straw sticking out of it. Cyclopter asks the old man what he wants, and Tamashiro answers, "Who are YOU calling old?!", before tossing his pint of milk at the monster. It smacks into Cyclopter's eye, irritating the creature, "Huh? You dare to insult me?! You'll pay!" He rushes into battle with the elderly man, as Tamashiro drops his polka-dotted bag (apparently, he's become a drifter over the years, ala Kung Fu style, I bet), and gets into fighting stance. The monster lunges for Tamashiro, his fist grabbed and the horn on his head yanked by the Sensei, who follows that up with a kick to the demon's foot, sending him flying over the small man's shoulders. Cyclopter rolls down a flight of stairs, narrowly missing a small cat that skitters off, screeching. The Rangers recover and walk over to Tamashiro, Carter rubbing his neck and remarking, "Unbelievable!" The demon lands at the bottom, and recovers enough to stand and claim that he can't believe he was beaten by an old man. Cyclopter staggers off, whining, "Oh, the shame!" Tamashiro crosses his arms and nods, basking in the afterglow of his monster butt-kicking. Carter leads the charge to Power Down, as he and his teammates Demorph back into their Training Clothes (apparently having had no time to don their Jackets, oddly). Dana, Joel, and Carter stare at the Sensei with their mouths agape, Joel commenting, "That was wild!" Carter asks how he did that, but the proud master reveals not the way of the warrior, I suppose. Chad approaches his teacher, saying, "Sensei... these are my friends." Tamashiro doesn't seem impressed, turning away, picking up his bags, and walking off without a word. Chad tries desperately to ease his troubles with his Sensei, "Would you like to come back with us to the Lightspeed Aquabase? Uhh, the Rangers have.." His words cut off by Tamashiro, who turns around angry at the mention of the Rangers, stating that he has no interest in such foolishness. He continues walking off, but Chad feels no strength to chase him down. Kelsey, having recently amended problems with a senior citizen herself, tells Chad to go follow him. Chad tells her no, somberly, and walks off towards the Dojo, leaving Kelsey standing behind, torn between what she feels is right and Chad's decision to take the path of avoiding confrontation with his Sensei. Kelsey rushes off after Tamashiro anyway.


Tamashiro has made quite a bit of distance between him and the Ranger Recruits, as Kelsey rushes down the street after him. She finally catches up, a bit breathless but still hyper as always, asking him if she can talk to him for a minute. Tamashiro raises a single eyebrow and asks, "Yes?" Kelsey speaks, "Chad really looks up to you. Why can't you appreciate him for what he is?!" The Sensei asks what he is, and Kelsey exclaims, "He's the Blue Power Ranger!" Tamashiro is unconvinced, sternly stating "That is not what he should be!", before walking off once again. Kelsey gives up, thumbing her nose and sticking her tongue out at Tamashiro when his back is turned. He quickly turns around, and she drops the rude gesture, trying to slip away as if she was doing nothing. Mr. Tamashiro journeys onward, soon ending up on a bench in an oriental garden area. He stares down at a small framed picture of him and Chad many years ago, holding a large karate trophy. Tamashiro reminisces on the old days, and sighs sadly. Without warning, Cyclopter calls out for him, saying, "Sensei?" Tamashiro stands up alertly, as he witnesses Cyclopter kneeling before him, with a gang of Batlings behind them. It must be laundry day for the Batlings, as they're all wearing white Karate outfit robes. Tamashiro asks the monster what he wants, and Cyclopter begs, "I humbly ask your help, Sensei. I want to be your student!" He laughs at the creature, "My Student? Ridiculous! I' would never teach my skills to someone as evil as you!" Cyclopter claims, "But i've changed! I've left the evil side! Now all I want to do is learn from the greatest teacher." Tamashiro coyly turns his head, remarking, "Well, that may be true...", to which Cyclopter reaffirms is such, but the Sensei still doesn't trust him. Cyclopter stands up and bows, begging him honestly. Suddenly, Loki warp teleports onto the scene, blasting at his creation, "Cyclopter?! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be destroying the Power Rangers!" Cyclopter proves his change of heart by shouting, "Not anymore! I quit!", before kicking Loki and knocking the goon to the ground. Tamashiro seems convinced, as Loki stands back up and vows, "You are really gonna regret this!", as he warp teleports away. The Batlings remain behind, warbling and hopping around, apparently not having quit the side of evil as they scatter off to who knows where. Cyclopter kneels before Tamashiro again, pleading, "Please believe me. I will never fight for evil again, Sensei. All I want to do now is learn your ways, master." Tamashiro quietly thinks it over.

Tamashiro has decided to take the orange demon under his wing. They begin training in the garden area, which from the looks of the surrounding, is not only near the Dojo, but near the training site the Rangers were at earlier. They practice some kata together, and then Cyclopter lifts a set of barbells made of two boulders tied together. Sensei spots him, or rather, just watches. Tamashiro seems to have studied with Villamax, as he has Cyclopter drag a huge platform filled with rocks, with his Sensei atop it, down a path. Cyclopter beats a punching bag, sending it flying into the woods with his final blow. Later, Chad is jogging around the area, when he overhears Tamashiro sparring with Cyclopter in a field. It takes Chad a minute to realize what's happening, and when he does, he darts out after them, calling out for his Sensei in distress. He warns his Sensei to get back, but as Tamashiro informs him that it's okay. Chad refuses to listen, ordering the monster to get away from him. Cyclopter asks, "Why? He's MY teacher!" Chad can't believe what he hears, as Tamashiro tells him, "I have finally found a student who is truly dedicated, and won't quit!" Chad states the obvious flaw in the old man's plan, "But he's a monster!" The Sensei claims that Cyclopter has given him his word of honor that he will not use his training for evil. Chad scoffs, "Honor? He won't keep his word, Sensei!", demanding the monster get back. Cyclopter tells his master to stand back, as he prepares to battle Chad. The two begin fighting, a few kicks thrown by Chad are blocked and tossed back by the creature. Same goes with a couple of punches. Chad is sent slamming to the ground when the demon grabs his arm in mid-swing. He lies on the ground, crying out in pain from the fall, as Cyclopter laughs evilly. Tamashiro tells the monster, "Excellent, my student. You learn quickly! I am proud of you." Cyclopter bows, and thanks his Sensei, as they walk away, leaving Chad's pride hurt more than his bones.

Soon at the Lightspeed Aquabase, in the guy's Quarters, or Aqua Apartment, Chad puts his training clothes away in his locker. Back in his usual duds, he talks his frustrations out with Kelsey, telling her, "I can't believe Mr. Tamashiro is.. so... STUBBORN! He's only training that monster to get back at me for leaving." Kelsey sees things clearly, "Sounds like you're both being pretty stubborn." Chad resents the remark, but as Kelsey puts it, Tamashiro is in trouble and all he can do is think about his pride. She points her finger at his chest, getting the point across, literally. Chad sighs and realizes she's right, and that he's got to go find him. He storms out of his room, throwing down a blue cloth of some kind that he didn't have in his hands a moment before. Elsewhere, near a mountain range, a boulder is sent hurtling over the side of a cliff. Cyclopter leaps up after it, grabbing it in midair and spinning around quickly with it. He's surrounding by a twirling tunnel, as he appears to charge up the rock with this move, cracking the boulder into pieces like an explosive egg upon hitting the ground. Sensei watches, and is pleased. Cyclopter gloats, "I did it! Haha! I rule!" They're both no longer near a mountain, but are back at the garden, where Cyclopter asks his master to teach him more. Unfortunately, either because he didn't charge the creature anything or because his course is very limited, Tamashiro informs Cyclopter, "There is no more I can show you. You are the strongest warrior I have ever seen." He places his hand on the creature's right breast and proudly states, "You're even better than me!" Cyclopter is glad to hear this, "In that case, I won't be needing you around anymore, old man!" He grabs the Sensei's arm and flips him into the air. The fragile man drops the ground, grunting in pain, as Cyclopter walks off, leaving him to die.


Cyclopter is hitting the streets, really, as he lifts up a small car and hurls it at a bunch of people in the streets. Perhaps in a racial rage against his former teacher, he targets only those of Japanese descent. The monster picks up another car, and heaves it upwards, smashing it into the side of a faraway skyscraper. The orange demon (who looks like Thing from the Fantastic Four and Leela from Futurama's illegitimate son) proclaims, "I am Cyclopter, the invincible!" He's suddenly struck in the chest with a double burst of laserblasts, but shrugs it off, "Ooo. Must be misquito season!" The source of the blasts appears revealed, as the Power Rangers ride onto the scene on their Lightspeed Cycles. Red & Green Rangers races through him, sending the monster ducking out of the way. They park their bikes, and Carter tells Joel, "Quick, let's help!" He's referring to the abundance of panicking citizens, burning debris, and injured people scattered about the area. Pink & Yellow Rangers have already parked their cycles nearby and are helping hurt people get safely out of the line of fire. The four Rangers (Blue absent, of course) stand together, with Carter asking the monster what he's doing back. Cyclopter claims he has a little unfinished business, Carter tells him to leave now while he still has a chance, prompting Cyke to motion his hands and urge, "C'mon and make me!" Red Ranger is more than happy to get his crimson carcass beaten bloody for a second time today, as Cyclopter punches him, and throws a swing at Pink Ranger, sparkily sending her flying to the floor. Green Ranger tosses a kick at the monster, who ducks it and hits Yellow Ranger instead, before returning to take Joel down. Red Ranger is last to fall, getting smacked onto a large chunk of debris, bruising his back.

Meanwhile, Chad searches the garden, and finally finds his Sensei holding himself up against a tree. He rushes the weakened old man's side, asking him if everything is alright. The good natured Tamashiro is deeply betrayed, "Cyclopter lied to me! You were right. I am such a fool." Chad quickly puts his arm over his shoulder, and helps lead his Sensei over to rest against a rock. Patting his weary master on the shoulder, he assures him everything will be okay. Chad silently realizes a little revenge is in order. Back at the battle, Yellow Ranger sparks some more as she falls from a strike inflicted by Cyclopter. Red Ranger tries battling him again, but ends up getting his arm twisted around, forcing him to be held helpless. His other arm free, Carter calls Chad through his Rescue Morpher (actually, Carter speaks into his right wrist, meaning he's talking through the location of his Battle Booster, even though Chad's Morpher relays the call). Chad gets the message of his teammates needing his help, and he answers, "I'm on my way!" Tamashiro is up, staggering around on his own, sulking in the revelation of his mistaken trust. Chad tells his Sensei that he has to go, but Tamashiro tells him he can't! When Chad asks why, the Sensei states, "I've trained Cyclopter well. By now, you've forgotten your training." Chad promises he hasn't forgotten, but Tamashiro asks that he show him. Without a word, Chad's eyes grow focused on his master's, and the Sensei's to his. Tamashiro gets into fighting stance, and attacks, each punch and chop thrown blocked by the patient and skilled Chad. He blocks one final blow, before turning a few swift kicks, taking his master down with minimal effort. The poor duffer is actually sent flipping through the air on his way down. Chad reaches a hand down, and helps his Sensei up, proving that his spine isn't quite broken completely. The student assures the master, "I remember everything you taught me." Tamashiro is convinced, "So you have. Now go!" Chad bows and gives a "Hai!" as he races off, leaving his Sensei with a smile across his ancient face.

Once again at the battlefield, Cyclopter sends Pink Ranger spinning through the air. She joins her teammates on a pile of grounded Rangers amid various debris. Cyclopter boasts, "I'm the best in the universe, and I have defeated you all! Hahaha!" Chad finally shows, standing between the monster and his beaten buddies. They're quite happy to see him, obviously. Chad screams to the creature, "Leave them alone!" Cyclopter puts him down in return, "Mr. Tamashiro's failure shows up at last!" Chad says, "We'll see who's the failure today, Cyclopter." He then whips is arms and upper body around, getting into fighting stance similarly to the way he did in "Up To The Challenge". Cyclopter circles around Chad, getting prepared to fight, with Chad the one to make the first move. He lunges towards the monster with a solid kick, which is blocked by one by Cyclopter. They match each others' moves, until Chad gains the upperhand by grabbing ahold of Cyclopter's arm. This is broken off and Chad spins around with a few kicks into the creature. The final one gets Chad's leg snatched, and gives the monster an open shot at punching Chad into the chest. This is done, and Chad falls to the ground, clutching his chest in agony. He doesn't let it get to him, screaming out and hopping back up, rushing back into the fray. Unbeknownst to him, Mr. Tamashiro has appeared, and is watching the fight from around the corner. He gets to see Chad get flipped over on his back, as Cyclopter slams his foot down. Chad rolls out of the way and avoids getting his lungs crushed. He then stands up and starts blocking blows thrown at him by the large monster, a few hits still striking his body. Chad figures he's too close to the creature, and spins out away from the monster. Cyclopter follows, but Chad has the advantage now, jumping up on some debris and kicking at the monster, higher and higher, until he ends up perched on the side of a garage door. Chad then flips off, landing behind Cyclopter, and allowing him enough open space to toss some kicks and still manage to slip out of the creature's grasp. Cyclopter grows mad, whining, "I'm invincible! You're a failure!" before rushing back into battle. The scene goes slow mode, as Chad nails Cyclopter with a kick-jump kick combination. The monster falls, and Chad poses victoriously in a crouching position with his arms stretched out. Tamashiro is impressed, raising his head up in admiration of his former student.

The Lightspeed Rangers regroup with Chad, Yellow Ranger is wowed, calling what he did incredible. Green Ranger gives thumbs up and says, "That was psych, Chad!" Cyclopter recovers, reminding them that this isn't finished yet. Our heroes get battle ready, including Chad. Cyclopter extends his arm and summons forth a double pronged staff (sorta similar to the one Loki uses). With the creature now using a weapon, Chad feels a bit naked. He exhales and shouts, "You just don't learn! Lightspeed Rescue!", before hitting his Rescue Morpher and turning into the Blue Ranger. Cyclopter attacks, ripping into Pink, Yellow, Green, and Red Rangers with his power staff. They all fall easily, as usual. Cyclopter tells Joel, "Call it a day, Green!" as he begins to drop his staff against Joel's sprawled body. The staff is suddenly grabbed by Blue Ranger, who pushes it back upwards (with only his left hand), tells Cyclopter "Don't say I didn't warn you", and then kicks the creature off. Chad then turns around, puts his right hand behind his back and calls on his V-Lancer, which zips into his grip in an instant. Red Ranger has his Rescue Blaster drawn behind Cyclopter, ordering him not to move. Blue Ranger calls out, "No, hold on, Carter! This is MY fight." Carter reluctantly agrees, lowering his Blaster (as do the others), while saying, "Well, alright. But we're here if you need us." Cyclopter laughs, "This is gonna be fun!" Blue Ranger continues holding his V-Lancer behind his back, dropping the handle end over to his other hand, and extending out the blade from his right side. Cyclopter eggs him on, "C'mon, little boy blue, let's get down to it!" Chad reaches down and clutches the V-blade between his fingers as the tip begins to glow with power, telling the monster, "Be careful what you ask for, Cyclopter." The other Rangers watch from the sidelines, as Cyclopter informs them, "You Rangers rest up, cause you'll be next!" Cyclopter than rushes towards Blue Ranger, striking at him with his staff. Chad blocks it with his V-blade, and then begins to swing the entire V-Lance around in the air, slashing at Cyclopter's belt! Whipping the Lancer over his shoulder with the blade extended out on his left arm, Chad leaps towards the monster and hits him with it. Cyclopter cries out in pain, and begins to glow gold, as he topples and explodes massively, leaving nothing but chunks of meat behind.

As smoke piles up in the area, the Rangers cheer their teammate, Kelsey notes the "wild moves" and Carter commends Chad on the great work. Nearby, Tamashiro claps his hands together, very proud, and feeling all the more foolish in having lost faith in him. The Sensei looks down, and then takes off, not wanting to be seen. Over in Skull Cavern, Loki laments the lost of his monster, "I don't believe it! Why?! Do something, Jinxer!" The gnat-like lackey obliges, shouting, "Right away!" as he heaves a Growing Card across the dimensional barrier, and impaling itself upon one of the remains of Cyclopter. No incantation needed, Cyclopter grows to massive size instantly. Our heroes are taken aback by the monster's growth (having not fought a giant monster onscreen in three episodes!), but Chad is quick to call out, "Omega Megazord, online!" The Omegazords are shown in hyperspace, coming together, Zord by Zord, until they form the massive fighting machine, the Omega Megazord. It lands in the mountain ridge area, facing Cyclopter, who is still in 'karate showdown mode'. He glares at the Megazord with his single eye, and starts swinging his arms around, still in 'karate showdown mode'. He eventually charges into battle, bashing against the Omega Megazord with his fists, following it up by ramming his head into its chest. Inside, Blue Ranger (using Rescuezord cockpit shots, as evident by the different background and his lack of a seatbelt), notices, "He's using the moves that my Sensei taught him!" Red Ranger says, "Well, then, I guess that's how we're going to have to fight back. Let's do it!" Cyclopter stampedes towards the Omega Megazord, and when he gets right up on it, it slips its foot under his leg, and grabs his body, sending the monster slamming into the ground swiftly. Chad remarks, "All Right!" from his seat. The Omega Megazord's missile-staff saber does a charged up double slash attack upon the monster, turning him into a sparkfest. Cyclopter drops and explodes one final time, proving just how dangerous the Megazord's weapon is, having lost not only an eye, but his whole body as well. The Omega Megazord poses, victorious on its first fight against an actual monster.


Later the in Aquabase, Chad sits on the couch, staring at his karate trophy. Joel enters the room and spots Chad sulking, asking him, "Uh-oh. What's got you down?" Chad explains, "After all this, I bet Mr. Tamashiro is still disappointed I chose to be a Ranger." Joel scoffs and sits down, removing his cowboy hat and saying, "You can't help what others think." Chad isn't helped, as he continues sulking and staring at his trophy, with a box of others to his side. Kelsey pops in, since the door remained open after Joel entered. She asks, "Everyone decent? I have a surprise!" Chad thanks her but begins to decline, when Mr. Tamashiro walks in behind her. Chad quickly jumps up and stands at attention, Joel also standing as well. Chad's Sensei asks gently, "Is it too late to have a tour of the Aquabase?" Chad looks quite surprised, Tamashiro smiles widely, Joel stands there with his arms crossed, and Kelsey looks to Chad and swings her head side to side, motioning him to get a move on it. Chad asks his Sensei with disbelief, "Really?!", and is soon leading the way through the halls of the Lightspeed Aquabase. He shows Tamashiro to Rescue Ops, explaining that from there they can monitor the city to make sure everyone is safe. Tamashiro looks around and tells him, "You have chosen a very worthy path, Chad. Today, the teacher has learned from the student." Chad bows his head and smiles, "Thank you, Sensei." Tamashiro bows in return. The elevator door nearby opens up, and Ms. Fairweather & Captain Mitchell exit it, hoping they're not too late to get paid for appearing in today's episode. The two walk over to Chad, and are introduced to Mr Tamashiro. They both bow before him, as Chad explains, "I was a student of his for many years." Mitchell shakes his hand, saying, "Honored to meet you." Fairweather does the same, saying, "It's a pleasure." Tamashiro departs them a bit of wisdom, "You know, my student, Chad here, is now the Blue Power Ranger." Fairweather & Mitchell look at each other in feigned shock, Ms. F saying, "That's wonderful!", and Mitchell remarking, "Well, congratulations!" Chad gives an embarrassed look on his face, and bows his head at his Sensei once again. The gripping struggle between Mr. Tamashiro and senility will be the focus of a very special episode one day, possibly.

[Scenes from "Yesterday, Again"; end credits]

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