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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
"The Fifth Crystal"
Original Air Date: 09/23/00 Robbery footage and some story elements from:
GoGo Five #35 - Kuroi Hebi No Torappu
(Trap Of The Black Snake)
Most other footage from:
GoGo Five #27 - Ieroo Sensen Ridatsu
(Yellow Departs The War Front)
*5th episode of 8th Regular Season
(21st of the 8th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1021
*21st episode of PRLR
*359th total Power Rangers episode
*Note About The Show Number: I think it's pretty much safe to say that FK has finally fixed their show number problems with PR, 4 years late.
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Michael Chaturantabut _AS_ Chad Lee (Blue Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson _AS_ Carter Grayson (Red Ranger)
Alison MacInnis _AS_ Dana Mitchell (Pink Ranger)
Keith Robinson _AS_ Joel Rawlings (Green Ranger)
Sasha Williams _AS_ Kelsey Winslow (Yellow Ranger)
Ron Rogge _AS_ Captain William Mitchell
Jennifer L. Yen _AS_ Vypra
Additional Cast:
Vaughn Armstrong _AS_ Agent Myers
Shannon Welles _AS_ Grandmother Winslow
Bonnie Warner _AS_ Reporter [Note: All of her footage was omitted!]
Michael Forest _AS_ Olympius (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Loki (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Jinxer (voice; credited, but not heard!)
Diane Salinger _AS_ Queen Bansheera (voice)
Melody Perkins _AS_ Laser (voice, uncredited)
Ken Merckx _AS_ Moleman (voice)


[Scenes from "The Cobra Strikes," "Olympius Ascends" & "The Queen's Return"]

The outside of a small, three story office building gets a bit crowded, as three women dressed in black scale down the wall. They converge on a window at what appears to be the bottom floor, where a small green crystal is visibly shown inside a small glass case in a dark room. The three peer inside, scoping out their nicely lighted target with a security camera nearby. One of the three women is Vypra, who must feel quite confined in all of those wing-binding clothes. She places a pair of goggles over her eyes and sees the room from a different point of view, that being infrared. All of the security alarm laserbeams dotting the room are exposed to her and her two pals. The other two women cut open the glass and make an entrance, allowing Vypra to swing in and cling to the ceiling using suction cups. She crawls over and disconnects the camera. Then her two pals crawl by, grab her legs, and hold her to the roof as Vypra lets go of the suction cups. Her body hangs over the display case upside down, as she uses a small electronic device to crack the proper access code of the security keycard slot. Once that's done, she opens it up, and takes the very small chunk of green mineral formation in her hand and notes, "I got it!" Of course, now she's got it figure out how to get out. All of this work for such a poorly guarded item, why couldn't she just have done her usual routine and broken in through the window, taken the crystal and teleported away? Perhaps she's seen one too many movies recently...

Later, in a deserted warehouse (aren't they all?) on the outskirts of the city, Batlings are hauling cans and other debris around. The main focus is building a large laser, which hopefully they have the instruction manual for. The three cat burglars soon walk in, the center one dropping her long wig (which we never saw her using in the first place) on the floor. Their shadows are casted down, as we see the center female, turning out to be Vypra, drop her outfit to reveal her wings and usual outfit underneath. Vypra pulls her prize from within its pouch and remarks, "Crystal number four!" Notice that while it was green a moment ago, it is now a yellowish orange. Her two partners in crime then transmogrify around in place, turning from a pair of Asian women in black, to normal looking asexual Batlings. Vypra walks over to the monster du jour, Moleman (named only in the end credits, though I suspect his first name might be Hans), and hands him the crystal. He strokes his beard and comments, "Excellent work! Now all we need is the last crystal to activate my evil creation and destroy all of Mariner Bay and the Power Rangers, too! Hehehe." He turns and places the crystal with a set of three others, as Vypra asks him if he's sure and if it'll destroy them all. He claims it'll do it quite easily, and to bring him the fifth crystal and he'll show her himself. We get a close up of the four crystals in their slots on the laser machine, with a fifth slot vacant. The colored crystals are Red (pink in some light), blue, white, and yellow (orange in some light). They are of the spikey variant, ala the crystal used by Zedd in 'Green No More' to hold Tommy's powers. But far, far smaller. I've seen Kryptonite larger.

[opening credits.]

The following morning on the Lightspeed Aquabase, the five Ranger Recruits are in the Conference Room. Carter is tossed a newspaper, the Mariner Bay Herald, with the headline "Fourth Starlight Crystal Stolen." The picture is of the one stolen, though as per the earlier footage, it is green. Carter reads most of the headline aloud, prompting Kelsey to hop up out of her seat and peek at it over his shoulder. Carter asks the man responsible for giving him the paper, Captain Mitchell, what it has to do with them. Mitchell notes, "They're not just ordinary crystals." He then turns and another man in a suit walks in, saying, "They're Starlight Crystals!" The Ranger Recruits are a bit startled by this new man, until Mitchell introduces him as Special Agent Myers, head of a secret task force sent to retrieve the stolen crystals. The Captain gives the man the floor and he begins to explain, "There are only five of them in the world. Their combined powers are unimaginable. Vypra has been stealing the Crystals. We want to use the fifth one to set a trap for her." Myers places a folder with printout pictures of the crystals on the table. Dana picks one up (notice the two pictures shown are both of a green crystal, but one has a green cloth underneath and the other, the one Dana picks up, has a blue one), and asks, "But how are we going to find it?" Agent Myers looks towards Kelsey, putting her on the spot and causing her to state, "My grandmother has the fifth crystal." Her teammates are stunned, to say the least. Myers tells her, "You've got to get it for us. The entire city depends on it." (it's funny how Vypra went through all the trouble of making the crystal stealing look like a regular routine robbery, when this guy already knows it's her and she's going to use them to destroy the city) Kelsey gives her usual nervous, Dow-eyed look, reluctantly agreeing.

Sometime later, Kelsey & Carter are walking through a large yard with an expensive water fountain on it. They've been talking about the reasons Kelsey is not thrilled to be seeing her grandma again. They haven't spoke to each other in years, and as Kelsey claims, "We really don't have a lot in common." She walks up to the door of the moderately huge mansion, as Carter lags behind and gasps at it, "Is she rich?!" Kelsey turns and sighs, "Very rich." They're soon inside, as we see tons of pictures all set up around the room. Black and white photographs of a woman on a horse, in a karate tournament, a bowling trophies, shot of a fencing tournament, figure skating, and many others. Carter bends down and gazes at them, remarking, "Hey, your grandmother looks JUST like you!" Kelsey sits with her head down as the Butler walks by, sighing, "I guess so." Carter is wowed by all of Grandmother Winslow's skills, commenting, "She was really in to some cool stuff!" Kelsey corrects him, "Maybe a long time ago. But I never knew her when she cared about anything but her money." Carter stands up and smiles, thinking she can't be that bad! Grandma walks in, her first words heard are, "Do it right, or you're fired!" Carter seems to have changed his mind, turning to Kelsey with a frightened look on his face. Grandma Winslow, an old woman in a nice red suit and a stern, unforgiving expression, stands coldly after entering the room, stating, "Hello, Kelsey." Kelsey exciting rushes over to her grandma with a smile, giving her a big hug, which isn't returned. She introduces her to Carter, who asks, "How do you do?" with an extended hand. Grandma Winslow just looks at Carter like he's below shaking her hand and doesn't even budge a finger. Carter cuts through the tension by remarking, "So, I see you're quite an athlete!" Grandma shrugs it off and storms by to close the door (which was left open by Kelsey for some reason) while saying, "Oh, that was a LONG time ago. I'd love to sit and chat but I must be off to the bank. Perhaps you can come back next week?" Kelsey is quite content with contempt for Grandma to just forget the whole thing, but Carter gives his teammate a nudge with his elbow and she blurts out, "We can't wait, grandmother. We need your help now." Grandma simply asks, "How much do you need?' while pulling out a huge wad of money. Kelsey exclaims that they don't want her money, and finally gets up the courage to say that they need the Starlight Crystal. Grandma doesn't like this, "My crystal?! Certainly you've gone mad. It's priceless!" She shuffles by, trying to make this the end of discussion, when Carter stops her and says, "Ma'am, all of Mariner Bay could be destroyed if you don't help us." Grandma simply grunts a "Hrmph" and makes her way by him, snubbing her nose at the lives of so many innocent people. Kelsey puts it more selfishly, "Besides, you're in danger. Vypra will be coming after you!" Granny pauses, knowing the name Vypra, either from the news or from a girl she went to high school with 5000 years ago with that name. She's still uncertain, grumbling about how there has to be some other way, Carter shakes his head and says there isn't, and Kelsey gets all puppy dog on her, whining, "Please?!" Granny gets all stern before finally giving in, waving her hand to her Butler and prompting him to race off to go retrieve the crystal. She walks up to Kelsey and reveals, "My mother gave me that crystal. And her mother gave it to her! If anything ever happened to it, I do not know what I would do." Jeeves, as I call him, returns with a silver dish containing a blue cloth and the green crystal under a glass cover. Kelsey promises, "I'll be safe, Grandmother. I promise!" Granny gets that evil eye again, but backs down from turning into her flaming dragon form. She nods, Jeeves lifts the glass, Granny puts on her purse and picks up the small green Starlight Crystal carefully. She hands it over to Kelsey, who is all smiles, giving her grandma a kiss on the cheek in return. Carter puts his hand on Kelsey's shoulder and nods, they both quickly rush off to get the crystal to safety. Grandmother Winslow is left standing there, looking stern for a moment. She then lifts her hand and brushes it across her cheek where Kelsey kissed, a small smile suddenly forming, almost causing her old haggled face to crack.


Special Agent Myers looks just as grumpy as she does, as he closes the lid of a large metal container with the fifth crystal inside it on a red cloth. Kelsey is there, wearing a security guard uniform, as she takes the handle of the metal case. A handcuff is then strapped to her wrist by the two other actual guards, and to the metal container. Myers asks her if she's ready, she says she is, and she joins in with her guard pals to give Myers a salute. They pile out of the building, and as we see way outside through the glass doors, a Reporter and camera crew are covering the story. The reporter is credited in the end credits, but her footage has been cut. All she likely was needed for was to broadcast the information that the crystal was being shipped, so that Vypra would pick up the signal and take the bait. Since the Demons have never been seen watching the news before, it makes sense not bother including this scene, since they could just as easily figure out the location of the crystal as they did the fuel cell in "A Matter Of Trust". Anyway, Kelsey hops in an armored truck with the two guards and Myers, and it's driven away by two other guards as well. The truck reads "Mariner Bay Armored Transport" on the side, and looks more like a Wells Fargo wagon. Kelsey clutches the box with the crystal in it, and speaks into her Rescue Morpher, "No sign of Vypra yet." On the other end is Carter, with the other three Rangers, all Morphed and in the Rescue Rover. He informs her that they're ready. Doesn't help ease Kelsey's mind, as she looks around nervously, awaiting the inevitable. Suddenly, the truck driver spots something in the middle of the road they're driving on. It's the Vyprari, with Vypra at the wheel! She tells them to "take this!" as she fires the weapons, unloading some blasts at the armored truck. It skids around, swerving off into the side of a building. Everyone inside it is thrown around until the vehicle comes to a stop. Speaking of coming to a stop, the Vyprari is put in park long enough for Vypra to call forth Batlings. They swarm on the armored truck, two of them opening the back door, only to be greeted by Kelsey, who flips over their backs and begins fighting them off. The other two guards aren't too much help, nor is Agent Myers, who remains in the smoking vehicle. He tries exiting, only to bump into Moleman coming the opposite direction! Myers screams as the doors slam shut and he's trapped in the small space with the large hairy monster.

The Batlings toss the driver onto the pavement harshly, and beat the guards up against the metal structure of the truck. Kelsey does some high kicks at them, even using the metal box to punch a few with. Soon enough, a Batling grabs the box and yanks on it, Kelsey struggling to regain hold of it. No need to worry about having her hand ripped off, Vypra pops up and slices the handcuff off with her sword. Kelsey tumbles backwards as the case falls into the clutches of evil, Vypra cuts open the box and claims the crystal to the protest of Kelsey. She tries to stop Vypra, only to end up attacked by more Batlings, who pin her in place and prevent her from doing anything but cry out as Vypra puts the fifth crystal on a small purple felted platform with the other four (notice the fifth now looks more yellow or lime in the sunlight. would that make it limestone?). Vypra smirks, "Perfect!", to this full collection of Starlight Crystals, until she hears the battle cry of Carter. Red Ranger does a flying leap kick onto the scene, which would have met with Vypra's face had she not pulled up her sword and blocked his foot. She's still knocked back long enough for Red Ranger to grab the plate of Crystals and state as such. The other three Lightspeed Ranger fight off the Batlings restraining Kelsey, who answers Dana's question of "Are you alright?" with "I'm okay!" Vypra is also okay, screaming, "Destroy them all!" Green Ranger flips over towards one Batling and ends up taking on three. Red Ranger keeps the crystals sturdy under one arm while making his way through a wave of the bat drones. Blue Ranger takes one down with a loud "Hi-shi!" Pink Ranger does a bunch of flips, only to do a foot sweep on a single Batling. Kelsey seems to have forgotten she can Morph, punching at a few Batlings aggressively. They're beaten easily, so it appears some of that training with Chad has paid off. Vypra begins to sweat as she spots the Batlings getting defeated. Kelsey says as such to her, "Nice try Vypra, but it looks like you're outsmarted!" Not able to come up with a convincing argument to that, Vypra claims, "The game's not over yet, Ranger!" before teleporting herself a few Batlings away from the scene in a flash.

The four are unable to halt their escape, but at least they've won. Carter hands Kelsey the set of Starlight Crystals, to which she smiles and comments on his good job. Chad remarks to her about Vypra, "Ya know, she didn't know what hit her!", to which Kelsey agrees. The armored truck door opens, and Agent Myers stumbles out. The Rangers rush over to him, Kelsey asking him if he's okay and he rubs his head, saying that he is. Kelsey shows him that they've got the crystals back, foolishly handing the entire platform of them over to Myers! The Agent's voice suddenly turns into the growling echoed one of Moleman's, as he smiles evilly and says, "Nice work, Rangers!" Agent Myers suddenly spins around, causing Moleman to split out from within him, leaving Myers's unconscious body to fall to the ground. Moleman now has all five crystals in his possession, giggling maniacally, "I couldn't have done it without you!" The monster then crouches down and rapidly falls into the ground, his teleportation apparently some kind of instant burrowing. The Rangers are stunned, Carter claiming, "I can't believe it! HE tricked US!" Kelsey and Dana tend to the weary Agent Myers, asking him if he's alright. He proves he isn't dead by groggily saying, "I'll be okay. What happened?" in an ADR-dubbed line. Kelsey looks over at the hole in the ground where Moleman got away, and exclaims, "The Crystals!"

Soon at stately Winslow Manor, Grandma Winslow is unhappy to hear the news given by Carter & Kelsey. She can't believe he precious crystal is gone. Kelsey apologizes intensely, "I'm so sorry, Grandmother. We were tricked!" Granny points her finger at her granddaughter's face, grouching, "I don't care what happened! I should NEVER have let you have it!" Kelsey gets sad, trying to "but" her Grandma, only to have the old bat snap, "I don't want to hear another word! I've couldn't be more disappointed in you. Now good-bye!" Granny aims her finger over Kelsey's shoulder, ordering her out. Kelsey starts sobbing and races out of the door. Carter lags behind, only to turn to Granny and say, "You have ALL this... but nothing in here," motioning towards his heart, as he follows his teammate out. Grandma seems to take these words to her bitter blackened heart, and Jeeves remains as sturdy as a statue. Carter finds Kelsey sitting outside at the fountain. She's apparently trying to race it to see who can pour more water in the fastest time, as she cries her eyes out. Carter awkwardly tries to comfort her, "C'mon. Don't let her upset you." Kelsey bawls, "All I ever wanted was for her to like me!" Carter states, "I'm sure she loves you," and Kelsey stands up, yelling, "No she doesn't, and I don't blame her! She trusted me and I let her down. It's all my fault!" Before she can do more crying, Kelsey rushes off, carrying her yellow backpack with her. Carter calls out to her, but she doesn't stop, leaving him to simply turn and gaze at the house, likely planning to become Grandma Winslow's gigolo with hopes of inheriting the mansion one day. No time for that now, he darts off after Kelsey, as Granny gazes out the window at him, with quite possibly the same scheme in mind. Kelsey has ceased running, and merely walks slowly in tears down the side of the street. She pauses from her sulking long enough to look up at the two figures driving the large military convoy vehicle by her way. It's a pair of Batlings, too lost in conversation with each other to notice the Yellow Ranger standing there gawking at them. She seems to think for a moment silently, "Boy, recruitment in the military has gotten desperate!", before drying her eyes, whipping out her backpack, and grabbing her gear from within. Moments later, she's speeding down the desolate road alongside the Batling-driven convoy on her rollerblades! Kelsey keeps up the pace pretty good, the Batlings still goofing off and not noticing her, as she does an impossible leap. Jumping into the air with nothing to propel her, she flies towards the moving vehicle, lands on the bumper with her wheeled feet, and hangs on tight. It's a stretch, but she pulls it off and rolls into the back of the truck, hiding out amid the various boxes within as the truck keeps moving on.


The large military convoy pulls into the entrance gate of the abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of the city. Several Batlings manning the gate wave it in, allowing their fellow Batlings access to the complex, unknowing to the stowaway inside. The truck pulls up the warehouse, and the Batlings hop out. None of them bother to go into the back and retrieve the items they drove there. No, instead they pick up other items laying around outside the warehouse and drag them in. This impossibly inane series of conveniences allows Kelsey to be able to climb out of the truck and sneak into the warehouse, which for the incredibly huge amount of Batlings shown, is actually quite poorly guarded. Meanwhile at Skull Cavern, Queen Bansheera's misshapen bodily mass meets with Olympius & Loki in one of the fog-filled rooms. She speaks, "Loki, make sure the Rangers do not interfere with Vypra's plan!" Loki grunts and nods, saying "Got it!" Bansheera addresses her son, "Olympius, go with Loki and make sure the destruction is complete!" The Queen then shuts her eyes and appears to begin sleeping. Olympius bows and states, "As you wish, mother," before heading off with Loki. Elsewhere, in the Lightspeed Aquabase, Carter approaches Joel, Chad, and Dana. They're just standing the middle of the hall chatting. He walks up to them and asks if they've seen Kelsey. Joel notes, "Last time I saw her she was with you." Chad, who normally goes with Kelsey everywhere and for some unexplained reason doesn't this episode, asks, "Is everything okay?" Carter says that he hopes so. He hopes wrong, as the alarms suddenly go off, sending the four into Alert Status, racing off to the rescue.

Kelsey sneaks around the warehouse, and could take some tips from Vypra in the clothing department (that bright yellow helmet is the last thing you want to wear while trying not to be spotted!). She watches as various Batlings wander around doing stuff. Vypra stands in the center of the complex, impatiently remarking, "What's taking him so long?!" Moleman finally appears, holding the plateful of Starlight Crystals. He giddily says, "Oh, Vypra! You should have seen it! The Yellow Ranger handed the crystals right to me! Hahaha" Moleman then hands them to a Batling and orders him to align the crystals and prepare the weapon, promising that soon there will be no more Mariner Bay. The Batling places each crystal into each slot on the machine, and since four of them were already shown in the slots earlier, this makes me wonder. Why did Vypra take the ENTIRE collection of the crystals along with her to the armored truck holdup? It served no purpose! Oh well, just another dumb thing to add to her list. All five Starlight Crystals in place, the machine begins to light up, and soon a large tube leading into the cannon of the laser starts to fill up with a sparkling river of lights. This powers the machine, charging it up much to the delight of Moleman. Kelsey continues peeping on the event, so wrapped up with just standing there and watching and not bothering to contact her teammates, that she doesn't notice when a Batling spots her. He grabs her shoulder, prompting her to fight back, bringing attention to herself as she kicks the Batling into the center of the room, taking an empty cardboard box with him as he bowls into a stack of canisters. Kelsey remains clam as Moleman orders the Batlings to get her, gliding past each one on her rollerblades. She hops over a few, and circles around, doing a jump kick on one, and then foot sweeping another. Kelsey hurls her backpack at one, trying to make her way towards the crystals, only to get her butt kicked, literally, sending her rolling off into some boxes.

Moleman now orders the Batlings to fire their weapons. What weapons, you say? Their little sabers! Seems that the Batlings can hold their knives like guns, and fire off purple & yellow blast bolts in the shape of bats. Kelsey skates out of firing range, dodging every blast and making her way back around them. Another impossible leap is taken, and she ends up atop a large crate, which she continues skating across, as luckily someone stacked these crates together in such a way that a person could skate in a continuous line down them! Her rollerblading run comes to a close as she ends up in front of Moleman (Vypra just stands there, as useless as those flaccid wings on her back, as always). Hans heaves a large ball of fire with his golden paws, the explosion left in its wake surrounding Kelsey and taking her down for the count. Moleman orders the Batlings to grab her, which they're able to do easily now that she's flashfried. Not only that, but they also yank her rollerblades off her feet, to keep her still for a change. Elsewhere, the four Lightspeed Rangers are running in a field. Seems Kelsey really didn't bother alerting her teammates to her location, and that alarm that went off was for something else entirely! Olympius & Loki are hanging out by the same mountain area that was used for the Cave Of Orion, among others (in fact, both versions of the Orion Cave are shown in the background of this scene). They seem surprised to see the Rangers, even though the whole purpose of them being there was to draw our heroes out. Dana remarks to Olympius, "Your plan is never going to work!" Olympius notes, "Oh, but it already has!", as he charges up his staff-stick and does a rapidly flame-glide across the ground. This allows him to instantly slide over towards the Rangers and thrust his staff at Carter's chest before he can react. Olympius then starts beating each Ranger down with his stick, while Red Ranger recovers and turns his sights on Loki. The ghoulish demon head-butts him off, sending Carter down before he knows it. Loki laughs, "Say good-bye, Rangers!" as he races into battle. Carter calls on V-Lancers, and his Red one materializes in his hand instantly. With it, he's able to block Loki's attack and begin fighting back more violently, slashing the sparks right out of him. Olympius is busy stomping on Chad, while beating Joel & Dana's heads together. This grows tiresome and he throws Green & Pink Rangers off to the side, kicking Blue Ranger off to join then, as he comments, "This is TOO easy!" Red Ranger races up to their side, and holds his V-Lancer steady, allowing the three to get back on their feet. Joel asks Carter where Kelsey is during all of this, as they need her! Carter only knows that they've got work to do, and the battle is resumed.

Back at the warehouse, Moleman has the laser moved into firing position. Kelsey is held prisoner and forced to watch as it continues charging up, the destruction of Mariner Bay imminent. She tries crying out for them to stop, but they turn a deaf ear to her pleas. Suddenly, a wall suspiciously covered with a ton of empty cardboard boxes gets blown up from behind! This grabs all of the demons' attention, including Kelsey's, as it appears a forklift was driven into the warehouse. The driver becomes revealed, it's Grandma Winslow, in hockey gear! What's most amusing about this, is Granny gasps upon seeing Kelsey there. Either she accidentally drove the forklift into the wall herself (which makes the most sense), or she discovered the Batlings converging on this location and decided to take matters into her own hands, much like her granddaughter did. Anyway, they're both shocked to see each other. Moleman orders the Batlings to destroy the Ranger, Granny yells for them to stay away from her. She whips out her hockey stick and hits the gas, plowing into the warehouse with a mighty "Kiyaa!" Vypra suddenly regains her mental composure and orders, "Attack!" Have I mentioned how useless she is today? It's very sad when the Batlings are doing more useful tasks than your main villainess. Moleman covers his eyes with his paws, whining about how this isn't happening, his work being threatened yet again. Granny Winslow drives the forklift into the Batlings, and swats at a few with her hockey stick. This frees Kelsey, who gets back to the hand to hand combat with them (it appears Kels is as senile as her grandmother when it comes to remember things, like Morphing). More fighting, the Batlings swarm all over Granny, but she bats them off. Finally, Granny heads towards the laser (notice Vypra is standing in the way, and then vanishes, apparently not only do demons fear water, they fear people pulling a Fugitive Alien on them and trying to kill them with a forklift!) and bashes the forklift into the machine. This causes heavy damage, and causes Granny to laugh like a wicked witch. Moleman hops up and down whining about how she's going to pay for that. He hits her, knocking her out of the seat. Or so it appears, as suddenly Granny is about ten feet high, landing on top of a Batling as she falls. She then snatches his sword and begins to stab the crap out of him with it. Kelsey is concerned, but has her hands full with Batling problems as it is.

The forklift's destruction of the machine has caused it set on fire. The machine even has it's own onboard computer, sounding very much like Astronema (he got these parts from the Satellaser catalogue, I bet), the voice suddenly coming on and saying "Laser temperature: critical". Moleman can do nothing but watch his precious laser burn. Granny continues stabbing the Batling, until Kelsey rushes over and grabs her, noting that the machine is going to blow. They race out of the building, along with Moleman, who doesn't make it in time, as the laser explodes against him. Only one Starlight Crystal is shown destroyed, and it just happens to be the green one, as it drops to the floor and shatters into pieces. Kelsey helps Granny out and they catch their breath. She asks her grandmother what she's doing here, and Granny remarks, "I came to get the most precious thing in the world to me." Kelsey groans and thinks it's the crystal, but Granny corrects her, "No, my granddaughter!" They hug, and Kelsey's Morpher beeps. Carter is calling for her help (why didn't he do that earlier?!). Granny pats her face and says she'll be fine and for her to go help her friends. That's exactly what she does, leaving the well-padded Granny behind to smile widely. Back at the mountain range, all four Rangers are beaten down, with Olympius standing triumphant. He walks towards them with his spear drawn, exclaiming, "I've waited a long time for this, Rangers. Prepare to meet you end!" Before he can stab Carter, a small yellow metal V swings down and bashes Olympius' chest! It boomerangs back up to where it came from, revealing atop a nearby cliff, the Yellow Ranger! She catches it and leaps down, much to Loki's surprise. She lands near her team, Carter is glad to see her, she apologizes for taking so long, but Chad says that's okay. They get ready to "Do it", as they stand together as a team. Olympius finds this excellent, gloating, "Now I can destroy you all at once!" Loki, stumbles over, still injured from Red Ranger's attack, and asks, "Why do you get all the fun?! I want a piece of them too!" Olympius is about to let him, when Moleman pops up from out of the ground in front of them! He pauses Loki, saying "Wait a minute. I have a bone to pick with the Yellow Ranger!" Kelsey tells him, "No need to fight about it. We'll take you all on!" The three demons are eager to do battle, rushing into action. Our heroes stop to salute real quick, before joining the fight.

Loki ditches his staff offscreen, and ends up double V-Lancer blade slashed by Pink & Green Rangers. Red Ranger hits "818 activate" on his Battle Booster, and then leaps over Blue Ranger, who gives his feet a shove, sending Carter flying through the air towards Olympius. He delivers a barrage of Battle Boosted punches into the demon's chest. Nearby, Yellow Ranger lunges for Moleman, her hands ending up grabbed by his large paws. She's flung away, but hops back up, ready for more. Moleman has a thing for payment, saying "You'll pay for ruining my plan, Ranger!" He then spews a blast of energy from his snout, which Kelsey tries dodging, even while jumping, but is unable to get past. Moleman now has his own stick, as he charges forth towards Kelsey when she's down. She quickly pulls out her V-Lancer, waits for him to get close, kicks him away, spins around over near a rock, gets into position, flips the Lancer to blaster mode, and shouts "Freeze!". He refuses, and she's forced to bury the barrel into his stomach and fire. Unloading the endless amount of energy blasts into Moleman, Kelsey never lets up, until the smoking carcass of the monster ends up near his demon partners. Loki yells at him, "Get up, you fool!", and Olympius calls the creature pathetic. Kelsey tells her team to pull it together, Carter agrees, and commands a V-Lancer Spectra Blast. The five combined V-Lancer lasers beam together into a ball and streak towards the three demons. Olympius quickly ducks out of the way, but Loki isn't so lucky, getting caught right in the blast! He's blown free with only minor damage, which is more than can be said for Moleman, who ends up nothing but a pile of meaty chunks. Kelsey excited squeals, "Alright, we did it!", and Loki vows, "I'll get you, Power Rangers!" Olympius is apparently so fed up with the monster, he doesn't even call Jinxer to make him grow.


Later, four of the Ranger Recruits dine out at an eatery that we've seen quite often in recent PR history, namely the "bunch of tables near a stairwell in a park." Chad slurps on his soda and asks, "So, why didn't Kelsey come?" Dana comments, "She was pretty upset about what happened to the crystal." Carter doubts that her grandmother will ever forgive her. He holds his drink up as he says then, only to have it snatched from his grasp suddenly! The culprit is revealed as Kelsey, on her rollerblades, giggling and chugging down Carter's backwash! Joel offers her some lunch, she thanks him but declines, as they're going to have a picnic. Dana wonders who she means, when suddenly Granny Winslow pops up, shouting and rollerblading down the sidewalk like a geriatric maniac. She glides to a halt near our heroes and remarks, "Not too bad for an old lady, huh?" The four are stunned, especially Carter, who's as impressed by Granny's 180s in skating as he is in her 180 in personality change! Kelsey skates over and hugs her, Granny asks if anyone wants to join them. Chad is most vocal, "Nuh-uh! Nope! No way!", the others all in agreeance. Granny calls them chickens, then tells Kelsey she'll race her to the park. Kelsey tells her she's going to lose, but Granny denies, and the two skate off, laughing all the way. Granny can hardly keep up as it is, but does find time to hop up on picnic tables to do tricks. Sadly, she soon skates out into the road and is suddenly ran over by Grandma Hammond driving a stolen cop car.

["in memory of Bob Manahan"]
[Scenes from "The Chosen Path"; end credits]

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