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Power Rangers Ninja Storm
"Return Of Thunder, Part I"
Original Air Date:04/12/03 Featuring Footage & Some Story Elements From:
Hurricanger #16 - - Kiri to Yougensouchi (The Fog and the Precognative Device)
*Season 11, strike ten
*Official Network Show Number PRS-1110
*Unofficial Fan Number In Keeping With Previous Seasons' Show Numbers PR-1310
*10th episode of PRNS
*22nd PR episode aired on ABC KIDS
*468th total Power Rangers episode
Teleplay By: Douglas Sloan Director: Wayne Rose
Starring Cast:
Pua Magasiva _AS_ Shane (Red Wind Ranger)
Sally Martin _AS_ Tori (Blue Wind Ranger)
Glenn McMillan _AS_ Dustin (Yellow Wind Ranger)
Adam Tuominen _AS_ Hunter (Crimson Thunder Ranger)
Jorgito Vargas Jr. _AS_ Blake (Navy Thunder Ranger)
Jason Chan _AS_ Cam
Katrina Browne _AS_ Kapri
Katrina Devine _AS_ Marah
Grant McFarland _AS_ Lothor

Additional Cast:
Megan Nicol _AS_ Kelly
Darren Young _AS_ Roger Hannah
Grant McFarland _AS_ Sensei Guinea Pig (voice)
Peter Rowley _AS_ Zurgane (voice)
Bruce Hopkins _AS_ Choobo (voice)
John Leigh _AS_ Toxipod (voice)


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