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Power Rangers Ninja Storm
"Snip It, Snip It Good"
Original Air Date:09/20/03 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Hurricanger #06 - - Hasami to Kunoichi (The Scissors and The Ninja Girl)
*Season 11, strike nine
*Official Network Show Number PRS-1109
*Unofficial Fan Number In Keeping With Previous Seasons' Show Numbers PR-1309
*9th episode of PRNS
*42nd PR episode aired on ABC KIDS, though was originally scheduled to air as produced. Due to "war sensitive concerns", the episode was pulled and had scenes reshot (mostly to rename the "Peace Conference" into an Environmental Conference
*467th total Power Rangers episode
Teleplay By: Mark Hoffmeier Director: Andrew Merrifield
Starring Cast:
Pua Magasiva _AS_ Shane (Red Wind Ranger)
Sally Martin _AS_ Tori (Blue Wind Ranger)
Glenn McMillan _AS_ Dustin (Yellow Wind Ranger)
Jason Chan _AS_ Cam
Katrina Browne _AS_ Kapri
Katrina Devine _AS_ Marah
Grant McFarland _AS_ Lothor

Additional Cast:
Megan Nicol _AS_ Kelly (credited, does not appear)
Louise Wallace _AS_ Newscaster
Laurie Dee _AS_ Speaker
Jennifer Rucker _AS_ Delegate #1
Paul Norell _AS_ Delegate #2
Hiroo Minami _AS_ Delegate #3
Grant McFarland _AS_ Sensei Guinea Pig (voice)
Peter Rowley _AS_ Zurgane (voice)
Bruce Hopkins _AS_ Choobo (voice)
Jeremy Birchall _AS_ Snipster (voice)


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