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Power Rangers Turbo
"Passing The Torch, Part II"
Original Air Date: 09/11/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #18 - Usotsuki haato seibi chuu
(Adjustment In The Liar's Heart)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-503
*19th episode of PRT
*224th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Shuki Levy
Departing Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)

_New Starring Cast:_
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
? _AS_ Mama D
? _AS_ Flamite (voice)

Sentai Scene


[Recap of "Passing The Torch, Part 1"]
Adam, & Justin are on the run from Flamite at the campsite, Tanya hurrying as fast as she can to catch up with them, while mentioning she got her Morpher and she thinks that's all of them. Little mistake there, since all she was missing was her Turbo Key, the Morpher itself was never lost. Anyway, finally given the chance to Morph, they know better than to let it pass again, Shifting Into Turbo while racing from the monster. Yellow, Green & Blue Rangers stand triumphantly powered up, Flamite stopping in his tracks to call their threads pretty cool, but hoping for their sake they're flame retardant!

Green Ranger tells him not worry about them, as they simultaneously whip out their Turbo Weapons. Turbo Star Charges, Thunder Cannon and Hand Blasters are all aimed and unleashed on the hot-under-the-collar creep, each blast bouncing off the monster! He shakes his finger at them, pointing out you can't fight fire with fire, Adam realizing he's right just as Flamite breathes flames upon our heroes. As the Rangers get toasted by the blaze burning around them, Adam spots something that may just cool this guy down. He has Tanya hold his Thunder Cannon, leaping out of the ring of fire and landing near the campsite. He picks up a bucket of water, there for campfire safety reasons, and tells charcoal-breath he'll teach him not to mess with them! Flamite protests against the mighty H2O the Ranger carries his way, unable to do much as Adam dumps the bucket of agua all over the hotheaded heathen. Flamite begins smoking heavily (almost chain-smoker if you will, he's a 12 pack a day man), as Green Ranger tosses the empty pail aside and is ready to finish him once and for all. Flamite isn't about to give up so easily, promising them he'll be back hotter than ever, teleporting away in a poof of smoke just as the Rangers had him in their Turbo Weapon sights. Having missed their chance to stop him, they've got more pressing matters elsewhere with helping Tommy & Kat.
[opening credits]
TJ, Cassie & Kat regroup together, all complaining of extreme exhaustion in their endless battle with the school of Piranahtrons. None of them have much left in themselves to keep this up much longer, the P-Trons swarming on them when suddenly the other three Turbos finally find good use of their Turbo Weapons. The blasts overwhelm the Piranahtrons and they finally puddleport back to wherever it is those fishies go when they get beaten. TJ & Cassie are pleasantly surprised to see the legendary Power Rangers there to save them, Kat finally crouching down on the ground for a brief rest. Yellow Ranger comforts her, while Teej & Cass thank the Rangers for saving them from either being killed from those fishdrones, or from a death caused by physical exhaustion. TJ thinks a friend of the lady they helped is missing, Blue Ranger asking Kat (pretending not to know her) what happened to him. She plays dumb, saying some creature covered in slime took him, Green Ranger tells the two good Samaritans they'll take it from here and for them to clear the area. As they depart, Cassie comes to Kat's side and asks her if she's sure she's okay, Cass can stay with her if she wants. She's grateful but assure her she'll be fine, smiling back at the good natured teenager. TJ takes Cassie with him, leaving the Rangers to do their job, our heroes thanking them for their help as they walk off into the distance. Once out of the area, Adam asks Kat if it was a Putrapod, and she confirms it was. Not only that, but it captured Tommy, as the truck they were driving in continues to burn behind them.

Meanwhile in the cave where Tommy is being held, he's now strung up by his arms, hanging from the rope attached to the ceiling. He struggles in the face of Divatox, Rygog & Elgar, but fails to break out. Diva wonders what to do in taking him out once and for all, Rygog anxious for her to get it over with already, Elgar agreeing (calling it "Quick & Cheesy", "Piece of Snake" and all that). Divatox doesn't want it to be quick, she wants him to suffer all the trials and tribulations he put her through, wanting him to beg for mercy! He tells her only in her dreams, and she just gives him an evil purr or two in return. Mama D's image pops up again, noticing her daughter has finally done something right, her appearance surprising Divatox and her crew. Tommy remarks he now know where she gets her looks from, Mama D asking angrily why he isn't history yet. Diva says she's trying to find the best way to torture him, asking her mother if she has any ideas. Mama D reminds her of the Vortex Of Eternal Doom & Sorrow, it's not in use right now. The pirate queen of evil is giddy with evil delight, asking her mommy to call it up right away. Mama D gives an incantation: "Suffer Me Close, To That Smallest Cry. No Mercy Waits For Those That Step Foot Inside. Vortex Of Sorrow. Vortex Of Doom. Up Here Now, In This Very Room." She laughs as evilly as she can, as lights flash and it sounds like a storm is raging, as the ground beneath Tommy's dangling feet opens up to a dark vortex! He's helpless but to hang around, as voices of the damned ring out from inside, Divatox shivering over what she thinks is her pop's voice in there. Mama D says he asked for it, as she teleports away once more. Divatox tells Tommy to hang tight and don't go anywhere, laughing as she walks over to pick up a can of peanut butter. She smears it on the ropes that hold Tommy up, as a rat munches down on the peanut butter, chewing through the thick thread slowly. She taunts Tommy about the last thing he'll ever see is a pack of rats eating their way to his doom, right before her and her henchmonsters teleport back to the Subcraft, giving the power boy a final ta-ta before taking off. Tommy fights against the restraints, but his attempts at pulling a Houdini do no good as two Piranahtrons come in to stand guard.

Over at the Power Chamber, the four weary Rangers watch the Viewing Screen, as Flamite has turned back on the heat and has grown to building size. He's stomping through downtown Angel Grove, as if the Rangers didn't have enough to worry about. Kat asks Alpha how the search for Tommy is coming along, but so far he's unlocatable. They're all worried for him, but they have to concentrate first on stopping the city from becoming a disco inferno. Dimitria's totally lost her "Questions Only" mode of speech for good (considering the last time we saw her was "Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers, Part 1" she had plenty of time to drop it). She tells the Rangers there is another matter that must be dealt with, after her words meet their ears, a small panel in the Power Chamber slides open, revealing a golden hourglass.
Ominous Hourglass
The sands have just started to fall, Dimitria tells them this will be their ultimate mission, time is fleeting but of the utmost importance. Katherine informs her they won't let her down, each one of the Ranger teens silent on about the hourglass's significance, but apparently they know fully well what it means. Adam tells Alpha they're heading into town, asking him to let them know when he gets a lock on Tommy. The robot tells him that will do, Tanya getting into Morph position along with her teammates mentioning she hopes he shows up soon since they can't defeat Flamite on their own. Not one person mentions the name "Blue Senturion", so I can only assume he's on sick leave or something, getting over his bug problem. All four teens Shift Into Turbo one final time together, and quickly teleport to the city streets. The whole area is littered with debris, panicking crowds, and various patches of fire. The national guard has been called in to direct people out of the path of the monster, as Flamite continues tearing through buildings on his rampage. He gloats about everyone running without the Power Rangers to protect them, but he speaks too soon as the four Rangers teleport in and try to no avail to calm the citizens. Green Ranger leads the way as the he asks Flamite what he thinks he's doing, to which the monster responds with his mighty fire breath. They take the heat but stay in the kitchen as Kat expresses the urgency of getting those people out of here. Adam & Tanya go to take care of that, as Justin & Kat stay to face the gigantic monster looming overhead.

Back at the forest, TJ & Cassie walk back the gift shop, calling their experience with the Power Rangers pretty exciting and cool. Teej asks Cass not to tell anybody, but when he was a kid he wanted to be a Power Ranger. He points out the things they've accomplished for mankind, asking what kid wouldn't want to grow up to be one of them. Cassie says she, for one, she just wanted to be like Tina Turner. TJ halts her stardom-trip as he spots something on the ground nearby. They investigate, Teej asking Cass about Kat's remark earlier about the creature who took her friend being covered in slime, pointing at a green slime trail on the dirt. Cassie tells him no repeatedly, trying to get out of there before they get into any more trouble. TJ notices the tracks of goop lead up the hill, wanting to go check it out, Cassie telling him the Power Rangers are on this case already. She has to go find her bag and get moving, quietly leaving her newfound friend on his own in tracking the Putrapod. Inside the cave, Tommy dangles before his doom, the souls inside the Vortex moan louder as they prepare to welcome a new spirit to their ranks. Tommy watches helplessly as more rats chomp on the peanut butter flavored rope, the grip slipping and the Red Ranger dropping closer to the pit each moment!
Flamite keeps battering that same certain building, while the military solider guides Angel Grovians through the wreckage. Our oversized butt, err, old buddy Ashley is also helping direct crowd control as best she can. Yellow Ranger approaches her and asks her if she can take these kids to safety, and Ash agrees and quickly takes them under her wing, leading them to shelter. Carlos, Ash's bosom buddy since "A Drive To Win", is also hanging around calmly helping out, Adam knowing his star soccer player will pull through in a pinch. Green Ranger asks Carlos (calling him by his name, oops!) if he'll make sure everyone gets to safety, and he does so, as he was already doing that before anyway! Divatox is in the Subcraft, watching her monster making it a hot time in the old town tonight from her Periscope. She laughs at the thought of anyone taking him down, but just in case she sends some Piranahtrons to help spice things up. On the surface, the Angel Grove Fire Department is busily hosing down what lies in the wake of Flamite's onslaught. It appears they've gotten a shiny new truck to replace the one Divatox turned into a monster a while ago in "Alarmed & Dangerous". The school if P-Trons puddleport in, swarm on the firetruck, chase off the firefighters and mess around with the stuff inside. Blue & Pink Rangers rush to battle them, they do so and soon Green & Yellow Rangers make the scene as well. Back at the mountain, TJ follows the trail of slime, hoping to find Marc Summers and the Super Sloppy Double Dare crew. What he find atop the rocks is just Cassie, somehow having snuck around him and cut him off at the pass. Her parents always told her never to leave a friend in need, and she guesses they're friends now. She helps TJ up there, and he is glad, since he has a feeling he'll need her help. Inside the Power Chamber, Alpha has the ominous hourglass placed on its table in the center of the room, whining about how they'll never complete their ultimate mission on time. Dimitria states the Power Rangers know what they must do, Alpha complaining about Tommy being missing and the Flamite monster ravaging Angel Grove, they're running out of sand in that thing quickly!

TJ & Cassie reach a cave entrance on their hunt for the slimy green October. Teej hears the howls of the damned souls in the damn Vortex of Eternal Damnation and Sorrow (darn, I kinda overdid that), and wonders what it was. For once, Cassie takes charge in leading the way into darkness, as inside Tommy's rat-eaten ropes begin to snap even further, the Vortex mere inches from his suspending feet. Elsewhere at the Juice Bar, some wormy new reporter gives a special report about the monster attacking the city on the TV. The North side of the city is being evacuated as most of the town is partially ablaze, and the wimpy little freak wanders around about to wet his underoos the second Flamite farts. The Juice Bar is packed with people seeking shelter, mostly youths as per the "Youth Center" moniker. Ashley & Carlos bring in a pack of children, and thanks to a hole in the space-flab continuum, Drew from Beetleborgs makes a cameo in that crowd. They sit the kids down at a table, telling them not to worry as the awesome Power Rangers are on the job. Lt. Stone appreciates them helping out, and Ash & Carlos think it's no problem. Jerome makes no mention of "Didja see my monkeys anywhere?! I can't find my monkeys!!" so I can only assume he believes they were called in by the foreign legion to help build a bridge over troubled Geneva with their grandmothers or something.

Back in the cave, TJ & Cassie discover Tommy hanging around, and the Vortex spewing off lighting and appears to be getting larger. Cass asks him if he's Tommy, and he tells them they need to get out of there, they don't know what's going on. Teej isn't about to leave him here like that, and soon a school of Pointless Piranahtrons pop up from behind them and they fight it out with them. Yawn. TJ holds them off while Cassie makes a dash toward Tommy, almost slipping into the Vortex herself! She can't reach the Red Ranger thanks to the gaping hole to hell at her feet, and one lone P-Tron's sudden attack almost leads to her eternal doom & sorrow. TJ finishes off his P-Tron sparring partners, just in time to witness Tommy's ropes snap (by the way, rats tend to choke to death on peanut butter). Teej darts for the chewed rope as Tommy plunges to his worthy fate, just as the teen yanks down on the rope, saving the day. He strains with all his strength in keeping the Tomster up (Tommy should have laid off the Pitas), yelling for Cassie to help him. She kicks the Piranha off, and returns to trying to reach Tommy's well hung body. She grabs him finally, and pulls him to safety, he's grateful to have his two feet back on solid ground again. Cass & Teej help him lose his rope confines, and he doesn't know who they are but he can't thank them enough. They both gasp from breath from the never-ending trials they've gone through these few hours, Tommy heading out of that blasted cave with them as soon as possible. They take a rest outside the entrance, Cassie returning to whiny mode about catching her bus. Tommy hears explosions coming from Angel Grove, telling the two teens they should go ahead he'll catch up later. As they part ways, Tommy asks his savior his name, and Teej says his friends call him TJ. They shake hands firmly, and go their own directions. Alpha's been trying to contact Tommy on his Communicator for hours, finally reaching the woozy Red Ranger when he's out of range with Cassie & TJ. Teej turns around briefly and notices Tommy's completely gone, but his puzzling on how a guy so weary go run so fast is met by Cassie trying to leave in as urgent a manner. Teej shrugs it off and follows her back to civilization
In the warzone called Angel Grove, the Turbo Rangers finish off the Piranahtrons that were biting at them. Being Morphed gives them the advantage they were having earlier, but it's still no match for the Flamite monster heatedly stomping their way. Adam tells him from below that the game's over (as often as Green Ranger takes charge, why the hell didn't he become the new leader?!), Flamite asking if their mommies didn't tell them if they play with fire they're going to get burned. Beavis gets just what he asked for, as bolts blast upwards at him from the ground, the Rangers turning around to spot Red Ranger on the scene with his Auto Blaster! Justin takes Kat's line by shouting Tommy's name, Red Ranger firing off a few more Turbo charged rounds at the bonfire bozo. Tommy mentions they won't believe what a day he had, but right now what's say they kick this puppy (arf! down boy!) into high gear and take this guy down. The team gives a unisonmatic 'Right!' like usual, all Five Power Rangers calling on Turbo Megazord, now! The Turbozords link and lock up, the Megazord is revved and ready to go once more. The battle appears to move to the outskirts out town as all buildings disappear suddenly, Flamite stretching his arms and causing the flame symbols on his little bicep-aprons to come to life and circle around the Megazord. Three pop up and spout steam at the Mecha, heating things up inside, causing them to lose visual. Flamite asks if they liked that they'll love this, tossing giant earring-storage boxes at them (or something like that)! Tired of taking a boxed beating, the Turbo Tire-Shield blocks them off, and in the scene where "Operation Meltdown" was supposed to be heard, we get Adam saying the shield is holding and Tanya will take it from here. The Dune Star leg charges up and the Megazord hops into the air, damaging Flamite with the heated Yellow appendage. Justin gets to whip up the Turbo Megazord Saber, and after one usual Turbo Spinout, Flamite's fire is put out for good. The Rangers are ecstatic with excitement inside the cockpit as always, finally laying ashes to ashes and all that good stuff.

Back at the Power Chamber, Alpha watches the Ominous Hourglass, the sands almost shifted, he doesn't think they're going to make it on time. Dimitria tells him they must, as all the forces are aligned, Alpha asks what'll happen if they don't make it, she says disorder & confusion will be abound far more than she can control. Alpha rubs his shiny head, and gives us his ever annoying 'Yo!' or 'Yeow!' remark. Inside the Juice Bar's shelter area where cots are laid out for the children, Carlos sits with one of the kids, reading him the story of Flabber and the three House Monsters. He glances back and spots Green Ranger lurking in the hallways watching him, but as he gives a double take, the Ranger is gone as quickly as he appeared, Carlos feeling like he's seeing things. Across the room, Ashley ties a girl's shoelaces, as Yellow Ranger spies on her from outside the window. As she gets up to leave, she sees the Ranger and it takes her a second to realize who it was, but by that time the Ranger is gone, so Ash saunters away. Soon on the Subcraft, Divatox is laying on her bed, bemoaning he latest loss. Mama D pops up in the window-hatch again, rubbing in the fact Tommy, the leader of the Power Rangers still lives. Diva cries that can't be, Mama D telling her not to argue with her, since she was a little kid she was always messing things up. Divatox turns over and beats on her oceanwater-filled pillow, before suckling her leather gloved thumb and going back to sleep.
Departing Rangers
Finally, inside the Power Chamber, The Five Turbo Teens stand in front of the multicolored background facing the ominous close-to-top-empty hourglass. Dimitria tells them that was cutting it very close, Tommy says they wouldn't let her down, they know how important this is. It's time to proceed with the ceremony, Alpha hits a few buttons and says it's all set and ready to go. One of the large door hatches on the far side of the room snaps open, smoke bellowing out from within. Alpha points them in the direction they should go, and the five Ranger teens walk casually into the mysterious room. Adam pats Justin on the head and tells Alpha to come on, he tells him he's right behind them. The room is exposed as dark, murky place plastered with huge boulders and flashing Christmas lights. Some oft he rocks are illuminated from within, and the main centerpiece of rocks in the room is decorated with a lightning bolt symbol, flashing each of the Rangers' colors. Above it is a platform that is flashing with lights, the five teens walk to the center of the room and stare upward in preparation of the event. Ya know, given the room's relative position, the large neon pillars, the Christmas tree lights on the black background... i'd almost swear this was the ruins of the original Command Center. There's no real proof that it is or isn't, so let's pretend it is! Alpha 6 gets up near the lightning symbol, mentioning they're expecting a couple of friends to drop by and join in on the celebration. Unfortunately, the original five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers all backed out at the very last minute of filming from what's rumored, so they have to make due with Zordon!
The ancient Morphin Mentor's big blue head pops up on a partial pedestal, as he no longer needs one of those blasted Plasma or Energy tubes to keep around. He just flew in from Eltar, and boy are his arms missing [rimshot]! They're all surprised to see him again, as is he, mentioning that he and Alpha are honored to participate in this historic transformation.
Alpha 5
Below Zordon's noggin, Alpha 5 appears, sporting his classic body (I guess he was just holding Alpha 6's from T:APRM to "Shift Into Turbo, Part 3") and uttering a much missed 'Ay-yi-yi, we wouldn't miss it!", shimmying like he always used to when happy as a robot can be.

Dimitria joins in the fun, phasing in above a set of four neon pillars, mentioning they have gathered here to honor each of them for their dedicated service as Power Rangers. Their courage and loyalty has known no bounds, however as each Ranger reaches their stage in life, it becomes their (meaning the powerful immortal big guys behind the scenes like her & Zordon) duty to set them free to discover all the world has to offer. To that end, they have been asked to select an outstanding individual who will take over as each of their successors. The lightning symbol fades away as the flashing lights increase in number from the platform, as four shrouded figures rise from behind the rocks, bearing each the uniforms of a Turbo Ranger. Dimitria states we welcome them now into the Power Rangers family! Tommy steps forward to address his successor, telling TJ he wouldn't be standing here today if wasn't for his courage & strength. He chooses TJ to lead the team as the new Red Turbo Power Ranger, Teej gives a smile in return. Tanya's next, telling Ashley she showed compassion & integrity, she chooses her with pride to be the new Yellow Turbo Power Ranger, Ashley smiles giddily. Kat follows by telling Cassie she came to her defense, she knows her to be loyal & trustworthy, she will bring honor as the new Pink Turbo Power Ranger, Cassie smiles. Adam, forced into a retirement he didn't want, puts up as brave a front as he can, uttering out a relaxed line to his successor. He tells Carlos he'll be the new Green Turbo Power Ranger, he's prove himself to be decisive & intelligent, Carlos grins. Justin turns to his retired Ranger pals, asking what about him, what is he, chopped liver? Of course he is, but Dimitria tells him he will continue on as the Blue Turbo Power Ranger, causing his small body to engulf with teleportation energies and zoom up to the platform to be alongside his new teammates Morphed, but helmet-less (meaning, no body-buffing). The departing Rangers smile ear to ear at the future of Rangerdom, Adam looking awfully depressed while nobody else seems bothered by losing the powers. Dimitria gives a little speech, telling where there is evil to beware, where there is destruction to be warned, this new team of mighty warriors will know no rest. She finishes the passing of the torch by trying to give this all a title, Power Rangers: The Legacy Continues. The Five New Turbo Rangers stand together for their first time as a team, as the lights start strobing faster than a Disco crossbred with a Rave.
[end credits]
New Turbo Rangers

Ashley tells the children in the debris of Angel Grove not to be afraid, everything will be okay. She then starts suddenly jerking, seemingly yanking on something (a wedgie, we assume); Tommy flushes his career down the toilet, as when he walks into the ceremony room we see a piece of tissue paper stuck to his shoe as a toilet is heard flushing; Cassie rushes for Tommy, and begins losing balance in fear of falling into the Vortex; Tommy either sniffs his pitts or blows a raspberry as the camera shows him hanging while in the background rat-wranglers are seen; Cassie continues waving her arms while trying not to fall to her doom, but slips and does, screwing up the tape to everyone's delight; Tanya finishes her Ranger tenure by stuttering a line, twice, in the Power Chamber!

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