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Power Rangers Turbo
"Trouble By The Slice"
Original Air Date: 09/16/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #27 - Tanshin Funin no Bunkiten...
(The Lonely New Post's Crossroads...)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-506
*22nd episode of PRT
*227th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Yuri Alexander
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Mad Mike, The Pizza Chef (voice)
? _AS_ Nico

Sentai Scene


On the beach of Angel Grove, Divatox & Company are taking another day out of the stuffy Subcraft. Not a vacation though, as Porto is demonstrating a new matter transference device to the pirate queen of evil. He tells her it can transport an object from one place to another, but must be aimed carefully. Divatox is impatient, getting up off her chair and grabbing the device, firing it at an unwilling Piranahtron. He moves out of the direction of the beam, and it bounces off the large rock behind him, and strikes Porto! He teleports just a few feet away, happy to prove his device actually works, doing his Elvis impression while thanking everyone very much. Divatox is unimpressed as he only moved three feet, she decides to crank up the power, Elgar joking to Rygog to watch out as the ricochet is worse than her aim. The two mutants chuckle at their boss' expense, but she overhears them and shows them just how good her aim is, by firing her eyebeams at them! They're able to get out of the way, but a P-Tron behind them isn't so lucky, getting morphed into a jackass! The donkey runs off to join the cast of 'Hee-haw', while Divatox fiddles with the device's controls. Porto says he wouldn't do that, and she sighs, saying of course he wouldn't. She's ready to see what this thing can really do, preparing to blast it at that Piranahtron near the rock, yelling for him to hold still. He does so, but quickly ducks as she fires the transfer beam at him, the ricochet bouncing back and striking Divatox! She disappears in a flash, leaving only the matter transference device. The evil crew scrambles about trying to find her, Porto has no idea where the device moved her to. Elgar digs in the sand where she was last seen thinking she's buried underground, while Rygog tells Porto he'd better hope they find her in one piece! Elsewhere on a busy sidewalk in Angel Grove, Divatox has been transported hastily to the ground. She gets up, her purple ponytail a mess as she moans in confusion, not sure where she is. Even worse, she doesn't even know who she is, harassing an old man walking back for the truth of her identity!
[opening credits]
In the never-ending Angel Grove Park, Carlos & Justin casually stroll along, Carlos talking about a certain girl he really likes but is afraid to ask on a date. Justin isn't into girls yet, thinking it all a big pizzazz and if he should just ask as he'll never know till he tries. Carlos thinks his bouncing buddy is right, but before the conversation can go any further they stop and spot a soccer game going on nearby. Carlos asks him if he wants to play (a game he knows too well), Justin watches the game intently but says he's got math homework to do. Carlos thought they were going to hang out together today, so Justin pretends he doesn't like soccer, Carlos asking if he's ever even played. One of the kids (all around Justin's age), kicks the ball at Carlos and he catches it, the only one paid to talk (named Nico, who looks and sounds too much like Mini-Carlos) apologizes for the bad kick. He has no problem with it, Nico asking if they want to play to which Carlos gives a slight maybe. He asks Justin if homework can wait, Justin worrying about not knowing how to play or be good at it, and Carlos returns used advice by saying he'll never know till he tries. They head out to the field to toss the soccer ball around with the elementary schoolers. Elsewhere, the amnesiac Divatox wanders around in a daze, stumbling into a shopping plaza, where Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor is located. Inside that restaurant, Bulk & Skull have gotten new jobs as pizza delivery boys. Mike, the owner, gives them a huge stack of pizzas and the addresses to deliver them to, Bulk grabs them, eager to make some dough literally. He then hands them all over to Skull, who says they know Angel Grove like the back of their hand, Bulk gesturing to his hand. The owner seems cautious, as Bulk & Skull walk away with the pizza pies. Bulk mentions to Skull the old adage (one they've used before) that women love a man in uniform, so this will be the perfect job for them. They head out the door, and pass two females, who laugh at their uniforms of green shirts, red aprons & red chef hats. As Bulk & Skull leave disappointed at the lack of positive feminine attention, Divatox makes her way into the parlor. She gets up to the counter, placing a ton of green peppers over a slice of pizza and chomping on it starvingly. Mike is tidying up, when he notices the hungry pirate queen (or some kind of 'queen' the way she's dressed) and asks her if she's going to pay for that pizza, calling her 'honey'. She thinks his use of the affectionate term of honey means he knows her, and he remarks that of course he knows her, asking if she ain't got cent. Divatox sniffs herself, saying as a matter of fact she does have a scent, Mike finding that stupidly funny. He tells her to enjoy the pizza, and then she's working for him, tossing her an apron. She looks at it and him, both of them quite unsure of the true evil potential boiling up inside her!
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The Subcraft is silent in its movement without it's captain, inside the bridge, Rygog returns empty handed to any clues on Divatox's whereabouts. Porto finds it truly mystifying, having looked everywhere he thinks it might be time to send an SOS throughout the galaxy. Elgar has a better idea, suddenly whipping out a carton of milk with Divatox's picture on the back under the 'have you seen me lately?' section. The file on her reads "Divatox. Female. DOB: Unknown. Hair: Purple. Eyes: Two. Last Seen Trying To Destroy The City" Rygog tells him to quit fooling around, they're in serious trouble here, plus nobody there but Elgar gets the joke. Suddenly, a gurgling sound is heard, Porto asking aloud if that's Divatox making the noise, but Elgar points out it was just his stomach, all the searching has made him hungry! Rygog agrees they should get something to eat, Elgar suggesting pizza and the other two henchmonsters think it's a great idea. All three then proceed to do rock, paper, scissors, Porto loses by giving scissors to their rocks, so he'll have to journey to the surface to get the meals. At the park, Justin is really catching on to the game of soccer, busily playing with the other kids, and Carlos uses his height to an unfair advantage to win the game for his team. Elsewhere, Bulk & Skull are attempting to deliver pizzas, riding around in their good old Patrol Bike (good thing nobody stole he thing while they were monkeys!). Bulk is dropping box after box of pizzas onto the road, as Skull swerves like a madman to Bulk's shoddy directions from the map he's holding. They finally come to a halt, Bulk totally clueless to the layout of Angel Grove, ending up in the middle of nowhere. This job a bust already, Bulk takes a piece out and begins to slowly eat it, Skull saying they're really flying now. Bulk hands him box after box, Skull chucking them over his shoulder and considering each one successfully delivered! Back at Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor, Divatox has removed her cape and donned an apron (her purple ponytail tied up), cooking up a batch of pizza pies. She spits her gum out on the most recent, taking a bite out of it and figuring some people like it raw. She continues in her incompetent work, a female coworker who looks like a girl Billy tries not to get on the wicked lady's bad side as she readies another pizza.

Outside, Mike stands at the counter talking to an angry customer complaining of the wait for their order over the phone, he assures them his boys are on their way. When the lady gets whiny, he tells her they ain't got a delivery time guarantee before hanging up. His next costumer is right there waiting, it's Porto in a dress! He talks in a fake feminine voice, saying he called ahead for five pizzas cooked to a crisp. Mike recognizes the order as someone who said their location was in Angel Grove Lake, Porto saying exactly before calling him a handsome young thing. Mike apologizes for being out of raw fish heads as he hands Porto his pies, no money gets exchanged! Someone else comes up to Mike and complains there was a bite taken out of his pizza, to which Mike is shocked. Nearby, Divatox comes out to clear off the leftover plates and boxes, when Porto spots her and tries to get her attention, but she doesn't seem to recognize him at all. She says she sees a lot of guys with aquariums on their heads and he could be any one of them, he stutters his words as Divatox returns the kitchen. Things get a little more troublesome, as Carlos & his gang of kiddy soccer players enter the place for a victory pizza party. Porto slowly slips away from sight of the Rangers, as the group of kids sit down for a moment to talk. Nico asks Justin why he goes to high school, Justin says he took some tests and they say he's pretty smart, to which one of the extra kids calls him a nerd. Nico tries begin nice by saying if he's such a nerd, how come he dribbled the ball right past him and won the game. The kid is speechless, since as far as he knows there is no dribbling in soccer! Nico & Justin head off together to play "clean sweep" in the arcade area of the parlor, Carlos watching the boys rather creepily. Justin doesn't even notice as Divatox exits the kitchen again and walks right by, bringing some pizzas to several customers. Carlos approaches the counter, and begins to place an order for a pitcher of orange soda, lemonade, and water. As he does that, Mike calls for 'honey' to come there, Carlos turns around to ask the kids if they want pepperoni or mushroom just as Divatox passes behind him, picking up salt & pepper shakers and walking off. Carlos turns back around, and tells Mike to give him one pepperoni and one mushroom pizza. The total comes to $15 even, Carlos drops his money and fails to notice Divatox as she picks up the bottles of ketchup & hot sauce from the counter, giving them to the kids and angrily asking if they're satisfied, Carlos clueless his worst enemy was mere inches from him!

In the Subcraft, the henchmonsters dig in to the burnt pizzas, Rygog surprised the queen of evil is working at a pizza parlor by Porto's findings. Elgar thinks it's cool, as they can now get free food! Porto also mentions there were a couple Power Rangers there as well, so Rygog checks out the situation for himself in the periscope, spotting the two Ranger teens as well as Divatox. They've got to get her out of there, Rygog ordering Porto to make a monster to distract the Turbos. Porto hesitates, telling him it's not that easy to make one, he has to have a special purpose for it, he needs to know what kind, specifics, inspiration! Elgar has the pizza lid closed in view of the scientific advisor, and Porto gets his inspiration in Mad Mike from the Mad Mike logo! He points his finger at the picture and energy flows out, causing the image to spout forth a monsterized version of it! Mad Mike, The Pizza Chef monster appears and asks if someone ordered pizza, Elgar commending Porto on a good job in creating a creature, Mad Mike ready to get cooking.

Mad Mike
At the parlor of the monster's name, the real Mike answers another call of missing delivery boys, telling the person to eat a snack until they get there. Carlos comes up to complain, saying he could be wrong but this pizza has a bite taken out of it, causing Mike to scream for Honey! He storms into the kitchen, asking Divatox how in the world she can expect him to stay in business when she keeps eating the customers food! Divatox slowly stands up from her recent task, reading off the list of things she has to do for him. She's got to mop the floor, she's got pizzas in the oven, she's peeling onions and he's yelling at her! She calmly but sternly asks what he wants her to do first, getting right up in his face and turning Mike from Mad to just plain pathetic, he asks her to mop, please!

Elsewhere, the Mad Mike monster teleports into an alleyway, and targets his first victims. It's the stuntmen of the show, piling in the many empty cardboard boxes that litter Angel Grove's streets into the white van that we see in so many scenes on this show. Mad Mike offers up some pizzas, throwing two explosive pies right at the Japanese men. This sets off the alarms in the Power Chamber, Alpha giving a yo-yo-yo as he knew it was just too quiet lately. He hits some buttons, and Carlos' Communicator goes off. He gives up on the pizzas, telling Mike to forget about it as he and Justin have to get going! They leave the kids there, Nico asking Justin to come play with them next weekend and he agrees. Divatox is near the back exit vacuuming, when Elgar's hand grabs her and pulls her into the kitchen suddenly. Carlos & Justin just happen to walk by that area, Justin saying for a while there he forgot he was a Power Ranger. They see nothing as Elgar gets his hand bit by his amnesiac Auntie D! She tells the freak to stay away from her, but both he & Porto tell her they're there to rescue her as they're on her side! The nervous coworker girl comes by and screams before she scrams, as Divatox's anger really boils over one and for all. Elgar says she's going to blow, as he grabs an oven pan and blocks his face with it. Divatox fires her eyeblasts off at him, they ricochet off and right back into her head! She's knocked to the ground, her purple ponytail snapped loose as she madly asks Elgar what he's trying to do to her, telling both Porto and him to get her out of this pizza parlor right away. Porto & Elgar (cowering behind the blubbery fellow) are please to have their favorite pirate witch back to normal.
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Back on the Subcraft, Divatox returns to command as Elgar tells her what happened while she was away. His story of giving up on trying to find her to get some pizza does little to impress her, and he makes a getaway before she attempts to fry him again, she tells him she'll keep his forgetting of her in mind. Meanwhile at the Power Chamber, Carlos & Justin teleport in to join the rest of their team to see what the hubbub is about, bub. TJ tells Carlos Divatox has sent another monster, and Dimitria decides to speak for the first time in a few shows. She tells them along with their new abilities as Power Rangers, they also have a new weapon, the Turbine Laser! Images of their new weapon appear on the Viewing Screen, Dimitria explaining like a game show host that it uses the latest technology in particle acceleration. The Turbine Laser creates a highly concentrated beam of energy that can devastate any foe. The Ranger teens stand at awe of the mighty laser's sight, Dimitria tells them to use it's immense power wisely. TJ tells her she's got it, and they all Shift Into Turbo in unison. In the city, Mad Mike is spinning a pizza on his hand awaiting new customers when the Turbo Rangers appear. Green Ranger has had just about enough pepperoni & mushroom problems for one day as it is, Red Ranger says they're there to toss his salad. Mad Mike, speaking with his usual overblown stereotypical Italian accent, orders up a little fire & brimstone, sending a barrage of explosive pizza pies their way! They get blasted off their feet, and Mad Mike sends their way even more floating pizza bombs, to which this time the Rangers dodge with quick reflexes. They're still unable to get out of their range, and end up blown across the street to the usual old warehouse district. Mad Mike is ready to serve up the Rangers' final slice, when he hears the approaching of Storm Blaster & Lightning Cruiser! They roll onto the scene, and Cruiser fires at the monster chef with its cannon. Mad Mike isn't driven away, deciding to turn things around by unleashing several pizzas that latch on to Storm Blaster & Lightning Cruiser's tires & steering wheels. The sentient vehicles' headlights turn green with evil, as Mike prepares to make a delivery of destruction on the Rangers with them! Red & Blue Rangers are in horror over the car-brainwashing of their two new friends, Justin so overwhelmed he actually confuses Storm Blaster with his Zord, Mountain Blaster (um, oops, ADR guys?). Mike orders up Lightning Cruiser to give the Rangers a taste of their own cooking, having it fire its cannon at our heroes. It's only then when crawling on the ground does Justin realize those pizzas adorning the cars are not just for vanity, but for evil! The Rangers then make a run for it, as Storm Blaster & Lightning Cruiser begin to drive towards them in the thin alleyway.

With nowhere else to go, the Rangers end up inside an empty warehouse, as Storm Blaster & Lightning Cruiser surround them and prepare to flatten them like dough! In the Subcraft, Divatox suddenly orders Porto to make her a Colossal Cooker, and he'll get one coming right up. At the Warehouse, the Rangers end up struck by the living vehicles and somehow they all fall like dominos into a nice cushiony giant pizza crust! TJ wonders where they are, when he notices the door to the huge microwave oven they're inside of begins to close! He helps Justin (whom is upside with his helmet stuck in the pizza) up and all of the Rangers are unable to stop the door from closing. Cassie asks Ashley if she's dreaming or is this stuff they're sitting on what she thinks it is. She tells her its not dream, they're on cheese and dough! Mad Mike appears above them out of reach, saying its a very good-a cheese-a too! He only uses the very finest ingredients in his Power Rangers Pizza, Red Ranger firing at Mike with his Auto Blaster, but unable to penetrate the force field. Mike is also concerned he might cook himself with the ricochet and they still need more ingredients, the Rangers beating on the door trying to escape. Mad Mike tells them not to cry, as he tosses giant onion slices onto them. Then green peppers, mushrooms and pepperoni, the giant sized pieces raining on our heroes. He tops it all off with more cheese, then decides to break the forth wall some more in thinking this is his own cooking show, saying to cook for ten minutes for a beautiful, cheesy, deep-dish Power Ranger Pizza! He hits start on the Colossal Cooker, and within minutes the Turbos get Toasted!
The Collosal Cooker and Deep-Dish Power Ranger Pizza
Our heroes become baked into the crush, still crying for help for anyone how can hear them. Luckily, Blue Senturion is wandering around the neighborhood and heard their pleas. He discovers the source of the disturbance inside the large oven, asking if whoever's in there requires assistance, surprised to see the Rangers cooked into a pizza! Mad Mike walks out of behind the Cooker, telling him that was a brilliant bit of detective work, Blue Senturion will make him pay for this atrocity, pulling out his Synergizer Blaster and firing the monster away. Blue Senturion then begins trying to yank our heroes out of their doughy grave, to their delight, but Mad Mike is back and he overtakes Senturion with a couple pizza bombs. The explosions cause him to be knocked out of the building, right into the path of the evil Lightning Cruiser! The intergalactic police officer gets run down, or up as he case may be since he goes flying into the air upon impact. He barely recovers in time to get driven into by Storm Blaster, his robotic body smoking from the beating it's taking.

Nearby, Mike has the Ranger roasted pizza outside, ready to eat supper as our heroes struggle & grunt but unable to do much in the way of moving. Mike has a giant fork & knife (he get them from Amphibitor?), saying they all look so good he wonders which one should he eat first. Pink Ranger tells him he doesn't want to eat her, she isn't completely cooked, to which Mike says he hates it when his food doesn't agree with him! Blue Senturion is back on his feet ready to stop the evil chef, but has to deal with the evil vehicles first. He figures they might respond to a traffic signal, pulling out his Synergizer Badge mode, activating the Red Light (causing all red light signals on his body and badge to flash brightly). Both Storm Blaster & Lightning Cruiser suddenly stop in their track, mere inches away from the robocop. The pizzas quickly fall off and their headlights cease being green. Blue Senturion remarks the evil pizzas were no match for a simple stoplight! Mad Mike tells the Rangers to quit complaining since he'll eat them all soon enough, but Blue Senturion fires his blaster at the monster, interrupting his dinner. Mike throws a few pizza bombs his way, but Senturion barely misses them, before finally leaping into the air above the Power Pizza and unleashing his Synergizer Blaster upon the thick toppings, trying not to cook our heroes any more than they already are. The pizza is cut open, and the Rangers are freed by Blue Senturion (Justin once again ending up on his head, did he lose sense of gravity while playing soccer?), the Rangers rushing to his side as they face the starving Mad Mike. All six jump into the air, kicking & punching him in pairs, trying to close his kitchen forcefully! He's knocked into a daze, so Red Ranger calls for Turbine Laser to go on-line and get out there to them! The Turbine Laser floats in and adjusts into cannon position, the Turbo Rangers bracing themselves against it as they have it fired, a large ball of power blasting forth.
Turbine Laser
Despite what Dimitria said, the damned thing doesn't do any damage to the monstrous boyardee! Annoyed, our heroes give those thumbs up hitching poses in frustration. Red: Nuts!, Blue: Rats!, Green: Drat!, Yellow: Curses!, Pink: Phooey!, Blue Senturion: Uhh, Fiddlesticks! Divatox is having a really, really, really bad day, totally fed up and finally calling for Torpedoes to be fired, blasting on Mad Mike and making him rise like yeast! Blue Senturion takes charge, saying for a giant sized pizza you need a giant sized pizza cutter, whipping out a whistle and calling for Robo Racer! One quick adjustment into Battle Mode, and Robo Racer is ready to rock with the crock of a cook! Mad Mike is ready as well, unwilling to be eaten or beaten, he gives Robo Racer a 'puncharoni', two spicy pizza bombs, and before he can deliver anything else, Turbo Megazord falls from the sky with the Dune Star leg charged up. Blue Senturion thanks the Rangers for the assistance, which they find no problem with since he saved their behinds from overheating earlier. Robo Racer turns up the heat on Mad Mike with Synergizer Blaster Mode, followed by the Turbo Megazord Spinout, slicing the pizza chef into a mouthful of an explosion! Robo Racer & Turbo Megazord slap robotic hands and pose for victory over the menacing meal maker!
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In the Subcraft bridge, Divatox has the matter transference device in hand, slowly looking around the room for something to use it on. Rygog bends over as quick as he can when she turns its aims at his direction, pretending his shoes are untied, Porto also ducking when the device is pointing his way. Elgar enters from the hatch, announcing himself as the pizza man as he brings along several boxes of the Mad Mike treats. Divatox is happy to see him, since she's got a lot of built up anger over all the trouble he's caused her lately, preparing to make him her test subject! Elgar covers his face with the boxes, and Rygog tells her not to shoot yet! He rushes over and takes the pizzas, patting Elgar on the head as he thanks him for lifting his load. Rygog out of the way with the pizzas safe, the coast is clear for her to fire the matter transference device at her mutant nephew! Divatox notes to Porto it worked perfectly, he notices it seems to have put all his pieces back in the proper places as well. Divatox walks over to the porthole window, watching Elgar float around outside in the water. He gurgles that it worked and asks to be let back in now, but she just smiles evilly. Elgar then spots a shark (boy, Angel Grove Lake is dangerous!) and swims away as fast as he can, Divatox walking off, laughing and asking Porto to save her a slice.
[end credits]

Bulk & Skull sit in the Patrol Bike, Bulk trying to look at the map while the wind blows at him, causing him to struggle with it; TJ tells Dimitria they will, but suddenly forgets his lines and starts to laugh; Bulk & Skull stand and smile while awaiting for the pizza boxes to be handed to them; Elgar & Rygog get in a brawl over the milk carton, both scuffling over it until it falls and they continue fighting until the director yells to stop; Divatox recites the directions for the scene to the director, talking about the aim, the click-click, the wait, dah-dah-dah, hold it, take it away, put it back, freeze. The shot freezes on her.

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