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Power Rangers Turbo
"Vanishing Act"
Original Air Date: 09/18/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #21 - Kaanabi o Koeta Kaanabi
(The Carnavi That Surpassed Carnavi)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-508
*24th episode of PRT
*229th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: John Fletcher Director: Yuri Alexander
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Alex Dodd _AS_ The Phantom Ranger (voice)
David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Translucitor (voice)
? _AS_ Nico
Ed Neil _AS_ Guy With Glasses

Sentai Scene


As they sit there silently, Bulk & Skull await reviewal of their resume by their next boss (Bulk's name is spelled wrong on his [Farcus Bulkmier], and the credits listed are such as "Training: Angel Grove High, JR. Detectives, University Of Angel Grove. Skills: Philharmonic Orchestra singer, Deep Sea Diver, Sky Diver and something Russe dancer. Lt. Stone is listed as a reference). He's semi-offcamera, in homage to the Godfather, the guy sounding like a bad Brando. His arm is visible, as he cracks walnuts in a nutcracker in front of Bulk & Skull. They cringe at the sight, as he reviews their resume, noticing they list they sang with the Philharmonic Orchestra. To prove so, they give a nervous 'mi-mi-mi' and 'you-you-you'. He cracks more nuts as he mentions they played at Carnagie Hall, Bulk saying they brought down the house, Skull giving a nervous 'crash!'. He asks if they both have valid driver;s licenses, Bulk & Skull turn to look at each, before shaking their heavily sweating heads. The boss taps his fingers together, and tells them they're hired! Elsewhere, Carlos, TJ, Justin and some other teens are playing basketball in the park. Nico is there, but kinda in the background and not shown up close, thankfully. Justin shoots the ball, Carlos giving commentary that it's going, going, and before they know it, the ball vanishes in midair, along with the hoop! Carlos & TJ are baffled as their game buddies disappear in the blink of eye, Nico dropping out of sight forever! Justin knows Divatox is up to something, quickly running over and grabbing his Turbo Navigator from his backpack just as it and a few others vanish into nothingness. TJ asks Justin if he's getting any readings off the Navigator, Justin says he doesn't know, things are just disappearing everywhere in the city!
[opening credits]
Just outside the Juice Bar, a group of young people are exiting the building, as the monster of the day pops out of nowhere. He introduces himself to the scared citizens of Angel Grove, his name is the Great Translucitor! The people begin running for their lives, as Translucitor begins to wave his magic wand around, causing every person the beam from it hits to vanish from sight!

In the Power Chamber, Alpha warns Dimitria of Translucitor's attack, confused by the monster's sudden appearance and then disappearance. Dimitria points out the creature is capturing Angel Grove bit by bit and shifting it into an alternate dimension of invisibility! Alpha contacts TJ and tells him to hurry to the Youth Center right away. Inside said Youth Center, a boy with punk green hair walks by the table where Cassie & Ashley are sitting. They giggle like schoolgirls, which they are, Ash whispers to Cass that he's okay but she doesn't like the green hair. Cassie gets an attitude by mentioning all the girls in her band had green hair for weeks, and she doesn't mind a guy who looks like a mutant. Ashley then inquires about what kind of guy Cass does like, she states tall, dark & mysterious, to which Ashley does what she does best by giggling. Bulk & Skull walk, or should I say hop, in to the Juice Bar wearing matching pink bunny outfits! Skull can't believe they're doing this, but they press on and begin singing a happy birthday song to a group of stunned kids. One kid yanks on Bulk's fluffy tail, and when Skull turns to yell at him, Translucitor's wand waving causes the cake in his hand to disappear! Skull wonders where it went, Bulk doesn't care but wants to get out of there before anyone recognizes them.

Suddenly, their bunny costumes vanish, leaving them covering their undies. Cassie stands up and shout out their names in recognition, when Bulk & Skull turn invisible before their eyes! No, they didn't revert back to post-monkey invisible modes (although, wouldn't this had made a better transition episode for that story?), but as Cass & Ash wonder where the two went, quickly everyone in the building disappears! Within moments, all that remains is an empty Juice Bar (tables, chairs and all but the counter are missing) with Cassie & Ashley standing there bewildered by the vanishing of the patrons. Translucitor beams a few more vanish-waves at the building, until Cass & Ash are standing the middle of a grassy field holding their drinks. The juices pop out of this plane of reality, leaving the girls stunned. They spot the guys heading their way, Carlos' really fancy green car somehow remained (why, I have no clue) and the Ranger teens regroup too late to save the Juice Bar. They exchange disappearance stories, Justin sad about Nico being gone as their Communicators go off. Alpha begins to tell the Rangers about Translucitor using his powers to screw up something, when the transmission dies out! All attempts to contact their mentors fail, Justin realizing they must be gone as well. The five teens hear the evil laughter of Translucitor, as they spot in the distance the large buildings in downtown Angel Grove vanishing one by one! All that remains in the horizon are mountains, trees and power lines (the hell?! he can make toilets vanish, but not power poles?!). The five Turbo teens stand agape as everything is erased from existence
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Cassie puts it best when she says 'there goes the neighborhood', TJ leads the team in teleporting to the Power Chamber pronto. One quick teleport later, our heroes land atop a barren mountain range. Ashley is quick enough to notice the Power Chamber is gone from where it's supposed to be, but the others refuse to believe the whole place could be taken out like that. Little do they know, they're right in the center of the main Power Chamber room, Alpha hearing and seeing them, but they fail to do so to him! The rock formations a few are sitting on are somehow protruding from the ground, making this episode even more confusing by the minute. Alpha whines of being ignored to Dimitria, who mentions Translucitor has shifted everything in Angle Grove into his alternate dimension (didn't she just say this?), making everything invisible to the Rangers. Alpha asks her what they're going to do, as Cassie wanders around, walking through the consoles, Justin actually walking right through him! So, does this mean everyone in the Juice Bar noticed Cassie & Ashley walking through walls and teleporting in public? Arrrraaggh!! Why can't Translucitor wave his wand and make these plotholes vanish?!?! Carlos thinks they teleported to the wrong place, Justin saying Rangers can teleport almost anywhere perfectly. TJ thinks Carlos is right for a change, the gang deciding on teleporting to Angel Grove Lake to be sure they find a place they know. Alpha tries telling them to stop, but they still fail to hear him. The five teens teleport to the lakeside, recognizing the place very well, proving they're on the right planet even though nobody is home! In the Subcraft, Divatox tells Porto Translucitor better work out or he's the one who's going to vanish. Porto says his monster has made Angel Grove completely invisible, and since the Rangers can't protect what they can't see, they're free to overrun the city! Divatox pushes him out of the way of her Periscope, asking if the monster finished making her Piranahtrons invisible. Elgar says yes, The Rangers will never know what hit them! Divatox gives the order to send in the P-Trons, as she and her gang laugh evilly.

At the lake, Justin does a scan on the area with his Turbo Navigator and picks up some kind of energy reading. It's not Translucitor, but whatever it is it's numerous and all around them, one look at the sand reveals the footprints of several Piranahtrons waiting to attack. How they're making footprints is just another good old plothole, as our heroes Shift Into Turbo and stay alert. They try to keep track of the footprints, but are still taken by surprise by the various P-Tron hits, getting knocked all over the beach by foes they can't see. Isn't this almost like what happened to the Piranahtrons when they fought the Phantom Ranger? Sure it is, in fact, standing behind the trees nearby is the Phantom himself! I guess he came back to Earth again, probably hiding his Cruiser better this time. Anyway, he's invisible like usual, we see his helmet vision which reveals the Piranahtrons as visible, attacking the Power Rangers and winning! The Phantom rushes in, proceeds to kick the P-Trons into submission, giving them a taste of their own blind medicine! The Rangers are aware something is going on, but have no clue other than the sounds of the commotion occurring around them. As the sand settles, Phantom Ranger scares off the school of Piranhas that were swarming on Pink Ranger, before he decloaks himself and becomes visible to our heroes! Cassie looks up from the ground she had been beaten to moments before, thankful to see her newest love interest. He extends his hand and helps her up, she says she owes him a big thank you for helping her out like that. He only asks if she's alright, to which she says now she is. He begins to walk away as the others watch from afar, Cassie yells that he didn't even tell them his name, but he turns around, gives a helmeted look, then returns to invisibility mode, vanishing like everything else in the city as she whispers a thank you to him for everything. Her teammates rush to her side, TJ asking who that guy was (did he forget so soon?) and she wishes she knew. Justin checks his Navigator and still gets high energy readings, meaning the Piranahtrons are still here. Carlos spots something in the reflection of the lake, it's the city! The Rangers now know the city hasn't gone anywhere, as the notice the school of P-Trons racing down the beach in the reflection. Our heroes take off after them, as Cassie snaps out of her crazy crush daze. Meanwhile in the city, Divatox and her cronies are blasting at cardboard boxes in an alleyway. She thinks this is too easy it almost feels criminal, when Elgar points out something nearby he thinks she should see. It's the Power Rangers, wandering around aimlessly to whatever energy readings the Turbo Navigator picks up. Divatox laughs maniacally, calling them three blind mice, see how they run! Translucitor plans to do a little sleight of hand to keep them busy while the Pirate Queen Of Evil has her way with the helpless city.

Blue Ranger's scanning finally turns up a jackpot, as Translucitor appears before them and quickly disappears before they can grab him. Unable to capture what they can't see, they need to enlist the help of Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster (who are both equipped with scouting systems). Somehow, both of the living vehicles come to their aide, apparently protected from the dimension shifting by being on the moon or something. The Rangers hop in and begin driving around searching, Cassie spotting Translucitor's ghostly image taunting them on the side of the road. As she keeps noticing his appearances, she tells TJ to turn to the direction she notices the monster at. Lightning Cruiser swerves all over the road, until finally it skids around and hits Storm Blaster head on, throwing all five Rangers from their seats! Translucitor floats off into a field, the guys giving chase as Ash asks Cassie (who is still sitting on the ground) what's wrong, she states she just had the wind knocked out of her. Red, Blue & Green Rangers can't see anything, as Translucitor grabs Carlos, beating him around and dragging him across the pavement! Then the phantom menace proceeds to knock around the other two Rangers, before tossing them all into a steel reinforced cage! The girls begin to rejoin their teammates, but TJ warns them to stay back so he doesn't capture them too. The females duck down as the monster approaches his prisoners, with plans to make them disappear permanently. The boys try kissing up to the wizard in an attempt to save their lives, but all it does is make the creature throw a sheet over the cage and cause the whole thing to vanish from sight! Pink & Yellow Rangers race to the sheet (after Translucitor is gone, I guess) and find no trace of their friends. Ashley reminds the overemotional Cassie that everything the monster has done is just an illusion, and their teammates are around there somewhere.
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Yellow Ranger states Translucitor could be anywhere and they wouldn't know it, time to find a way to even the score. Cassie remembers Justin left his Turbo Navigator in Storm Blaster, so they head over to the collided sentient vehicles to retrieve it. Following yet another energy reading, the girls attempt to follow Translucitor into the forest, but he keeps disappearing & reappearing so fast he gets the females twisted all around. Yellow & Pink Rangers hold their Auto Blasters at the ready as Translucitor's laugh echoes in the woods, the Navigator basically worthless to pinpointing him. The monster finally reappears as he is flipped right out of invisibility mode by a fellow invisibite, the Phantom Ranger! Translucitor doesn't have to take this, running away into the woods as Phantom reveals himself before the girls (the Phantom Streaker?). Cassie tells him it looks like he came to their rescue again, thanking him as all he does is nod. She tries asking him nicely who he is, but he just turns around and goes stealth again despite her wishes. Ashley has a new lead on Translucitor via the Navigator, so they decide to follow it. Somewhere in the forest, Green, Red & Blue Rangers are chained up to a huge rocket! Translucitor plans to make them disappear for good (which he already did a minute ago, why again?) as he lights the rocket fuse with his wand. Elgar rears his ugly head onto the scene, dropping by to catch the show.

The guys are about done for, when a rarely seen Turbo Blade comes flying by, cutting the fuse at the source! The blade came from the girls, the guys are happy to see them, and Translucitor goes invisible. Yellow Ranger's Turbo Navigator scan tracks the monster as he tries to assault Cassie, but she hits him before he can touch her. Ash kicks him over, and Elgar appears once more just to say he's out of there. Pink Ranger uses her Turbo Blade to free her teammates from their chains, one quick look at the Navigator gives Cassie a target to aim her Auto Blaster, firing at Translucitor in a tree above. He falls hard, Cassie asking him tauntingly if he fell down and went boom. The monster is peeved, disappearing once more and making sure they never find him. Ashley suddenly realizes there's a function to the Turbo Navigator we've never seen or known about in the 24 episodes it's been around. One quick shift of the structure and the Turbo Navigator becomes a gun, or as she calls it, Defender Mode! Setting it to lock on Translucitor, she fires a beam that follows the monster across the entire city until it blasts him and knocks him out of his hiding mode.
Turbo Navigator Defender Mode
Our heroes swarm on his location, he vanishes again, Ashley tracks him and TJ Auto Blasts him. He reveals himself for a moment, but returns to invisible mode before they can stop him. Ash & Teej get a combined bright idea to combine the tracking power of the Navigator with his Blaster, locking the guns together to create the Autoblast Defender! Red Ranger fires the new weapon as quickly as he can, striking Translucitor with intense precision. This blast doesn't just make the monster reappear, but returns the entire city of Angel Grove from the invisible dimension!

Divatox is checking this out from her Periscope, ordering Rygog to fire the Torpedoes, which make Translucitor grow. Cassie & Ashley call for Turbo Megazord to form now, and the Zords roll in and do just that. The Turbo Megazord faces the monster, when Robo Racer Battle Mode walks in to help get this matter under control. Translucitor vanishes, confusing Blue Senturion, leaving Robo Racer vulnerable to blast attacks by the creature. Pink Ranger locks the Turbo Navigator into the Megazord's console, locating the monster just like before, giving the Rangers something to swerve the Megazord's fist towards. He keeps disappearing, but Cassie keeps reading off his new locations in clock-face terms, sounding very alarming! The Rangers congratulate themselves on good teamwork, as Blue Senturion prepares to distract Translucitor while they finish him off. Robo Racer's Synergizer fires a blast round off at the creature, smashing his magic wand into pieces! Unable to vanish anymore, the skies blacken above him as the Turbo Megazord Spinout is initiated by the female Rangers. One quick slice later, the Rangers give the magical monster one trick he won't be putting himself back together from. On the Subcraft, Divatox is angry as ever, pushing around Piranahtrons while hoping to never see that monster again. Elgar says he doesn't think she'll have to worry about that, thanks to the Rangers. This strikes a nerve, she walks off leaving Elgar dumbfounded as top what his dumb move was.
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In the Power Chamber, the guys are watching the cityscape on the Viewing Screen, happy everything is visible again. Carlos mentions the Phantom Ranger was a big help, thinking maybe that's the reason he's here, TJ figures there has to be more to it than that. Dimitria warns them to have patience, the Phantom's true purpose will become known in time, the three teens unaware they'd never know the truth. At the Juice Bar, Ashley & Cassie return to their little guy talk from earlier, Ash realizing just whom Cassie was describing as her dream man earlier. She asks if she likes the Phantom Ranger, Cassie plays it off as she doesn't know anything about him, like where he's from and why he remains silent so much. She puts her chin on her hand and sighs, wondering what his name is. Ashley notices two mysteries heading their way, as Bulk & Skull come walking in dressed as Mexican Wrestlers! They wish Cassie a Happy Birthday, but it's not hers, Skull saying they lost the cards, Bulk asking them to help them out. Their boss is watching from nearby, and if they don't do good they'll be fired. Cassie tells them to go ahead and look good, but before they begin their little presentation, Skull spots a loose thread on Bulk's costume. He yanks it off, and his whole suit falls off, leaving him in his undies again. Bulk rips Skull's outfit off in return, the boss is looking none too impressed as Ashley giggles. Everyone in the Youth Center laughs at them, so they make an exit, stage right!
[end credits]

Bulk & Skull are The Two Tenors as they give a mi-mi-mi & you-you-you until Skull laughs and ruins the take; They both crack up at the sight of the walnutcracker, then crying & confessing they lied on their resumes for fear of that thing getting used on them! Skull slams his fist down on the table and crushes a nut under his hand to his surprise; The nutcracker slips, causing the walnut to go flying onto the table. Bulk goes into a giggle fit while Skull hands the man back his nut he lost.

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