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Power Rangers Turbo
"Cassie's Best Friend"
Original Air Date: 11/11/97 Based On:
Carranger #38 - Bakku Oorai!? Imo Yookan Jinsei
(Back Allright!? Imo-Youkan Life)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-522
*38th episode of PRT
*243rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn Director: Blair Treu
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

David Walsh _AS_ Blue Senturion (voice)
Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Mr. Goorific (voice)


The Ranger teen gang takes a day off by Angel Grove Lake, frolicking in the sands carefree. Cassie is tossing the frisbee around with her golden Labrador, named Jetson, the others impressed by his dead on fetching skills. Teej says she should sign him up to a pro football team, not noticing that Divatox's Periscope is snooping around inside the ice cooler next to him! She's spying on our heroes' day off, but is having to listen to Elgar's loud welding coming from nearby. Divatox calls her nephew in, tells him it's nice he's fixing his Terrorzord so he can destroy the Rangers, but to do it quietly! He does so to the best of his mutant ability, as Porto introduces his queen to the newest monster, Mister Goorific! He tells her his name is "Goo" for short, since carries a large tube of goo (with the strange Decepticon-esqe logo on it that the Terrorzord has), the goo said to turn anything it touches into various animals, demonstrating by squirting a face-mask onto a Piranahtron. The P-Tron suddenly morphs into a small white mouse, Divatox sarcastically remarking she's minus one Piranahtron and plus one rat, thanking him. He tells her it was his pleasure, but she stresses if he fails her, Mr. Goo will be Mr. Boohoo! Back on Earth, the Turbo teens tie Jetson's leash up to a picnic table and apparently prepare to eat, when the sound of fleeing civilians erupts around them. Rushing to see what it is, Jetson even trying to escape his binds to follow them, they find Mr. Goorific and a few Piranahtrons. He introduces himself as Goo and asking how do they do, before twisting off the tube cap and firing goo-blasts at them. Jetson barks overdramatically, while they take a bombardment of explosions, and honestly, the only real danger is getting sand in their eyes!
[opening credits, Clash Of The Megazords version]
Our teenage heroes tackle the Piranahtrons in the usual way, outnumbered but never outmaneuvered. Cassie ends up grabbed by a P-Tron as Goo aims his tube at her face, but she slips away and the Piranahtron winds up morphing into a small turtle! Goo thinks he needs to work on his aim, teleporting away as the Rangers regroup, TJ saying they need to keep an eye out for him, Ashley is human and she's like to stay that way (that way being the kind who can wear cutoffs in a Piranahtron fight and not have to do much battle!). Cassie heads over to Jetson and hugs him, and soon inside the Juice Bar, the team is enjoying some burgers with Jetson by her side (Stone will allow any kind of animal in there, won't he?). Lt. Stone tells him the burgers aren't for him, but stuffs some cheese in the dog's mouth which he gladly chews up, Jerome returning to work without washing his hands. Ew. Bulk & Skull are sitting at the bar, searching through the classified ads, calling up places for new job opportunities. The pastry chef job taken, Bulk offers his expertise as a pastry taster, but they don't go for it. Skull is amazed by how fast jobs go around this town, Bulk noticing the paper is over a month old! Cassie stops their arguing over the 'newness' the newspaper, by cramming money into Jetson's mouth and telling him to go get a paper. The dog slobbers away, leaving the Juice Bar as Bulk & Skull venture to our reality for a while, laughing like crazy over the notion that dog is going to go pay for today's paper and bring it back. Yet, Jetson returns with the newspaper in his mouth, handing it over to Cassie, along with fifty cents change he somehow carried inside his paw. Yes, folks, if we must suspend disbelief of five spandex-clad superheroes saving the universe, we must suspend belief on her dog (whom we've never seen hide nor hair of before) is so impossibly perfectly trained he can do all these things. Cassie suddenly says she's got to go, dropping today's newspaper in the stunned Bulk & Skull's hands on her way out.

Wherever she had to go is a mystery to me, because she just goes back to the lakeside with Jetson to sit on a bench. She says sometimes she wishes he was human and wonders what he'd say if he was besides "I've seen you naked". Mr. Goorific returns, glad to see Pink Ranger all by herself, but she mentions she's not alone as her dog barks at the creature. Goo wonders what his magic face-paste would do to her, she doesn't want to find out but almost does as Jetson breaks free of her grip and runs toward the monster. Goorific fires some goo-blasts her way, she falls down, Jetson closes in for the kill on Goo but his leash gets caught on a well-placed sprinkler-head. Before the monster can try again, Cassie Shifts Into Turbo, and now has Pink Ranger power to use uselessly as she gets hit by goo-blasts and falls over again. Goo is about to dump some of his toxic morph-pudding on Jetson, when the leash rips off the sprinkler and enables him to lunge forth at Goorific! Goo runs for it, but is hunted down when he comes to a steep hill by Jetson, the dog leaping on him and the two falling off the side, Goo squirting his tube one last time. Cassie Turbos Down and rushes to the cliff to see where her pet went, finding only Goorific at the bottom, boasting he'll get her next time and her little dog too. He leaves, Cassie calling out for Jetson but getting no response for her ever eager supposed 'best friend'. She doesn't bother coming down the hill and looking in the bushes, or else she'd find the nude unconscious body of Jetson in human form!
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Jetson stands up and yawns, suddenly noticing he has human hands and a body! He reaches around his neck and finds his collar & leash, gasping when he realizes he's a blonde, nude, surfer-type. He sneaks over to the lakeside, stealing someone's clothes from on a bench before slipping away again. Cassie hurries back to the Juice Bar, telling her friends she lost Jetson, but unable to tell the details of the fight as Lt. Stone is standing right there. Upon hearing word of this news, Bulk & Skull remind the teens they were once detectives and with their keen senses they can have her dog back in no time. Her teammates will also help, and soon, Carlos is stapling 'lost dog' flyers onto an upcoming events board outside a church. Jetson, wearing the stolen clothes, comes up and takes the flyer, somehow able to read (and walk like a man, just like Howie Mandel). At the Juice Bar, flyers are being distributed and Cassie is on the phone taking all calls of any sights of the pesky mutt. Jetson does manage to make his way to Cassie, able to keep his tongue from wagging out as he introduces himself to her as "Jethro". He shows her Jetson's collar, she frantically asks where he found it and if he can take them, he nods his head and soon Cassie, Justin & Jethro load up the truck and move to Beverly. Hills, that is. Angel Grove Lake actually, Cass & Just race around searching for any clues on her missing pet but finding none. They head over to Jethro, who they find rolling around on the ground with a brown dog, hopefully keeping his nose away from its... err, nevermind. Cassie giggles as she watches him play with the pooch, Justin saying that guy must really love dogs. Speaking of loving dogs, Jethro spots Cassie and comes a running, she smiles as he says he was just asking around with the other dogs. He mentions they haven't seen Jetson, she ignores his bout of insanity and thanks him for his help, as she & Justin walk away. Jethro gives puppy-dog eyes while watching her walk away, and she can't help herself when she asks if he needs a ride home. He makes up some story about his family being on vacation here and he has nothing more to do and could help her look for Jetson, she thinks that's great.

Justin's going to look on the other side of the lake, while Jethro & Cassie take off to search the city. Cassie spends most of the time sticking flyers on the windshields of several parked cars with Jethro in Tull, err, tow. She stops to ask if he can think of any place people who care about pets go, he blurts out Dr. Simon, the veterinarian. She begins to say that's a great idea, but grows suspicious when she remembers he's supposed to be here on vacation. He dodges the question, as Bulk & Skull pull up in dual-cab pickup truck (I severely doubt it belongs to them). They say they found Jetson, leading her to the back where all they've caught is a small brown weinerdog! Cassie says that's not him, Bulk pulls out the flyer to prove it is, but the flyer is actually one for "Weinerama" (you know, the show about dogs in the year 3000?), the hot-dog stand down the street. Bulk loves those hot-dogs, Skull growls at the captured wienerdog as it whimpers, Jethro staring at it in an understanding. He tells Cassie that Elmo is lost and he lives over by the high school, she asks him how he knows that and he covers up his Doolittle discovery by saying he saw him playing ball over there one day. Jethro opens the cage and picks him up as Bulk & Skull look as dumbfounded as ever. Soon, Elmo is returned to the tickling company of his owner, she's extremely grateful to be reunited with her loving pet. Cassie doesn't know how Jethro did that, but just wishes he could find Jetson for her, Jethro trying to speak up to the fact he's standing right next to her!
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Cassie sits by the lake once more, watching a boy, his father & dog playing across the field. She misses her dog we never saw or heard of before this yet are supposed to believe means so much to her. Jethro comes to the table with their meals (I get the feeling Cassie's going to gain about 900 lbs today), a burger for her with no cheese and three for him with extra, extra cheese. She notices he loves cheese, and he tells her where he comes from cheese is hard to get, and burgers impossible. Cassie mentions to him she really misses Jetson, his big smiling face, the smell he'd have when he'd get wet, the rendezvous with her leg... erhm, and playing with him, I mean. Jethro offers to play with her, grabbing her hand and yanking her out to the beach, telling her to throw the frisbee at him. After one short toss, he has her really launch it, and Jethro races down the beach and makes a smooth catch. She says it was really good, he tells her she should sign him to a pro football team, she looks at his big goofy smiling face seriously before suggesting they go eat those burgers. Meanwhile on the Space Base, Divatox paces back and forth as Rygog & Elgar continue work on repairing the Terrorzord, growing impatient despite Porto's attempt to calm her. The work is about completed, the Sentai-footage only Rygog mentions that thanks to him the arm won't fall off this time, as the Terrorzord hangs in the hanger where they kept the Turbo Megazord a while ago. Porto comes in as the arm is being lifted into place, arguing for credit as the Zord was his idea and he designed the thing! Back on Earth, Cassie & Jethro return the Juice Bar, when he notices his hands are reverting back to the state of a dog! He pauses for a moment and tells her he'll meet her inside as he has to call his dad, turning around to gawk at the Goo-spell wearing off. He stuffs his paws in his pockets and goes inside, passing a sign-in area for the Youth Center i've never seen before, but has apparently been behind those doors all along! Jethro walks in, Cassie sitting at a table with Carlos & Ashley, introducing her new friend to her old ones, Ashley asks if he wants to eat with them (Cassie's going to eat again?! is she porking out or what?). He turns her down, and tells them his family is leaving for home right now. Cassie stands up and is hurt by the news, telling him she's really going to miss him as she feels like he's one of her best friends. She gives him a deep, warm hug, and he tells her she'll always be his only best friend, Jethro walking away, never to be seen again.

No time to cry over one day-stands, Alpha beeps on the Communicator, the Ranger teens sneak to a secluded area and answer him, Goorific is attacking TJ & Justin and they need help. Cassie leads the stance in a Shift Into Turbo, the three Rangers making it to the lakeside area once more, in time to see Blue & Red Ranger Auto Blast Goorific. Carlos remarks the goo has hit the fan, but Goorific regains his ground and unleashes a goo-blast attack on our heroes, knocking them off their feet. Pink Ranger makes a dash to relieve him of his goo-tube despite Red Ranger's pleas to wait, and she pays for it dearly. Cassie gets beaten down, Goo preparing to gunk her into hopefully a little pink lizard, but before he can squirt any of his special frosting near her, Jetson jumps and attacks! Snarling and gnawing on Goorific's face, the Turbo Rangers are very happy to see the golden lab back just in time. Jetson finishes with his monster meal of the deal and runs over to Pink Ranger, petting him like there's no tomorrow. TJ glances toward the city and tells his teammates they've got big trouble, as the Terrorzord (version 1.2 as I called it once) lands in Angel Grove, rebuilt and ready for a rematch! The Rangers call on the Rescue Megazord, it forms together and faces the evil Zord that almost finished them off just last episode! Red Ranger seems overconfident they can win this time, the Megazord duking it out with the Terrorzord before it unloads an electric horn blast!

Divatox wants to make even more trouble for the Turbos, ordering Torpedoes fired, Mister Goorific gets a growth and hops into action with a flying kick on the Rescue Megazord! Goo & The Terrorzord team-up to take our heroes down, but they end up fired upon by Robo Racer, which is racing in for a rematch as well. Blue Senturion is on the scene, locking-in the Battle Mode of his Zord, and facing the Terrorzord while Goorific fights the Megazord. The fight is pretty routine, Goo whips out his tube while trying to pour it on the Rescue Megazord, but his weak little arms are nothing compared to the Megazord's and our heroes are able to overpower him. Causing Goorific to aim his tube towards the Terrorzord, firing off a face-mask onto the evil Zord and sliming Elgar! The Terrorzord is no more, as it suddenly morphs into a normal sized camel amid the battle debris, Elgar on its back, worried about the animal spitting on him. The Rescue Megazord having walked a few blocks just to goop the Terrorzord into a camel, removes the goo-tube from Goorific's clutches and packs him a few wallops. Artillery Cannons loaded, Artillery Power fires Mr. Goorific into a pile of flaming goo as he explodes. For no reason at all, strange green smoke lifts from his destruction, washing over Robo Racer, Blue Senturion waving it out (a post-mortem fart by Goo, perhaps?) and tells the Rangers they had great teamwork. Cassie tells him thanks for getting there just in time, nobody ever mentioning the discarded goo-tube, or the fact the camel should turn back into the Terrorzord once the goo wears off. Maybe once the monster is destroyed the spell becomes permanent? Maybe it does return to normal, but Divatox doesn't want it anymore? Oh hell, I dunno! Carranger used a black version of the Terrorzord again, but because it featured Japanese writing of the word 'Final' in place of the 12, they didn't use it here. Not to mention a red version in the Ohranger Vs Carranger movie. Sigh.
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The following day at the Juice Bar, Bulk & Skull tell Cassie they think they've almost found Jetson, the trail is hot. Skull mentions she has a nice dog, as the bumbling duo walks by Jetson, Cassie & Justin shaking their heads over how stupid they are. Lt. Stone walks over and welcomes Jetson home with some cheese. Cassie tells Justin that Jetson reminds her of Jethro in how he loved cheese, and she wished they would have gotten a chance to meet. Jetson licks her hand, as she says Jethro played frisbee just like he does, pausing and looking at her dog suspiciously as it barks. She tries to shake off the notion they were one and the same, but Jetson puts his head against her leg, and she can only help but wonder just how close her brush with bestiality was averted.
[end credits]

Jethro picks up Elmo, with Bulk in the background, but he drops the weinerdog offscreen and quickly picks him back up. Bulk laughs, before giving a fake serious "You killed the dog, you surfer!; Skull talks about how Jetson must have tipped the guy a cheap 25 cent tip when getting the newspaper, Bulk pokes him in the lips with the phone antenna until they both start laughing along with the crew; Cassie fouls up against a Piranahtron in battle on the beach; Bulk gets hung up while hopping out of the truck.

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