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Power Rangers Turbo
"Carlos And The Count"
Original Air Date: 11/13/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #40 - Naniwa Tomoare Sukuranburu Kousa Robo
(Anyway, Scramble Intersection Robo)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-524
*40th episode of PRT
*245th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: John Fletcher Director: Lawrence L. Simeone
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Henry Cannon _AS_ Mr. Kaplan [Note: His final appearance on PR.]
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Count Nocturne (voice)


It's time for "Bulk & Skull's Scary Film Festival" at the Youth Center, and the bumbling duo are decked out in vampire garb. They lead people in as the festival is about to begin, warning to be careful as vampires are everywhere! Justin & Carlos show up and are charged three bucks to get it. Bulk & Skull walk over the film projector, boasting this is the easier job they've ever had, all they have to do is rent the movie, rent the Youth Center and presto they've got cashola. The lights go down and the movie starts up, a movie so old and bad in it's B-Grade appearance, we aren't even shown it! All we hear is a guy named Scooter and his girlfriend named Missy break down in the woods and have to seek shelter in a Castle. They enter and either find vampires, or Tim Curry in drag. The audience seems enthralled with the picture, and over on the refreshments table, in the bubbling cauldron of a punch bowl, Divatox' periscope pops up. She gags over the sight of yet another vampire movie. Elgar is on the Space Balcony, swiping at a swarm of lunar bats hovering around the Space Base, saying if humans think vampires are annoying they should try these. Divatox actually thinks Elgar has a good idea for once, and targeting a lunar bat above her head, Divatox fires her elongated tongue at it. The tongue lashing causes the creature to grow into a monster, calling himself Count Nocturne in a Draculan accent and armed with a large hammer/drill staff. Divatox cheers and calls this creature fabulous, dancing around a bit over her successful tongue-induced creation.
[opening credits, The Fall Of The Phantom version]
The movie's completed, and the patrons depart, including Justin & Carlos. They pass Bulk who tells them to be sure to come back next week, he then pulls back his cape that's covering the coffin, revealing Skull, who sits up and finishes the statement by saying there'll be another vampire movie. Justin promises they'll be there, Carlos tells his little pal he'll see him later, tickling the tike and telling him not to let the vampires bite. Carlos walks away, and Justin tells him to not even joke about that, bidding a "see ya tomorrow". After watching a horror movie, it's always the best tactic to walk through the park, alone after dark. Carlos strolls through the foggy sidewalks, suddenly hearing a rustling sound coming from nearby. He calls out to Justin, thinking it a prank the boy is playing, but it's revealed not to be boy Blue, but a school of Piranahtrons! He fights them off, but is outnumbered and outmaneuvered, his arms held behind his back as a lunar bat comes fluttering in. It transforms into Count Nocturne, who talks about not usually dining before midnight but in this Ranger case he'll make an exception. Carlos throws off his two P-Tron captors and attempts an escape, only to have Nocturne jump on him and begins feasting on his neck! Bulk & Skull are walking home after closing up the festival, when they notice Nocturne biting Carlos in the park. Hiding behind a tree, they witness the event, and realize that now Carlos is going to become a vampire. They have no choice, looking at the film can in hand with the words "Vampire Hunters", they decide to become such just like the movie ("Bulky, The Vampire Slayer"?)! Bulk & Skull prepare for the hunt, as Carlos wanders home in a daze, with two fang marks on the right side of his neck.

Bright and early the next morning at Angel Grove High, Carlos heads to his locker dressed in all black (except for a green turtleneck), including a leather jacket, sunglasses and his hair tied back. Ashley goes to her locker near his and comments on his nice look & cool sunglasses, he tells her the light just blasted his eyes, and also he couldn't fall asleep last night and can't seem to wake up now. Ash remarks she was going to donate some blood for the blood drive that's going on at the Youth Center after school, and asks him if he wants to go (what a romantic date that would be! Any girls out there up for a trip to the blood bank this Saturday night?). He looks at the sign and calls it perfect, almost giving a "Mmmm" to the thought of that frozen buffet awaiting him. She leaves, and Bulk & Skull pop up in the halls behind Carlos. They're wearing garlic necklaces, dressed in amazon hunter clothes, armed with wooden stakes and holding a book called "How To Track A Bat". Carlos removes his sunglasses and rubs his eyes, wondering what's wrong with himself. He then yawns, his eyes turn bright eye and fangs protrude from his upper teeth! Bulk & Skull gasp in horror as their undead prey is revealed to them.
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Carlos leaves, and Bulk & Skull get an extra fright when Justin appears and asks them what they're doing. Skull hands him a piece of garlic to ward off vampires, Justin asks what vampires they're talking about. The third scare for the Vampire Hunters comes from their old principal, Mister Kaplan, who taps their shoulders and says he thought they graduated. Bulk & Skull both give goofy grins on this astonishing fact that took forever to finally be announced officially to us. Mr. Kaplan tells them to go to detention, Bulk & Skull try to "But..." their way out of it, but Kaplan just pushes them off to their old home away from home. Soon, Justin sits down in the library next to Carlos at a table, placing the piece of garlic near the Green Ranger. Carlos does a double take upon seeing it, and when he tries to pick it up, he quickly drops it like a bad habit. He asks what it is, Justin begins to explain Skull giving it to him to ward off vampires, when he notices Carlos' sunglasses, asking why he's wearing them. Carlos says the light hurts his eyes, trying to play it cool, and finally shoving the garlic off to the other side of the table using his book. Justin begins to get suspicious, and later in the library, he starts to do research into the subject of vampires. TJ & Cassie show up (surprising him, loads of gasping going on in this episode) and ask what he's doing reading up on horror books. Justin eyes Carlos nearby fearfully, and pretends he was just curious, heading off with the two Ranger teens when they suggest going to the Juice Bar. He pauses to watch as Ashley sits at the table next to Carlos, offering to go grab a bite in a few minutes.

Divatox notices that little brat is catching on too quickly, shouting out for Rygog (who's standing right behind her, she gets surprised by him, sense a pattern?) to order Count Nocturne to bite the rest of them. She wants Vampire Rangers by nightfall, shoving her bumbling henchman off to do the task right away. Back on Earth, Justin bumps into a wall when walking through the park with TJ & Cassie. He's glued to the book on vampires, Cassie assures him there's no such thing, when a lunar bat comes fluttering at them, and transforms into Count Nocturne, telling her she's wrong! Piranahtrons pop up beside him, and swarm on Teej & Cass, while Nocturne tackles poor Justin. His teammates make quick work of the fishdrones with their fancy unmorphed moves, and race to Justin's aid just before Nocturne gets a bite in on him. The lunar bat takes off, leaving Justin unbitten but a little shook up, revealing to them that Carlos is vampire, even explaining the telltale signs. They decide to give the boy the benefit of the doubt and rush off back to the school to save Ashley before she becomes sucked dry! Carlos accompanies Ashley to her locker, and she asks him about going to get a bite after the trip to the blood drive (little discontinuity here, she just asked him to go grab a bite a few minutes ago! We get the "bite" joke already, Judd!), he says sure as he's really hungry. She turns to put things up in her locker, and Carlos fangs out, leaning in to chomp on her neck, when Cassie calls out for her, causing Ash to turn and Carlos to return to normal. TJ explains to them they just fought a bat monster who tried to bite Justin, asking Carlos if he's seen it. He acts like he hasn't, but Justin puts on the pressure about his light sensitivity and garlic-phobia. Carlos gets angry over their accusations of him being a vampire, Justin tells him to look in the mirror as vamps don't have a reflection. Ashley looks over to her yellow vanity mirror in her locker door, shocked at the lack of sight of Carlos! TJ tells Carlos to come to the Power Chamber and have Alpha check him out, but instead Carlos removes his sunglasses, his eyes glow red and his fangs pop out. He tells his former friends and future feasts he isn't going anywhere!
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TJ tells Carlos to come on, and when faced by his four teammates, Carlos morphs into a vampire bat! He begins fluttering at them, the Ranger teens start backing up, TJ stretching his arms our and either protecting his friends, or trying to get them moving. Even more funny about this, is he plain as day reaches around and grabs Ashley's ass! Sheesh, no time is a bad time for copping a cheap feel, huh Teej? The Carlos-bat takes off, and TJ realizes everything Justin said was true about the vampire Green Ranger, but wonders where he is now. It takes the poster for it to be right up in Ashley's face before she shouts out that she knows where, and soon at the Youth Center, we find the blood drive, already in progress. Mmm! Don't you want to go eat and drink at a place that doubles as both a Juice Bar and Blood Bank? Try the cherry plasma smoothie, it's to pop a vein for! Anyway, Carlos lurks around the hospital curtains in the Youth Center, heading for the box full of human blood when Lt. Stone gets in his way while stocking up the free glasses of, uhh, juice (right next to the blood box, fer cripes sake!). Carlos hides behind a curtain, poking his head over to watch Jerome, when Bulk & Skull enter the room and spot him. They point out the vampire, but Lt. Stone sees no one in the direction they speak of. He asks what they're talking about, and the two Vampire Hunters state they're talking of the ghouls of the twilight, the archfiends of the evening, and the demons of the night! Jerome tells them to promote their film festival some other place, allowing Carlos to sneak out the back door, leaving Bulk & Skull looking as stupid as ever.

Carlos' escape is short lived, as TJ & Ashley grab his arms and call for Alpha to teleport them to the Power Chamber! Once there, they drag him over to one of those healing tables we see so much of on the show, and hold him down. Alpha has developed an antidote from the enzymes of a lunar bat, Carlos informs them they won't make him drink anything, and Alpha tells him he's right. Carlos' head is held under the glass bowl on the table, which sprays down a mist into his face. He finally resists being held down, and slowly rises from the table a few moments later. He removes his glasses and his red eyes return to normal in a Visine instant. He asks what's going on, and why he's being held down, Teej & Ash tell him the story, and Alpha explains the antidote is only temporary. The three Ranger teens walk over to a large mirror Alpha has prepared, revealing Carlos' image fading in & out, Alpha says he hasn't completely returned to normal. Dimitria suddenly speaks for the first time in a while, telling him that as long as Count Nocturne exists he will remain under the vampiric spell. The alarm goes off, Alpha tells them Nocturne is attacking Cassie & Justin. TJ & Ashley dump their bookbags on the floor and lead the way for a Shift Into Turbo.

The Rangers regroup together, finding Pink & Blue have handled themselves well against Count Nocturne and his Piranahtron pals. Nocturne beacons Green Ranger to join him in the battle, but Carlos tells bat brain that he isn't under his spell yet! The P-Trons are sent in to kill time and give the stuntmen something to do for the day. Green Ranger takes his fishdrones down and continues resisting Nocturne's urgings to give in his will. He leaps for the monster, misses and falls flat on his green hiney, his Ranger teammates appear to help him up. Nocturne lets them feel his powers of persuasion, by blasting a fist full of flames at our heroes! When the smoke clears, Red Ranger calls on good old Turbo RAM, which appears in the blink of an eye (rather than the blink of Sentai footage as usual), already for action in Cannon Mode. Count Nocturne doesn't think it has much of a bite, until the Turbo Rangers stand together and fire it off at him, taking Batman down. Divatox thinks it's time for a pick-me-up, screaming for Torpedoes to be launched, they fire down to Earth and make Count Nocturne grow. The Rangers call on Rescue Megazord, it links up pretty fast and gets ready for battle. The Megazord walks the streets of the city, looking for its batty prey, getting taken unawares when Nocturne fires off a flame breath attack at them! The Rescue Megazord falls back into a sort of large cross that appeared out of nowhere (with the Terrorzord "Decepticon-like" symbol at the top), chains whipping around and trapping the Rangers in place.

Count Nocturne begins striking the chest of the helpless Rescue Megazord, still calling out for Carlos in the process. Green Ranger feels the antidote wearing off as Nocturne's cries of their being one start to work. He tries fighting it, as his teammates try fighting to get the Rescue Megazord free, to no avail. Nocturne pulls out his Drill Hammer and batters the Megazord, prompting the Rangers to call on and evacuate to the Turbozords! Our heroes leap from the Rescue Megazord and land safely in their classic Turbo cars, linking them up into Turbo Megazord. Count Nocturne is happy to have another toy for his collection, and starts with the hammering, followed by the shoving! He pushes the Turbo Megazord all the way to the outskirts of the city, where Green Ranger finally decides to clean his belfry, initiating a Megazord Desert Thunder Leg jump kick! Nocturne takes the hit, and grabs the leg, swinging the Megazord around, and releasing it, slamming the whole thing into a mountain. While the Turbo Megazord is still laying against the rocks, trying to get up, Nocturne readies his hammer and smashes both the legs. He then prepares to drill the point home, starting up the other end of his hammer and jabbing the spiral end at the Turbo Megazord. Red Ranger tilts it out of the way, causing the Count to instead stab the mountain. He tries again to rip into the Megazord, but Pink Ranger shifts the Wind Chaser arms into position and grabs the drill before it can do any damage. As he says, resistance is futile, the arms give out to the slicing knob and the drill ends up tearing into the chest of the Megazord. He tells Green Ranger to join him or they'll all be destroyed, Carlos feels he's losing control, TJ tells him to fight it, Carlos takes off his seatbelt and stands up, proclaiming he won't let Nocturne win. Green Ranger suddenly gets a nutty idea to combine the Megazords to beat him.

The Turbo Megazord blasts Count Nocturne's drilling for motor oil off with a quick Headlight chest laser fire. Red Ranger then hops into Red Lightning and has the Turbo Megazord revert back to land roving mode. Pink, Green & Yellow Rangers jump into their Rescuezords, disengaging them from the chained Rescue Megazord over in the middle of the city (what the purpose of that cross was, by a vampire, no less, is never stated). Mountain Blaster & Red Lightning retain the centerpiece of the Turbo Megazord, while Thunder Loader & Star Racer make the legs, and Wind Rescue forms the arms, the Rangers combining their Zords and creating the Rescue Turbo Megazord! Count Nocturne tells Green Ranger not to fight giving in to him, but Carlos (who's sitting in the center chair of the new Megazord combo) tells the creature he may have bitten him but he will never fight on the side of evil. The Turbo Saber is whipped out, Nocturne attempts to stab the Rescue Turbo with his drill are useless, as the Megazord grabs it and slices it in half! Green Ranger calls on Artillery Power, the cannons appear on the Megazord arms in a flash of light (Artillitron unseen during all of this). Artillery Power fires (as well as the Turbo Headlight blasts, for added effect), and Count Nocturne explodes faster than Count Chocula's career, and the Rescue Turbo Megazord combo is never seen nor mentioned again. Up on the Space Base balcony, Elgar is still swatting at the lunar bats. Divatox yells about the Rangers driving her batty by destroying Count Nocturne, Elgar suggests they just get another lunar bat, as there are plenty of them around. She mocks him and shoves him over the side of the balcony, calling this whole thing his stupid idea. Divatox turns and begins to blame Rygog & Porto for it, they fearfully try to act like they hate bats while Elgar slowly climbs back up the side of the balcony.
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It's another week, and another night for Bulk & Skull's Scary Film Festival! The whole Ranger team teens shows up for the movie, Cassie asking if they're all set for the film tonight. Bulk says almost, as the delivery man is late but they think he'll deliver the reels on time. Carlos & Justin ask if they're ready for some more vampires, sticking in fake vamp-teeth and giving the nervous Skull a fright. Bulk tells them they switched films, this week the theme is werewolves (as evident by the mask Bulk holds). The Rangers head for their seats, leaving Skull to stammer to Bulk about how when they showed a vampire movie a vampire appeared and wondering when they show a werewolf flick if a werewolf will show up. Bulk comforts Skull by telling him if they see a werewolf they'll quick the movie business for good. Lt. Stone pops up behind them, clearing his throat and giving the two a big scare. He tells the scaredy duo the delivery guy is there with their film and they need to sign for it. Well, guess what? The delivery guy is a slack-jawed, really hairy short guy with a beard. Bulk & Skull screech in terror, Jerome signs for the reels instead, and this episode has never been shown on Halloween.
[end credits]

We see Ashley's reflection in her vanity mirror, she's turning to the unseen Carlos. She instead screws up by laughing, and telling the director she's sorry as she's got some things jumbled up here; The Turbo Rangers call for the Rescue Megazord, jumbling up their lines, Blue totally messing up the Zord-calling stance; TJ exclaims they just ran into some kind of bat monster that tried to bite Justin, and he just forgot his next line!; Ashley turns to her mirror and can't help but smile, telling us sorry and having to redo the take again; Cassie tells Justin there's no such thing as vampires, followed by a bit of silence and then she & TJ start to giggle.

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