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Power Rangers Turbo
"Little Strong Man"
Original Air Date: 11/14/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #41 - Bousou Koutei Senritsu no Nenryou Chekku
(The Reckless-Running Emperor's Frightful Fuel Check)
*5th Regular Season
(Same as the Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-525
*41st episode of PRT
*246th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Jackie Marchand Director: Liberty Goldman
Starring Cast:
Tracy Lynn Cruz _AS_ Ashley (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Patricia Ja Lee _AS_ Cassie (Pink Ranger)
Roger Velasco _AS_ Carlos (Green Ranger)
Selwyn Ward _AS_ T.J. (Red Ranger)
Hilary Shepard Turner _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Kenny Graceson _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)


Track and field day at Angel Grove High, Justin is warming up with help from Carlos. Seems Justin is trying out for the track team, something he's wanted to do since he was a little kid, and as Carlos points out, he's still one! But, the blue boy has been training and thanks to it, is much stronger than your average preteen prodigy. Justin picks up the shot put and heaves it into the air, it slams to the ground only a few inches from where he threw it. The Big Jock Bullies of the day appear, the main guy tells the short stack (no relation) to stick to video games, as he and his buddies heckle the poor kid. Carlos shakes his head and takes Justin over to try the javelin throw. He tosses it, it flips and falls to the ground pitifully. Those guys are back again, laughing at the puny man, and offering him a position as the water boy. Carlos and Justin shrug off the Adam Sandler-ing, walking off to continue attempting to make the team. Meanwhile on the Space Base Balcony, Divatox plays a game of solitaire with some huge cards. She gives up and reaches for her bullhorn, screaming through it towards the moon below! On the lunar surface, Elgar & Porto are working with some Piranahtrons in completing those evil Zords she wanted some show back. Divatox shouts to Porto about the status of the Divazord, he informs her it's nearly completed but they're still working on one minor technical problem. She tells them to fix it and make it snappy, and then begins to gloat about there being only one person who can drive that Zord and defeat the Rangers forever, herself!
[opening credits, Clash Of The Megazords version]
Later at the Youth Center, Justin attempts to lift weights while the Jock Bullies arm wrestle and drop insults to the shrimpo. Justin can't get the weights off the ground, and when he does, he looks up only to see Carlos & Cassie standing there lifting the sides of the bar. Cassie says she heard he was going out for track, Justin says that maybe those guys were right, maybe he's just a puny little weakling. Cassie tells him he's not puny, just younger than the rest of them (in other words, they're twenty year old's playing teens and he's twelve playing twelve). Over at the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone has a bit of an ant infestation. He tries using a small ant doll that promises to ward off ants for a week, but wonders what'll happen after that. Jerome suddenly hears the thundering sounds of footsteps approaching, only to find it's Bulk & Skull, dressed in orange jumpsuits and silver radiation masks, carrying large atomic guns. Bulk explains their newest job is for the "Get The Bugs Out" exterminator company, and having heard he has an ant problem (how much you want to bet they were the cause of it to begin with?) they offer to spray some of their Ant-Be-Gone formula. Bulk sprays the toxic chemical mist all over the Juice Bar, covering the ant idol and the invading ant army. He's worried of losing customers from the smell (worry about the ants running them off first, Jeromey!), but Bulk assures him the spray is totally organic and wouldn't hurt a flea, unless the flea was an ant! Lt. Stone covers his nose and orders Bulk & Skull to stop spraying that stuff in here and to beat it, everyone in the area coughs up a storm after getting a whiff of the formula.

Bulk & Skull depart the complex past the three Ranger teens sitting in the Youth Center area. Carlos asks Justin why the track team thing is so important to him, he says it's hard to be the only kid his age in high school and thought if he made the team he wouldn't feel so different. A stray ant crawls along Justin's right arm, suddenly biting him, he swats it off and complains to his pals about it. Even worse, he's going to be late for tryouts, tossing his towel to Carlos and rushing off to the doors of the Youth Center. He opens them quickly, the doors somehow come off the hinges, to the surprise of both Lt. Stone and the Rangers! Justin jokes that his training must be starting to pay off after all, and continues on his way, leaving Jerome stunned to the phenomenon. Meanwhile on the Space Balcony, Divatox mediates, awaiting the completion of her Divazord. Her worshiping to the Rama Lama comes to a halt when he impatiently screams through her bullhorn for Porto. On the moon, Porto tells her (through another bullhorn located on a tripod) that they're almost there, Elgar's putting the control panel back together as they speak. Divatox shouts that she doesn't want Elgar anywhere near her Zord, Porto makes up an excuse, telling her he meant to say his cousin Edgar. Divatox returns to her mediating, and we get to see a shot of the Divazord, Sharkzord & Catzord, which we'll see more of later.

At the Angel Grove High School track, tryouts continue, Justin Stewart is up next. The coach seems a little taken aback by the small boy appearing before him, but gives him the task of running and jumping as far as he can. Justin does the Long Jump in front of everyone, running and leaping into the air, landing on the grass at the outer side of the dirt area he's supposed to land on! All those watching are shocked, including the Jock Bullies, who can't believe their eyes. The crowd cheers for the astonishing feat of Justin, and the boy blue smiles to himself, contented on having finally done something right today.
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Justin walks over and casually tries the Shot Put again, this time heaving it across the entire track field! Carlos & Cassie are also in attendance in watching, Cassie agrees with Carlos that they should tell Dimitria about this. Justin next tries the Pole Vault, ignoring the coach's insistence of his using a pole, and just runs and jumps over the high bar instead! The people witnessing this from the bleachers howl with applaud, and Justin is carried on several jocks shoulders across the field. Justin asks the coach if he made the team, coach tells him he IS the team. Soon, Justin meets up with Carlos & Cassie, asking them if they saw all of that. He plans to break all the school records, but Carlos tells the child to hold on a minute, saying they should check with Dimitria about this. Justin figures he's just been working out extra hard, Cassie tells him to do it just to be on the safe side. He gives in and goes to the Power Chamber with Carlos, Alpha soon readies to run a few tests on him. Carlos ponders this as being a scheme by Divatox, Justin says that doesn't make sense since she wouldn't make him super-strong in purpose. Dimitria thinks there might be another answer, asking if anything out of the ordinary happened today. Justin says he was working out at the Youth Center, stressing the word "hard" to Carlos, who reminds him of the ant bite. Alpha finally uses the scanner on Justin, revealing that was no normal ant bite, as he's 100 times stronger than he should be for his body size, just like an ant (and it's likely possible those chemicals of Bulk & Skull's are also to blame)! Dimitria tells Alpha to run an analysis on Justin's super-strength to be sure there's no dangerous side effects.

Later at the Juice Bar, Carlos sits with his three Ranger teen friends, Ashley asking what Dimitria said about Justin. He mentions the analysis on the side effects to his ant powers. Speaking of Justin, he's sitting at the bar, watching Lt. Stone struggle to open a jar of pickles. He calmly reaches over and lifts the lid with ease, surprising Jerome once again with his mitey might. One of the bullies from earlier is sitting at a table nearby, arm wrestling various guys and beating them each time. Justin sits down and prepares to lock fists, the bully scoffs at him, until Justin calls him afraid of being beat by a little shrimpo. They then proceed to arm wrestle, Justin lays waste to the jock without breaking a sweat, causing him to actually fall to the ground upon losing. The crowd cheers, and the Ranger teens sit like the quiet killjoys we all know them to be. Justin anxiously asks his teammates if they saw that, and Carlos gets cranky, calling what he did wrong. He says Justin shouldn't use his super-strength to show off like that, and Justin points out it's easy for him to say. Justin mentions Carlos is great at soccer and TJ is great at baseball, now he's finally good at something and is going to be the star of the track team. He also asks if Carlos is jealous, and the green Green Ranger remains silent. Ashley brings up the possibility of side effects, but Justin says no way as he's never felt better. The main bullies show up looking for Justin, offering him to come along to get some real food, to which he gladly accepts. Divatox is watching through her good old Periscope, which is spying through an ice cream sundae in the Juice Bar.

Up on the Space Base, Divatox wonders how Justin got super strong. Rygog flexes his arms while trying to show the pirate queen of evil what real super strong looks like, but she tells him that smell doesn't count. She has Rygog send a school of Piranahtrons down to capture Justin to find out how he did it, Rygog's feelings are hurt but he does as she says anyway. Justin walks down the sidewalks with his two jock buddies, who boast of the boy helping take the team to the state championship. They happily call him their secret weapon, when the Piranahtrons puddleport onto the scene, scaring the two guys off in an instant. Justin is left by himself, and with there being too many (six, actually) P-Trons to fight, he pulls out his Turbo Key and gets ready to Shift Into Turbo. Only problem is, calling out the Morphing Phrase does nothing to make his Morpher appear! He tries again and again, as the fishdrones slowly creep across the street towards him. Confused to why he can't Go Turbo, Justin is left with no other option but to use his Ant Powers. When a P-Tron throws a punch, Justin grabs its fist and clenches it with his hand! He then lifts the Piranahtron up off the ground like that, finally releasing it by spinning the fishdrone in the air. Justin gloats over his strength, motioning with his hands for the others to come on, but they're literally shaking in their boots. Justin leaps and kicks over them, then blocks a punch thrown and returns the favor by flicking the P-Tron into the pavement! Justin laughs hardily, turns around and starts to dodge and deflect attacks by another fishdrone, finally kicking it in the ass and knocking it to the ground. The other Piranahtrons pick their pal up and drag him away, puddleporting off just as Justin's teammates teleport in. Cassie & TJ ask what happened and if he's alright, he says he guesses so, now that he's super-strong he can handle P-Trons with no problem, but he can't Morph!
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Divatox has some Piranahtrons, as well as Porto & Rygog, dusting and cleaning the Subcraft area of the Space Base. Rygog informs her the Space Taxi has arrived, a small pink & white flying convertible pulls up on the balcony. Divatox rushes over, exclaiming that with her own Zord she'll be able to give the Rangers a real battle. She asks how she drives it, Porto states that the Space Taxi will fly her to, and then lock on top of the Divazord's head, and she can drive the Zord from there. He suggests a test drive first, to which Divatox suggests back that he shut up. She's waited long enough, hopping into the driver's seat and pulling on her seat belt. Rygog tells her the tank if full and the windows are clean, she shouts a so-long to the suckers and takes off for the moon. The Space Taxi floats down to the third Zord on the surface, one that resembles a bird, linking up with the slot on its head. Once locked on, Divatox then has the Divazord spread its wings and lift off into space, flying to Earth in a jiffy. In the Power Chamber, Justin lies on the healing table with all his friends around him, asking Dimitria why he can't Morph anymore. She says his new super-strength is not compatible with his Ranger Powers, meaning he can't have both. Alpha has an antidote, but if he takes it, his ant powers will be gone forever. Justin whines that he likes being super-strong, he wants to stay on the track team to win trophies and set records. TJ tells him the ant bite gave him the advantage and it wouldn't really be fair to everyone else. He says that when he gets bigger, he'll train hard and it'll really be him that sets those records. The monster alarm sounds, the Rangers turn their attention to the Viewing Screen, where they see the Divazord heading for a landing on Earth. Divatox yells out about making way for the diva of destruction, shouting a triumphant "Viva La Diva!" as she pilots her Zord to Angel Grove. The Rangers prepare to Morph and save the city, leaving Justin behind to his life of track king. Justin changes his mind and tells them to wait, being strong is great but nothing beats being a Ranger. Ashley exclaims a "yes!", and Justin rushes over, gulps down the purple potion Alpha made, and quickly joins his teammates in the center of the room. Together, they successfully Shift Into Turbo once more.

The Turbo Rangers race to the scene of the Divazord's landing in the city, vowing to stop her. Divatox talks about the end of the Power Rangers being at hand, or should she say foot, prompting her Zord to try stomping on our heroes. Not ready to be toejam, the Rangers leap out of the way, and then call on Rescue Megazord power, the usual Zord calling occurs and the Megazord soon comes together. The Divazord flies towards the Rescue Megazord, Divatox tells the Rangers to eat laser as she fires the beak blasts down at our heroes. This is followed by the Divazord grabbing and picking the Megazord up into air, carrying it across the outskirts of town. The Rangers struggle to get free but are unable to, Red Ranger tells her to let them go, and she's more than happy to oblige by chucking the Rescue Megazord right into a mountain! While the Megazord is down, the Divazord lands and fires some more beak blasts at it. The Divazord's eyes begin to flash, and suddenly, the upper torso starts to spin around uncontrollably! Divatox is trapped in the Taxi as the Divazord's torso twists rapidly, the Rescue Megazord gets up and ends up facing a cyclone of wind coming from the spinning wings of the Divazord. The beak blasts fire off, striking the Megazord once or twice, but mostly the shots are thrown out into nowhere. Divatox yells for someone to stop this crazy thing, and gets what she wants when the Divazord finally finishes spinning around. Divatox' purple ponytail is ragged, as is her stomach, she wearily states she's getting way too old for this. Divatox starts to retch over the side of the Taxi, and eventually has the Terrorzord symbol baring Divazord take off for the skies from whence it came. The Rangers cheer for their victory, definitely their lamest one yet! Up on the Space Balcony, Elgar is setting up a house of cards using Divatox' deck from earlier. The house ends up knocked over by the return of the Space Taxi, Divatox screams for Porto, threatening to pop him for letting her get in a defective Zord! Porto blames Elgar, who then says he only did what Porto told him to do. Divatox reminds him she said not to let Elgar anywhere near her Divazord, and promises the next test drive for a Zord, Porto will be in the drivers seat! Rygog, Porto and Elgar watch in horror as their queen begins to get a sick look on her face from the dizzying Divazord ride. Her cheeks puff out, and as Elgar says, she's going to blow! Presumedly, they're soon sprayed with a Technicolor yawn.
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The next day at the Angel Grove track field, Carlos finds Justin sitting on the bleachers. He's sorry the boy had to lose his super-strength, and is soon joined by the rest of the Ranger teens, who drop by to chat as well. Cassie says it must have been fun to be super-strong, Ashley reminds him he did make the right choice. Justin knows, saying super-strong is good just for him, but being a Power Ranger means helping others and nothing can beat that. They all smile, and TJ pats him on the shoulder. The main Jock Bully shows up and asks what Justin was trying to tell him about earlier, Justin shows him a chart of javelin throwing angels, pointing at one which can reach maximum trajectory and greater distance. The former bully understands it and thanks the "J-Man" before leaving, the Ranger teens all turn to Justin confused. He thought he told them he's still on the team as technical advisor, placing a purple Angel Grove "A.G." hat on his head. They all laugh, TJ gropes Justin's shoulder again, and if you know what happens in "Chase Into Space 2", you'll realize just how pointless everything in this episode, from Justin choosing his powers over non-Ranger strength, to staying on the team, was in the long run.
[end credits]

On the moon, Porto's in a Potty Peril, as he calls out for someone to help him out of that suit to go to the bathroom. He eventually topples over, Elgar then says we all got to go sometime; Bulk & Skull aim their extermination guns, Skull cocks the barrel, only to have the clip fall out! Bulk remains locked in bug-kill mode, as Skull tells nobody to panic as he has everything under control, picking up the clip, placing it back in the gun and spilling chemicals all over the floor; Justin and Carlos stare at each other in the Power Chamber, until Justin finally smacks Carlos in the face; On the bleachers, the Ranger teens hang around awaiting filming, when Carlos suddenly yanks Justin's Angel Grove hat down over his face!

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