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Power Rangers Turbo
"The Whole Lie"
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Original Air Date: 05/8/97 Featuring Footage From:
Carranger #07 - Buruu ha Shinnyuu Kinshi?!
(Blue Is Banned From Entry?!)
*4th Regular Season
(5th Season by Series)
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-434
*5th episode of PRT
*210th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Mark Litton Director: Al Winchell
Starring Cast:
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam Park (Green Ranger)
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya Sloan (Yellow Ranger)
Blake Foster _AS_ Justin Stewart (Blue Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy Oliver (Red Ranger)
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger)
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Divatox
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Additional Cast:
Carol Hoyt _AS_ Dimitria
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 6
Katerina Luciani _AS_ Alpha 6 (voice)

Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk Chimp (voice)
Jason Narvy _AS_ Skull Chimp (voice)

Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Elgar
David Umansky _AS_ Elgar (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Rygog
Alexis Lang _AS_ Rygog (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter _AS_ Porto (voice)
? _AS_ Mouth Piece (voice)

Sentai Scene


Because Karate is overrated, Tommy is once again racing around at his Uncle's stock car track. "Here Comes The Power Again" is playing, but we know fully well this is just the same footage of Tommy driving that car from previous shows. The real story, or lack thereof, takes place in front of the Juice Bar, as Lt. Stone has organized a charity fund raiser to help the Angel Grove Baseball team. It's a car wash at two bucks a pop, the Angel Grove teens (including the four remaining Power Teens who actually bother showing up for work) are happy to help out. Tanya thinks it a great cause and she should considering she was once the team's star pitcher. They're making quite a bit of cash soaping up and hosing off the numerous vehicles. Adam wonders where Tommy is, and it's quickly explained he's at the race track. The Chimps formally known as the chumps Bulk & Skull sit around, wanting to help out despite their reluctant owner, Lt. Stone, not letting them. Behind an Angel Grove Construction Company van (they must be magnet for evil), Porto portaports (ya know, where he teleports in via a porthole? Forget it) onto the scene, ready to cause trouble. He views all the Earthlings hard at work washing the cars, giddily hoping to provide them with a brand-new vacant lot for to play in. He drops off his donation to the cause, an implosion Detonator, right into a seemingly harmless bucket of soapy suds!
[opening credits]
Justin gets down and dirty while scrubbing a tire with a sponge. He glances under the truck and notices Porto waddling off behind a building. Justin thinks he may be seeing things so he rushes over to investigate the marshmallowy looking space alien. Porto peeks around the corner, awaiting Little Boy Blue's arrival, as he plots to give him a blast from his Deception Blaster. Instead, Justin comes up behind the brainy baddie giving him a bit of a surprise. He's never met Porto before, but he sure knows the littlest Ranger, offering to introduce him to his friend named Mouth Piece. Confused about this as the pudgy Porto is alone, one quick ray firing from Porty's navel-port teleports in his newest monster. Mouth Piece appears behind Justin, proving turnabout is indeed fair play by surprising him. The second he turns around, Justin is struck by Mouth Piece's little airbrush gun, apparently this would be the Deception Blaster. Justin is dumbstruck as he's zapped by the beam of alien energy, the two monsters laughing dementedly at the boy's plight. Over at the car wash, Kat notices her young pal missing and asks Tanya where he went. She thinks she saw him go around the corner, so Kat bouncily hops on over to search for him. Porto reminds Justin to lie, before teleporting back to the Subcraft the same way he came in, taking Mouth Piece with him. Justin is still seemingly unaware of the events that just occurred, as Kat approaches him and asks if he's okay. He asks why wouldn't he be, when she mentions she thought she heard Porto. He questions "Port who?" and tells her there's nobody there but little old him. Suddenly, two Piranahtrons appear (although, Justin didn't even say one lie!) and the two Rangers jump into action with the fishy minions. One brief high-kicking skirmish later, the P-Trons dissolve upon hitting the ground, Justin & Kat head back to the car wash wondering what Divatox is up to now.

Speaking of whom, down in the Subcraft, said Space Pirate talks about how much fun lying can be with her scientific advisor. Elgar is in the background trying to fend off an attack by a bundle of octopus tentacles that have him in a fatal grasp. He stops for a second to mention the Deception Blaster will make the Rangers lie almost as much as they do. Elgar gets pulled off in his tentacle tug-of-war, as Porto tells Divatox about the added bonus to the Deception spell. For every lie a Ranger tells, a Piranahtron will appear! She's pleased with this news, something that will not only spell pain for our heroes but keep them from finding her newest detonator! Am I using too many commas? Oh well. Meanwhile at the car wash, Tanya & Adam frolic about, splashing water on each other and flirting heavily. The Bulk & Skull Chimpanzees decide to do something that comes with their new nature, and that is being mischievous. Time to have fun, by squeezing Lt. Stone's water hose as he sprays a car. Jerome falls for it like an idiot, looking right into the nozzle when Bulk releases his hold on the hose. Lt. Stone gets a shower and Bulk & Skull get a good monkey laugh. Kat witnesses the wet & wild antics of Jerome and comments to Justin about how Lt. Stone really got soaked. Justin says that he didn't, which alerts Katherine to something odd as his behavior. She asks him if he's feeling alright, and he says he's just fine. Nearby, a P-Tron finally pops up, in reaction to Blue Ranger's lie. Kat thinks he should go inside and get a juice, to which Justin replies "Okay, I don't like juice". Kat's dumbfounded by the boy's blatantisim, as two Piranahtrons appear out of nowhere somewhere in the area. Kat walks over and pulls Tanya away from her playful labor with Adam to talk about Justin in the Juice Bar. Adam stays behind to continue the dirty work, as the bucket-bomb's detonator counts down to just half an hour.

As Justin sits at the counter sipping juice and working on homework, Kat & Tanya watch him from a few feet away, Kat pointing out how he's been lying so much lately, it's almost as if he can't even help himself. Tanya goes over and asks him if anything unusual happened today, he says he can't think of anything, causing another P-Tron to attend the Car Wash. Kat pulls some papers out of Justin's bookbag and asks him if he turned in his homework assignment. He says no, he hasn't turned in his homework all year. The papers reveal a date of 6/9/97, and that it's completed homework from his second period class. Outside, Lt. Stone & Adam admire the collection of funds the Car Wash has been receiving, when four Piranahtrons make themselves known and scare the patrons into fleeting terror. Jerome does another one of his patented "Muh, muh, muh-muh Monsters!" line, before running into the Youth Center, leaving Adam with the money jar! Inside, Kat, Tanya & Justin get the news about what the commotion is and rush out to join Adam in fending off the fishy foes. Little do they know it's all a distraction, as the bucket-bomb ticks down to Fourteen minutes left till destruction!
Adam has his work cut out for him, as an increasing number of Piranahtrons swarm around him. He jumps into action as he's done so often before, and within seconds his other three teammates make it to the P-Tron stomping festivities. Making use of tools at his disposal, Adam picks up a long handled mop and begins spinning it around, using it to literally mop the floor with the Divadrones. Meanwhile, Justin takes on some of the villains he was responsible for summoning while using a wet rag, the spell causing him to continue lying with lines like "You dropped something", "Made ya look!", and "Your face is dirty". Soon enough, one P-Tron overpowers the tike and grabs him, Adam's in the middle of battle and yells to ask Justin if he needs him. Of course the boy says no he's fine, and then Kat asks if he needs assistance, and once more he exclaims he can take care of it himself. Two more Pirahatrons flood into the parking lot, ganging up on Justin. Tanya finally figures out the deal and tells him to keep his big mouth shut! He gets lifted up in the air by the three baddies, until his three Power Pals quit playing around and put the entire lot of Piranahtrons down for the count. Once all the P-Trons melt away, Tanya tells them they need to get Justin to the Power Chamber. Adam sticks around the parking lot in case there's anymore trouble, as Pink, Yellow & Blue Rangers teleport to their homebase. Adam's still unaware of the detonator in the bucket, as it reaches the final five minutes! Over at the Power Chamber, Tanya & Kat explain the situation to Dimitria. She questions like usual, asking if it's possible the way out lies within the truth. Tanya doesn't get it, and Kat mentions how ever since she saw her young buddy with Porto today, the kid hasn't told the truth. The moment he tries to spit out another load of baloney, Kat covers his mouth and reminds him to shut his piehole. Tanya has Alpha 6 whip up the Turbo Navigator, quickly deducing the purpose for the P-Tron Parade is distract them from discovering a detonator.

The alarms sound and yet another distraction appears on the viewing globe-screen, that being the Mouth Piece monster! They're going to need Tommy & Adam's help on this, but Justin's going to have to stay in the Power Chamber and keep quiet. Before the two females leave, Justin slips and tells them not to worry, he's fine. One lone Piranahtron pops up at the Car Wash, and is greeted by an anxious Adam. They quickly get into a fast paced hand-to-hand combat, ending with Adam getting a punch to the gut. Wait a minute, Elvis is there and Adam can't help but point him out! The P-Tron, obviously a big fan of the King, turns around to catch a glimpse of the immortal intergalactic icon. This gives Adam a second to do a memorable lifting up of his knee, cracking it, and lowering down to pull in a powerful sweep. The Piranahtron falls, and gets some advice on not believing everything you wear before he melts into oblivion. One job finished, another begins as Adam Shifts Into Turbo, and inside the Power Chamber, Kat & Tanya follow suit. In the blink of an eye, Green, Pink & Yellow Turbo Rangers stand before Mouth Piece in the park, ready to fight. He's glad they made it to the party (Adam says they'd be lying if they said the same), a group of Piranahtron join in and rush after our heroes. Your average Morphed Rangers/ P-Tron gill-kicking battle occurs, most notable action being Yellow Ranger backwards flip off a wooden bridge railing. Back at the Power Chamber, Alpha goes "Yo-yo-yo!" continuously, as repeated attempts to contact Tommy are failing. Trying once again, the overused Stock Car Racing stock footage of Tommy comes to life with a voice over as Alpha's pleas for help are met by a quick "All right, i'm on my way!" He stops Freewheelin' and goes to Shift Into Turbo offscreen since they didn't want to reuse that stuff at least.

Mouth Piece
Mouth Piece boasts the worn out Rangers are losing to their umpteenth P-Tron skirmish today. Suddenly, Red Ranger teleports right next to the monster and gets the drop on him. His teammates are glad to see him, and he begins engaging in combat with the despicable creature. The apparent airbrush turned deception blaster fires off a ray, striking Pink Ranger at random! Tommy's concerned enough to lose focus on the matter at hand, as Kat lies about being fine, causing another P-Tron to materialize. She's outnumbered by surrounding Piranahtrons and unable to do much in fighting back. Mouth Piece knocks Red Ranger down, and fires his ray at Green & Yellow. Tommy tells them not to say a word, but Adam blabs and sarcastically says he isn't talking right now. Tanya says neither is she, and she certainly can't hear Adam! A pair of P-Trons pop up in front of the Ranger duo, and beat them senseless. Tommy gets back on his feet, the only member of the team not yet under the spell of deception. Mouth Piece holds his blaster to Red Ranger's back, preparing to fire. Tommy holds his arms up and listens to Mouthy go on and on about how much the truth hurts, before swinging around and giving the monster a kick. Unfortunately, he's anticipated the move, leaning back as Tommy's leg flies by, and kicks the Red Ranger while he's in a vulnerable position. Mouth Piece holds his blaster dead aim on Red's helmet, telling him he should just give up! Elsewhere on the Subcraft, Elgar's closer to being totally pulled out the porthole by the octopus tentacles (they have octopi in Angel Grove Lake?!). Divatox faces us and gloats about Mouth Piece preventing the Rangers from finding her detonator on time.
The Power Chamber viewing globe displays the bad news that Tommy's finally fallen to Mouth Piece's Deception Blaster! Alpha angrily wants to get a piece of that Mouth, Dimitria says the Rangers have now lost all ability to tell the truth (but phrased in the form of a question, just like on Jeopardy!) Alpha stresses the importance of Justin breaking the spell over him, and when Justin questions how (which isn't a lie), Dimitria asks if he could tell a lie that's also the truth. Justin himself wonders how he can say a lie that's also true at the same time, everything he says is a lie! He just can't stop lying. Suddenly, his body flashes blue and the spell if broken! Alpha's actually overjoyed, and Justin is confused as to how he did it. Seems when he said he couldn't tell the truth, that was true (guess the spell's only weakness was confusion). No time to celebrate, Justin thinks he knows how to help the others, but first it's Shift Into Turbo time! Morphing into Blue Ranger, he teleports to the park as his teammates have all been beaten into submission by the gang of P-Trons. Justin tries telling them they have to stop lying, but Tommy says they don't. This time, Blue Ranger quizzes them on if he asks them a question, will they tell him the truth? They all proclaim "Never!", to which Justin points out as being the truth. They think about it and realize the spell's broken, much to Mouth Piece's dismay. The entire squadron of Piranahtrons perish, and the monster makes a run for it, right into Blue Ranger's kicking leg. The Turbo Team is back to being honest defenders of truth, justice, and minimum wage! Time to teach the monster to speak no evil, by calling forth the Turbo RAM. It races in and our heroes take their places as Turbo RAM Cannon Mode takes aim on Mouth Piece, whom is aiming the Deception Blaster in return. Both sides blast at each other, but Turbo Power prevails and Mouth Piece gets spanked silly. The Rangers do a group huddle, placing their hands together and giving a "Gooooo, Turbo!" (so close to a "Whoa, Bundy" if you ask me).

Down in the Subcraft, Elgar's pointy noggin is poking through the porthole, the rest of his body already sucked out the ship by the Octopus! Divatox feels failed by Mouth Piece, but still has one last ace up her sleeve, ordering the Torpedoes fired! Elgar still struggles, grunting out a "who me?" as the tentacles tighten hold around the mutant's neck. Torpedoes launch, and rain down on the monster, making Mouth Piece bigger! Our heroes even the odds by calling for Turbo Megazord to come together and transform. Punches are exchanged, and soon Mouth Piece's golden face fires off a blast at the Megazord. Justin gets to have some revenge, by activating the Turbo Megazord headlight blasters. The monster takes a tumble, and the Rangers finally begin worrying about that detonator! Mouth Piece recovers and tells them they'll never find it in time, but the Rangers don't bother listening to as they call for Turbo Megazord Saber, and following that, Megazord Spinout! Mouth Piece is quieted for good in one sharp swoop. Don't ask me how, but for some reason the Detonator is only down to sixteen seconds. Lt. Stone and the rest of the volunteer teens have returned to Car Wash duties and are still unaware of the explosives in their midst. The Power Rangers teleport to the parking lot and warn everyone there to stand back. Bulk & Skull Chimps are excited to see the Rangers, since hopefully they can change the bumbling duo back to their natural forms. The Rangers spread out to search for the detonator, but are so far having no luck. Bulk & Skull stumble around while fighting who gets to go first in being restored, Bulk accidentally steps on a mop which flips the bucket-bomb into the air. Everyone watches as the detonator flies up and falls to the ground, awaiting their doom. Luckily, the explosive device just lands in a bucket of soapy water, shorting it out just as the clock reaches zero. The explosion is reduced to a splash of water, nobody's hurt, and the Chimps are hailed as heroes by the Turbo Rangers. Tommy & Kat pick the two up, thanking them for saving the day. Pink Ranger jokingly asks if they considered monkeying with detective work! Meanwhile in the Subcraft, Divatox is angry and looking for someone to blame. She asks Rygog & Porto who's brilliant idea it was to make the Power Rangers tell lies. They stutter while trying to think of an answer that won't end with them getting hurt, when Elgar comes walking up with a big gold pot full of boiled tentacles. He's enjoying a meal made of the monster that was trying to make one out of him, and asks his Auntie Divatox if they have to tell the truth! She gets hot under the collar over his stupidity & insolence, and if we saw anymore, i'm sure it wouldn't be pretty!
Later that day inside the Juice Bar, Justin sits down with Tanya & Kat, promising to never to lie again, and to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Lt. Stone comes over and thanks them for the help at the Car Wash. Tanya asks if they raised enough money to keep the baseball team going, and Jerome happily says they did. He gives them each a glass and asks them to be the guinea pigs on a new combination of juices he's come up with. He wants to know what they think about them, and leaves for a moment as they take a sip. Justin is the first to be repulsed, groaning & saying it's the worst. Kat says he's exaggerating, but even Tanya calls that stuff nasty! Kat takes a swig, and it doesn't sit well even with her exotic tastebuds. Jerome returns and questions them on how they enjoyed the new juices. They can the little white lies and spare no feelings in breaking the news on how bad they are. Lt. Stone had figured the Chimps might have added their own ingredients when he wasn't looking, and just wanted to make sure. Over at the counter, the Simian Bulk & Skull play around with the blender, mixing fruit & sardines to a nice frappe. Jerome glances over and sees them monkeying around without the lid on, but by the time he rushes over to stop them, the blender is on and the contents squirt out all over his face. Everyone laughs, even the Chimps (who both have aprons on, so I guess that makes it okay they're animals hanging out in a supposed clean restaurant. No shirt, no shoes, no service, except to the primates?). Justin's surprised Lt. Stone really wanted to hear the truth, and Kat says most people do, with Tanya agreeing. He realizes there's nothing like telling the truth, as he accidentally takes another sip of his disgusting drink. He gives an UGH, and the two girls get a chuckle at his ingesting monkey hair.
[end credits]

Yellow Ranger tries going up, up, & down on the bridge railing; Justin shifts into a voice puberty turbo; Bulk Chimp screams for someone to get him out of there!; Tanya & Kat swing their arms in the usual Turbo Morpher activation, but Tanya shifts into too-slow; Bulk & Skull Chimps continue tossing fruit into the blender, Skull sticking his mouth on the unplugged wire for the thing while trying to give it some juice; "Johnny's mother" tells him to fix his hair, so Adam proceeds to adjust his mop top while saying hi to "Mom"; Skull thinks his chimp costume is a little too tight, and Bulk still wants out of it!

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