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Power Rangers Time Force
"Time Force Traitor"
Original Air Date:08/04/01 Footage from:
Timeranger #34 - Ansatsusha (The Assassin)
*Season 9, byte 26
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1126
*26th episode of PRTF
*404th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Mystery Man
Roy Werner _AS_ Captain Logan
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
J.W. Myers _AS_ Steelix (voice)


Daytime in downtown Silver Hills. Near a parking garage, at a loading dock, the Nick Of Time Odd Jobs team is hard at work, helping to unload a small moving truck. They're in their usual jumpsuits, and despite the work not being all too dirty, every one of the five have smudges on their faces. Katie casually pushes a cart filled with boxes along in the background; Jen & Wes help the driver of the truck check out the inventory; Trip & Lucas struggle to lift a very large crate. Your typical dialogue between two people when trying to lift something incredibly heavy is played, as Lucas says "Okay, let's do it, you ready" Trip enthusiastically goes, "Uh-huh!", before Lucas counts off 1-3. He then asks, "You got it?" Trip claims to have it, until the whole crate begins to wobble. Lucas shouts, "What're you doing?!" Trip loses his footing, and begins to lose his grip on the crate, causing Lucas to do the same. Luckily, saving them from getting flattened feet, is Katie's own booted-foot! She notices their plight, scoops the bottom of the crate up with the top of her boot, kicking it into the air slightly. She then grabs the bottom corner, and lifts the entire crate, over her head! Katie smiles and shows off her super strength, holding the box over half her size as if it were light as a feather. Jen grins and slaps Wes' shoulder, turning his attention Katie's way. They're both amused by her display of power, but the driver just stares at the strange sight in stunned awe! Katie keeps the box way over her head, and finally uses both hands to carry it, leaving Trip shaking his head and smiling, while Lucas appears uncomfortably upstaged by the amazon. Little does anyone know, that on the rooftop not far above them, someone is watching. A man with black gloved hands holds a pair of weathered-yet-futuristic binoculars. We see what he sees, a green computer display, with the central normal-colored scope-zone zooming in on only one person down below: Jen! The pigtailed leader of the team is inspecting the contents of one of the boxes, when a stray bright reflection begins to shine in her face. She squints, blocks the light with her arm, and looks up in the direction of the reflecting source. The man, wearing a dark hood, is accidentally (or purposely, it's unclear which) aiming the sun's reflection off of hand down at her. When spotted, he backs away slowly, leaving Jen simply confused. Wes notices and walks over, asking her, "What's wrong?" She plays it off, "Nothing!", and work resumes, though she glances upwards once more, still seeing no sight of her mysterious admirer.

That night, inside the Clock Tower, the gang winds down for the night. Trip is over at the freezer, taking his own inventory of the mutants they have locked up in capsules. Circuit is on his perch just behind him, wings a'flappin'. Lucas sits at the picnic table (which is littered with various bottles of grooming products), spraying a huge stream of hairspray into his prized spikey black hairstyle. The poor robotic owl is right in the line of the noxious fumes, causing him to blink annoyedly. Katie sits on the couch, eating a bowl of popcorn, watching the news on their tiny television set. A female reporter (voiced by Circuit's voice actress) reports, "You won't need your umbrellas for THIS storm! The national meteorological society predicts one of the most active meteor storms this year. The shower is said to start at midnight, and will last for approximately..." Set up just behind the couch, are several old boxes, which act as a table for Wes & Jen as they prepare a batch of cookies! Jen (in a pink apron) hands a jug of milk to Wes (with a red apron), who thanks her and begins pouring the diary substance into a bowl filled with powdered batter. Notice, Wes still has his high school ring on, a big no-no in any dimension when making food by hand (unless they plan on playing the game "Find Wes' Ring: Win A Free Trip To The Hospital!"). To be fair, Jen also has her engagement ring on, likely thinking it'll mean more when lodged in her intestines. Anyway, Wes stirs it all together, and asks offhandedly, "How did you guys survive in the year 3000 without ANY cookies?!" Jen explains, "Not just cookies. There isn't ANY junk food." Wes grabs a handful of chocolate chips, remarks, "Whoah. Sounds like torture," then tosses them into his mouth, causing Jen to smirk. He then asks for the next ingredient, "Alright, eggs please." Jen reaches over to the corner of the makeshift crate-table, and butteryfingeredly knocks the small carton of two eggs onto the floor. They shatter into a yolky heap, prompting Wes to snicker, "Oh-ho! Jen!" She grumbles frustrated, "Oh. DARN it.", before bending down, picking up the carton, sticking the shattered shells inside (leaving the yolky mess on the floor), and sticking it back on the crate-table. Jen sighs, "Don't worry! I'll run out and get some more." Wes, eager to go off alone with her at any chance, offers, "Ahh, i'll come with you!" She denies him the pleasure, "No, it's okay! It'll just take a minute!" He halts from removing his apron, and agrees disappointedly, "Okay." Jen removes her apron, tosses it on the picnic table, picks up her brown jacket and slips it on, while smirking, "YOU just keep stirring!" He smirks back, and holds up the bowl, giving her a sarcastic couple of stirs with the big wooden spoon.

Momentarily, Jen walks down a deserted sidewalk, darkness blanketing the area, save for a few spots beneath streetlights. She carries a bag of groceries (typical woman! goes to the store for one thing, comes back with an entire aisle worth of stuff!), and walks alone and confidently. Not too far behind her, someone is stalking slowly her way. The slight crunching of footsteps ripples through the quiet air, alerting her to the presence of another. Jen pauses and cocks her head around, finding no trace of anyone along the sidewalk nor street. She presses onward, thinking it all just her imagination. As she does, a tall cloaked figure steps out of the shadows behind a tree, and follows her path. Jen suddenly turns around again, witnessing the strange man as he slowly walks through the midnight mist, stopping intimidatingly in his full body black robe. She expresses terrified shock, especially when he begins moving again. Jen starts running, as fast as her knee-high leather boots can take her. She glances back in fear every couple of steps, holding on tightly to her precious groceries. The cloaked man slowly walks along, following at a brisk pace, keeping his distance.

[Opening Credits, Version 2.0. Makoto is back.]

Jen continues running, until she reaches an alleyway. She ducks down into it, and hides behind a dumpster. There, she drops the groceries on the ground, reaches around beneath her pink sweater-top, and pulls out her Chrono-Morpher from the small of her back! She crouches down and leans against the dumpster, grasping her Blaster and staring towards the corner. The nearest streetlight provides ample illumination for profiling the cloaked man's shadow. She watches it inch forward, creeping closer and closer, ever so creepily slow. Jen is visible trembling, the fear boiling over until she finally stands up, aims her Chrono-Blaster with both arms outward, and demands, "STOP right there!" The street is empty, no trace of the cloaked stalker remains. She waits for a moment, stepping forward just a tad. Suddenly, a stray cat dashes across the top of the dumpster! Jen spins around and nearly fires at the mangy feline, but manages to halt herself from zapping. She turns back around, keeping her Blaster aimed straight. Just to the side, in the shadows near the dumpster, the cloaked man emerges without warning, grabbing her Blaster-holding arm, and jerking her whole body into his grasp. Jen struggles to no avail, eventually coming face to face with her stalker. His face is apparent beneath the hood, metal and emotionless, as he states in a deep voice, "Hello, partner." Jen's eyes widen sharply, she grunts in total abject fear, now recognizing him, and recognizing she's at his mercy.

At the Clock Tower, worried about their leader, Trip repeatedly presses his Chrono-Morpher's commlink button, announcing, "Jen, come in. Jen, come in!" Lucas sits with his arms folded, and Katie also appears puzzled. Wes wipes his face off with his apron, before taking it off, slamming it down and proclaiming, "I'm gonna look for her!" Just then, Jen comes stagger into the room. She collapses against the wall, clutching her right arm in agony, her face covered with bruises, scratches, and smudges. Wes finishes putting on his red overshirt, when he spots her, and exclaims Jen's name. All four rush to her side, Trip being the first to reach her, as she slowly walks across the room. Wes asks caringly, "Are you okay?" and Katie wonders, "WHAT happened!?" Jen, still clutching her arm, shrugs their comforting hands off her shoulders, slipping out of their grip as she stresses painfully, "Don't WORRY. I'm FINE." She heads directly over to the picnic table, sits down in front of the Holoscreen, winces from her arm injury, and begins to type on the blue & white keys of the control pad. The holographic viewscreen shimmers to life with the Time Force logo, showing the interior of the TF HQ in the year 3000. Captain Logan steps into view, replying assuredly, "Logan, here." Jen informs him, "Captain, Steelix has been unfrozen!" Lucas, Katie, and Trip all look at one another with stunned expressions on their faces. Wes, oblivious, stares at Jen, simply worried about her. The Captain laments, "That's VERY bad news. You KNOW he'll be coming after you." She nods and admits, "He already found me." Wes asks, "Who's Steelix?!", but gets no reply. Jen, jerking her arm around at the joint sorely, explains, "I need EVERY bit of information you have about him. Can you send Circuit his Time Force records?" Captain Logan, his flickering image on the Holoscreen, confirms, "We'll get on it, right away." The scene shifts to his point of view, showing us the Holoscreen in the TF Base, which has an image of Jen's back when viewing from the opposite side! The Captain reminds her, "Jen, he'll stop at NOTHING to get you." Jen admits, "I know." Logan bids concerned, "Be careful." She promises, "I will, sir." The grey-jumpsuited Time Force Captain turns off the Holoscreen, and begins to look off to the side, contemplating a course of action.

Back in 2001, Wes anxiously demands like a colorless picture, "Alright, will someone PLEASE fill me in?! WHO is this Steelix?" Jen looks away from him, sulkingly staring at the floor, refusing to talk. Lucas steps up, and tells Wes, "Steelix was Jen's first partner in Time Force." Wes appears to understand. Jen looks up at them, still rubbing her arm. Lucas adds, "But he went bad." Jen stresses, "VERY bad." She gets up from her seat and walks across the room, revealing, "He started making deals with the VERY people they were trying to stop." Cue the full-color flashback to the future's past! In a brightly lit, futuristic garage, Steelix steps out of his black & white Time Force Police Car. He brushes off the gold-rimmed TF Badge pinned to his left collarbone. Jen narrates, "He was selling TOP secret information to the Mutants!" (it doesn't seem of issue that Steelix WAS a mutant. So if he wasn't, then what WAS he?!) Steelix is a silver & grey (with gold spots here and there) robotic looking, armored creature. He has a sharp-spiked mowhawk on his hat, that resembles an old style bedpan, and two large spikes on his left shoulder. He nods to Ransik, as the mutant overlord shows up, carrying a silver briefcase. Ransik pats the bottom of it, before setting it on the hood of the TF Police Car, and opening it up to reveal more than 10 blocks of dirty (in more ways than one) gold. Steelix hands over two small blue square plastic disc holders, with the words, "Classified. Time Force File 1" across it, and the gold TF symbol on the top. Ransik takes the files in his left hand, then shakes Steelix's hand with his right, happily remarking, "It's a pleasure doing business with you!" The flashback ends, with Jen admitting, "I was the first one to find out. When I reported it to the Captain, Steelix tried to escape."

Another full-color flashback to the future's past begins, as police sirens blare. Steelix, using a rifle-blaster matching his body structure and carrying his case of gold, fires at a TF Car pulling onto the scene. It comes to a quick stop, Jen opens the passenger door and pops out, aiming her Chrono-Blaster at him, and firing without hesitation. She blasts his rifle out of his hand perfectly, then shouts with utmost confidence, "FREEZE! You're under arrest!" She narrates over the scene, "Thanks to the Time Force, he didn't get very far." Steelix does as ordered, putting his arms up as five Time Force Officers in the standard jumpsuits come along, Blasters aimed, and surround him (one guy kicking his rifle away). Steelix drops his box of gold, and just grumbles, "Alright, arlight." Jen notes, "He was convicted." We flash forward in the flashback, to the Reanimation Booth inside the TF Prison. Several black & silver armored (as seen in episode 1) corral Steelix into the Reanimator, who, despite the big cuffs, still puts up a struggle. He vows, "Somehow, I'll pay you back, Jen! If it's the LAST thing I do!" Jen stands nearby, watching the scene coldly (notice, on her jumpsuit, is a TF Badge. This means this took place at some point AFTER she met Alex, despite his not appearing. He must have been training her well before becoming partners.) She adds in the narration, "And put into deep freeze containment." A guard hits the "reduce" bottom on the control panel, the Reanimator door slide shut with the Time Force Traitor within, though allowing him to promise bitterly, "I'll be back for you, Jen!" She stares unblinking as the lights flash rapidly, signaling his cryogenic shrinking. Flashbacks end, with Jen informing the team, "And that's the last time I saw him... until tonight." Wes steps around in front of her, and speaks for them all as he impassionately boasts, "One maniac doesn't have a CHANCE against five Rangers!" Jen corrects him, "You mean FOUR Rangers." Wes appears surprised, as she holds up her left arm, slides down the jacket sleeve, and notes, "He TOOK my Morpher."


In a dark corridor, somewhere deep within the bowls of the Time Force Headquarters, sometime in the year 3000, Captain Logan approaches a red colored door. There's a small electronic keypad to the right of the door. Logan stands there for a moment, exhales deeply, and gets up enough courage to pull out a small ID pass (with his picture, and the name "Capt. Logan" on it). He passes it along the top of the keypad, causing a small light reading "enter access code." He does so, using his middle finger (giving us all the bird!) to type in the wholly original access code of "2-3-4-enter". The red light on the keypad switches over to green, and the door slides open with a loud mechanical noise. Captain Logan walks tall, and enters the poorly lit room. Before the door slides shut behind him, the scant bit of illumination from the outside hall shines upon a man in a white leather suit, sitting at a vast, but compact, computer console. Yep, it's our old slicked-back black-haired, white leather suit, black-gloved, TF Sunglasses-wearing, Time Shadow-sending, Mega Battle-downloadin' pal, the Mystery Man! He keeps to the shadows, staring at the large viewscreen overhead (showing stock aerial view footage of the hovercar littered Time Gate runway), never once turning around as Captain Logan enters and steps to the center of the room. Logan, despite being, to our previous knowledge, the top man on the totem pole, salutes the Mystery Man! He then reports respectfully, "Sir! Troubling news. Steelix has been reanimated." Mystery Man ignores him, and just types at a keyboard on his console. The Captain salutes again, and promises, "I'll keep you updated." He quickly leaves the strangely silent man of mystery alone, seemingly afraid of him for some reason.

In 2001, the morning after, Jen opens up the closet in the Clock Tower (where they keep their old TF jumpsuits on hangers), and removes one of the Chrono-Blasters from the back of the door. She pulls it off the nails, and begins sliding it into the back of her pink plaid skirt. Wes suddenly appears, putting his hand on her shoulder and urging, "Hold on! Where do you think you're going?" Jen desperately states, "I have NO choice. I KNOW Steelix. He'll do whatEVER it takes to draw me out, EVEN if that means hurting innocent people." Wes pauses for a moment, realizing she has a point, much to his dismay. Jen walks off, straightens out her jacket, and stresses vengefully, "I CAN'T let that happen." She enters the small hall to the stairway, when Katie & Trip stop her to speak their minds. Katie flabbergastedly asks, "You're gonna WALTZ right out and meet him?!" Trip points out softly, "You don't even have your Morpher!" She stops, looks at them, then presses on, only to find Lucas standing in her way, his arms folded seriously. Wes steps up, and reminds her, "We're ALL Time Force Officers. We have to stick together!" Jen stares at him, her throat expressing visibly the swallowing of her pride. Wes asks, "Do you trust me?" She breathlessly nods (her face still showing small cuts), "Yeah, I trust you." He smiles, appearing subtly happy to finally hear her admit that, before getting back to business by explaining, "Now, here's the plan."

Later that afternoon, overlooking a food court, Wes stands on an upper level, with a pair of binoculars. He scopes out the area, then whispers into his Chrono-Morpher, "Move into position." Trip sits down at a table covered by a parasol, wearing his silver-rimmed TF Sunglasses. In a black Plymouth Prowler parked nearby, Lucas & Katie, also wearing their TF Shades, stare out the passenger-side window. Jen, gripping her left wrist, either from pain or from missing her absent Chrono-Morpher, hears through a small pink walkie-talkie, "Okay, we gotcha covered, Jen. Go ahead and move in." She takes a deep breath, releases her wrist, and begins walking through the walkway near the court. Jen glances up, seeing Wes watching her every move with the binoculars. Katie & Lucas in the parked Prowler are guarding one corner, she looks their way for but a moment, intent on scanning the area for any signs of her stalker. All she sees are various men and women in business suits on their lunch break. Jen remains standing in the middle of the open walkway, staring at the ground, patiently waiting. He finally comes, or rather, his voice does, as Steelix calls out her name, only Jen hearing him. She darts her eyes around, seeking the source of his voice, until his echoing words summon, "Jen... THIS way." She immediately follows. Wes loses track of her, his binoculars turning up no sign of Jen anywhere. He cries into his Morpher, "Where'd she go?!" Katie seems concerned, her sunglasses' scanning mode apparently have lost track of their leader. Lucas replies to Wes, "I can't find her!", prompting Katie to take off her sunglasses and urge, "Come on!" They both rush out of the Prowler, inspiring Trip to take off his sunglasses as well and dash away, Wes quickly following along. Jen, the wind blowing her hair, cautiously traces Steelix's voice to a spot in the food court walkway. There, she finds a small, antiquely designed, golden music box. Its side handle begins to crank itself when she arrives, playing sounds to me like a chimey version of part of the PRTF tune (but is likely just a meaningless ditty). Jen reaches her hand out for the music box carefully, when the top suddenly pops open, revealing a Steelix-head-in-the-box! She's startled, the tiny model of her former partner's noggin wobbles along on the spring, eyes glowing green. His voice, sounding like a recording, states, "Did you REALLY think you and the other Rangers could trap me so easily? I was your partner. I KNOW how you think. If you want your Morpher back, come to the old warehouse in two hours. And come alone. Mwuahahaha!" Jen's expression changes from panting fright to intense-eyed determination right before our eyes. Trip calls out, "Jen! Are you okay?" The first word spoken causing Steelix's tiny head to vanish in a surge of green electricity, leaving only a skullhead bobbing on the spring in its place. All four of the TFs have shown up at the same time, Jen nodding to Trip, "Yeah." Wes is the last to arrive, asking urgently, "What happened?!" Jen explains, "He didn't show up. He knew it was a trap." Lucas fiddles with the skullhead, and wonders, "Did it say anything?!" Jen, shifting back to her vengeful loner attitude, thinks about it for a second, then denies, "No, nothing." Wes grabs her arm (the same one that was injured the day before. Such a loving man!), and turns her to him, stressing, "Until Steelix makes his move, you do not go ANYwhere, without one of us along." Jen, despite being the leader, nods in fibbing agreement.

A new exterior of the Clock Tower is shown, a total full view of the entire structure, along with the small buildings at its base. A very cloudy blue sky above, with the various skyscrapers & palm trees surrounding the ancient tower, showing just how out of time it is. Inside, Trip sits at the picnic table, going over the Time Force files on Steelix, with Katie looking over his shoulder. The Holoscreen flickeringly displays a computer readout of Steelix, showing various images of him, including a 360 degree shot of him wielding his rifle-blaster. There's lots of tiny digital lettering all over the display, as well. Trip, despite knowing the details of the story from earlier and beyond, is shocked to discover, "He sold Time Force secrets to Ransik!?" Katie notes, eagerly intrigued, "He's as bad as they come!" Lucas & Wes enter the room, empty handed. Trip turns from the Holoscreen, and asks, "Anything?!" Wes shrugs his shoulders, replying, "Not a trace." He sits on the arm of the couch, and asks in return, "Did Jen find anything in Steelix's file?" Trip gives an expression of confusion, and looks over at Katie, who expresses an equal emotion, and states baffledly, "She hasn't looked at it yet! She's been with YOU. The two guys, missing the girl (and the pizza place!), look at one another as confused as everyone else. Wes points out the error, "No, she's not with us! She said she was gonna stay HERE and research." The gang looks at one another once more, as Wes fidgets with frustration, realizing they've all been duped by their own teammate!

Meanwhile, at one of many "Old Warehouses" in the city of Silver Hills, Jen slides open a rusty metal door, and walks inside. She holds her arms out, and shouts, "HERE I am, Steelix!" The silver & grey warrior rushes into sight, and admits evilly, "I can't tell you how good it is to SEE you again, Jen." She turns and approaches him, stressing, "I'm NOT here for a reunion." Steelix walks closer, "You mean you haven't missed me? Because I'VE missed YOU. In fact, you're all i've thought about for YEARS. I've been dreaming about the day I'd find you again, and DESTROY you!" Jen remains standing in place, as he stops within six feet of her. She stares at him, serious & stern, simply raising her left eyebrow during his admission of cryogenic obsession. Steelix holds up her Chrono-Morpher, offering, "You want your Morpher back? Well, come and GET it!" Jen begins breathing heavily, her temperature rising at the sight of her stolen weapon. The mutant tosses the Morpher to the side, and laughs wickedly. Jen cries out, "No!", and attempts to bolt in its direction. Steelix kicks high into the air, prompting Jen to pause and duck backwards, avoiding the blow. She instantly presses on, trying to grab her Chrono-Morpher as it lies on the warehouse floor. Steelix grabs her by her shoulders before she can reach it, and pulls her forcibly back, turns her around, and kicks her into the air. She grunts and is tossed upwards briefly, though lands on her feet, clutching her stomach. Steelix pulls his rifle-blaster from out of nowhere, and begins firing sharp jolts of purple energy at Jen. She darts across the room, dodging all shots fired, just barely. Jen rolls along the ground as sparks flash behind her. She quickly rushes up and kicks Steelix in the chest, causing him to tumble back and drop his rifle. He's stunned for only a moment, noticing his rifle within range, and remarking, "Ha-ha!" Jen sees it too, and proceeds to footsweep it off into the far corner of the room! Steelix lunges at her, but she just continues off the momentum of her footsweep and kicks him in the gut. He blocks most of that one with his arm, thus, she tries to throw a punch at him, which he ducks. Jen throws two more punches at him, using each fist, though each one is deflected by the mutant's anticipation of her moves.

Steelix underestimates her, and allows Jen to twist his left arm around, holding him down in a painful crouch. She uses this advantage to scream at him, "You betrayed the Time Force, and for WHAT?! For MONEY!" Steelix breaks out of her hold, kicks her in the backs of the knees, and begins holding her by her left arm, on the knees, same position he just was. He admits viciously, "Yes, money. But Money means NOTHING to me now! There's only ONE thing that I want, and that's my REVENGE!" Jen flips her body over while crouched, and rolls onto her feet, breaking out of his hold. She swiftly throws a kick back at him, causing Steelix is hurl through the air, slamming into a tall stack of blue barrels. Jen poses her fists fiercely, then attacks him, throwing a kick as he crawls out of the pile of barrels. He ducks under, and recovers to his feet, only to have Jen begin tossing rapid kicks at his chest. He blocks or ducks under most all, leading to her attempting to land a punch. He grabs her fist before it can hit him, and grips it tightly, lifting her arm into the air. Jen spins around in place, releasing his hold. Steelix rips a kick into the air, she ducks. His foot strikes a nearby wall, allowing him to launch himself into the air, and to begin a sort of lopsided bicycle kick (a series of short & rapid midair kicks). Jen groans loudly, and covers her face, but ends up falling down, and rolling over backwards. She recovers on all fours, gasping for breath, but not weary one bit. Steelix flexes his arm and growls. Jen glances over and spots her Chrono-Morpher still on the cement floor where he left it. She makes a break for it again, somersaulting across the concrete, snatching it up, and getting it back on her left wrist between scenes. Jen, back on her feet, motions her arms and proclaims, "Time for... Time Force!" Her full Morphing sequence plays, from pink-glowing body in the pink digital tunnel, through the DNA strand exploding, to her appearing fully morphed as the Pink Time Force Power Ranger. At the Clock Tower, Circuit's clear-glass underbelly starts lighting up with all sorts of red & blue blinking blocks & circles. The robotic owl turns and announces to the team, "Jen's Morpher's been activated!" The gang, previously just sitting around twiddling their thumbs, jump into action, with Wes replying, "We're on it!"


At the old warehouse, the Pink TF Ranger pulls out her V-5 cannon, and exclaims, "V-Weapon!" She starts firing a steady series of concussive sparking bursts at Steelix, who has regained his rifle-blaster and racing along ahead of the pink laserbeams. He returns fire, shooting purplish bolts. Jen howls as she rolls out of the way of the blasts, firing back with even more aggression. Steelix avoids getting shot, and leaps over a stack of crates. He braces himself against one, and fires his rifle at Jen, shooting V-5 right out of her hands. Steelix is suddenly right up in front of the Pink Ranger, holding his rifle aimed pointblank at her helmet. He remarks facetiously, "Maybe we should be partners again, Jen." She'll hear none of it, smacking the rifle's barrel aside and throwing a sharp kick at the mutant. Steelix teleports out of danger in a flash of blue light & pixilization, her kick missing him completely. Pink Ranger begins frantically looking around, announcing angrily aloud, "I'd NEVER work with a traitor like YOU, Steelix!" She fails to notice him appearing behind her, jabbing the end of his rifle into the center of her back. She jerks into frozen fear, as Steelix replies, "I'm SORRY to hear that." He leads her around in a circle, and comments, "But maybe I can change your mind." Jen growls, "I don't THINK so." Steelix pulls out a small, handheld bottle (silver & gold, matching his body), and sprays out a fine gaseous mist. Despite her Pink Ranger helmet over her head, Jen starts coughing uncontrollably when doused with the aerosol chemical spray. She finally faints, passing out, sprawled across the cement floor unconscious. Steelix mentions from experience, "You always have to do things the hard way, don't you?"

Just then, the other four Time Force Power Rangers enter through the still-opened front door of the warehouse. Red Ranger leads the way and calls out, "JEN! Where are you!?" Steelix turns his attention to them, quipping eager for action, "PER-fect!" Wes spots his unconscious teammate, and yells, "What have you DONE to her?!" Steelix ominously states, "You'll find out SOON enough!", before racing for an exit in the back of the building. Wes demands for him to stop, but he ignores the Rangers as the begin rushing after him. The Pink TF Ranger lies on the floor (on her back, while she was on her stomach a moment ago), and instantly demorphs in the usual warping flash of gold light & green digital data. Jen is stirred awake by this process, opening her eyes and gently moving her head. The four Rangers head to her side, and stop for a moment. Red Ranger bends down next to her, and says, "JEN! I'll take care of her. You guys go after Steelix!" Yellow Ranger agrees, "Right!", and joins Blue & Green as they chase after the mutant, Lucas urging, "Let's GO!" Red Ranger cradles the groggy Jen in his arms carefully. She moans deeply, prompting him to deactivate, "Power Down!" His body demorphs the same way hers did, leaving him to call out her name loudly as he gently slaps her face, trying to get her back to full consciousness. Jen slowly sits up, and is helped up to her feet by Wes, giving her a boost. She rubs her face, attempting to get her barings back together. Wes concertedly asks, "Jen? Are you okay? Jen!" Likely sick of his touchy-feely attitude and shouting in her ear, Jen shoves him aside, and staggers forth, her brown hair dandling in her face. She holds her hands at her side, and begins to curl her fingers together slowly, balling them into ferocious fists, then back into vicious claws. Jen turns completely around, her body now creepily shrouded by shadows, as her eyes becoming visible to us first. Her pupils are deep red, the whiteness bloodshot, dark bags beneath them, and the skin around her mouth seems to glow with a fangish green tint (thanks to the way the light passes through her hair)! Jen stares evilly at Wes, and replies in a deadly cold tone with a wicked grin, "I'm FINE." Wes swallows hard, and looks at her, fearfully confused, asking, ".... Jen?"

Before Wes knows it, the evilly enchanted Jen shouts a battle cry and leaps into the air, throws a few kicks at him on the way up. This sends him flying across the room, skidding his back against the concrete! He limply lies on the floor, grasping his chest and groaning with a grimacing expression. Jen lands perfectly, and pants demonically, smiling with equal unholy furor. Wes looks at her with betrayed eyes, asking, "Jen, what're you DOING!?" She howls another primal roar of rage, and dashes forward to attack. Outside, Steelix is also dashing forward, running across a very empty parking lot, laughing triumphantly. Yellow & Green Rangers leap through the air, hiyaahing. Steelix turns to the sound of their voices, and gets a surprise double-punch in his chest by the jumping pair. He tumbles over, but quickly gets back up, aims his rifle-blaster, and vows, "You'll PAY for that!" He fires a blast as Trip & Katie once they land, knocking both into an uncontrollable flip through the air. They fall down from the bursting boom, and lie licking their wounds in the smoke, when Blue Ranger finally arrives (did he stop to fix his hair?!). Lucas bends down and asks, "You guys alright?" Katie nods, "Yeah.", and Trip confirms breathlessly, "Uh-huh." Blue Ranger bolts forth, proclaiming, "Good. Let's GET 'em!" Yellow & Green shrug off their bruises, pose, and follow suit. Lucas throws a high kick at Steelix, who ducks and throws one back, prompting the Blue Ranger to attempt a footsweep on him. The mutant hops over it, and jabs his rifle's barrel at Yellow Ranger. Katie grabs it and yanks it away from aiming at her, so Steelix slaps her across the helmet with his weapon. He then throws a backwards-kick into the Green Ranger, causing Trip to hit the pavement with a crunching grunt.

Inside the warehouse, Jen grabs Wes, and slams him into a stack of crates with a loud growl. He's winded, but tries to reason with her, pleading, "Jen! It's ME! Wes!" The possessed Pink TF Officer continues ferociously howling as she throws a few high kicks (her black underpanty-protector gets quite a bit of screentime this episode), the first one he ducks under, the second he blocks with his forearm. Jen rapidly punches Wes in the gut, then tries to toss a very wounded-up twirling backhand-punch. He ducks under that, causing her to instead hit those crates mighty hard. Jen whips her evil head around, and when Wes finishes rolling, she kicks him back off his feet. She spins around and continues with another kick, inspiring him to put his leg up to block it. Jen decides to twirl her whole body into the air, and land her heel deeply into his chest. But, unfortunately, he quickly moves, causing her boot-heel to instead slide harmlessly against the dusty cement. Wes' eyes widen when he sees that near-miss of an attack, but can't rest for long, as Jen then sweeps her boot-heel along the floor, trying to knock him down again. He does a leaping roll over her body, and crawls as fast as he can away from her. Jen gets up, runs his way, launches herself off the edge of the stack of crates, and hurls her whole body at Wes! She lands on him, grabs his shoulders, and pulls him around painfully to face her. Jen nearly strangles him as she grips his collar, and despite being choked by the deadly deranged dame, Wes tries to remind her, "You're... under some kind of a spell! We're BOTH on the same side!" This angers the already enraged Jen, making her heave Wes over into the stack of crates. He slams into them, horizontally, and drops on the ground in a limp heap.

Outside, Blue Ranger tosses a few high punches at Steelix, who ducks and blocks each one. Steelix then returns a backhanded punch that Lucas blocks, only to have the mutant cross under his defenses with a low elbow blow to the ribs. Blue Ranger is downed by the swift move, and rolls along the pavement in a bit of a daze. Green Ranger stops by his side, comfortingly asks, "Lucas, are you alright?" He nods, "I'm okay!" Trip then pulls out his twin blades, summoning, "Chrono-Sabers!" Green Ranger leaps into the air with a loud hiyaah, and when he lands in front of Steelix, starts slashing at him. The metal mutant blocks a few swipes, but eventually, Trip down-slices into his chest, causing a sparking burst. Inside the warehouse, Jen glares bloodthirsty at Wes, panting primally as she approaches him slowly. Wes pleads, "Jen, You've GOTTA remember!" She ignores his words and focuses on trying to decapitate him with her bare hands. He ducks and escapes from the stack of crates, and she tears into thin air. Jen turns and begins giving vicious grunts, which, along with her wicked grin, provide ample signs of evilness. Wes, so scared to fight back with the woman he likes a whole lot, and likely scared she's gonna rip out his entrails, cowers behind a stack of blue & green barrels. Just like in the movie "Grease", Wes peeks out one side, then tries to pop around the other, only to have Jen show up there as well, and take an angry punch at his head. He ducks, the blue barrel is knocked over, and Wes makes his move. He grabs Jen in a very firm and tight hug, blocking her punches, and then restricting her from attacking by restraining her shoulders. She struggles with all her evilly enhanced might, to no avail. Wes holds her close, and repeats his lines from earlier empassionately, "We're ALL Time Force Officers! We HAVE to stick together!" Jen's zombie-like face changes its expression from maniacal, to realization, as she calms her struggles down slightly, and flashes back. We see Wes from earlier (different angle, this being how she saw the scene) saying, "We're ALL Time Force Officers." Then quickly over to Jen in the TF Prison, watching Steelix being put away. Then back to when she was aiming her Chrono-Blaster, while putting her partner under arrest. Again to Wes from earlier, her POV, "Do you trust me?"

The sudden montage ends, with zombie-faced Jen's head on his shoulder, no longer putting up a fight, her inner fury quelled. Wes continues hugging her deeply for a moment, then eases up when he notices she's clamed. He keeps a hold on her, when he looks her in her baggy-eyes and asks, "Do you TRUST me?" Jen fails to reply, instead collapsing unconsciously against his chest. Her right hand drops from a palm-up alert position, to a slumping loose appendage. Jen begins to open her eyes, her face having returned to normal (scraps & all), the spell broken. She stands up on her own, locks eyes with Wes, and nods with a smile, "Yeah, I trust you." Meanwhile, outside, Steelix rolls across the ground and recovers his rifle-blaster. Before he can fire it, the Yellow Time Force Ranger appears behind him, and grabs his back. Katie lifts him into the air, high over her head, and exclaims, "That's about ENOUGH outta you!" She gives him the old heave-ho, tossing him into the air, making the mistake of throwing Steelix in such a way that he can aim and fire his rifle! The purple-bolt blasts land just behind and twice in front of the Yellow, Blue, and Green TF Rangers, causing a massive series of explosions that flip our hero trio off their feet. Steelix approaches the three as they lie on the ground, writhing with agony. He boasts, "Time Force was NEVER a match for me! And THIS time, i'm going to finally destroy you!" He aims his rifle at the helpless Rangers, when suddenly he's struck by a double sparking-flash! Stunned, he groans and looks to the left, witnessing the Red & Pink TF Rangers racing onto the scene side by side, wielding their Chrono-Blasters. Jen gloats, "We'll SEE about that!" Steelix, shocked to see she fought off the spray-spell, gasps, "That's not possible!" Wes & Jen rush over (reholstering their weapons between scenes), and stand in front of their three wounded teammates as they recover. Red Ranger promises, "We're taking you IN!"

Pink Ranger steps forward, and the scene switches from a parking lot to a wide courtyard, as she holds up her gold-rimmed TF Badge, and proclaims, "Time Force!" The badge surges with pink electricity, before Jen remarks sternly, "You're on the WRONG side of the law, Steelix!" The former TF Officer turned criminal scoffs, "DON'T make me laugh! Time Force is nothing but a JOKE." He's about to fire his rifle-blaster at the team, when stray ball of energy strikes his hand, causes his body to glow bluish, and drop the gun in a frying jolt. The rifle falls on the pavement smoking, Steelix's right arm smoking, as he looks over at the source of this unexpected attack. It's Eric, the Commander of the Silver Guardians (though today, he's wearing his blue CGD hat instead of his red beret)! He's holding his SG Blaster in hand, as he stands in the empty parking lot, and remarks, "We'll see who gets the last laugh." Eric shouts into the black & crimson Quantum Morpher on his wrist, "Quantum Power!" His Morphing sequence plays fully, with the white binary number waves and all, as he morphs into the Time Force's rogue Quantum Ranger. The scene is back in the courtyard, with the Red TF Ranger gasping, "Er-ic! What're YOU doing here?!" The Quantum Ranger replies arrogantly, "Huh! What do you THINK i'm doing here? As USUAL, i'm here to bail you guys out!" Wes, getting used to his old pal's attitude, remarks upbeat, "Every little bit helps." Steelix pounds his fist into his palm, and boasts, "I don't care HOW many Rangers there are. I'll destroy you ALL!" He aims his hand outward, causing an army of Cyclobots to appear on the scene. They come marching in like anti-saints, prompting the Blue Ranger to leap into the air, twirl his body in a tight spin, and land a sharp kick into the chest of two of the robodrones. Yellow Ranger pulls out her V-4 weapon, firing at a standing line of Cyclobots at the top of a short stairway. They're downed in sparking smoke by the yellow laserbeams, Katie quickly turning round and firing at another behind her. Red Ranger is in the middle of the fray, elbowing and jump-kicking two Cyclobots down. Green Ranger has his Chrono-Saber in Electro Booster Mode. He uses the large orange & white device to smack some Cyclos off of him, before leaping up into the air and firing downward. The small gang of Cyclobots standing below are struck with the rippling golden energy, leaving no trace of their robotic forms behind. Quantum Ranger is in the middle of one of the "blearily effected action" sequences, slashing through several Cyclobots with his Quantum Defender in Saber mode.

Steelix has recovered his rifle, and holds it in his possession, as he walks towards Jen, gloating, "At LAST! It's PAYback time!" The Pink Time Force Ranger has her Chrono-Sabers out in double-blade mode, and quips, "We'll see about that!" She whips the end of it at him, firing bolts of pink energy his way. Steelix stands tall, all bursts of power passing right by him. He fires back with his rifle, blasting Jen onto the ground with a flashy shot to the chest. Steelix chuckles as she crouches in his line of sight, bidding, "GoodBYE, partner!" The mutant fires at the Pink Ranger, engulfing her in sparks and smoke as she lets out agonized groans. Steelix lifts his rifle in the air, and comments bitterly, "What a pity." The smoke clears, revealing her double-bladed Saber lying on the ground, but no body to be found! Steelix gasps in disbelief, "What?!", and rushes over to the spot where she was last seen. He picks up her Saber, and grumbles, "I don't believe this! Where'd she go?!" He frantically looks around, seeing no sign of Jen. Suddenly, she calls out, "Looking for ME, partner?!" Steelix glances upward, and is stunned to see the Pink Ranger flying across the sky, firing her V-5 weapon! The shots strike him in the ribs, causing him to yelp in pain, and send her double-bladed Chrono-Saber twirling into the air. Jen catches it in her hand in midair, and while landing, she slashes her Saber downwards, causing a trailing slice of pink binary energy to rip through his body! Steelix's stainless steel body bursts with sparks & smokes, and as he falls, the Pink Ranger poses victorious with her Sabers & V-Weapon. Lying on his back, covered in smoke, the TF traitor states weakly, "I'm not through YET!" The other four Time Force Rangers regroup around their pink leader, having disposed of the robodrones. Wes exclaims, "Alright, Jen!" The Pink Ranger urges her foe on, "Let's GO, Steelix!" Steelix staggers to his feet, and makes a funny, "Did you say... GROW? Ha ha ha ha ha!" He lifts his left arm, and yanks off the gold & black DNA patch from under the forearm. This exposes his DNA, which chain reacts and makes him growling big. Jen calls into her Morpher, "Circuit, we need help!" At the Clock Tower, Circuit confirms, "The Time Flyers are ON the way, Jen!" The portal from the future opens over the dome, with the five Time Flyers emerging. Our heroes hop in, with Pink Ranger telling her teammates from her cockpit, "Heads up, guys! He's going to fight DOWN & dirty!" Red Ranger replies eagerly, "And we ARE ready for 'em!" In the year 3000, the Mystery Man sits at his console, pressing buttons. His female-computer voice, which sounds more ultra robotic-like than usual, states, "Beginning Shadow Winger launch sequence." The screen above shows the Shadow Winger loaded and revolving around on the TF runway. Mystery Man focuses on activating the launch through his dark-lensed sunglasses, opening the secret compartment and flipping the two switches. The computer voice announces, "Launch Shadow Winger." The Trans-Warp Megazord does as ordered, punching the Winger into the Time Gate! It passes through to the other side of the spinning green vortex, emerging through an eclipse in the present day.

While the Time Force Megazord forms into Mode Blue, the Shadow Winger transforms partially into its Time Shadow Megazord form. The two sets of Megazords lock on together via the usual methods, and form the Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue! On the ground below, Eric calls into his Quantum Morpher, "Q-Rex! Arise!" The Quantasaurus Rex sprints past a few buildings as it makes the scene. Quantum Ranger presses a button, and activates, "Megazord Mode... NOW!" The Q-Rex shifts its body parts around, and changes to its upright Quantasaurus Rex Megazord formation, the background Earthquaking and exploding. Shadow Force Megazord in Mode Blue grips its Saber-Blaster tightly, while standing next to the Q-Rex Megazord, both facing Steelix, who stands across from them, near a pile of rubble, "I CAME for my revenge, and NOTHING is going to STOP me!" Quantum Ranger begs to differ, by pressing a button on his Morpher and ordering, "Q-Rex Missiles, FIRE!" The Quantasaurus Rex Megazord aims its right gatling-hand, and begins propelling the red rockets at the mutant. Steelix pulls out his rifle-blaster, and casually shoots each & every missile out of the air harmlessly! In the Shadow Force control room, Yellow Ranger gasps in awe, "He's got incredible firepower!" After finishing off the missiles, Steelix fires at both Megazords. They're engulfed by sparking bursts, causing both to stagger slightly. Shadow Force Mode Blue then leaps into the air, aims its Saber-Blaster outward, and fires a surge of power that chops Steelix's rifle explosively out of his hands! Quantum Ranger demands into his Morpher, "Get him!" The Q-Rex is about to step forward to whip some tail, when Shadow Force Mode Blue halts its progression by gently blocking its path with the Saber-Blaster. Red Ranger tells the savage Megazord, "WE'LL take care of this one. Time Target!" The green clockface target is created downward of SF Mode Blue, allowing it to fire the Saber-Blaster into the giant number digits. They fall in a perfect circle around Steelix, who cries out one last vow, "I WILL have my revenge... !" The final number falls, freezing him in place amid the green beams of light connecting into him. Wes aims his remote Saber, shouts, "FI-RE!", causing the Megazord to copy his actions, and drops a flaming bullet-ball onto the mutant. From an under-clockface angle, we see the explosion swallow Steelix whole as he screams. The scene freezes in a green glow, allowing the Pink Ranger to put her first partner away for good again, by motioning her arm and proclaiming, "YOUR time is UP!" The green fades, the explosion continues, before imploding in on Steelix's body, as do the giant green numbers, swirling into a field around him, causing his body to shrink and fall. His tiny Chrono-Frozen form lands on the cement, steam rising from his rigidly still doll-like body.


Soon, at the Clock Tower, Trip places the most recent cryogenic containment capsule into the storage freezer. We see the tiny imprisoned bodies of Klawlox, "Punky Bruisester", and an unnamed white mutant (from Timeranger vs. GoGoV!). The setup for placing them in cold storage is slightly different than we've last seen, as the Chrono-Tubes on this particular shelf are in two rows, one in front of the other. Trip shuts the silver metal door on Steelix's resealed body, and slaps close the keypad lock. Katie puts her arms around him from behind, and gives him a warm, happy hug. Over at the table, Jen sits in front of the Holoscreen, informing Captain Logan, "Steelix has been recaptured. And this time he's NOT going anywhere." Logan's flickering holo-image from the future nods proudly, praising, "Good work, Jen." The transmission ends, with Jen still staring forward, face still showing wounds, quite a different woman from when she first turned her partner in, yet still the same. A bell dings, signifying that the oven (a rather small white electric one, never seen before this episode) has completed baking something. Jen hurries over, passing Wes, who is holding an icepack to his head as he attempts to turn on the TV. He places the icepack (the same one we saw Katie use a few shows ago) against the right side of face, and looks over at Jen, blinking repeatedly in curiosity. He removes the pack, showing that his eye is bruised and swollen, and he's got a bloody scab to the left of his lip. Jen, using a purple mitt, pulls a rusty old pan out of the oven, containing six chocolate chip cookies! Wes anxiously asks, "Hey-ey! What's this?!", before sticking the icepack back on his head. Jen admits, "I made them for you! I figured, it was the least I could do, after... you know." Wes pulls off the pack, looks at it, and confirms amusedly, "Oh... yeah, I know!" Trip, grimacing, walks over to the eyebrow-raised Lucas (who appears to be posing for a Sears catalogue with his knee up like that), with Katie still holding on to his shoulders, giving a look of anticipation for what is about to happen. Wes humbly adds, "But ya shouldn't have!" Jen smiles and lifts the pan, offering the cookies to him. Wes drops his icepack, and picks up a cookie, the freshly baked heat giving his fingers a tiny tingle. He holds it up and asks the other three, "Hey, you guys want some?!" Lucas, Trip, and Katie, all seemingly aware of Jen's cooking ability, shake their heads in unison, uncomfortably denying. Trip smiles, "Oh, NO! Hehe, that's okay!" Wes blows on his cookie a few times, then takes a big bite out of it. A few chews later, his jaw starts slowing down, and his eyes widen. He immediately makes a grunt of disgust, spitting the cookie out all over the floor. Jen appears offended, as the other three just stand around laughing. Wes sourly quips, "Augh! You REALLY shouldn't 've! UGH!" Jen smirks, and picks up a cookie, giving it a try. She takes a bite, but doesn't even get to chew before the taste hits her like a ton of bricks. She retches with her mouth open, covering it with her hand as the other three laugh even harder at their expense. Looks like she left the eggs behind the dumpster a little too long!

Finally, in the year 3000 once more, Captain Logan has reentered the secret chamber at Time Force Headquarters. He salutes the Mystery Man, reporting, "Sir! Steelix has been recaptured." Mystery Man sits at the console, his outline lit only by the images of the TF runway on the screen above him. He speaks for the first time, replying sternly to the Captain, "Excellent." Logan salutes again, before silently heading for the door. Mystery Man lowers his head, contemplating events. Before Captain Logan can open the door, Mystery Man states, "There's something else." Logan spins on his heel, and anxiously asks, "Yes, sir?" Mystery Man removes his TF-issued sunglasses, setting them upside down on the console with his black-gloved hands. He stands up from his seat, and remarks, "I'm afraid the future is shifting. It may be time for ME... to get involved." The Mystery Man, his face still covered in shadows, steps away from his computer console, walking over to join Captain Logan in emerging from this dark & secret room. How long before MM's own dark secrets become revealed?

[Scenes from "Frax's Fury"; End Credits]

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