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Power Rangers Time Force
"End Of Time, Pt 1"
Original Air Date:11/03/01 Footage & some story elements from:
Timeranger #48 - Mirai he No Kikan (Back To The Future)
*Season 9, byte 38
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1138
*38th episode of PRTF
*416th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Edward Laurence Albert _AS_ Mr. Collins
Additional Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Alex
Kelsey Chapman _AS_ Little Girl
Jeff Griggs _AS_ Dr. Louis Fericks [spelled 'Ferricks' here]
Shannon Muchow _AS_ Pregnant Woman
Douglas Fisher _AS_ Philips, the Butler [spelled 'Phillips' here]
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)
Monica Louwerens _AS_ Time Ship Computer (voice; uncredited)


Due to the alteration of history (or just to remind the audience), this following scene is actually the very final scene from the previous episode, reshot & changed slightly but significantly. In the main room of the Clock Tower, the Hologram Viewing Screen is powered up, displaying a flickering image of Alex, in his white leather suit. The Holoscreen is on the picnic table, where Trip sits, Jen stands at ease with her arms behind her back, and Katie & Lucas lean forward against the tabletop. Wes is standing far behind them all. In the transmission from the year 3000, Alex is sitting at his command console, stating, "Rangers! Your mission is nearly finished. Only Frax, and Ransik remain." Trip happily replies with a smile, "I KNOW! And then we get to go home, right?!" Alex sternly replies, "No, Trip." He stands up from his black chair, and begins to pace about the darkened Mystery Man chamber. Black leather gloves held behind his back, Alex finally pauses and looks toward the Holoscreen, admitting, "Details are unclear... But according to the History Banks, there's a MASSIVE attack on the city." The five Time Force Officers of the year 2001 collectively stare with stone faces at the Holoscreen, as Alex sends them an image from the very near future. It's Silver Hills, and above the city is a massive, purple & black Time Hole. The sky around it is blood red, and lighting begins to surge out of the vortex. Skyscrapers are slowly lifted into the air, and sucked into the portal, one by one, ripping them out of their foundations hastily, leaving pockets of flames behind. All five of the Time Force Officers watch this image in horror as it unfolds before them in the flickering transmission. Not a happy face among them, our heroes change expressions in an instant, ranging from shock to distress to confusion to alertness to downright worry. The image shifts back to Alex, who leans against the back of his mesh chair, and speaks directly into the Holoscreen, "NONE of you survive... to make it back." Jen furiously leans against the table, asking, "What do you mean, we don't surVIVE to make it BACK!?" Katie argues, "There MUST be a way to STOP it! What if we...?" Alex cuts her off, "Katie. The attack CAN'T be stopped. But there IS one way to escape." Wes is at first slowly looking downward, but when the offer of continued existence is brought up, he sharply lifts his head with renewed hope.

The four from the future all lean against the table, watching the Holoscreen closely. The transmission is a bit staticy and it sorta flickers, but remains strong enough for them to watch as Alex sits back down in his chair. After a short, tension-filled pause, Alex orders calmly, "I'm going to send the Time Ship. The four of you are to return to the year 3000 imMEdiately." Trip scrunches his face, as he wonders, "The FOUR of us?!" The four of them all turn around, and look toward Wes, who seems stunned speechless by this abandonment. Lucas quickly asks Alex, "What about Wes?!" The four turn their attention back to the Holoscreen, where Alex admits, "Unfortunately, he's not FROM the year 3000. He must stay in his OWN time." Wes looks downward once more distraughtly, as Jen listens to her fiance with a face full of sadness. Alex urges, "I suggest you prepare to return. You MUST leave beFORE the Time Hole begins to open." He then points out to his DNA double, "And Wes...?" Again, Wes lifts his head up with clinging hope. Alex merely expresses remorse, "I'm sorry. There's NO other way." He then presses a button on the control board, causing his transmission to cease with a loud blip. Once the Holoscreen goes empty in the present, the four TFs turn around and look back at Wes. No words exchanged, simply glances of helplessness. Wes inhales deeply, and grinds his teeth, all he can do after basically being told he's going to face the oncoming apocalypse alone. Meanwhile, in the wooded outskirts of Silver Hills, lies that darned lopsided Prison Ship. Deep within, Ransik stands atop a balcony, with Gluto & Nadira at his sides. The area looks like the same metal construction area loading zone type that Astronema rallied her Quantron troops in 'Countdown To Destruction'. Less rallying and more demanding, Ransik stands at a dusty control podium, announcing as loud as he can, "THIS traitor must PAY! Leave NO stone unturned! SEARCH every corner of the CITY! Every SHADOW, everyWHERE he might HIDE! Find FRAX!!" Below the balcony, stands a countless armada of Cyclobots. Both gold & silver suited versions of the Robodrones await patiently for their mutant master's orders. Once he finishes his proclamation, the Cyclobots instantly start jerking their arms up and down, each carrying a Cyclo-Saber in hand. Their rigid robotic movements aren't quite in perfect unison, but what do you expect from what amounts to an army of leftovers?

[Opening Credits]

The sky above the city of Silver Hills is blackened out by a thick embankment of acrid smoke. Light illuminating from the raging fires atop several buildings amid the center of town gives the nearby atmosphere a blood-red tint. The source of this disaster lies directly above, a large, dark blue & black, violent, and destructive Time Hole formation. Three individual skyscrapers are ripping from their foundations, and slowly rise into the event horizon of the Temporal Maelstrom. Lightning crackles within the Time Hole, as each building is swallowed into the void with a mere blink of light. Inside the purplish throat of the chrono-fissure, four figures are sucked into the negating darkness against their wills: Katie, Trip, Lucas, and Jen. They reach out and scream aloud, as they are pulled upward into the depths of their doom. Jen cries out with a trailing whine, "Weeeeeeeeesssss!", until, she too has vanished within the inky blackness of elimination.

Suddenly, Wes sits up in his bed, screaming from fright, "YAHH!" He's covered with sweat, and wearing a red tank top. It's the dead of night, so Wes' face is only profiled by a thin glint of moonlight from a nearby window. Breathing heavily, he blinks his eyes deeply and groans between gasps, "Ohh, Jen." Wes reaches up and runs his left hand through his soaked mop of hair, squinting again as he tries to shake off the lingering turmoil of his terrible nightmare. The sound of distant voices gains his dazed & groggy attention, prompting him to turn, then get up from his cot. Wes peers over the balcony, spotting his four teammates, all wearing their usual outfits, sitting around the table, with a single light shining down upon them. Jen stands at the end of the table, stating, "You ALL heard Alex's order. We need to decide RIGHT away, and it HAS to be unanimous." Lucas adds, "Alright, guys. Jen's right. We NEED to take a vote. Now, who's in?" Jen is first to reply, "I am." Trip agrees, "Me, too." Katie remarks, "I DEFinitely am." Lucas then says, "I'm counting in, for sure." By the time Wes reaches the bottom of the steps, Jen concludes with her three partners, "Okay. Then it's settled." They all turn to see him approaching, inspiring the sitting three to stand. All burdened eyes focus on sweaty Wes, as he soppingly wonders with near dread, "What're YOU guys doing up?" Jen informs him, "We've made a decision." She looks at Lucas, who nods gently, before she continues, "We're NOT going back in the Time Ship." Eyes-widened, Wes exclaims, "WHAT?!" He bolts forward, grabbing both of Jen's arms with his hands, as he enthusiastically argues, "But you HAVE to. Alex said...!" Trip steps up between them, and reasons to Wes, "If YOU can make your own destiny... then so can WE." Lucas notes with a small nod, "We're gonna stay and FIGHT... together." Jen tender grabs Wes' drippy shoulders, and tells him flatly, "We're a TEAM, Wes. No matter WHAT happens." Wes is once again speechless, left only to blink and smirk somewhat. He may be all wet on the outside, but when it comes to being able to talk his teammates out of escaping inevitable destruction, he's all dried out.

The following morning, the search for Frax has begun. Cyclobots crowd around on a rooftop in the city. A silver-suited Robodrone gets on his knees, and peeks under a rusty metal air conditioner. Nothing is found in that thin slot, so the Cyclo gets up, and swivels his torso around. A gold-suited Cyclo checks inside the run-down fan compartment of said air conditioner, also coming up empty. Having thoroughly checked the roof of what appeared to be an abandoned building, the Cyclobots quickly march down the stairs. In charge of this search party, is Gluto. He rubs his horned head, and bemoans, "Heheh, He's GOT ta be around here SOMEwhere!" Down by the river, Cyclobots scour the beach. One even hangs around in a tree! Two other Cyclos chop hastily into a single bush with their Cyclo-Sabers. Back in the city, Nadira reluctantly leads a small crew of Cyclobots through a deserted plaza courtyard. The Robodrones rapid glance around in all directions as they follow her, keep an eye out for any signs of their golden creator-bot (since AN eye is all each of them have!). Nadira kinda drags her feet a little, bobbing her white leather headpiece-wearing head from side to side, also snapping her cape around with her hands on her hips. She's quite bored, and making it well known to anyone who sees her. Nadira checks out her nails, and finally pauses in her tracks. The Cyclobots pass around her, as she stands on the sidewalk, giving an uninterested sigh, before lifting her hand to slowly yawn. Nadira's squeal-like yawn turns to a gasp of smiling delight, when she opens her eyes and spots a clothing store right around the corner! It's called "The Boutique Chic of Silver Hills", and is filled with nothing but women's fancy attire. Through the clear door, we can see a pregnant woman happily looking at an ugly multicolored skirt with a saleslady. Nadira looks at the Cyclobots, and evilly demands, "Keep looking HERE, you tinheads. I'LL do my OWN search... over there! Hehah!" Her voice trails off into a high-pitched giddiness, as she skips along and heads off to the Boutique.

Meanwhile, at the ocean, just northwest of Silver Hills, violent waves crash against the rocky shore. The loud sound of the water in motion is not nearly as loud as the trilling whine of the yellow pear-shaped Time Ship, as it descends from a Time Hole. Not just any Time Hole, but a massive blue & black one, EXACTLY like those that are destined to destroy much of the city. Is the timestream vortex already displaying the decaying effects of the approaching Temporal Maelstrom? Something like that. Anyway, the Time Ship slowly zooms through the portal, and gently lands on the grassy knoll overlooking the beach. Quite a bit of sand & dust is kicked up, as the thrusters decelerate. The hefty Time Ship sets down, causing the ground to rock quite loudly. The sound of the auto-piloted engines die off, but the trio of blue lights on the nose of the time-faring vessel remain blinking in random succession.

Soon, back over at the Boutique Chic, Nadira has single-handedly taken everyone at the store hostage. The small group of females cower on the floor in fear, all crying out in terror when Nadira snaps back the golden dressing room curtains with a loud yelp. She gives a maniacal laugh, then a haughtily struts out, sporting a new black & glittery-silver two piece designer outfit. Nadira even has the gall to ask, "How do I look?", before giggling sadistically again, as she walks through the store. The female hostages tremble with fear, all watching their captor closely, giving stifled cries of fright. Nadira passes the pregnant woman from earlier, who, thanks to the stress of the current situation, is now breathing heavily. She exhales loudly, and clutches her oversized belly, appearing to be in the first stages of labor. Nadira stops and wonders cruelly, "What's wrong with YOU?!" This strange sight, to a pink-haired mutant woman from a test-tube future, causes Nadira to cringe, grimace, and give a groan of disgust, "Ewwwgh!" The pregnancy distraction allows Trip to suddenly open the front door to the Boutique, and quickly enter solo. He calls out, "Hold it RIGHT there, Nadira!" Nadira jumps to alertness the moment Trip opens the door, spinning around and preparing to face the whole team. Her wicked expression shifts to disregard, as she looks past both of the Time Force Officer's shoulders, finding no sign of his teammates. Nadira scoffs in a debutante accent, "Only ONE Ranger? Huh! Please!" Trip stands fierce as the glass door slowly closes behind him, no less brave despite lacking backup. Nadira immediately hisses like a cat, and readies her evil-acrylic nails like claws, as she darts toward Trip, howling viciously. Trip gets in a battle ready stance. The pregnant woman huffs & puffs more rapidly, holding her swelled stomach tightly, with a fellow female patron touching her shoulder in support.

The clothing store duel begins, with Nadira throwing a high kick at Trip, who blocks it with his forearm. She then throws her other black panted leg over his head, prompting him to duck under, and then roll beneath a clothing rack situated nearby. Trip quickly slides the miscellaneous feminine garments with both hands, allowing him an open space with which to toss a kick at Nadira through. She squeals, and narrowly avoids being hit. Trip pushes the wheeled rack to the side, but unable to strike her with it. Nothing between the two, Trip eggs her on with a motioning of his fingers, "COME ON!" Nadira squeals and kicks high, but Trip bolts to the side, grabbing another clothing rack. She grabs it as well, the two struggling for but a moment. Nadira's grunting fury wins out, as she knocks the rack over, and tosses another high kick at him. Trip leaps toward the wheeled rack, doing an impressive vault over the upper bar! This keeps him away from a claw-slashing attack by Nadira, but the moment he lands, he tries to kick her, she blocks with a smack, and returns with a sharp kick in his chest. Trip topples through the wheeled rack, and lands on his back harshly in the middle of the semicircle of women hostages. Nadira titters softly with success. Trip shakes off his bruised chest, and clumsily crawls back to his feet. He's about to race into action, when he pauses, and realizes the woman sitting next to him a moment ago is giving birth! Trip turns around without hesitation, and crawls over to her. The pregnant woman has begun moaning aloud, the pangs of contracting pain overwhelming her. Trip touches her jean-covered knees, and it doesn't take a Xybrian forehead gem to see the obvious, which he announces, "Hey! Oh my g... Sh-she's having a BABY! Someone... go get some... blankets!" Nadira watches the scene, anxiously waiting for her green-haired opponent to return. When he fails to, she finally shouts for attention, "HEY! I'M not THROUGH with you yet!"

Nadira struts across the room, looking for some action. Assisted by the other ladies, Trip is helping the agonized pregnant woman to stand, calmly stating, "Easy now. I got 'cha..." Suddenly, Nadira barrels toward him, pushing Trip's shoulder roughly, and giving a bloodcurdling scream! Something along the lines of, "YEEARRRRGHHH!", with accompanied clenches teeth and sneering eyes. Trip "LAT-ER! Can't you SEE, she's having a baby?!" Nadira's nails are curled into a claw, sort of beckoning him to fight. But upon being informed of the panting woman's condition, Nadira once again grimaces and cringes. The pregnant woman sobbingly leans against Trip, leading to him urging of the pink-haired villainess, "Nadira! Get over here! I could use your help!" Nadira is dazed for a second, changing her expression to a different level of disgust, as she denies facetiously, "ExCUSE me." Trip pleads, "HELP me get her into the back room!" The pregnant woman, now sweating bullets, increases her gasping, leading to a shout of pain, her legs buckling somewhat, and a fall prevented by the people holding her up. Trip stresses to his enemy, "NOW!! Let's GO!" Nadira is shocked, but actually gives into the request without much protest, simply whining, "Oh-KAY! Okay!!" Trip actually seems to have a grip on her left wrist, as she takes the pregnant woman's left arm, and aids Trip in guiding her into the golden-curtained dressing room. The strawberry blonde woman is sat down on a Victorian chair, where her grunts and gasps quell slightly. Trip gently informs her, "You'll be okay. She'll take care of you!" He grabs Nadira's shoulders, and persuasively states, "It's YOUR job!" Trip dashes out of the room, closing the curtains behind him. He breathes heavily, smiling gently from relief of escaping the emergency. Nadira tries to follow, pulling open the curtains, and exiting with her hands waving in the air. She seems quite silently disturbed. Trip grabs her shoulders again, and holds her back, proclaiming, "WAIT a second! YOU need to help her!" Nadira presses her hand to her chest, and asking in disbelief, "ME?! Unh-unh! I don't know ANYthing about babies!!!" She doesn't even get a chance to finish her sentence, the words trailing off as Trip shoves her into the dressing room, and closes the curtains again. He holds the curtains together tightly to prevent another escape, possibly being guided by his psychic intuitions as to her role in this natural miracle. The pregnant woman grasps her ballooned belly, begging in agony, "HELP meeeeee!" Nadira smirks nervously, as she cautiously reaches up and pats the woman on the top of her head! She worriedly figures with a sigh, "Ohh, geez. Here goes NOTHing!" The pregnant woman continues to moan, as Nadira rolls her eyes upward, and slowly lowers herself down between the jean-wearing lady's spread legs.


Inside an abandoned steel mill or factory, futuristic technology stands quite out of place with the rusty metal machinery behind it. A blinky, blippy control-sticked console (seen in Frax's previous hideout lab, which is possibly the same one as this) for instance. To the side of it, lies a worktable, with various items atop it. Such as a plate of pure Zirium Powder, a large metal canister containing a blue diamond-shaped Bizirium Crystal within, and about three orange clustered Trizirium Crystals scattered about. One such crystal is beneath the laser-fusion drill, having just been formed out of the Zirium Powder (of which there is a big tube of right next to the drill). Frax picks the fully formed formation up, and comments to himself, "THESE Trizirium Crystals have enough energy to provide PLENty of power to my GREATest creation. Together, Doomtron and I will be inVINCible! Heheheh!" He sets the Trizirium down on the glass square, which pulls itself back into the good old EZ-Bake Energy Oven. Frax closes the lid, and the crystal is then energized. He turns and looks skyward, dwarf by the majestic presence of his latest robotic creation, named Doomtron. We saw Doomtron being build back in "Circuit Unsure", though he was only about 6 or 7 feet tall at best then. The dark golden robot with gatling shoulders and clawed hands is now multiple stories tall, basically Zord sized. Doomtron stands with two steel girders to its side, exactly like the hangar Dragontron was stored in. An eerie light shines from behind the massive robot's head, silhouetting his featureless face, save for the two round yellow eyes. Frax gazes upward, and exclaims with psychotic pride, "What a MASTerpiece! RANsik himself would bow down in AWE before me when the ultimate deSTRUCTion begins.... That is, if he were around to SEE it!" From one angle, you can clearly see the shape of a DNA Patch on Doomtron's leg, with the purple & white stripes exposed, thus explaining the growth in size. Just like with Tronicon, Frax applied mutant DNA cells to his robot to provide a boost in height.

Enough time and messiness has past at the Boutique Chic, allowing for likely unseen medical personnel to deliver the pregnant woman's child. Either that or Nadira gave her a C-section using her extenda-nails! EWW! Whatever the case, Nadira emerges from the dressing room, cradling in her arms a small baby, wrapped in a yellow & white blanket. The baby girl is still a bit pinkish, and a little slimy, but has her eyes open & a small bit of hair on her head. She fusses softly, as Nadira steps out of the curtains, with a wide grin on her face. The female patrons all gasp in awe at the sight of the recently born child. Trip steps up to Nadira, staring at the baby with joyous silence and a smile. Nadira rocks the newborn in her arms gently, and states honestly in a near whisper, "She's the most BEAUtiful thing I've ever SEEN!" The women in the background all giggle with cooing admiration of the baby, as Trip exhales a small chuckle. His smile fades to pondering seriousness, as he places his left hand on Nadira's bare right shoulder. She looks him in the eyes, as the alien teen called Trip asks from one non-human to one subhuman, "Maybe humans aren't so bad after all?" Nadira becomes puzzled. She sighs with frustration, as she looks down at the newborn in her arms, then back at him with a disoriented frown. Nadira carefully hands the baby over to Trip, who smiles and clutches her tightly to his orange jacketed bosom. The baby begins to cry, as Nadira staggers away in a daze. The former hostages erupt with applause for the pink haired inhuman criminal, over the job well done in assisting with the birthing. Nadira simply gazes into space, wandering through the small crowd shell-shocked by her lack of a firm answer to Trip's question. Still holding the wailing newborn, Trip watches her leave, with a look of deep concern on his face.

Elsewhere in the city, Cyclobots are searching an alleyway behind some warehouses. They peek into crates, wander around in circles, and bang their hands against walls. Gluto is again leading the search party with the least amount of success. He envigorously points out, "Duuuhh, Guys? What say we look over DERE! Heheheh." The bloated turquoise whale-frog waddles swiftly along the pavement with his tri-toed Scare Jordans. The army of Cyclobots march in rows, two by two, keeping close behind Gluto's tail, as he boasts, "Follow me! I'm gonna see what's inside dis place!" The evil platoon heads up a ramp, toward a single metal door. From the ground floor, the building looks like a typical warehouse. But as the camera pans up, we see it's anything but normal. There are about 4 lime-green power transformer coils on the side, mirrored glass windows, multiple stories on various levels, round orange topped clear plastic towers on opposites sides, light blue glass tubes on the corners of the third level of the place, and a light blue skydome atop it all. Add in the satellite dish off to the side, and you can easily tell there's been some redecorating going on, futuristic style. A Cyclobot opens the door for Gluto, who waddles in and checks out the semi-dark room. There's some radar-like equipment set up, with a depowered console in the middle of the small room. Gluto whines, "Ohhhhh! Looks like NUTtin'! But let's just have a li'l look-see anyway! Hehehe." The Cyclobots slowly enter, while Gluto passes around the console, making his way over to a trio of small windows on the front wall. There's light radiating from another room through those windows, attracting the short-attention span of this bumbling mutant. Gluto peeks through the fractured glass, and exclaims about what he witnesses, "BING-OH!!!" In the next room, which is actually the factory floor and thus steeply downward from the windows, Frax is casually preparing to crystallize another batch of Zirium Powder. His back is turned away from the peeping mutant, and the glass prevents his outburst from being heard. Gluto turns from the window, and slaps his hands to his face Home-Alone style, as he yelps, "FOUND him! I can't beLIEVE it!"

Meanwhile, at the Prison Ship, another squad of Robodrones marches out of the main detention hall. Ransik, standing intimidatingly near the Time Warper console, demands of his troops, "Keep SEARCHing, Cyclobots!" Coming into the room, passing against the flow of Cyclo-traffic, is Nadira. She's still in her stolen outfit, and still in an answerless trance, taking short steps as she walks with her arms crossed against her stomach. Ransik notices his daughter's distress, but just asks, "ANY sign of Frax?" Nadira slowly stops, and gradually turns around to face her father, her eyes wide and glassy, almost puppylike in innocence renewed. Ransik warmly wonders as he approaches her, "Nadira? What's wrong?" Nadira, in a soft childish voice, asks curiously a question she likely never considered before, "WHY, Daddy? WHY do we HATE humans so much?" Ransik tilts his head slightly, and can only state in confusion, "...What?" Right when Nadira is preparing to reiterate her query, a silver-suited Cyclobot marches in, and does something no Robodrone has ever done onscreen before: speaks! Cyclobot language sounds very alien, a strange jumble of noises, almost like a recorded voice playing backwards. Ransik understands it perfectly, restating in astonishment, "Gluto found Frax?!" The Cyclobot nods. Ransik motions his arm, and orders, "Let's GO!!" He completely ignores his daughter, instead leading a pack of Cyclos off to beat their maker. Nadira is abandoned in her moment of need, quietly letting her father depart, leaving her even more distraught about the conflicting views playing pingpong in her brain.

Cyclobots by the dozens march toward Frax's not-so-secret laboratory, giving us one last look at the nicely detailed exterior of the building. Inside, the golden former henchbot is completely alone, minding his own maniacal business, when without warning, Ransik screams, "FRAAAAAX!" Frax has no time to react, before a large explosions erupts behind him. The fireball is brief, but enough to give Frax a jolting, causing him to cry out something like, "Huh? Ahhh! Ahhhyahhh!!!" He's thrown to the floor by the blast, dropping on his side with a thud and loud grunt. The source of this explosion is unclear, but from the looks of things, it was either from a bonesword blast or a Cyclo-Saber firing squad. A giant hole has been blown in the wall from said blast, allowing Ransik to stroll right in through the smoke and past the patches of fire among the debris. Gluto waddles excitedly behind him, with numerous Cyclobots following. Frax staggers back to his feet, breathing heavily as he gasps in shock, "RANsik?!" The moment he turns around, he finds Ransik standing before him, with his well-sharpened bonesword pointed directly at his golden metal neck! Ransik viciously boasts, "There's NOwhere to RUN, traitor." Frax protests grovelingly, "But! Ransik, I..." Only to have Ransik snap, "QUIET!!" Frax gasps, and cowers aback in fear (despite all his big talk earlier, when it comes to actually facing the mutant who killed his human body, Frax is anything but brave). Glaring at his once right-hand robot with utter contempt, Ransik can only growl, "Take HIM away." Two Cyclobots grab their creator, all Cyclos apparently having gone through a change of programming between episodes as not a single one working for Frax is seen. Ransik pulls back his bone-blade, as Frax is forcibly lead away, pleading with desperate loyalty, "Ah! But, Ransik! I-it's not what it SEEMS! It's just the Trizirium...!!" Ignoring Frax's babbling, Ransik's gaze slowly follows along the massive structure in the hangar above. Daylight from the blast-hole in the wall provides proper highlighting of Doomtron's body, for all its heavy duty firepower worth. Ransik is actually in awe, as he remarks aloud, "Oh, my friend, you have outDONE yourself THIS time! Hehahehe!" He shouts Frax's name, causing the Cyclobot-captors to halt in their departure, holding the fearful Frax in place, making him gasp again. Ransik runs his hand across his bonesword, and states with sadistical slyness, "I have ONE more MISSion for you." Frax trembles, crying, "Ohh... NO!" Gluto looks on.

Elsewhere, Nadira is sitting in the park, still wearing that outfit she stole. Man, if she really did help that lady give birth, I bet there's all kinds of nasty gunk all over it! Ick. Anyway, she sits on a bench, watching a little group of little kids, mostly girls, bouncing a plastic pink & white beach ball around. They all giggle, and pass the ball back & forth with mindless fun! Nadira, who lacked such a relatively normal upbringing, inspects the children's behavior from afar, which brings a smile and wide-eyed wonder to her face. One girl kicks the ball off in her direction, prompting another little girl, with blonde pigtails, a pink shirt, and a lisp, to race over to retrieve it. Nadira picks the ball up when it rolls to her feet, holding it up and staring at it in amazement. The little girl immediately asks the long pink-haired strange woman, "Wanna play wif us?" Nadira is surprised at first, gasping, "Me?!", before pouting slightly as she sadly admits, "I don't know HOW." The little girl urges, "It's EASY, just FRO it!" Nadira figures cautiously, "Here goes!" as she grips the ball between her palms, being careful not to puncture it with her nails. She squeals while tossing the ball gently into the little girl's hands, a successful fro... err, throw! Nadira giggles, and the little girl takes her hand, guiding her over to her friends, "C'mon! Let's go!" The two walk hand in hand across the lawn, with an ecstatic Nadira being lead back to a childhood she never really had.

In the year 3000, somewhere deep inside the blue & white Time Force Headquarters, is the darkened control chamber of the former Mystery Man & top Time Force Officer, Alex. He reenters his operations center through the sliding door, which pulls back with a loud exhaust of air. This handsfree door allows Alex to adjust the straps on his left black leather glove, having returned from doing who-knows what. Alex is wearing his white leather suit and silver-framed sunglasses, as per usual. He walks through the oddly spacious room, keeping an eye on the widescreen viewing port above the control console. It's showing a clear transmission of the Time Ship, still sitting lifelessly on the Silver Hills beach in the year 2001. Alex slows his pace to a grinding halt when he notices this, yanking his sunglasses off and staring at the image with dread. He gasps, "Oh, no!", before tossing his sunglasses on the console, then pressing a few buttons on the Holoscreen control platform, creating a flat beam of staticy snow between the two transmitter rods. Alex bends down and gazes into the hologram screen, urgently calling out, "Jen?! Jen, come in!" In the present, Jen sits down in front of the Holoscreen, looking emotionally drained as she faces her fiance's transmission. Alex speaks commandingly, yet with more concern than force, asking, "Why haven't you left yet? You should have already returned by now!" Jen takes a deep breath, before admitting, "We've decided to STAY. We're going to FIGHT to save the city." Alex frustratedly barks, "No, that's OUT of the question!" Jen expression shifts a tad, as she notices his desperation. The slicked-back black haired DNA double of Wes sighs and lowers his head for a moment, before pleading more as her lover & friend than as superior officer, "LISTEN to me, Jennifer. You DON'T know what you're up against! And once the Time Holes begin to open in the sky... it'll be too dangerous for you to return. I won't even be able to SEND you the Megazords!" Jen flinches, trying to keep a stern face while standing her ground. Alex reverts to overbearing form, when he demands, "Now, I'm ORDERing you: Pack your equipment, and get OU...!!!" Before he can finish, Jen slaps her hand against the control platform, shutting off the Holoscreen. She hangs her head low, as she starts to lose her emotionless edge, letting out sporadic sobs. Before she can begin truly crying, Lucas gently places his hand on her left shoulder. Jen turns, and sees with tearfully swollen eyes that he, Trip, and Katie are all standing behind her, both figuratively and literally! Katie places a hand on Jen's other shoulder with support, also offering a light smile. Lucas & Trip both nod softly, inspiring Jen to also nod with reassurance, though her eyes flinch rapidly again, attempting to hold back her emotions once more.


At the Prison Ship, Frax sits behind a round metal grate, which acts as his makeshift cell in this former prison for merely cryogenically frozen mutants. Both his hands are shackled with the silver buckle arm-cuffs, as seen in flashbacks to the future in previous shows. Frax sits on the floor, tapping his left claw-hand to his golden chin in quiet contemplation. The vertical-barred doors to the room outside of his cell pulls open, with Nadira, now back in her white body-armor suit (sans headpiece), entering stealthily. She sort of sneaks around, keeping a watchful eye out for any Cyclo-guards in the vicinity. Nadira reaches the grated wall, and whispers into it Frax's name. Frax tries to ignore her, turning to face away from her as best he can in such cramped conditions. She whispers his name a little louder, finally prompting him to reply with hopelessness, "Nadira! If you here to destroy me, then just get it OVER with!!" Frax returns to tapping his claw against his chin, as Nadira replies genuinely with true innocence, "I'm NOT here for revenge! I want to know... WHY, do humans and mutants HATE each other so much?" He looks at her with his squinty yellow light-bulbed eyes, and pauses for a moment, before arising, approaching the grate, and proclaiming, "Ahh, HATE. There's a subject I know very well, inDEED!" Frax explains with remorseful enthusiasm, "HUMANS rejected your father, and taught HIM to hate! Then he destroyed ME, and soon _I_ was filled with hatred, as well. It's a vicious CYCLE that NEVER ends, Nadira!!!" She soaks in this knowledge reluctantly with pure silence. Nadira slowly lowers her hand from the grate, and turns around, stepping a few feet away as she looks upward, revealing gradually in a hushed tone, "But... I'm not sure, if _I_ hate... all humans." Frax scoffs, "HAH! DON'T make me LAUGH! You're an evil mutant with a heart as black as coal, JUST like your father! Now, get out of my sight. You SICKEN me!!" Nadira empathetically listens to his bile-filled outburst, her expression displays understanding that the cycle he spoke of is not only true, but Frax is trapped within it indefinitely.

The vertical-barred doors open, with four Cyclobots hoppily marching in, each wielding taser-sticks. Nadira slides back into the corner by Frax's cell, as one Cyclo punches in the code 1567 on a keypad. The grate-door is easily pulled open, allowing the Cyclobots to enter, causing Frax to cower, "No! What do you want to do with me NOW?!" Two Cyclos begin to take hold of him, one Robodrone even zapping him in the neck with a taser-stick, causing him to cry, "No!! N...Ahhhyah!!" Nadira watches this in horror, hidden safely against the wall, peering through the slits of the fully opened grate-door. She can only gasp in weak protest, as the shackled golden robot is forced out of his cell by one Cyclobot pulling, and the other pushing. Nadira has her vision fixed on Frax, as another Cyclo closes the cell, and all four begin to escort the traitorous prisoner off to meet his doom. When they reach the doorframe, Nadira regrets honestly, "I'm SORRY... for what my father DID to you, Dr. Fericks." Frax shoves the robot herders aside, as he turns around, and exclaims in intense shock, "WHAT?!" Nadira smirks with pity, while turning away from him in dramatic slow motion. The white & black holographic chest gem on Frax's stomach suddenly blinks to life, with an image of Frax as he appeared when still the fragile human named Dr. Louis Fericks. Fericks, in his sparkily gold robe and huge glasses, genteelly says with restored faith, "There's HOPE for her." The hologram representation of Frax's formally buried human side fades as quickly as it developed, but the power of the remark remains. Frax struggles with renewed strength, smacking aside a Cyclobot, and declares with all that's left of his spirit, "Nadira! WAIT! Wait, I was WRONG! You DON'T have to hate! You can... You-you can break the cycle of hatred! NEVER give up! NEVER... ack! Never give UP...!" Nadira had been walking away, but slowly turns around, and watches in visible trepidation as the Cyclobots assault Frax with their tasers. He whimpers in agony, but manages to finish his speech, while being harshly drug away by his former creations. Nadira appears appalled, but as unable to protest outside of a few small moans of sadness. Frax's final words echo distantly, "DON'T GIVE UP!!"

Later (the next day), in what seems to be a makeshift workshop/infirmary with black walls, a Cyclobot surgeon finishes using a wicked buzzsaw on Frax, who is unconscious and strapped to an operating table. The Cyclo-surgeon, wearing scrubs, pulls back the buzzsaw, and speaks to Ransik with a high pitched drone-tone. Ransik understands this odd metallic warbling totally, and once the Cyclo-surgeon & his two Cyclo-medical interns depart, he evilly remarks, "EXcellent." Looking at Frax's lifeless metal shell, Ransik laughs devilishly, before turning around and walking off after a job well done. Nobody else around, Nadira tiptoes out from behind the silver case of various tortured devices. She whisperingly shouts, "Frax! Frax, can you hear me?", as she sneaks over toward his restrained body. Nadira makes sure she's alone with him, before whispering into his shiny golden face, "I want to talk to you more, about... being human." She waits in bated breath for him to reply, and after a moment, his metal mouth begins to open & close. Frax states in a purely robotic voice, sounding emotionless & metallic exactly like he did in the first 8 episodes or so, "I am a fully automated mechanicalll robot! I have no information on being human!" Nadira sobs softly, "No!", as she starts to break down in tears. Before she can cry, she turns and races off, leaving the reprogrammed Frax right where he is. Frax always wanted to prove superiority of the robot race, yet now when he wanted it the least, he's gotten the remnants of his human soul purged forcibly from his system. Ransik's revenge could never be more ironic... emphasis on the IRON part!

At the Clock Tower, work is underway to comply with at least one of Alex's demands, namely the gathering of equipment. Utilizing specially designed Rubbermaid containers (colored black with yellow stripes and the Time Force emblem on the top), Trip inserts the final silver Chrono-Tube canister into one of the six round slots inside. Icy mist rises, signifying the fact that these containers are self-refrigerating, to lock in Chrono-Frozen mutant freshness. Turning the canister clockwise, a faint beeping click lets him know that it has been secured. Trip slams the container box's lid shut, sealing it as he informs his teammates, "That's the LAST of 'em." The containment freezer door is left wide open, as all the capsules have been removed from cold storage. Jen slams shut the lid of another container box, snapping the latches into a lock, as she urges Lucas, "Come on. We have to get ALL of the mutants loaded into the Time Ship." Katie stands next to two container boxes stacked on top of each other, going over the inventory of recaptured prisoners with a pen and a silver clipboard. In the background, Wes gazes out the window. He gradually walks away from the splendiferous view, and during an odd jumpcut, he calls out, "Jen!" All four of his teammates are instantly heading for the stairwell, with Lucas, Trip, & Jen each carting a containment container along via the yellow wheels on the bottom of the boxes, and Katie casually lifting her's up, with the clipboard atop it. They stop, turn around and look at Wes, who explains, "If you don't mind, I'll meet you guys at the ship. There's, uhh... something I need to do." Jen confusedly nods, "Sure." Wes exhales, looks up at the ceiling, and exits stage left.

Making a grand return for the first time since "A Parting Of Ways", is stately Collins Manor! Behind the mansion, in the massive backyard gardens, owner & Bio-Lab billionaire Mr. Collins enjoys a lovely breakfast. His butler, known only to us as Philips, stands regently by his side, pouring a cup of coffee for him. Philips finishes, sets the coffee pot down, and Collins seems to say thanks, but despite his mouth movements, we hear no words. The balding butler simply stands there, nods, and watches his master neglect the hearty meal he prepared for him. Mr. Collins sits sipping the coffee, wearing a white business shirt (the jacket is slung on the back of the chair) and a red tie, deeply immersed in the front page of a newspaper. He's so wrapped up with the headlines, that he doesn't notice his son has returned to his old homestead until Wes stops before the shaded table, and says, "Hey, Dad." Collins nearly spills his coffee on himself, when he lowers the newspaper, and excitedly exclaims, "WESley! Hehe. How... What a GREAT surprise!" Wasting no time, Mr. Collins folds his paper, sets down his cup, removes the napkin from his lap, and stands up, gesturing to the plates of food & offering, "Have some breakfast!" Wes shakes his head, addressing both his father & butler, as he mentions, "No! No, I... can only stay for a minute." Mr. Collins stammers, as he points to the pitcher of pulpy liquid, "Uhh, uhhhh... Orange juice?" Philips kinda leans his head forward a bit anxiously, ever dotingful to his former ward. Wes gracious rejects, "No thanks." Collins & Philips exchange glances, prompting the butler to smile warmly as he departs the scene without ever speaking a line. Wes & his father sit down at the table, with the elder Collins smiling as he makes honest small talk, "So! How're things? Those friends of yours, how're they doing? Maybe you should bring them by for the weekend, maybe even THIS weekend, if you want!" Wes can't return the hospitality, as he worriedly states, "Listen. Dad. I DON'T have much time." Collins nods and licks his lips, awaiting what he has to say. Wes sighs heavily, lowers his head and presses his raised index fingers against the space above his upper lip. He stares at the ground, and once he gets up the courage, he looks up at his father, and confesses, "In case anything HAPpens in the future... I just want you to know how PROUD I am to be your son." Mister Collins' eyes light up, as he replies somewhat shocked but with a warmed heart, "Well, Wesley... that means, the WORLD to me to hear you say that." You can tell Wes wants to smile, but the current situation is giving him plenty of reasons not to be touched by finally bonding with his formally estranged father. He gets up and begins to walk away, when Mr. Collins concernedly calls out, "Wes...!" He pauses, turning his head only slightly, but keeping his back to his dad. Collins rises from his chair, and wonders, "Is everything okay?" Wes considers telling him the truth, but just to save face, he turns around, and fibs with a grin, "Yeah! Yeah, it is. I just, uhh... I gotta get going." Mr. Collins smiles, and nods understandingly. As a fly tries buzzing up his nose, Wes smiles at his father, and bids a simple, "Bye, Pop." He walks off, leaving his father observing his son's behavior rather curiously, with an expression of even more dire concern.

At the beach, the Time Ship (serial number 747-40) lies parked on the grassy zone off the sands. The four Time Force Officers of the era this time-faring vessel originates from, are finally inside the cockpit, after a day or two of dawdling. There's a special cold-storage closet set up in one of the walls, where Jen sets the Chrono-Canister, with the pint-sized Medicon inside, down on one of the shelves. He's placed in front of the capsule with Izout in it, and between Fearog & Electropede. The shelves, of which there are about four, are refrigerated, with icy mist pouring from the well-lit walls. It's a rather small storage closet, but it'll manage to hold the 30 or so Chrono-Frozen mutants and their canisters. More than half of them have already been placed inside, with Jen turning back to the containment box to retrieve more. Lucas & Katie open another containment container, and prepare to unload the silver capsules within. Trip, meanwhile, sits down at the round & wavy yellow table at the center of the room, and flips through the pages of a big ol' phonebook sized manual. Circuit is perched in the navigating position, which is basically the middle of said table, flapping quietly. The grey door to the cockpit slides open, allowing Wes to come walking in nonchalantly, asking his pals, "So how's everything going?" Trip closes the book, and replies, "Oh! Uhh... we've almost got them all loaded up!" He picks it up, and carries it over to a cabinet, slipping the silver-covered Time Ship Manual (with Time Force emblem) into the case. There's a library of similarly designed books within, though smaller and appearing to just be binders. Trip closes the grey cabinet, which has the words, "Technical Manuals: Auto Pilot, Security Systems, Manual Flight, Life Support, Self Destruct, Over Ride" written in white upon it. Trip steps away, Wes remains in front of the cabinet, becoming fixated on those words, namely the one he whispers to himself, "Auto Pilot?" Curiously, he spots a console area nearby, with a Time Force emblem arrow pointing at a slot, with a clear keycard sticking out. Below the slot, is the word Auto Pilot in bold letters. The scheming gears are grinding in Wes' head, as he suspiciously checks out the console, thinking nobody is watching him. Unfortunately, while aiding Katie & Jen in setting more Chrono-Tubes into the freezer closet, Lucas spots Wes, and spies on him from afar.

In Silver Hills city-proper, Cyclobots stand totally still, shoulder to shoulder, as Ransik & Nadira march along in front of them. The scene seems to be somewhere near Frax's laboratory warehouse. Ransik gazes upward with a wicked grin, while Nadira (oddly not wearing her headpiece, despite being out of the Prison in her white suit) holds her hands outward, appearing a bit disturbed by what she sees. It's Doomtron, out in the bright morning sun, beneath the pure blue sky. The golden Zord-sized robot snaps its crescent-clawed arms together against its head, then snaps them back down to a resting position, its joints making swift mechanical jerking noises. Doomtron's massive twin toed feet tower over the mutants & robots below, as we see for scale. Ransik rubs his hands together with evil anxiousness, as Frax, sounding more like his normal self, bows before the mutant mastermind, and states loyally, "Doomtron is ready to initiate you ultimate PLAN, master!" Ransik, diabolically baritone in his voice, proclaims, "EXcellent. POWER him up, and let the deSTRUCTion BEGIN!!" Frax obeys, walking toward Doomtron without a word. Nadira sinks her head in miserable shame as she watches this from the background. Ransik grinds his palms together with maniacal glee, as he belts the raspiest, most vicious, and longest laugh he's ever wailed. Frax enters through the feet of his gigantic creation. Soon as the camera pans up Doomtron's body (starting from its missile-cannon kneecaps), he emerges inside the blue glassed cockpit situated exactly on the top of his head. Nadira flinches fearfully while looking up, having lost her evil edge completely now, after seeing what happened to the Cyborg. In the cramped cockpit, Frax presses a button on a console, and says in a fully robotic voice, "Now activating Doomtron!" A cables attaches itself to the white bulb on his right shoulder, and two more cords connect with the ports on his left shoulder. Fully in sync with his creation, Frax has Doomtron motion its arms again, before slowly stepping forward, each giant footstep making loud metal stomps. Frax sits in the wiry & blinkily cockpit, commanding, "FULL power to weapons systems!" Doomtron halts, then gradually turns to the side. Frax lifts his right hand and spreads his fingers, while gloating robotically, "Let's show our master what destruction you're CAPable of!" He flips a switch on the console, and Doomtron starts to spin around, firing its many shoulder & chest gatling weapons. The blue & red electric discharge is sprayed in 360 degrees, sending sparks bursting throughout every surrounding building.

As Doomtron's onslaught begins, a different kind of energy crackling begins apparent in the skies. Small zapping heralds the start of the Temporal Maelstrom. About four dark purple Time Holes begin to swirl, counterclockwise, into existence. Lightning crackles amid them, as they start as but masses of dust, and slowly grow into deeper colored clouds of chronal tempests. Two more unnatural Time Holes form at opposite sides of a tall skyscraper, the center voids spreading wide rather fast. At the beach, from this angle it looks like the Time Ship has several dents in it, as well as a few scorch marks, with accompanying smoke. In the cockpit, Circuit's red belly-sensors light up, leading to him announcing, "RANGers! The attack is beginning!" Jen nods, and determinedly demands, "Let's GO!" She hits a button, causing the cold storage closet to shut, the thin metal door has bar-like slots upon it, allowing view. Jen, Katie, Trip, and Lucas dash out the cockpit door without hesitation. Wes leaves the console zone, but is only a few steps away when he quickly pauses and looks back. He smirks, looks off to see his teammates are long gone, and rushes back to the bookcase. He opens the cabinet, slips out the oversized Time Ship Manual, sets it on the console deck, and begins to flip through the pages. Wes whispers, "Auto Pilot...", as he passes a star chart, and finds the chapter he's seeking. It's written in basic technical terms, with scant few illustrations. The page he takes most interest in, running his finger along the words, is the one with the name, "Aborting Auto Pilot." Wes inhales deeply, as he stares at the instructions he desired. What we see says, "How to disengage auto pilot. To disengage auto pilot, you must carefully follow these steps: 1. Auto Pilot Key must be completely removed from holder. 2. Engage Octagon 1. 3. Release pressure hold." There's also a blue box with the words, "Turbo Acceleration Offline".


Burning debris & rubble fills the streets of the city, as fleeing citizens run around in a panic. The two SUVs of the Silver Guardians pull up to a mostly clear spot in the road. The moment they park, the navy-blue uniformed troops pile out, upon being ordered by Commander Eric Myers to, "Clear these streets! Get everybody to safety NOW!" The Silver Guardians do as they're told, and as they're paid nicely to do. Eric looks skyward, seeing Doomtron in the distance, slashing its crescent-clawed hands into several skyscrapers. No damage is shown, merely sparks & a whole lot of smoke, as the giant robot physically scratches against every building it can reach. The red-beret wearing Eric wastes no time in lifting his left wrist, and summoning into the black & scarlet Quantum Morpher, "QUANTUM Power!" His morphing sequence plays, with a blast of crimson energy amid the bluish-white digital data field. The Quantum Ranger, upon emerging fully morphed, calls into his Morpher, "Q-Rex, aRISE!" The Quantasaurus Rex comes online explosive, its eyes gleaming as a fiery blast bursts behind its metal dinosaur body. Doomtron turns around, and witnesses the Q-Rex charging toward it. Frax readies his left claw-hand, and commands in a monotonous voice, "DOOMtron! Lock weapons on Q-Rex, now!" He grips a control switch with his claw, causing every one of Doomtron's bodily weapons to charge up. Shoulders, chest, arms, groinal region, you name it, all unleash bolts of energy in various colors & forms. They stream toward Q-Rex, blasting into his body with multiple sparking bursts. Four more bruise-colored Time Holes fill the sky above the city, in a shot that Circuit foresaw roughly a month hence. Down on the street, the four Time Force Power Rangers race past oncoming fleeing citizens, while trying to get a better view of the battle. Green Ranger points out, "There's Q-Rex!" Our heroes stand in the middle of the road, looking up at the sight in the distance: Doomtron grabs Quantasaurus' long neck, and holds him in a tight headlock. Yellow Ranger notes, "He's taking a BEATing!" Trip gasps, "Oh no. And Alex CAN'T send the Megazord while those Time Holes are open!"

Though we've seen no buildings destroyed, some fiery rubble amid the rows of offices implies some damage offscreen. Q-Rex breaks free of the neck-lock, and smacks his head into Doomtron's chest, causing a brief spark burst. Doomtron quickly strikes back, slashing into Quantasaurus' noggin. The Time Holes continue to grow in size, electricity surging around the epicenter with deadly force. Below, Circuit hovers over into Trip's arms, as he announces, "RANGers! LISten!" Red Time Force Ranger makes the scene, reuniting with his equally morphed teammates, and asking, "What IS it, Circuit?" The robotic owl makes a startling revelation, "Doomtron and Q-Rex are BOTH powered by Trizirium Crystals." A green grid scan screen covers Doomtron as it battles with Quantasaurus. A few closer scans, lead to a zooming in of Doomtron's cockpit, showing Frax inside. The internal readout screen shows Frax controlling the giant robot, with red letters overlaying this shot, saying something along the lines of, "Neo-Crisis Cockpit. A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacler. Lets Find Our Special Speed Again." Plus some tiny stuff I can't read. Blinking brackets make the white holo-gem on Frax's chest flash, with the Greek symbol for L and a 2000 written below it. Circuit explains, "ACTivating the crystals causes the vortexes to OPEN!" (which, thanks to not only the mass production of Triziriums by Frax, but the batch Bio-Lab cooked up last episode, has apparently caused the timestream to finally become aware of the anomalies occurring in the year 2001)! Another green-grid scan focuses on Q-Rex's head, pinpointing another Greek L & 2000 somewhere near his ear. This screen also reads in read, "A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacler," and has what looks to be lyrics to a sappy love written in broken English below it. Circuit, you old softie you. Anyhoo, Yellow Ranger asks, "So you're saying the Q-Rex is only making things WORSE?" Circuit confirms, "ExACTly! You've GOT to STOP him before it's too LATE!" Katie urges, "Let's GO!", and all five Rangers race down the empty street.

At the smokey end of the road, the Quantum Ranger begins to command into his Quantum Morpher, "Q-Rex...!", pressing a button as well. Red TF Ranger dashes forth, grabbing his left arm, and pleading, "Eric, WAIT!" Quantum Ranger offendedly yanks his hand out of Red's clutches, remarking, "What? Let GO of me!" Wes, with his teammates standing to the side, begs of Eric, "Listen! You've GOT to stop the Q-Rex from fighting. The Trizirium Crystal that powers it is making the Time Holes open faster!" Eric scoffs in disbelief," What?! Are you KIDding me?! You're CRAzy if you think I'm just gonna SIT here and let the CITY be destroyed!!" He pushes Wes aside, and proclaims into his Morpher, "Q-Rex, aTTACK!" The Quantasaurus Rex charges headlong into Doomtron, foolishly ending up in yet another neck-lock between the golden robot's clawed arms. Red Ranger touches Quantum's shoulder, only to have him slip away, as he argues, "Er-IC! You've GOT to listen to me! I'm RIGHT about this!" Eric ignores his passionate request, likely figuring the giant evil robot is a bigger threat than the little black whirlpools occasionally floating harmlessly in the air. Almost on cue, the city becomes eerily darkened, as a low rumbling vibrates through our heroes. Quantum Ranger looks around, confusedly wondering, "Huh?! What's goin' on?" Wes & Eric both gawk in awed silence, beholding a massive destructive Time Hole, blacking out the sun with its wide diameter. Lightning crackles amid the portal, as several buildings are slowly sucked into the void, along with piles of debris and a few loose vehicles, leaving only patches of flames behind. A small office complex is swallowed by the unnatural temporal vacuum, and once it vanishes into the vortex, the entire Time Hole fades away with but a loud crack of thunder. The sky is totally clear and safe, as is a much taller skyscraper, which remained firmly intact. Katie points out, "LOOK! It's GONE!" Circuit explains again, for anyone who tuned in late, "But MORE will come if you don't stop the Q-Rex! When they fight, they use Trizirium Crystals... and THAT makes the Time Holes STRONGer." Eric makes the wise argument, "But without the Q-Rex, how can we win?" The Robo-Owl is speechless for a moment, finally shaking his head and admitting, "I DON'T know..." Once again, Circuit is unsure!

Above, Doomtron claws deeply into the Quantasaurus Rex's chest, making the damaged Zord stagger away. Spotting our heroes conversing below, Doomtron fires its chest & shoulder cannons, unleashing laser fury diagonally. The six Power Rangers are taken mostly unawares, getting a bombardment of scorching bursts all around their morphed bodies. Quantum Ranger manages to do a full body flip, avoiding the brunt of the blasts, and landing safely in the debris-littered street with hiyuuh. He reaches up in concern for his Zord, watching helplessly as Doomtron gets the Q-Rex in a headlock YET again. Eric turns away from the battle, and hurries back over to the concussed Time Force Officers. All five have demorphed from the stress of the explosion, stuck wallowing in the burning rubble with a few agonized grunts. Quantum Ranger addresses Wes specifically, as he declares, "Until you have a BETTER solution, there's only ONE hope of STOPping that thing!" (a store behind him coincidentally reads "949 S. Hope") Wes rolls over in the smoke, his lip bloodied and his breathing labored. Eric leaps mightily into the air, landing perfectly atop the Quantasaurus Rex. Less than an instant later, a giant Time Hole expands into existence, making a loud rumble as it appears over the skyline of Silver Hills. Lucas rises to his feet swiftly, staring at the portal overhead with dread. Trip, still carrying Circuit, notes, "Another vortex!" Circuit cries, "We're running out of TIME!!" Jen struggles to her feet, and totters off. Wes remains lying on the cement, his vision wanders across the ground as he starts thinking up a way to enact his secret scheme. The new Time Hole just keeps growing before our eyes, and the eyes of the TFs. Trip & Jen exchange frightened glances. Wes finally stands up, looks over at his four teammates, and tormentedly pauses, before announcing, "Guys! I have an idea. We'll use the Time Ship." They turn to him, and Jen confoundedly inquires, "HOW?!" Wes goads, "C'mon! I'll SHOW you!", as he rushes away. Jen looks to her partners, nods, and they quickly all follow Wes' trail. Just then, two more whole buildings are gulped up by the ever-expanding Time Hole in the sky.

Soon at the Time Ship, Wes dashes into the cockpit control room, races around the wavy yellow table (Circuit managed to beat him & the others to the Ship, and is already sitting at the center of the table when he arrives), reaching the navigation console tower. He flips a few switches, turns some knobs, and focuses on the task. The four TF Officers finally rush in, all puzzled by Wes' actions. Katie walks over to his side, and wonders, "Wes, how do you know what those do?" He ignores her, keeping a firm focus on pressing the proper sequence of buttons. Lucas, already suspicious of him from earlier, skeptically urges with a smudged face, "Come on, guys. Let's go." Some beeping occurs, and Wes removes the clear keycard from the Auto Pilot slot. Wes turns and spots his teammate heading for the exit, calling out with faint nervousness, "Lucas!" He approaches Lucas, and puts his arm around him, gently stresses, "Whoa. Hold on a minute, Lucas!" Wes smiles fakely, and uses the proper moment to suddenly shove Lucas into Trip, pushing Jen back in turn, with Katie behind her. They're all surprised beyond belief, looking at Wes with stunned & betrayed expressions. Wes bolts for the door, causing it to slide shut behind him. The four TFs lunge for the exit, banging their hands against the secured grey surface, calling out things like, "Wes! No! Wait", in jumbled unison. A digital clock reads a countdown time of 30 seconds, with a female computer voice, sounding exactly like Miss Fairweather-Rawlings, "Engage launch in 30 seconds." The four pound harder on the door, begging Wes to open it, with Jen screaming, "WHAT are you DOing?! Come ON!!" By this time, Wes has fled the Time Ship through an unseen exit ramp. He stands far out on the beach, and faces the vessel from a safe distance. The four from the future hurriedly dart toward the large round window on the far side of the cockpit. All four stare out in distress, with Jen frantically crying out, "WES!!!" Circuit remains on the table, flapping softly & silently. Wes holds up his left wrist, and speaks through his Chrono-Morpher's communicator, "You HAVE to go back to YOUR time." Lucas lets his eyes wander in consideration, Katie has tears running down her cheeks, Trip is frowning & shaking his head in stubborn protest, and Jen is simply shifting her brow in hurtful sadness. Wes swears, "You'll be SAFE there! TRUST me... it's for the best." Tears begin to stream out of Jen's eyes, falling fast along her smudged, heartbroken face.

[To Be Continued...; No scenes!; End Credits]

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