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Power Rangers Time Force
"A Blue Streak"
Original Air Date:03/03/01 Footage from:
Timeranger #03 - Yume No Kasukudo (A Dream Of Speed)
*Season 9, byte 05
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1105
*05th episode of PRTF
*383rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Kaizo Hayashi
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
David Pires _AS_ Mr. Picketts
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
Neil Kaplan _AS_ Gluto (voice)
Richard Horvitz _AS_ Mantamobile (voice)


Outside of the Clock Tower somewhere in the city of Silver Hills, the four Time Force officers from the future do a little cleaning up. Lucas carries a ladder, getting it into position under a large arched sign over the front door to the main office. The sign reads in stylized lettering, "Nick Of Time Odd Jobs", with the building number, 16953, under it. Trip steps onto the ladder, held by Lucas, and starts to wipe dirt off it with a rag. Jen & Katie sweep up leaves the walkway nearby, with Jen noting to her teammate, "I think this place is gonna work out." Katie concurs, "Yeah!" Just then, a car horn beeps, coming towards them slowly. It's a black BMW, rather expensive and nicely waxed. Wes parks it, and exits the vehicle, shouting to his pals, "Hey!" They turn their attention to his entrance, Katie smiling widely, and Trip exclaiming, "Wow!", as he climbs down the ladder. Wes, wearing a crimson colored long sleeved shirt (yet his teammates are all still wearing the same outfits as last episode), wanders over, gazing at the cleanup job. He comments, "Now this.... THIS, is lookin' GREAT!" Katie giggles and replies, "Thanks!" Lucas heads over to Wes' car, as Wes heads over to Jen. He asks her, "Any sign of Ransik?" She informs him, "No, everything's quiet." Trip, staring at Lucas, nudges Jen to their teammate's curious behavior. All eyes turn to him, as he opens up Wes' car door, and sits in the driver's seat, inspecting the steering wheel. Wes goes over to the passenger side and remarks to him, "Pretty cool, huh?! It's the latest model! How'd you like to take her for a spin?" Lucas' face lights up, seeming quite excited by this prospect, exclaiming smiling, "Really?!" Wes smirks and replies, "Sure!" Lucas chuckles, and Wes opens the door, sitting in the passenger seat. He pulls out his car keys, possibly kept beneath his Chrono-Morpher, with a golden W on the keychain. Wes holds them up and tells Lucas, treating him like a primitive (or a guy from a totally automated future), "So THIS... This is called a KEY." Lucas plays dumb, responding with an, "Ohhhh! Okay!" Wes offers, "Take it", and that Lucas does, holding it in his hand and staring at it, remarking, "Oh, a key!" Wes instructs him, "You put the key in here, and you turn it like this!" Lucas places the key in the ignition, and turns it, starting the engine. Lucas smiles and shouts, "Whoa, this is COOL!" Nearby, Jen, Trip, & Katie get a kick out of watching this, with Katie laughing loudly out loud. Lucas places his feet on the different pedals in front of him, as Wes tells him, "And that pedal there, that's the accelerator! It makes you go FORWARD! And the other is the break. It makes ya stop!" Lucas gives a look of comprehension, reiterating, "Go, stop, go, stop. I think I got it!" Wes, totally oblivious, notes, "See? You got NOTHIN' to be afraid of!" A few feet away, the laughter continues from the other three TFs. Trip taps Katie on the back, and despite having been snickering this whole time, has to ask, "Hey! Wes doesn't know Lucas that is a championship race car driver, does he?" Katie confirms deviously, "NO! But I bet he's about to find out!" Wes tells Lucas, "Now just EASE it into gear. We're gonna pull up..." The engine revs suddenly, as Lucas lifts his hands up, while placing a pair of blue & white gloves over them (he either carries them with him at all times, or has them stored in his Morpher). Wes asks, "What're those for?" Lucas smirks and notes, "Race car driving!" Wes replies in shock, "WHAT?!" Lucas grips the gear shift, and merely winks at his partner, before stepping on the gas and zooming off at full speed. Smoking tread marks are left behind in his peeling-out wake.

[Opening Credits]

The BMW races down the open road, turning corners not too smoothly, but very quickly. Wes appears quite stunned, bracing himself against the vehicle, luckily strapped in to his seat belt. The vehicle darts down the street, with nary another bit of traffic in sight. What IS in sight, is a set of yellow garbage cans just off the curb, directly in their direction! Wes points it out, screaming, "Look out!" Lucas takes a sharp turn, and narrowly avoids hitting the row of cans. The upcoming traffic light turns to red, as Wes shouts, "Lucas, STOP!" The driver, apparently unhindered by such trivialities in the future, merely makes a very screeching turn to the right, zooming off to a one way side ride sharply. Wes looks quite distraught as he's thrown around in his seat, Lucas likely having the pedal completely to the metal. Their reckless driving hasn't gone unnoticed, as a parked police car spots them and takes off, sirens blaring. The cop gives chase to the speeding vehicle, getting Wes' attention. He sinks down into his seat, signing. "Oh... man. Great. NOW you've done it!" Lucas continues driving at full speed, but does eventually slow down and come to a halt on the side of the road. The cop walks over to them, and asks Lucas, "Driver's license, please." Lucas pulls his license out of his right glove, and hands it to the man. The cop takes a look at it, causing the small square where the picture should be to expand upward into a full 360 degree hologram of Lucas' head & shoulders! The license reads "ALL Spacecraft/Vehicle Access" with the Time Force logo between it. "Class 1a", and a bunch of other stuff unreadable thanks to the cop's thumb being in the way. The hologram of Lucas, wearing his old TF uniform, states, "My name is Lucas Kendall. I'm a certified race car driver." The cop chuckles, and tosses the card back to him, remarking, "Heh. Very funny." He then begins writing Lucas up in his ticket book, "Let's see now. Speeding, reckless driving, illegal lane change, and driving without a driver's license." Wes whispers to Lucas, "Hey, be glad he didn't see you run that red light!" The cop, whose nametag apparently reads 'Officer Mitchell', overhears and continues, "And running a red light." Wes leans back in embarrassment, as Lucas looks at him angrily. The cop rips off the ticket and hands it to Lucas, telling him, "You need to get yourself a driver's license, young man!" He then slaps Lucas on the shoulder, and walks off. Lucas grips the ticket between his gloved fingers, looks at it, then looks at Wes. Seems all his race car training doesn't mean squat a thousand years in the past!

Meanwhile, deep in the woods, the Prison Ship remains tilted over in hiding. Inside, Ransik wracks his mutant brain in search of a new plan of action concerning the citizens of Silver Hills. He paces past the Time Warp console, and remarks, "We need a way to get POWER over the humans." Nadira lounges on her couch, her hair down, as a Cyclobot fans her with a pink feathered fan. Gluto stands quite near her, scratching his bluish green head. Frax ponders what Ransik mentioned, coming up with some facts to brainstorm over, mentioning in his metallic voice, "Master, these humans are very fragile creatures. We know that they rely on food and water. We could STARVE them! Eventually they would HAVE to bow down to your powers." Gluto likes this plan, since food seems to be his specialty, responding, "DAT'S a great idea!" Nadira stands up and shouts, "FOOD!? What a RIDICULOUS idea!" Gluto, always kissing up to the woman who saved him from cryogenic incarceration, restates, "DAT'S what I was saying! BAD idea!" Nadira fans herself with a few stolen hundred dollar bills, before giving Gluto a dirty look and shoving him away. He stumbles backwards, groaning as he barely manages to keep from toppling over. Nadira looks to her father, and tells him, "There's only ONE way to have TRUE power in THIS century. CASH!" She holds up her thousand dollar fan, and hands it to him. Ransik looks at the wad of dough, and remarks, "Hahahaha! Ahh, you're as SMART as you are SWEET." He rubs her pronounced chin, as she smiles at the compliment. Ransik orders his lackeys, "Fine me a mutant, to help my little girl, get me ALL the cash... that I need." Frax opens up the cryogenic compartments nearby, and begins to pick out one of the many tubes with shrunken monsters inside. Nadira ignores his apparent choice, and grabs one herself, saying, "I know JUST who can help me: Mantamobile, the master car thief!" As she walks off, Frax grunts angrily with his fist up, quite mad that he was upstaged from his sole duty! Nadira carries the tube over to the Reanimator, opens it up, places the tiny mutant down inside of the smokey chamber, and starts laughing wickedly. The Cyclobot manning he control panel to the Reanimator starts it up, the chamber seals up, and he hits the enlarge button. Seconds later, the chamber unseals, and from within the mist, steps out Mantamobile. He's, as his name implies, a sort of manta ray creature, with a white & blue body, a glowing red patch of hexagonal eyes in his head, and tentacles dangling off his shoulders. Mantamobile shouts, "BOO-YAH! Back, and revvin' for action!" Nadira laughs excitedly, hops over to the monster, and plants a kiss just under his set of glowing eyes. The mutant is quite stunned by this display of affection, taken aback, but quickly joining her in snickering sinisterly.

At the Clock Tower, up on the top level, Wes is giving Lucas a crash course in driver's ed. He slaps a pointer to a board covered with various traffic signs. Lucas has to name off what each one means, a yield sign, railroad crossing, and what Wes claims is an easy one, a labeled stop sign. Lucas gets them all right, except for the yellow pentagon (coincidentally the same TF shape belonging to the Blue Ranger!) school zone crossing sign. Wes reminds him, "Did this one before", but Lucas just can't think of what it means. He becomes frustrated, standing up from the table and walking over to Wesley. He takes his inadequacies out on his teammate, yelling, "This in lame! I'm a WORLD champion race car driver!" Wes remarks quite cockily, "In a THOUSAND years. But, until then, no license? No drivin'!" Elsewhere in the city, a pair of parked convertibles gets some unexpected visitors. Nadira, some Cyclobots, and Mantamobile teleport onto the scene. She, after flashing the camera with her white undies accidentally once again, notions the mutant to the vehicles with a smirking, "Hmm!" Mantamobile takes the incentive, and states, "These two will work perfectly!" He then spreads out his arms, and causes a pink & blue cord to pop out of his body and attach itself to the car in front of him. Mantamobile laughs maniacally, as the car suddenly starts up, and instantly morphs into a much sleeker, black, mutant mobile! Mantamobile attaches another cord onto the other car, and remarks, "Ready to roll! Hahahaha!" Nadira watches gleefully, as the second vehicle is transformed before her evilly giggling eyes into another mutant mobile. She wiggles her fingers excitedly, and approaches the car, stating happily, "My OWN wheels! Now we're going in STYLE!" Nadira hops into the passenger seat, literally, and shouts, "C'mon! Let's hit the open road! Woo-hoo!" The Cyclobots join her, with one of them driving. The other mutant mobile has Mantamobile sitting inside and taking up the whole back seat, as it is also piloted by a Cyclo. The dark twin vehicles take off, zooming away from the area, which had rather lax security.


Soon, at the Silver Hills Department Of Motor Vehicles, Wes & Lucas wait in the Drive Test Area line. Wes asks his pal, "Well, you ready?" Lucas, who didn't have all that much in the way of present-day training before coming there, finishes reading the manual, and replies, "Yeah, I think so." Wes leafs through the SH DMV manual, as he continues waiting in line, as per all DMVs. Lucas starts naming off important facts, "Uhh, the speed limit on the highway is... 65. Um, 25 in residential. And in a railroad crossing it's... 15 miles per hour." Wes tells him supportively, "You got it nailed!" Lucas exhales deeply, and then steps forward, opening a nearby car door and sitting in the driver's seat. What, there's no written part of the exam?! Or multiple hours of classes!? I guess Silver Hills must be pretty lenient on those things, or richboy Wes pulled some strings. Anyway, Lucas straps himself in, and Wes leans in through the window, wishing him, "Good luck!" Lucas looks at his instructor, a nerd guy with a goofy bowtie, sweater vest, and thick glasses. He exhales deeply again, quite nervous about the ordeal. The instructor speaks in a high pitched voice, "My name is Mister Picketts, and my motto is, 'A careful driver is a HAPPY driver!' Shall we begin?" Lucas nods. Picketts (first name probably "Wilson") notes a few things on his clipboard, "Safety belt latched, mirror adjusted, parking brake released. Let's go! EASY now." Lucas slowly begins to drive off, when Picketts freaks out and stops him by shouting, "HOLD ON! HOLD ON! Where's the fire?! Remember, safety first! 'A careful driver, is a HAPPY driver!' Try again." Lucas rolls his eyes, and realizes he has a long road ahead of him, more figuratively than literal.

Elsewhere, a Wells Fargo armored truck drives down the street. Yes, very similar to one in "The Fifth Crystal". Suddenly, the two mutant mobiles begin to charge towards the truck in the opposite direction! The cars avoid slamming into the truck, but do pull around when they notice it must be carrying loads of moola. Nadira even notes, "Cashola! Haha!" The mutant mobiles pull to a halt, and go in reverse, under Nadira's orders, "After that bank on wheels! Yahooo!" The drivers of the armored truck start to panic, as the two evil vehicles race up behind them. One guy tells the other, "Step on it!", and manages to pull far ahead of the chasing cars. Nadira appears offended by their fast getting away. Mantamobile offers, "Allow me!", as he leaps into the air, and changes himself into his flat normal-sized manta ray form! He lands atop the armored truck, wrapping his tentacles around and latching them on. Mantamobile takes over, frightening the drivers within, and causing the truck to come to a screeching stop. The mutant mobiles do the same, as Nadira exclaims, "WOW! Get me that cash! Hee!" The Cyclobots do just that, apparently. Nearby, Lucas pulls his test car off to the side of the empty road, utilizing his blinker. Mr. Picketts marks it down on his board, remarking, "Not bad! Not bad at all!" Just then, the two mutant mobiles speed past them, heading down one of the streets as fast as possible. The gang of evil are so careless about what they stole offscreen, that they actually toss bills of money freely all about! Lucas spots them, and Picketts fails to notice the robots & large blue monster. He mentions, "You young kids usually like to speed around, but not you! You passed with flying colors! Just head on back." Lucas stares at the direction the villains fled, before quickly shifting gears and telling his instructor, "Hang on!" Instantly, the car kicks into reverse, before swinging around sharply and aiming in the opposite direction. Picketts looks visibly scared, as Lucas races after the mutants with his instructor reluctantly along for the ride. Picketts orders, "Stop this car, immediately!", but Lucas is hot on the trail of stolen money scattered about.

Nadira turns around and notices the oncoming vehicle. She notes, "Ooh! You won't spoil MY fun!", ordering the driving Cyclobot, "Let's go!" Mr. Picketts urges Lucas, "Oh, please! Be a HAPPY driver!", to no avail. When the mutant mobiles turn down into a very narrow alleyway between two buildings, Lucas turns very sharply, scaring the wits out of his teacher. The chase continues, until Mantamobile orders the Cyclobot, "Pull over, let me give them some DETAIL work!" Once the vehicle is at a complete halt, the mutant stands up and fires a couple of pink bolts from his eye section. They bombard the approaching car, causing sparks to explode around, and for Picketts to likely wet his pants. Lucas crashes the car into a stack of empty cardboard boxes, he's jerked around by the impact but not injured. When he steps out of the vehicle, a quick search around reveals that the mutant mobiles both got away. Lucas slams his fist against the roof of the car in frustration, before leaning down and preparing to get back in. He notices Mr. Picketts, whimpering heavily, with his glasses slid down on his nose, his face covered in sweat. Lucas merely shakes his head at the sight of the mentally broken man. Later, Lucas & Wes return to the Clock Tower. This is quite odd, to me. It's an urgent situation, so what does Lucas do? He drives all the way back to the DMV, then he and Wes drive all the way back to the Clock Tower, climb the LONG flight of stairs, and only THEN tell their teammates what is going on. HELLO!? You have Communicators! USE THEM! Sigh. Anyway, Wes says, "We've got trouble!", as he & Lucas run into the upper floor of the tower. Jen asks, "What?!" Wes replies, "Nadira's got wheels." Lucas adds, "FAST wheels. With firepower!" Wes notes, "Yeah, she'll be IMPOSSIBLE to catch now." Trip seems quite happy because of this, stepping up and smiling, "Maybe NOT!" He quickly rushes up to the attic area of the room, and scrambles through their stored belongings. Lucas & Wes look at each other, baffled. Trip soon lifts up one of the yellow storage boxes they salvaged from the Time Ship, and yells, "I-I've got it!" He heads back down, and opens up the case, revealing five small, toy-sized motorcycles placed within the cushioned interior. Wes appears confused as to what they are, while the others seem to recognize them (as they should, since Time Force uses similar bikes). Trip anxiously states, "Okay. Step back, and watch this!" He holds his wrist down towards the open case, and presses a few buttons on his Chrono-Morpher. A beam of multicolored energy is casted into each of the bikes, each color matching a Ranger. The Bandai toys are lifted into the air, having been converted into the colored energy shined on them. Trip motions his wrist around, causing the floating bike-beams to slowly lower to the floor in an open area of the room. In a blipping flash, the five bikes grow to a normal, human-riding size, and cease glowing. Trip introduces them, "These... are the Vector Cycles!" Wes gasps, "Check 'em out!" Katie exclaims, "WOW! I can't believe it!", before giving Trip and deep, yet un-strangling hug. Each Ranger approaches their respective color & symbol adorned Vector Cycle. Trip asks, "So, what do you think?" Wes runs his hand along the tinted bug-screen of his bike, a motorcycle fan as we know, and remarks, "This is so cool!" He hops on the Red Cycle and admires it up close, saying, "Oh, YES!" Katie, Trip, Lucas, and Jen all take a seat on their new Cycles as well. Jen starts her Pink Cycle up, the headlight coming on. She coos, "Yeah", while gripping the handlebars. Lucas, likely realizing he won't need a license to drive this Ranger arsenal item, proclaims, "Incredible!" Katie boasts, "Look out, Nadira. We're gonna be HOT on your tail!" Of course, first they're gonna have to figure out how they'll get those Cycles down that long flight of stairs!

Either Silver Hills has twenty or so banks, or this same one keeps getting robbed over and over without increasing security. Nadira, the Cyclobots, and Mantamobile exit the bank, causing people to flee screaming from the building. She giggles psychotically, before bidding, "Buh-bye!", to the guards who failed to stop her and her cronies. The trunks of the mutant mobiles are filled with endless amounts of stolen money. Nadira is barely able to even close one of them, but manages to, and hops back into the vehicle. She calls out to the guards facetiously, "Pleasure doing BUSINESS with you!" The mutant mobiles roll out at her command, heading off to continue their stealing spree elsewhere. The evil vehicles head down another empty stretch of road apparently on the outskirts of town. Nadira counts a handful of bills, and gasps to a Cyclo, "WOW! Hehe! What am I gonna buy first?!" (I guess when you're that rich, stealing becomes obsolete!) Suddenly, three laser beams (one blue, one red, and one yellow) blast down in a line in front of the two mutant mobiles! Three explosions rip out in response, the vertical fireballs engulfing the evil vehicles without warning. Both cars grind to a halt, the bodies of the Cyclobot passengers all smoking from the blast. Nadira grunts loudly, until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Then she looks out on the horizon, and searches for the source of the disturbance. A distance zooming of engines echoes closer, as the five Vector Cycles make their debut in action. The Time Force Rangers have all morphed, and ride in a position of Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Pink. Each Cycle looks basically the same, with a golden shining rim along the front bumper, their Ranger symbol & color along the front and sides. Yet a quick detailed shot reveals each Cycle has a different style weapon strapped to each side! Nadira stands up in her car, and gasps annoyedly, "RANGERS!" Red Ranger, somehow speaking to her despite how he's quite a ways ahead and drowned out by the zooming engines, proclaims, "Time to give back the money you stole, Nadira!" She replies sarcastically, "Ha! Fat chance." Nadira then motions her arm, ordering the driving Cyclobot to step on the accelerator, the moment she sits back down. Both mutant mobiles speed towards the oncoming Rangers, as Nadira laughs continually.


Did we miss something? I suspect we did. Mantamobile's mutant mobile is shown screeching into a sharp turn, as the creature remarks, "Time to have some fun!" The Yellow, Pink, & Green Vector Cycles dart towards his vehicle, and despite how it's a single stretch of road, the other Cycles & mutant mobile aren't visible anywhere! Mantamobile orders the bots, "Faster, boys!" The passenger Cyclo aims his saber-gun out the side of the car, firing it at the Rangers. It's a pink bolt of energy, coincidentally heading directly at the Pink Ranger, who ducks on her Cycle and avoids getting hit by both shots fired. Jen then tells her two teammates, "Alright, guys. Activate lasers!" Yellow responds, "Right!", and Green replies, "You got it!" Yellow & Green pull their Cycles in front of Pink, with Trip being the first to hit his 'launch' button on his console. He shouts, "Fire!", causing twin beams of green laser energy to fire out from the double canons on the side of his bike. They hit the oncoming mutant mobile, causing a flash of smoke and sparks. Yellow hits her launch button, also shouting, "Fire", as beams of yellow laser energy blast from the spade-shaped weapon on the side of her bike. The mutant mobile sparks even more. Green & Yellow slow down and park their Vector Cycles, allowing Pink Ranger to zoom past through the narrow space between them. Jen gloats, "We're taking you in!", as she grips the handlebar and speeds up. Mantamobile scoffs, "HA!", as his mutant mobile plays chicken without flinching. Somehow, the evil vehicle gets farther away between shots, allowing the Pink Vector Cycle ample acceleration room. Suddenly, the Cycle leaps into the air, jumping over the mutant mobile. Manta & his Cyclos look up in disbelief, as Jen pulls out her Chrono-Blaster, and fires a few pink bolts directly down at their car! The Pink Vector Cycle lands perfectly behind the mutant mobile, without losing any speed whatsoever. The evil vehicle, on the other hand, ends up crashing into a well-placed stack of empty cardboard boxes.

Nadira's mutant mobile is off somewhere else on that same traffic-less road, being chased by the Red & Blue Vector Cycles. You'd think Nadira would just park real quickly, grab the money, and teleport out. But, I guess with the Rangers now on the scene, she has no time to do so. Blue Ranger chuckles, "Hehehe. I'LL get 'em!", as he pulls his Cycle closer to the evil vehicle. Once matching their speed, he leaps off his Cycle, and jumps into the backseat of the mutant mobile! He duels with a Cyclobot for a moment, before finally kicking him off, directly into a stack of well-placed cardboard boxes. Lucas kicks at Nadira, who turns around, squeals horribly, and blocks his attack. She returns the gesture by slashing at him with her hand, causing him to fall off the vehicle, and land harshly on the cement. He clutches his chest and promises, "You WON'T get away!" Red Ranger rolls by, asking quickly, "Hey, are you okay?!" Blue Ranger replies, "Yeah, i'm fine!" Wes revs up his Vector Cycle, and follows right behind the escaping car of doom. Nadira looks in her rear view mirror, and gasps, as objects are closer than they actually appear! Indeed, as Red Ranger pulls up and passes the mutant mobile. Once far enough ahead, he quickly pulls his Vector Cycle to a stop, pulls out his Chrono-Blaster, aims it at the approaching vehicle, and fires away. The set of red blasts strike the evil car relentlessly, causing it to spark & smoke. Wes gets his Cycle moving again, just as the mutant mobile spins out and ends his journey about where he was parked. Nadira whines loudly, as her body gets jerked around in the damaged vehicle. The Rangers converge their Vector Cycles on the scene, parking them all together in the middle of the street (better hope no tanker trucks decide to take that route!). The Time Force Rangers stand and face the defeated villains, with Lucas proclaiming, "It's OVER, Nadira!", before crossing his arms. Nadira hops out of her ruined vehicle, the wind whipping her cape quite heavily. Mantamobile has joined her side, as she states, "Not quite!", then orders the monster, "Take them out." The southern-accented Mantamobile responds, "My pleasure! Hyah!" Blue & Red Rangers rush forward, with one them shouting, "Come on!"

Mantamobile flees (and presumably, Nadira teleported home offscreen, empty handed), heading out off the road and down into a valley near one of the nearby mountains. He quickly stops, and pulls out a handful of golden spring-topped bolts, noting, "I'd like to share this moment with a few of my friends!" He drops them into the dirt, causing a platoon of Cyclobots to suddenly pop up around him! Red Ranger calls out, "Chrono-Saber RED!", as his helmet gleams with a digital stream, causing his double Sabers to pop out of a pocket vortex within his Chrono-Saber. He breaks the Sabers apart, and holds one in each hand. Blue Ranger has also called on his Sabers, instead of breaking them apart, he adjusts them so that each are aimed opposite of each other into one long double-bladed staff. Lucas spins it around, and shouts, "Chrono-Saber BLUE! Huh!" Pink Ranger, instead of a Saber, had summoned a large gun weapon, which she names "V-5!" Yellow Ranger has summoned her usual similar weapon, "V-4!", as has Green Ranger, who holds his canon, "V-3!" The five Rangers, weapons at the ready, yell, "Hyah!" in unison. The Cyclobots start to march their way, so the Power Ranger race into battle. Red Ranger darts through a double row of robodrones, whipping his Sabers about the whole way through, slashing nearly each one in the chest. Wes then cuts in three Cyclos individually, their robotic chests sparking & smoking from the ordeal. Red Ranger then holds one of his Sabers up, and runs his finger along the blade, while calling for, "Full power!" The blade glows bright red, as he swings it around, firing off a beam of laser energy in a full 360 degree assault! Every Cyclobot surrounding him is taken down by this attack, their bodies erupting with bluish electricity, before exploding. Yellow Ranger says, "My turn!", as she walks through the field, firing her V-4 mercilessly at each Cyclobot that gets in her line of fire. Blue Ranger slashes at some Cyclos with his double-bladed weapon, until he finally copies Wes and runs his fingers along the blade (always the Saber without the special symbol attachment at the end). Lucas calls out, "Charging up! Hyah!", as the blade glows brightly blue. He tosses the charged up bolt at the gang of Cyclobots in front of him, the blue ball of light ripping through every robodrone in the way. Pink & Green Rangers stand back to back, surrounded by Cyclobots. Jen mentions, "Let's double-team them! Fire!" She aims her V-5 at one half of the Cyclo circle, as Trip aims his V-3 at the other half. They bombard the collection of Cyclobots with a direct onslaught of concussive bursts, taking the whole squad of drones out explosively.

Mantamobile gets in on the action at last, shooting off his two chest tentacles at Red Ranger, snatching each of Wes' arms. He's unable to break free, and is flung into the air at the whimming tug of the creature. Red Ranger lands harshly on his back, and the moment he recovers to his feet, Mantamobile sends a surge of electricity through his tentacles! Wes is fried, crying out in agony as his morphed chest bursts with sparks. Blue Ranger flips onto the scene, and cuts Mantamobile's extended cords in half with his double-edged blade. Mantamobile stumbles backward from the loss of part of his body, but isn't too phased by the attack. Blue & Red Rangers stand side by side, with Wes boasting, "Give up, you're outnumbered!" Mantamobile rubs his chest slightly and laughs, "Hahaha! I'll take you BOTH on!" He starts to charge towards them, prompting Red Ranger to call out, "Tag team time!" Lucas agrees, "You got it!" The two Rangers get a boost in their boots, as they're launched into the air, both whipping their Chrono-Sabers around as they fly at the mutant. Mantamobile is stopped in his tracks, as Red & Blue Rangers spin around in the air rapidly, circling him and striking continuously with their weapons. Once they cease that, Manta doesn't get time to breath, before Red Ranger leaps back into the air and initiates a, "TIME STRIKE!" He cuts his Chrono-Sabers together, with the clockface charge-up behind him, hitting the mutant with one final blow. Mantamobile erupts with explosions, as Blue & Red Rangers pose in the foreground. Wes & Lucas then grip their fists together, with Red bidding, "Good job!", and Blue just saying, "Yeah." Mantamobile, his body covered in smoke, has managed to survive the nonstop Saber beating. He tells our heroes, "Not so fast!" The full team of Rangers regroup together finally, while Wes gasps, "I don't believe it!" This desperate moment causes their robotic owl assistant, Circuit, to come online. Speaking to them over their Morphers from the Clock Tower, Circuit exclaims, "Rangers! Combine your weapons to form the Vortex Blaster! I'm sending you the information right now!" Red Ranger gets the info inside his helmet, as he says, "Downloading... now!" A readout shows all five V-weapons, and how they form together as the Vortex Blaster (or, as the unaltered TR writing shows, the "Voltech Bazooka"). Wes yells, "Got it!", as his helmet begins to shine with digital data. He presses a few buttons on his Chrono-Morpher, and summons, "Vortex Blaster!" Instead, all he's doing is calling forth his V-1 canon, with Blue Ranger doing the same for his V-2. Wes prepares his new weapon, and asks, "Ready, Lucas?!" Lucas does the same with his gun, and replies, "Let's do it!"

With a black background & blue lights zooming past, the pink V-5 locks into the underside of the main red V-1. The roundish blue V-2 locks onto the back of V-1, as V-3 & V-4 each attach to opposite sides of V-1. The completed Vortex Blaster is held by Yellow & Green Rangers (crouching near the front), Pink & Blue Rangers (standing towards the back), as Red Ranger stands behind it, at the trigger. He commands, "Lock on target!" A green tinted screen appears, with a sight aiming directly on Mantamobile. Once it gets him in a position where the words "LOCK ON" appear, the digital data glowing-helmeted Wes orders, "Alright, FIRE!" The Vortex Blaster is initiated, a massive blast of energy is shot out from the barrel end. It has a pretty heavy kick, the whole Blaster actually jolting upward, despite the efforts of the Rangers to hold on tightly to it. Red Ranger's boots skid backward in the dirt from the force of the blast. The Rangers are able to keep a grip, and manage two entire blasts (each bolt of energy shot lets loose a sound effect of an old fashioned clock chiming at the strike of 12). The double bolts swirl together into a white & blue whirling vortex of power. Mantamobile is engulfed by the combined energies, his whole body smoking from the attack. That still doesn't off him, as he's next shown, body steaming, remarking, "You guys are asking for BIIIIG trouble!" He swipes at the gold & black patch on his shoulder, removing it and exposing his DNA beneath. The mutant chain reaction begins, and before the Rangers' eyes, his body expands upwards. Not only that, but his chest suddenly sprouts a red & dark blue plate of armor! Mantamobile laughs maniacally the whole way up, as his voice deepens, and he reaches full height. Our heroes, their weapons gone, are wowed by this event. Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger, "Jen, call Circuit!" Pink yells into her Morpher, "Circuit, we need backup!" The robotic owl replies positively, "You got it! Time Flyers, online!" As he sends a signal some 999 years into the future.

At the Time Force headquarters base in the year 3000, all nearby flying vehicles vacate the area. Trans-Warp Megazord walks over, and gets ready to do his job. A female voice, similar to that DECA-like one from the first episode, states over a speaker, "Launch algorithm 07459 initiated. Launch in 10... 9... 8...", etc. The Time Flyers lift up from their hangars, and load onto the runway. Trans-Warp has detached the Time Gate between shots, and now readies his extended fist for catapulting. The gate lights up, forming the Time Vortex within it. When the voice finishes reaching "2... 1...", Trans-Warp swings his arm around, and sends the Red Time Flyer flying off down the runway. The voice continues, "2 & 3, launch!" T-W sends the Blue & Green Time Flyers off towards the vortex. The voice finishes, "4 & 5, launch!" T-W sends the Yellow & Pink Time Flyers off to follow the others into the Time Gate. All five Flyers converge within the multicolored time tunnel. Like last episode, the other end of the vortex opens up on the top of a domed stadium. Once the Time Flyers appear, Red Ranger shouts into his Morpher, "Time Jet, online!" The Time Jet streaks through the air, allowing all five Rangers to jump up and hitch a ride. The Time Flyers open up their cockpits in midair, and allow the Rangers to hop off the Time Jet and land inside. Wes lands rather perfectly for a change, though lets out a loud grunt when his ass hits the seat. The Time Flyers then swoop through the sky, transforming into the Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue. Inside the standing control room, Red Ranger orders, "Time Jet blast!" The Time Jet has shifting around and changed into its Megazord Blaster mode already. Mode Blue dives towards the city, firing the Time Jet at the mutant. Mantamobile is struck by the blue beams raining down on him, growls a tad, but isn't really hurt thanks to his new armor. Mode Blue quits blasting, and suddenly spins its whole body around while aiming for a flying drop kick into the creature. It hits Mantamobile with both feet, striking his chest armor, causing a flash, and bouncing off. Mode Blue flips across the city, and lands perfectly on its feet. Mantamobile strikes back, by shooting off both of his tentacles again. Mode Blue is strangled by the cords, unable to break free as the mutant sends another surge of electricity through his appendages. Mantamobile laughs wickedly, as the Megazord bursts from the shock; the Rangers within all getting jolted.

The Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue staggers from the shocking attack, still wrapped up in the mutant's tentacles. Mantamobile continues laughing, gloating, "TIME to admit defeat!" Inside the Megazord control room, Blue Ranger notes, "His grip's too strong! Got any ideas, Katie?" Yellow Ranger mentions, "We need more power! Ugh!" Pink Ranger states, "We've gotta try Mode Red!" Mantamobile's laughter is interrupted by Mode Blue suddenly breaking apart! The five Time Flyers take off, knocking Manta backwards from the sudden retraction of his tentacles. Red Ranger, in his Flyer cockpit, initiates, "Megazord! Mode Red!" The Time Flyers zoom around and eventually come together in the second combination, the Red Mode Time Force Megazord. Wes, back in the control room, shouts, "Deploy Saber!", and the Saber pops out of the chest vortex. Mantamobile recovers from his fall, but doesn't get a chance to do anything (like, for instance, try to take over the Megazord. He did it with the truck, after all.) Red Ranger does the usual digital data helmet thing, causing his control stick Saber to transform into a larger one. While he does that, he boasts to the mutant, "Time to send YOU back to the factory!" Wes positions the Saber in the air, and calls for, "Full power!" The Time Force Megazord Mode Red lifts its Saber, causes the sides to slide down, and the green clockface appears. Mantamobile charges at Mode Red, screaming. Red Ranger slices the Saber in the air, causing the Megazord to copy his moves. Mode Red cuts through Mantamobile's chest armor, causing a quick burst of sparks & smoke. Blue Ranger lifts his hand and gestures, "Your time's UP!" The Megazord Saber's green clock face counts upward, until it strikes 12 o'clock, and Mantamobile is flooded with a series of explosions. His DNA chain reaction subsides, and retracts, causing him to drop down onto the dirt in shrunken Chrono-froze mode once again. The Time Force Megazord in Mode Red lowers its weapons, and suddenly breaks apart in its Time Flyer components. The five Rangers inside the control room are dumped out abruptly, falling to the ground without warning. Jen is the only one to land on her feet. Wes watches as the Time Flyers take off and head into the Time Vortex, gasping, "Wow!" After it closes, our heroes recover from their drop. Katie asks the question on many of our minds, "I don't understand! Why do they have to go back every time?" Trip, their expert on the weaponry, explains, "Unfortunately, we don't have the technology for them to refuel here! Not YET, anyway." Wes quips, "At least not for THOUSAND more years!" He stands up and mentions, "Well, let's get him OUT of here." Jen adds, "Yeah. That was GREAT work, everyone." Pink Ranger glances over and spots the smoking tiny body of Mantamobile on the ground. She walks over, crouches next to it, lowers a Time Force Badge over him, and causes another containment tube to form around him. Jen holds the tube and states, "As for YOU, you're under arrest!"


The next day or so, Mister Picketts is back at work. His neck is in brace, his head bandaged, and his arm in a sling. The frail man apparently having suffered damages from his ride with Lucas! He speaks in a weary voice to a woman, having successfully passed her driver's test, "And remember... a careful driver is a happy driver. Hehe he he." The woman takes her paper, and drives off carefully, and thus carefully, she is quite happily. Picketts watches her depart, before weakly shouting, "Alright, who's next?" He hears a car horn beep, and the Student Driver car pulls up, with Lucas at the steering wheel! Mr. Picketts' eyes widen, as he sees Lucas, who says excitedly, "Hey, i'm here to take the test again! Hop in!" (you'd think Picketts would have passed him last time if he feared seeing him again) Picketts freaks out, dropping his clipboard and crutch, howling in fright, and running away. Lucas yells, "Mister Picketts, wait!", but the man continues fleeing, and though the screen freezes, I suspect he rushes out into the street and is struck by a large bus.

[Scenes from "A Parting Of Ways"; End Credits]

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