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Power Rangers Time Force
"Ransik Lives"
Original Air Date:02/24/01 Footage from:
Timeranger #04 - Hitojichi ha Iseijin (The Hostage Is An Alien)
*Season 9, byte 04
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1104
*04th episode of PRTF
*382nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand Director: Kaizo Hayashi
Starring Cast:
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Ranger)
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Additional Cast:
Joe Medalis _AS_ Ivan
Jonathan Richter _AS_ Anchorman [Doesn't appear onscreen!]
Colin Bain _AS_ Delivery Boy
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Eddie Frierson _AS_ Frax (voice)
David Stenstrom _AS_ Fearog (voice)


The Time Force emblem on the back of Lucas' jumpsuit is shown directly, before the camera pulls up, revealing that he and the rest of the timelost Time Force officers are still on the beach! The charred wreckage of the Time Ship remains scattered along the sands, obviously this section of Silver Hills doesn't get all too many visitors this time of year. Katie sits against some debris, as does Jen, while in the background, Trip has fashioned himself a makeshift fishing pole out of a stick and a hooked rope. He pitches the hook into the water, over and over again. Lucas, who has the front of his suit unzipped (as does Trip, but not the girls, hmm...), questions his female teammates on their future in the year 2001, "What are we going to do? We have no money. We have no food!" Katie, who appears a bit groggy (or possibly just getting a whiff of the fact her and her fellow teammates haven't bathed in 1000 years), adds, "Yeah, how are we going to survive?" Jen has no answer, simply staring into the campfire and fiddling with a hunk of rubble in the dirt. Nearby, Trip's fishing rod begins to twitch, as he struggles to hold on to whatever he ensnared. The green haired alien teen shouts with laughter, "Hahaha! I got one! I got one! I GOT ONNNNE! Look!" Jen, Lucas, & Katie all anxiously stand up, happily awaiting whatever it is that Trip caught. Trip pulls the reel in, and finds that all he caught from all his hard work, was an old discarded boot! His fellow TF Officers sit back down in disappointment. Trip doesn't throw it back in the water, instead staggering with his boot-pole over to sulk with his teammates. The sound of a motorcycle engine approaching gains their vagrantly distraught attention. It's a blue bike, the same one as last seen in episode 2. Wes pulls up over on the side of the road, takes off his helmet, and smirks to the TFs in the distance, before shaking his head and heading over to them. As he approaches their trashy homestead, he excitedly calls out, "Grab your stuff! Come on, i've found a place for you to live! Hahaha!" Wes rushes off, leaving Jen to look towards her teammates, likely thinking, "How are ALL going to fit on the back of that motorcycle?!"

Soon, they've arrived at their destination (hopefully they took the Time Jet or something), Wes leading the way. The Time Force Officers each carry one of many yellow briefcases in their hands. They head through the park, checking out the scenery on their way by. Trip lags behind and giggles to Katie, "It's probably someplace REALLY cool! I mean, you should see the MANSION he lives in!" She nods quickly, the two both smiling and awaiting something expensive & flashy. The long walk comes to a halt, with Wes looking upward and announcing, "Well, there it is! Home, sweet home!" The four cops from the future take a look at what their present-day teammate is presenting, a tall old Clock Tower! It's several stories high, surrounded by palm trees. Jen & Lucas merely glance at each other in response to what they see. Lucas then looks to Katie, and shakes his head at her, apparently not impressed. They enter the dusty & cobweb filled stairwell, and begin the long climb up. Wes eagerly directs them up the steps, explaining, "My dad owns this building. No one uses it anymore!" (knowing Mr. Collins, he probably foreclosed on the place really cruelly) The TFs follow quietly for a good while, until Katie finally stops in her tracks and shouts, "Hey! Isn't there any elevator!?" To support her plight, we see down the long shaft between the stairs, expanding multiple levels into pure darkness below. Wes chuckles at her exhaustion (seems she may be tough, but not used to actually having to walk between floors, thanks to the advances of the future), and remarks, "Yeah-ah, RIGHT! Just wait, it's worth the climb! Just wait, you'll see! Hahaha!" He darts up the steps, leaving Katie groaning tiredly in the dust. Trip leans over the railing, and takes a peek at just how far the drop is, on his continued way up.

The top level of the Clock Tower is eventually reached, with Wes snickering as he enters the room. A flock of doves, pigeons, and whatever other birds, are instantly stirred by the presence of humans. They take off, as Wes stretches out his arms and proclaims, "Watch out for all this junk!" Indeed, the room is cluttered with trash, and other antique objects. Not only that, but above them, a rat is chewing away at the rope attached to a pillar. Wes stands, with the back of the yellow glassed clock face behind him, and asks his pals, "So it's great, huh?!" They instantly drop their briefcases and bags, and take a look around while standing in place. Katie crosses her arms, and Lucas dusts off his hands by slapping them together, and letting out a loud exhaled sigh. Wes' smile slowly fades, realizing the four time-displaced teens aren't impressed by his generosity. Jen curiously heads off to explore the large room. Lucas finally comments, "What a... dump!" Katie runs her hand along a wall, and then blows off the pile of dust she accumulated, before nodding & remarking, "It IS pretty dirty!" Trip glances at the cobweb covered surroundings, and tells his teammates, "We can't live here!" Jen finds a balcony over to the side of the clock face, and stares out over it for a moment. She informs them of her discovery, "Look, you guys!", prompting them to come over. Jen adds, while leaning up against the side of the window, "From up here, we can see EVERYONE. But no one can see us!" Lucas is the first to check out the balcony, scoping the view of the skyscrapers of Silver Hills just off the side. He gasps, "WOW!" impressed by the strategic location of the Clock Tower. Jen turns to Katie and smiles, "It's perfect!" Katie takes another look at the room, and figures, "I GUESS we can make it work." Jen, backed up by her teammates (Trip smiles, and Lucas remains glued to the balcony), tells Katie, "Let's make this place into a home." She then glances over to Wes, whose smile returns, as he feels vindicated at last.

[Opening Credits]

A dove flaps by the exterior of the Clock Tower. Speaking of which, the bird poop cleanup begins at the top level of the building. Katie runs a broom along the cobweb covered pillars; Jen clears some webs off of one of the many ropes by hand. Wes even helps out, carrying a small wooden box filled with junk across the room. Lucas picks up a black roundish barrel type piece of junk, and carries it off to the side. Trip sets up a wooden post perch for Circuit, placing the robotic owl atop it and activating him. Circuit's eyes open up and his chest flashes, as he flaps his wings and exclaims, "WOW! This place is COOL!" (nice to see the lingo in the future is the exact same as it is now) Jen uses a duster on more of the cobwebs, as Wes walks up another set of stairs (ones leading to the upper attic area of the top floor), carrying a barrel, with intent of storing it up there. Katie is also up on the attic section of the room, cleaning off one of the many dirty windows adorning the roof. Lucas, up there as well, uses the broom to sweep a pile of dust over the side. Trip is below, getting bombarded with the dirt. He coughs, waves a rag around, and shouts, "Will you quit that?!" Lucas glances over the side, chuckles, and apologizes, "Hehe, sorry!"

In the woods surrounding Silver Hills, the Prison Ship remains hidden. Inside it, Nadira gets a manicure by several Cyclobots! One works on painting her toes, another works on one hand, while a third works on the other (her broken fingernail being repaired). Nadira, her pink hair down, stares mindlessly at a television set she stole (as evident by the things surrounding it, seems she went on an electronics stealing spree!), lounging around. On the TV is a cartoon, with a character speaking in a southern accent as he climbs into a lake, "Man, these bugs are eatin' me alive! Ow, ow!" Another character asks, "Where'd you hide the bug spray, Mr. Louisiana Sportsman?", and the other guy replies, "It's over on the boat, City Boy!" (there's more, but frankly, who cares?) The Cyclobot doing Nadira's toes keeps leaning back and forth, accidentally blocking her view of the tube. She grows frustrated, and finally turns the index finger on her left hand towards him. Nadira causes the fingernail to extend outward, aiming the sharp nail directly at the Cyclobot's head! She says angrily, "Excuse me. Get out of my way!" The fearful Cyclo leans farther backward, until his golden helmet head is out of range of the TV set. Nadira spares him a slicing, but does appear to give him a kick with the foot he was working on.

Behind her, Ransik exits his room (which is, according to the door beneath the bars, the "Security Office"). He seems to have been polishing his face & chest plates, as they're extremely shiny for a change. Ransik marches into the main room and states, "It's TIME for announce our arrival! And tell this city who the REAL boss is now!" Frax, the golden robot-mutant, asks humbly in his metallic voice, "Yes, but HOW, master?" Nadira cuts in with a loud, "SHHH! I'm trying to watch my shooooow!" Frax remarks, "Nadira, you are starting to act like everyone in this time period. They ALL watch television!" Ransik notices this, and gets a grand scheme in his mutated brain. He puts his hand to his face, and ponders, "Exactly. Hahahaha!" He then steps in front of Nadira's TV, and notes, "Which is why, we will broadcast MY arrival, on television! Hehehehaha! Frax, get me some help!" Crow T. Mutantbot does just that, heading over to the many cryogenic suspension chambers around the room, and opening a shelf up. He reaches into the icy compartment with his claw arm, and picks up one of the tiny chrono-tubes. Frax pops open his facial section at the same time, his red eyes glowing as he laughs wickedly. He then places the shrunken mutant from the tube into the Reanimator. It's a small white frog-like creature, to which Frax says, "Fearog! Time to rejoin us for some dirty work!" He steps out of the Reanimator, and commands, "Begin!" The door slides shut, lights flash, and the indicator above it turns from yellow to green in a matter of seconds. Once the flashing subsides, the door slides open, unveiling the height restored Fearog. He's a white body frog-like creature, as I said before, with a red chest, golden-sectioned groinal area, three prongs sticking out of his head, a blue gem eye, and elongated fingers. Fearog (who shares a name with a PRIS monster), emerges from the misty chamber, and laughs, before noticing he's not alone, and exclaiming, "Ooh! Under attack!" He fires a blue beam from his gem eye, striking two innocent Cyclobots standing before him! Both of the robodrones are reduced to a pile of nuts & bolts. Fearog wiggles his fingers, and asks, "Anybody else?!" Frax stops him, "Calm down! We're on the same side!" Fearog lets down his guard and apologizes, "My bad. I thought they were Time Force. Sorry. Hehe!"

Back at the Clock Tower, Jen completes knotting some rope to a large brass bell in the middle of the room. She secures it, and then rushes over to Trip & Lucas, who are holding on to the other end of the rope. Together, the three of them begin to yank on it, Jen ordering, "Okay, PULL!" They struggle with all their might, but fail to get the heavy bell even an inch above the floor. Katie notices that it looks like a job for Superwoman, and takes control the rope, telling the three with a grin, "Step aside." She easily pulls on the rope, causing the bell to rise into the air rather gently. The three TFs simply watch in awe, with Lucas noting, "Super strength DOES come in handy!" Wes reenters the room, carrying a green trunk in his clutches. He remarks, "I've been thinking, guys. You want people to THINK you're from here? You HAVE to dress the part!" Trip, Lucas, & Jen turn their attention away from the raised bell, and to him, as Katie fastens the rope to a sturdy post. Wes sets down the trunk, and opens it up, revealing a heap of various clothing items. The four teens from tomorrow approach the trunk, and wonder what wardrobes lie within. Jen is notably smiling widely, lightening up at last.

Momentarily, your typical fashion model music plays, as Katie, in her white TF Jumpsuit, walks behind a dividing wall. When she emerges in an instant, she's dressed in her new modern day outfit: camouflage pants, a yellow undershirt, and a brown vest. Katie seems quite pleased by her attire, laughing deeply. Lucas checks himself out in a mirror atop the stairs, and then heads down to join Katie with Wes. He's wearing black pants, a black jacket, and a blue shirt of some kind. Katie appears impressed, exclaiming to him, "Ye-ah!" Wes, who's been wearing the same leather jacket with a red shirt underneath the whole episode (thus its now a bit dusty), slaps Lucas on the arm and concurs, "Wow, you look cool!" Trip walks in, wearing an orange hooded coat, with a green shirt under it and bluejeans. He coyly approaches them with his hands in his pockets, smiling as always. Wes mentions, "One last detail!", before he pulls out a bucket hat, and places it over Trip's head. He pats the nervous teen on his shoulder, and states, "I don't know if the public is QUITE ready for a Xybrian yet." (Xyrian, Zybrian, whatever!) Jen is the last to show off her new outfit, as she struts in and says, "Hi!" Wes turns around and is stunned by what he sees: Jen wearing knee-high leather boots, a pink plaid skirt, a pink blouse, and a brown leather jacket. She's also let her hair down for a change, as did Katie. Wes gasps, "WOW! You look GREAT!" (but likely thinking, "Guess I got lucky and found clothes all the right colors & sizes for you guys!") Jen smiles, and adjusts her jacket. The conversation is interrupted by the sound of Trip's alien stomach grumbling. All turn to him upon hearing this. He clutches his belly and looks down, until he hears the cooing of a bird above. Trip looks up and spots a pigeon perched atop one of the wooden planks. The bird suddenly turns into a smoking barbecued chicken, and back again. Trip grins and lets out a loud, "Mmmm!", as he plans on possibly eating the nasty creature! Jen motions to her modern day teammate, "C'mon, Wes." She leads the way to the stairs, and promises the team, "We'll bring back something to eat!" Lucas grabs Trip, and Katie says something to him, but I can't make out what it is, sounds like either "Isn't that great?" or "That isn't right!" Maybe scolding him on his hunger for pigeon.


Wes follows Jen down the stairs, and into the front office of the Clock Tower. He tells her, "Yeah, I know my dad's rich. But I DON'T want to go to him for money! This is something I want to do on my own." She doesn't say a word, merely holding her head up high and marching through the building. As they reach the door, and old man in a business suit enters. Jen stops, and Wes asks him, "Uhh, can I help you?" The man, named in the end credits as Ivan (not Ooze!), replies, "This IS Nick Of Time Odd Jobs, isn't it? Uhh, I want to hire you!" Ivan, who was probably passing by the area and saw people within it, uses a handkerchief and brushes off the thick layer of dirt covering a metal sign on the door. Indeed, the sign reads "Nick Of Time - Odd Jobs". Jen exclaims excitedly, "Oh, look! This WAS an odd-jobs' shop!" (hey! Don't talk about the previous owner like that!) Wes regrets to Ivan, "Ahh, sorry, but we're not..." Jen cuts him off and eagerly informs the man, "We'll do it! Whatever it is. As long as it PAYS." Wes goes along with her desperation, "Uhh, yeah! Odd Jobs are our specialty... I guess!" He confusedly looks at Jen, who has a wide smile on her face. Before you know it, Wes & Jen are off at their new job, wearing white painter's overalls and hats! Ivan must have supplied them, as well as the painting material. Otherwise, they'd be gone so long buying them, that every pigeon in the Clock Tower would end up roasted for supper! Jen pours some of the coincidentally pink paint into a roller tray, and heads over to a wall to work on it. Wes is already doing so, using a small brush and haphazardly cross-stroking all over the wall with the paint. He's never had to paint before in his life, and the poor job he's doing shows. Wes asks her, "Looks good, huh?!" Jen, who seems to have done a bit of odd job work even in the future, continues rolling, and replies, "Uhh, not really. You need some more paint, and a roller!" Wes walks over to do as she says, and clumsily winds up knocking over a can of paint. Jen turns and laughs at his expense, as he groans and picks the can up, causing the entire pink paint contents to drop out onto the tarp. Anybody else notice that, not only are they wearing their Chrono-Morphers, but their sleeves are rolled up, so as to allow as much paint as possible to splatter onto them!? Guess they want to see how stain-proof the Morphers are (Jen also keeps her engagement ring on, not the smartest move). Wes holds the can and comments, "Hehe, I guess i'm not used to manual labor, huh?" Jen chuckles, "It's okay! I'll go out and get more paint." She takes the can from his hand, and heads off shaking her head and giggling. Wes wipes off his hand, and then decides to pick up where she left off. He takes the roller, and continues working on the wall.

Momentarily, Wes hears a noise in the background. Either not expecting anyone to be in that section of the building, or looking for an excuse to slack off from work. He ceases painting, and peeks around the corner of the hallway. What he sees, is a squad of Cyclobots marching his way! Wes quickly turns around and covers his face, while focusing on painting a lower wall. The Cyclos pause in their tracks, and look at the mysterious painter, who tells them, "Nevermind me! I'm just an average, ordinary painter. Yep! Love to paint!" They fall for the ruse, and start hopping once again, until Wes starts whistling. The lead Cyclobot stops, and looks back at the painter, spotting the Chrono-Morpher on his arm in plain view. Suddenly, the film starts moving really fast! The Cyclo grabs the painter's arm, and stands him up. Wes is then kicked repeated by Cyclobots. He falls onto the tile, flips over, avoids getting stomped by a drone, then whips his foot around, taking a few down. He hops back up and over, kicking a Cyclo's Saber away, and then another one onto the tarp. Wes flips over a janitor's cart, kicking a Cyclo, before shoving the whole cart over onto the bots. He duels with two more Cyclobots, and ends up getting knocked on his back onto the tipped over cart. Wes rolls off it, and gets picked back up forcibly by several angry Cyclobots. The fast forwarded unmorphed fight finally cuts off, as Wes is held in place, just as Nadira makes her wickedly laughing entrance. She stands before Wes, and blows on her fingernails with an evil grin. Nadira holds out her hand, and asks, "How do you like my manicure?!", before extended out her fingernails into blade form once more! She aims the sharpened nails at his chest, preparing to get revenge for having lost a nail the last time she tried to chop him to bits. It'll have to wait, though, since she decides not to destroy him now for some reason.

Elsewhere in the building, which just happens to be the TV Broadcast tower for Silver Hills Channel 13, an unseen anchorman states, "And the weekend looks sunny & warm!" Cyclobots have taken over the studio, no humans are seen anywhere. Must be another damn strike going on. The Cyclobot in charge of the controls hits a button, the "On The Air" sign lights up, and today's edition of "Ransik Live!" begins. Cyclobots operate the cameras, and the sound mixing, and Frax stands on the side, directing as he always wanted to. Ransik sits at the table, proclaiming into the camera, "We interrupt this broadcast, for some late breaking news! People of Silver Hills, LISTEN, and listen well! Your city, you lives, ALL that you know and love, no longer belongs to you! Hahaha! It belongs to ME." The transmission hits all television sets in the city, including one at a crowded hair salon, office buildings, and even inside a portable TV in the car of a donut eating police officer! He's so scared by Ransik's words, that he ends up dropping half of his donut onto his uniform. At the Clock Tower, Circuit picks up the signal, and opens his eyes to exclaim, "Rangers! Look at the TV!" They have no television, so they use their good old holoscreen instead. Lucas, Trip, & Katie look into the staticy image, as it clears up and displays Ransik's evil mug, ordering the city, "Surrender, or be destroyed! THIS, is a sample, of what is in store." The image switches over to Fearog, live on location on a rooftop in the city. He charges up his gem eye, and fires off a beam blast, which demolishes two cardboard buildings! Ransik comes back on to ransom Silver Hills, telling them, "You have one hour to surrender, or I will LEVEL the city! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" The signal cuts off, as the Cyclobots turn off the camera in the studio. Seconds later, two other Cyclobots drag Wes in, and present him to their master. Ransik stands up from his seat behind the desk, and comments, "Ahh... We have a visitor." Wes struggles with the bots, but is unable to get free, remaining at Ransik's mercy.

Down the hall, Jen returns with a fresh can of paint. She calls out for her partner, "Wes?!", possibly thinking he ditched her. Her Chrono-Morpher suddenly beeps, prompting her to set down the can of paint and answer it. Jen presses the communications button, and causes a hologram image of Trip to appear above her wrist. Trip mentions, "Ransik just broadcast a threat to the city! He'll destroy it in an hour unless they surrender!" Jen asks, "Broadcast!? Can you trace the signal?" Trip already has, replying, "He's in the Simon Tower, near downtown. Do you know where that is?" Jen sighs, "Do I KNOW?! I'm standing in it, right NOW!" Trip says, "We're on our way!", and the communication hologram blinks off. Jen slaps her hands against her legs in frustration, and glances down at the floor. She finds Wes' painter's hat lying on the tarp, which leads her to spotting a long trail of painted footprints heading down the hall! They look to be normal human feet, but are supposed to be Cyclobot prints, given the spacing of them. In the studio, Wes is tied up in a chair, with his arms around his back, unable to reach his Morpher. Ransik gets in his face, and whispers, "An hour from now, your entire dreadful city, will be dust." Wes argues, "How could you?! Those are innocent people, and they haven't done ANYTHING to you!" Ransik grins & chuckles, rising before him and remarking, "So, they haven't told you who I am? How I got here?" He turns Wes' chair around, and whispers into his ear, "Well, you have... a little time left. Let me tell you all about... those 'INNOCENT' people!"

The camera zooms into his normal looking blue-colored eye, and ends up zapping into a flashback, to some point in the distant future. A small lab, with a bright white background, and several tables in the room. Three people wearing blue radioactive containment suits work on various chemistry sets. Ransik voices over, "It took decades of research, but genetic perfection was finally achieved." One of the lab workers takes a vial of DNA from a frozen case of similar vials, and adds some sort of chemical to it. Ransik continues, "Soon, every human would benefit from science's dazzling success." We next see an assembly line in that same laboratory, where several tubes filled with bluish green goop are lined up in front of a laser device, and zapped (an outline of a tiny baby is shown within the tube). A radi-suited lady behind a computer console smiles, as runs a diagnostic check on the embryo which was scanned. The computer readout shows a display very similar to what we saw in the TF's sunglasses in episode 2, "Strand DNA" and "DNA Scanning engaged". The baby outline shows up on the screen, and soon a live picture of an infant giggling. Ransik adds, "In the year 3000, every baby born would have perfect DNA. With all the perfect attributes their parents picked out for them. And the added bonus- no disease... EVER." We see another set of endless conveyor belts, this time carrying small egg-shaped cradles, each containing a newly born baby! One ends up in the hands of a woman and a man, the woman picking up the child and saying, "Hi, precious!" over and over. They cuddle the drooling infant, causing it to smile. Those green & blue tubes are shown again, a set of them placed together in the lab. One starts to rock by itself, before suddenly tipping over, and shattering over a nearby grate! The gooey contents seeps between the openings, and oozes into the sewer. Ransik says during all of this, "Then one day, something... went wrong. But science, is a mysterious thing. Every organism, has a deep instinctual impulse. The impulse... to survive! And as the world above dreamed of perfect DNA, their nightmare... a mutant... was born!" We see the green goop slithering down the corridors of the sewer, before puddling amid all the other toxic sludge. The area glows brightly green, until suddenly, the arm of a man rips out of the slime, letting out a loud primal scream. The arm's skin is covered with the glowing green goop; the hand slowly clenching into a fist. Some time later (exact time unknown, since Ransik was likely not born in 3000, rather a few years prior), we see Ransik, a full grown man, wearing rags and eating out of garbage cans in an alleyway. It's storming pretty badly, the rain drenches him, and lightning flashes violently. As he's enjoying his meal, a blonde woman with an umbrella and a plastic poncho over her body comes walking by. She spots the mutant vagrant, minding his own business. He turns to her, and comes into view thanks to the lightning. The woman screams, drops her umbrella, and runs for her life. Ransik's voice over concludes, "Unfortunately, the future isn't very accepting of imperfection. I was shunned by everyone who saw me. An outcast!" The flashback bum Ransik seems visibly distraught by the woman's fright, as he stumbles to the soaked cement next to her umbrella. He gets on his knees and slams his fists against the ground, before screaming, "Noooooo!" loudly into the night. Lightning flashes several times, allowing us to see for the first time what lies beneath his face mask: a deformed mangled section of flesh covering the left side of his face. Almost like a tragic burn victim, his ear nearly nonexistent, and his beard unable to grow over on that side. Ransik continues screaming, letting out his rage of being a pariah in the only way he knew how.


The flashback, or rather flash forward, concludes, showing Ransik back down in the sewers. He stands before a squad of mutants, all Timeranger monster suits (each unnamed as yet, though one of which we already know from TF ep 1, that mohawked guy I called "Punky Bruisester"!), each lifting their arms up in unison, cheering on their new leader. Ransik turns away from them, and slowly places his metal faceplate on his head for the very first time. Ransik voice over, "I gathered every other wretched creature, and formed an army of criminals, that terrorized the city!" Debuting his outfit and metal implants, Ransik turns to the mutants, and begins to laugh maniacally, as he takes his place as ruler of the monster underworld. The flashback ends, and we join Wes listening to Ransik, already in progress. Ransik boasts, "With that kind of power, I would have dominated the year 3000! If it weren't for your Time Force... police." Wes gets the gist of the rest of the story, "So you came HERE, to get your revenge before Time Force even EXISTED. But you didn't count on being followed." In the nearby halls, Cyclobots march around, guarding the studio. Jen, still in her painter's uniform, sneaks around as stealthily as she can. She ends up backed against a door, with a group of Cyclos mere feet away from her position. Suddenly, the door opens, and a person within it grabs her and pulls her in before the drones can spot her. It's Lucas, who, along with Trip & Katie, has managed to break into the building unseen. Katie tells Jen, "There are Cyclobots EVERY-where." Jen inhales toughly, and mentions, "Then we must be close. Let's go!" Back in the studio, Wes responds to Ransik's story, "LOOK, it wasn't right for people to turn away from you. But revenge is NEVER the answer." Realizing he won't listen to insane reasoning, Ransik turns away from the teen and orders aloud, "DESTROY him!" The overlord walks off, just as Fearog warp-aports into the room, right behind Wes' chair! He chuckles, turns Wes around, and then kicks him over. Ransik stands next to Frax and some of the Cyclobots, the whole group of them teleporting away via their usual methods (the Cyclo's method involves their bodies vanishing, leaving only and outline highlighted by flashing streaks of blue energy).

Fearog touches his bluish-green eye gem, and prepares to fire it, exclaiming, "Gotcha!" Wes lies on the floor beneath him, bounded to the chair and unable to escape. His face shows intense fear from the frog (and I don't mean Michigan J!). Before Fearog can fire anything, he's struck in the chest by a pink bolt of energy from out of nowhere. He's hurled against the table, and knocked to the floor by the blast. Wes turns and spots the Pink Time Force Ranger flipping onto the scene, with her Chrono-Blaster in hand (I assume that the Blasters can be summoned like any other weapon, since they don't carry them in holsters while unmorphed anymore). She's joined by the other three Rangers, as they regroup by Wes' side. Pink Ranger remarks, "Fearog's out of the hold!", likely remembering him from a previous case as a TF Cop. She & Blue Ranger help Wes stand up, asking, "Wes, are you alright?" He groans, "Uh-huh. Thanks guys!" Jen motions to the Yellow Ranger, "Katie?" She replies, "Gladly!", and grabs both of Wes' hands, breaking the handcuffs in two with a sparky strong tug! They fall off, in pieces, and smoking! Yikes! Fearog recovers from the sucker-blast, clutching his stomach. Green Ranger is eager to fight him, saying, "C'mon!" Wes cautions him, "Unh-unh. This one's MINE." (So was the last one, you mutant hog!) Wes does the arm & hand gestures, and proclaims, "Time for.... Time Force!" He presses his Chrono-Morpher, the DNA strand pops out, the red digital data stream tunnel surrounds him, and he morphs into the Red Time Force Ranger. Fearog shows fear, gasping, "Uh-oh!" before Red Ranger leaps into the air and does a spinning kick into the creature. The mutant is sent flying into a rather flimsy wall, which rips open and causes Fearog to fall a few feet to the ground. Wes remarks, "We can't let him get away!", and instantly leaps through the hole in the wall, following the monster. He lands in front of the weary creature, and vows, "Fearog! Your bullying days are OVER!"

The other four Power Rangers join him, all ending up in the middle of the street behind Simon Tower. The Time Force team stands together, with Red Ranger leading the charge, "Let's do it! Time Blasters!" He presses a button on his Morpher, to activate this action. Each of the Rangers pull out their Time... err, rather, their Chrono-Blasters. Either he got the name wrong (which is possible), or else they're called "Time Blasters" when used Morphed. Pink Ranger, who had hers out in the building, seems to have gotten rid of it since then, and now has to call it back out. The five Rangers aim their Blasters, each shouting "Hyah!" as they ready them, with Katie giving the command of, "And fire!" Five beams of energy, each matching the color of the Ranger which shot it, are shot at Fearog. He's bombarded by the blasts, and knocked on his back. The mutant stays down for only a moment, before standing back up and gloating, "Is THAT all you've got?!" Red Ranger gasps, "I don't believe it!" Fearog's body starts to steam uncontrollably, as he states with a psychotic snicker, "I'm taking the battle up a level, Rangers!" He swipes at the gold & black patch on his arm, peeling it off and revealing the purple & blue stripes beneath. His DNA is exposed to the air, causing it to bubble over, and a molecular chain reaction makes him grow instantly to giant form! His body flashes bluish as he grows before the Rangers' eyes, once he reaches full height, his body is still smoking, and he's still laughing, but now he's got himself a sword! Our heroes are awed and a bit terrified upon seeing this. Yellow Ranger notes, "Woah, he's bigger than the last guy!" Red Ranger speaks into his Chrono-Morpher, "Circuit, we need help!" At the Clock Tower, the robotic owl named Circuit wakes up blinking, and replies, "You got it! Time Flyers, online!" In the year 3000, the Time Force base gets the signal, and begins to deploy the Zords. Same as last time, Trans-Warp Megazord sets up the Time Gate, the Time Flyers pull up from their hangers, and get launched into the time vortex with a little pushing help from the big guy. This time around, the other end of the vortex appears atop the rounded dome roof of a stadium! The five Time Flyers swoop upward, and begin to transform into Time Force Megazord Mode Blue, without even stopping to pick up the Rangers!

Fearog swings his sword around, and growls deeply. The Mode Blue Megazord zooms through the air, heading for the mutant. Fearog extends out his sword, and slashes at Mode Blue on its way by. The TF Rangers are inside of the standing control room, clutching the sabers, trying to keep from falling over as the while place rocks from the attack. Green Ranger responds, "Now it's OUR turn!" The Time Force Megazord in Mode Blue falls back and does another cloud-warping technique, bouncing off of el nubeluz and trampolining back to action with a vengeance! Yellow Ranger commands, "Time Blast!", causing Mode Blue to begin to fire its Time Jet weapon at the mutant. Fearog is flooded in a hailstorm of sparks, crying out in agony. Green Ranger makes the next initiation (seems Red got sick of taking all the battle glory), summoning, "Megazord, Mode Red!" Mode Blue breaks up, the Time Flyers swoop around the area, and come together as Time Force Megazord Mode Red. Speaking of Red, he calls out, "Deploy Saber!", causing the Megazord Saber to appear within the green gem on the Megazord's chest. It shoots out of the time vortex, and lands in the Megazord's hand. Mode Red stands with Saber & Shield in its possession, as the Time Force Badge shimmers behind its posed position. Fearog quickly hops in and strikes with his sword, hitting the Megazord shield twice. Mode Red then uses its own Saber, and knocks the mutant's blade away. Fearog stumbles because of that, and winds up open for an attack by Mode Red, which cuts into the monster's big head a few times. The Saber slashes at what would be Fearog's shoulder, if he weren't so freaky shaped, sending the mutant flying to the side in a barrage of smoke & sparks. In the control room, Red Ranger commands, "Time Force Megazord Saber, full power!" The digital stream pours down his helmet, causing the saber control stick in his hand to transform into a mini-version of the larger Megazord Saber. He grips it, and whips it around, before shouting, "Activate NOW!" The saber pops open its sides, dropping them down, prompting the Megazord to do the same. The green clock face appears, with 9 & 3 highlighted by the dropped saber-sides. Wes bids, "See ya!", as he rips the saber into the air. The Megazord does the same, cutting into Fearog's chest with a large explosion, which suddenly freezes before it can grow. Yellow Ranger lifts her hand, and remarks, "Your time's UP!" The Megazord Saber's sides start to countdown like the hands on a clock, finally reaching 12, and unfreezing the battle. Fearog, now on the other side of the city from Mode Red, sparks a bit, before proclaiming, "You will NEVER defeat meeee...!" He falls over, explodes massively, and croaks in a literal sense. The mutant DNA chain reaction retracts, and Fearog reverts to tiny chrono-froze mode on the streets below. He's picked up and placed in a tube offscreen, obviously. The five Time Flyers are next shown flying into the sky, causing the time vortex to reappear, which they enter, before it closes behind them.


At the Clock Tower, in the Nick Of Time Odd Jobs office, Ivan places a small stack of money down on the counter. Wes & Jen, still in their painter's outfits, stand behind it, with Trip, Lucas, & Katie to the side. Ivan graciously states, "A job well done! I'm gonna recommend your shop to ALL my friends!" He waves and departs, bidding, "Good day!" Wes grabs the money, Jen waves back and tells him, "Thank you! Come again!", and Trip happily yells, "Thaaanks!" Ivan continues waving, and leaves, passing by the still quite dusty NOT OJ sign (and I don't mean Mr. Simpson). As he leaves, a clueless delivery boy enters, and asks, "Somebody order a pizza?" Trip snatches the hard earned money out of Wes' hand, and replies, "YEAH!" He quickly rushes over to pay the boy, with Lucas & Katie hungrily following. Jen giggles, and Wes takes this time to talk to her alone. He reaches around and pulls her aside, mentioning, "Jen, Ransik told me his story. How he rose from an accident in a DNA lab. And in a way... I almost feel sorry for him." Jen returns to cold leader mode, as she states, "Look, don't let him fool you! People DID try and help him, but he turned them away. He wants POWER, and... he'll do anything to get it and we've got to stop him. He's EVIL, through and through!" Wes glances to the side, and slowly nods, agreeing to her position on the subject, "Okay." Jen slightly grins, simply nodding in return. Katie rushes over, placing the pizza box on the counter and squealing, "Here it iiiiss!" She opens it up, and each of them grabs a slice of the large pepperoni pizza. Katie dedicates the meal, "To... Nick Of Time Odd Jobs. Looks like we're open for business!" Wes concurs, "Yay! Cheers!" The five each tap their slices of pizza together, like they would drink glasses, before chomping down on the long overdue meals. Trip likely is planning on spicing his up with a little squab later on. Hey, speaking of pizza, old pizza face suddenly appears! The shot of Ransik's flashback, of him in the alley, without the face mask, screaming, "NOOOOOO!!" replays. Just how much of his story was true, and what bits did he leave out? What does Time Force have to hide from Wes? Will Ransik ever get a slice of pizza for himself?

[Scenes from "A Blue Streak"; End Credits]

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