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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Identity Crisis"
Original Air Date:5/4/02 First Half Featuring Footage & Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #21 - - Rouki, Madou(Loki, Confused)

Second Half Featuring Footage & Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #22 - - Kyogyuu, Kowareru!!(The Big Bison, Breaks!!)
*Season 10, bite 14
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1214
*14th episode of PRWF
*432nd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Suzi Shimoyama Director: Taro Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Lex Lang _AS_ Zen-Aku (voice)
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Ken Merckx _AS_ Nayzor (voice)
Charles Gideon Davis _AS_ Animus (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Lawnmower Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

Nighttime on the floating island of Animarium. Dwelling within the Temple Ruins, are the five Wild Force Activists. They're hanging around the main temple floor room, each silent in a mutual state of depression over their recent streak of losses again the Duke Org Zen-Aku. Alyssa sits at the table, staring into the campfire, her eyes welling with tears, her pouty lips in a near frown. Max sits next to her, hanging his head and appearing a bit furious in his sorrow, fiddling his hands together, focusing his attention solely on them. Taylor sits on the stick-chair, gazing at the ground, mostly expressionless, though her breathing attitude displays a bit of anger. Danny leans against the table for a moment, then gets up, folds his arms, and paces several steps to the side, acting restless and uncomfortable. Cole is off behind Taylor, hands on his hips, and looking off to the side, away from the others. Princess Shayla passes over to the center of the temple floor, clasping her hands together at her stomach, concernedly remarking to the team, "I've never SEEN you like this!" Alyssa supports their miserable mood, by noting hopelessly, "We LET Zen-Aku BEAT us. Now he has even MORE of our Crystals." Cole tries to toss some optimism into the conversation, urging, "Don't get discouraged. We're GOING to get them back!" Nobody seems to have much reason to agree with him, and even he seems to not fully believe himself. Shayla ceases her walk across the floor, turns, and nods to Cole, smiling softly. Max sits up, gestures his arms, sits back slumpingly, and frustratedly comments, "How CAN we?! He has SEVEN Wildzords now... and we only have SIX." Alyssa crosses her arms and nods in agreement. Cole "That DOESN'T matter. What matters is we stick together, and stay strong. We'll FIND a way!" Alyssa & Max glance over toward their leader during his encouraging words, but fail to be persuaded. Danny appears to be on Cole's wavelength, as he walks around the table, places a hand firmly on Max's left shoulder, and reminds him, "Remember what you taught me Max." Slowly looking up at his tall standing best friend, the boy in the blue vest is somewhat lifted out of his blue attitude, nodding and repeating the mantra assuredly, "Never give up." Even Alyssa seems to be broken out of her funk by this reminder. The Princess witnesses this with a pleasant look on her face. Danny walks over toward her somewhat, as he enthusiastically asks, "WELL, then... What are we gonna DO about it?!" Max & Alyssa exchange glances, seeming to be thinking things over. He comes to a quick decision, pointing out, "You're RIGHT!" Max stands up beside Danny, and looks to the others, urging convincingly, "Let's get our Crystals back!" Alyssa nods, her expression now firm and resolved, as she gets back on her feet. Taylor isn't smiling by any means, but looks determined as she rises from the stick-seat. All five of our heroes look at one another, standing together in many ways, with Princess Shayla most visibly excited of them all.

Night continues elsewhere, in the mountain ridge on the edge of Turtle Cove, a full moon hangs directly over it against the starry sky. Inside the mountain, in a cave, Zen-Aku is currently slumbering. He lies on his back, stirring slightly uncomfortably (using a rock for a pillow), giving stifled grunts. After a flash of white, his dreams become apparent to us, and it's something we've seen twice before already: the flashback to when he was entombed 3000 years ago by the five Ancient Warriors. It plays the same as usual, black & white with colored energies and fires, though trimmed to just start at the 'flames within the ring of light' part. It ends like always, with the wolf beast screaming as he's engulfed in an inferno. Another flash of white brings us back to the present, with Zen-Aku sharply sitting up, giving a raspy disturbed snarl. He alertly looks around, and slows his heavy breathing back to normal when he realizes all is calm. His cave is rather rocky, with a small campfire not far from where he's sleeping. The oddest part of the room, is his stone coffin. I guess he drugs it into the cave after he caught Taylor & Shayla sneaking around it out in the field. Zen-Aku breathes an almost sight of relief, and lets himself relax. Suddenly, the innocent bark of a canine catches his ear. A small, greyish brown furred puppy comes running into the cave, sniffing around the matted 'carpet' of straw. Zen-Aku growls slightly, and gets up. He snatches the pup, and lifts him up so he can stare the dog in the eyes. The doggie doesn't resist, just wagging his tail and hanging in the wolf beast's hands, giving friendly whimpers. Zen-Aku ponders aloud, "Hmm... WHY do you seem so familiar to me...?" Holding the slippery little mutt in his hands causes another flashback to occur. A flash of white replaces Zen-Aku's point of view shot, of holding the pup in the cave with his black armored arms, to bare human arms dangling the same dog over a body of water! A young male voice giggles as the mutt writhes between his hands, kicking at the waves with his feet. The man eventually releases the dog, allowing him to doggy-paddle back toward shore. The man is shown, bare chested, dipping his hands in the waters and running them through his hair. His head is above frame, making identification for our benefit impossible. All we can tell is it appears to be night. In another sudden flash, the flashback ends, leaving Zen-Aku growling to himself in curious confusion.

Several hours later, the five Wild Force Power Rangers are morphed, and combing the forest under the light of day. They race across the verdant woods, before coming to a stop beside a mass of uprooted stumps. Our heroes gaze skyward, as Red Ranger comments, "THIS is where we found Zen-Aku before. He's GOT to be here, somewhere!" Meanwhile, deep beneath the city, is the demonic cavern known as the Nexus. Master Org uses his tall staff like a cane, and walks into the center of the sand-floored room, approaching Org General Nayzor, and remarks with evil concern, "Zen-Aku is becoming VERY powerful." Nayzor agrees sinisterly, "Yes, but he is also VERY close to deSTROYing the Rangers." Master Org points his left index finger at the nose goblin, stressing, "You MUST make sure he DOESN'T remember!!" Nayzor shakes his body affirmatively, "I HAVE an idea how to handle it." Back up in the woods, the Wild Force Rangers are still searching. Red Ranger encourages his teammates while leading the way, "C'mon, guys. Keep your eyes open!" They all pause in a shaded field, and each look in various directions. Cole's vision finally notices something bad dead ahead, and he's just barely able to shout a warning to his teammates, "Look OUT!" About four or five Putrids, using their spiked maced battleaxes like rifles, fire purple laserbolts of energy from the tops of the clubs. The explosive charges bombard our heroes with smoky sparks, knocking all five off their feet. The Putrids lower their weapons, and begin to scamper about, as their prey begins to recover. Standing on a grassy knoll, with a run down and rusty old farmhouse nearby, are the two usurped Duke Orgs. Toxica walks in front of Jindrax, and boasts wickedly to the humans, "RANGers. A-Heh. FINally, ALL to ourselves! NOW we will deFEAT you and get the CREDIT we deserve." She points her finger at he five stomach-clutching Power Rangers, and orders, "GET them!!" The Putrids start to charge into battle, patting their own heads and making retching noises. The Rangers get into defensive/ fighting stances, preparing for action.

Suddenly, a yellow curved jolt of power crashes in the ground around the Putrids, exploding into a swarm of smoke. Toxica shields her eyes, and lets out a yelp of fright. The raspy voice of Zen-Aku demands, "STOP!" She looks up and sees the wolf beast, standing on the roof of an abandoned and run-down building. He rests his Crescent Blade upon his shoulder, and declares passionately, "YOU will NOT destroy the Rangers. They are MINE!" Zen-Aku leaps off the roof, and launches into action with his Blade held outward, giving a vicious grunt. The moment he hits the ground he's engaged in battle with the Red Ranger, chopping into his Crystal Saber, then slicing sparkily into his chest. Zen-Aku spins around and begins to do the same to each Wild Force Ranger that attempts to confront him, cutting in almost a straight line through Black & Yellow Rangers. Taylor gets struck once, but garners a second hit when the wolf beast turns around to sparkily slash into her once again. Zen-Aku continues onward, slicing into White Ranger, then blocking Blue Ranger's Crystal Saber swipe, before returning the intention by slashing into his chest. Max bursts with sparks, and flips completely over. He lands on his back right in front of the Putrids, which are just now recovering in a daze from Zen-Aku's attack on them all. Jindrax aims his jagged sword at the fellow Duke, and claims offendedly, "We're not gonna let YOU hog all the glory, Zen-Aku!" His distraction with complaining leaves him open for a surprise hit, which Yellow Ranger takes full advantage of by popping up behind him and giving a sudden kick right into back! Jindrax stumbles forth with a winded grunt, as Taylor follows, bracing her Golden Eagle Sword for another sparring round with the so-called Master Of Blades. Speaking of old grudges, Toxica & White Ranger are dueling one on one once more. Alyssa's Tiger Baton swipe is blocked by the Duchess Org's staff, leaving her open for double sparky slashes, flipping her over, and leaving Toxica the current victor. Nearby, Blue Ranger, with Fighting Fins in his fists, uppercuts into a Putrid's battleaxe. He knocks the Putrid back, before kiyyahingly kicking into the gut of another muck drone approaching. Elsewhere, Black Ranger chops his fists into a Putrid on his left, then kick a Putrid on his right, following this grunting sequence with the grabbing of a third muck drone running his way, and flipping it over harshly.

Meanwhile, Zen-Aku & the Red Lion Ranger are fighting each other within the junky ground floor of that abandoned building. The wolf beast slashes his Crescent Blade at Cole, who ducks down, narrowly avoiding a sparky strike. Red Ranger rolls out of the way, but by the time he gets back up, Zen-Aku is there, relentlessly swiping his Blade at his arch enemy. Cole ducks under the first swipe, but blocks the second with his Crystal Saber, which allows him to smack the Crescent Blade away. That in turn leaves the wolf beast open for a hit, and Red Ranger goes for it, but his Saber-punching fist is grabbed by the wrist by Zen-Aku. He proceeds to shift their positions completely around, holding onto Cole's arm fiercely, bracing his Crescent Blade against his shoulder, locking him in a deadly hold. Using this momentary upperhand to gloat with a low snarl, "I have waited THREE thousand YEARS for my revenge." With the Blade pressed against his neck, Red Ranger retorts in a strained tone, "Well I feel SORRY for someone who only knows ANGER!" As if that comment hit too close to home, Zen-Aku vows enraged, "I'LL show you ANGER!!!!" He howls, and shovingly forces Cole up against a wall of discarded paint cans, knocking some down (those things are magnets for Rangers & monsters). The wolf beast releases Cole forcibly, pushing him over into a shoddy fence (which seems absurd if you think about its location). By the time Red Ranger returns to a standing position, Zen-Aku is up on him again, sparkily slashing into his chest, once, twice, three times a Ranger. Cole cries out as he's hit, eventually flinging to the cement, rolling onto his back and grasping his chest in moaning agony. Zen-Aku lifts his Crescent Blade and prepares to tear into Cole while he's down. But even though he's quicker at this assault than his usual 'raised chop', Yellow Ranger's Golden Eagle Sword manages to slip in-between the Blade and the downed Red Ranger, blocking it with the sound of clashing metals. Zen-Aku is stunned by this sudden rescue, turning his head sharply and giving a confused snarl. Taylor yells, "Not THIS time!", as she snaps her Sword up, knocking the Blade away, then giving the wolf beast a high kick that sends him tossing off to the side. He recovers to his weary feet, giving an off-kilter growl. Yellow Ranger shouts, "NOW's our chance, Cole!" She pulls out two yellow & white feather-blades, called, "Soaring Darts!", and tosses them at the Duke Org with a mighty 'yaah.' They hit the ground around Zen-Aku, bursting up sparks. Taylor grips his Golden Eagle Sword, and leaps high into the air, slashing the blade into the wolf beast's chest when landing. Cole grips his Red Lion Fangs on his fists, and leaps high into the air, punching into the wolf beast's chest when landing.

Struck twice while in a daze, Zen-Aku is thrown completely out of the rickety building, crashing onto the edge of the cracked pavement, finding himself partially in the knee-high grass. He remains a bit stunned for a moment, and when he looks back toward the building, he witnesses Red Ranger now wielding the Lion Blaster, commanding, "Let's FINISH this!" The wolf beast gives a growl of startling and somewhat shielding himself with his hand, actually too weak to defend himself for a change. With the tables turned for a change, Cole aims his Lion Blaster at the downed villain, and prepares to fire. Suddenly, the barking of a dog catches his attention. The mutt from the night before is back again, racing down the dirt road on his stumpy little legs. Zen-Aku sees the grey pup approaching, and cries in angered protest, "NO! Stay AWAY!" The doggy ignores the pleas, and merely comes to his side, whimpering slightly, and sniffing around, as if aware of his Org buddy's injuries. Red Ranger raises his Lion Blaster out of its aiming position, and gasps softly in shock, "What...?!" Flying reluctantly through the air, Blue Shark Ranger is screamingly flung onto his back against the dirt road, several feet from Zen-Aku and the pup. The wolf beast glances up from his stray pal, giving a confused grunt. Toxica is revealed as the source of Max's peril, having followed him to this location. She fires her staff at him with a furious shriek, blasting violent bolts of energy his way. Blue Ranger is able to leap out of the way, unaware that he's left Zen-Aku and the dog behind to take the hit. The blasts crash against the ground, causing the wolf beast and the pup to become separated during the small explosion. Zen-Aku immediately cries out, "NO!", as the mutt is thrown into the grass, giving a small yelp of agony out of his wagging-tongued mouth. His hind right leg has a small bloody gash on it. Infuriated, Zen-Aku rises to his feet with a growing growl of fury. Toxica is frozen in fear at first, until her rival Duke Org lunges at her with his Crescent Blade swinging. She manages to duck under his attack with a squeal, but when she straightens back up, he swats his Blade against her staff, causing her whole body to swing all the way around from the momentum. Zen-Aku proceeds to sharply kick Toxica right in the chest when she turns back around. She's knocked onto her back by this, whining a winded groan. The wolf beast is unable to continue his rampage, when the five Wild Force Rangers regroup down the road behind him. He turns to see Red Ranger aiming the Lion Blaster at him once more, and activating, "Lion Blaster, Gatling Mode! FIRE!" Zen-Aku stands braced for the hit, taking a bursting shot in the chest that causes him audible pain, making him tumble into the grass, body sparking and smoking. Toxica finally gets back up, grasping between her armored breasts, and snarling angrily. Jindrax is by her side, huffing a vow to the rogue Duke Org, "How DARE you attack us? You'll PAY for this!" The pair departs to the side, prompting Zen-Aku to instantly leap up into the air, and jump over the Rangers' heads. He lands on the opposite side of them on the road, scooping the wounded mutt up in his arms. The doggy whines pitifully, as the wolf beast promises, "I WON'T let them harm you." He dashes down the dirt path, leaving all five Rangers a bit baffled. They're unable to react to his strange, selfless actions, simply stirring about in confusion. Red Ranger calls out, "Zen-Aku, WAIT!", to no avail. He stares outward, giving a soft wonder of, "Huh..?"

Later, in his cave, Zen-Aku tends to the injury on the mutt's right hind leg. He uses a small black strip of his leather coat-tail (like he did for Alyssa in "Battle Of The Zords") to bind the bloody gash. Once it's tied-off, he pets the pup, and comments softly, "THERE you go, my friend. Good as new. You were LUCKY, this time." The canine scurries off to the bedding of straw, sniffing around it as he did earlier, as if picking up a familiar scent. Zen-Aku sits on a rock beside his tomb, wondering why the stray hasn't fled yet, "What's the matter? You don't want to go?" He stands, and walks over to the current cold campfire, figuring somberly, "You must not have any friends... just like me." Zen-Aku crouches down, picks up two small rocks, and begins to strike them together. After about five or six rapid scraps, the campfire ignites to full blast. Almost immediately after the fire begins to burn, another flash of white overtakes the screen, as a flashback overtakes the wolf beast's mind. The scene is colorless, totally black and white. It's 3000 years ago, the battle for the kingdom of Animaria. The six Ancient Warriors are facing the armies of Putrids, with fires burning in the foreground, the whole thing in dramatic slow motion with faint battle sounds. Five of the Warriors use Crystal Sabers, while the man in the lead, using a rod-like weapon, is obviously the so-called 'Silver Protector.' The quick lapse into a déjà vu pauses briefly, showing Zen-Aku sitting by the campfire, contemplatively remarking beneath his breath, "Hmmm.... Friends..." The flashback resumes, showing the Silver Protector slashing into the chests of three Putrids in a row. Right after the third one sparks and flips over, the camera shoots to the skies, revealing them to be empty and clear at first, before a bright white flare engulfs the near distance. Barely visible through the blinding light, is what appears to be a Megazord of some kind. Its outline is obviously not that of any other Zord combination of the Wild Force, but it appears to have some sort of animal basis to it. The flashback quickly fades away, leaving Zen-Aku rising up to his feet, wondering in intense confusion, "What WAS that?! Hmm. WHY am I having these memories?!"

Up in the Temple Ruins of the Animarium, the five Wild Force Activists are discussing the events of this day. Cole sits at the head of the table, with Max & Alyssa on the sides, Danny standing and leaning against the other end of the table, and Taylor standing with her arms folded while leaning against the tree several feet behind Danny. Princess Shayla is sitting her stick-chair, across the temple floor from the rest of them, just in front of the pond. Anyway, Danny asks his teammates, "Why would Zen-Aku suddenly turn on Jindrax & Toxica?" Max shakes his head, adding his own query for the group, "A-and, what was up with the dog?!" Cole holds his left hand to his mouth in thought, and slowly begins to get up off his stool, as if having a clue to at least one of those answers. The others notice him pacing away from the table, inspiring Alyssa to wonder, "What IS it, Cole?" He turns to them, and admits enlightenedly, "That pup...? Is half-DOG, half-WOLF!" Shayla is visibly intrigued by this revelation. Danny approaches, asking baffledly, "How do you know?" Cole explains, "I saw it about 10 days ago... During the New Moon." The scene shifts to a dark night, on the edge of Turtle Lake. Cole wanders around through the wilderness, but comes to a stop when something catches his eye. It's a muscular, slender man, in the dark waters, playfully holding a greyish black dog in his hands. The man has dark hair down to his shoulders, a bare chest, and that's pretty much all we see. He releases the dog, just as we had seen in Zen-Aku's own flashback earlier. Cole focuses his eyes, attempting to get a better look at the odd sight, only able to make out through the darkness that the pup is swimming to the rocky shore, where a white cloth lies in a heap. Over this whole scene, Cole narrates, "I was out... walking, when I saw something in the lake. A guy was... bathing there, with a pup! I-I didn't see the man's face, but I DID get close enough to see that the pup was half-wolf." The flashback ends, leaving Cole assured more than ever, as he excitedly announces, "It was the SAME pup, that ran to Zen-Aku! I'm SURE of it!" Taylor raises her right eyebrow, quite curious as she looks to the side. Princess Shayla blinks a bit, turning her head away from Cole, and gesturing her mouth like she may know what to make of all this.

Soon, night has fallen on Turtle Cove once more, and by the lake, Zen-Aku stands in the breeze, staring up at the moon (its left side dark, its right side lit), with the crossbred mutt by his side, doing the same. Zen-Aku turns to the pup, and tells him gently, "It's time for you to leave." The dog remains there, wagging his tongue and whipping his tail from side to side. The wolf beast resorts to more persuasive methods, by jerking his Crescent Blade at the dog, and demanding in a more assertive tone, "GO on!" The mutt gives a yelping whine, and instantly scampers away into the darkness. Zen-Aku coldly states, "GET out of here, and DON'T come back!" The half-breed pup races off across the desolate landscape, never once looking back. Speaking to himself, Zen-Aku laments softly, "I'm SORRY, little one. But the path of THIS wolf is to walk alone. It is my destiny to remain friendless." He stays by the lake, solo once again. Some time later that night, he's walking up to the top of a tall hill, and gazes out upon the area. Zen-Aku remarks, "It is TIME.", before whipping out his tri-crystaled crescent dagger-flute, crosses his arms into an X over his chest, and summons, "Dark Wildzords, ARISE!" The wolf beast places the flute to his mask-mouth, and begins to play the high-pitched activation song. Immediately, the Wolfzord, Hammerhead Sharkzord, and Alligatorzord are all within the purple-streaking tunnel. They transform around, and connect into the Predazord, the sequence getting as far as the arms locking on. It's now daylight on the hilltop, and Zen-Aku is howling as he motions his arms, his eyes flash, and his body gleams with a white highlighting, as he teleports into a skyward streak. In the valley below, the five Wild Force Rangers appear, arriving just as he takes off. Red Ranger cries, "We're too late!" In the darkened cockpit of the Predazord, Zen-Aku teleports into place behind the console, sets his dagger-flute into the yellow curved slot, gestures his arms, and commands, "DARK Wildzords... combine!" Since they already DID that a moment ago (oops!), the Predazord completes its transformation by popping up its tall single horn, before bursting with explosive awakening power.

Red Ranger urges, "We need the Wild Force Megazord!" All five of the Wild Force Power Rangers unsheathe their Crystal Sabers, hold them to the sky (with Alyssa at the center of their grouping for a change), and shout in unison, "Wildzords, descend!" The summoning chime bellows outward, and instantly all five of the main Wildzords are racing down the spectrum bridge. The Rangers point their Sabers together, as Cole commands, "Combine!" The Wild Force Megazord transformation sequence is cut right down to the head popping out of the torso area. The greyish silver craft called the Soul Bird curls its body back, and lets loose a mighty screech from its mouth, before zooming down through the sky. Cole calls out Soul Bird's name, and leads the way in leaping up. All five of our heroes land upon the Soul Bird, and ride it off into the Megazord's back. The Wild Force Megazord completes the scene by doing its 'soar up into the storm and get charged by purple lightning' pose. Now back on the ground, the Megazord lowers its arms in a resting stance, when suddenly they're struck by the falling blade of the Predazord's Alligator & Shark-tailed sword! As if taken by surprise, the Wild Force Megazord takes the hit, and topples onto its back, crashing onto the city streets. Inside the Soul Birded cockpit, all five Rangers are shaken about considerably. They manage to hang on, such as Cole, who grips the SB's tail fins, as he encourages, "We've GOT to get UP!" Over in the Predazord cockpit, Zen-Aku lifts his dagger-flute out of the console slot, lacking its top two animal crystals. In his left hand, he holds two replacement orbs, gloating devilishly, "I will take GREAT pleasure in watching you be deSTROYED by your OWN Zords!" The wolf beast plants the two new black & white Crystals into the flute, then crosses his arms, commanding, "DARK Bearzords, aRISE!" He holds the flute to his mouth, and plays the '123, 1234' style quick tune. Charging through the streets, are the Polar & Black Bear Wildzords. They roar to one another, bouncing along with each running step. Taylor witnesses her former companions being used for evil, and pleads distraughtly, "Black Bear... Polar Bear... DON'T do it!!" The Wild Force Megazord steps back, readying its arms for anything the Bear Brothers can throw at it, like namely themselves. The Bearzords simply whip their heads about, and release vicious roars.

In the Predazord cockpit, Zen-Aku places the dagger-flute back into the console slot, and motions his arms, ordering, "Attach Bearzords!" The Polar & Black Bears snarl, as they rise up on their hind legs, and shoot into the air. Yellow Ranger begs desperately, "DON'T listen to him!!" The Bear pair go into their 'arm mode transformation' sequences, as per usual. The Polar Bearzord replaces the Hammerhead Sharkzord as the Predazord's right arm, while Black Bearzord replaces the Wolfzord as the Predazord's left arm. Though it's not stated here, this would obviously be something like the Predazord in Double Knuckle mode. Zen-Aku seems to be a broken record, as he basically repeats what he just said, by boasting, "Now, I will use your OWN Zords to deSTROY you!" Predazord Double Knuckle shifts its arms, preparing for action. The Wild Force Megazord stirs disturbed, with Taylor begging, "Bearzords, DON'T do it!!" Zen-Aku gestures his arms, and shouts, "BEAR Blaster! Grrrrrah... FIRE!" The Bearzord fists open their mouths, and pop out the gun barrels. Predazord aims its dangerous blaster-fists forth, firing a freezing white beam out of the right arm and a red hot beam out of the left. The surging bolts slam into the Megazord simultaneously, causing a blinding flare-up of sparks to explode from the impact. In the Soul Birded cockpit, the five Rangers cry out as they're shaken violently about. The Megazord falls to its knees, leaning against its White Tigerzord left arm, as its chest heaves weakly and smokes a lot. The Predazord slowly creeps up on the weary Megazord, which has its guard totally down at the moment. Zen-Aku bids mercilessly, "Bye." The Predazord rears back its Polar Bearzord right arm, and prepares to strike. But before it can initiate any attack, a yellow light flares across the screen very briefly, causing the sky around the Predazord to instantly darken. As the Predazord looks upward, lowering its arm and appearing confused, yellow bolts of lightning begin to crash all about in a violent rumble. Zen-Aku is equally startled, grunting as he glances around the cockpit, "Huuh?! Unghuh?!" The yellow crackling begins to turn the darkening blue skies into something else, as a black and white warping of unnatural clouds. Even the Wild Force Megazord, which has just returned to its feet, is uneased by this occurrence, with Red Ranger in the cockpit, wondering in confusion, "What IS that?!"

The skies over the city of Turtle Cove have turned into a fury of rolling fog, with random surging of yellow lightning. The Wild Force Megazord & evil Predazord have completely abandoned their battle against one another, and are turning their attention skyward, at this unnatural phenomenon. The warping clouds continue to flow across the sky like a river of weirdness, eventually coalescing into a sun-blotting thickness of darkness. The yellow lightning converges into a common center, bolts crashing against one another, until a brilliant bright flare of energy shimmers into view, then fades into a physical formation. It's the upper torso of a Megazord, the outline of which matches the one we saw in Zen-Aku's flashback earlier. It has a Gunmetal Lion chest, a Maroon Sawshark right arm, a Yellow Leopard right arm, Brown Bison legs (unseen here), Blue Falcon shoulders, and a red and yellow topped head, with two long yellow horns towering on either side. This godly Megazord's image in the sky gleams with a reddish orange sparkling shine. In the Wild Force Megazord's Soul Birded cockpit, Black Ranger asks in astonishment, "Guys! Do you SEE that?!" His four teammates are speechless in response, each merely looking upward in total breathless awe. Over in the Predazord, Zen-Aku recognizes the glowing Megazord, griping, "YOU again?!" A flash of white returns to the black & white flashback from earlier, showing the Silver Protector taking down more Putrids with his rod-like weapon, followed by the outline of the strange Megazord standing against a blinding whiteness. This reprisal of the flashback real quickly, prompting Zen-Aku to demand to know, "What do you WANT with me?!" The Predazord raises its head to look at the shimmering upper part of this ancient Megazord appearing in the dark sky. Said ancient Megazord stirs a little, as it begins to speak with a voice all its own. A voice with a deep, echoing, wise tone, urging, "REMEMBER, Zen-Aku." Yellow lightning is still crackling about in the air, as Zen-Aku asks desperately, "WHAT am I supposed to remember?!" The ancient Megazord repeats firmly, "REMEMBER.", before causing its image to flare brighter, leading to its fading away, leaving only a faint outline of its upper body in sparkles. The grey stormy sky also fades away right after that, returning to the healthy, bright blue, partially white clouded sky. Zen-Aku protests its disappearance, reaching out and shouting, "No, WAIT!" In the Soul Birded cockpit, Red Ranger speaks for the completely puzzled team, when he wonders, "What WAS that thing?!" At that precise moment in the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla, having been watching the battle in the Viewing Pond, leans back, holds out her hands, stares into space, and gasps in remembrance of what, or rather who, that Megazord was. She utters a name in recognition, "ANIMUS." Shayla returns to looking into the pond, leaning closer, and exhaling a soft "oh" in near shock.

Deep within the Nexus, Master Org paces across the room, inhaling and exhaling with deep, furious hissing. He grits his teeth, as he stops before Toxica, Nayzor, and Jindrax, who stand patiently together. All have apparently watched the previous battle, leaving their Master demanding to know, "WHERE did he COME from!?" Nayzor claims mutual confusion, "Well _I_ was surprised, TOO! I didn't think Animus COULD return!" Master Org remarks schemingly, "Well... he hasn't REALLY... YET!" He turns his head sharply during that last word, and steps closer to his Org General, stressing, "The wolf MUST not get his memory BACK!" He points at Nayzor, ordering urgently, "Make SURE of that!!" Blinking his nostril-ed eyes, Nayzor vows obediently with a raise of his left fist, "I WILL, Master." Meanwhile, the battle between Zords has ended offscreen. Zen-Aku is sitting on the rocky shore of the lake once again, playing a somber tune on his dagger-flute, as the wind blows through his fur. He flashes back to just a little while ago, when the ancient Megazord called Animus spoke to him within the Predazord, urging gently, "Remember, Zen-Aku." Lowering his dagger-flute (which currently lacks any Crystals), Zen-Aku repeats in a curious tone, "'Remember'... WHAT does he MEAN?!" A familiar voice replies to his thinking aloud, "Maybe _I_ could answer that question for you." Zen-Aku turns to face the source of the voice, rising up when he sees that's it's the Org General responsible for his liberation. Nayzor approaches, standing a safe distance away, offering, "I know a GREAT many things about you, Zen-Aku. Meet me in the forest at dusk, and I will HELP you." Snarling in disinterest, Zen-Aku turns away from him, returning to gazing out over the waters, and replying in disbelief & distrust, "We'll SEE."

Up on the Animarium's Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla paces back and forth, worriedly rubbing her hands together. She seems anxious and concerned, awaiting the arrival of her five human wards. When she has her back turned to the entrance area, the Wild Force Activists race frantically up the steps. Cole leads the way, and once they've all stopped before Shayla, he asks, "Princess! What was that THING in the sky?" Taylor notes, "It looked like a Megazord, but it SPOKE." With her brown eyes widened in innocence, Princess Shayla informs them delightedly, "That was ANIMUS... Ancestor of the WILD Force Megazord. He fought in the battle of Animaria, 3000 years ago." Our heroes are amazed by this revelation, prompting Max & Danny to exchange glances, while Taylor tries to do the same with Alyssa, though she doesn't look back. Shayla is visibly at a loss for Animus' discussion with the wolf beast, explaining, "I don't WHY he would speak to Zen-Aku. BEFORE... he would only speak to the Six Warriors!" Having so far only been told of five Ancient Warriors of Animaria, the Wild Force Activists look at one another in utmost confusion, repeating aloud while talking in partial unison, "SIX Warriors?!" I assume she never explained to them that her 'Protector' was an Ancient Warrior himself. Does she do it now? Beats me!

Elsewhere, at a huge field somewhere in Turtle Cove, a soccer game is being played by a bunch of little boys. Not a light-hair in this crowd, so you know what kinda footage it is. The kids are on the expansive and lush green soccer field, which is boarded by a wide brown track, and features at least one large seating stand on the side. The kids clamor on and on for each other while in mid-game, though the lack of soccer moms, coaches and general people cheering them on makes you think this is some kind of game for fun, despite how the kids are all wearing their game uniforms. Anyway, up in the quite empty stands, are Jindrax & Toxica. They stand in the aisle, just far enough away from the kids so as to not be noticed. Jindrax looks around, then leans against a rail, complaining impatiently, "I thought you said an ORG was gonna MEET us here!" Toxica concurs, "They're SO undePENdable." Jindrax rests against the railing, wondering, "So when he finally shows up, what's the game plan?" Toxica saunters across and sits down on one of the tiny red seats on the bleachers, kicking her leg up, while boasting with wicked glee, "Since the Rangers don't have ALL their CRYStals, _I_ figure we can EASily destroy them. Then I'LL be next in line for a promotion!" Down on the field, a groundskeeper rides atop a quite large green & yellow John Deere lawnmower. The area of the soccer field looks different than a minute ago, with altered bleachers and a stadium seating area... oh, if you can't tell this is American footage by now, you're oblivious. The smaller field is getting nicely mowed by the groundskeeper, who has a creepy smile on his face, seemingly enjoying his job a little too much. The two teams of multicultural boys wear red jerseys for one team, and blue for the other. On the sidelines, Jindrax leaves the railing, and walks closer to Toxica's seat, griping, "ALL I see out there are a bunch of KIDS and a STUPID lawnmower." He holds his right hand over his eyeline, continuing to search for any sign of his kind. The soccer game continues, with a blonde boy on the red team scoring a GOALLLLL!! The boys (and girls, it seems) in red cheer for themselves.

The groundskeeper parks the mower, shutting down its grass-chopping engine. He hops off and begins to wipe his sweaty brow with a white cloth, rubbing under his hat, groaning and staggering away from his sun beaten work. The abandoned mower suddenly gleams with a green light, loudly warping into a very different form. The John Deere is now basically a John Orge, demonically twisted into a silver & green mechanical menace. Lawnmower Org has two long, praying mantis-like blade arms at its side, a twin-horned, single glowing eyed head located at the ground level area in the lower front with a jagged circular saw-blade in his mouth. Two green fists grip a 'handlebar' high atop its high back section, though they don't do anything. At his right side, is a green-stripped exit chute for anything mowed by his mouth. Lawnmower Org has a froggy, high-toned voice, which he uses to yelp while slicing his blade-arms up and down, "Mmm! Chop-chop-chop!" Up in the stands, Jindrax points out the newly formed Org, "Toxica! THERE he is!" She stands in response, eagerly looking where her partner pointed. On the field, Lawnmower Org turns his blinking eye toward the soccer teams, as he revs up his mouth-blade, and yells, "Rotten kids, clear out! You're RUINing my beautiful LAWN!" The children on the red & blue teams over-act... err, overreact to the situation, most of the boys doing 'Home Alone' face-slapping expressions as they all scream in fright (one kid frantically running his hands through his crew-cut hair is especially silly). Lawnmower Org is pretty slow, chopping his arms up and down, and mowing his way, slowly as I said, toward them. The boys and girls immediately run the other way, fleeing while crying at the tops of their lungs. The soccer ball is left behind, but not for long is it left alone, as a red boot rushes up and kicks it into the air. The ball quickly soars through the air and bounces off of the top of the Org's body, disrupting his mowing session. He shuts down his loud engine, and demands angrily, "Hey! WHO's the brat who did THAT?!" The five, fully morphed Wild Force Rangers are standing at the center of the soccer field, already in silent group pose, with the last of the kids racing off in the distance behind them. Lawnmower Org comments upon seeing them, "Ohh, RANGers! Heheh!"

The Lawnmower Org doesn't stand alone for long, as Jindrax & Toxica appear by his side almost the instant the Wild Force Rangers make the scene. Jindrax quips, "Welcome to our LAWN party!" Toxica raises and aims her staff at our heroes, "PERfect! I'LL take Red & White." She rushes into action with a vicious growl. Jindrax rests his jagged blade on his right shoulder, cooperatively offering, "You can have whoever you want. Yellow & Blue, are MINE!" He charges into battle with his sword out and giving a mighty howl. The four Rangers chosen for battle pose readily with equal 'yaah's, and dash into the soccer-field turned battlefield. Black Bison Ranger is left behind, calling out both confused and seemingly offended, "Hey, WAIT! Why didn't _I_ get picked?!" (great shades of Adam!) Lawnmower Org rolls up, and claims, "Because we left the BEST, for ME!" Danny takes the honor seriously, boasting, "In THAT case, you'd better BRACE yourself for the Iron Bison! Hyah!" He gets down on all fours, and begins to scrape his left boot back into the grass, just like a bull preparing to charge (or a dog covering up its poop). This ground-grinding causes some of the grass to be ripped from its roots, leaving a dirty gash in the otherwise perfect green field. With Toxica facing Cole & Alyssa while Jindrax takes on Taylor & Max in the background, Lawnmower Org chews Black Ranger out, shouting, "Hey-hey-hey! WATCH what you're doin', you're TEARin' up my LAWN!" Ceasing his leg-motions, Danny freezes in shock. He's extremely apologetic, stammering, "Ohh. I-I'm sorry!", as he turns around and begins to pick up the chunks of grass, patting them back into the ground. Black Ranger is anxiously attempting to restore the damage to the lawn, assuring the Org, "It's okay! I'm a plant specialist, I can FIX this! I just need to..." He suddenly pauses in mid-pat, wondering to himself in realization of the absurdity of his actions, "WAIT a second... WHY am I apologizing to an ORG?!" Danny whips out his, "Black Bison Axe!", stands up, and dashes toward the Org with a mighty hyah.

Lawnmower Org stares directly at the Ranger's boots, as they trample against the grass. He moans in dismay, before crying, "STOP!" Foolishly obeying the maniacal mower yet again, Danny halts in his tracks, gasping in confusion, "Huh!?" Lawnmower Org viciously demands, "You're gonna destroy my lawn with those boots! Take 'em OFF!" The mower monster presses forth, trying to chop his left blade-arm into the Black Ranger, who merely blocks it with his Bison Axe, and retorts, "I don't THINK so!" Danny holds the Org's right arm tightly, and bashes his Axe into his side with a greenish spark. The two opponents are in a lock for a moment, until they rotate positions. Between scenes, the Axe vanishes, allowing Black Ranger to release Lawnmower's arm, so he can attempt to chop across at his head with both blade-arms. Danny ducks under the swipe, then punches and yanks on the Org's left arm, squeezing it, before tossing it upwards, and spinning around to plant a kick right into the monster's stomach. Lawnmower Org moans and groans during all of this, rolling back several feet. Black Ranger mercifully asks, "Give up?!" Lawnmower Org replies just by cutting his right blade-arm diagonally downward, leaving an orange energy trail. This enhanced slash slices into Danny's chest, causing him to burst with sparks as he's thrown for a loop, rolling against the grass in a smoking heap. The Org revs up his saw-blade teeth, and rolls toward the downed Danny, quipping, "Time to cut ya LOOSE, Ranger!" Spotting his best buddy's peril, Blue Ranger breaks out of his Fighting Fin-hold on Jindrax, smacking the Duke Org to the side, before leaping skyward. Also noticing the Rangers' need for assistance, White Ranger bats Toxica away with her Tiger Baton, before leaping skyward. Both Alyssa & Max land beside their Black Ranger teammate at the same time, immediately grab hold of his chest, and dragging him away against the ground like they would an enemy! Lawnmower Org is just inches away, yet Danny has an odd smoking wound on his left boot. Anyway, Danny cries out in surprise, as Max remarks, "GOT ya, Danny!" The mower monster calls in protest, "HEY!", when his attention turns away at the sound of Cole calling, "Lawnmower Org!" The creature is suddenly struck by the Lion Fanged fists of Red Ranger and the Golden Eagle Sword of Yellow Ranger, as the pair bashes on by. Cole & Taylor follow this up by sparkingly striking into his 'chest' region at the same time.

Knocked aback, Lawnmower Org clutches his smoking chest, but whines more about his grass than his injuries, sobbing, "Whoah. My POOR lawn!" His crying is interrupted by the Duke Orgs, rushing up to join his side. Toxica furiously reminds him, "Who CARES about your lawn?! It's the RANGers we're here to destroy!" Standing just in front of the soccer net, the Wild Force Rangers are regrouped together. Red Ranger pulls out his weapon, commanding, "Lion Blaster!" Aiming it at the still-smoking mower monster, who utters another 'whoah!", Cole calls out, "And, FIRE!" Before he can squeeze the trigger, someone else uses the suggestion to fire off some blasts for their own purpose. Several yellow Crescent Waves are flung onto the field, crashing perfectly into the Rangers, sparking them off their feet. Red Ranger, body smoking, struggles to sit back up, wondering, "What WAS that?!" You'd think by now he'd associate getting his butt kicked with the arrival of Zen-Aku, but nope, he's clueless. Zen-Aku strolls casually across the field, with his Crescent Blade resting upon his right shoulder. Toxica asks annoyedly, "What's HE doing here?!" Jindrax slumps his arms, disappointedly remarking, "Interfering, AS usual." He then laments angrily, "We HAD them right where we WANTED them!!" Zen-Aku ignores the other Orgs, and simply strides over to face the blast-smoking Wild Force Rangers. Red Ranger crawls up to his knees, grunting in agony from the surprise shot. Zen-Aku snarls lowly, as he preps his Crescent Blade for another duel with the Lion. Cole gets his Crystal Saber out, and also prepares for another personal battle. The tension is shattered completely, when Lawnmower Org rolls up behind the wolf beast, and stuttering his m's like the revving of an engine, tells the recently arrived Duke Org, "HEY! Ma-ma-ma-MOVE it, buddy! You're on MY turf!" Zen-Aku turns to the mower, and warns, "BACK off! This is MY battle!" Lawnmower Org blinks his eye, and argues, "But it's MY lawn!" Suffering no minor Org, Zen-Aku growls bloodthirstily as he raises his Crescent Blade all the way over his shoulder, and forcibly slices downward directly into the Lawnmower Org's body! The Rangers jerk their bodies forth in silent shock, while Jindrax & Toxica gasp aloud, every one of them stunned by this sight. Lawnmower Org moans, as he topples over on his right side, smoking profusely. Almost the moment he hits his precious lawn, he explodes into a massive bursting fireball, right in front of the Power Rangers! The remains of the now-destroyed Org don't blaze much at all, just leaving behind a stream of black smoke pouring skyward for a few moments.

Zen-Aku remains frozen in the deathstroke stance, as the smoke clears. Far to his side, Toxica exclaims in a panic, "Huh?! WHAT are you DOing?!" Jindrax cries in disbelief, "That was a fellow ORG!" The two Duke Orgs exchange astonished glances, with Toxica obviously too shocked to even think about making Lawnmower Org grow. Zen-Aku raises his Crescent Blade, and observes the black razor-sharp edge, curiously stating to himself, "WHAT made me do THAT?! Something inSIDE seemed to FORCE me..." The wolf beast lowers his weapon, turns, and walks off, back the way he came. Red Ranger calls out to his enemy, "Zen-Aku! Wait!" Pausing in his tracks, Zen-Aku keeps his back to the five Rangers, allowing them to say what they have to. Yellow Ranger confusedly asks, "I don't get it! Why did you attack that Org?!" Zen-Aku turns his head just barely, and responds with bitter honesty, "Do NOT misunderstand. I was not helping YOU." He resumes walking across the soccer field, leaving the Power Rangers shaken up, too wary to attempt to go after him, especially since he did their work for them when he could have taken them out himself!

Soon, within the woods, Zen-Aku ponders aloud in a whisper, "If I am an ORG, then why do I attack my own kind? It makes no SENSE..." Behind him, Nayzor appears, calling out, "Zen-Aku!" The wolf beast turns to see the Org General lifting up his sharp hand-fan, preparing to toss it. Reacting almost instinctively, Zen-Aku readies his dagger-flute, races across the wooded area, and when the hand-fan is spinningly flung toward him, he leaps up and smacks it safely away with a swat of his weapon. The hand-fan falls to the ground, and Zen-Aku ends up landing with his dagger-flute planted firmly against the underside of Nayzor's nostril-ed eyes. He threatenly tells the creature, "I've had eNOUGH of your GAMES. TELL me what you know!" Nayzor cautiously obliges, "Come, come, Zen-Aku! No need to get angry. I've come here for that VERY purpose... to tell you EVerything!" Zen-Aku shoves him back, ordering, "Well, beGIN!" Nayzor gives a winded grunt, before raising his right hand, holding up a small black urn, and claming, "ALL your secrets lie in HERE..." Lowering his dagger, the wolf beast wonders, "WHAT is THAT?" He's distracted, allowing Jindrax & Toxica to quickly emerge from behind the trees, grabbing each of his arms, pinning him in place! Zen-Aku struggles to no avail, as the fellow Duke Orgs have too tight a grip, "What're you DOing?!" Nayzor slowly opens up the urn, "There are SOME things in this world you do NOT need to remember, and _I_ will make sure you DON'T." A tiny green bug flies out of the jar, buzzing with its rapidly flapping wings. It lifts out of the urn, circles around Zen-Aku's head, and enters his mask through the mouth area of his wolf mask, causing his eyes to flash yellow. He howls in intense pain, as his head throbbing almost visually, his motions trail overlapping for a moment. Zen-Aku staggers forth, after being released by Toxica & Jindrax, who both watch his agonized actions with evil enjoyment. He reaches up and clutches both sides of his wolf masked-face, primally screaming, giving almost sobbing grunts as the bug seems to burrow into his brain. The forested sky twirls in dizzying circles, thanks to the disrupting of the equilibrium inside the wolf beast's head. Zen-Aku continues to howl in agony, as the buzzing of the strange green bug grows louder and louder, drowning out no only his cries, but any remnants of his mysterious past. Buzz! Buzz in his head!

Up in the Animarium's Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla sits speechless, staring away from everyone, while deeply lost in thought. Alyssa, sitting at the table beside her, puzzledly pondering, "I don't understand. HOW can Zen-Aku control Zords ANYway?! Orgs, SHOULDN'T be able to do that." Max, sitting on the opposite side of the table, concurs, "Y-yeah! There's something REALLY strange about him. He tried to PROTECT that wolf cub. Orgs don't have a heart!" Danny stands beside his pal, leaning against the tabletop after Max makes that major point. Princess Shayla merely gazes into the air, her face betraying her silence. Cole is squatting next to her, still sporting a bruise on his right cheek, paying close attention to Shayla's facial mannerisms. He gently asks, "What do YOU think, Princess?" She turns to him, blinks softly, and turns away again, admitting to the team, "I saw him bleeding..." A flash of white takes us back to the end of the precious episode, showing Zen-Aku's left hand dripping red blood onto the asphalt. Danny narrates over the brief flashback, "Are you SURE? W-when was THIS?!" The visual reminder ends quickly, with the Princess explaining, "The other day, when we were fighting." Danny leans against the table again, reminding the gang of an obvious issue, "But... Orgs DON'T bleed!" This brings pause to the group, causing each of them to stare into space contemplatively. Taylor, sitting over by the Viewing Pond, adds her two cents into the conversation, suggesting, "MAYBE... he's human." The others begin to exchange glances, finding this a plausible explanation. All eyes turn to Princess Shayla, who's most disturbed by the mere mention of such an idea. She rises up slowly, all the pieces of the puzzle coming together at once, with something she's secretly suspected this whole saga being confirmed. Shayla breathlessly gasps in disbelief, "No... It CAN'T be..."

It's still daytime in Turtle Cove, with what looks to be rush hour traffic flowing smoothly along the streets. Stepping out onto the edge of a tall building, Zen-Aku stares out over the city. He rests his Crescent Blade against his left shoulder, due to this footage being mirror-image-flipped so the cars below are driving on the right side. The wind whips his black leather coat-tail about, as he remains standing still. After a moment or so, he holds out his arms, and gives a fierce growl. Then, Zen-Aku leaps off the side of the building, landing perfectly on his feet in a courtyard below. His Crescent Blade cuts into the colorful parasol over a table, in what appears to be a food court. The shady umbrella is chopped in half, alerting the citizens eating at nearby tables to the presence of the Wolf Org. The all-Asian patrons immediately flee, the women screaming and the men stumbling. They abandon the courtyard rather fast, leaving Zen-Aku casually wandering around the plastic white tables, kicking at one of them that was knocked over during the crowd's panic. His solitude doesn't last long, as the Red Lion Ranger appears on the scene, calling out, "Zen-Aku! WAIT a second!" Zen-Aku, standing in the ruins of the food court, in front of a large decorative pond, simply turns to look at his enemy. All five of the Wild Force Rangers are there, morphed, each spaced out atop an inclined stairway leading to the courtyard. Cole's in the middle, cautiously warning the wolf beast, "We came here to talk! We DON'T want to fight!" Yellow Eagle Rangers steps forward, stating assuredly, "We KNOW you're not an Org!" Black Bison Ranger also steps forth, confirming, "It's TRUE! You're HUMAN!" Zen-Aku turns his head to the side, looking at the ground, and allowing a flashback from earlier to reemerge. A flash of white, leads to the black & white remembrance of the Six Ancient Warriors taking on the Putrids in the kingdom of Animaria. It's nothing new to us, and is brief. Zen-Aku looks up at the Wild Force Rangers, as if believing what they have to say. Suddenly, his head begins to pound with another fit of agony. He grasps at his throbbing noggin with his left hand, moaning excruciatingly. The green winged bug appears over the scene, flapping rapidly, and buzzing loudly. Several other images of the bug also overlap the shot, fly past, making into a near swarm. Blackness overtakes the scene for a second or two, and does the same to Zen-Aku's mind, causing him to collapse onto his knee, grunting painfully, like he's giving birth, or trying to digest wolf cub bones...

Witnessing the wolf beast's writhing episode, Red Ranger wonders, "What's happening?!" Zen-Aku slowly uncurls from his hunched over crouching, now focused purely on evil, and declaring wrathfully, "I've had eNOUGH of your lies, Rangers! I am an ORG! I am NOTHING like you!" White Ranger pleads, "No! That's NOT true! Zen-Aku, you HAVE to believe us!" Rising up to stand once again, Zen-Aku "I BELIEVE what I ALWAYS have. YOU are my enemies!" He slings his Crescent Blade over his right shoulder, causing his eyes to flash yellow, as his body converts into the bruise-purple energy streaking, which darts across the courtyard instantly. Red Ranger is targeted, getting hit on literally all sides, Zen-Aku shooting past and through him in a blur. Cole grunts and sparks, unable to defend himself against the super-fast onslaught from the wolf beast. At least seven blows at struck onto him, with two of them sporting Zen-Aku's un-streaking fist and kicking leg. Red Ranger is left in a smoking daze, clutching his stomach. He turns just in time to see Zen-Aku barreling toward him, no longer in energy form. The Duke Org snarls as he grabs Cole, leaps into the air, and slams his body down against the cement harshly. Red Ranger lies on his back, grasping at his smoking chest with groaning. Zen-Aku rolls to a stop, turning around, and activating, "Crescent Blade!" His black curved blade weapon shifts its upper and lower sections outward. Cole also gets back up, whipping out his Lion Blaster again, shouting its name, while urging, "We DON'T have to do this!" Zen-Aku ignores his remarks, and charges up his Crescent Blade. He fires off the first of several yellow beams of curved light, prompting Red Ranger to begin firing his Lion Blaster. Though the wolf beast shoots first, Cole's green laserblasts strike Zen-Aku before the multiple crescent waves can reach him. Equally bursting with smoke, the dueling pair are blown off their feet by the simultaneous attacks on each other. Red Ranger has a hard time recovering, but Zen-Aku gruntingly gets up with near ease, rubbing his chest as it ceases smoking. He boasts with a macho slap of his undamaged stomach, "Humans are WEAK. _I_ am NOT!"

Meanwhile, in the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla watches the battle through the Viewing Pond. She looks away from it, and with an anxious expression, hopefully wonders, "Is it POSSible?" Back in the courtyard, Yellow & Blue Rangers strike at Zen-Aku in unison. Their Crystal Sabers are blocked by the wolf beast's Crescent Blade, which he then uses to sparkily slash into their chests when they unlock and pass around him. He quickly turns, and slashes into White Ranger's chest as she sprints by, then slicing into Black Ranger's chest as he waits around not putting up much of a fight. Red Ranger dashes toward the wolf beast again, narrowly avoiding a strike as he passes by. Cole swiftly turns and chops at Zen-Aku with his Crystal Saber, ending up locked against the Crescent Blade. Grinding weapons together closely, coming face to face with the wolf beast, Red Ranger nearly begs as he softly states, "Zen-Aku, you've GOT to believe us. You're NOT what you think you are!" Zen-Aku furiously refuses, "I will NEVER believe a RANGER!" He gives a sharp shove, breaking their blades out a lock, and proceeding to use the openness of the shot to slash into Cole's chest. Rolling across the cement, Red Ranger comes to a stop on his stomach, allowing his four teammates to regroup around him defensively. Danny puts a comforting hand on Cole's back, mumbling, "You alright?" Crawling up onto one leg, Red Ranger moans an affirmative sound. The Wild Force Rangers wait for Zen-Aku's next move, which predictable comes in the form of his charging up the Crescent Blade with a shimmering yellow light. He commands, "Crescent WAVE!", and slashes a large bolt of the power into the air. It's flung across the courtyard, smashing into the close grouping of Power Rangers. Thanks to his central proximity, Black Ranger is the only one unable to leap out of the way of the sparking explosion. He cries out, and takes most of the blast, which sends him falling into a roll on the pavement. Lying on his chest, clutching the right side of it, Danny moans and breathes heavily, unable to get up at the moment when he need to most.

Pointing the razor-sharp tip of his Crescent Blade at the downed Danny, Zen-Aku stalks toward Black Ranger, who cries in protest, "NO!", while backing up, holding his Crystal Saber high in an attempt to shield himself from the approaching danger. The wolf beast closes in, raising his Blade over his shoulder, preparing to slice down with increased force. But before he can conclude the cutting, Blue Ranger dashes in, and takes the blow against his left shoulder! Danny calls out Max's name in relief & concern, but currently gripping the sharp blade resting against his sparking shoulder, Max can only utter, "ACK!" Zen-Aku keeps his weapon pressed against the crouching Blue Ranger's body, warning, "Step aside! If you try to protect your friend, you TOO, will be destroyed." Struggling against the Crescent Blade, Max gains some ground, rising up slightly more, as he says strainedly, "Well I'll... TAKE that chance for my best friend. I'm NOT moving!" Zen-Aku proclaims viciously, "Then I'll destroy you BOTH!", as he pulls his Crescent Blade away from Bleu Ranger, then rips into his chest, sending Max rolling away, sparking and moaning. With Black & Blue Wild Force Rangers lying at his feet, Zen-Aku readies his Crescent Blade, gloating, "TWO Rangers down will make my task THAT much easier!" He roars deeply, while rearing his Blade back over his shoulder, preparing to strike at the downed heroes. Suddenly, a flash of light blue & yellow light engulfs him in rapid flashing. He frantically looks up and around, grunting in confusion, lowering his weapon as he seeks the source of the rumbling thunder. The bright blue skies above once again begin to warp and twist with a white & black haze, sprinkled with yellow lightning. With Zen-Aku distracted by looking skyward, the Wild Force Rangers regroup together, and turn their own attentions upwards. Max gets back on his feet by himself, though Danny needs to Alyssa's help to even continue standing. Cole points out in awe, "It's HIM again!"

The stormy skies form the familiar image of the upper body of the ancient Megazord known as Animus, amid violent bolts of lightning, just as it did before. The magical creature urges as it did earlier, "REMEMBER, Zen-Aku." The wolf beast is a captive audience, silently transfixed upon the glowing image in the sky, which pleads, "You MUST, remember." Zen-Aku's arms are out to the side, trembling in confusion, "Who ARE you?!" The mystical Megazord informs him in his wise and deep toned voice, "I, am Animus. Lord of the Wild Zords." The Power Rangers murmur in astonishment, with Taylor commenting, "Whoa... It's amazing!" Yellow lightning continues to erupt with thunder rumbles, as Zen-Aku holds a hand to the sky, and begs from the god-like creature, "Then TELL me, Animus... WHO am _I_?!" The green memory altering insect starts to buzz again, rapidly flapping its wings and flying across the screen in droves. Zen-Aku grasps his face with both hands, howling in a fury of agony. The green bug flutters within his skull, buzzing away the need to know right out of his brain. Zen-Aku slowly returns to his normal self, lowering his hands, ceasing his grunting, and proclaiming defiantly, "I KNOW who I am... I am Zen-Aku, the DUKE Org!" Animus urges one last time, "REMEMBER...", as his shimmering image fades away, returning the sky to its original state, as if he were never there. The Wild Force Rangers remain stunned, with Red Ranger stepping forward, noting almost disappointedly, "He disappeared again!" Believing what the brainwashing bug buzzes into him, Zen-Aku turns his back to our heroes and the sky where Animus just was. He gives an annoyedly growl, straightening up his posture as he calms himself down. Zen-Aku staggers away from the courtyard, still in a daze from this mental tug-of-war. Finally, up in the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla looks up from the Viewing Pond. Her expression is that of total recognition, a subtle hint of happiness and warm longing. She knows that truth for sure now, inhaling deeply, as she lets the name of the Sixth Warrior slip past her lips, "MERRICK." Shayla nervously breaths in and out, staring into space in almost shock.
[Scenes from "The Ancient Warrior"; End Credits]

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