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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The Lone Wolf"
Original Air Date:5/18/02 Based On:
Gaoranger #24 - - Ginrou, Hirameku(The Silver Wolf, Flashes)
*Season 10, bite 16
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1216
*16th episode of PRWF
*434th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Derek Rydall Director: Taro Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Lex Lang _AS_ Zen-Aku (voice) [Recap Footage]
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Ken Merckx _AS_ Nayzor (voice)
Frank Addelia _AS_ Quadra Org (voice)


[Opening Credits]

[Scenes from "The Ancient Warrior", with a new vocal insertion of Princess Shayla exclaiming joyfully, "The evil is GONE! OHH, he's FREE!"]

Reprising the final few seconds of the previous episode, we find Merrick, having just been freed of the curse of Zen-Aku's wolf mask, lying on his back in the woods, totally unconscious but still breathing. The five Wild Force Activists search for him, calling out his name. Cole spots him, leads the gang to his location in the bushes, and frantically tries to wake him up. He repeats Merrick's name over and over, while shaking his slumbering form vigorously. Max & Danny, and Alyssa & Taylor, all watch anxiously in concern. The moment Merrick opens his eyes, makes them squint, gives an aching grunt, and starts to rub the back of his head, those four heroes breathe a collective sigh of relief. Cole asks the Ancient Warrior, still lying in his arms, "Are you okay?!" Merrick, in a near panic, scrambles quickly to his feet, and rises slowly upwards to stand, gripping his golden wolf-face emblem buckled belt with both hands as he looks at the five with uneasiness as they stand gathered before him. Alyssa beams excitedly, "We're SO glad you're alive!" Danny exclaims joyfully, "The curse is BROken!" Cole, smiling and nodding, extends his right hand to the expressionless Ancient Warrior, and states respectfully, "Welcome BACK. I'm Cole." Merrick stares at his hand, then at him, and with profound confusion, comments, "I don't underSTAND. After... all I've done to you, how could you forgive me so easily?" Danny replies without hesitation, "It wasn't your fault! It was the wolf mask." Cole nods, with the others all in visible agreement. Taylor steps up with a pleasant expression on her face, gently takes Cole's hand out of its frozen handshake offering position, and lowers it, palm spread, into a horizontal hold. She places her hand atop Cole's, into a classic MMPR-style hand-huddle! As Merrick, smudge-faced, watches reservedly, Taylor suggests with a smile, "Now you can help us FIGHT the Orgs. We can work together. I'm Taylor." Slapping his hand down atop Taylor & Cole's, Max introduces himself with radiating friendship, "Welcome to the 21st century! I'm Max... the Surging Shark." Merrick gazes upon this scene in a stunned trance, simply looking at each of them like he doesn't know how to react. Danny chimes in, stacking his hand over the others and stating with much pride, "HEY! I'm Danny, the Iron Bison!" Alyssa comes in last, smiling widely as she admiringly says, "I'm Alyssa. There's SO much we can learn from you." She concludes this by gently resting her right hand atop the hand-huddle of her teammates. The five keep their hands together, patiently awaiting the Ancient Warrior to follow suit. Merrick looks at the pile of palms, and slowly raises his right hand, staring intensely at the black leather gloved shape with deep reluctance. He turns to the WF Activists, seeing each of them nods affirmatively and either smile or just plain widen their eyes urgingly. With extreme caution, Merrick begins to lower his hand onto theirs, hovering just an inch or two above the stack... before suddenly pulling it back with a gasp of discomfort. He reminds them of the harsh reality, "I tried to deSTROY you!" Looking away from our heroes, Merrick stares at his hand, now balled into a fist, declaring in self-pity, "My hand isn't FIT to touch yours." The five Wild Force Activists remain in their hand-huddled positions, watching him with a total collective loss for words. Merrick dashes into the forest, his white & silver garbed form vanishes amid the sea of green bushes and leafs.

Soon, at the Temple Ruins on the Animarium, our heroes ponder the situation involving Merrick's self-depreciative attitude. The scene's roughly like this: Alyssa sits on a stump; Max & Danny on the table top behind her; Taylor's in the background standing by herself with her right hand stroking her chin; Cole's pacing between her and the others; and Princess Shayla is sitting in her stick-seat with an expression of distraction on her face, moreso than usual. Cole laments, "I don't understand why he ran from us." Alyssa figures, "He can't forGIVE himself for his actions." Cole argues logically, "But he couldn't HELP it! It wasn't his fault." Max wonders with gesturings toward the Princess, "HOW can we convince him, to JOIN us?" Shayla ceases gazing into space, and somberly admits, "I don't know if you can." Danny asks hopefully, "Do you think he'll at LEAST be our friend?" The Princess refrains from answering, though her looking down and away from him in a depressed manners speaks volumes. Taylor paces across the room during all of this talking. Cole glances over at Alyssa, seeing her lacking her trademark smile, looking downward and softly shaking her head. He suggests wisely, "LET'S just give him some time."

Meanwhile, out on the beach, nestled between the rocky cliffs and the expansive ocean, Jindrax & Toxica are proving why "The Duke Orgs" was never a musical group. They're bounding along, side by side, belting out a horrible tune in unison. They sing, "We have marched along toGETHer, through the dark and stormy rain, and we face the fight together (Jindrax adds a gruff 'huh!'), sharing all the gain. We are always fighting toGETHer, in these winning days of war!" The pair's got a spring in their steps, as they march across the sand, concluding the song with an equal exuberance of jolly laughter. In regards to the defeat of Zen-Aku, Jindrax excitedly proclaims, "ONCE again, we're the only DUKE Orgs!" Toxica adds proudly, "The most POWERful Duke Orgs!" Jindrax gloats, "YEAH, baby." Toxica boasts, "I KNEW Zen-Aku wouldn't last! NO one can touch us now! HAhahaha!" Jindrax slaps his hands together and rubs the palms rapidly with wicked laughter. Their ego-trip gets a mild interruption, when a familiar male voice shouts from the near distance, "Having FUN?!" The Duke Orgs quiet their snickering, pause in their tracks, and become alert. Jindrax looks from left to right, going "huh?!" puzzedly, while Toxica cautiously asks, "...Who was that?" Sharply, they both turn completely around, with Toxica gasping startledly. High atop the cliffs behind them, overlooking the beach, is the sixth Ancient Warrior, Merrick. Recognizing him (from somewhere I can't figure out), Toxica yelps, "YOU! You're Zen-Aku!" Jindrax grumbles, scratching his head. She depends her voice, while curiously wondering, "Uhh... You WERE Zen-Aku. WHAT are you doing here?!" Replying simply in an action, Merrick leaps high, does a full bodyflip, and lands on the opposite side of the sand from them. The Duke Orgs watch as he passes overhead, and the moment his black boots hit the beach, they jump back and gasp in dreaded startlement. Merrick holds out his right hand in caution, calmingly stating with a nice smile, "DON'T worry... I'm STILL your friend!" Jindrax cockily scoffs to his partner while folding his arms, "I don't buy it!" Toxica relaxes from her fighting stance position, and wearily wonders, "WHAT do you WANT... 'friend'?" Jindrax gives a scoffing huff to his notion of friendship. Merrick demands simply, "Take me to Master Org." Toxica tries acting tough, and isn't quite convincing despite her haughtiness and pompous physical attitude, as she comments, "YOU have something to SAY?... Say it to US!" Realizing the former wolf beast isn't someone to taunt, Jindrax grunts, "Uh-oh!", during her remarks. When she begins to step closer to Merrick, he grabs his partner, pushes her aside, and worriedly tells the Ancient Warrior, "Uhh-uhh, ho-hold on, Zen-Aku! We'll be right back!"

Now out of direct confrontational space (off to the side on the beach), Jindrax, in a somewhat hushed but annoyed tone, reasons to his fellow Duke Org, "Toxica! Are you CRAzy?! Can we TRUST him?! It's probably a TRICK!" Toxica argues confidently, "So WHAT? He's just a human now! He CAN'T hurt us!" Jindrax inhales with a frustrated snarl, suggesting, "What if he still has the POWER of Zen-Aku?!" As he says that, Merrick casually walks up behind them, and stands sorta between the pair. In regards to the scenario her partner brought up, Toxica is baffled to retort, stammering concernedly, "Ohh. Uhh..." His point of view given support, Jindrax wags his finger, nods, and notes, "Mm-hmm! SEE?" She begins to figure, "Maybe we could...", when the Ancient Warrior, intimidatingly cracking the knuckles in his left hand by grinding his fist into his right palm, interrupts to ask with an arrogant grin, "YOU want to TEST me?" Both Duke Orgs are shocked by his silent reappearance close to them, as his comments cause them to turn around and inhaling sharply. Merrick cracks the knuckles in his right hand the same way he did the left, causing Toxica to deny in a deepened voice, "Uhh... No." Jindrax chuckles nervously, gestures quotation marks with his fingers, and assures him, "Your word's as 'GOOD' as gold! Heh! YEP!" The Duke Orgs turn back around together, and are about to head off, when they see another shocking sight, causing Toxica to inhale sharply again, as Jindrax gasps, "Whoa! Hell-o!" Master Org is approaching, walking slowly alongside his Org General Nayzor, making the scene like a couple of regular overly dressed beachgoers. Toxica greets the man in the beige robes, "Oh! Master Org! We were just coming to SEE you!" As both he and Nayzor come to a stop, Master Org demands to know from the Ancient Warrior, "What do YOU want?!" Merrick pushes his way through the Duke Orgs (causing Toxica to yelp and Jindrax to snap 'HEY!'), quickly drops respectfully to his knees, and addresses Master Org quite humbly, "Only to serve YOU... Master." Toxica & Jindrax exchange stunned expressions, as Merrick closes his eyes and lowers his head. Master Org turns to Nayzor, who chuckles softly, and remarks bemusedly, "A WISE decision."

With the two head Orgs distracted by his strange change of heart, Merrick quickly opens his eyes, looks up, then reaches back, and snatches a jagged dagger from Jindrax's belt (which wasn't there a moment ago, oddly)! Jindrax cries out in protest, but the Ancient Warrior wields the blade with precise skill, letting out a mighty roar as he stabs forth the dagger directly toward Master Org. Though he isn't quite the original deal, Master Org is faster than he looks, spotting the oncoming dagger at an instant, and defends himself with ease by roughly snatching Merrick's blade-wielding right wrist with one hand. Caught in Master Org's grip, Merrick is forced to listen as he sneers, "You WEAK, pathetic human!" Shoving himself closer, so that they come very much face-to-face, the Ancient Warrior demands directly, "Return the four Crystals at ONCE!" Keeping him pinned by the wrist, Master Org shifts Merrick around so that his back is pressed against him, allowing him to hold the dagger uncomfortably close to the human's neck. As waves crash against the rocky shore nearby, Master Org viciously gloats over the man who once destroyed him, "You were HELPless THEN... and you are HELPless NOW! Without the power of the wolf mask, you're NOTHING!!" With a brief push, Merrick is flipped over into the sand harshly, causing him to give a winded grunt while Jindrax snickers at his plight. Slowly rolling over, Merrick crawls back to his feet, vowing determinedly, "I'll GET those Crystals BACK!" He begins to dash toward his tri-eyed & uni-horned target with the dagger still in hand, when Master Org holds out his left palm, and fires off several flaming balls of orange energy. They strike into the sand around Merrick, engulfing him in painful sparks & smoke, until he finally collapses to the ground, writhing on his back with audible agony. The two Duke Orgs seem to be enjoying this sight, prompting Jindrax to suggest as he crackles his knuckles, "LET'S give him a HAND, shall we?!" Toxica giggles wickedly, and is eager to do so. They rush over, pick Merrick up by his arms, hold him down on his knees, and to make sure he faces forward, Jindrax grabs the back of his head, and forcibly pulls it up by the raggedness of his hair! Merrick grimaces, groaning in wrenching torture. Master Org proclaims vengefully, "This is GOING to end QUITE differently than it did 3000 years ago!"

Shaking off Jindrax's hair-yanking hold with a jerk of his neck, Merrick remains reluctantly kneeling, but manages to shout pleadingly into the air, "WOLF!" His voice echoes outward, ricocheting against the side of a mountain, where, buried beneath a mound of dirt, is the Animal Crystal for the silver Wolf Wildzord. Merrick screams, "HAMMERHEAD!" His voice echoes outward, ricocheting against the waves of the ocean, where below, nestled against the coral, is the Animal Crystal for the purple Hammerhead Shark Wildzord. Merrick cries out, "ALLIGATOR!!!" His voice echoes outward, ricocheting against a muddy riverbank, where, resting against the packed layers of brown wet dirt, is the Animal Crystal for the green Alligator Wildzord. Gazing skyward, with a face of desperation, Merrick awaits a reply from any of his three Zords... a reply that never arrives. Toxica mocks in singsong, "They're NOT com-ing! Hehehe!" Merrick slumps back, hopelessly realizing, "I can't HEAR them anymore..." Finding the Ancient Warrior that once destroyed him now at his lowest point quite amusing, Master Org boasts cruelly, "Ahehehehah! Your Zords are forSAKING you!! And NOW, I will show you the TRUE power, of the Animal Crystals!" He holds out his left hand, prompting Nayzor to remove the four stolen Animal Crystals from the navy blue satchel, and place them in his possession, offering obeyingly, "The CRYStals, Master." As Master Org gently squeezes his fingers around the four Crystals, they begin to gleam brighter and brighter (turquoise, orange, purple for black, and a whitish hue). Their sparkling increases, until finally, a blazing green energy ignites, pouring vertically up and down through MO's hand. Master Org slowly glides his green flaring fist to the side, aiming it away from Nayzor, as the energies converge into a shimmering globe. Crystal-colored power flows with lightning crackling from this dome of light in MO's hand, until finally, with a mighty growl, he hurls the ball of energy away. It crashes onto the beach, mere inches from the shore, causing a brief explosion of dirt and orange light. Emerging from the sand, is a snarling creature, with facial and bodily features similar to that of a crustacean (an Org possibly created from some beach-based lifeform, but more than likely just made in Master Org's monstrous image, as I'll soon point out). What's most interesting, are the details upon his form (which are focused upon individually, each accompanied by the animal noise of each specific stolen Wildzord): Below his four red-eyed facial area (identical to that of Master Org's monster form) are the ears & tusks of the Elephantzord (also, the right hand is partially made up of the Elephant's trunk); above the eyes (and between the twin curved blue horns) is the tiny head of the Giraffezord, with much of his pointy noggin and body coloring matching the orange speckledness of said Wildzord; the right shoulder has the head of the Polar Bearzord; and the left shoulder has the head of the Black Bearzord, with much of the left arm featuring a white & black swirling color of both Bears. As this creature is made up of four Wildzords, he's later aptly named the Quadra Org! Not expecting something twisted as this, Merrick gasps and is shaken by the sight of four Zords made into a single Org.

The creation of Quadra Org sends the Viewing Pond up in the Animarium's Temple Ruins into a violent fit of bubbling. Cole alertly turns his head, and leads the team's way over to see the source of the disturbance, Princess Shayla included. Amid the shimmering sacred waters, a transmission from the beach appears, showing Toxica & Jindrax frantically fleeing from the scene, leaving Merrick on his knees as the Quadra Org menacingly approaches. Cole points out urgently, "Merrick's in TROUBLE! C'mon!" All five Wild Force Activists race toward the exit, leaving the Princess lingering behind. She looks considerably concerned, not as much for our heroes, but for her Silver Protector, currently in need of protecting himself. Meanwhile, back at the beach, Merrick has been knocked over by Quadra Org. The four-zord Org marches toward him, growling and motioning its arms wickedly. The Ancient Warrior ignores his current bruises long enough to roll over with his legs up, kicking Quadra's trunk-fist away as he recovers to his feet. Engaging in hand to hand combat ever so briefly, Merrick gets kicked in the gut, which allows the Org to grab him roughly and throw him down onto the ground once again. He backs up cautiously, grasping his chest and groaning while keeping an eye on his powerful enemy. Toxica & Jindrax, laughing at the former fellow Duke Org's situation, head over to their superiors' sides. Tapping his stomach, Nayzor comments optimistically, "I'D say that he's DONE, Master." Pointing at Merrick, and ordering his General to finish the job, Master Org declares, "You'll SEE that he IS done!" His beige-robed body begins to gleam with a shimmer of orange, as he teleports away, leaving behind only a loud crash of bluish lightning as he vanishes. The three lesser Orgs are now seemingly used to MO taking off at the most opportune moments, and think nothing of it, as they're too busy enjoying the main event. Jindrax sniggers, "Hoohuhuh! THIS should be FUN!" Elsewhere, the five WF Activists are racing at top speed through the valley, with Cole slightly in the lead. The whole team has a mutual expression of grim determination on their faces, giving their legs a real workout. Our heroes finally reach the edge of the valley, overlooking the border of the beach. They come to a halt, and visually search the area, with Cole, as usual, spotting the target first and pointing out, "Down there!" Merrick is shown being smacked onto his back once more, hitting the dirt hard with a moan.

Without hesitation, our heroes whip out their Growl Phones, motion their arms and command in unison, "Wild Access!" The full five in one screen morphing sequence plays, showing each of the Wild Force Power Rangers merging with their Growl Phones and becoming animal-charged warriors. This is followed by an extended sequence, where, each of the Rangers gestures their fists like claws, calls out their vest slogan, shows off their costume details, then leaps into their animal specific pose with a burst of Ranger-colored smoke behind them (a shot repeated twice at varying distances). Red Ranger's first with "Blazing Lion!", Yellow's second with "Soaring Eagle!", Blue's third with "Surging Shark!", Black's fourth with "Iron Bison!", and White is last with, "Noble Tiger!" Cole concludes with the standard chest-patch touch and hand motioning declaration of, "GUARDians of the Earth... UNITED! We ROAR! Power Rangers...!!" All five Rangers leap up, land in fierce poses side by side, and cry out, "WILD Force!" Behind the gathered group during this pose, their Ranger-colored smoke bursts erupt again, but as this shot is repeated from varying lengths, the final backdrop is replaced with a massive wall of skyrocketing fireballs. Standing atop a grassy hill in the distance with Toxica & Jindrax by his side, Nayzor shouts an order across the battlefield, "Quadra Org! Use the power of their Zords against the Rang-ers!" Not one for small-talk, Quadra Org turns his attention toward our heroes with a simple snarl. The Wild Force Ranger each hold out their individual Wild Weapons, one at a time, silently (Closed Captions have the wackiest unused line ever, stating, "1... 2... buckle... my... shoe!") but concluding with a group 'kiyah!' The five sprint into action, with Cole in the lead as always, yelling the name of his fist-based gauntlet, "Red Lion Fang!" Each of the Rangers leap at the Org with their weapons poised, all five landing in a circle around him, and striking simultaneously. A set of second successive hits isn't so successful, as it causes Quadra Org to ignite into a fury of orange electricity, which surges through every one of the Rangers. Thanks to their being so close to him at the time, our heroes are fried into sparking & smoking heaps, and flung away from the Org.

The WF Rangers regroup after rolling across the gravely valley, getting into defensive stances. Quadra Org marches quite leisurely after them, giving a sinister snicker to trumpet his approach. Cole urges, "Let's comBINE our weapons!" Their five weapons are locked together, and with his four teammates braced behind him, Red Ranger wields the combination, commanding, "Jungle Sword! Savage Slash!" The Jungle Sword is charged up while being encircled, and sliced downward with a radiating cutter beam. Quadra Org deflects this oncoming slash-bolt by simply turning to the side and bouncing it off his Black Bear left shoulder and arm! He returns the gesture swiftly by turning toward our heroes and unleashing a crackling jolt of energy from the Giraffe head upon his forehead. The Rangers, still in close formation, are all struck at once in sparking burstings. Red Ranger, during this smoky assault, hurls the Jungle Sword skyward, causing it to disassemble into its component parts in midair, which then fall to the Earth, where they presumably land offscreen. The Wild Force Rangers all hit the ground together, lying writhing in the smoking valley. High atop a nearby hill, Nayzor tauntingly asks, "How do you like fighting against the power of your own WILDzords, Rang-ers?!" Jindrax evilly urges, "Freeze them with the Polar Bear!" Quadra Org turns to his right, aiming his Polar Bearzord right shoulder at the Rangers. The white-furred bear head's blue eyes flash, and with a fierce roar, an icy wind is discharged from his gaping jaws. Cole cries, "Look OUT!", but neither he, nor his teammates are able to avoid the oncoming subzero gusting. Each Wild Force Ranger (in the order of Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, White) is completely engulfed in the cold white wind, causing their chests to spark profusely, as they cry out in dismay, only to have their sounds drowned out by the polar breath breeze. Toxica maniacally encourages, "NOW! BLAST them with the BLACK Bear's FIRE! Ahahahehah!" Quadra Org turns to his other side, aiming the Black Bearzord left shoulder at the Rangers. The black-furred bear head's red eyes flash, and with a fierce roar, a fiery wind is discharged from his gaping jaws. The blazing stream swallows all five of our heroes right up, resulting in a barrage of explosions surrounding the screaming Rangers. Grasping his stomach in agony, Merrick lies on his side, breathing laboredly and groaning in pain as he helplessly witnesses the fellow warriors paying again for his mistakes. Joining the Duke Orgs in wickedly laughing, Nayzor waves his hand-fan softly, and bids darkly, "Hahahaha! Good BYE, Rang-ers!" In dramatic slow motion, Red Ranger is shown being thrown about by the enveloping inferno sea.

Five meaty cords are tossed through the air, each one wrapping around the neck & shoulders of a Power Ranger. These seem to be organic-style trunk-tentacles from the Elephantzord portion of Quadra Org's body. The five Wild Force Rangers grunt & cry out loudly as they struggle beneath the tight grip of the snaring nose-ropes. Off on the sidelines, Merrick crawls on his belly across the sand. He goes slowly, having his right hand clutching his sore stomach, groaning and panting all the while. Helplessly witnessing the pickle the Rangers are currently in, Merrick utters between strained breaths, "This is all MY fault... I HAVE to stop this!" A wide shot of the battlefield shows just how our heroes are tied-up, with Red Ranger wound up at the end of the stretched-out right Elephantzord-trunk arm of Quadra Org, while his four teammates are each bound by detached spare trunks around him. Quadra Org sends a surge of orange electricity into the team, sparkily blasting them off of their feet. As they fall, Merrick manages to stand, declaring with renewed vigor and intense determination, "I MUST help them!" The five WF Rangers lie on their sides, writhing and struggling within the elephant-trunk constraints, bodies smoking. The source of their misery treads ever closer to them. Merrick points his left hand at the monster, and screams, "QUADRA ORG!!!" The Quadra Org turns his attention away from the trunk-wrapped Rangers with a noise of interest. Merrick demands furiously, "STOP!!" Quadra Org simply chuckles at his request, and proceeds to head over to him. Merrick unsheathes the silver rod-like weapon that he's had holstered on the left side of his belt in every scene we've ever seen him in (later FINALLY named the Lunar Cue), grips the handle, holding it rod-blade aimed downward. He lets loose a mighty, trailing, bloodcurdling scream of fury, and storms into action. On the way by, he grabs the handle of the Golden Eagle Sword, which is currently impaled where it landed after the Jungle Sword disassembly.

Watching the Ancient Warrior's brave charge to save the day while lying on the ground, Yellow Ranger pleads, "DON'T do it!" Black Ranger, also caught up in a trunk, cries frantically, "Merrick, NO!" Red Ranger exclaims urgently, "The Quadra Org is WAY too powerful!" Merrick ignores their protests, and engages the Org in close combat. First, he swings the Golden Eagle Sword in his right hand at Quadra, but its blade is blocked by his right trunk-fist. Merrick then swipes the Lunar Cue at the Org as he spins around, but Quadra ducks under it. The Ancient Warrior throws a kick at him, but the Org blocks it with his left hand. Finally, Quadra Org attempts to hit Merrick with his trunk-fist, so he blocks the strike by bracing both the Sword & Cue together. Unfortunately, this allows the Org to knock both weapons out of his hands, and leaves Merrick open to be easily attacked. Nearby, Nayzor excitedly coos, "Oooh! This battle will be shorter than I THOUGHT!" Merrick dashes at the Quadra Org, and throws a kick on the way by, which the monster simply dodges under. He then tries kicking right at him twice, but each blow by his boot is countered by a kick by the large Org, with the second one sending Merrick flying back, crying out as he falls flat on his face. Up in the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla surveys the action via the Viewing Pond, desperately pleading into it, "Get OUT!!" Rolling along the dirt, Merrick anxiously gets back up and sprints back into the fray, as the Power Rangers, all still trunk-tied on the ground in the background, struggle to be freed. Red Ranger reaches out and attempts to reason, "Merrick! You CAN'T defeat it ALONE!" Merrick rushes at Quadra Org, prompting the creature to sort of turn away, slipping out of his path, and sending the Ancient Warrior stumbling over. Cole concernedly yells, "Be CAREful!" Merrick staggers back up again, this time clutching his back as he grinds his teeth in pain. Quadra Org hurls his right arm, in stretched trunk-tentacle mode, at Merrick, wrapping around his chest tightly. The monster snickers sinisterly, as the human grunts and struggles in vain to break free, even trying to beat upon the meaty cord as it jerks slightly enough to keep him off balance. Toying with him enough, Quadra Org whips back his arm, releasing Merrick in a loose twirl that slams him harshly against the dirt.

Quadra Org chuckles wickedly, and slowly marches through the valley. Merrick groaningly lies on his back, crawling up into a sort of sitting position. He sees the snarling combined Wildzord creature coming his way, and basically trembles. Though he may have been a true Ancient Warrior once, now lacking his teammates and his silver battle armor, Merrick is not in any shape against this or any other Org. Behind Quadra, the Rangers fight continually against their trunk-constraints. Blue Ranger yelps, "DON'T do it!" White Ranger urges, "Save yourSELF!" Grasping his left ribs with his right hand, Merrick slowly recovers to his feet. He faces Quadra Org, who growls deeply and threateningly as he remains in place. Red Ranger demands to know, "WHY are you DOing this, Merrick?!" Vengefully screaming back a reply, Merrick proclaims, "_I_ caused THIS! ...and _I_ will make it right!" Cole cries, "No!" Taylor begs, "Get OUT of here!" Max pleads, "Get GOING!" Danny adds, "NOW!" Alyssa concludes with a desperate, "Please!" As usual, Merrick ignores their selfless requests, focused more upon his own need for redemption, as he declares, "I HAVE to do this for you." Clenching his left hand into a fist, Merrick begins to howl ferociously, a close-up of his enraged face is repeated from several angles. The Ancient Warrior races screamingly across the valley, armed only with his gloved fists and a valiant need to correct his mistakes. Quadra Org merely fires a few orange bolts of electricity from his four-eyes, crashing them down around Merrick, who is somehow able to avoid the brunt of the massive explosions that burst behind him as he barrels forth. But eventually, a surge of orange hits the ground in front of him, sending Merrick flipping through the air, and rolling over the side of a small cliff. He comes to a rough halt against the sand, still crackling with electricity for a moment or two. Up in the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla gasps deep and dreadfully at this sight, eyes wide in terror, crying breathlessly out Merrick's name. Lying on his back, Merrick squints from the agony of his injuries, slowly rolling over and gasping for breath as he begins to look skyward for some reason.

High above, on the floating island of Animarium, the green eyes of the Red Lion Wildzord start to flare brightly. Repeatedly, the Red Lionzord roars, utilizing just about every stock footage shot of him roaring that we've seen before: straight on, atop the crest of the cliff, from the side, etc. What's the king of the Wildzords making such a big fuss about? Well, seems he's more or less activating the noble spirits of the formally Dark Wildzords! Via a three-way split screen, the trio of Animal Crystals appear in their current resting spots, and magically begin to gleam with inner energies (Hammerhead purple, Wolf a light-blue, and Alligator green). Haggardly standing, Merrick focuses upon the blue skies, aware of something approaching. Floating swiftly through the air, the colorful trio of orbs converge together, and eventually land in Merrick's left black-gloved palm. All three glisten with audible shimmering, which Merrick admires with a proud smile as he says each of their names, "Wolf! Alligator! Hammerhead! You have reTURNED to me!" Each Animal Crystal is focused upon, showing them gleaming with power after their name is spoken. All three orbs take off again, swirling around Merrick's left wrist in a rapid ring of flaring light. In a flash, they become a thick silver wrist-band, with a blue & silver metallic wolf's head device attached horizontally upon the back of his arm. The eyes of this wolf's head begin to shine, as red digital data fills the darkness amid them until the color becomes solid. This wolf's head bracelet device is named the Lunar Caller (which might be a phone-based pun on 'collar', such as keeping the doggy within in check). Merrick gazes upon his new gift in awe, whisperingly wondering, "What's THIS...?" Quadra Org reappears, interrupting his inspecting of the Caller by announcing himself with a vicious snarl, catching Merrick's attention quickly. Nayzor points his hand-fan forth, and demands, "WHAT are you waiting for? DeSTROY him!" Quadra Org growls, preparing to do so (somehow, despite this all being downhill of the previous battlefield, the five WF Rangers are lying on the ground right behind the Org again).

Almost instinctively, or perhaps just mimicking what the others did a little while ago with their Growl Phones, Merrick holds up his left fist, removes the Lunar Caller from the wristband, snaps open the wolf's head, revealing within to be a blue-colored touch-tone cellphone. He motions his arms around, exactly how the other Wild Force Rangers do, and commands, "Wild Access!" Holding the Lunar Caller to his ear and holding out his left hand concludes the gesturing. Now, the typical green & white tunnel appears, with the Lunar Caller floating through it, opened up. Atop the inner ear-piece silver section, is a gold oval with the wolf-face emblem etched inside, that flashes majestically. The Lunar Caller snaps shut, returning to a simple wolf's head, allowing the body of the Wolf Wildzord to superimpose over it briefly. The Caller then twirls about the green morphing tunnel, and comes to a nose-down position, where it proceeds to glow white brightly. The whiteness shatters into sparkling pieces, resulting in Merrick, wearing the costume of a Wild Force Power Ranger, appearing in the wake! He poses with his left arm back and bent up and his right arm held high, currently helmetless. His costume is colored mostly silver, with dark blue jagged tooth-like edges along the outer sides of both his legs, and his right arm fully dark blue. The golden band strip cross from his left shoulder down to his right ribs has six sections. The belt buckle emblem is, of course, the golden wolf-face, and he has his Lunar Caller holstered on the left side of his belt yet again. Finally, the morphing sequence concludes with Merrick's head being swallowed by the bright silver snarling energy-head of the wolf, which merges over and forms into a silver wolf-head helmet with dark blue highlights and flashing red eyes atop it all (looking similar to the head of the Predazord). Now out of the tunnel, Merrick, morphed as the Lunar Wolf Wild Force Power Ranger, gestures his metal-clawed finger-tipped gloves high, and proclaims his animal slogan, "Howling Wolf!" The details of his costume flash past us, showing the golden wolf-face emblem on not only his belt but the side of the Lunar Cue, and that on his left breast is a crudely drawn yellow & black wolf's head. The Lunar Wolf Ranger finishes his poses by slapping the ground, hopping back up, and with his right leg stretched out & his clawed-fist crossed close in front of his face, stances fiercely.

Quadra Org, though lacking much in the way of verbal communication, displays his fright by groaning disturbedly and shivering a tad at the sight of the newest Power Ranger. The Wild Force Rangers are mostly stunned speechless, save for Alyssa, who cheers, "All RIGHT!", and Cole, who gasps, "UnbeLIEVable!" Up in the near distance, on the edge of the high cliff to Merrick's left, Nayzor astonishedly gasps, "What...?!" Toxica frets angrily, "Not aNOTHER Ranger!", giving an exhaling huff that puffs out her face-veil. In the Temple Ruins, Princess Shayla happily confirms, "YE-ES! He IS!!" She shakes her fists in the air joyfully, before clamping her hands together, releasing highly emotional breaths and moans. Back in the valley, giving a mighty hyah, Lunar Wolf Ranger scratches his clawed-gloves against the gravel, scraping his boots against the ground behind him as well. This wolfish animal gestures launches Merrick into scampering across the field on all fours. He gets up speed, then leaps into the air, tearing into Quadra Org's body on the way by, repeating the process from the opposite direction, both times sparkily bursting him thanks to the sharp claws on his gloves. Lunar Wolf Ranger leaps back into the air, and calls out, "Lunar CUE!", prompting him to grip the brown handle of his holstered weapon. The normally short rod extends to be much longer as he unsheathes it, and summons aloud, "Saber Mode!" The elongated silver pool cue-style rod-blade strikes into Quadra Org twice as Merrick lands, double chopping into him sparkily with fierce hyahs. The Org smokes, falls, and rolls, but recovers quickly, growling with increasing rage. Lunar Wolf Ranger snaps down the curved handle-guard until it forms into a silver & gold trigger base, and the rod retracts somewhat, forming the Lunar Cue into a laser rifle, which Merrick calls, "Sniper Mode!" Bracing it like a gun, he proclaims, "It's time to get the Crystals back!" Quadra Org fires first, unleashing some orange surge of electricity from his four-eyes. Lunar Wolf ducks and rolls over the stream of power, then dodges a second barrage, before crouching down and pulling the gold trigger of the Lunar Cue in Sniper Mode. Multiple rapid light-blue beams of laserpower are shot directly at the Org, bombarding him with sparking smoke. Quadra begins to shrug it all off, and fires back with another surge of orange, one that hits a little too close for comfort for Merrick. He dives and rolls away from the burstings with a winded grunt, then leaps into the air, and somehow hovers a few feet off the ground, firing repeatedly at the Org as he slowly passes by. Quadra Org is engulfed in scorching sparks and smoke by the Sniper Mode's blasts.

Still watching from their lying on the ground positions while wrapped in elephant-trunks, the other Wild Force Rangers are quite amazed by their newest teammate's skills. Red Ranger is a broken record, saying again, "UnbeLIEVable!" White Ranger cheers, "A-MAZing!" Yellow Ranger gasps, "Wow, he's so strong!" Blue Ranger impressedly comments, "Coool!" Danny adds astonishedly, "AND he's really fast!" The third and final mode of the Lunar Cue is unveiled, as Lunar Wolf Ranger extends the tip of the rod out again, and also extends an additional section of the handle out as well, followed by the sliding of the trigger & emblem base centerpiece upward. The Lunar Cue is at its longest length now, a mode Merrick announces as, "Break Mode!" Staggering slowly, breathing laboredly, and just plain lacking much strength, Quadra Org growls defiantly. Lunar Wolf Ranger holds up his three Power Animal Crystals, clenched in his left hand, and activates, "Laser Pool!" With a hyah, Merrick slashes the Lunar Cue into the air, creating a sweeping green beam of light that freezes Quadra Org in his tracks, trapped amid the thin laser field (great shades of Time Force!). The Org struggles to no avail, stuck dead center in triangle radar range of solid green light. Now with a black background, Lunar Wolf Ranger sets the trio of orbs down on the green laser-felt, and quips, "RACK 'em up!" The Alligatorzord crystal is placed closest to him, with the other two set ahead to match the shape of the laser-table. Merrick gets into position, bearing down and lining up the crystals like a trio of cue-balls. The tip of the Lunar Cue is aimed forth, his left hand grips the curved trigger-handle (which is attached the centerpiece, making into sort of a bridge slot), while his right hand holds the long cue-handle end far back. Quadra Org trembles, realizing he's playing the part of the pool balls in this game. Lunar Wolf Ranger's red helmet eyes flash rapidly, before he shouts, "Lunar BREAK!" Thrusting the Lunar Cue through the held centerpiece, Merrick strikes the three Animal Crystals perfectly with enhanced precision. The trio of orbs ricochet against one another, and the edge of the green laser-felt, glowing white as they fire toward the Quadra Org. All three crash into the Org at once, creating a massive explosion upon impact. With the Laser Pool table gone, Lunar Wolf Ranger catches the Crystals in his hand, and turns his back to the bluish-electricity crackling Quadra Org. The scene turns slow-mod, as Quadra Org howls in agony, and topples forth, finally igniting into an eruption of blazing orange & red flames. Merrick remains unflinchingly posed, Lunar Cue in one hand and his Crystals held high in the other, mere feet away from the scorching blast.

The destruction of Quadra Org releases the tight grip of the Elephantzord trunk-tentacles from around the five Wild Force Rangers. They throw their former constraints aside and get back on their feet with relieved sighs. Red Lion Ranger praises aloud, "WOW! He was able to defeat the QUADRA Org, all by himself!" A pile of bright green goop, crackling with electricity, is all the remains of the Org made from four Wildzord Crystals. Up on the cliff overlooking the valley, are the two Duke Orgs with the Org General. Stunned for only a moment, Nayzor quickly demands, "Revive him, Toxica!" Waving her staff from side to side, Toxica incants as usual, "Evil spirits of toil & strife, give this fallen Org new life! YAAH!" The five seeds are fired, they land in the goop, grow into spiraling stalks, which then merge to become the Quadra Org, now grown giant! He menacingly flays his arms and laughs wickedly. The three Animal Crystals of the former Dark Wildzords shimmer simultaneously in Lunar Wolf Ranger's palm, as if reacting to the situation in which they're needed. Merrick exclaims, "Now it's YOUR turn!" He proceeds to turn around, and open up another green beam Laser Pool table, this time aimed skyward. The Dark Wildzord flute summoning tune can be heard in the background, as Lunar Wolf Ranger sets the three Crystals down on the solid green field. His helmet eyes flash again, as he summons, "Wildzords, descend!" Another racking of them up, and a thrust of the Lunar Cue sends the trio of orbs shooting off across the laser-felt, until they finally leap off the table, and collide together into a fiery crescent moon (as seen during Zen-Aku's summoning of Zords). The green Alligator, silver Wolf, and purple Hammerhead Shark Wildzords race onto the scene, via the usual footage (though the image is oddly flipped). Lunar Wolf Ranger lowers his Lunar Cue, still in Break Mode, and screams, "Wildzords, combine!" Again, via usual footage (but flipped), the Alligatorzord creates the body, while the Wolfzord & Hammerhead Sharkzord make the arms. Everything locks on and shifts outward, ending with the Predazord standing there, explosively opening its Gator chest-mouth. The tall yellow Duke Org horn atop the Predazord's head retracts, as the whole head begins to morph into a new look. The silver & blue noggin warps somewhat, as the wolf jaws lower, revealing a new yellow-eyed robotic face within. Below, Red Ranger points out to his amazed teammates, "It's the Predazord! But the EVIL's been destroyed!"

In the Predazord's darkened cockpit, Lunar Wolf Ranger teleports in, via a slight shower of light-blue streaking sparkles. Immediately, Merrick inserts the Lunar Cue, still in Break Mode, tip-first into the console before him. Said console has had a bit of a makeover, making it more dark blue and perfect for impaling the Lunar Cue into vertically. Lunar Wolf Ranger proclaims, "READY for battle!", before motioning his arms, and commanding, "Predazord, Awaken!" Technically, it has already done that. Several detailed shots reveal that the Predazord looks the same as before, sans horn and with a new face (it's been neutered, basically). Red Ranger encourages his teammates, "C'MON, guys! Let's give Merrick a hand! Ready?!" They stand side by side, aim their Crystal Sabers skyward, and call in unison, "Wildzords, descend!" The summoning chime rings out, and on the Animarium, the Red Lion, White Tiger, Blue Shark, and Yellow Eagle Wildzords come charging into battle, making their standard noises. Over in the desert (on the Animarium or not is unclear), Danny's two newest Power Animals, the blue Rhino & purple Armadillo Wildzords, race along to join the fight. Aiming their Crystal Sabers into a combined point, followed by a weird five-square shot of each of the Wild Force Rangers commanding into the air, "Wildzords... Combine!" The main four Zords lock together into the torso. Rhino becomes the new legs, with the footage sped-up considerably, allowing the torso to connect on while running along. Cole cries, "Soul Bird! Hyah!", and leads the team leap onto the silver craft of said name. That footage is also sped up, as Red Ranger shouts, "Soul Drive... MERGE!" The Soul Bird enters warpingly into the Wild Force Megazord's back. Again, footage sped up, as the Armadillozord is bounced around like a soccer-ball by the Megazord, before landing it inside of its right foot. The arena of hopping colored balls cheering like mad is also there, as is the confetti at the conclusion of the transformation into what's soon called the Megazord's Striker Mode. Anyway, so, Predazord stands side by side for a change with the Wild Force Megazord Striker. They face the Quadra Org, who stands across the forest from them, laughing and growling threateningly. The pair of Megazords pose fiercely, ready to face the creature made up of Zords both have once used themselves on others.

In the Soul Birded cockpit of the Megazord, Red Ranger turns to his right, raises his fist, and announces, "Time for the Wild Force Megazord STRIKER!" (Closed Captions have a different line, "Alright, Merrick! Let's do this together!") Over in the Predazord cockpit, Lunar Wolf Ranger turns to his left, gestures affirmatively, and enthusiastically agrees, "You GOT it, Cole!" Both the Predazord and Wild Force Megazord aim their right hands outward, and charge into battle together. Quadra Org's four red eyes gleam, charging up the tiny Giraffe head above them. Orange electricity surges out from it, flowing into each of the Org's arms. If that wasn't enough, Quadra's fanged mouth (located amid the Elephant section of his chest) similarly spews out greenish electricity into the arms as well! Doubly charged, Quadra Org holds his powerfully glowing hands close, then flings a crackling sphere of energy at the approaching Megazords. It crashes at the feet of both the Predazord and WF Megazord, creating an up-swell of sparks & smoke. This fails to deter either of the heroic animal combinations from their treks across the forest. Quadra Org fires again. More sparks, more sparks, more sparks fly up from the ground. Neither the Predazord, nor the Wild Force Megazord, even figuratively flinch. They march through the burstings, totally undeterred. Quadra Org begins to tremble as they come closer, snarling in dismay. The Wild Force Megazord reaches him first, punching its Blue Shark right fist repeatedly in the Shark Surge strike, bashing the Org's chest in agony. The Megazord follows this up by punching its White Tiger left fist repeatedly in the Tiger Fury strike. The Predazord, with a fiery background and lighting crackling over the scene, punches its left Wolf fist forth. Both the Tiger & Wolf fists hit Quadra at the same time, causing his body to erupt in smoke & sparks. The Org staggers back, and seems to become startled when he sees the WF Megazord readying its Fin Blade weapon! Slashing from the right to left, the Fin Blade makes the Org cry out in bursting agony. Predazord readies its Gator Staff, and slashing from left to right, this too makes Quadra cry out as he bursts and staggers back. The Megazords stand side by side again, facing the wearily wobbling Org. In the Soul Birded cockpit, Cole turns to his right, and asks, "Merrick! Are you ready?!" In the Predazord cockpit, Merrick confirms eagerly, "You BET!"

So, with a starfield background, which features a pair of warping horizons of reddish light (think the trippy ending sequence of 2001 or the first Tom Baker opening credits of Doctor Who) rolling by. Predazord holds its Wolfzord arm out to the side, Wild Force Megazords holds its Sharkzord arm out to the side. Both those arms are crossed together, basically. This causes a flash of light, followed by some spacey sparkles, and a spherical ring of blue light. Amid this fiery ring, is a contained explosion, which flares into a scorching flame. Both the Megazords hold this globe of power in place, before motioning inward, as if working as one to wind this ball up with intense force. In perfect harmony, Predazord & WF Megazord hurl the blue-rimmed ball of fire toward the camera. The orb of power slams into Quadra Org's chest, causing a major eruption of smoke and sparks, engulfing him completely, as bluish electricity crackles all over. Seems overkill is the keyword today, since that over-hyped attack didn't finish him off. In the Soul Birded cockpit, Red Ranger gestures his arms and shouts, "Wild Force Megazord...!" His teammates join in, commanding, "Final Strike!" The Wild Force Megazord, in Striker Mode, kicks the Armadillozord a few times across the field with its left foot. This charges up the balled-up Armadillo, before one last kick sends him shooting through the air with dangerous force. Armadillozord bounces off Quadra Org's chest, causing a massive scorching explosion to occur as a result while he easily passes over the blast, and returns to the Megazord's right foot, The arena footage plays again, as the fake crowd cheers, and the confetti rains during the Striker Mode's glowing posing. In the Predazord cockpit, Lunar Wolf Ranger motions his hands and arms, and commands, "It's TIME to bring it UP a notch! Activate Revolver Phantom!" Predazord raises its Gator Staff, which is attached into the Hammerhead right hand, upwards, creating a white Crescent Moon ring of energy, that releases an ambiance of sound upon creation. Predazord stabs its Gator Staff forth through this newly created oval energy ring, and tears it asunder by causing the spiky Alligator tail blade to begin twirling around (or 'revolving', as it were). This 'phantom' of white energy is caught up in the spinning blade, causing a sort of field of light curving around the Predazord. The Wolfzord arm is bent in such a way that it looks as though the Wolf is powering this attack, jaws agape. The Predazord is now floating across the field, lifted by the twirling gator tail blade with the white dome of light helping the process, and shredding the soil below. The Revolver Phantom attack concludes when the white-hot Gator Staff finally reaches Quadra Org, smashing into him. Bluish electricity crackles, the Org writhes, and finally collapses. After a brief flash of blue light, Quadra Org explodes in a standard skyward fireball explosion. Both the Predazord & Wild Force Megazord relax their arms, towering triumphantly together over the smoky remnants of the Org.

Below, Nayzor frets over the loss of the battle, telling the Duke Orgs beside him, "Quadra Org has FAILED us! We MUST retreat, at once!" Spotting their attempt at escaping from the Predazord cockpit, Lunar Wolf Ranger declares, "NOT so FAST, Nayzor!" With a mighty yelp, Merrick lunges out from the Predazord, and leaps across the battlefield. He lands ahead of the Org trio, directly in the path of their retreat. The three gasp as they pause in their tracks, with Nayzor stammering in fear, "Lunar WOLF Ranger!" Whipping out his Lunar Cue, Merrick demands, "GIVE me the Crystals!" Nayzor raises his hand-fan, and taunts, "TRY and TAKE them!" He rushes toward the once Ancient Warrior, preparing to use his sharp fan to finish what was started 3000 years ago in his den. Lunar Wolf Ranger holds out his Lunar Cue, and summons, "Full Moon Slash!" He rushes forth a few steps, then leaps into the air, and does a full body flip. The image of the great full moon appears behind the Ranger, as he slashes his Lunar Cue's light-blue glowing rod-blade into Nayzor's body. The Org General bursts like fireworks by the single blue-energy slice. Lunar Wolf Ranger grips his Lunar Cue, and raises it over his head, as he demands again, "Give them to me NOW!" Nayzor defiantly denies, "NEVER!", and when Merrick's weapon is swatted against his left side, the Org General avoids taking damage, and instead squeezes his arm against it. With the Lunar Cue held roughly against Nayzor's ribs, Merrick merely grabs him, lifts him up, and pushes him across the field. Nayzor's nostril-based eyes flinch rapidly and roll into the back of his nose from the pain, as his smoking body is lifted off the ground and shoved through the air by the racing Lunar Wolf. The barreling concludes when Nayzor's back collides with a thick boulder, causing a barrage of sparks upon his chest, implying that the Lunar Cue has pierced his body upon impact against the rock. Nayzor flinches and grunts in agony some more. Lunar Wolf Ranger pulls away from his arch nemesis, posing fiercely with his weapon overhead. On the sidelines, the Duke Orgs watch in horror. Jindrax cries, "Nayzor!", and Toxica gasps, "Oh, NO!" Crackling with blue electricity, Nayzor's body grows increasingly limp, before finally toppling over and away from the boulder. The moment he hits the grass, Nayzor explodes magnificently, with Merrick still posing successfully in the foreground with his back to us.

Toxica holds her hand to her gasping but veiled mouth, whining in dread, "General Nayzor... destroyed?!" Jindrax exclaims in shock, "InconCEIVable!" From within the smoky section where Nayzor fell, something shoots into the air, and lands on the ground before the Duke Orgs. It's the golden headpiece (or crown) that Nayzor wore atop his head, and just below his single horn. Toxica picks it up, and moans a bit, staring at the steaming metal object in silent mourning. Lunar Wolf Ranger turns around, and with his Lunar Cue still in hand, warns the pair, "YOU two, LEAVE!" Jindrax backs off, and looks at the vengeful Ranger in fright. He reprises an earlier excuse, by cowardly suggesting, "UH-oh. I THINK it's time for our hair appointment! C'mon!" Toxica glares at Merrick, and gives a loud sneering growl. She follows Jindrax in retreating, but not before pitching Nayzor's golden horn-crown onto the ground in anger. Thanks to the miracle of ADR, Toxica ominously adds offscreen, "I'll come BACK for that, later!" Ignoring the hench-Orgs, Lunar Wolf Ranger steps over the fading fires where Nayzor once stood. Lying in the dirt, are the four stolen Animal Crystals (that once made up Quadra Org... we have to assume Nayzor recovered them from Quadra's remains between scenes). Merrick gazes upon them, saying in proud relief, "The Crystals are SAFE."

The watery waves crash upon the rocky shore of the beach. Racing down the sandy edge of the ocean, the five Wild Force Activists frantically dash toward their newest teammate. Cole calls out, "Merrick! Wait UP!" Alyssa yells, "Hey, Merrick!" The last living Ancient Warrior stands solemnly upon the beach, with his back to the beautiful sight of the sea. The five reach him, but keep their distance slightly. Max excitedly comments, "Hey! Th-that was AWEsome!" Danny remarks in awe, "I couldn't beLIEVE it when you morphed!" Cole happily states to the team, "The LUNAR Wolf Ranger!", following it up with some heart chuckling. Taylor notes with a smile, "Now, there are six of us, JUST like there were 3000 years ago!" Merrick, though, is in a mood far removed from the team. He stares at them with a grim expression, and slowly raises his hand. Opening his fist, he reveals the four stolen orbs resting on his gloved palm, each glistening in the sunlight with their respective power colors. Taylor softly notices aloud, "Our Animal Crystals." Slowly, she reaches over and gently takes back both the Black & Polar Bearzord Crystals with the single grasp of her hand. Taylor gives a restrained smile, looking at Merrick with deep gratitude. Max gasps, "My Giraffezord!" As Taylor clutches her two crystals close to her heart in relief, Merrick glides his hand over to Max, who begins to reach over to retrieve it, but pauses in hesitation. He glances up at the man who was once Zen-Aku, and realizing this isn't a trick, he quickly snatches up the Giraffe Crystal, uttering a simple, "THANKS!" Danny pats his buddy on the shoulder, smiling in empathy. Max stares deeply into the orange orb, expressing quiet gladness on his face. One last stolen Animal Crystal remains, which is offered to Alyssa. She inhales, looks up at Merrick, and with a proud smile, plucks the Elephantzord Crystal off of his palm. Clutching the turquoise orb tightly, Alyssa smiles brightly, glancing to her teammates in inner peace. Merrick, visibly still guilty over their original loss of these crystals, states sternly, "I have returned what I took from you." He turns around, and starts to walk away from the five without a second thought. The Wild Force Activists are baffled at first, but react quickly, following behind him, as Cole begs, "WAIT!" He reaches Merrick's side first, grabbing his shoulder and bringing him to a stop. As Merrick looks at the five humans, Cole asks him confusedly, "WHY are you leaving?! You're one of US now." He shakes his head, glances back at them, and tells their leader, "I'll NEVER be one of you." Merrick resumes his journey, turning and walking away again, immediately prompting Alyssa to shout, "But WHERE will you GO?!" Throwing his right hand into the air, he declares, "Wherever the WIND takes me!" Max asks, "But don't you want to help Princess Shayla?!" Merrick stops dead in his tracks. The five watch in anxiousness, unbeknownst to any of them the true relationship between him and the Princess. Merrick contemplates heavily, dwelling upon the idea. Ultimately, he lets his current emotions get the better of him, and stomps even faster away from them. Disappointedly, the WF Activists slump their shoulders and expressions, at a loss on how to convince him to lose his loner attitude. High above them, standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the beach, Princess Shayla watches Merrick walking away from the Rangers (with her back to us). She keeps her distance as much as she keeps her secrets, longing to be with her Silver Protector, but holding back. Waves continue rolling onto the shore, while a greater and greater distance separates the sixth member from the other five, as well as his beloved.

[Scenes from "Power Play"; End Credits]

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