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Power Rangers Wild Force
"Three's A Crowd"
Original Air Date:6/29/02 Featuring Footage From:
Gaoranger #06 - - Ushi, Kogareru!!(The Bison, Yearning!!)

Some Story Elements From:
Gingaman #35 - - Gouki no Sentaku(Gouki's Choice)
*Season 10, bite 20
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1220
*20th episode of PRWF
*438th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Katie Torpey & Bergen Williams Director: Taro Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger; voice only)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Sandra McCoy _AS_ Kendall
Carter Candler _AS_ Bride
Kelly Bush _AS_ Bridesmaid
Brett Charles _AS_ Collin
Lena Cardwell _AS_ Flower Shop Girl
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Peggy O'Neal _AS_ Wedding Dress Org (voice)


[Opening Credits.]

It's daytime on the flying island known as the Animarium. Though the camera zooms into the section where the Red Lion Wildzord hangs out atop a cliff, overlooking a small lake where the other Wildzords dwell, it cuts off before showing any of the Power Animals. Instead, the scene switches to the Temple Ruins, where Alyssa is reading the Turtle Cove Times newspaper headline off to her teammates sitting (or in Cole, Danny & Princess Shayla's case, standing) at the table with her, "Wedding Dress Villain Kidnaps Another Bride." The gang seems a bit concerned about the story, with Cole promising to catch the culprit next time. Danny is considerably upset, taking this entire situation to heart, so much that you'd think it was HIS wedding that was ruined. Though Alyssa tries to remind him an Org wouldn't care, Danny gives a passionate speech about how nothing in this word is more sacred or important than love, and love is the single element that binds two people together, for as long as they both shall live. Princess Shayla gazes off during his remarks, longingly likely thinking of Merrick. Suddenly, the Viewing Pond fountains up, alerting her to announce that the Wedding Dress Org is attacking again. Before the others can even react, Danny is off and running to stop this new Org.

Down in the city of Turtle Cove, the Wedding Dress Org is running down a path, carrying a woman with a pink skirt over her shoulder. The Org has a large female face across her chest (two small fangs sticking out of the red colored lips), two horns coming out of the top of her head, with a taller curled horn pointing straight up behind them, making sort of a crown. WD Org's body is purple or violet, with black spots all over her skirted body. Anyway, the five Wild Force Power Rangers are all morphed and get in the Org's way. Red Ranger declares that the ceremony's off, and for her to hand over the girl. Wedding Dress Org, speaking in a shrieky female voice, vows to make this woman's beauty her's, and takes off down a path to the side. The Org is pretty quick, laughing wickedly as she heads into a church (non-denominational from the lack of looking at it). The Rangers chase her up the stairs, and down a long hallway. Unfortunately, the Org slips into one of several doors in said hallway. Unsure of where he went (yes, Cole calls the OBVIOUSLY female Org a male... what, did he play the crying game with her or something and knows for sure?), our five heroes split up. Of all the strangely designed buildings called a church in all the city, Black Ranger just happens to walk into the one door that contains his love interest from episode 4, "Never Give Up!", known as Kendall. Boy, talk about luck, eh? Anyway, he's frozen by the sight of her. The place is filled with flowers, which Kendall, as the daughter of the owner of the city's flower shop, is personally attending to. The bride is there as well, a curly blonde haired woman in a pretty white dress. She just sits there and watches as the Power Ranger gawks at Kendall, who pleasantly asks if she can help him, and that if he's looking for the groom, he's two doors down. Danny nearly blows his identity by saying Kendall's name, but luckily his stammering cuts him off. He clutches his chest in admiration, and briefly we see Kendall's head surrounded by enchanting music and magical sparkles. She asks if he's lost, but before he can suggest a way she can help, the bridesmaid enters (another blonde broad... err, chick... uhh, lady) and tells the Ranger that this room is girl's only, and forcibly shoves him out the door. Danny bids "See ya" to Kendall in a daze, wandering off down the hall, still in a trance from just being in her presence again. So much that while he's sighing about how beautiful she is, he backs into a coat-rack with a black suit hung up on it, prompting him to turn around and apologize to it, thinking it a man and calling it 'sir'. While he's staring up at the ceiling sighing and saying Kendall's name, his teammates regroup behind him, coming up empty handed in finding the Org. Max manages to snap his buddy out of his amoured state of mind, but when asked if he found anything, he just sighs lovingly that he did. Needless to say, his pals are confused.

Turns out, the Wedding Dress Org has taken the stolen bride to the basement. Not only has the lady's dress changed (it's still pink and skirted, but totally different now), but it seems that she's that janitor lady who was cleaning up that office building back during the Vacuum Cleaner Org attack in episode 10! She sure has bad luck lately. Anyway, the Org wants her beauty, and uses a strange wand to turn her into a mannequin! It's a dead ringer for the real woman, hair, dress, and all. The dummy even talks, begging to be let out. There's several other bridal mannequins in this storage room, at least a half dozen. This Org has really hit the mother load in this city... we should be glad she's not working at Vegas! Meanwhile, back in the Temple Ruins, Max also calls the female Org a male, as he laments over how she keeps keeping away from them. Someone should tell the kid about teleportation some time. Cole thought for sure they had him... err, her cornered in the church. Taylor, always the smartest of the group, knows the Org's hideout has to be near there somewhere. Danny is sitting over in Shayla's stick-seat, gazing skyward, and daydreaming about Kendall. He even has a dream sequence, where he's in a black tuxedo, at the church, walking down the asile Kendall, in a fancy dress, awaits him with a full bouquet in her hands, smiling at her future husband. If you think it's odd how empty the church is, think no longer, for the Wedding Dress Org quickly pops up, grabbing Kendall, hoisting her over her shoulder, and kidnapping her just like she's done with all the other brides. Kendall calls out for Danny, Danny calls out for Kendall, but he's unable to save her. Danny snaps out of his daydream, screaming her name. His teammates hear his outburst, prompting Max to ask what's wrong. Danny immediately comes up with a plan to go to the Flower Shop and warn Kendall to stay away from the church. Alyssa says it's a good idea, so Danny asks to borrow her bike, which she's allows, though with an amused smile.

Similar to how he rode it back in episode 12, sans the abundance of books, Danny rides Alyssa's bicycle. He's a much bigger guy than the petite girl, making for a tight fit on the bike, not to mention the small white helmet barely strapped to his head. Danny peddles furiously, racing down the street and sidewalks, though being mindful of pedestrians. He finally arrives at the Turtle Cove Florist, but as he reaches the parking space in front of the place, an expensive silver car pulls up suddenly, the two of them nearly colliding! It's driven by a snobby blonde guy who's never given a name onscreen. Who's he? Why, he's Cheap MacGuffin Man! Someone who's supposed to be majorly important without ever appearing before or having the tiniest bit of backstory! A two-dimensional plot device in the form of a male human being! His name's Collin, according to the end credits. Be funny, if, given his being rich, he's related to Wes Collins from PRTF, and his full name is "Collin Collins." But, nah, that would take THREE writers to come up with for this episode, instead of two as it is. Long, stupid scene short: Collin likes Kendall, too. Though Danny is there to stop her from going to the Org infested wedding reception, Collin just wants to weasel in some time with her at any cost. Probably moreso now that he knows he's got competition. My pre-wrote writing from last eps' scenes from next time work best to summarize this scene: Kendall appears uncomfortably surprised, when she asks, "What're you guys doing here?!" Danny, along with Collin, are standing before her in front of the flower shop. Danny, holding the bicycle helmet, urgently states, "I need to talk to you about something!" Collin egotistically declares, "Right after _I_ talk to you about something." Kendall refuses them both, looking at the watch on her right wrist, and informing them, "I have to set up flowers at a wedding reception.", Soon, Kendall sits in the passenger seat of the expensive silver convertible. Collin sarcastically remarks to Danny, who wants to ride along to ensure her safety, "Sorry pal... it's a TWO seater!" Danny, left behind, watches as Kendall goes off with Collin, who loudly screeches his tires as he speeds off. She turns to look at Danny as they drive away, with Danny calling out her name. Danny puts the helmet quickly on, and rides Alyssa's tiny white bike down the road as fast as he can! He nearly catches up to the car, which has a license plate reading, "CASH", but even stopping beside the vehicle at a red light, and attempting to tell her why she can't go to the church is cut short.

Well, that was a waste of our time, wasn't it? Danny's now at the church, butting heads with Collin as they both help Kendall out by carrying large plants around the room. They put on happy faces when she's looking at them, but when her back is turned, it's bitterness abound. Am I the only one who thinks the mere fact that, from the looks of things, half a dozen brides have been kidnapped, and yet, Kendall is very nonchalant about the whole ordeal? There's literally ZERO security at the place, and if the Org's progress can make the front page of the paper, you'd think the last thing someone would do is have a BIG to-do concerning the one thing liable to attract an evil being. Kendall exploits the guys' attraction for her by making them move tables and carrying silverware from one table to another. Danny soon trips like the big dumb goof he is, and Kendall comes to his side, all smiley and doe eyed. Collins rolls his eyes at her warmness toward the guy who's in so very many ways his opposite. Soon, a woman's scream sends the place into a panic, as the Wedding Dress Org appears, chasing the bride into the reception hall, with Putrids helping out. Bride hides behind Danny, Org says she won't leave until she has her beauty, Bride says 'yuck', and Putrids rush up to attack. Bride flees, Danny faces the Putrids unmorphed, using folding chairs and his hefty body weight against them. Even Collin helps out, though when a Putrid's battleaxe is punched into the silver platter he's using as a shield, he's knocked back, bumping into Kendall, and sending her flying, head and hands first, into a stacked tower of champagne glasses! They shatter, she's hurt, and both of her suitors forget about the safety of anyone else just to rush to her side. This allows Wedding Dress Org to run up and grab the already Putrid-caught Bride. Kendall isn't dripping a single drop out of blood, despite the fall into the pile of now-broken glass. Danny tells Kendall to go with Collin, while he stays behind to fight off the Putrids. Reluctantly, she does, her leg injured, causing her to limp as she's helped to walk by Collin. They both head for the door, only to discover it's locked! Trapped, Collin spots another door across the way, just behind a mountain of wedding gifts. As he drags Kendall over toward it, Danny continues to fight off Putrids, unmorphed.

Wedding Dress Org hoists the Bride over her shoulder, preparing to depart with the hostage. Danny warns her to stop, and the Org surprisingly does so, though laughing at him. Turning and making sure Kendall & Collin are gone, he pulls out his Growl Phone, and morphs. Little does Danny realize, that Kendall & Collin have paused just beside the gift mountain, and are watching in shock as he cries, "Wild Access!", and his body glimmers with a dark purple, before changing into the Black Bison Wild Force Power Ranger! They're staring agape at his swift moves when fighting the Wedding Dress Org, so much that when a gang of Putrids appear to knock down the gift mountain, they're both taken by surprise. Collin slips out of their grip, and helps Kendall out the second door, which is not locked. Black Ranger kicks and hits at the Org, but she manages to gut-kick him, winding him long enough for an escape to be made. Before Wedding Dress Org can reach the doors to the inner part of the building, the other four Wild Force Rangers come through them, blocking her path. Two sets of double teaming, Red & Yellow jump kicking, and White & Blue calf-sweeping, staggers the Org, causing her to lose grip of her hostage. The Bride is thrown free, landing safely in Black Ranger's arms. The other Rangers regroup around him, protecting the frightened woman. The Org whines about them ruining her day, in a clip that's noticeably being played in reverse. Right when Red, Yellow, and Blue Rangers lunge at her, Wedding Dress Org hops up, and teleports away in a sparkling wave of golden light emitted from her crown. The Bride is shaken, but okay, and thanks her saviors. They escort her out of the room, and a lingering camera shot reveals, that despite all the destruction (most of which was caused by Danny, I might add), the wedding cake remained unscathed!

A short while later, up in the Temple Ruins, Danny reveals to us that he's not just a plant expert, but a master at hand-made charm bracelets, as well! He finishes a small wrist-worn item, with about white & blue swirled square pieces, red spots between them, and your standard colored twine binding it all. Danny places it on his own left wrist, smiling happily, when he realizes Cole is leaning over his shoulder and snooping. He sharply looks back with a secretive expression, and Cole quickly pulls away, acting nonchalant. He leaves Danny sitting in Shayla's chair, and goes over to the table, where his other three teammates are (Alyssa's sitting on the tabletop for a change, something Max usually does). Max is pleased they finally had a success against the Wedding Dress Org. Cole rains on his parade by reminding him that five brides are still missing. He urgently mentions they have to find out where HE'S keeping the brides, and off they four go rushing. They pause when noticing Danny's still weaving a home-made present. Alyssa asks him what that's for, and he shyly sticks it in his right breast vest pocket, warmly replying that it's just something for a friend of his. Danny promises to catch up with them later, before turning and running back to where the sleeping area is (what, is he gonna take a nap before checking on his injured love interest?). Alyssa shrugs her shoulders, prompting Cole & Max to do the same. Eventually, Danny is back in Turtle Cove, racing toward the flower shop. He enters and searches briefly for Kendall, before asking the girl behind the counter where she is. Florist Girl informs him that she's in the hospital, which stuns Danny. I guess he's so used to getting beaten to within an inch of his life that he just figured everyone else in the world can take life-threatening falls into things and never need hospitalization like him and his Ranger pals.

So, if you love shots of Danny running places, this episode is for you: we now see Danny running a big complex with a sign reading, "Turtle Cove Hospital." Yeah, yeah, it's the same place used for "Angel Grove Hospital" back during Different Shade of Pink. Danny rushes into the lobby, and anxiously tells the receptionist he needs to see his friend Kendall (what, he worked with her for years, and yet doesn't know her name? Well, to be fair, we don't even know HIS name yet...). A woman over the announcement systems tells Dr. Scott Page-Pagter that someone needs him in what sounds like Gynecology. Speaking of gynecology, here comes Collin, telling Danny not to worry about Kendall, claiming she's fine. Danny declares that he has to see her, and Collin promises to take him to her, but first, he has something to talk to him about. Collin leaves without haste, but Danny isn't so eager to depart. He lags behind for a moment, looking off to where he assumes Kendall is. Finally, he follows Collin out of the hospital. That woman over the speakers announces that Dr. Rosenthal is needed in proctology, and Dr. Latisaw is asked to assist. Ouch! So, momentarily on the park lawn in front of the hospital, Collin tells Danny that he thinks he should forget about Kendall, asking how he can possibly give her the attention she needs when he's off fighting the 'evils of the world'. Snobby rich boy seems to take pleasure when he smugly calls Danny the Black Ranger. Not even attempting to deny it, Danny horrifiedily asks how he knew. Collin explains that they saw him at the wedding hall. Changing his argument completely, he now asks how he can concentrate on saving the world when he's too worried about Kendall. Danny begins to argue it, when Collin literally pulls a something out of his behind, and rubs it in his face. It's a small black box, containing an expensive diamond bracelet. Collin arrogantly asks if he can give her things like this, to which no reply is given. Boy, what a coincidence Danny just made her a cheap-o bracelet the same day snobby got her a super expensive one, eh? He was better off making her a decorative throw-rug! Almost on cue, his Growl Phone rings. Danny takes the call, and listens silently as Princess Shayla tells him through her necklace that the Org is back, and the others are at Turtle Cove Church. He tells her to tell them that he'll meet them there. As Danny hangs up, Collin cockily points out that this proves his point, and suggests that Danny take care of the world, while HE takes care of Kendall. Danny mopes for a few moments, eventually taking the hand-made bracelet out of his vest pocket. He turns around, right hand raised in a fist with his face expressing rage. Collin flinches, the pansy. Danny merely opens his hand, revealing the stringy little bracelet, asking him calmly to please give that to Kendall. Collin picks it up, as if it's got germs on it or something. Danny immediately races off, leaving Collin behind to confusedly stare at the gift, inferior to his in price and production values only.

Up in a cozy little room in the hospital, Kendall's got a gown on, with a big blue fuzzy robe over it. Her head has a large white bandage wrapped around it, and though we clearly saw her hands going first into the sea of shatter glass shards, not a scratch it on them. Her right ankle is also wrapped, but I can't for the life of me remember when she may have hurt it (Collin probably stomped on her foot on the way out). Enough nitpicking, Kendall is presented with the sparkling expensive bracelet by Collin, leaving her speechless. He cockily puts the moves on her, placing a hand on her shoulder, and saying she's the kind of girl who appreciates the finer things. Collin's libido subsides long enough for him to recall that her friend Danny stopped by on his way to the church and gave him something to give to her. He pulls the cheaper charm bracelet out of his pocket, and scoffs that it looks like Danny made it himself. Collin tosses it onto her bed, and begins to banter on about how she needs a guy who can give her what she needs. As he's telling her how rich, successful, knows all the right people, knows how to make things happen, and got his MBA from Harvard, Kendall picks up Danny's hand-made bracelet, and gazes upon it lovingly. She flashes back to a little while ago, when she witnessed Danny morphing into the Black Bison Ranger. Collin's egotistical droning is drowned out briefly by this memory, though not enough for us to fail to hear him toot his own by saying he's charming, people like him, and the topper of it all, he was smart enough to get out of the dot-com market BEFORE it crashed! Collin's so hung up on himself that he fails to notice that the bracelet gift from Danny has made Kendall smile, moreso than his own similar gift to her did. As Collin' looking out the window and continuing his self-stroking blabber, Kendall gets out of the bed and leaves, despite her injuries.

Elsewhere, trails of sparks are flying into the air, as the Wild Force Rangers vigorously engage in heated combat with an army of Putrids. Red Ranger takes on a Putrid and the Wedding Dress Org at the same time, White Ranger twirls about while fighting some Putrids, and poor Black Ranger is too depressed to give this fight his all. He pins a Putrid's club against a pole, and proceeds to sigh heavily, sagging his head in dismay. Danny releases the weapon, turns his back to several attacking Putrids behind him, and clutches his helmeted head, groaning in agony from the loss of the one he loves. He drops down onto one knee in a display of sadness, unknowingly narrowly avoiding a battleaxe swipe by the Putrids, causing them to hit each other in the process! They then begin to apparently bicker and apologize to one another for the friendly firing. Black Ranger stares into space, reaching out and miserably asking what he's going to do if he can never see her again. A transparent image of Kendall, wearing an outfit we've never seen her in before, appears before him, waving sadly and telling him so long. As she turns away, this image fades into smoke, which then is interrupted by the Wedding Dress Org, who leaps up from a crouched position and starts to bash Danny in the chest with her wand. His chest sparks, as she hits, kicks, and knocks him around the whole gardeny courtyard. Black Ranger soon falls, and the Org jabs her pink wand at him as he's grounded. He grips it by his shoulder, struggling as fiercely as he can with a broken heart. Suddenly, Kendall's voice calls out Danny's name from across the way. He turns to see her, still in her robe, hospital gown, bandages and all, limping onto the scene with crutches under her arms! Danny screams for her to get away from here, since it's not safe. She refuses, assuring him she'll be fine. Kendall claims she understands everything now, that he MUST fight to protect the Earth and she's behind him all the way. Holding up her right wrist, she shows him that she's wearing the bracelet he made her. This causes Danny's eyes to widen nearly as big as his glasses, and become visible through his Ranger helmet visor in total happy surprise. Kendall giggles, and Black Ranger breaks out of the Org's hold, proclaiming with renewed vigor and his arms raised that he can do ANYthing now. Wedding Dress Org asks if he can take 'this', and swats her wand at his back, and instead of hurting him in any way, he remains standing like a solid rock, the wand vibrating so much that the Org is disoriented from the failed attack. Danny rapidly throws some kicks at the Org, with the last one sparkily striking the top horn of her crown, taking her down. He notices Kendall's being swarmed by Putrids, so he flips over them, tells them not to even think about it, and like a bulldozer, holds out his arms and plows into the half dozen muck drones! They're mowed out, flung haphazardly into the air, retchingly crying out all the while. Black Ranger shows off his macho 'I got the girl after all, nyah nyah' style chest-beating and cheerful shout. Kendall giggles and smiles, leading me to believe she's on heavy medication for her wounds.

Black Bison Ranger beats up more Putrids. If you like American morphed footage, the entire whole thing is such. Long battle short, Danny even takes on Putrids that're engaged in combat with the other Rangers! Cole yells for Danny to slow down, but he ignores all logic and pounds the snot out of every one of the generally easily-beat muck drones. Wedding Dress Org realizes this isn't going as planned, and flees. Before the other four Rangers can react properly, Danny's charging through them and urging them to follow him with a peppy laugh. They do so, all chasing the Org, who begins to show some fear as she stops to turn, sees Danny hot on her tail, cries out, and continues running, panting all the while. Black Ranger winds up his right arm kinda like Popeye, as he gains on her. His teammates are several steps behind, barely able to keep up. Red Ranger touches the right side of his helmet visor, and speaks into the air, telling Merrick that they're chasing the Org, and for him to try and find the brides, who must be hidden in the church. Somewhere else, in what looks like the near outskirts of the city, Lunar Wolf Ranger is riding his Savage Cycle (making its American Footage debut). The already-morphed Merrick touches the left ear-side of his helmet, and eagerly confirms that he's on it. He revs up his bike, and zooms forth. In the steps likely in front of the church area, Black Ranger shouts for the Wedding Dress Org to stop, leaps in front of her while distracted. The whole team manages to catch up atop the steps, blocking the Org's path. Danny shouts "Power Rangers", the gang hops, slaps the ground, and screams "Wild Force" in unison, each doing their own pose with Black Ranger in the middle. Wedding Dress Org holds up her wand, and encourages them to get this over with, as she has things to do. The Rangers jump over toward her, each wielding their own Wild Weapon, hitting the Org in the circle, all at the same time. Somehow, she's able to smack them all away by spinning around quickly. With our heroes down for the moment, the Org holds up her wand, and commands, "Candle Blaster, ignite!" Oh, I get it now! Her wand is a wedding candle. Cute, I suppose. Anyway, the tip of it flames on with the help of pink electricity. The background goes black, ala your standard Ranger-based weapon attack. She slashes the blade of flame into each of the Rangers, sparkily bursting their chests as a result. Even Black Ranger is struck, though when he rolls onto the sidewalk, he recovers quickly, and thinking even quicker, he kicks a nearby yellow fire hydrant. It erupts with a stream of pressurized water, not only dousing the candle blaster, but soaking Wedding Dress Org's dress! She's very annoyed by this.

Danny makes yet another muscle flexing, and quips that they're taking her to the cleaners. He jumps up in a goofy 'squat-style' position, and grabs both of her horns atop her head while landing. Gripping them both, he proceeds to knee the crap out of her, leading to a brief twirling of her body around in a circle. The Org is released, hits the cement in a daze, Black Ranger raises his fists and proclaims that he LOVES this wedding. She gets back up, and asks him how he got an invitation. Around the corner, where the Rangers were just fighting, Lunar Wolf Ranger rolls up on his Savage Cycle. He parks near the entrance, hops off, and declares that he'll find 'them', meaning the brides. Back at the battle, the Rangers hold out their weapons, bring them together, and form the Jungle Sword. Wedding Dress Org sees it and trembles, remarking that it's not time to cut the cake. Danny calls out the Savage Slash, which Red Ranger takes the helm of, as always. The golden slicing blade cuts into the Org, she freezes in place, her candle wand flings across the yard, Danny catches it, and shouts that the party is over. All five Rangers flip about face, pose with their weapons, and the Wedding Dress Org bursts, cries out in agony, and finally explodes (though the usual massive fireball blast isn't shown). Remember the Duke Orgs? Well, here they are, stepping up onto the scene together, still in their new 'brainwash upgrade' forms. Looking at the puddle of greenish-white pus that was once the Wedding Dress Org, Toxica laments that this was very disappointing, and tells the Rangers that they haven't won yet. Our heroes alertly watch, as Toxica waves her staff, and does her typical incantation. The five seeds fall into the pus, grow into stalks, and viola, WD Org is grown big! I guess you could say she's a Plus-Size Wedding Dress now (her white veil is much more fuller atop her 'crown' area). The Rangers unsheathe their Crystal Sabers, and call for their Wildzords to combine. Quickly, the main five Power Animals form into the Wild Force Megazord. Instead of going in via the Soul Bird, they hop through the Lion's forehead. Meanwhile, Lunar Wolf Ranger enters the church (good thing he knows where the church is... and heck, even WHAT it is!). He runs down that familiar hallway from earlier, and mentions that 'they' have to be around here somewhere.

No longer anywhere near the city, the giant Wedding Dress Org faces the plain-flavored Wild Force Megazord. She shrieks that they should never mess with an angry bride. The Megazord, holding its Fin-Blade in its right Shark hand, marches forth. The Org fires a bolt of energy from her veil-crown, stunned the Megazord back. This is followed by a quick eyebeam-blast. Literally from out of nowhere, the Wild Force Megazord is in Sword & Shield Mode, blocking her bolts with the Elephantzord head-shield. Alyssa comments, "Take the Org down the aisle, Elephant!" The Megazord holds its trunk sword horizontally, and starts to rapidly twirl around like a tornado. It approaches the Org, blade-beating her repeatedly with every rotation. She bursts a little, and hurts a lot, eventually falling back and rolling away. Back at the church, Lunar Wolf Ranger enters a stairwell. He hurries down the steps, noting that this is the last place to look, so they've GOT to be there. As he rounds the corner, Merrick hears the muffled cries of a female or two, begging to be let out! Up in the Megazord, the Soul Bird seems to have snuck in between scenes, and is in place in the cockpit, as the Rangers activate together, "Pachyderm Crusher Attack!" Wild Force Megazord winds up its trunk sword, it curls like a whip into the thunderous sky overhead, and is slashes into the camera with a blinding surge trail of power. Wedding Dress Org is struck by the deadly searing slice of energy. She yelps while getting knocked off her feet, wild jolts of electricity flying everywhere from the blow. She explodes massively upon impact against the ground, a fiery end to a rather short marriage. Notice what appears to be the cross of a church in the side foreground during her destruction. Wild Force Megazord in Sword and Shield Mode poses victoriously amid the remnant smoke. Meanwhile, back at the church, Lunar Wolf Ranger traces the muffled sounds of the bethroved damsels in distress to a secluded storage room. The door is locked, but thanks to his Lunar Cue in Sniper Mode, breaking and entering is a blue-beamed breeze! Once inside, he's stunned to witness the cries of the women coming from lifeless bridal mannequins! Another cheese shot shown in reverse shows Lunar Wolf telling the women not to worry, as he's here to free them. Without thinking it through, he aims the Lunar Cue in Sniper Mode at them, fires at the dummies, and thankfully, instead of killing the five or so females, they shimmer with a golden light and are reverted to normal. Finding themselves human again, the grateful brides rush over to surround their savior, with the pink dressed lady from earlier the first to hug him. Merrick, ever the knight in shining morphin' armor, humbly tells them that it was nothing. I suspect at least one wedding's going to be called over, judging by the second bride's passionate hugging and kissing of the Ranger!

Once more at the Turtle Cove Florist, right outside the place, where flowers of every kind and color thrive in the sunlight. Danny, with a sheepish smile on his face, approaches. Kendall is lacking any bandage whatsoever, not even sporting a single cut! She's tending to the plants, and when she sees him, she cheerfully says hi. He's a little nervous, asking how her foot is. Kendall does a skip and heel-kick, giggling as she confirms it's all better. There seems to be a considerable amount of time passed since they last saw each other... sheesh, Danny's the worst love interest in the world for an injured girl! She gets hurt, he goes off and spends hours making her cheap jewelry before even going to see her at the hospital once. Then after he gets confirmation that she gives a crap about him, he doesn't go see her until after she's totally healed from her wounds! I wouldn't be surprised if she's married to Collin by now, given how he's the only one who's ever around when needed. But enough about logic, Danny & Kendall are a bit tense around one another, trying to say "look" at the same time, in a fumbled attempt to discuss their feelings for one another. He lets her go first, and she says she thinks what he's doing is wonderful and she realizes now just how noble his mission is and how valuable he is to the Earth. Danny nearly blushes, giggling softly in response. Kendall notes that he saves so many people, and so many more count on him to protect them. She thinks it's important he concentrate on his mission and not about worry about her. This kills his smiling mood, her last few words echo heavily in his mind. Danny knows she's right, telling her as such. Reluctantly, he confirms that he needs to stay focused, and thanks her for understanding (Psst! Dan! There's FIVE other Rangers in the group. Don't lead the girl on to believe every fight relies on you, flower boy. I mean, for cripes sake, you nearly got gutted by an Org over your love for lawn care!!). With a somber face, he turns and hurries off, meeting up with his teammates down the sidewalk. Kendall watches him leave, quite evident by her face that she cares for him. Danny gets comforted by his pals when he reaches them, Max & Alyssa putting patting hands on his shoulders, as Taylor asks if he's okay. His head is slumped again, so obviously he's not too cheerful. Kendall continues watching him, holding up her right wrist, and gently rubbing her skin just below the bracelet her gave her. She watches the five men and women in colorful vests walking away slowly, Cole & Max each with a hand on Danny's shoulder. Breaking the sadness with a little lightheartedness, Max swats his foot at Danny's behind, then jumps up in front of him, mockingly asking if he thinks he's tougher than him. Danny chases after him, screaming he'll show him who's tough! The other laughs, and follow right behind, all running down the sidewalk after Max. Kendall smiles softly, keeping her arm up and rubbing it. I guess we're supposed to surmise she's holding out for him, whenever he gets done with his mission, and his life isn't too miserable without her thanks to his friends.

[Scenes from "A Father's Footsteps"; End Credits]

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