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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The Tornado Spin"
Original Air Date:6/15/02 Based On:
Gaoranger #28 - - Ougi, Denshou!!(Secrets, Bequeathed!!)
*Season 10, bite 19
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1219
*19th episode of PRWF
*437th total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Derek Rydall Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Eddie Mekka _AS_ Don
J.D. Hall _AS_ Willie [credited, but doesn't appear!]
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Richard Epcar _AS_ Bowling Org (voice)
Steve Kramer _AS_ Turbine Org (voice)


[Opening Credits, version 2. Shayla credited but doesn't appear.]

In the Nexus, sparks are flying between Jindrax & Toxica... and that's NOT hyperbole! The recently demonized Duke Orgs are leaping across the misty & statue-strewn cavern room, causing bright sparks to burst all along the walls between and beside them. They release vicious howls, apparently sparring quite vigorously with one another. Toxica lands first, twirling around to face her partner and opponent. It should be noted, in this much better light than last episode, that much of Horn-washed Toxica's facial and attire features are almost exact matches to those of her Org General form of Necronomica (save for the fact these are all darker in color, making the 'shoulder leafs' look a bit wilted, for instance). Jindrax, also Horn-washed, landing crouched, turns around, and spins his even-more jagged blade in hand, chuckling wickedly. Toxica, gripping her staff (which hasn't changed at all), lunges forth. Jindrax meets her halfway, the Duke Orgs locking weapons tightly. Right behind and between them, watching this session, is the cause of their body changes, the human known as Master Org. Anyway, he seems to be reveling in what he's turned his not-so-loyal Duke Orgs into. They're both very violent in their attacks, far better fighters now than they were as bumbling lackeys. Underscoring the control he has over them in these new forms, the moment Master Org shouts stop, they literally freeze in mid-air (via Matrix 'Bullet-cam' style effects). He tells them to make themselves useful, and go to where an Org spirit is about to arise, stressing the importance of striking hard against the Rangers. The Duke Orgs obey without question, and on the way out, Jindrax threatens Toxica over her victory during their sparring match, making it clear to us that their personalities are as changed as their exteriors. After the Dukes depart, Master Org lingers in the Nexus, gazing upon the black & white photo of his younger self with the Evans Family. His expression is far from that of a maniacal demon lord who's pleased with a reminder of the first people he slaughtered, but rather of seeming remorse. Whatever the case, he walks off, taking the picture with him.

Up on the Animarium, Danny & Max are lugging two large wooden boxes filled with various junk (a toy Gila monster, toy alligator, a single swimming fin, fishing rod, and yellow construction helmet are among the items visible). They belong to Max, who claims he's outgrown and moved on from all this old stuff, planning to get rid of it. Danny notices something in the box he's got, and stops to excitedly pull out a small golden balling ball trophy, inscribed, "First Place Amateur." Max gets very annoyed and defensive, taking back the trophy. Danny is wowed, unaware that his best friend could bowl. Max simply tells him to forget it, resuming the task of discarding it and the rest of the relics of his pre-Ranger past. Down in a cluttered alleyway in Turtle Cove, Jindrax & Toxica are doing similar cleaning of trash. They're searching for the latest Org Spirit in piles of discarded items. Jindrax eventually finds a blue bowling ball, and taking Master Org's remark of 'strike hard' too seriously, bowls the ball down the alleyway. As the ball rolls, a glowing swarm of thunderclouds lowers down, It takes possession of the ball, and upon explosively colliding with a pile of junk, becomes the Bowling Org! With a large blue bowling ball head, two prominent spikes across it, a wide toothy grin, a single glowing eye, pink-flame bowling ball shoulders, and your usual armor-padded body. He speaks in a jolly but raspy voice, rubbing his large noggin and claiming he has a headache. Toxica approves of this Org. Soon, a bowling ball with pink flamey-stripes (like the Org's shoulders) is sent rolling down busy sidewalks, twirling all the while. The citizens scream and leap out of the way, with a couple of them unable to react fast enough. They're flung skyward, bodies rigid & erect, similar bowling pins (heck, even the sound effects match)! Several parked cars are also hit, though they just explode in front of a convenience store. Bowling Org picks up his ball, enjoying the sport of bowling, no matter what it is he's knocking down. The Duke Orgs are hanging around, with Toxica holding a notepad, with which she's taking score, giving him a 60 in just two frames. Before the Orgs can continue their destructive game, all Six Wild Force Power Rangers leap onto the scene (yes, even Lunar Wolf). They're already morphed, and standing in the trio of Orgs' way. Alyssa is astonished when she recognizes Jindrax & Toxica, noting that they've changed. The gang does their usual "extenda-claws" pose and slogan-calling motions, followed by the group pose. Toxica urges the Org to knock these 'pins' down. He does so, taking his time to get into position before rolling. None of our genius heroes can figure out what he's doing, and by the time Bowling Org rolls his bowling ball (behind him, a magical scoring frame appears, with "Gao Blue" in one name, and "Bowling Orgu" in the other, I guess this kinda represents Toxica's scorecard, proving that spelling isn't her strong suit), it's too late for anyone to dodge the hit. Even though Max realizes what's going on at the last second. Anyway, the ball, which kinda spins like a tornado as it leaves a flaming trail behind it, crashes into the perfectly lined-up Wild Force Rangers, knocking all six of them into the air, again like the pins. Toxica adds another strike to the scorecard, to which Bowling Org boasts he does things like this all the time. Jindrax pulls his partner over to the side, and remarking that Bowling Org "isn't the brightest ball on the lane", he sets a plan into motion. Whatever it is, we don't get to hear.

Though this last scene was set firmly on cement beside a building, it seems the Rangers were thrown far away from any pavement. All six were knocked into a ravine or huge ditch or something. They recover, demorphed, and regroup. Merrick makes his sole unmorphed appearance briefly here, wearing his new coat and all. The kids are alright, so to speak, and hey! Speaking of kids, only Max has an idea of how to beat the solely bowling-based Org. He leads the other Wild Force Activists (except Merrick, who, despite gathering together with the others a moment ago, vanishes between scenes) over to the "Turtle Cove Lanes" bowling alley. It's pretty busy (and kinda looks like the bowling alley from the Pilot version of "Day Of The Dumpster"... but then again, all of these places look alike to me...). Anyway, Cole is amazed to find out Max used to bowl. Danny over-enthusiastically comments, "You should see his TROPHY!" Max explains that when he worked there, he knew a bowling legend that taught him. He wanted to go pro, but "other things came up." Max searches all about the place, while informing his teammates that if he can find this legend, he can teach him his famous "Tornado Spin", which he can use to defeat the Org. Eventually, Max spots a janitor mopping up one of the lanes. He asks the man if he knows where Don is. Custodian Man says he doesn't know any Don. Long story short, oh hey, he's Don. Oh how the mighty have fallen. From pro to gum-scraper! Don's not very happy to see Max again, even calling him 'kid' when giving in and asking what he wants. Max eagerly asks to be taught the Tornado Spin. Don refuses, saying he doesn't bowl anymore. Max begs harder, but Don brings up the fact he had his chance and he threw it away. Bitterly, Don takes his cleaning equipment and walks away. Max is a little dismayed, but follows his former mentor despite the spite expressed.

Don's wringing out his mop behind the Turtle Cove Lanes. Max hangs out near the pin-rearranger machine, and while watching his old pal, thinks back on simpler times. A flashback greets us, showing Max wearing a yellow shirt, standing with a black bowling ball in hand, staring down a lane in tense concentration. Don, wearing a blue & white bowling shirt (with his name on the left breast), addresses the teen for the first time, remarking, "So you want to learn to bowl like a pro, eh, kid?" Max denied being a kid even then. Don acted apologetic, but immediately showed him how to properly hold his fingers in the three holes. The flashback fades to the present, with Max somberly watching Don continuing to get the crud out of his trusty mop. Now, a new flashback starts up. About six to eight months ago (how much time has passed is anyone's guess at this point), Max, wearing a dark blue bowling shirt with his name on the left breast, is heading down a sidewalk, leaving the bowling alley with his bagged bowling ball in hand. Last episode's scenes from next time had a brief bit of footage cut before this, showing Max in said shirt, bowling perfectly as Don watched on. Anyway, it's night time, and Max's 'air bowling' maneuver is cut short by the screams of two young women. He races off to help them, when he discovers the reason they're crying out is because good old Turbine Org (from "Lionheart" & the flashback in "Never Give Up!", geez, just how long has he been around anyway?!) is jumping up onto the hood of their car, and laughing mechanically. Seems this is Turbine Org's first time at terrorizing a human, as he comments while approaching the women menacingly. Max freaks out upon spotting the strange silver creature, even turning tail and trying to run away. He instantly slams into a garbage can, falling over hard. This gives him time to rethink things, finding the courage to take his ball-carrier and swipe it at the Org. Though visibly petrified, Max stands between the Org and the women, giving them a chance to escape to safety. Turbine Org proceeds to fling Max into the parked car's front windshield, which was already shattered, apparently. The Org then tosses him off onto the cement, hurting his arm for the third time in just this scene alone. Max takes his bowling ball out of the bag, and heaves it at Turbine, who merely swats it away. Before Turbine can use his right-hand weapon on the weary Max, the White & Yellow Wild Force Rangers make the scene. They do battle with the Org atop the wrecked vehicle, soon driving him off. Before the two females can finish him off (not that they had many tools to do so then), he turns and teleports away in a vanishing flick of golden light, promising to return later. The two WF Rangers return to Max's side (even though Max excitedly called this action 'da bomb' a moment ago, he's all shaken up and very un-excited the first moment we get to see him. Stupid last minute line additions...), checking the status of his health. He's alright, but disturbed. Suddenly, a small blue Animal Crystal in his left jeans pocket begins to loudly glow. Max pulls it out, and discovers it shimmering brightly, with a tiny blue shark becoming visible within. White Ranger is amazed that he does indeed have a crystal. Both she and Yellow demorph, exposing their real identities to the stranger. Max, his right shoulder sore, is helped up, wondering who these girls who saved him are. Alyssa asks him where his parents are, which he doesn't understand (yet another joke about how young he is). Taylor pulls out her Growl Phone, hits a button, and talks into it, asking Princess Shayla if she's sure this is the guy, since he's just a kid. Max again denies being a kid.

Next, we see Max, wearing his standard blue "Surging Shark" vest and his usual orange-sleeved outfit. He's back in the bowling alley, handing Don a golden bowling ball (where'd he get it? The ball he fought Turbine Org with was black, as was the ball he was using earlier!!), and pleading with him to understand that he's doing what he has to do. Max walks away, stopping only to look back to see Don shaking his head in disappointment, before joining Taylor & Alyssa in exiting the Turtle Cove Lanes. In a nice bit of remembrance, notice Taylor's got her hair pulled up, just like she used to wear it, pre-"Power Play." The flashbacks end, finally, and Max begins to apologize for disappointing Don, stressing the reluctance in how he had to leave. His current teammates join the scene, staying in the background as he presses closer to Don, trying to ignore him, still cleaning his mop. Heh, I just noticed Don's got a name-tag on his janitor uniform, similar to the one he had on his bowling shirt. Ya realize, he was once the king of cleaning up in bowling, but now is the king of cleaning out toilet bowls? Anyway, Max simply says please, telling him again that they really need his help. Don replies that it's a little too late for that. As Max hangs his head in shame, Cole walks up to his side, and argues for Don to please forgive Max, since he had a lot of work to do last time, and still does. Cole offers to repay the favor somehow, prompting the other three to step up, concurring. He says Alyssa's a great cook, and will make him anything he wants. Taylor can help organize the whole place. At a loss for what plant-freak Danny can do in a place that lacks flowers, Cole suggests Danny can wash his bowling balls, something which seems to offend poor Daniel. Despite all these... umm... 'great' offers, Don refuses, saying he doesn't want their help, and he doesn't work with quitters. He storms off, but not before Danny pauses him, telling him he's wrong about Max, who's loyal & dedicated, and will make him proud. Don retorts with a scoff, that he once believed that. Soon, Max is back inside, trying desperately to do the Tornado Spin himself. His anger ruins any success, as he even fails to get a single strike! Danny urges him to let it go, but, harkening back to their buddy credo, he claims he'll NEVER give up. His four teammates watch with unhappy faces, as he continues to attempt the impossible. When a ball roll causes him to slip on the wooden floor (Don's waxing is to blame... that and Max's very much non-regulation shoes), he crashes against his right arm again. Danny helps him up, and begs for him to stop. Max refuses, angrily declaring that he's NOT a quitter, no matter what Don says. Taylor says they know that, and Alyssa tells him he doesn't have to hurt himself to prove it. Cole mentions finding another way to defeat the Org, but Max insists the Tornado Spin is the only way. Max reaches down to pick up the ball from the ball return, when Don's hand grasps his, halting him. Implying the reason he ended his pro career, Don warns that if he keeps this up he's going to ruin his wrist just like he did. With a smile at last, Don says okay to the teaching of his famous move. Max is overjoyed, while his teammates breathe a collective sigh of relief (Danny pumping his fist in triumph).

Out at some kind of shipping yard (there are lots of girders and lots of construction cranes about the place), the two demonized Duke Orgs, along with Bowling Org, wait around for the Rangers to show. Only one does, the Lunar Wolf Ranger. Despite how he already met him earlier, Bowling Org asks who he is! Golly, I guess that's what you get when you have holes in your head... Anyway, I should note that there was a cut scene involving Merrick at Willie's Roadhouse, using a bowling ball on a pool table. Hence Willie's credit but lack of appearance. So, Lunar Wolf Ranger introduces himself, leaps off the girder, pulls out his Lunar Cue, and switches it to Saber Mode. Jindrax & Toxica urge Bowling Org to strike Merrick out, but instead of going with the tried & tested method, he pulls out two normal-sized bowling pins, and using them like clubs, rushes into battle. Meanwhile, back at the bowling alley, with the Wild Force Activists watching closely, Don grips a marble blue bowling ball. He stares ahead, then eventually, in dramatic slow motion with the appropriate music, he rolls that ball down the lane. The ball twirls like a tornado, causing it to leave a trail of flame on the lane behind it (EXACTLY like Bowling Org's attacks, yet no mention is ever made connecting the two... say, we never see the Org & Don in the same place at the same time, do we? Hmm...). This leads to the ball smashing into the pins, and literally demolishing them into dust upon impact. He's probably working as a janitor just to pay off all the pins he's destroyed over the years. Anyway, our heroes are all amazed and astonished and yippie-yippie like. Cole reminds them that they've got to go. Max thanks his mentor, and vows not to disappoint him this time. Don smiles back, saying he knows he won't. He takes Max aside, and hands him his lucky bowling ball, that golden one again. It's supposedly never let him down. Max seems as happy to have learned that supposedly complex move in just a few minutes as he is having what is likely the only father he's ever known proud of him again.

So, we've got Lunar Wolf Ranger fighting Bowling Org, Lunar Cue Saber Mode vs. Bowling Pin-Clubs. They both fight with equal vigor and fair amounts of hits traded. It ends up with Merrick using Break Mode against the Org's normal, non-fancy ball roll strike. The ball simply rolls up the top of the Lunar Cue, hits him sparkily, and knocks Lunar Wolf Ranger through multiple objects before landing him into a broken fence. The Org's about to use his ball on the not-yet-down Ranger, when the Blue Shark Ranger appears, shouting protest. Max stands solo, holding the golden ball by his side. The two opponents face each other across a lonnnnng stretch of road, exchanging quips and puns. Eventually, it's a Tornado Spin rip-off versus the Tornado Spin real deal. The balls collide at the exact same time, with Don's lucky ball smacking the Org's out of its way. Bowling Org is struck by his own ball, as it ricochets back and hits him explosively. Though there's all kinds of big burstings, Bowling Org recovers, ready for more. Blue Ranger's teammates regroup around him, as does Lunar Wolf, having recovered as well. The Org's bowling ball was destroyed upon impact with himself (though Cole claims it was just 'knocked away', the silly goof), allowing our heroes to combine their weapons. In a neato split-screen shot, the Jungle Sword Savage Slash sequence plays beside Lunar Wolf Ranger utilizing Laser Pool with his Lunar Cue in Break Mode, firing his three Animal Crystals at Bowling Org. The slash hits the Org first, followed by the trio of orbs, causing him much agonized pain. Bowling Org topples back, explodes, and the Rangers stand solidly together, each with their own weapon in hand. Immediately, in what's likely her quickest incantation ever, Toxica says her usual words, and fires off the five seeds. They land in the boiling goop, sprout into stalks, and re-form Bowling Org gigantically.

All six Rangers aim their Crystal Sabers skyward (Merrick uses his Lunar Cue, of course), and shout for Wildzords to descend, in total unison. The main five Wildzords race along, while Merrick's three run together elsewhere. Yadda yadda, the Wild Force Megazord is formed, with Soul Bird merged inside. The Predazord is also formed. They face the giant Bowling Org, who now has his bowling ball back, preparing for trouble. He does his rip-off of the Tornado Spin, hitting the Wild Force Megazord. It's flung waaaaay up into the sky, and explodes suddenly, sending the Bison, Shark, Eagle, Tiger, and Lion (Soul Bird is unseen) flying away from the epicenter! The five WF Rangers land together on the pavement, dazed from the strike. Lunar Wolf Ranger calls for Predator Wave, but before his Alligatorzord chest-mouth can fire anything, Bowling Org hits the Predazord with another Tornado Spin. It looks like the ball enters the Gator's mouth, in fact. Whatever the case, Predazord is hurtled back into the air, explodes, and sends Hammerhead, Wolf, and Alligator flying. Merrick eventually drops out of the cockpit, landing right near the other Rangers. They gather around him, as he concerns over how strong the Org is. Bowling Org, still giant, tries to step on the tiny humans. They leap out of the way, just barely. Alyssa stresses that they can't win without their Megazords. Cole asks for ideas, Taylor ponders forming another Megazord, with Danny seconds. Merrick wonders how, considering his Alligatorzord is too damaged. Max notes that his Sharkzord is also hurt, and Alyssa's White Tiger is as well. We see brief shots of each Zord, bodies smoking, making their usual animal noises, while lying around the city in pain. Inspired, Cole asks Merrick how Wolf & Hammerhead are. Stock footage of the two confirms that they're okay and up to their usual tricks. Red Ranger suggests combining those two with the remaining other Wildzords (totally forgetting the other seven back on Animarium!! Any excuse to force teamwork on Merrick, eh, Coley?). Lunar Wolf Ranger is all for this, calling on Wolf & Hammerhead, while Lion, Eagle, and Bison are also summoned. Before ya know it, they're back in Megazord formation, sans arms. Instead of doing the smart thing, and calling down Giraffe & Elephant to do what they usually do, namely be the arms, Wolfzord becomes the left arm and Hammerhead Sharkzord becomes the right.

The WF Rangers, sans LW (who lacks a place to stand on it anyway), hop back on Soul Bird, merge into the Megazord, and once inside, Cole calls this new formation, "Wild Force Megazord, Predator Mode!" Bowling Org scoffs them off, saying they have nothing left to bowl with. Max scoffs back, ordering Taylor to call the Armadillozord. She obeys, pulling out the Armadillo Crystal, which she shouldn't have, considering it belongs to Danny (I guess she won it from him in a game of "Go Fish"). Yellow Ranger places the purple sphere in her Crystal Saber, calls down the Armadillozord, and it's cradled upon the Megazord's curled Hammerhead arm, with the Wolf-head hand holding it like a bowling ball. Bowling Org scoffs at the balled-up Armadillozord, and rolls his own ball at them, Tornado Spin style again. Blue Ranger initiates, "Tornado Armadillo Spin", the other Rangers joining in with mighty yaahs. The Wild Force Megazord, Predator Mode, clutches the Armadillozord in curled up mode. The whole Megazord remains standing in place, as its whole body starts to spin around like a tornado. Smoke rises as its speed increases, even glowing hot from the heat. Finally, with a spacey background, the Megazord tosses the Armadillo into the air, twirling horizontally as it passes a giant white bowling scoreboard appearing the space to the side. Armadillozord obliterates the approaching bowling ball, then continues on and slams into Bowling Org! Explosions a go-go, the background stuff fades away, and Armadillo returns to the Megazord's clutches. Max chuckles, "Stri-i-ike!" Bowling Org staggers forth, body smoking, and grunting that they haven't won the game yet. He soon collapses backwards, blows up big time, and is reduced to but a memory, just like Don's career. In the Soul Birded cockpit, the Rangers pat themselves on the back. On the ground, Lunar Wolf Ranger cheers for his teammates. Over away from him but still in that area, the Duke Orgs are unhappy. Jindrax stomps off in a huff, and Toxica vows to get our heroes next time. Guess all those alterations to their bodies and personalities didn't do jack to improve their Ranger-defeating abilities, let alone their bowling game...

So, it's sometime later. Maybe an hour. Maybe 20 or 30 years. Whatever the case, Max, holding the golden bowling ball, enters Turtle Cove Lanes with his Power Posse by his side. They pass a Pepsi machine with the logo blacked out (For Those Who Think Dumb!), but forget that. Cole points out Don, who has ditched his janitor uniform, and is back to his good old casual bowling attire. He's apparently teaching a group of elementary school kids how to bowl. This must be some kind of special class, judging by the kids' matching shirts and all, and not just Don harassing some young punks. Hesitantly, Max approaches his mentor, handing him back his lucky ball, thanking hi. Don slowly takes back possession of it, and as he does, fighting back his own pride, he suggests that when Max is finished whatever it is he has to do, he can consider a bowling career again. Max doesn't quite reply, a bit stunned that he would even offer after running out like he did. He laughs, the two sharing a smiley moment. Don decides to remind everyone what he's made of, by telling the 'kid' to step back as he shows him how it's done. Max happily obliges, joining his teammates in watching the master at work. Danny begins to correct Don about Max not being a kid, but Max stops him, saying it's okay. Don bowls his lucky golden ball down the lane, using just a basic roll. It's a strike! The kids all cheer, Max claps and clamors, as do his pals, and Don throws his arms up in victory. Unfortunately, his wrist problems resurface big time thanks to this activity, and Don's entire hand is torn free when he next tosses a bowling ball. Oh my god! WHY, DON, WHY?! WHY DID YOU DO IT?!?!? WHY DID YOU BOWL AGAIN!?!? AHHHH!! (sobs).... Ohh, sorry. The episode ended with the victory thing.
[Scenes from "Three's A Crowd"; End Credits]

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