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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The Wings Of Animaria"
Original Air Date:7/20/02 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #31 - - Hyakujuu Sentai, Zenmetsu(The 100-Beasts Task Force, Annihilated)

Most First Act Footage From:
Gaoranger #30 - - Mangetsu ga Ookami wo Korosu!(The Full Moon Is Killing The Wolf!)
*Season 10, bite 23
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1223
*23rd episode of PRWF
*441st total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Suzi Shimoyama Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Ryan Goldstein _AS_ Little Boy
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Ken Merckx _AS_ Super Nayzor (voice)


Master Org, with his Demonized Duke Orgs, reach a spot in the valley at daytime, where Jindrax claims Nayzor was destroyed. It's a charred patch of dirt with some cratering. MO sets down Nayzor's golden crown, which, if you recall, Toxica used to make herself into Necronomica back in "Power Play". Toxica calls a new incantation while waving her staff over the scene, "Org Spirits from first to last, come forth now from ages past. A fallen General has called you down, return his spirit to this CROWN! Yah!" The crown is blasted with purple electricity, and begins to gleam bright green, with the blue gem in the center specially shining. Master Org raises his arms and commands, "ARISE!", causing an explosion to erupt right in front of him and his Dukes. The Wild Force Rangers, morphed, suddenly appear on the scene (more or less cutting to the chase), confronting their three main enemies. MO has brought them a gift of destruction: Super Nayzor! It's good old Nayzor, back in a new, streamlined form. No longer the regal type, he's got a bit of a buggy look to himself, not to mention red glowing eyes within the central nostrils, and a working mouth. Master Org teleports away. Merrick is stunned to see the source of his 3000 year imprisonment (and subsequent use against the Rangers) alive again after he destroyed him back in "The Lone Wolf". Lunar Wolf tires to Saber Mode him down with his Lunar Cue, then with Sniper Mode, both times failing against Super Nayzor's increased strength. He's quite tough, standing unphased by all blasts, flying through the air, and throwing all kinds of electrical blasts. Super Nayzor targets Lunar Wolf mostly, though does attack the other WF Rangers in passing. He sums it up best, "You see, Merrick, you're not the ONLY one who can return from the grave..." The Jungle Sword fails against him. He returns the blast that's Savage Slashed at him, creating a very tremendous explosion. Yellow, White, Black & Blue Rangers demorph onscreen, all writhing in pain with their eyes clenched shut. Red & Lunar Wolf Rangers remain morphed, and are unable to awaken their teammates from these visibly painful comas. Cole & Merrick lunge at Super Nayzor in a vengeful rage, but the revived Org General cuts them down with graceful ease (Quite a lack of music here, for mood). He's about to finish them off with his clawed lance (dare I call this weapon the Nose Picker?), when ANIMUS intervenes! He blasts back Super Nayzor, appears in the skies above, casts a yellow light down from his eyes which teleports away the still-writhing bodies of the other four injured Wild Force Activists. Red & Lunar are also scooped up, both confused. Super Nayzor complains, but Animus vanishes as quickly as he came, robbing the Org General of his near-victory.

Soon, on the Temple Floor of the Animarium, Princess Shayla has the injured four lying on straw & wood beds, tending to their wounds as best she can. Cole & Merrick blame themselves for what happened, but Shayla assures them they did everything they could. The pond bubbles up, revealing that Super Nayzor is in the city, harassing people. The two remaining Rangers gather up their courage, morph between scenes, and land before Super Nayzor, posing feircely with their usual proclaimations. The Demonized Duke Orgs want to take care of the pair, but the Org General calms them (well, Jindrax mostly), having been waiting for this a long time. Blasts, explosions, lots of Super Nayzor beating the tar out of Red & Lunar Wolf Rangers. Up in the temple, while their bodies lie in slumber behind, mentally, the four injured WFs wake up inside a misty dark room. As they stand up from the floor of this Dark Dimension, they find their bodies still remaining on the ground! A large door opens, and a little boy in a white robe appears. His face is shrouded by the faint light behind him. He tells the four how they were losing, and to redeem themselves & save their friends, they must solve a puzzle, which will unveil a Wildzord of incomprehensible power, that has been hidden on Animarium for over 3000 year. They follow the boy into another room. Back in the city, Red & Lunar Wolf Ranger continue getting a beating by Super Nayzor. In the Dark Dimension, the four WF Spirits find an ancient stone table with puzzle pieces upon it. They have a time limit to get the Zord and be free to help their friends. If they fail, their spirits will be stuck in the Dark Dimension forever. Visions of the current battle in the city float around above their heads. This stresses the urgency for the four, with Taylor agreeing to the challenge. The kid, who moves without walking, tells them "Good luck, Rangers". Max is sure they can do this. Quickly, they begin to put the pieces together, but before they can get a single connection made, the ground around them begins to crumble to lava below! Back in the city, Cole & Merrick overcome their fatigue, prepared to fight for the end in the name of their friends. In Dark Dimension, the four frantically connect piece after piece, beginning to form a picture. The ground continues to crumble, and what looks to be recycled footage of the volcano from the Turbo Movie is used for a close up to the lava. Alyssa nearly falls off once, but she's pulled back in the nick of time. Suddenly, the Little Boy floats above, offering his to save them if they give up working on the puzzle and forget their teammates. With their decision made, the kid floats away, and just before the WFs are able to finish the puzzle, the ground gives way completely, sending them falling to their doom. After a few moments of flipping through the air and screaming at the tops of their lungs, the four pull together and begin to connect the pieces of the puzzle together (which is engraved with an ancient picture of the Wildzord they're attempting to free), mere feet away from the molten core. Back in the city, Super Nayzor's about to cut into the Red Ranger with his Nose Picker, when a red beam of energy teleports in between them, onto Cole's hand, blocking the finishing blow and creating feedback that throws the Org General aside painfully. Red Ranger is baffled by this sudden save, realizing (and "feeling") that this weapon is a gift from the others! Super Nayzor recovers, so Cole uses this weapon, aptly named the Falcon Summoner (as it resembles the red Falcon Wildzord), converting it into its bow form, known as "Archer Mode". He yanks back the silver launcher pin, and fires off a falcon-shaped flame, which strikes Super Nayzor extremely explosively.

Suddenly, the Falcon Summoner reverts into a red light, which melds with Red Lion Ranger's golden belt buckle. The Demonized Duke Orgs mourn the loss of Super Nayzor, who has been turned into a steaming green pile of glop on the cement! Jindrax & Toxica attack Cole, who at first leads them on, dodging and block their blows. I mean, the guy just got done taking quite a beating from an Org General, he's not at his best right now. The Demonized Dukes begin to get the best of him, and luckily, Lunar Wolf Ranger arrives on the scene. He uses the Lunar Cue's Sniper Mode on Toxica, who kicks the bolt aside, and fires back at him with her staff. Merrick is struck dead-on, and demorphs from the hit! Red Ranger is alone against the Duke Orgs, both of which, need I remind you, have been given a brainwashing upgrade by Master Org back in "Secrets And Lies." Cole puts up a good fight, but when the purple electricity of Toxica's staff & Jindrax's blades are combined to lift Cole explosively up into the sky, all seems to be lost. That's when Red Ranger feels his belt buckle begin to gleam. The Dukes cease their assault on him, awaiting for Cole to fall from the sky so they can grab him. But Cole finally figures out what was done to his belt, removing the golden buckle from its shealth, revealing a new morphing device on the other side (it resembles the starry effect on the Crystal Sabers, and though it's not named on the show, the toy of it is called the "Battlizer Buckle"). Red Lion WF Ranger holds the buckle between both his hands, and summons, "Animarium Armor!" The buckle snaps open, revealing a turbine-charged red center which gleams rapidly with expanding energy. As the background turns into a blue tunnel of digital 1's and 0's (great shades of PRTF!), a small robotic form of the Falcon Wildzord emerges from the red center of the buckle. Golden armor expands around Cole's arms, wrists, shoulders and upper torso (the chest-center design is also like that of the Crystal Saber). The Falcon also expands a bit, locking onto the Ranger's back. Cole proclaims, "Red Savage Warrior... Power UP!" (though, this particular armor is known on the toy line as the Red Primal Warrior Ranger). Now out of the digital tunnel, the armorized Red Ranger swoops down between the Demonized Duke Orgs, and takes off for a joy-flight through the city. After getting used to the ability to soar (thanks to the armor's falcon-wings), Cole floats gently and lands atop an overpass walkway. The Dukes follow, and after getting over their surprise, fire at him. Red Savage Warrior Ranger blocks their blasts with "Falcon Shield", basically the wings folding over his chest and protecting him, reflecting the bolts back at Toxica & Jindrax. After toying with them again with a swoop through, Cole uses the Animarium Armor Falcon Blast on the pair, a thick bolt of energy which strikes them directly. The Demonized Duke Orgs are engulfed within a huge burst of fire, as the Red Savage Warrior Ranger soars to safety. The fire dies down, revealing Toxica & Jindrax are not only still alive, but, before our eyes, they de-evolve back to their non-brainwashed states! Cole takes a victory lap through the city skies, and powers down offscreen.

At the good old location once used as the NASADA building (among others), glowing balls of Ranger-colored light land on the ground before the Red Ranger. They materialize into his four teammates, all still demorphed, all holding their main Crystals in hand. Each is fully healed and as happy to see Cole as he is to see them. Before they can explain how they succeeded, Master Org angrily appears before the goop that was once Super Nayzor. He drops a few seeds onto the puddle, recreating Super Nayzor in giant form! Taylor, Max, Danny, and Alyssa morph. Cole uses the new red Falcon Crystal (which we never saw him get), places it in his Crystal Saber, places the Crystal Saber in the Falcon Summoner in Archer Mode, and fires his Saber into the sky with the Summoner, while calling, "Falconzord, Descend!" On the Animarium, a dormant volcano erupts into a massive fireball! From within the mountain, the Falconzord ascends, then swoops down to Earth. It caws a bit, then digs its claws into the stunned Super Nayzor, dragging him up into the air. Cole and the other Rangers cheer the new Wildzord on. Master Org cheers on his Org General, while the Duke Orgs lurk behind him. Toxica holds Jindrax back from attempting to attain revenge on their "master" for the brainwashing, the pair slipping away unnoticed. The other WF Rangers call their Wildzords (Deer, Giraffe, Rhino, Armadillo), and they come together with the Falcon, to create the mighty Isis Megazord (Deer the left arm, Giraffe the right, Rhino the legs, etc)! With Soul Bird inside, the Wild Force Rangers pilot the aerial Megazord. Super Nayzor fires at them, and the "Isis Shield" helps to block the mad blasts. He then utilizes a new ability being Super has given him, and takes to the sky himself. An aeiral dogfight between Super Nayzor & the Isis Megazord occurs, with a mix of CGI and close-up suit punches. Giraffe Spear & Deer Clutcher are used. Isis Stare is the next attack, using the blue eyes on the Falcon's inner wings to create a flash not only blinding, but electrifying. Armadillo is called by Yellow, and Black initiates, "Rhino Shoot". The final strike, is, of course, named "Isis Megazord, Final Strike." Basically, the Isis doing an upsidedown kick of the Armadillozord in midair, with the supercharged little ball-shaped guy hitting Super Nayzor firey, and fatally. Super Nayzor lets loose a bloodcurtling scream as explodes, leaving not trace behind of himself this time, merely turning into smoke that blends in well with the clouds around. From below, Master Org cries out Nayzor's name. He's very upset, and when he calls for his Dukes, he's puzzled by their lack of loyal responding. They're off on a mountain side, overlooking the city. Jindrax, who once denied this Master Org was anything but the genuine article, now agrees that he's fake, and wants to do something about him. Toxica has something in mind already, so they head off to do so.

Princess Shayla happily joins the unmorphed six in the city, the same outside stairway spot as in the last episode (Merrick, who has been absent since his beating by Toxica earlier, is there with no mention of his lack of appearing until now). Cole asks the four again what happened. Max explains as best he can that it was like they were in a place together, sharing the same dream. Danny confirms, confused about the other person there with them... possibly a kid. Alyssa forgets what it was that the kid told them. Max realizes the more he tries to remember what happened, the quicker he loses his memory of it. Taylor figures that they AREN'T supposed to remember. Merrick, his face slightly injured, nods, folds his arms, and seems to agree. Shayla stares upwards, at the Isis Megazord, which is just standing there, towering over the city, finally shifting its arms for a pose.

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