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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The Master's Last Stand"
Original Air Date:8/10/02 [Final Episode To Debut On Fox Kids]
*Season 10, bite 26
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1226
*26th episode of PRWF
*444th total Power Rangers episode
*Final episode to premiere on Fox Kids
Writer: Derek Rydall Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org/ Dr. Viktor Adler
Sin Wong _AS_ Toxica
Additional Cast:
Ana Bianco _AS_ Elizabeth Evans
Jack Maxwell _AS_ Richard Evans
Mark Daniel Cade _AS_ Reporter #1
Jon Briddell _AS_ Reporter #2
Anne Marie Howard _AS_ Reporter #3
Yaniv Raz _AS_ Excited Student
Danny Wayne Stallcup _AS_ Jindrax
Ezra Weisz _AS_ Mandilok (male voice)
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Mandilok (female voice)


Master Org, lacking any Org Generals and recently abandoned by his once-loyal Duke Orgs, realizes his time will soon be up. So he makes a final play to destroy the Wild Force Rangers. He resumes the identity of the human he once was, Dr. Viktor Adler, and arranges to be found in the Amazon, brought "back" to Turtle Cove after 20 years missing. It creates a big media frenzy, which gets the attention of Alyssa, who contacts Cole. He only knows that Adler was with his parents when they vanished, and decides to meet him in the hospital with his teammates. Adler uses this advantage to take the five WF Activists by surprise, ensaring them in his vines and taking them captive. At an abandonded warehouse (named "Herndon Laboratories", gee, who in the Power Rangers net-fandom has THAT last name? Hmm....), Adler reveals not only his role as the Master Org, but explains to Cole and the gang exactly what happened to bring him to this level of power today. Over 20 years ago, Dr. Viktor Adler worked with Cole's parents, Richard & Elizabeth, at Turtle Cove University. They attempted to prove the existence of the kingdom of Animaria as fact, instead of mere legend. Their hard work began to bear fruit, leading to their getting a grant to explore the Amazon for clues on what happened to the remnants of this society in the past 3000 years. Well, Adler was in love with Elizabeth. But before he could ask her to marry him, Richard beat 'em to it. She & Richard got married, and had a baby, Cole. Adler became intensly jealous, but bottled his feelings up, as he had always done. Remember the picture Cole has of his parents holding him as a baby, with Adler to the side? Well, that was at a press conference right before embarking on the Amazon expedition (some of this was shown in "Sing Song"). Adler was shunned the spotlight of the publicity, which didn't help his attitude much. A short time later, in the jungle, Elizabeth discovered a puddle of green foam, with about four seeds within it, sprouting small, living vines. This was the remnants of the original Master Org, who was destroyed by the Predazord, 3000 years back. Well, Adler, instead of properly disposing of the seeds, took the incentive to EAT them. His face sprouted those weird veins on the cheeks, and his skin tone got a little paler. This is when he hunted down and murdered Richard & Elizabeth Evans, as shown previously in "Soul Searching", using the evil-vine powers given to him by ingesting the Master Org seeds. Well, baby Cole ended up being raised by a tribe in the Amazon jungles, which was made up of the descendants of the original inhabitants of the kingdom of Animaria. And you know the rest for him. But for Dr. Viktor Adler and those on this exhibition, all were believed dead to the world at large. Adler, now possessed by the power of Master Org, spent the past 20 years searching out the Nexus, and finding ways to revive the spirits of Orgs. Anyway, this human Master Org is prepared to kill Cole and the other four WF Rangers. But despite his power, Cole warns that his years spent pursuing vengeance on the world has ultimately consumed him. Adler no longer has a heart, if he ever did. There's a pretty intense battle between the Red Ranger and the Master Org in the Herndon Laboratories warehouse (the other four spend most of the ep tied up in vines and covered in goop). Lunar Wolf Ranger finally tracks them down, and frees the others, as Cole, in Animarium Armor, stands firm against the full might of the human Master Org, and bounces it back at him. Adler reverts to human form, no longer possessing the power of the MO. Though the man who slaughtered his parents in cold blood wants him to finish him off, Cole refuses to give in to hate. He himself has his teammates as friends, and merely pitys Adler, denying him the end he's long desired. Later, Cole and all his friends visit the tombstone markers for his parents, as he pays his respects to them, now knowing for sure he will never see them again. But, he's happy to "tell" them that their quest for Animaria was not wasted, and now he & his teammates carry on their work, guarding the Earth on a daily basis.

During the whole episode, Jindrax & Toxica finally find what they've been searching for since being de-brainwashed in "The Wings Of Animaria". Out in the desert, in a long forgotten tomb, the last known Org General was turned to stone, and hidden away by the Animarian Warriors 3000 years ago, following the great battle. Toxica frees this General, known as Mandilok, using her magic, and she & Jindrax agree to serve him. Mandilok, who has a second mouth built into his chest (which speaks with a kinda girly male voice, while the head-mouth speaks with a manly female voice), soon meets Viktor Adler, who flees from Turtle Cove (and appears to, judging by the location, be heading to the Nexus), face to face. Since he's now just a mere human again, Alder is beaten easily, and flung off the side of a cliff. The Duke Orgs and this new Org General, head off to resume the work this "fake" Master Org had previously done. But Adler? Well, being a mere human may have killed him in the fall. But his fight with the Red Savage Warrior didn't eliminate the presence of the seed-remains of the original Master Org, merely temporarily negated them. Now that Viktor Adler is dead, the original Master Org has taken full control of the human shell, manifesting itself in the form of a horn protruding from his forehead! His eyes open in the final shot of the episode, but the return of Master Org will have to wait until "The Master's Herald"...

[Scenes from "Unfinished Business" (omitted on premiere broadcast); End Credits]

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