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Power Rangers Wild Force


"Reinforcements From The Future, Pt. 2"
Original Air Date:8/03/02
*Season 10, bite 25
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-1225
*25th episode of PRWF
*443rd total Power Rangers episode
Writer: Amit Bhaumik Director: Koichi Sakamoto
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Wild Force Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Wild Force Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Wild Force Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Wild Force Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Wild Force Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Guest Starring:
Erin Cahill _AS_ Jen (Pink Time Force Ranger)
Michael Copon _AS_ Lucas (Blue Time Force Ranger)
Jason Faunt _AS_ Wes (Red Time Force Ranger)
Kevin Kleinberg _AS_ Trip (Green Time Force Ranger)
Deborah Estelle Philips _AS_ Katie (Yellow Time Force Ranger)
Kate Sheldon _AS_ Nadira
Daniel Southworth _AS_ Eric (Quantum Ranger)
Vernon Wells _AS_ Ransik

Additional Cast:
Brianne Siddall _AS_ Circuit (voice)
Kim Strauss _AS_ Rofang (voice)
David Lodge _AS_ Takach/ Kired (voices)


[Opening Credits]

[Narrated recap of "Reinforcements From The Future, Pt. 1"]

On the island of Animarium, perpetually floating in a sea of air & clouds, Princess Shayla remains in the Temple Ruins by herself. She's sitting at the table, staring into the Holoscreen, which was left behind by the two Silver Guardian Commanders. It's still on, though a clear image isn't getting through, just multicolored static and lines. There IS a faint sound of a familiar voice trying to come through the inter-timeline-ial transmission, but all that's clear is something like, "Guys? Hello? Can anyone hear me?" Shayla is baffled by this technology from a thousand years hence (heck, she'd be baffled by a can opener), cautiously poking her finger against the thin screen of holographic light projected between the pair of transmitter antennae, causing the statical image to ripple outward from where she touches it, and an electronic 'bloop' to sound. The Princess quickly pulls her hand away, scared off by the result of her curious inspection. Just then, the eight Power Rangers (the five of which Shayla more or less mentors are leading the way) return to the temple floor, unmorphed and each sore from their recent battle with the Mut-Orgs. Shayla turns away from the Holoscreen, as she hears Cole, gripping his right wrist, dissapointedly comment, "I CAN'T believe we got BEATen." Alyssa walks behind him, holding her hurt left elbow. Max is behind her, rubbing his right shoulder at first, then tossing both of his arms limply forth while giving a grunt of intense frustration. Danny follows behind him, barely touching his injured chest. Taylor is next to walk up the stone steps, briefly rubbing her neck, having mostly had her precious pride damaged. Eric comes up beind her, taking off his hat due to the tropical climate of the current environment, appearing only as mentally annoyed by the loss to the Mut-Orgs as the lady in yellow in front of him. The final two humans to arrive linger behind in the jungle portion of the Ruins, giving Wes a chance to finally talk to his time-crossed love, Jen. She's gazing up and around at her new surroundings, when Wes gently grabs her arm, and asks, "Jen... How long have you been in the present?" Jen appears a little hesitant at first, but admits to him the truth, "I've been tracking these mutants for about a week." Wes is restrainedly upset, reiterating, "You've been here for a WEEK?", before giving a brief head shake & dumbfounded exhale, and asking, "Why didn't you CONtact us?!" She's very honest and loving in her tone, as she attempts to explain the reasons for her working undercover in his time, "I WANTed to, Wes... But..." Princess Shayla politely interrupts her, "Umm... Guys?" The couple turns to her, with Wes replying, "What is it, Princess Shayla?" She turns to the Holoscreen as she explains, "This... thing, started beeping while you were gone." We see the five Wild Force Activists are sitting on the table around it, as Eric paces in the background, talking to his Silver Guardians via his headset. Cole, acting like the monkeys he grew up around, slowly extends his finger out to the staticy Holoscreen, only to have it slapped away by Danny before he can mess with the stange device. Shayla continues to note, "It... looks like there's some kind of... OWL, inside it." Jen pats Wes on the arm to urge him to follow her as she rushes up to the table, announcing, "That's Circuit!" Wes comes along, taking the Holoscreen's remote out of his holster, and pressing the button as they both reach the table. The fuzzy transmission from the future suddenly becomes clear, showing the small blue robotic owl known as Circuit, sitting in Time Force HQ. Everyone gathers around the Holoscreen, and watches the little guy, as he greets them happily, "HI, guys!", and reveals, "Captain Logan is sending us back in the Time Ship to help you out! Reinforcements are ON the way!" A joyous mood erupts in the previous depressed and beaten group of eight Rangers. Eric puts back on his CGD cap, Alyssa excitedly gives Cole a hug, Max cheers "Right ON!", Taylor smiles at the equally smiling Shayla, and as for Wes & Jen? They're both happy, most of all for the fact that they're together again, their smiles of boosted morale leading to expressions of deep emotion on their faces as they gaze into one another's eyes.

No romance for you! Concurrently, in the year 3001 (or more), Time Force prepares to launch one its yellow lightbulb-shaped inter-chronal vessels aptly known as a Time Ship. It's mostly recycled footage, ya know. All of the hover-vehicles vacate the airspace in the area around the launchpad and runway, as a female voice comes out over the speaker systems, announcing, "Initiating Time Flyer launch algorithm: 4697." Silly disembodied voice, the Time Flyers are Zords, and have nothing to do with this scene! Now, the Time SHIP, that rises up from its docking hangar. Within it, Lucas, anxious to pilot anything that can get up some serious speed, straps himself into the seat, and rubs his hands together, looking around at the controls. Outside, the female voice announces, "Trans-Warp Megazord, prepare for catapult!" The Time Ship's engines begin to rev, the lights on it shine to life, and the faint yellow, black & silver Megazord that has only ever seen battle once, walks over to the launchpad. In the Time Ship, Trip fidgetly fastens his seatbelt, seemingly excited to be going back to the 21st Century. Katie adjusts her own seatbelt, with a determined smirk on her face. To put it briefly, the Time Gate powers up with a portal, the announcer voice counts backwards from 10, Trans-Warp Megazord drops his visor and swings back his oversized right arm, the Time Ship is struck in the exhaust port, and flung down the runway. We see each of the three Time Force Officers inside briefly, as the g-forces shake their strapped-in bodies about. The Time Ship hits the portal, and soars back through the multicolored vortex of time. At their destination, the beach just Northwest of Silver Hills, a place that has seen many Time Ships land, the five Wild Force Activists, two Silver Guardian Commanders, and undercover operative for Time Force, all await the arrival of the three from the future. The group looks upward at the Time Hole, a black and dark purple colored portal with sporatic lightning crackles across its mouth, signaling the exit end of the cross-time vortex. The Time Ship passes through it safely, and with delicate ease, lands softly on the sands of the beach in front of the eight Rangers, with merely the winding-down hum of the engine and hiss of hydraulics. Immediately upon landing, the three TF Officers race out of the ship to greet their old teammates. They cheer loudly as they rush across the shore, their excited cries nearly drowning out the sound of the crashing waves nearby. Trip shouts, "Yeah, Wesss! It's really YOU!" Katie exclaims, "Oh, it's go good to SEE you!" The five WFs are touched by this reunion of another Power Ranger team, all smiling as they hang back, while Wes & Jen to dart forth to meet their three pals halfway. Wes (with red beret in hand) & Trip hug one another first, as Katie (squealing with joy) & Jen do the same. Lucas is the last to show up, prompting Wes to let go of his Xybrian pal and give the man a firm hand-squeeze, telling him that it's great to see him. Trip yelps Jen's name, as she & Katie break off their hug, allowing the green-haired lad to give the previously thought-lost team-leader a happy embrace of his own. Eric, meanwhile, stays off to the side, smirking proudly, and giving the three a salute, the same gesture he made when they left some months ago. The WF Activists smile at one another.

The jovial mood ends quickly, when Jen opens her eyes while hugging Trip, and spots (over his shoulder) two more passengers from the future, exiting the Time Ship, and approaching slowly. She pulls away from him, as her smile fades. All attention turns to these two, Ransik & Nadira, walking side by side along the beach. Ransik has his hands in the same tight silver buckle-cuffs he had on back in "Force From The Future, Pt. 1", while Nadira lacks any restraints (just in her usual white leather costume, pink hair flowing freely). Wes glares at his former arch-enemies with a furious expression, and Jen says Ransik's name softly aloud, not expecting to ever see him out of prison again. Cole watches from the background, curious about their attitudes toward this man in black. Jen's about to pull out the Chrono-Blaster holstered under her left arm to blast him (and ol' Eric has his hands prepared to whip out his Quantum Defender at any second), when Trip cautions her with an urgent tone in his voice and a gentle touch on the shoulder, "EASY, Jen! Ransik and Nadira are here to help us." The two mutant criminals stop just a few feet in front of their old foes, Ransik facing Jen directly and addressing her, "Time Ranger... We've had a long and twisted history. I've done MANY horrible things to you in the past. Allow me, to make up for THIS one." (the "Time Ranger" comment is a ref to the preview of "Movie Madness, Pt. 2", which edited a remark by Ransik to make it sound like called the team by their Sentai counterpart names, but actually didn't) Jen is no longer combative, simply listening to his plea with a stone-cold face. Ransik continues to explain, "I KNOW that it is hard for you believe me. But I give you my WORD, I am here to HELP." As everyone listens to him, Cole begins to do what he was either born with the ability to, or picked up from his time in the Amazon, namely, read into what the mutant mastermind's heart is saying. He closes his eyes, the flute-like tune plays as it does when he 'reads' into a creature's soul, and quickly, he knows the truth. Cole steps forth, puts his hand on Wes' shoulder with a smile, and moves between him & Jen, where he places his hand on her shoulder, and turns to her, to confirm, "He's telling you the truth. His words come from his heart." She takes this into consideration, telling Cole as he nods and grins, "All right." Jen faces Ransik again, her expression not the most welcoming but her demeanor is at least open minded, when she states firmly, "We'll LISTEN to what he has to say." Ransik faintly nods, that much trust is good enough for him at the moment.
That night, darkness has fallen on the Temple Ruins. The 11 unmorphed Power Rangers, Princess Shayla, Nadira, and even Circuit (likely having been brought along in Trip's backpack), listen quitely as Ransik paces about the floor, preparing to tell his secret tale. For the seating arrangements: Danny & Max sit together on the edge of the Viewing Pond; Shayla's in her stick-chair with Alyssa on a rock beside her; Lucas leans against the big tree near them; Jen, Wes, and Trip sit on the wooden bench on the area of the floor closer to the front, while Cole stands with his foot up on part of it just behind them; Over to the left, Katie sits on a stump, as Taylor stands beside her, and Eric sits on something in front of both of them slightly; and finally, the table is up near the giant stone-carved lion, with Circuit sitting on one end, Nadira sitting down at the other, and an opening for Ransik to come and sit on the table-top between the two, which he does, with everyone facing him. One last setting note, the stone "blossoms" or whatever each have fires raging within them, providing light, not to mention the coupious moonlight with basks everything else in the jungles surrounding this area. Okay, so, Ransik, hands still cuffed in front of him, sits on the table, looks down at his daughter, and she gives a loving smile and nod, as if urging him to go ahead and begin his story. He looks over to Cole, Jen & Wes, and admits, "It's all MY fault. I'M the one, who created the Mut-Orgs."

A flashback, to a time just prior to the year 3000 (likely, chronologically, before the flashback in "Frax's Fury", but after the one in "Ransik Lives"), begins to play. We see a side of the Earth, a thousand years from now, that we've never seen before. It should be noted, that in the PRTF "Time Blaster" ride, it was mentioned there was an apocalypse of some sort in about 2500 or so. This shows clear evidence of that, as the world outside of the city Time Force has its HQ in, is a virtual wasteland. The air is thick and dirty, the sky is shrouded with endless smog, and other dark clouds, and the farther away from the city you get, the more desert dunes and desolate mountains you find. We see Ransik, in his purple rags, lacking a face plate to cover the left side of his head, exposing that pink, gooey mess for all of us to be sick at, scampering about in the wastelands. He reaches a metal outpost of some sort, and quickly turns around to see the light of a vehicle approaching. Ransik cries out in distress, not for the ship to hear him, but in fear of it. He ducks behind the metal tower, as the vehicle, a hover-craft of some sort, with skis beneath and a reversable set of cockpits (one in the front and one in the back), swoops through the constantly windy area (since no trees or vegitation of any kind exists anywhere nearby). It reaches the outpost, loses Ransik in its searchlight, and turns back toward the distant city, just off in the horizon. Once it sputters away, Ransik peeks around the outpost, looking very disturbed and alone. As we see all of this, Ransik narrates, "In the YEARS before I donned my mask, and started the most notorious crime gang in history, I was SHUNNED by humans. Wandering AIMlessly, I eeked out an existence, in the shadows of the utopia, made possible... by Time Force." We see Ransik next, as he staggers through the windy mountains, trying to block the bitter gusts with his rag-garbed hands, searching for any sign of other life, and finding none. He steps over many pieces of scrap metal, rusted and charred, lying discarted on the ground. His search finally ends, when he reaches a mountain of strange design, at its peak, what look to be ruins of a civilization long past. Ransik climbs to the top, and discovers three strange creatures, made of stone. He narrates this scene, "It was in THOSE shadows, that I found OTHERS forgotten, by time..." It's not stated clearly on the show, but from sources in the know, these ruins atop the mountain, with the remants of pillars & columns? Are from none other than that which is known as the Nexus, home to Orgs. Thanks to the ravages of time, weather, and certain inevitable armageddons, the city of Turtle Cove has been stripped away, leaving only this once cavernous area out in the open. Grim, ain't it?

Well, ya know how in the Nexus now, there's all those statues in the background? And how they're mostly Org Generals and such, turned to stone 3000 years back by the Animarian Warriors? Remember, back in "The Curse Of The Wolf", how Master Org went on a rampage, blowing them up? Well, he didn't destroy every one of them. You'll hear more about others that escaped his rage on the show soon. But here, we have three former Org Generals, still in stone form, a thousand years from now. How they ended up not being revived is irrelevant, either Master Org damaged them in his tantrum, or the deterioration of the current atmospheric conditions ate away much of their forms. Whatever the case, they're here in the future, and they can communicate. Ransik stands in awe before them, watching as the three speak in one, evil voice, "ReLEASE us!" The mutant screams in confusion, "What ARE you?!" The three (one has a kind of bird-like head and a chest-mouth; the second has a tiki-mask like body with a hachet in hand; and the third is sort of robotic, lacking any facial features, with a large stone wrench in hand, and a headpiece that kinda makes him look like he's wearing the Zeo Zord 2's Battle Helmet) begin to explain, "We are ORGS. Humans imprisoned us in these stone tombs long ago." Ransik asks, "WHAT do you WANT?!" The statues, which stiffly move their arms and/or mouths while speaking, reply, "ReVENGE! Free us, so we can punish humans for this. We will give you GREAT power, for your help." Ransik proclaims, "If HUMANS, are your ENEMY, then our QUEST... is the SAME!" He crosses his right arm (ya know, his good one) across his chest, then extends it back outwards, firing off his natural mutant power of energy discharging. The explosion bolt erupts from his hand, striking the three statues at once, causing them to explode colorfully. Said color is actually their Org Spirits (green, yellow, and blue), which swirl around wildly, freed from their eons long tombs at last. They converge, one at a time, upon Ransik, entering his body through his mouth! He didn't appear to expect this, the process causing him to cry out in agony. His mouth shines with a bright purple light, until the spirits have entered his body completely, the energy ripple passing down through his chest, creating a constant belch of violet smoke in its wake. Ransik writhes about, but remains standing, his eyes (or at least, his right one) open suddenly, as the energy ripple retracts, and all three Org Spirits exit his form, having taken from it what they needed. He narrates over this brutual scene, "The Orgs, copied my mutant DNA, and created new bodies for themselves: half-Mutant, half-Org. That is HOW... the Mut-Orgs... came to be." Once the spirits exit Ransik, they jut right back down onto the top of the stone steps, gaining new bodies in a fading shimmer of light. Takach, Rofang, and Kired are born, now appearing how we've come to know them, not resembling at all the statues they previous were. Ransik narrates, "In return for my help, they made my enTIRE body... a weapon." Ransik finds himself doubling over in agony, falling on to one knee. He lets loose a bloodcurtling wail, as the knee he's leaning against, his right, begins to protrude a bone through his pant leg! The bone, with light electricity crackling along its partially metal-surface, pops up suddenly, frightening the mutant considerablly. He grips the exposed skeletal mass, and begins to yank it out, discovering a thick, machete blade on the end. Ransik slowly pulls this bonesword out of his leg, a squishy noise (that of the blade being removed from his muscle tissue) accompanies it. The bonesword, as long as his entire thigh, finishes being removed, and is about as long as his shin. Thunder strikes in the distance, while Ransik admires his new ability in the glint of his bodily-generated blade, letting loose a wicked chuckle. The three Mut-Orgs seem pleased with the fulfillment of their deal, turning and walking off together, as Ransik rises to his feet, holding his first bonesword high in the air, and laughing maniacally, as yellow lightning crashes in the dark clouds behind the Nexus ruins, signaling a new dawn of evil upon the Earth.

The flashback ends, returning us to the Temple Ruins in the present, with Ransik finishing his tale almost apologetically, "Back then, I was filled with RAGE. I hungered for POWER, and because of it... I freed those monsters." He stands up, and mostly addresses Jen, as he proclaims, "But NOW... I have a chance to make things RIGHT. And help you deSTROY them!... IF, you will trust me." Everyone turns toward the leader of the Time Force Rangers (no, not Wes... it was never Wes, did you not read my summaries of the entirety of PRTF?!), with looks on their faces of fully persuaded cooperation. Jen, though, remains silent, looking up at Ransik for a moment, before rising, pausing for another moment, and slowly approaching him, stating "No matter how MUCH we want to... We CAN'T change the past." She stands before Ransik, who holds his shackled arms up between him & her, listening intently. Jen concludes her comment, "But we CAN work for a better future." She lifts up a clear keycard, with the Time Force insignia stamped upon it. The insignia lights up with an electrionic noise, before she passes it in front of Ransik's cuffs, causing them to change their tiny indicator lights from red to green, with a loud warbling beep. The shackles fall onto the floor with a clatter. Ransik lifts his freed right hand up, offering it to Jen with a nod of thanks. Jen returns the nod, and extends her right hand as well, shaking his for the first time in her life. The two, once mortal enemies, have now agreed to let bygones be just that, for the sake of the future yet to be written.

A few hours later, with the nearly full moon hanging in the sky above (its right side barely darkened), all are asleep on the floating island of Animarium. Well, most all. We hear an owl hooting, but it sure isn't Circuit. That robotic bird is deactivated, and in his creator's arms! Trip hugs Circuit tightly, as he lies in a wooden cot. Wes tucks his Xybrian buddy in, adjusting the quilt draped over his body. Wes, wearing merely the navy blue pants and black shirt of his Silver Guardian uniform, steps aside, allowing the green haired teen and his bot to rest. They're not the only ones camping out on the floor of the Temple Ruins, as we can see Lucas & Katie also asleep, in their TF Uniforms, on cots in the background (Chrono-Blaster holstered belts hanging on the end of each). Between them and Trip's, is Ransik, who is sleeping sitting up against the trunk of a tree, with his daughter resting up against him. Wes approaches Princess Shayla, telling her, "Thank you", in regards to arranging them all a place to sleep. She nods and smiles, and watches over Trip as she moves across the floor. Wes glances back at his pal, then heads over to the back of the place, in front of the stone-carved lion, where Jen sits on a blanket, right beside an open fire, made amid a firm circle of rocks. On the way over, Wes pauses for a second, reaches out to the fire to warm his hand, and looks skyward, being sure everything is currently safe. Jen awaits him by the fireside with a smile, opening up the blanket draped over her shoulders, allowing him to sit firmly by her side, and cover himself up with her blanket. After a lingering moment of silence in each other's company, Wes smiles, looks her in the eyes, and says in a near-whisper, "I KNEW that someday I'd see you again, Jen." She smiles wider, and referring to how he beat his fate on at least one occasion, Jen slyly comments, "I guess I can change MY destiny, too." The two exchange loving expressions, until he brings his arm around her, and pulls her. She rests her head on his shoulder, under his chin, cuddling softly in the glow of the fire. Across the floor, sitting on the edge of the Viewing Pond, Eric watches his partner finally making time with the girl he loved and thought lost. This brings a very small smile to the SG co-Commander's face, nodding slightly as if he's glad to see them together again. But, Eric has more mundane tasks at hand, as he picks up his Quantum Defender, and begins to tweak a bit of circuitry on its left side. Taylor, also not sleeping (while her teammates are off in the never-shown sleeping quarters of the temple), wanders in behind him, and upon seeing that he's wrapped up in his tuning task, comments, "Always working." He turns and looks at her, replying with a confident, "Yep!" Eric picks up a small cloth, and starts to polish his Ranger-issued weapon casually. Taylor, with her hands behind her back in an equally casual manner, asks nicely, "Can I see that?" He ceases polishing, stares at the Defender, and figures, "Yeah... sure." She sits down beside him on the edge of the pond, as he essentially brags, "Now this isn't your, uhh... standard-issue Silver Guardian weapon. THIS...", he flips the laser-gun over, so the handle is aiming upward, and finishes, " a one of a kind. THE Quantum Defender." Taylor takes the weapon, grips it between both her hands, and aims forth with a smirk. Eric appears to admire her, resting his grinning head against his finger as he watches her fiddle with his gun. She inspects both sides of the Quantum Defender, before clamping the underside jaw of the Q-Rex faced weapon shut while biting her lip. Eric slides over closer to her, and cautions, "Now HEY, careful with that now. That's... not a toy, ya know." (the irony, of course, is that the actual toy IS used as the prop for it in this scene!) Taylor looks at him in disbelief, informing Eric, "Hey, _I_ was in the Air Force! I could probably teach YOU a few things about this." She smiles at him, shaking his Defender in one hand, and I could almost swear she's batting her eyes at him at one point. Eric runs his eyes up and down her face, a smile growing more and more on his lips as he looks at her.

The next morning, at someplace around Turtle Cove, a large industrial complex is shown, with twin smokestacks, bellowing out clouds of black smoke. In an empty lot next to the place, thunder rumbles, before a smash of unnatural lightning crashes against the ground. The purple & yellow electricity materializes into Master Org, leading the three Mut-Orgs and a small army of head-patting Putrids. The Master gazes upon the complex, calling it, "The power plant..." He turns to the hybrids from the future, and boasts, "We will use the humans own technology AGAINST them. To create MASSive pollution!" Rofang lifts his left hand, and clenches it into a fist, evilly concurring in the usual broken English, "YES! Future belong to Orgs!" Up in the Temple Ruins, the reappearance of the Mut-Orgs, causes the Viewing Pond to fountain up, as it always does to alert of an Org presence. The five Wild Force Activists, four Time Force Officers, two Silver Guardian Commanders, Ransik, Nadira, and Princess Shayla, are just hanging out, conversing with one another randomly, but rush over to the pond quickly, together, at the first sign of trouble. The image shimmering within the sacred waters is of Master Org, the trio of Mut-Orgs, and Putrids, as they approach the power plant. Ransik points out, "The Mut-Orgs are HERE." Shayla, who stands closest to the pond beside him, suddenly realizes, "THAT'S why they went back in time!" She turns to the mutant mastermind, and notes, "To join forces with the Master Org of the 21st century!" Ransik understands exactly what she means, turning to the others and remarking enlightenedly, "So they could rewrite... the FUTURE!" Cole, looking at Trip & Max, declares, "We've got to STOP them." Everyone nods in agreement. He then looks at Ransik, and urges to him and the ground, "Let's GO!" Again, they all nod, or at the very least Jen & Danny, who are behind Cole (in a literal, and figurative sense).
Racing on a paved road to the power plant on foot, the combined teams of not just two sets of Power Rangers, but humans & mutants as well, rush up to just before the entrance of the complex, and all stop, side by side. Their current positions (from their & our left to right): Eric, Taylor, Katie, Jen, Alyssa, Cole, Ransik, Wes, Max, Lucas, Trip, Danny, and Nadira. The thirteen men and women gaze up at the power plant, which continues to pour an endless amount of smoke into the atmosphere, from its multiple smokestacks. Funny, how these guardians of the Earth and protectors of the future must ensure this environmental hazard REMAIN operative, eh? Cole, acting as the heart of the teams, immediately commands, "Let's split up!" He's just starting to race forth, and the others planning to follow, when Ransik grabs him sharply, and impassionately pleads, "WAIT. Help me get to the Mut-ORGS! I'm the ONLY ONE, that can neGATE their power!" Cole nods in solidarity.

Soon, spread out all across the vast metal jungle that is this particular power plant (no workers appear at all, likely having been run off by the Putrids offscreen earlier), the sub-teams begin to appear. Cole & Wes lead Ransik & Nadira toward a metal railing, all glancing upward and around for any sign of the Mut-Orgs. Jen & Alyssa are down looking near the rusty boilers and such. Danny spots the control room through the window in a door, and with much gesturing, urges his teammates to be quiet, as he sends Max, Trip, Lucas, and then himself sneaking inside. The pairs of Blues & (the ever inter-changable color) Green/Black glance around, finding most all of the monitor screens turned off. Lucas notices one that isn't, a computer screen with a green & yellow diagram of a round object known as the plant's reactor (strange mutli-colored stains appear within the diagram on a rapid random rotation). The screen, with listings such as "Reactor Core Monitor", "Reactor Core Controller", "Outflow Controller" and "Sector 5", including various charts and power readings, is pointed out to the Xybrian wiz-kid by Lucas, who grabs the wheel-legged chair, pushes it to him, and says, "Trip! Do your thing. Here." Trip rushes at the chair as it rolls to him, and sits in it, while Danny & Max push him around to face the monitor, and over to it so he can reach the keyboard. He begins to type away, stating unsurely, "I THINK that I can shut down the reactor from here." The monitor screen now has a small box up, with yellow writing, which says, "Internal Access Code. Approved. Open Main Control. Panel Override. Access Core Level. Contro..." Over at the reactor itself, we find several of those purple puke-grunting grunts known as the Putrids, screwing around with the large metal structure, beating it with their battleaxes and untightening bolts. Creeping up on them, and hiding behind a large bit piping, are Eric, Taylor, and Katie. They keep a low profile, crouched and silent. Back in the control room, Max opens up his Growl Phone, puts it to his ear, and a moment later, he says into the Morpher/cellular phone, "Hey, Taylor! We're ready in the control room. Where ARE you?" Taylor, with Growl Phone to her ear, peeks around Eric, with Katie behind her, and replies softly, "We here at the reactor room." Max responds, "Good! We'll let you know when we have the reactor shut down." He quickly whips the Growl Phone back into its rest position, stuffing it in his blue vest's side pocket. He puts his hand on Trip's left shoulder, giving it a firm shake of assurance. He, Lucas, and Danny watch over Trip's green-haired head, as the alien teen works dilligently on the hacking task. Suddenly, a gang of Putrids opens the door to the control room, and stares intimidatingly in, a few snarling and some rubbing their noggins. Danny, Max, and Lucas turn around, and side by side, get into defensive stances. Lucas tells his fellow TF Officer, "Trip! Keep working." Danny adds, "We'll take care of these guys." Max shouts, "Let's GO!", and all three rush into action, while Trip merely turns back to the monitor and resumes typing.

Down in the reactor room, Eric darts toward three Putrids near the reactor, and with a mighty hyah, leaps up and kicks down all three. While the other grunts remain a bit startled by this ambush, the SG Commander urges to his two partners, "GO!" He ducks under the swinging battleaxe of a Putrid, and presses on, just as Katie & Taylor rushes in behind him, both taking on a Putrid a piece (Katie getting the one Eric just ducked under the attack of). They both enact the same manuever in a different way, ducking under the grunt's club-swipe, then punching into its chest, while grabbing its arm. Taylor flips hers over, then grabs the club of another, holding it up while she kicks him in the gut. She reminds her fellow Yellow urgently, "We CAN'T let them pollute the city!" Katie, who has the battleaxe-weilding arm of a Putrid locked between both her own, nods to Taylor, then releases the footsoldier, only to punch 'em in the chest. Another Putrid pops up near her with his arms in the air, so Katie grabs his arm, then flings him across the room, where he smashes into a green metal with a smash of sparks and an upsetting of a phone that's hanging there. Nearby, Eric stands firm, allowing a Putrid on each side of him to attempt to hit him. He blocks both blows, ducks under a third's failed club-swipe, spins around, kicks into one of them, then jump kicks into another Putrid's approaching battleaxe. Eric hops back while kicking into yet another grunt's attempted kick, leaving him open for a punch for the first Putrid who had thrown a hit at him a few seconds back. But he blocks that quickly, blocks the one to his right's next punch, blocks the one to his left again, and soon finds himself holding both their arms down! His quick glance at the pair leads Eric to instantly release his hold, jump against a green metal panel behind him, launch off with one foot, roll over the back of the Putrid that was just on his right. Once he has both feet on the ground again, Eric kicks the Putrid in the chest, then in the back with his other leg, bringing the footsoldier down and pinning him harshly against the concrete, between both his legs. Eric pauses for a moment to turn his head and give a triumphant glare. Some feet away, Taylor kicks into a Putrid, turns and kicks the battleaxe of a second one away, just as a third lunges at her with his club locked between both his arms. She kicks into the weapon from the underside, then over the upper, disorienting the grunt so much he staggers backwards. Finally, that first Putrid comes back for more, so she takes him down with a smooth footsweep.

Elsewhere in the power planet, Jen & Alyssa hurry along, and discover a gathering of Putrids in a dark corridor. What they're doing exactly is anyone's guess, but they seem to be having fun. Jen moves Alyssa back with a gesture of her arm, the pair of Pink Rangers (well, Pink and White-with-pink-trimming) move back out of sight of the footsoldiers. The black leather-outfit wearing Time Force Officer pulls out a Chrono-Blaster from under her right arm's holster, hanging it to the college student silently. Alyssa takes the weapon without question, grips it between her petite hands, and holds it aimed skyward. Jen pulls out the pair of Chrono-Blasters from her hip holsters (leaving her with still another C-B in her left underarm holster unused), and holds one in each hand. She looks at her female partner, and proclaims, "Let's DO it!" They exchange nods, and press on into the corridor. Jen leads the way, and begins firing her twin Chrono-Blasters in unison, unloading rapid bursts of pink energy into the sparking-chest of a Putrid. She moves out the way, allowing Alyssa to fire into another Putrid that approaches. While the girl in the white vest covers her with sportatic blasting, Jen dives into the fray, spinning around to get a Putrid into position, then blasts him with the pink laserbolts almost pointblankly. As Jen holds position, Alyssa scampers in through the now-smokey hall, firing her Chrono-Blaster at a couple of grunts on the other side of a latter. Jen follows behind, hitting the Putrids in front with her right hand's C-B, and the ones lingering in the way they entered with the C-B in her left hand. Jen & Alyssa get back to back at the center of the corridor, watching out for one another. A Putrid takes a battleaxe-swipe at them, but Jen ducks under it, and blasts down another Putrid in front of Alyssa, while Alyssa shoots into the Putrid that just took a swipe at the two of them. The two ladies remain back to back, but spaced apart at first, giving a Putrid room to sprint between their backs, again failing to club either of them in the head since they both duck and dodge. Jen & Alyssa resume their back to back stance, this time circling around in a counterclockwise motion, covering all sides at once as best they can. Both start firing their Chrono-Blasters at every Putrid surrounding them, and take the purple punks out of action in a quick flash of sparks. One last Putrid remains, so the pair points their three weapons forth, and unload successive streaks of pink plasma right into the grunt's chest. He falls, and Jen & Alyssa remain back to back, intense expressions on their faces, matching the rapid-fire mood of this scene, highlighted by a techno soundtrack.

Elsewhere in the complex, probably around the center of the place, Cole, Wes, Ransik & Nadira prowl carefully along, one behind the other, keeping a close watch on their environment. Nadira, lagging in last, saunters with a serious visage for a change, acting more like she was before her reform. Suddenly, Rofang dives down behind her! Nadira spins around to face Mut-Org, and lets out a piercing scream, as he slashes into her chest with his jagged sword. She twirls as she falls, sparks and smoke erupting from her chest. Her scream alerts the three men to her peril, but they're too far away to prevent her from being struck. Ransik cries out his daughter's name as she collapses, leading to him releasing a vicious battlecry as he charges toward Rofang, slamming into his chest with a firm kick, knocking the hybrid back and away from the downed female. Wes & Cole begin to rush in to aid the pair, when they become aware of the other two Mut-Orgs descending from above. They get into defensive positions, and let the hybrids make the first move, Wes blocking Kired's attacks and Cole blocking Takach's, the pair of Reds quickly engaging the Mut-Orgs in combat. Several feet away, Ransik cradles his injured daughter in his arms, asking warmly, "Are you all right?" Nadira holds him closer, and sobs, "Ohh, DADDY!" Rofang takes advantage of the fatherly distraction, by ripping into Ransik's back with an upper-diagonal slice with his sword. Ransik cries out as the blow shoots out sparks, releasing Nadira from their embrace, but keeping his hand right locked on her wrist. Down this alley, Takach grabs Cole roughly, finds mild resistance, and hurls him away, sending the red-vested monkey boy flipping onto his back as he lands hard against the cement. Wes knees Kired in the gut, gets slapped aside by the Mut-Org's fingerclawed hand in return, leading to the creature kicking him to the side, slamming the SG Commander flying against metal railing, before plopping to the floor in a heap. Kired & Takach regroup, when they hear their leader seemingly clear his throat, causing them to look his way. Rofang tries to slash at Ransik, who is still holding Nadira's wrist, as he helps her to her feet. The Mut-Org misses his target, but as Ransik begins to lead his daughter to safety, Kired rushes in, attempting to attack him. The mutant mastermind ducks under the blow, only to face Takach in their way. Ransik blocks the hybrid's raised arm with a swift punch, spewing sparks in the process. He swings his daughter around, allowing her to take Takach out of their way with a squealing kick of her own. They press onward, Ransik giving a ferocious howl on his way by the dazed Takach.

Down the alley, Wes & Cole, still weary from their recent beatings by the Mut-Orgs, coverge together, catching their breaths. Ransik brings Nadira to them, and finally releases her wrist, letting the two Reds both hold on to her, so he can turn and face the trio of Mut-Orgs solo. Said hybrids from the future prepare to do their deadliest attack, by placing their sword, fingerclaw-hand, and crossed blades together, and charging up their energies, while Rofang proclaims in their native backwards-speak, "!srewop enibmoC" Power pulsates out of each of their bodies, forming into a flaming sphere of increasing strength above their connected weapons. Close-up shots of the Mut-Orgs show their central sources of power, namely their Org horns, gleaming with light (Takach's twin lightning horns, Kired's three forehead horns, and Rofang's four or five multi-branched head-top horns) and crackling with red & blue electricity. This blast they're prepepping is clearly gonna be for keeps. Cole quickly urges, "Go... GO!", as he & Wes lead Nadira away from the scene in a flash, Wes screaming, "Let's get OUT of here!", and Cole adding, "Run... RUN!" Ransik, though, remains standing, watching the Mut-Orgs in deep reflection. The three retreating pause after a few steps, and turn to look at him, with Wes asking, "Ransik?" The mutant mastermind calmly discerns, "I created these monsters. NOW it's up to me, to FIX my mistake! Yeeeaaaagghhh!" Ransik charges into the fray, as Wes & Cole hold Nadira back, keeping her from following her father, as she screams, "No! NOOO!" While keeping her in place, the two Reds also shout in protest, Wes crying, "Ransik! DON'T do it!", and Cole yelling, "No!" Ignoring their pleading, Ransik scrambles for the Mut-Orgs, grabbing their connected weapons with a snarl of pain. Nadira continues reaching out for her father, both her & Cole shouting "Noooo!", in slow-motion, for dramatic effect. Ransik, grabbing the ever-increasing sphere of fire above the hybrids' weapons, taps into the pool of energy with his own mutant abilities. His metal left-side face mask shimmers with an aqua gleam, while the trio of Mut-Orgs start to glow golden from the reversal of power flow. Ransik turns slightly, and screams over the growing hum of the energies, "GO! Get out of here, NADIRA!" Reluctantly, she turns her back on her father, and hurries down the alley with Wes & Cole by her side, supporting her enough to aid in move quicker. Ransik wails, "Go-ahhhh-ohhh....", trailing off as the light of his & the three Mut-Orgs power implodes upon itself between the four of them. Instantaneously, a tremendous explosion occurs, white-hot with blinding fury, engulfing all signs of the four villains. The bursting flames stretch out through the alleyway, with Cole, Nadira & Wes desperately racing away from the scorching blast nipping at their heels. The explosion subsides, prompting the three to stop and turn around. They see, between the remaining flames, Ransik falling backwards, with sparks erupting from his chest, and purple electricity crackling about. The Mut-Orgs continue to standing before him, though they release sounds of pain of their own, and writh in agony from this experience. Nadira cries, "Ahh! Daddy!", before she, Wes, and Cole dash down the alley, right back the way they just came. The three Mut-Orgs stagger away, weakly slumped in the shoulders and disoriented. Though none of them look any different, Rofang states, "Mutant power gone... reTREAT!" The trio escape from the alley, without anyone giving chase. Why? Because Nadira, Cole & Wes have reached Ransik's side, as he lay mortally (or "mutantly") wounded. Nadira cradles his head against her crouched lap, patting his face gently, sobbing for her daddy. Wes worriedly says his former foe's name, and Cole clutches the mutant mastermind's hand, urging, "HANG in their, Ransik!" But Ransik, eyes alternating from wide open in pain, to clenched shut in agony, explains in a waivering voice, "Rangers...! I've destroy their mutant HALVES! You can FINISH them! Go!" Wes & Cole remain staring at him, thankfully beyond words for his sacrifice. Ransik urges again, "GO!" The two Reds nod to one another, then look to Nadira, who nods back, her face wracked with sorrow and concern. Cole & Wes get up and sprint in the direction the Mut-Orgs fled. Nadira weeps softly, "Daddy...", as she continues cradling his head, staying with him in his final moments.

Inside the control room, Lucas kicks, punches, and then both kicks & punches, into a couple of Putrids. Max is literally slippery as the shark he represents, as he takes on two Putrids at once, dodging their battleaxe thrusts with bodily wiggling and successful counterpunches. Danny kicks a Putrid to his left, gut punches one to his right, then gut punches the one to his left again, and once that Putrid doubles over, he elbows 'em in the back! Once Lucas defeats the last of the grunts, he calls to his fellow TF Officer, "Trip! How's it coming?" Typing a few final keystrokes, Trip exclaims excitedly, "YES, I GOT it!" A female computer voice announces throughout the room, "Reactor, deactivated." Lucas, Danny, and Max quickly gather around Trip, and see the monitor screen, showing the diagram of the reactor core now lacking the colorful flashing, and green lettering stating, "Core system shutdown." Trip cheers, "Yeahahah!", Max yelps, "YES!", and the smiling Danny pats the grinning Lucas on the shoulder, before doing the same to Trip. Max whips out his Growl Phone, unsnapping it open with a one-handed flip, and happily states, "Hey, Taylor. It's ALL yours!" Down in the reactor room, Katie pulls a Putrid forth, sending it chest-first into a pair of metal valve-handles, knocking the grunt out. She dusts off her hands, then hops over the Putrid, and joins Taylor's side, as she replies into her Growl Phone wickedly, "GOT it." Taylor shuts the golden cellphone/morpher with a quick snap, and calls across the floor, "Er-IC!" To the side, we see Eric kicking down two Putrids with one side to side movement of his right leg. He unholsters his weapon, shouts, "Catch!", and flings it in the air. The Quantum Defender lands perfectly in Taylor's hand, she spins around and drops onto her back on the ground, and fires the weapon straight at the reactor! The rapid burst of crimson energy smashes into the large metal machinery, causing it to enitrely explode just a very few feet away from her, pieces of it collapsing all around in a crackle of yellow electricity (notice, a yellow & black sign on it cautions "Toxic!", so the fumes can't be good for any of their lungs). Outside, at least one of the smokestacks slowly ceases producing smoke (as best I can figure, the Putrids were trying to get the reactor to have a meltdown, or at the least increase in output exponentially, so shutting it down THEN destroying it assures their tampering goes to waste... no pun intended).

Outside, the three Mut-Orgs stagger along, still dazed from losing their mutant DNA, and attempt to escape from the power plant. Rofang mutters, "MUST... get away!" Before they can reach the complex's exit, the voice of a man cries, "STOP!" The Mut-Orgs do as commanded, pausing and looking around in confusion, with Rofang wondering, "Who there?!" The source of the protest steps forth, arms folded boldly, eyes covered in his brown hair with white streaks in the front, and a goatee under his chin. A man wearing a silver and metallic blue jacket with "Howling Wolf" written across the back... a man named Merrick. Where's he been all this time? Probably cleaning out latrines at Willie's roadhouse. No matter, the lone wolf is here when needed most. Merrick looks over at the hybrids while retaining his cocky pose, dropping his arms to his side and facing the trio with a body language similar to a gunfighter at a showdown. He doesn't remain alone for long whatosever, as suddenly, the 11 other unmorphed Ranger arrive, stepping up by sides, the TFs on his right, and fellow WFs on his left. All in one big shoulder to shoulder lineup, they bravely face the three de-mutant-ized Mut-Orgs. This rattles the hybrids, causing them to gasp in disbelief. The combined teams bask in this moment of revelation and much intimidation. But the next phase must be started, and Cole initiates it, by raising his right fist and shouting, "READY!" His four WF teammates copy his pose, in a four-screen shot with fiery borders between. In unison, they whip out their Growl Phones, lift them up above their left shoulders, and while pressing a button on them, command, "WILD ACCESS!" They conclude this pose by holding the Growl Phones to their right ears, and extending out their left hands. A five-screen shot of their morphing sequences plays, with Red in the diamond-shaped center. Next, Wes raises his left fist, and shouts, "Let's DO it!" His four TF teammates copy his pose, in a four-screen shot with fiery borders between. Crossing and extended out their arms to their sides, the five do their activation stances, ending it by pressing the Chrono-Morphers on their left wrists, and commanding, "TIME FOR... TIME FORCE!" A five-screen shot of their morphing sequences plays, with Red in the diamond-shaped center. Finally, the sixth members of each of the teams get to share a double-screen shot, fiery background that bordered the earlier ones exposed around their two. Merrick calls into his Lunar Caller, "Wild Access", and Eric summons from his Quantum Morpher, "Quantum Power!" Their morphing sequences play side by side in this double-screen shot. During all of this morphing? The instrumental theme for PRWF plays. The 12 Power Rangers emerge from their sequences morphed, and leaping down, arms extended behind them, while landing side by side. Their positioning is different than before they morphed, with the sixes on the outside. All twelve rise, turn around, and let loose a simultanious, "EYAH!" The Mut-Orgs follow them to their new location, of a dirt lot in front of a warehouse within the power plant complex, all grunting in frustration. The animal poses and slogans begin: Red Wild Force Ranger shouts, "Blazing Lion!"; White Wild Force Ranger shouts, "Noble Tiger!"; Black Wild Force Ranger shouts, "Iron Bison!"; Blue Wild Force Ranger shouts, "Surging Shark!"; Yellow Wild Force Ranger shouts, "Soaring Eagle!"; and Lunar Wolf Ranger shouts, "Howling Wolf!" The six do a group pose, saying in unison, "Power Rangers... WILD FORCE!" The TFs don't have as much individuality as the new guys, but do try themselves: Red Time Force Ranger shouts, "Time Force Red!"; Yellow TF shouts, "Time Force Yellow!"; Blue TF shouts, "Time Force Blue!"; Green TF shouts, "Time Force Green!"; Pink TF shouts, "Time Force Pink!"; and the Quantum Ranger shouts his name, obviously. The six do their own group pose, saying in unison, "Power Rangers... TIME FORCE!" Both Red Rangers exclaim together, "Power Rangers... UNITE!" Via a quick flash of multi-angles, we see the 12 Rangers stand side by side, while Ranger-colored explosions erupt directly behind them, the smoke color being blue, pink, red, white, and yellow. Strangely, one of the scenes used in this sequence is a shot of the two teams group-posing together, with normal orange explosions in the background. Anyway, the lineup, from our left to right: Quantum, Yellow TF, Blue TF, Green TF, Pink TF, Red TF, Red WF, White WF, Black WF, Blue WF, Yellow WF, and Lunar Wolf.

With his forehead glowing briefly, Rofang summons the Putrids by merely yelling their names and lifting his arm. A small group of the Org footsoldiers appear, dropping in from overhead in a flash of purple light, eyes a'glowing until they land in all their hunched, head-rubbing glory. The leader of the Mut-Orgs aims his sword forth, and yelps, "READY?!" Red Lion WF Ranger commands, "Let's DO it!", and immediately, the 12 Power Rangers fall back into a collective defensive stance, erupting with kiyah-ish battle cries. Rofang orders his troops to, "Attack!", and that the Putrids and Mut-Orgs do on cue. Cole leads the Rangers into battle with a fierce growl of his own, each hero following behind him, color & color, or in the sixes place, counterpart & counterpart. In the blink of an eye, we switch for a minute or two later, where we find Blue TF Ranger & Blue WF Ranger, taking on Takach with the help of the Green TF Ranger & Black WF Ranger. They're fighting within the rusted-steel barred surroundings of the power plant, with no others in sight. It begins already in progress, with Takach sparkily slashing at Max, who rolls under the blade-swipe, avoiding getting hit. Lucas tosses a high kick at the hybrid, but misses. Takach then goes for Trip & Max, who flip and roll out of the way. Lucas goes for another kick at the Mut-Org, but it's blocked by the creature's fist. Danny storms in behind Takach, only to get sliced in the chest by the monster's blade when he quickly spins around. Blue WF lunges at Takach with a jump kick, which the Mut-Org ducks under, and proceeds to kick & bash Max in the chest for his effort. Sparks bursting from his chest, the Blue WF is thrown backwards through the air, and is safely caught between the arms of the Black WF & Blue TF. Danny yells, "GOT 'cha!", to which his grateful buddy replies, "Thanks!" While the foursome regroups, Takach charges at them, releasing a cry of, "Yee-ahh!" Notice how Danny & Lucas are like big brothers to Max & Trip, respectfully? Well, color coordination is eshrewed, so Black WF can lift Blue WF into the air, and Blue TF can lift Green TF up at the same time. The two smaller fellows reach up, side by side, and grab onto the thin metal piping that crisscrosses over the top of all this area, both hang on, swinging back and forth over the approaching Mut-Org's head. Lucas & Danny brace themselves, as Takach tries to slam both his arms down against them, a tire-blade in each hand. The pair, struggling with all their might, prevent the hybrid from slashing into them with his weapons, and eventually get the upperhand by pushing his arms back until they're held high, allowing Max & Trip to swing around and snatch the tire-blades between their feet! The Green TF & Blue WF flip over their teammates' heads, while releasing the piping framework and landing perfectly, side by side, blades still clutched between ankles. They kick up the weapons of the Mut-Org, and hold them in hand, posing triumphantly. Blue TF & Black WF let Takach go, then spin around and kick him in the chest at the same sparking time. The hybrid staggers back, considerably annoyed. That's when Green TF rushes forth, hops over the ducking Black WF, grabs Blue TF's hands, and uses his assistance to kick into Takach's chest, be pulled back to a standing point by his partner, then swing Lucas around while still holding his arm, allowing him to get a kick in on the Mut-Org as well! Takach blocks that one, though, so Danny somersaults across the ground, following the continuously backing-up hybrid, and when Blue WF needs a boost, Black WF's shoulders are there to help. Max hops up, hitting Takach with a few kicks on his way down. Just when you expect Blue WF to use that tire-blade in his hand, he twirls aside, and lets Danny leap, feet first, at the Mut-Org, putting his full weight into the kick. Takach is painfully flung across the area, smashing into a metal staircase railing with his back, falling onto his chest with a groan or three.

Elsewhere, out in an open area of the plant, with all sorts of metal scrap junk abound, Pink TF Ranger & White WF Ranger take on that demonic fairy, Kired. Both the ladies do a jumpkick at the same time, knocking the Mut-Org back. He's not hurt at all by that double hit, and is in fact able to easily avoid them as Alyssa tries for a footsweep and Jen a spinning kick (which was nowhere NEAR him, I might add). Kired instantly takes flight, soaring over the ladies' heads, prompting them to duck down to avoid getting struck on his way up. The hybrid floats to a nearby roof, out of their reach. Jen urges, "Let's GET it him!", enthusing Alyssa to reply, "Right!" Kired fires some mocking laughter, as he jumps off the roof, and swoops down toward the women. Pink TF turns around and locks her hands together, down low, creating a booster step, and telling her partner, "You're UP, Alyssa!" White WF rushes at her, and uses that hand-step to leap up and do a flip, thrusting her leg high enough to kick into Kired as he flies past, sparking as a result. She lands safely, but the Mut-Org finds his forced landing a lot less enjoyable, dropping flatly on his winged back with an agonized whelp. Elsewhere in this open gravel field, Yellow WF Ranger backflips through a small group of Putrids, with Yellow TF Ranger following behind, doing the same. They both come to a rest amid the purple head-patters, and begin to enaged them in combat. Taylor has her Golden Eagle Sword in hand, while Katie just uses her morphed fists. Yellow WF slashes into the clubs and chests of the Putrids who dare to tangle with her. Yellow TF grabs a Putrid's fist, holds him off while she kicks back and knocks away a second grunt, before shoving the first one down on the ground, and doing a full body flip, landing her feet sharply in the downed footsoldier's back. She's vulnerable while she lies there briefly, glancing up with a startled, "What?!", as another Putrid approaches. She gets up with a twist of her body, a push with her arms against the ground as her legs are kicked flaying out, smacking two of the grunts away. Once Katie's resumed standing, she calls to her fellow yellow, "Taylor! Over here!" Clashing her sword against another Putrid's battleaxe, Taylor responds vigoriously, "Right!" She leaps up, and goes into a legs-bent up and arms held high stance, as the Yellow TF spreads her arms wide to her sides, giving Yellow WF ample chance to bounce off her shoulders, and leap even higher. Taylor curls up into a ball as she flips across the blue sky, landing perfectly between several more Putrids. She sparkily slashes into threes' chests, taking out a fourth with a kick to its back.

Yet elsewhere at the power plant, Rofang, eyes & forehead gleaming with power, aims his left hand upward, firing off a burst of firepower. It strikes an upper floor of an open stairwell on one of the complex's sectors, where the Red WF Ranger is currently positioned. When the first blast hits, he dives over the side of the building, falling in slow motion with his arms and legs out, like he's doing a cartwheel in the air! Rofang flings a few more rapid laser-jolts, trying to hit Cole, but missing and frying the metal framework behind him instead. Red WF lands perfectly on his feet at the near bottom, atop a wooden stack of crates. Still suffering the momentum of this side-flipping fall, once he lands atop it, he flips over into a lion-stance position on top of another stack of wooden crates just shorter than the one he first landed on. Red TF Ranger rushes up beside said stack, wielding a Chrono-Saber in each hand! He plunges at Rofang with a mighty wail, hitting the Mut-Org's own sword with his silver pair, knocking him aside. Cole hops down from the crates, unsheathing his Crystal Saber, and trying to slash at the hybrid on his run by. Rofang ducks under, rises back up, then has to duck under again as Wes spins around and goes for a high kick. The Mut-Org rebounds by tossing a kick at Red WF, which is blocked, but knocks the Ranger back from the force. Rofang goes to strike Red TF with his sword, and finds the slash deflected by the Ranger's Chrono-Sabers. Next, Wes & Cole strike at the hybrid leader with a simultanious slash of their Sabers. The creature blocks both of their blades with his own, and with a sharp tug & nudge of them, is able to flip both of the heroes into the air, and completely over! Not to worry, they both land on their feet, side by side. Red WF throws a very wide, and very high, kick at Rofang, which the hybrid ducks under with ease. I mean, you'd expect to him to, right? Well, Red TF siezes the opportunity to do a footsweep before he can recover from ducking, and knocks the beast's feet clear out from under him! With Rofang flipped onto his back, Cole cartwheels over his downed body, grabs him on the way over, and pitches him on over to the stack of crates! The Mut-Org tumbles against the hard wood, and rolls off the side with few weary moans. Red WF Ranger whips out his Lion Blaster, and Red TF Ranger connects both his Chrono-Sabers into one double-bladed weapon (both calling out their weapons' name as they prepare them). Wes charges up the Chrono-Sabers, and slashes into the air, flinging bolts of said golden energy from the blades, just as Wes fires his Lion Blaster, shooting off rapid bolts of green power. Rofang, back on his feet, is struck by their combined firepower, and is sent explosively flying backwards through the air, yelping in agony, and bursting with sparks. He crashes into a clutter of boulders and metal cans, as the pair of Reds continue to lay into him with their lasers. Speaking of lasers, around the corner or so, the remaining few Putrids start to approach the last two Power Rangers at the plant. Lunar Wolf Ranger looks to the Quantum Ranger by his side, proclaims, "Let's DO it!", and both nod in agreement. Merrick aims his Lunar Cue in Sniper Mode forth, Eric holds his Quantum Defender out with one hand, and both Sixth Rangers (by divine coincidence, each share a name of a Barbarick Brother from MMAR's "The Alien Trap") begin to fire away, at the Org footsoldiers just ahead of them. The crimson & light-blue laser bolts strike at the same point, directly behind the line of Putrids, creating an intense bursting fireball, which sends the grunts flipping and falling all about, more pounded by the shockwave of the blast than of the scorching power itself.

Finally, the three Mut-Orgs, all woozy from their beatings by the two teams of Power Rangers (not to mention the recent reluctant purging of their mutant attiributes), regroup together. In response to their continued resistance, the three Power Rangers of the color red come together, and summon their respective armors (between scenes). With the visual aide of magical light shimmering down amongst their morphed bodies, causing their golden upgrades to gleam at first, Eric dons his Mega Battle, Cole activates his new Animarium Armor, and Wes has his knightly Battle Fire armor attached. Red Battle Warrior, referring to the hybrids by their sole remaining classification, announces as he so often did during PRTF to mutants before shrinking them, "Orgs! YOUR time's UP!" Rofang speaks for the equally astonished Mut-Orgs, when he shouts, "WHAT?!" The remaining Power Rangers hustle in, and join their three supercharged teammates' sides. Red Savage Warrior (Primal Warrior if you go by toys) urges, "Let's DO it together, guys!" The Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Green Time Force Rangers pull out their Chrono-Blasters, and take aim, girls crouched down in front. The White, Blue, Yellow, and Black Wild Force Rangers unsheath their Crystal Sabers, and aim them forth, with the two women & Max crouched in front. Between Eric & Danny in the back, Lunar Wolf Ranger aims his Lunar Cue in Sniper Mode. Cole commands, "FIRE!", and so, it begins! The TFs fire first, the laserblasts from their Chrono-Blasters each matching their power colors. The WFs join in next, laser streaks of their own colors beaming off of the blades of their Crystal Sabers, something I don't recall them ever having done before! Merrick fires off a bolt of light-blue next. As for the three armored ones? Well, Quantum Mega Battle rapidly fires his twin purple-blade rifles, Cole's Animarium Armor's Falcon Blast is presumably done (though because of the angle of the shot of the Rangers firing, we can't see just what he does while standing in the back and center), and Wes's Battle Fire Saber is slashed downward, the fiery blade-slice is added to the already overwhelming barrage of energy. The Mut-Orgs are unable to escape the seemingly endless parade of power, each struck with bolt after bolt of searing heat, letting out one last, collective gasp. A pink blast, a yellow one, a blue one, a red one, and a purple one, collide against the trio of hybrids, creating a sudden, and total, explosion, which massively erupts with a ring of shockwave energy accompanying it. Before that rising fireball can even get a few feet off the ground and let the Mut-Orgs get even close to collapsing, another, even bigger blast just... kablooeys the heck out of them! Remember how quick and tiny the explosion in "Time For Lightspeed" was? Well, this one more than makes up for that. When the fire is blown away, the sparks die, and the smoke fades, not a shred of evidence that Rofang, Takach, and Kired ever existed remains where they were just standing. The 12 Power Rangers stay frozen in their positions at first, and though they likely all pose, we get to focus in on the three armored reds. Red Savage Warrior crosses his arms into a rested position, Quantum Mega Battle places his rifles at rest, and Red Battle Warrior places his huge ol' saber into a nonthreatening stance. Cole sounding serious and relieved, remarks, "All RIGHT... We DID it." Small fires continue burning down just in front of them, dying out, and taking with them the last trace of Ransik's reign of terror on both the future, and the past.

As for Ransik himself, he's still laying on the ground in the alley where he fell after de-mutanting the Mut-Orgs. Nadira, cradling her father's head on her lap, is slumped over, giving Ransik a hug that covers his face entirely. He's not moving at all, and she's trembling a bit while holding him. The 12 now-demorphed Power Rangers approach the pair, with Jen, Wes, and Cole in front (even Merrick is there). They keep their distance, looking mournful at this somber sight. Wes calls out Nadira's name softly, with some concern. Nadira sits up, looks to them all, and with an expression of joy on her face, breathlessly remarks, "It's a miracle...!" Everyone is stunned when she helps Ransik stand up, his back to them at first. He slowly turns around, revealing the repercussions of his kamikaze stunt to relieve the hybrids of his mutant DNA. Ransik's face, now lacking its metal half-face mask, is no longer a partial pink mess. His scalp is no longer dotted with small horns (in fact, his hair is a bit shorter!), nor is the skin on his right arm really icky looking, and if the Venomark was still an issue, it and all other deformities have been wiped clean, as if they were never there. The two teams of heroes are in gaping awe at first, Danny cheering, "Ye-ah!", and Wes wowing as he exchanges a smiling glance with Jen, and Alyssa giggles. Ransik lifts his corrected right arm, places his hand just above his right eyebrow, and salutes the Rangers, smiling at them gratefully, stating in a warm tone, "Hello, my friends." Nadira remains behind him, happy beyond words and appearing both relieved and proud. The twelve begin to clamour excitedly, as they all work forth to crowd around him, even Jen overwhelmed and jovial at this turn of events. It seems Ransik's left arm, which was always his bad one, is also functioning properly, as well, as he shakes Wes' hand with it, and gives Jen a hug. Eric, I should point out, lags behind the rest, still the loner at heart, even as the one who truly IS a loner, Merrick, joins in on the laughing and bunching up about the former mutant mastermind. What just happened here? Why is Ransik now a regular human being? Best as we can figure, when he forcibly removed the copied mutant DNA from the Mut-Orgs, his own was drawn out, and that explosion he was caught up in is where all that mutant genetic code went. After a few minutes of rest offscreen, his cellular structure compensated for the lack of mutant DNA, and corrected the deformities which were a result of his being a mutant to begin with. I don't begin to understand it, which is why I am no scientist of fictional TV series. All you need to know, is now Ransik is a normal, burly, middle-aged human being. A fate worse than death in some cultures!

Later that day, out in a field on the floating island of Animarium, Circuit sits on a picnic table, just beneath the shade of a large oak tree. Atop the table, are various bowls of fruit, from grapes to watermelon. Princess Shayla places down a bowl of mostly yellowish fruit beside the robotic owl, as he comments, "I just LOVE picnics!", asking the mystical woman, "Is it ALL set?!" Shayla looks over the delicious nature-made spread, and decrees, "PERfect!" Across the grassy field, past bushes of various (mostly) Ranger-colored flowers, the returning heroes walk along, side by side, like a wave of victorious soliders in a casual march. They shout across the way, once seeing their friends at the table, thinks like, "Hey, Princess!" and such. That gets her attention, and she elatedly shakes her arms in the air, screaming, "HEY, GUYS!" The camera pans from right to left, showing the two teams of Power Rangers, mostly paired by color of power again. The Time Force Officers are back in their old civilian outfits they wore for the vast majority of PRTF! Even Wes is back in his old red long-sleeved shirt over white tank top and beige pants (though missing his class ring), while Eric is in the dark-red short sleeved overshirt and black undershirt with bluejeans we saw him in on at least one occasion out of SG uniform. So, from our right to left: Merrick, Eric (who salutes with a grin), Taylor, Katie, Max, Lucas (who barely even bothers raising his hand to wave at the Princess, but does seem to be conversing with Max), Cole, Wes, Jen, Alyssa, Trip (with his arm around Danny), Danny (with his arm around Trip), Nadira (in a pink flowery blouse, tight jeans, and a large sunhat over her flowing pink hair, skipping along), and Ransik, who has a black shirt on with some pattern design down the front's sides, and peach colored pants. Everyone either waving or whooping & hollaring, most everyone looking very happy. An up-tempo, almost club remix version of "Ode To Nature" begins to play during this, as sung by Princess Shayla. It's not the exact same version as the one in "Sing Song", since the syllables are drawn out in most every word. Anyway, the line-up breaks up, the 14 men & women scatter about the picnic area, converging on the food prepared for them (Trip hops up on his color-counterpart Danny's back and piggyback... or bisonback, rides the big guy across the field). The yellow Eaglezord soars just overhead, bellowing a screech as it flaps its wings, its mood matching those below.

The scene transitions to a few mintues later, where much of the gang is sitting or standing around the table, chowing down, as most talk at once. Max fakes Nadira out by pretending to throw a fruit at her from across the table, which Alyssa, sitting just across from her, finds amusing. Trip, who has a green apple in hand, also flinches, while Circuit flaps. Ransik points across the table at something, then claps his hands, loudly saying something that I can't figure out over that darn song. Cole picks up a bushle of bananas, tears one off, and offers it to Danny, who has his hands full with an orange. Wes feeds Jen some grapes, Katie dips something into a drink, and Merrick passes behind them, chewing. Next, we see Princess Shayla & Ransik exchanging delighted expressions, and soon hugging one another in a friendly embrace. Next, Katie pats her own head, as she chuckles loudly and gasps, "Oh!" In the background of this close-up, we see Merrick with his arm around Shayla, leading her away from the others, both smiling. Next, somewhere nearby, Lucas curiously inspects a Kiwano fruit that's behind held in front of his face. Behind him, Taylor eats a potato chip (first offering it to Eric), while Eric picks up a Kiwano himself, not finding it too appetizing looking. Next, Trip picks up a green apple, then drops it back in the basket, and notes with a perpetual grin, "No, you didn't like that one, did you?" Circuit shakes his head, seeming to agree. As Wes, Katie & Alyssa look over to their right at Max offscreen, Jen pats Danny's shoulder with one hand (whole her other holds a cup), before he tosses his orange in the air, catching it perfectly on the way down. Next, Max is behind the table, all eyes on him as he begins to boogy down with a mouthful of food! Everyone claps for him, chanting, "Max! Max! Max! Max!" continuously, egging his side to side, rhytmic arm-pumping & gyrations onward. Even Ransik is ethused! Next, we see Wes sipping a coconut halve, as Merrick looks on. Next, we see Nadira tossing a lemon from one hand to the other, a giddy expression on her face. Finally, everyone gathered round the table raises their cups or coconut shells high, for a cheerful toast of uproarious shouting. Those who lack drinks just raise an arm into the air, or at least applaude. It is quite a triumphant celebration.

Soon, out in the field, Nadira sits against the grass, legs folded indian-style. Max crouches down beside her on one knee, and pulls out, from behind his vested back, a bouquet of pink roses, saying smoothly, "I brought these for you". She inhales sharply, rolls her eyes, looking away from him, and casually backhanding the flowers away, snobbily remarking, "As if." Not to be shot down, he gets up and rushes around to her other side, pushing the flowers closer to her, pointing out, "Look, they smell so good! Smell them!" Nadira shuts her eyes to ignore him, and plays with her pink hair. Stepping into view is her father, who watches this attempt to woo his daughter bemusedly. Ransik raises his left eyebrow, as Max insists to her, "C'mon, you can take them! Your dad won't mind!" Lifting his fist to her mouth, the former mutant mastermind loudly clears his throat, interrupting them, and causing the pair to look at him with frozen expressions. Max quickly rushes over to Ransik, stumbling over some weeds as he does, causing Nadira to giggle at his misfortune. He turns to her and gestures for her to stay there, as he grabs Ransik's hand, rapidly shakes it, and nervously addresses him, "Hi! Mister Ransik, sir! Hi! It's REALLY good to see you!" Ransik, unimpressed, pulls his hand away, glaring down at that hand, and soon brushing it off with the palm of his other one. Max walks around him, and starts pressing down on his right shoulder, bumblingly trying to give him a massage as he comments, "Must be hard being a bad guy, huh? All that stress, let's just go ahead and get all that outta you..." Ransik struggles, trying to shake the teen in blue off of him without hurting him, stammering annoyedly, "Do... Do ya mind? Ju-just get the.." As the WF Activist tries (and fails) to impression the father of the pink haired reformed villianess, a hand, with a Chrono-Morpher on its wrist, reaches down and taps Nadira's shoulder. She turns to see who it is, and her jaw drops, before turning into a wide grin. Nadira takes the hand and is sprung up to her feet, by none other than Lucas, her one-time dream date. She squeals, and says in a high pitch, "Ahh! YOU again!" The TF Officer leads her away with a smile. Ransik & Max ceace their struggling against one another, when they notice the pair leaving. Max shouts offendedly, "HEY!", while Ransik merely slumps his shoulders, then holds out his hands (he's wearing a silver watch on his left wrist, strangely), as if not wanting to allow his daughter to part. Nadira & Lucas turn around to look at them, pausing for a moment. Lucas sort of shrugs as he lifts his arm and waves, followed by Nadira also shrugging, giving a wicked smirk & giggle as she waves goodbye, slips her arm under his, and the couple resume walking away.

Under the shade of a large tree, Taylor sits on a chair, reading a book. She's only a few pages into it, the book's title not shown, but it's blue, with a golden lock on the back cover and a large brass key entering it. The sound of the leaves & blades of glass rustling as someone slowly approaches catches her ear. She keeps her head lowered, but raises her eyes enough to see who it is out of the corner of her eye, before lowering them back to the book, while her face begins to light up with a faint blushing. It's Eric, who leans in to ask her, "Is that any good?" Taylor raises her gaze, and replies indifferently, "It's fine." He starts to circle around her, repeating inquisitvely, "Fine?" She confirms, "Yeah!" He points at the book, and wonders, "What IS it?" She covers the cover, and claims, "It's nothing!" Eric reaches her opposite side, and leans in again, flirtingly noting, "Well, it looks like something to ME..." Taylor flirts back, "It's just a book!" He leans in some more, and repeats, "Just a book?" She nods and agrees, "Yeah, just a book!" Suddenly, Eric tickles her side, and urgently warns, "Watch OUT for...", as he snatches the book out of her surprised hands, and checks it out for himself. Taylor erupts with laughter at first, giving a playfully angry expression, acting apalled at his ruse. He holds the novel in his hands, and begins to comment, "Oh...", when she lunges toward him, trying to recover her book. Eric tosses it in the air, causing her to miss it on her way by, shouting between her chuckling, "GIVE me that!" He catches the novel and steps away from her, continuing his comment of, "I'VE read this before!" Fully aware of what he's in for, Eric stands there, looking at the cover, lingering in place. Taylor dashes at him, giggling freely. He quickly takes off, barely ahead of her, keeping hold on her book, giving a teasing snicker of his own as they depart the scene in chase. Over at the picnic table (which still has bowls of fruit atop it, like nobody even ate a thing), Danny & Katie, each the strongest single member of their respective teams, prepare to arm wrestle! Princess Shayla plays the ref, holding their clenched fists in place, as she counts down, "1... 2... 3... GO!" She releases them, and immediately, they begin their struggle. Well, Danny, at least, as he puts as much of his strength into his right arm as he can, his face visibly strained. Katie, though, holding Trip's hand as it lies on her shoulder with her free hand, simply smiles a little, and soon sighs boredly, not giving much effort, and keeping their arms at a standstill. As Merrick & Princess Shayla watch closely from behind the table, Danny grunts lowly as he gives it all he's got, and it's still not enough to match the might of the woman of tomorrow! Trip, standing behind her, insists, "Katie, just BEAT 'em already!" Katie looks up at him, and figures, "Ooo-kay!", putting one tough shove into her arm. Danny is instantly knocked off his seat, onto his side, and onto the ground. Shayla yelps at this stunning, and quick, conclusion, quite wowed by Katie's superhuman strength. Merrick is also speechless. Trip looks down at Danny, empathetically uttering, "Oooooh!" Katie shrugs her shoulders coyly, and giggles.

And, at last, out in the field, Alyssa & Jen rush up ahead, side by side, before turning back around, waving white cloths in the air above their heads, and saying simultaniously, "READY... AND, GO!", finishing this by waving the makeshift flags sharply downward. Cole & Wes are across the field, crouched down in starting positions, and once the girls give the signal, both take off in a frantic race! The two Reds give this friendly competition their all, with Wes at first taking the lead, then Cole. Alyssa laughs out loud at this macho sight, Jen equally amused (I should note that now she's back in her old outfit, her hair is out of braids, and is a little fuller than it was back during PRTF). Wes takes the lead, as the race goes into slow-mode, and the "Ode To Nature" special extended remix winds down, adding a line of "Nature, you are everything that's free" to its end. The race resumes normal speed, and though it's literally neck in neck, Cole narrowly passes between the women first! Neither of them stop on the finishing mark, bolting past the pair of Pinks (A Pink & White with pink-trimming, if you wanna be technical, but don't) swiftly. Jen & Alyssa continue watching the two men, both of them laughing. Wes & Cole, having finally stopped, walk back towards the two, scene in slow-motion. Both men laugh with equal humility, no prize for the winner of this race, and no clear winner praised. Wes turns to Cole, holds up his right hand, and Cole prepares to slap him five, but the scene fades out exactly before their palms can strike one another! This WON'T be the last time these two Rangers meet, but neither of them knows that yet... (As for the fate of the romance between Jen & Wes? Well, the outcome of that is left up to the discretion, desires, and imagination of the viewers... and like the future itself, anything's possible, good or bad.)

[Scenes from "The Master's Last Stand" (including cut footage); End Credits]

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