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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The End Of The Power Rangers, Pt. 1"
Original Air Date:11/16/02 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #50 - - Hyakujuu, Shishu (The 100-Beasts, Die)
*Season 10, bite 39
*Official Network Show Number PR-1239
*39th episode of PRWF
*13th episode aired on ABC KIDS
*457th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Jill Donnellan & Katie Torpey Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org
Additional Cast:
J.D. Hall _AS_ Willie
Ryan Goldstein _AS_ Kite
Charles Gideon Davis _AS_ Animus (voice)
Dave Mallow _AS_ Narrator (voice)


On the Animarium, in the Temple Ruins, the six Wild Force Activists and Princess Shayla, party down over their victory against the Orgs. A polaroid of the festivities is taken, to capture this excited moment permanently. Once Max states the reality of it, that they've saved the world, and the Power Rangers are over, the party abruptly grinds to a halt. They begin to consider what they'll do with their lives now. Taylor is considering rejoining the air force, though she only joined that to find the Animarium. Lots of hidden subtext can be drawn, paralleling the end of MMPR Productions with the end of the Wild Force Rangers, such as in this exchange between Cole & Taylor: "I wonder what we're all going to do with the Power Rangers over." "We'll do what everybody does... we'll go on living." Merrick packs his bags and leaves Willie's Roadhouse, trying to get out without saying goodbye, but Willie spots him. He claims his work in Turtle Cove is over, and Willie can handle the place well enough by himself. He agrees, but wonders where Merrick will go now. He doesn't know, since the world is so different now from the one he remembers, and he doesn't know where to fit in. Back in the ruins, Shayla is stuck cleaning up the party mess. Speaking of ruins, though, the Nexus is a complete mess, statues and debris filling every formally spaceous area of the cavern. Remember the sand pile from the last ep that Master Org turned into? Well, it suddenly begins to glow green, as the Org Heart he swallowed starts to rise into the air! Up in the temple, ya know how whenever an Org appears in the city, the Viewing Pond will bubble up? Well, Shayla gets a very unwelcome surprise, as the pond this time bursts violently high into her face, in respect to the nature of the power of the Org Spirit now making itself known. Merrick, as he leaves the Roadhouse, gets a tremendous gust of wind blown at him (sadly, not enough to knock him over). The Princess alerts the others, this is the most powerful Org she's ever seen. Downtown Turtle Cove, living vines begin to spread all about, causing panic with the citizens. These vines cover most every building around town, as well. The six Wild Force Activists converge on the plaza, and discover the source of this phenomenon... it's Master Org! He no longer has a human face (since, ya know, Adler's body was cast off), and even his familiar Russian-accented voice is deepened monsterously. Master Org sheds his beige robe, revealing his body has become altered to match his face. His look is far different from 3000 years ago, in fact, there seems to be traces of all three Org Generals (in a chest "face" of a large, pierced nose, fanged lips, and multiple eyes all over, not to mention quite a few horns), and even Toxica & Jindrax (for the arms), making up his body. Merrick realizes he used the Org Heart, as he did 3000 years back. Our heroes morph, and face him in one of the series' last fully American footage battles. The new & improved Master Org is incredibly powerful. There's various uses of slowing the footage down and speeding it up, Matrix-like, as has been done more frequently of late. After getting their butts kicked for a time, Cole finally summons his Animarian Armor, and turns into the Red Battle Warrior Ranger. He doesn't even get to hit MO, who slices off one of the golden eagle wings from the armor with the Nexus Blade! This gives a chance to blast all six of them at once with the amalgamated weapon, and when they fall, he makes himself grow to gigantic proportions (like there's any other size?)

So, Turtle Cove is threatened by a giant, and ultimately powerful, Master Org. Just as it was 3000 years ago, so too is it today, as Animus appears to fight him once again! The Rangers are thrilled the Lord of the Wildzords has returned. While Animus does battle with MO, Princess Shayla rushes down to the WFs, and urges them to come with her. They prepare their Savage Cycles (and Cole his Wild Force Rider), but Lunar Wolf Ranger lags behind, not wanting to let Animus fight alone, as happened the last time they faced Master Org. Shayla worriedly lets him go, and rides with Cole back to the Animarium. Merrick brings together the Predazord, and it assists Animus in action. This time around, without Zen-Aku's added power, Merrick is knocked out of the Predazord with just one blow, demorphing on impact! The Megazord's simultanious attacks are brushed off, and Master Org strikes Animus fatally! The Alligator, Wolf & Hammerhead Wildzords are reverted to their Crystal Orbs, which shatter right in front of Merrick. If that wasn't bad enough, his Lunar Caller vanishes from his wrist. Animus, back to being Kite, lies nearby, unconscious. Right when Master Org is about to step on and squash them both, the entire floating island of Animarium swoops down from the heavens, and slams into the giant Org master! An aqua-colored beam shines down on Merrick & Kite, teleported them up, before the Animarium takes back off into the skies, leaving a dazed but unharmed Master Org behind, vowing retribution. Soon, in the Temple Ruins, the six WFs and Shayla gather around Kite, who barely has enough strength to speak. He laments his lack of power to help them, and promises to see them all again one day, reminding them of their status of Guardians of the Earth, before turning into a golden wave of sparkles, and dissipating skyward. The most powerful of them all, the boy who was Animus, is gone. The team mourns. They don't get long to do so, before Master Org spins around into a purple twister, shoots into the air, and lands on the Animarium! His booming footsteps herald his reign of terror, freezing all of the Rangers in horror. Master Org plans to destroy the place just as he did the kingdom of Animaria. Red Lion & Falconzord are first up in the attempt to protect the Animarium, with the Falcon first to be chopped into nothingness by the Nexus Blade. Cole's Falcon Crystal shatters once the Wildzord is killed. The five Wild Force Rangers, encouraged by their remaining Power Animals to join the fight, morph, in a sole look at the US-made morphing sequence, which, instead of pasting the WF actors over the Gaoranger bodies, keeps everything up until the Growl Phones turn into humanoid shapes, then has the full-body WF actors in morphed but helmetless suits, posing differently, and then spinning around with their colored-energy swirling against their bodies until their helmets form. It's a five in 1 screen shot, and it's just so very better than what we had for a sequence this season. Anyway, let's narrow this ep down: Kongazord Striker, with Deer, Elephant, Giraffe assisting, is able to destroy the Master Org. He's turned into goop, which sprays all over the Animarium. Victory? Nope! The Org Heart, like the heart of rock & roll, is STILL beating. It reforms all of that goop back into the giant Master Org. The Rangers try the same trick, so Deer, Elephant, Giraffe, Gorilla, Rhino, Armadillo, Polar & Black Bears... are all slashed to destruction, the Rangers' crystals crumbling to dust with each Wildzord to be defeated. Heck, even the Soul Bird gets wiped out! The Rangers demorph. All that's left now are their original five Wildzords, and they're more than eager to defend not just their home, but the Earth itself. So, the Wild Force Megazord forms itself, and battles Master Org... But it's not enough. Our heroes go from cheering for their Power Animals, to crying out their names in protest of their destruction. With the White Tiger, Shark, Bison, Eagle, and Red Lion broken out of their Megazord formation, they're struck, one by one, by Master Org's Nexus Blade. I should note, all it takes is one powerful slash each, and the Wildzords flash with energy, then burst into mere particles of light. The Crystals shatter... and the Growl Phones dematerialize in the five humans' hands. The Wildzords are exitinct, and the human race is next. Master Org strikes the ground with his Nexus Blade, before taking off from the floating island the same way he landed there. Animarium plummets from the sky uncontrollably, sending everyone aboard it rolling along the now-uneven ground as the place dives toward the Earth. Master Org charges up his Blade in the city, causing the skies above Turtle Cove to darken, and a raging thunderstorm to occur. With rain falling throughout the vine-covered city, Putrids galore attack the defenseless humans.

The Animarium shoots diagonally down through the clouds, on an inclined collision with the city, as the seven humans aboard hold on to anything they can to keep from being pulled off the island during its wind-gusting fall.

[To Be Continued...; Scenes from "The End Of The Power Rangers, Pt. 2"; End Credits]

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