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Power Rangers Wild Force
"The End Of The Power Rangers, Pt. 2"
Original Air Date:11/16/02 Featuring Footage & Most Story Elements From:
Gaoranger #51 - - Hyakujuu, Hoeru!! (The 100-Beasts, Growl!!)
*Season 10, final bite
*Official Network Show Number PR-1240
*40th and FINAL episode of PRWF
*14th episode aired on ABC KIDS
*458th total Power Rangers episode
Writers: Derek Rydall & Suzi Shimoyama Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Ricardo Medina, Jr. _AS_ Cole (Red Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman _AS_ Taylor (Yellow Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie _AS_ Max (Blue Ranger)
Jessica Rey _AS_ Alyssa (White Ranger)
Jack Guzman _AS_ Danny (Black Ranger)
Philip Andrew _AS_ Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Ann Marie Crouch _AS_ Princess Shayla
Ilia Volok _AS_ Master Org (voice only)
Additional Cast:
Dominic Scott Kay _AS_ Scotty
Palmer Davis _AS_ Scotty's Mother
Coren Weidman _AS_ Pilot #1
Chad Haywood _AS_ Pilot #2
Ryan Hansen _AS_ Pilot #3
Elan Francis _AS_ Kindergarten Student #1
Michael Len _AS_ Kindergarten Student #2
Eternity Bruce _AS_ Kindergarten Student #3
Jake T. Picker _AS_ Little Girl
Lex Lang _AS_ Zen-Aku (voice)


So, here's the situation: Master Org, in his fully-Org form, is giant, and has the city of Turtle Cove at his mercy. An unnatural storm is raging in the skies above, drenching the area with rain, living vines are covering all buildings, and the citizens are being assaulted by Putrids. The Wildzords have all been slaughtered. And the legendary floating island of Animarium has been unanchored from its place in the atmosphere, and is about to crash into the Earth. The Wild Force Activists manage to regroup in the Temple Ruins, holding on to one another as the wind threatens to pull them apart. Once the Animarium enters the MO-made cloudcover over the city, it begins raining in the ruins, as well. You think the island's gonna just crash any old where? Nope. Instead, it lands, perfectly, if a little bumpy, right back where it started from, in the turtle-shaped cove the city has based itself around. Our heroes are knocked to the ground with the sudden landing, but recover soon enough. They take refuge from the rain under some of the ruins, and watch as Master Org towers menacingly over the city. The WFs have no power, no Zords... it's a hopeless situation. But Cole, he sees it differently. As long as they continue to live, they can still guard the Earth. One quick "Never Give Up" later, and the gang's mood swings (of which there are a whole heck of a lot of, aren't there?) back to positive. They leave the Princess behind, and head off to save the world as best they can. Lacking any Ranger powers, merely their own fighting skills and inginutiy, the six take on the Putrids in the darkened city, in the rain, with only random lightning strikes to brighten the scene up. They have to make it to the giant Master Org's location, and the pukey footsoldiers make it tough. But, hey, this is what they've been prepping for since they first were chosen all those months ago. And they give it their all. There's an incredibly out of place scene during the fight, where a lone little boy is surrounded by Putrids, so it's up to Cole, ripping off his torn shirt again to get his muscle-rippled chest a soaked spotlight, to save the kid by swinging on one of the living vines and grabbing him. Yeah, half-naked male Rangers and little boys, Tzachor's two favorite things, all in his final episode as producer & director! Anyway, the kid is returned to his parents, this rallies the gang against the Putrids, and shirt-less Cole swings on a vine right at the huge Master Org. He's swatted away backhandedly, but lands atop the building his teammates are climbing up the side of, no worse for wear.

So, next we get a big scene where the gang, declaring that they may no longer be Power Rangers, but the spirits of their Wildzords live on inside of them, each shout out their first & last names, do their poses, and shout out their vest-slogans (Cole puts his vest back on in the process). In case you didn't know, they're (spelling is official): Cole Evans, Alyssa Enrile, Taylor Earhardt, Max Cooper, Danny Delgado, and Merrick Baliton. Yes, seems they had last names even 3000 years ago. Go fig-yer. Be it the purity of their efforts, the loudness of their yelling, or (most likely) the reinsertion of the Animarium back into the ground after 3000 years, like a Crystal into a Crystal Saber, dozens, if not hundreds, of Wild Zord Crystals appear throughout the sky, their blinding light piercing through the stormy skies, and turning them blue once more. Master Org is stopped from mincing the six non-powered Wild Force Rangers by this. The hundreds of Crystals swoop through the city, wiping out the remaining Putrids, then bombarding Master Org. Four of them notice at least 4 previously unshown Power Animals: Alyssa spots the pink Ratzord, Max the yellow Stingray, Taylor the green Peacock Zord, Danny the blue Zebrazord. Princess Shayla is amazed that every Wildzord there ever was is back, all at once. Not just that, but the rest of the Wildzords, those killed by Master Org, are also alive again. Their main beasts give them back their Crystals, and with these, the six morph in a flash back into the Wild Force Power Rangers. A very superfolous posing and slogan-announcing follows. Master Org is furious, but dumbfounded. Every Wildzord he destroyed is back to life (including the compontents of Animus, though said Lord of the WZs doesn't appear, nor speak), and turning from orb to normal form around him. Max puts it simply: life always finds a way (which is true, as Master Org's revival proved to begin with). Danny reminds him, they always said they'd never give up. Alyssa notes that when animals & humans work together, they cannot be beaten. Merrick adds that even in darkness, good always previals. For the last time, the WF Rangers draw their Crystal Sabers, shout, "Ultra Roar!", fire beams of their colored spiritual energy at Master Org, and are joined in by every single Wildzord around him! He's flooded with the power of Animaria, and briefly... very much so... we see his face morph into that of Dr Viktor Adler, before reverting back to that of the Master Org. His body is completely demolished by these combined beams, though, the Org Heart manages to remain. The Rangers combine their weapons, and with even Lunar Wolf Ranger holding on, the Jungle Sword strikes a Savage Slash into the Org Heart. It shatters with a bright burst of light. Our heroes cheer.

Soon, Cole thanks the Red Lion for choosing him, and knows they will always be together in their hearts. The Wildzords have all returned to the valley of the Animarium. Princess Shayla says that their journey is over, and so are that of the Guardians Of The Earth. She must leave, taking the Wildzords & Animarium back into the sky, where they can be safe until the Earth needs them again. Merrick, still sworn to protect her, is denied by the Princess, who reminds him he's a human, and this planet is his home. She begs him to live in the world. He, sadly, does as she wishes, letting go of her both figuratively and literally. Now that the planet is safe from Master Org, Shayla asks for their jackets (stupid royal bimbo! Only Merrick has a jacket, the others are VESTS!) and Growl Phones. You may be wondering, "Man, why she want their vestesses?" So, I must remind you, all those little pockets on their "Spirit of the Earth" adorned vests are where they keep their Animal Crystals. You don't want her carrying twenty or so of those little orbs around, rolling all over the place, do ya? In dramatic slow motion, each takes theirs off. Due to an editing error, when Merrick takes his jacket off, Max & Alyss have their vests back on! Cole hands the five vests and one jacket (all nearly folded), with five Growl Phones and one Lunar Caller, over to Princess Shayla, telling her that she helped him find his destiny, and he thanks for her that. Whenever they look into the sky, they will remember her. Shayla tells them as long as the spirit of the earth lies in their hearts, they will always be Power Rangers. She says goodbye, and walks away from them. It's a somber mood for the six humans, watching her leave their lives for good. She gets down the road a ways, then pops out of sight in a flash of light. Then, the turtle-shaped island of Animarium lifts off from the lake, likely leaving thousands in mariner-related deaths and damages from its crash landing! Our heroes watch with a smile, or tears, or both in some cases, as the island takes off. Even the citizens of the city watch in amazement, the legend proven true. Alyssa narrates that the Princess is again sleeping on the Animarium in the sky, waiting for the day when the Wildzords are needed once again.

Some time later, Cole, wearing a new red shirt (no longer that torn one and the bandanna), visits his parents honorary graves, which now lack the headstone for him (meaning he's publically alive again). He places flowers against the tombstones, informing them both that the Earth & Animarium are safe. Even he's okay. Cole takes a couple of flowers off one of the bouquets, and places it at the tombstone just across the cemetary, under a tree. He tells the grave, "Perhaps you will finally know peace, as well."It's the grave of Dr. Viktor Adler (strangely, the EXACT same one used in "Sing Song" to make the Tombstone Org, aged crack in it and all!), or at least, the marker for him. Guess his re-appearing publically back in "The Master's Last Stand" was disproven when he vanished from the hospital, and they must think he died out in the Amazon, which, in a big way, he did. Alyssa narrates, saying that Cole used his skills with animals to help them wherever he went. We see him playing with a golden lab, the same dog he first met back in "Lionheart", most likely, as the pair wander down the street together. Elsewhere, Taylor returns to the Air Force, with a promotion to Captain (though, he nametag still reads "Lt"). How did she explain he being MIA for more than a year? We dunno, but some rookie pilots tease her about how they heard she "landed on an island in the sky". So, she probably just told the truth, what with the Ranger connections with the government we saw hinted at in "Forever Red". Taylor denies the rumors of her time on Animarium, but does it with a wink and sly grin. She returns to flying jets, and some time later (the time lapse implied by the fact she has her helmet unmarked at first, then in this scene, has "Yellow Eagle" on it again), she's flying through the sky, performing manuevers, when none other than the Eaglezord appears. "1500 on the dot... our time as usual." Just as she had joined the Air Force to find the Animarium she saw as a kid, she's now back with it to keep in touch with her Wildzord, the two soaring gracefully together through the air, the sky the limit. As for Danny & Max, they went on a "long vacation" and toured the world. We get postcard snapshots of them superimposed in famous landmarks, like in Russia, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, China, Africa, Mexico... just a whole lot of places. We even see some funny comments on the back of the postcards, addressed to Alyssa, who, in case I didn't mention 50 times already, is narrating all of this. Next, we see Merrick, wandering the globe searching for his next adventure. He's in the woods, backpack slung over his shoulder, when a familiar gust of wind blows in his face. He hears a voice he knows all too well sound out from behind him, asking where he's going. Merrick claims he's going wherever the wind takes him. The voice offers to keep him company, but the over 3000 year old man tells him that his path is to walk alone, since he still has much to atone for. The voice is revealed to be coming from none other than Zen-Aku, the Duke Org who once possessed Merrick's body for multiple millennia. Zen-Aku notes that they have much in common, both are lone wolves looking for redemption. Merrick has a small smile on his face, as he tells his dark side to follow him if he must... he won't stop him. Zen-Aku tells him to lead the way, and that Merrick does... not hearing as the Duke Org calls him, "Old friend." (How is ZA back again? The answer's left open purposely. Is this just a metaphor for Merrick's constant struggle against his inner demons? Was Zen-Aku freed from the Spirit World during one of the recent visits there? Did the destruction of the wolf mask in "Unfinished Business" merely free the Org from the spell binding his spirit to it by Nayzor all those eons ago? We'll never know. But, we don't need to.)

The episode ends with Alyssa finishing her narration, which is revealed to be he telling the tale to a group of children. She's a kidnergarten teacher now. From then one, the Earth was free from Orgs, and the Power Rangers went on to live peaceful, happy lives. A kid asks what happened to the White Ranger, Alyssa. The teacher explains that she finished college and went on to become a teacher, just like her. A boy wonders if this was all true, or if she made it all up. Alyssa asks the kid rhetorically with a smile, "What do YOU think?" And over on her desk, amid pictures of Taylor in the Air Force now, and Cole (with a parrot on his shoulder), is that polaroid shot in the previous episode, of the gang partying together. With this, the final episode made by MMPR Productions, the crew that has been making Power Rangers since the very first episode, "Day Of The Dumpster", an era ended.

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