Power Rangers Ninja Storm

#480: PRNS 1322 "All About Beevil".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Hurricanger, episodes 4, 9, & 30.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 21:28;00.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
HURRI #30.

On an outside catwalk, Beevil excitedly scurries closer to the camera, then spreads arms in the air, before looking sharply to our left. The Thunders streak past her repeatedly, sparkily striking her until she's knocked off the balcony. Beevil lands safely on the ground, looks up while speaking, as the Thunders grip their Staff handles and pose talking.

Cuts prior shots of Beevil hurrying up stairs; trims start to remove her coming up stairs; trims shot 5 to cut her turning around.

HURRI #30.

Beevil gestures arms and speaks toward the two Rangers over in the distance. Navy leaps off the balcony.

Cuts prior close-up of Beevil waving to the camera; trims start to remove her stepping into frame; cuts follow-up of Navy flipping through air.

HURRI #30.

Navy dives in and jabs his Antler forth, snagging Beevil's waist sparkily, they struggle briefly, Beevil frets for a moment, then reaches down and prys the Antlers off of her, Navy gawks, as she gets free, then grabs him.

Shot 3 is shortened for time, I guess; shot 4 looks a little shorter too; cuts last shot before she sparkily headbutts Navy.

HURRI #30.

Navy is flung through the air, slamming into a wall, and falling to the ground as Crimson regroups around him, aims his Crimson Blaster at Beevil and fires. Sparks burst distantly around her, so she fires back, bursting him in the chest.

Cuts follow-ups of Beevil pushing a car into the Rangers, then blowing them up.

HURRI #30.

Beevil is about to strike with her spear, when a yellow energy ball sparkily strikes her, knocking the spear out of her hand. Beevil looks over and sees Green Samurai nearby, speaking over at her and posing.

Shot 2 is shortened to reduce dialogue; Cuts follow-ups of Green posing again, and Beevil responding in a zoom-in.

HURRI #30.

Beevil gestures her hand about while talking, then spreads her palm and fires a blast, which spark bursts Green Samurai, knocking him off the catwalk. He falls to the ground, rolls over, and talks as the Winds race in behind him. Beevil points and taunts while talking across the alley at the four Rangers.

Trims start; shortens final shot as well to reduce dialogue.

HURRI #30.

Close-up of Beevil, waving at us, then turning around, and leaping up into the sky.

Trims start; trims shot as well to reduce dialogue; later battle footage mostly unusable due to Marah's counterpart and unmorphed Blue.

PRNS 1301.

Dustin's morphing sequence.


HURRI #09.

Growth scroll unfolds, and activates, causing the monster's remains to grow gigantic.

Recycled; darkened.

HURRI #30.

Beevil stands facing Storm Megazord as it lands before her, raising arms slightly.

Cuts follow-ups of Beevil firing electricity sparkily at Megazord.

HURRI #04.

On the cockpit console, close on the mini-portal as a new Power Disc appears, which Yellow picks up, readies talks about, then prepares to insert.

Recycled, shot 1 trimmed to cut zoom-in.

HURRI #04.

Yellow turns the lever, causing the Power Disc to drop in its slot.

Recycled, trimmed to remove insertion; all of this replaces 30's Blue cockpit similar stuff.

HURRI #30.

Power Sphere 14 pops out of Storm Megazord's chest and hatches into the Star Blazer.

Trims start; cuts follow-up of Red looking up, then forth.

HURRI #30.

Storm Megazord leaps up into the sky, Star Blazer attaches to its left knee, and Beevil reacts from the ground.

Trims start to remove zoom out from Blue's cockpit in Dolphinzord hand; cuts follow-up of Blue's cockpit.

HURRI #30.

Storm Megazord changes stance as it speeds forth in mid-air, its Star Blazer knee glowing, Beevil reacting, Star Blazer repeatedly zooming in.

HURRI #30.

Storm Megazord swoops down and impales Beevil with its Star Blazer knee, a superimposed explosion erupting over the impact, sending her rolling.

Cuts before she gets up and starts crackling.

HURRI #30.

Storm Megazord lands, poses battle ready, Beevil, crackling, collapses and explodes massively. Zoom in on the Megazord through the flames.

Cuts final shot for time.

Ending Credits