Power Rangers Ninja Storm

#496: PRNS 1338 "Storm Before the Calm, Part II".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Hurricaneger, episodes 2, 8, 28, 44, 50, & 51.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 21:28;00.

Previously On is about 0:28; by itself.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note
PRNS 1301.

The three Wind Rangers' morphing sequences.

Recycled montage from 1310.

HURRI #50.

Lothorzord spins through the air and lands by the beach.

Skies recolored purple; Beach is darkened or matted so we can't see Kapri & Marah.

HURRI #50.

The Rangers land in their Zords' cockpits.

Recycled, per source.

HURRI #02.

The three Ninja Storm Zords race alongside each other, then come together to form the Storm Megazord.

Recycled; skies recolored purple.

HURRI #50.

Lothorzord poses menacingly as shot pans up its body.

Skies recolored purple; textless, unlike source.

HURRI #28.

Red nod-talks in cockpit, then Yellow & Blue cut into his and respond with quick arm gestures.

HURRI #28.

Storm Megazord readies sword then marches forth.

Recycled; skies recolored purple.

HURRI #51.

Lothorzord charges up a ball of red energy and fires it forth, blasting Storm Megazord sparkily.

Trims start to remove zoom out; splits first shot into two to fit Lothor cockpit shot between; skies recolored purple in final shot; cuts follow-up additional explosion and of Megazord falling over.

HURRI #51.

The Winds are spark bursted in their cockpits.

Pushed up from source position.

PRNS 1311.

The Thunders' morphing sequences.

Recycled montage from 1311.

HURRI #51.

Lothorzord's eyes glow green, as it holds Storm Megazord with its right arm, sending a charge of electricity into its body sparkily.

Trims start to remove zoom out; cuts prior shots of Lothorzord clawing and grabbing Megazord; cuts follow-ups of it stabbing Megazord; Skies recolored purple.

HURRI #51.

Red is jolted in his cockpit, as Storm Megazord slams into a mountain, destroying it, Blue & Yellow also getting jolted, as Lothorzord stands and watches it lying there in the rubble lifelessly.

Cuts follow-up of Lothorzord beginning to walk forth; Skies recolored purple.

HURRI #08.

The Thunders connect Antler into Blaster, forming the Thunder Blaster.


HURRI #08.

Crimson pulls the trigger and the energy ball is fired forth from the Thunder Blaster.


HURRI #51.

Lothorzord begins to approach the downed Storm Megazord.

Skies recolored purple; Cuts follow-ups of Megazord on its stomach, the Rangers reacting and getting it to flip onto its back.

HURRI #51.

Storm Megazord lies on its back, Lothorzord reaches it and stops.

Trims start to cut it flipping over; Skies recolored purple; Cuts follow-ups of Lothorozord readying its arm menacingly.

HURRI #51.

Clawed hand ready, Lothorzord begins to stab downward at the Storm Megazord, so Red reacts, pulls the lever, and sends Power Sphere 01 popping out of the Megazord's chest, dazing Lothorzord sparkily and causing it to crackle.

Skies recolored purple; Cuts follow-ups of Storm Megazord stabbing Lothorzord in the forehead with Serpent Sword.

HURRI #51.

Lothorzord crackles with more intensity with a smoking forehead, grabs Storm Megazord, it struggles.

Skies recolored purple; shortens a few shots to add in Lothor cockpit shots between.

HURRI #44.

The Winds are jolted about their cockpits.

Cuts before Red sits up and looks up.

HURRI #51.

Lothorzord crackles some more while holding onto Storm Megazord, then finally explodes massively, the three Wind Ranger leaping out to safety.

Skies recolored purple; additional closer shot between shots 1 & 2 is cut; final shot split to fit in a Lothor cockpit shot.

Ending Credits