Power Rangers DinoThunder

#515: PRDT 1419 "Lost & Found in Translation".

Features Footage from (bold = new):
Abaranger, episode 10.

The complete program, from opening to end of end credits, lasts roughly 21:27;00.

Opening is about 1:00; by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Start End Edit Note

Cuts prior start of opening credits, including Red's name, though Blue & Yellow get their's shown to us. Cuts follow-ups of Rangers, their Zords, and Super Dino Modes. And no, despite the often altering to fit a widescreen TV, Abaranger was not natively 16x9, they stretch it here every time.

Cuts follow-up remaining opening sequence.

Well, except for this part, that's opening sequence stuff altered to appear in the reflection of the screen.

The first scene of the episode, which technically comes before the opening sequence, plays here pretty straightforward. The first shot or two is textless, unlike source. Conner turns off the TV before the onscreen title appears.

Despite being off for a minute or two, the footage resumes without missing any of the show. The whole villain base scene runs entirely on the TV for some reason. Aside from trimming off the brief recap bit that usually follows the opening, it runs pretty uncut.

Again, despite letting us see our Ranger teens discussing the show, the footage resumes without missing anything. I'd say "oh they paused the DVR" but it runs in the background. Anyway, this scene runs just fine for a bit, but...

...When they cut away to our Ranger teens, we see footage on the reflection that doesn't reflect what's going on in the episode at this time! This happens a few times throughout the episode, I won't bring them all up, but something to notice.

The scene resumes where it left off. However, shots of Mikey in the bathroom are cut, as is the second shot of him in it following the final shot.

Whacker Wilson watching Ka-Ching's introduction is interesting. Shot 1 is textless, unlike source. However, Ka-Ching's first appearance keeps the onscreen Japanese text, but is altered to fit the TV. It's like they were afraid to have onscreen text in the fullscreen shots (that will change soon, though). Follow-ups of a gun-aiming cop getting wiggy with it are cut.

Resuming the last scene following the cutting of the cop, the Rangers fight Triptoids and Ka-Ching. Onscreen text during a Whacker Wilson scene is, again, replaced with the textless version of the shot. Cuts follow-up close-ups of Red & Yellow eating mushrooms out of a bag.

This section runs a little short, as the final shot cuts before Yellow & Red get up and leave. It then covers this shot with a recycling of a wide angle of the pair eating. Why? One can only wonder, but probably for time, if anything.

Resuming the scene, the giant onscreen text when Whacker freaks out remains. Was there no textless elements for it? I guess not! After the final shot of this scene (I should note they used the original Abaranger music tracks for the dubbing of this one), what gets cut? Why, Whacker planting a big sloppy kiss on Blue, then another giant text shot.

Another resumption of the scene, but what gets cut next? Why, Blue having a daydream of him with numerous women. If I were Sodders I'd probably be showing you that, but that's what the Wayback Machine is for, I guess.

One more resumption of scene. There's another big gap between the final shot and the next shot, for our Ranger teens having a discussion, despite no gap being between the two.

What gets cut after this? Whacker Wilson readying his bat to strike Ka-Ching, but slowly deciding against it.

What gets cut after this? A lot. See next shot for more.

Conner covers up what happens next, but most of the footage plays behind him and is partially visible on the TV edges. There's some Zord talking, some Monopoly playing, some Mikey daydreaming while hugging the porcelain throne, and a commercial break. Weirdly, the footage resumes on the first shot post commercial break of Abaranger, then proceeds to go to commercial here.

We lose another shot of Blue on the bike prior to this. Another onscreen text shot occurs during Whacker's daydream, but they just go with it. Follow-up of wigged-out cop pulling his gun on a civilian is cut, as is Blue's reaction to it.

After that, everything plays as normal, until we get to Blue getting jabbed in the face by Ka-Ching. They cover it by cutting to Conner watching.

The Rangers vs Ka-Ching scene runs pretty much uncut. A follow-up of Blue pumping his fist in the air is cut, replaced by another "reflection on the screen as our Ranger teens watch this isn't from the particular scene we were just watching" shot.

Start is trimmed just a little for time. What gets cut next? The four Rangers going Super Dino Mode, possibly cut since Black doesn't have his yet in PRDT.

Z-Rex Blaster sequence includes some shots we usually see, recycled per source. After this, all the wigged people return to normal, then there's a Thundersaurus Megazord battle against giant Ka-Ching. The Abaranger episode is nearly 25 minutes long and PRDT is only 21, so something's gotta give! It was a Cephalazord arm fight, for the record.

Just the one.

Cuts a prior shot of a flag. Cuts follow-ups of Blue getting Whacker to stay with the promise of a meal. Then the end credit sequence, then Whacker eating and giving Blue money.

Just the one.

The logo of Abaranger appears on the TV screen, taken from the opening sequence.

Ending Credits