Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

#128: MMPR 316: "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger".

Features Footage from:
Nothing! It's the show's fifth 100% Sentai-free episode.

The complete program, from "Today On" to end of Saban logo, lasts roughly 21:06;04.

But the original VHS "Holiday Premiere!" release, hereto referred to as "the Video Version", is, from opening to end of end credits, roughly 28:59;06.

"Today On" segment (only on Aired Version) is about :30; by itself.

Opening is about 1:00;00 by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Aired Version's Opening Credits
(Video Version has its own sequence made up entirely of shots from the video, (plus a shot of Kat from 317) with credit shots a hybrid between the late Season 2 Ranger Teen shots on the left and 307's first Ranger summoning shots on the right)

Source Description Edit Note

Zordon Face 1.

Medium shot.

Number of uses this episode: 1.

Zordon Face 2.

Close shot.

Number of uses this episode: 5.

Source Description Edit Note
MMPR 213.

Downward angle on Lunar Palace, Zedd's balcony, with a bit of the red sands of Nemesis. Recycled; transitions in.

MMPR 315.

Pan up, close, on Rita as she walks up balcony steps, holding her skirt up with her right hand and smiling. Recycled; may've been unused footage from 245.

MMPR 101.

Close on Youth Center sign. Recycled; this shot is only in the Video Version.

MMPR 209/215.

Close on Zedd as he stares off to our slight right, Goldar comes up behind his shoulder, talking close, after a moment or so, Zedd snaps back at him, causing the minion to flinch back in response, holding his hand up meekly, until Zedd, talking, turns to our slight right again. Goldar nods, then raises his fist. Slow zoom in on Zedd as he raises his hand to his forehead, then slowly holds hand forth, gesturing fingers into an off frame fist.

Recycled, runs connected for first time; fades to black; This shot is only in Aired Version.

MMPR 202.

Straight upward angle on Lunar Palace, beneath Zedd's balcony, as dark storm clouds roll across the skies above. Recycled; transitions in.

Video Version Aired Version Description


VV has "magical" sound during fade in from black. VV has Rocky voice-over the end of this shot and beginning of next, "Wow... This looks great!"

Title on AV is in show's standard font and placement, and starts almost right where VV's ended.

VV's Aisha close-up has her singing the verse "Good tidings to you, wherever you are".

AV's Aisha close-up has her singing "..Merry Christmas, and a happy new year".

VV has close side angle on kids singing "Good tidings for Christmas and a happy new year".

AV has pan left across kids singing "Good tidings to you, where ever you are".

VV has longer pan left across kids (including Kimberly playing guitar at start) singing "We wish you a merry Christmas (x2) and a happy new year. Good tidings for you, where ever you are".

AV has close-up on Kim playing guitar, which cuts right before what is start of pan left in VV.


VV exclusive close-up on Aisha, singing "Good tidings for Christmas and a happy new year".


VV version starts later, runs longer.

AV version starts earlier, ends sooner.

VV has close-up of kid spreading glitter on paper.

AV has side angle on Ashley Hammond, Ernie and others at table.

VV has exclusive close-up of kid putting candies on cookies.

AV has close-up of kid spreading glitter on paper.


VV has longer version of Ashley, Ernie and others at table.


VV has exclusive zoom in on boy on right putting frosting on cookies.


VV has exclusive pan down on girl putting glitter on paper.


Both have zoom out from frosting girl looking up and laughing as Ernie watches on, but VV runs a few frames longer.


VV has exclusive close-up of Aisha singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" about three times.


Both have shot of kids singing, but AV runs a little longer.

VV has Rocky saying, "You know, I'm really glad we decided to be teen buddies for tonight's party." Tommy replies, "yeah."

As this is cut out in AV, the writer credits appear later in shot than in VV.

VV has star shaped transitions at end of Zedd scene.

AV fades to black, marking the act break of the prologue.

VV has Juice Bar sign.

AV fades in from black with an extra second or so of the next shot of Aisha talking to the kids.

Dialogue is same in both.


VV has exclusive longer extension to "Oh, Hanukkah".

VV has extension where Aisha & Kim exchange glances then Kim says "I know", before following the Becky as Aisha watches on.

AV cuts this with a pixel-wipe to next scene.


VV's shot zooms in very, very slowly.

AV version zooms in on sign pretty fast.


VV has exclusive sequence of Elves wrapping toys and such. I'd quote the dialogue, but it's dumber than dirt.

VV has exclusive scene of #1 gasping and Santa getting menaced by Tengas. Then an extension to following scene of Kim coming outside, walking over, saying "Hey".

AV transitions from Rito's shot to Kim already having reached Becky.


VV has exclusive extension after Becky says "he has to work", Kim saying "Sorry". Becky says "He's always working! I don't think I'll get to see him at all this Christmas. I really miss him." Kim replies, "Sometimes our parents have to do what they think is best for the family. Even if it makes us sad." Becky says, "Well, I'm definitely sad."

AV just skips to Kim's "You know what?".

VV has exclusive version of Becky saying, "Okay, I'm going to be extra sure to let him know just how I feel." Kim nods, saying "Now that's the Christmas spirit". Becky, "But... who's gonna care if I sing tonight?" Kim, "All of your friends are gonna be there, and I'm gonna be there." Becky "Promise?" Kim, "I promise!". Kim then reaches in for a hug.

AV has alternate take of girl saying "Okay, I'm going to be extra sure to let him know just how I feel". It then cuts to Kim reaching in for a hug.

VV has exclusive extension where Kim says, "Let's go", then she and girl walk off to the door and go in.

AV cuts from them hugging, then fades to next scene.


VV has Aisha quip "Talk about a gift you'd want to return", Kim scoffs, before Rocky says "We gotta get to the North Pole...".

AV cuts right to Rocky's line.


VV cuts Zordon talking after "morphing powers will not work there", for an exclusive extension where Billy says, "So what you're saying is, is that we're going to be on our own?" Zordon replies, "Yes, I'm afraid so", before continuing, "Alpha can teleport you there".

AV has Zordon's line entirely redubbed to make it one whole statement with no break between "morphing powers will not work there. Alpha can teleport you there."


After Tommy says Santa is important, VV has this exclusive sequence. Zordon says "I knew you'd be up to the challenge. Before you go, I have someone special who'd like to speak to you. Behold the Viewing Globe." They do so, and Kat says, "Hi everyone! I'm sorry I can't be there with you." Tommy "Ahh, don't worry about it. You just have yourself a great Christmas with your family." Kat "I will. I'll miss you all!" Kim "We'll miss you too." Kat "Take care!" Kim waves, "Bye." Billy chuckles, they all back around to Zordon. Zordon says, "It is now time for Alpha to teleport you to the North Pole.

AV goes from Tommy saying Santa is important, to Zordon saying, "Alpha will now teleport you to the North Pole."


After Tommy says they have to think of a different way, VV lets the shot go on a little longer.


VV has this exclusive lengthy scene

Rito "C'mon! Look alive. Keep moving. What's a matter with you?! I've never seen a slower bunch of elves my whole life! Geez."

Black elf says, "What do you know about work?"

Rito grunts, Black elf says, "You have no idea what it takes to do what we do."

Rito "Big deal. You make toys."

#1 says "That's only a sideline. The first and most important thing about our jobs is spreading the holiday spirit."

Rito "So what? You wrap your little gifts, you give 'em out." .

Both VV & AV have the rest, though AV sticks it in the end credits sequence.

VV does have an exclusive response by #1 to Rito's claim of having no heart, of "I don't believe that!" .


VV has an exclusive shot of Rito chuckling to #1, who touches his chest while smiling.

VV has an exclusive lengthy scene of Goldar looking in Repulsascope, then saying "Come look at this!"

Pan over to Zedd, holding a cigar and a glass of something misty, which he says, "Not while I'm enjoying my favorite snack! Toquitos and dry ice!" Rita scoffs him off.

Goldar "But sire! Rito's weakening!" Zedd "Ridiculous! You're a bigger bonehead than my brother in law."

He comes over, uses his zedd vision, "Let's see. You're right. And those six insufferable samaritans have showed up. Ugh. Why does this always happen?"

Rita "Don't blame me, you should've just let me go in the first place." Zedd "Alright, Rita. Can it. I'll take care of this. Goldar?"

Goldar "Yes, your monstrosity?" Zedd "Go down to the North Pole. Destroy those meddling morphin misfits and get those elves back to work!"

Goldar "I was hoping you'd say that, sire!" Zedd, "Rita, nothing will interfere with my plans. Not your hollow-headed brother, not even those power pinheads.

The children of the world will be mine. I will control their little minds and take over their big world! Haha!" Rita laughs during.

AV has exclusive footage recycle with new dialogue, Zedd "Ungh? Goldar!"

Goldar "Yes, my sire? I live to serve you, lord..." Zedd "Quiet! Go down to the North Pole. Destroy those meddling Morphing misfits, and get those elves back to work."

Goldar grunts affirmatively. Zedd continues " Ahh. Nothing will interfere with my plans. Nothing! The children of the world shall be mine.

I shall control their little minds and take over their big world!"


VV has an exclusive scene of kids working on cookies. Ernie comes over with cups, "Here you go, guys!" Kid with black hair stiffly asks, "Hey Ernie. When's Santa gonna get here."

Fat kid says, "Yeah. I got a lot of stuff on my list." Ernie "I'm sure he's on his way. Listen. Have a couple of hot chocolate while you wait. It's my secret Christmas recipe."

He looks up to the sky, saying "Tommy, wherever you guys are, I hope you get back here soon." He leaves, pan over to the girl, who looks around sadly.

AV fades in from black, starting act two, while VV doesn't.


This scene is in both, but VV has exclusive voice over of Rito saying, "Unh. Thought you could soften me up with all that mushy talk about holiday spirit and goodness? Yuahh! Well, I snapped out of it! One quick thought about Lord Zedd brought me back to my senses! Now keep working."


After Kim & Aisha whisper to #1, VV has exclusive extension, with Rito telling the elves, "It's too quiet in here! Don't you whistle? Elves work better when they whistle, don't they?! Look at this, what is this, an empty box?!"

AV picks it up right when he says "empty box?", rather sloppily.


Before saying "Now ya think...",, VV has exclusive extension, with Rito opening exterior door.


After saying "I thought I smelled something.", VV has exclusive extension, Goldar saying "...rotten". Rito sniffs, then raises his left arm, sniffing armpit. Goldar hits him, and says, "Not you, helmet head! Them!".


After Tommy & Rocky slap each other five, VV has this extension, Santa glances around and says, "Well it's nice to see there's still a place for good in this world. Ha ha ha.".


After Rita says "Bah humbug!", VV has exclusive extension, Zedd says, "Right!".


VV has exclusive extension to the start of the toy bagging montage, of a second or two more of Elves running in.

VV has these three shots in one order.

AV has one of the shots moved way up.


VV has exclusive extension to the start of the pull back, showing Rocky then Adam.

AV starts with Billy, cutting those two.


VV has exclusive extension to the start of the green box shot, showing elves passing it down.

AV starts with Tommy putting its bow on.

VV has exclusive bit, following "good in your young lives", Santa saying, "But I think you've made more people happy today than ever before!"

Tommy "You know, I think you're the one who deserves all the thanks, Santa. I mean, for bringing so much happiness to the children all over the world."

Aisha "Yeah, for keeping the holiday spirit alive in all of us." Santa "Oh, stop. You're makin' me blush! Hahaha!" Aisha giggles as she looks away from Adam.

AV cuts from "good in your young lives" to the Aisha shot, which instead of being the end of the shot, is the exclusive start of it, showing her laugh and look to Adam.


Before Billy says "what are we gonna do with those", VV has exclusive extension of Billy laughing, then saying, "Hey...".

After Santa says "leave these to me, Billy", VV has exclusive extension of Santa saying, "I believe there're some children in Angel Grove that are counting on you.".

AV has exclusive brief bit of Kim looking back while saying "Oh my gosh..." instead of Billy & Rocky looking panicked.


VV has the voices of the Elves saying goodbye over this shot.

AV has the on-set sound, which is the Ranger teens bidding Santa and the elves goodbye.

VV has exclusive extension. Zedd grunts, "What is this supposed to be? Somebody's bad idea of a joke?! Who would dare send us a present?!"

Rito, "Aww, Santy Claus didn't forget about us." Goldar "Quiet, you sentimental fool!" Zedd "Probably another trick. Rita, you open it!"

Rita "Me? Ohh, all right. Since you never get me anything, at least I get to open one present this year. Hey! What a rip-off! He's just given us back our old toys! Blah"

Zedd reads from giant card, "Listen to this, 'if you start working very hard right now, perhaps by this time next year, you'll find something more under your tree.

Merry Christmas.' Ooo, why that impudent, oversized imp!" Rito says, "Ooh, I almost forgot!" then scrambles off, comes back with a box behind his back.

Goldar "So, what're ya hiding?" Rito "Well, in keeping with the holiday spirit, I want you to have... this."

It's the same as AV until after Rito says "Happy Holidays, ya big lug." Goldar hits gift with metallic sound.

Pan left from Squatt, saying, "Aye, I think I may cry" to Rita, saying "Ew! I think I may hurl! Yuhh!"

then Zedd "For once, we agree on something, the whole thing, gives me the willies!" It transitions to next scene.

AV has Rito's line placed over the palace exterior, then cuts right to Rita saying "At least I get to open one present this year"

Then cuts after "old toys" to Goldar asking what Rito's hiding. It stays the same, until after Rito says "Happy Holidays, ya big lug."

No sound when Goldar hits the gift. It cuts to Zedd saying "The whole thing..." It fades to black.


VV extended pan over from kids in line to Santa Bulk.

AV cuts past the line during fade in from act break.


VV runs a second longer here, including a fart noise after Skull says, "You're just not with the holiday spirit, are you?".


VV has this scene run longer, after the fat boy says, "I want an autographed picture of the Power Rangers", he then says, "I want a hamburger. No, a cheeseburger." Santa Bulk interrupts, "Okay, alright, uhh, it's in the mail! Huh huh. Bye bye!" The kid leaves, Bulk slumps back, Skull waves incredulously.


After saying "That was beautiful", VV lingers another second on Skull crying.


VV has an extension. Kim & Tommy laugh, then Kim says "Even Bulk & Skull are in the holiday spirit." Tommy "Yeah, looks like it's contagious" She goes "Mm-hmm", they both wave, Bulk & Skull wave back with smiles.


VV has an extension. After Kim's Mom says "all alone on Christmas" and Kim coos and hugs her, Kim says, "Thank you." Frenchie says, "Merry Christmas, Kimberly", they exchange cheek kisses, she returns the Merry Christmas wish, and squeals some more, holding hands with Mom while Tommy shakes Frenchie's hand.

VV has the Executive Producer credits high up.

AV has them low as per usual.