Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

#129: MMPR 317: "A Ranger Catastrophe, Part I".

Features Footage from (bold = new footage):
Kakuranger, episodes 30 & 31.

The complete program, from "Today On" to end of Saban logo, lasts roughly 20:17;08.

"Today On" segment is about :30; by itself.

Opening is about 1:00;00 by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits

Source Description Edit Note

Zordon Face 1.

Medium shot.

Number of uses this episode: 1.

Source Description Edit Note
MMPR 308.

Aisha's head, within a yellow circle, transforms into Ninjetti, then to Ninja Ranger mode.


MMPR 308.

Five yellow circles with each of the Ranger Teens' heads transform into Ninjetti, then to Ninja Ranger modes.

Recycled, but minus Aisha.

MMPR 246.

Close on Zedd as he looks to our slight lower right, and Rita, right behind him, has her back to him, she turns back to say something before heading down the stairs.


MMPR 246.

Zedd turns around from Earth cut-out, steps forth, talking to our slight right.

Recycled, but runs a few frames longer.

MMPR 304.

Real close on Goldar, moving about as he talks to our slight right.


MMPR 246.

Continued, Zedd remains with his back to Earth cut-out, turning now to talk to our slight left.


MMPR 313.

Exterior of Aisha's house, as three kids race down the sidewalk to our left.


MMPR 305.

Rita's eye peers through Repulsascope, pan out and left as she says something, then leans out and back, talking to our far left, before looking into scope again, grinning evilly.


MMPR 202/216.

Close on Lord Zedd, leaning back then raising staff, moving his hand down it and gripping with both hands before turning again and jutting staff out into space, flashes appearing..


KAKU #31.

Thundercloud crackles with bluish electricity, and erupts with a downpour, not of rain, but of multiple bolts of unnatural lightning.

Recycled, per source.

KAKU #30.

Bluish electricity crackles about from below, forming into the glowing, giant figure of Rito Revolto, towering above us, whipping sword about once.

MMPR 102.

Command Center's alarm light spins.


MMPR 318.

30 second deleted scene from the next episode (including a brief bloopered false start) of Bulk & Skull on crossing guard duty in middle of nowhere, then chasing P.C off-screen.

Altered to fit in end credits.