Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

#146: MMPR 334: "Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part I".

Features Footage from (bold = new footage):
Zyuranger, episode 2, 20, 21, 46, & 48;
and Kakuranger, episodes 30 & 31.

The complete program, from "Today On" to end of Saban logo, lasts roughly 20:55;13.

"Today On" segment is about :30; by itself.

Opening is about 1:00;00 by itself.

Ending is about 0:30; by itself.

Opening Credits (Saban logo changes)

Source Description Edit Note

Zordon Face 2.

Close shot.

Number of uses this episode: 8.

Source Description Edit Note
ZYU #48.

Sparks burst on skyscrapers in model city, leading to a bright explosion above the smokestacks.

Recycled; dates back to ZYU #21 but this version is darkened; bolt added briefly.

ZYU #46.

Edged side of tall building erupts with superimposed explosion that flares screen right then bright white as it expands.


ZYU #20.

Mirrored-windowed skyscraper erupts outward from within, spraying debris onto the many surrounding buildings.

Bolt added briefly.

ZYU #48.

Severed upper half of an office building crashes down upon an overpass, crushing it completely and erupting into a series of explosions, the burned-out shell of an automobile visibly flung about in the debris.

ZYU #20.

Close shot of building section bursting debris, then a swath of flames exploding over it all.

Recycled; but first time unaltered.

ZYU #21.

Seaport warehouse section as explosions increase frequency, until one burst just decimates the area from our left outward.


MMPR #308.

Close, downward, on Alpha's hand pressing buttons on small keypad, then reaching up and turning knob.


MMPR 217.

Command Center exterior, close, ground level angle, as a green beam with an intermittent yellow ring fires off into the sky, pan upward left, following its transmission.

Recycled; green beam added; long version with footage running in reverse.

ZYU #02.

Planet Earth hangs in atmospheric space, as a green beam with an intermittent yellow ring fires off from it.

Nearly same shot from pan over in ZYU #01; green beam added.

MMPR #241.

Slow push in on the upper right of photo of crowded starscape, as a green beam with an intermittent yellow ring fires off that way.

Recycled; green beam added.

MMPR 334.

30 second montage of random shots from the ep.

Altered to fit in end credits.

KAKU #31.

Included in the montage is this shot of Master Vile atop a giant skull, beneath a stormy sky.

Altered to fit in end credits.

KAKU #30.

Also included, this extreme close-up of Master Vile's creepily glowing face, mouth opening briefly.

Altered to fit in end credits.