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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"A Friend In Need, Part 2"
Original Air Date: 09/09/95
[Note: First aired as what was the first all-new one-hour airing of PR ever on Fox Kids.]
Featuring most footage from Kamen Rider Black RX:
#06 "Kaima ET Dai Abare! (The Evil Extraterrestrial Devil's Huge Rage!)"
Repellator monster suit from:
Dairanger #42 - Kaachan Itchokusen (A Straight Line To Mother) [Plus 43 & 44]

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-302
*2nd episode aired
*114th total Power Rangers episode

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
T.J. Roberts _AS_ Dex (Masked Rider)
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Repellator (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ The Plague Sentry (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter, others ? _AS_ The Plague Patrol (voices)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Double Face (voice)
? _AS_ Cogworts (voices)
Traci Belusci _AS_ Zarius [Note: Played by the same lady who portrayed "Jennifer" in Zeo's "Target Rangers"]
Winston Story _AS_ Donais
Peter Shinkoda _AS_ Ferrian

[Opening Credits, Late season 2 version still.]

The Spiderface Ship continues spewing plasmic bolts towards the planet Edenoi's surface. The Power Rangers are lead deep into a cave by the several Edenites they met in the previous episode, assured they'll be safe in there for a short while. Doubleface (who is only heard but not seen, in fact, none of Dregon's crew is seen in this episode, oddly enough) tells Count Dregon that they need to send in the Plague Patrol to go after them. In the cave, Masked Rider's condition is checked by the three other Edenites, who look after the well being of their prince. He's fine, but must rest a moment, deactivating his Ecto-Phase Powers and reverting to Prince Dex, suddenly without his hood or gasmask on as he wore before transforming. The Rangers are shocked over the revelation of his humanoid appearance, Aisha asks who and what he is. The other Edenites think they can trust them, so Dex turns around and introduces himself, saying he is the Prince Of Edenoi, and also the Masked Rider, a power bestowed upon him to battle evil and injustice. Dex tells them it is safe to breathe in there as they're far enough from the mine site and their air is similar to that of Earth (suddenly, he's an expert on Earth, is he?). The three other Edenites remove their gasmasks, revealing humanoid faces with crystals on their foreheads just like Dex. The prince formally known as Masked Rider notes that he has trusted the Rangers with his identity and will not betray the trust of theirs. They take a hint and begin taking off their helmets and introducing themselves, Aisha's new hairstyle's impossibility of fitting into that Yellow Ranger helmet has never been more apparent. Dex then introduces his three Edenite pals to them, Zarius (a female), Donais (a white guy), Farian (an asian guy). Zarius asks who they are and why they've come to Edenoi (despite having been told hundreds of times already), Tommy says they're the Power Rangers, protectors of Earth. Rocky mentions they were sent by Zordon & Alpha 5, Billy tells Dex they were told to assess the situation and report on their well-being.

Tommy asks him to tell what happened to their planet and what those crystals on their foreheads are for. Dex turns towards the jagged cave wall, aims his mind-crystal at it and explains they allow them to communicate telepathically as well as project images. He projects some stock footage of his people, telling the Rangers that Count Dregon has enslaved their race and is forcing them to mine the soil, which releases toxic gas that will ultimately destroy their planet. Adam asks how they could let this happen, and Dex explains that Edenoi is a planet of great peace, having not the need of weapons or armies for many centuries. Count Dregon was aware of this and in their vulnerability waged an attack, to which they weren't prepared as they were a race of scholars and artisans. The price paid for that was their freedom, and while many have escaped Edenoi, many more are still in hiding on the planet. Dex turns off his glowing head-projector and turns to the Rangers, stating that this is what has become of their planet.


The backstory continues, as Billy asks Dex how he came to be the Masked Rider. The prince turns to the wall and projects more stock footage (I should note, it's footage of Masked Rider crash landing on a mountain, the same Kamen Rider stuff that'll end up being used for "Escape From Edenoi", the first MR episode. Is he predicting the future?), telling the Rangers that the Masked Rider powers have existed on Edenoi for many centuries, handed down from king to king, kept always ready but never needed until recently. He says the powers were bestowed upon him by his grandfather, King Lexian, when it became clear they were losing the fight against Count Dregon & his evil minions. Dregon must never get his hands on the Masked Rider powers, for with them, he would be invincible and the entire galaxy would be at risk. Until the time when Lexian is returned to his rightful throne, the people on Edenoi bide their time, slaving in the gas mines, depending on Masked Rider to stave off Dregon's attempts to destroy the planet. Until that day (that being either when Lexian becomes true King again or they dig up enough gas to destroy their own world), their rebel forces continue to fight bravely on and he remains an outlaw under he guise of Masked Rider trying to bring a sense of hope to his people.

Meanwhile in the Command Center on Earth, Alpha gets a collect call from Kimberly on the Viewing Globe. She asks if he's heard from the guys yet, Alpha tells her not but she should just concentrate on getting better. Kim coughs and asks to be kept posted on the situation, Alpha promises to contact her the moment he hears something. She puts her Communicator back on her nightstand and grabs a stuffed animal and returns to laying in bed, barely enjoying her day off. Elsewhere on Earth, at the Juice Bar, Bulk spots two females (a blonde and a brunette, who remain nameless, so i'll just call them Peroxide and Monoxide, or Proxy & Moxy for short) sitting at the counter, engaging in secret conversation. He tries to slide on in and act real smooth, but ends up setting his elbow down on a plate and flipping all the empty plastic glasses onto himself. They look at him with their usual snobby attitudes, he's at a loss for words and embarrassed, walks off and sits at a table near the entrance, continuing to admire the two from afar while smacking his head. Skull strolls in and sits next to his best buddy, they exchange quick hellos and Bulk asks Skull what he thinks of the two girls. Skull calls them "very very nice", Bulk asks him what he thinks they're talking about. Skull shamelessly suggests they're talking about his classic good looks & devastating profile, but Bulk bursts the goofball's balloon. He notes they're absolutely gaga over the Power Rangers, and this gives him a brilliant idea. Skull screams for him to stop, he's not going looking for the Power Rangers' secret identities again, he's had it up to here with that endless set of crazy schemes! Bulk says that they don't have to look for them, as they've already found them, pointing to the both of them, Skull smirks and calls Bulkie Boy a genius.

Meanwhile on the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd paces around, mumbling mathematical terms to himself while trying to think up a plan. Rita is following behind him, and Goldar behind her, the mind-conga comes to a halt when Rita bumps into Zedd and knocks him forward, he shouts for them to stop riding his coattails. Rita turns around and dittos the aggression on Goldar, Zedd asks where Finster is with his new monster, he doesn't have all century to wait! Goldar agrees, especially with Dregon moving in on him, Rita screams at the dunderhead for bringing up the Count in front of the Lord, which does as expected, sending Zedd into one of his Dregon rants. Lord Zedd hates and despises Count Dregon, calling him too evil for his own good. Back in the cave on Edenoi, Aisha mentions that Alpha wants to know what become of their leader, King Lexian. Dex smiles and reminds her of what he JUST told them, that Lexian is his grandfather, and he's in hiding orchestrating their people's escape (although we saw him last episode wandering around in the open wearing a white robe, not very stealthy of him...), and is safe for the time being. Tommy walks over and pats Dex on the arm for no reason at all, other than I guess for giving the good news Alpha's going to want to hear (want to know something odd? Lexian is Dex's granddad, and is like a father to Alpha. Does that make Alpha 5 the father of Dex?!).

Back at the Juice Bar, Bulk & Skull scoot their chairs closer to where Proxy & Moxy are located (putting their table right in the middle of the walkway). Bulk talks loudly and stresses a few key words while asking Skull how he found the Power Rangers were going to be there. This catches the girls' short-attention span, Skull states that he heard from a very reliable source that the Power Rangers will be there. Bulk asks if the source can verify in the fact the Power Rangers do in fact gather at this very spot every day, Skull is so caught up in watching the girls pretend not to be listening to them that it takes Bulk's stomping of his foot to get him to shout yes! Bulk cautions him to lower his voice as the information is top-secret, speaking still loud enough for the giggling girls to hear every word, asking where this location is. Skull drops a line about it being at the mountainside over near East Angel Grove Heights, and the girls take the bait, hook, line & stinker! Meanwhile on Edenoi, that silver-horned horse-riding Plague Sentry from last episode orders the Cogworts to annihilate the rebels and their multicolored friends in the cave. The Cogworts, three mutant toad-things who seem to lack much usable footage, growl and snarl and stand doing nothing but blinking and shaking their arms about. In the cave, the Edenites seem to be able to sense the Cogworts, Zarius says they're vicious creatures sent by Count Dregon. The group of heroes rush to the cave entrance and take a good look out, Dex noting that the Plague Patrol has returned. Several silver armored men ride horses into the area (none resemble the Plague Sentry), who order the Cogworts to flush the rebels out of the cave. Aisha says it looks like the monsters are going to be leaving any time soon, Tommy states the obvious about this definitely not looking good, as the nine stand there awaiting the inevitable.


The Cogworts speak, urging the rebels to come out and face them, because they're hungry! The Plague Sentry rides down the hillside and tells the Cogworts to stop chattering and attack, also ordering the Plague Patrol to get a move on it (and he's never seen again, thanks to footage restrictions). Dex informs the Power Rangers that he has the capabilities of handling the Cogworts but they'll have to take care of the Plague Patrol, which our heroes are more than happy to help them with. One of the Patrollers taunts the "rebel swine" to come out and fight, Adam thinks this is obviously the welcome wagon. The Patroller warns Prince Dex & friends to come out before they send the Cogworts in after them, leaving our heroes with no other choice but to fight. Dex gives a victory cry of "To The Power", which they all shout back in unison, before Tommy remorphs the team with a Back To Action. Dex rushes out and leads the troops to battle, telling the loathsome barbarians that if it's a fight they want than their wish is coming true. The Plague Patrol (consisting of three armored horseback warriors, one with a carpet over his helmet, I might add) boasts they'll put an end to the Edenites rebellion once and for all, and even their multicolored friends can't help them. Dex does his arm gesturing thing like before, proclaiming that as new friends like these rally to their cause, Dregon and his band of evil shall be banned from Edenoi from all time, they've met their match at last! Dex urges his comrades to destroy them, the Power Rangers pose and the Prince announces that by the power of King Lexian, the rightful ruler of Edenoi, he shall now Ecto-Phase Activate into Masked Rider. The transformation occurs, and Masked Rider threatens the fearful Plague Patrol with the true might of the Rider & the Power Rangers. The Patrol is touched by his speech but not impressed, racing into action quickly. The three Edenite rebel friends of Dex get shoved aside (sent back into cave, but why'd they bother coming out in the first place if they're just going to go back in?) as Masked Rider leaps towards the Cogworts elsewhere in the vicinity.

The Power Rangers attack the Plague Patrol while the Rider tackles the Cogworts. One of the Patrollers, with a buzzsaw arm, seems to know White Ranger is an Earthling, just before getting jump-kicked off his high-horse. He lands on his feet, gets called "even uglier up close" by Tommy, and vows to make the meddling intruder pay. Red Ranger spars with Carpet-head, tossing him on his back rather quickly. Masked Rider performs his special Rider Kick maneuver, which consists of jumping and charging his feet as he aims towards a Cogwort. The lumpy frog monster is thrown across the ground into another of his fellow brethren, Dex calls this a two-for-one despite the fact the other doesn't fall over. Blue, Black & Yellow Rangers gang up on a fuzzy-arm-blade Patroller, kicking him one at a time, and somehow he manages to take the hits and keep on yapping about their need to kick harder than that, calling them "nose-wipes". White Ranger & buzzsaw-hand hop around while fighting, Tommy tries tricking him into thinking his shoe is untied, but alas, he doesn't fall for it. Masked Rider leaps into the air and strikes a Cogwort coming his way, and upon landing, he's so busy with that one that another comes up behind and grabs his arm. Stretched out like a wishbone, this allows the third Cogwort to jumpkick the Rider in the chest. He falls backwards, taking the Cogworts with him as they remain firmly latched on his arms. He picks one off and chucks it at the Cogwort who attacked him, really getting a two-for-one that time as that one falls over. Carpet-head is sick of these games, poking his poker-arm at Rocky but is unable to hit the slippery human. Yellow & Blue Rangers play with fuzzy-arm, Billy remarking that he needs a breathmint as the Rangers battle on and on in the rust-colored atmosphere of the planet Edenoi.

Meanwhile in the Command Center, Alpha Ay-yi-yi's to Zordon that they've never been out of touch with the Power Rangers for so long and hopes they're all right. Zordon is sure there's no cause for concern, they'll be fine and he must have faith in their abilities. Alpha knows he's right, calm in one respect that at least things on Earth are quiet. While on the Moon Palace, Rita screams for Finster to get his termite-ridden carcass in there. Finster enters as requested, presenting to his queen The Repellator, who appears and bows, claiming to be so displeased to meet her. Lord Zedd, Goldar & Rita are happily disgusted at the sight of him, but all fail to notice Repellator is just Silverhorns from "The Power Transfer", painted Neon Green and given a long red tongue! Rita tries inspecting the creature further, and when he grabs her hand and presses it to his mouth, trying to kiss the queen in respect, she yanks it back, covered in red slime from his elongated tongue! Even she's grossed out by this, Goldar also groaning out a growl, Rita tells Zedd to send it down to Angel Grove at once. Repellator says he has much slobbering to do there, Zedd commands the monster to go destroy the city, and to let destruction be his song of war, and if he should run across those meddlesome Power Rangers to show them no mercy at all! He happily obeys, making slurping sounds as he's teleported to Earth by the power of the Z-Staff. Lord Zedd proclaims for Count Dregon to be warned that Earth and all it's inhabitants will soon be theirs (Rita finishing off his statement with "ours"), the diabolical duo laugh evilly together. The alarms go off in the Command Center, Alpha frantically presses buttons and calls this extremely bad timing. Zordon says that Zedd has sent down another monster to Earth, and once Alpha has it on the Viewing Globe, Zordon is able to determine its name, Repellator, saying that this is troubling indeed. Alpha's circuits don't seem to recall that fact it's just Silverhorns repainted, but exclaims "Galactic Gizmos! That's One Ugly Monster!" and watches as it walks the beach towards Angel Grove. Zordon has Alpha contact the Rangers at once, as they'll likely need them to leave Edenoi and return, Alpha attempts to communicate in a serious long distance manner. White Ranger is fighting buzzsaw-hand on Edenoi, not hearing any sound coming from his Communicator, and even if there was one, he's too wrapped up in action to answer it. Alpha knows something is wrong as he's lost contact with the Power Rangers, there's nothing but dead air, shouting that this is terrible!


Alpha continues trying to reach the Rangers, getting nothing but static. Zordon says they have no choice but to contact Kimberly and have her fight Repellator alone. Alpha knows there's nothing else they can do, although since she's still sick he hopes he's up to the fight. Kim is reading a magazine in her bed when the Communicator goes off, Alpha tells her there's a monster in Angel Grove and he knows she's not well but they need her. She thinks she's up to it, climbing out of the covers and standing towards the camera, stuffily shouting out that It's Morphin' Time! Pink Ranger quickly appears on the shores of Angel Grove Lake, ordering Repellator to hold it right there. He thinks this is his lucky day to find a lone Ranger, announcing he's here to slurp & burp up Angel Grove, but is happy to get a little pink appetizer first. Kim says that she may be alone but he's making a big green mistake if he thinks he can just, she sneezes and loses her train of thought, but does excuse herself at least. Repellator tells her to prove that she can take him on by herself, she's more than ready to make green pea soup out of him, sneezing every few minutes and rushing into battle with the monster, who says she's as good as licked. Pink Ranger fights Repellator directly, grabbing his arm and asking was when the last time he had his nails done. She's about to punch him in his huge eye when she's overcome by a sneezing fit right in his face. Repellator backs away in disgust, asking how dare she do that to him. Kimberly wipes her nose through her helmet (reflex action?) and finds the irony in a slobbering disgusting creature like him worried about germs, he tells her that if a monster doesn't have his health he doesn't have anything. The fighting continues, only this time he grabs her shoulder-blades and latches his hands onto them, causing her entire Morphed body to be overwhelmed by a molecular scrambler! She's tossed across the beach, getting right back up and saying that he's going to pay, as nobody scrambles her molecules and gets away with it. Pink Ranger leaps at Repellator, her downwards punching arm grabbed by his hand, allowing him to scramble her molecules yet again, midair! Kimberly falls, wondering what if she can't defeat him by herself after all...

[To be concluded; End Credits]

Jason David Frank speaks of Confidence, Attitude, and Self-respect. Scenes of him kicking and sparring from the first MMPR Karate video.

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