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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"A Friend In Need, Part 3"
Original Air Date: 09/09/95
[Note: First aired as what was the first all-new one-hour airing of PR ever on Fox Kids.]
Featuring most footage from Kamen Rider Black RX:
#06 "Kaima ET Dai Abare! (The Evil Extraterrestrial Devil's Huge Rage!)"
Repellator monster suit from:
Dairanger #43 - Gekihaku Kindan no Kako (Violent White Prohibited Past) [Plus 42 & 44]

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-303
*3rd episode aired
*115th total Power Rangers episode

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Worth Keeter
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
T.J. Roberts _AS_ Dex (Masked Rider)
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Repellator (voice)
Ralph J. Votrian _AS_ King Lexian
Ken Merckx _AS_ Count Dregon (voice)
Jennifer Tung _AS_ Nefaria (voice)
Michael Sorich _AS_ Double Face (voice)
Steve Kramer _AS_ Cyclopter (voice)
Michael McConnohie _AS_ Gork (voice)
Julie Maddalena _AS_ Fact (voice)
Scott Page-Pagter, others? _AS_ The Plague Patrol (voices)
? _AS_ The Cogworts (voices)
Peter Shinkoda _AS_ Ferrian
Winston Story _AS_ Donais
Traci Belusci _AS_ Zarius

[Opening Credits, Late season 2 version.]

We find Pink Ranger in the same position we left her in during the end of the previous episode, crouched down, sneezing and trying to assure herself she can beat this monster. Repellator is still repulsed that Kimberly sneezed on him, racing over and grabbing her head between his two clawed hands, apparently attempting another molecule scramble but the Ranger struggles and resists. Meanwhile in the Command Center, Alpha laments over Kim being so sick she's losing the fight with Repellator, Zordon reminds his droid assistant that they must get a message to the other Power Rangers. He suggests he try using alternative frequencies, Alpha hops to and presses some grungy buttons on the consoles. The wavelengths still come up with nothing but dead space, causing Alpha to whine some more. Zordon tells him to have faith in Kimberly's abilities, as she's very resourceful. Alpha hopes he's right, Ay-yi-yi-ing and continuing the attempt to contact the rest of the Ranger crew. Back at the lake, Pink Ranger is still locked in a hold by Repellator, and thanks to being faced to him, she sneezed like crazy in his face. Repellator finally shoves her off to prevent that from happening again, and prepares to attack her from a safe distance, when suddenly the monster starts to sneeze! The ground shakes with a loud rumble each time Repellator sneezes, Kimberly sniffles and tells him "Gesuntite", figuring that maybe he caught her flu (probably thanks to the snot flying through her helmet vent-holes or the molecule scrambling). Repellator thinks this ridiculous as he's impervious to her silly human sicknesses, but goes into another thunderous sneezing fit, proving the point. Kim laughs at his misfortune of catching the flu bug, saying that's how it starts with the sneezing and the tickling in the back of the throat. Repellator stumbles off, firing green blasts at the ground as he continues ha-choo-ing, teleport back to the moon while Pink Ranger tells him to remember to starve a fever & feed a cold. She sneezes yet again, and wipes her snotty hand on her spandex.


Pink Ranger's last sneeze revisited, her Communicator goes off and she says she'd better report in, asking Alpha if he reads her (despite the fact it seems he called her!). Alpha is so happy to hear from her, Zordon asks where Repellator went and she tells him he came down with something and took off but thinks he'll be back soon. Zordon says he's sure she's correct and to stand by to be ready for the monster's return, Kimberly agrees and sticks around the empty lakeside for a spell. One more Ranger contact attempt, this time using Zordon's suggestion of rerouting it through the Intergalactic Phase Shifter, which Alpha notes will cut through the interference (although why they didn't just do this to begin with, I don't know). It works, their signal goes out loud & clear to Edenoi, where White Ranger is landing on his sorry butt after being kicked down. He receives the Communication, Black Ranger standing to his side to listen in as Zordon tells Tommy that Angel Grove is under attack and asking how long until they think they can return to Earth. Tommy says things are pretty hairy there and he doesn't think they can leave just yet, Adam asks the big blue head what the emergency is, Zordon remarks that a particularly loathsome monster of Zedd's has attacked, Kimberly battled it but is still ill and needs their help. The other three Rangers regroup with their two teammates, getting filled in on the situation briefly by Tommy who says they've got to wrap this thing up. The three Plague Patrollers, huddle around egging our heroes on by saying it's time to end this coffee break, Tommy says they're the ones about to take a break, permanently. The fuzzy-bladearm Patroller is suddenly by himself, getting kicked by Blue Ranger in the front, then a double jumpkick by Black & White Rangers from the back, sending him falling swiftly.

Meanwhile on the Moon Palace, Repellator returns and asks his masters if they have anything he can take for his sore throat. Lord Zedd demands to know what he's doing back, the monster says he caught Pink Ranger's flu bug, sneezing and rocking the house with the nasal eruption. Zedd asks his wife if she calls this a monster, and since they're reusing the exact same footage from the previous episode for this scene to save money, Rita screams for Finster to get his termite-ridden carcass in there (Goldar sadly appears but gets no lines today). Finny waddles in at the beck & call of his empress, Zedd orders him to find a cure for that sick, sneezing monster of his and get him back down to Earth to fight Kimberly. Repellator sneezes again, Rita groans in disgust and Finster sees the problem. Back on Edenoi, Carpet-head thinks he's got Rocky now, but the Red Ranger manages to kick him down. White Ranger plays with Buzzsaw-arm, eventually asking him if he likes the travel. The goon says yeah and gets knocked over, as Tommy puns for him to have a nice trip and he'll see him next fall. The three Plague Patrol warriors end up eating dust and waving their arms at our heroes in dismay over getting beat so easily.

Elsewhere back on Earth, Bulk & Skull are dressed in mockups of the Rangers' diamond symbol chested uniforms. They hide in the forest near the mountainside around East Angel Grove Heights, spotting a car approaching in the distance containing the two women they've secretly lured in their Pseudo-Ranger Sexual Trap Of Love (or something like that). Bulk tells Skullster that today may very well be their lucky day, Skull can't believe they actually fell for it and Bulk notes that in a minute the girls will fall for them, causing Skull to give his trademark laugh. The girls, who I nicknamed Proxy & Moxy last episode, roll up like the gullible snobby wenches they are, driving around in search of the supposed "secret Ranger meeting site". Meanwhile on the Moon, Finster is giving Repellator a checkup in his Workshop. An oversized tongue depressor is used on his oversized tongue, and a large flashlight checks out all three of Repellator's eyes. He gives a cough for Finster (and no, both of the doggy-man's hands are fully visible), who waves his arms and asks if he ever brushes, Repellator whines to him that monsters aren't supposed to. Finster gives him the diagnosis, that he's caught a nasty Earth virus and he's supposed to stay in bed for 7 to 10 nights and drink plenty of fluids. Repellator says he can't, Rita & Zedd are already mad at him and he has to go conquer the Power Rangers, asking for a pill he can take. Finster says he supposes he has something that may make him feel a bit better but he'll never get well if he doesn't stay in bed, Repellator promises to do so once this job is over. Finny takes a large hypodermic needle (which resembles a calking gun, actually) and prepares to shove it where the sun doesn't shine on Repellator's neon green hyde. The monster is fearful of the needle, begging for another way, which Finster seems to have sitting right on his worktable. It's a jar of aptly labeled "Finster's Tummy Tabs" (available at a Walgreen's near you!), removing a large tablet he tells him to take two now and two before he goes to bed, warning him that they don't taste very good. Repellator opens wide and Finster crams the giant pill down the monster's elongated-tongued mouth hole.

Back on Earth, Proxy & Moxy pull up in a secluded area of the mountainside. They get out of their car, Proxy asks if she's sure they're in the right place, Moxy assures her this is the place those two clowns back at the Juice Bar said. The girls wander around right out in the open, eventually climbing up the wooded path near where Bulk & Skull are hiding. The females don't see any Power Rangers and are about to leave when Bulk & Skull pop up, now with large space helmets, proclaiming they're the Power Rangers! Moxy is frightened but Proxy holds back laughter, not believing that they're Rangers. Bulk & Skull pose and do funny hand movements like the real Rangers do, Skull confirming that they are who they say, in living spandex! Moxy asks where the other Rangers are, Bulk lifts his visor (which quickly slams back down) stating that they're off polishing their Zords. Skull straightens his helmet and lifts his visor, but the head bobbing causing it to quickly shut again as he explains they just fought a giant huge creature thing! Proxy & Moxy walk off in disappointment, Bulk & Skull halt the girls, asking if they want to see them ride in their Zords. Skull says once again that they really are the Power Rangers, and suddenly, Repellator teleports right behind the bumbling duo, thinking them to be Rangers as they say! The girls scream and tell them that if they're Rangers to do something, racing off towards their car. Bulk & Skull follow, Repellator boasts he feels great and has come to destroy them, spewing off clusters of green energy from his claws. Bulk & Skull grovel, trying to tell the monster that they're not Power Rangers, getting chased over to the ladies' car, running around it in circles with Repellator in tow.

Over on Edenoi, Masked Rider calls on Electro-Saber to activate, whipping out an electronic sword from his belt-buckle. It seems to fire a beam as he swings it around, causing sparks to explode in each of the three Cogworts surrounding him. They collapse and implode in a flash, leaving Masked Rider victorious via really muddy looking Kamen Rider footage! The Plague Patrol hop on their horses and ride off, leaving Buzzsaw-hand behind in their frantic rush to escape the Rangers. He vows to get revenge on Dex another day when he's without the help of his troublesome friends, running after his fleeing partners while nursing a back injury our heroes inflicted on him. Masked Rider deactivates, leaving Prince Dex in his robe (his gasmask removed, despite having had it on when he Ecto-Phased) sucking in the cool poisonous breeze blowing his way as he shouts to the Patroller that he'll be ready for him when he returns. Speaking of returns, the Spiderface (okay, so it's really called the SPIDERBASE, so sueface me) ship floats through a cloudy area somewhere. Count Dregon has his minions enter the bridge and report to him on the situation of Dex's capture. Doubleface regrets to inform him that unfortunately he escaped, which Dregon is surprised to hear, warning that each of them had better have a good explanation for this blunder and to capture him soon. Nefaria says that the Plague Patrol reported strangers in multicolored costumes, which Dregon says he already knew from taking a look at the flippin' battle (she's priceless, isn't she? what with the large yellow feather in her head, what is she supposed to be? Some kind of alien female pimp?)! Dregon says they must find these meddlers and teach them a lesson, Cycloptor stands up and claims he knows who they are. Doubleface hogs the glory by explaining that Cycloptor doesn't, but what they do know is they beamed here from another planet and when they leave they'll be able to follow them home. Count Dregon turns and finishes off this masterfully original plan by saying that then they will destroy them.


Lord Zedd watches the Earth from the Moon Palace Balcony through his red ray-vision, scoping out and enjoying the sheer terror & desperation that Repellator is causing on the four humans below. Rita cackles evilly as Zedd calls this better than Big Time Space Wrestling, a monster's on Earth and there's not a Ranger in sight. Rita says this is perfect and it's time to make the monster grow, Zedd summons forth one of his ever-popular Growing Grenades, pitching it down to Angel Grove, where it's caught in the clutches of Repellator. He slams it to the ground, the explosion causes him to grow huge in an instant, boasting there's even more of him to fear. Moxy & Proxy stare agape at the monster through their car's windshield, as Bulk & Skull continue beating on the door, begging to be let in. They halt their pleas for life and take a good look at the giant Repellator, who still thinks they're Power Rangers, saying they look so small all of a sudden and will make a nice toejam jelly, as he stomps his feet into the mountain. Over in the Command Center, the alarm goes off, alerting Alpha & Kimberly (who stands holding her Pink Ranger helmet nearby) to trouble on the Viewing Globe. Just as the still-sneezing Kim predicted, Repellator is back after having made a quick recovery and gotten much larger. Kim is ready to take him on but Zordon fears the monster may have grown too strong for her to fight on alone. She still feels she has to try to slow him down, asking Alpha to contact the others and have them meet her there as soon as possible, before sneezing Back To Action! Proxy & Moxy drive away, leaving Bulk & Skull behind to face the giant green menace. They pose with their arms behind their backs, like they're going to Morph, but instead they realize they stand no chance and run away screaming. Repellator figures he's not ready to lick the real Power Rangers, and strangely enough, Pink Ranger is nowhere to be seen.

Back on Edenoi, the Rangers stand helmetless, saying good-bye to the Edenite Rebels (who have removed their gasmasks, despite being outside where the air was supposedly unsafe to breathe!). Dex thanks them for courageous fighting on behalf of his planet, Rocky is glad they could really help. Tommy says they have to cut this visit short, Adam noting there's trouble at home, Dex understands they have their planet to protect as does he. Billy wishes him good luck and to keep them informed of his welfare, Aisha says Alpha's worried about things up here, especially concerning Lexian. Dex tells his new friends to go as their planet is waiting, shouting one last "To The Power!" as he shakes Tommy's hand. They bid farewell, Rocky yells out "Let's Hit It!" as the Power Rangers grab their belt buckles and teleport off of Edenoi for good. Dex smiles as he watches the streaks of multicolored light leave his world, saying "until next time, Power Rangers" (of which there would never be one). As the Rangers teleport home, Dregon has Doubleface & Cycloptor track the escaping intruders, discovering they're heading for the planet Earth, which the Count states will be their next target! The five Rangers land safely in the outskirts of Angel Grove, White Ranger says that it's good to be back. They're within range of Zedd's monster, Red Ranger mentions that it's time to make the call for the Zords.

Up on the Moon, Zedd curses in frustration that the Power Rangers have returned, Rita groans that she knew it was too bad to be true. Down on Earth, the six Rangers (Pink Ranger seems to have rejoined them from her unseen 'stalling of the monster') call on their individual Thunderzords, which quickly come together into the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord Warrior Mode! Repellator stomps at the mountainside as he was doing earlier, when both of his clawed arms are grabbed by the two Megazords. Thunder Megazord Power Punch is initiated, striking the monster in the gut, knocking him back as he asks if that was the best they could do. Both Megazords are now standing together, allowing Repellator to attempt to use his disrupters on them, firing off streams of explosive green sparks into both of the Rangers' mechas. Repellator prances around, thinking himself invincible, laughing when the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord pull out their "toy swords". The monster takes each hit with his arms, blocking the full brunt of the attack and returning the damage to the Megazords in full fury. Eventually, Thunder Megazord topples backwards, leaving the Tigerzord to fend off the creature alone. Repellator thinks this an easy victory, with one down and one to go, but he winds up taken down himself by White Ranger's swift Saber-play. The Thunder Megazord picks itself up and joins with the Tigerzord Warrior Mode to do a Double Punch attack on Repellator. This is followed by some Tigerzord power-blasts, which Tommy laughs at the monster taking a licking but keeps on ticking. Thundersaber is charged, and with one quick swoop, Repellator is sliced into a green explosive heap. His body discharges a huge amount of smoke in the fallout (probably spreading his flu bug throughout the city), engulfing the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord as they pose victoriously in the end of only the second American-footage Megazord battle ever.

Back on the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd shouts a few "No!"'s in anger, Rita, Baboo, Squatt & Goldar surrounding his throne, covering their faces in fear of his increasing rage. Zedd says that if Count Dregon finds out about this he'll never hear the end of it, vowing that he will defeat the Power Rangers, he will!


Soon at the Juice Bar, Proxy & Moxy walk in, dissatisfied that once again the real Power Rangers saved the day and plan to ditch the geeks who tricked them into almost getting killed. Bulk & Skull follow the girls in what remains of their spandex costumes, but finally give up trying to prove their worth when the two stuck-up bimbos walk over to the bar and are suddenly scooped up by two guys who are coincidentally standing there waiting around. The bumbling duo sit on the stoop of the steps, Bulk asks Skull to do him a favor, if he ever makes up another plan that has anything to do with the Power Rangers, to staple his mouth shut. Skull shakes his head and smiles, happy to oblige on that promise.

In the Command Center, Zordon welcomes the Ranger teens back, pleased they were able to help the Edenites and still help save Angel Grove from destruction. Alpha 5 is glad to learn King Lexian is safe on Edenoi, calling his creator a wise & noble leader. Tommy calls Dex pretty amazing too, saying they should have seen when he became the Masked Rider. Zordon mentions that it seems Lexian chose well in bestowing the Masked Rider powers upon Dex. Adam asks Zordon what he thinks will happen to the Edenites, if Dex & Lexian will be able to get them away from the planet in time. Big Z calls them a strong-willed people and is sure they'll succeed. Aisha states that Count Dregon was nothing short of a nightmare, despite not having seen or dealt with him at all. Billy is just sorry they didn't have more time to get to know the Edenites, Dex especially, Zordon says there is much they can learn from them and perhaps there will be another chance (don't bet on it, bluehead!). The Ranger teens shake their heads and Kimberly is nowhere to be seen so we must assume she hopped back into her pink bed at home to finish recovering from her virus.

The Spiderbasefaceship stock footage of floating near Edenoi's moon suddenly turns into floating above Earth. Fact, the floating info-bot announces all to hail as Count Dregon is on the bridge (although considering we only ever see this room, where does he keep going? To the bathroom?), causing all his cronies to raise their heads and gather round. Dregon proclaims his wicked plans for planet Earth are now complete, planning annihilate those who aid Masked Rider and the rest of the people who inhabit the world will be constricted into his army of slaves. Gork calls this a plan as bold as it is cold, Dregon gives a hearty Ed McMahon laugh, obviously a big fan of cheap rhymes. Back on Edenoi, Prince Dex meets with his grandfather, King Lexian in a small smokey room with bright lights, glowing rocks and cardboard cutouts of our solar system's planets. Lexian tells Dex the time has come (both their mind-crystals glow with each word they speak), Dex doesn't want to leave him but is told he must as it is too late for their planet now. Their spirit will live on to guide him to his destiny, the planet Earth is Count Dregon's next target, and Dex must protect it is using his Masked Rider powers. Lexian tells him to go before it is too late, Dex tearfully tells his grandfather that he will always love him, King Lexian dittos this sentiment and they share one final hug. (Thanks to events in "Escape From Edenoi", this entire last paragraph is contradictory to the continuity of the Masked Rider series [1995-1997]. Considering we never see or hear from Count Dregon or Dex on PR again, we can only assume they were caught in a time vortex and shunted into their own Saban-series universe. But at least we never had Ferbus....)

[End Credits]

Bulk & Skull reveal themselves as Power Rangers to Proxy & Moxy. Nothing special about this take, just a few different edits to the scene to kill space.

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