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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Ninja Quest, Part 3"
Original Air Date: 09/13/95 Bottled Ninjor footage from:
Kakuranger #36 - Anarenbou Ninja!! (
Raging Ninja!!)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-306
*6th episode aired
*118th total Power Rangers episode

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Terence H. Winkless
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)

[Opening Credits, Late season 2 version, one final time!]

The Powerless Rangers find themselves in a mysterious garden after passing through the hidden power vortex in the cave wall. Tommy was the first in, and is still missing, leaving his five teammates searching for him throughout the area. They pass by a beautiful waterfall, and make their way up a set of stairs, calling out for their leader, but finding no trace. Eventually, they enter a large door (with a golden face symbol on it, via Kakuranger stock footage) and find Tommy standing by the front gates to what seems to be the inner temple, he asks what took them so long. Once the entire team is present, the gates suddenly open themselves, and a blue light fills the misty air. Walking through the foggy temple domain, surrounded by lit candles and a few ancient Japanese artifacts (such as a large gong at least), our heroes quietly await whatever the strange place has in store for them. Kimberly asks now what, which alerts an odd, Dudly Do-Right voice to call out "Who's out there? I want answers!". Not sure where the voice is coming from or by who, Adam states they're looking for Ninjor, keeper of the temple. The voice says he's never heard of him and asks them to go away, please. Aisha says that it's really important as only the great and wise Ninjor can help them, the voice seems to like the high regarded words she spoke and states that maybe he does know him. Billy notices the source of the voice, in a large greenish blue bottle in the center of the temple room. He tilts it over and takes a peek into the top, spotting a small blue & gold man deep inside! The man points upwards and tells them to get out and leave him in peace, Billy in turn tells him to come out of his hiding spot and tell them where to find Ninjor. The man calls Billy a "snippety upstart" and says he happens to be looking at him, he's the great Ninjor! Kimberly can't believe that little twerp is who he says, Ninjor calls her a rude little girl and figures there's no getting rid of them until he comes out, telling them to stand clear as he aims his hands towards the opening and fires a flame out from within, the genie in the bottle rubbing himself the right way.

The group backs up, and watches as the flames form into the normal human-sized Ninjor, he stands there and asks what they want, and to make it quick as they have only five seconds. Tommy steps forward and tells him that their leader, Zordon, sent them on a quest for new powers & Zords as Lord Zedd destroyed their old ones. Ninjor quickly says that time is up, the story was lovely but not to let the door hit them on their way out. Rocky states that they're the Power Rangers, which means nothing to Ninjor, Adam tells him to just listen as the world's in incredible danger. Ninjor nonchalantly calls that not his problem, turns around and asks them to go away please, again. Aisha's more than happy to leave, saying it's obvious this guy doesn't have a clue about kindness or decency, Adam realizes he really was a myth, and Kimberly can't believe that guy is the one who created the Power Coins. She asks her friends what they're going to do, the world's going to be destroyed and they can't stop it because they don't have any powers. Tommy points out that they do, they still have the power within themselves, the knowledge of what's right & true, something Zedd could never destroy. Billy knows he's right (given Tommy has experience in losing powers thanks to Zeddy), and guesses they'll just have to do whatever they can. The six Powerless Rangers are about to exit the temple when Ninjor groans an "oh boy" and asks them to wait a minute, their hearts speak with truth, convincing him they don't seek the power out of greed. He says that if the power of Ninjor exists within their souls, they've really got something to work with here!

Over on the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd tells Rito Revolto that his Tenga Warriors (well, technically they're Zedd's now) let the Rangers get away. He orders his brother-in-law to go back to Earth to begin a full scale invasion on Angel Grove right away, destroying everything in sight before the do-gooders regain their power. Rito tells "Ed" he's got it, gentle punching his metal-jaw playfully before walking off to do the job, with Zedd screaming to him that his name is Lord Zedd, calling him a numbskull!


At the Junior Police Patrol Registration Office, wanted posters for Rita Repulsa (with artist renderings) and the Neighborhood Putty Watch adorn the walls of the police station. Bulk & Skull are seated at a table, filling out tons, literally, of paperwork. They then meet Lt. Jerome Stone, who claims he will act as their tour guide of the Police Academy. Lt. Stone says it's time for the real fun, asking them to follow him, which Skull is happy to do as he enjoys fun. While exiting the office, Bulk & Skull get ran over by the jogging cadets yet again. Soon, they're heading into another building, this time before the joggers, both of the bumbling duo jokingly mock their "hut-hut!" shouting marching, but Jerome doesn't find this amusing. Unaware of what awaits them until it's too late, they plop right down in a chair at a barber shop, Lt. Stone tells them they're just going to make them look a little more beautiful. Two barbers walk in and begin to get to work on the bumbling duo, both Bulk (with his long, well-grown hair) & Skull scream in agony as their scalps are shaven clean in a matter of minutes. Skull seems to take it worst, saying things like "oh the humanity of it!", assuring himself "i'm gonna be a cop, i'm gonna be a cop" before crying "i'm gonna be a freak!". Bulk takes it pretty smoothly, Skull tries being as strong & brave as he can and eventually does, while Lt. Stone stands there getting a kick out of watching them suffer. Skull figures it's just hair, and asks the barber if he cuts his own hair, as it looks like it does. Bulk notes they don't talk they just cut, in reference to the truth of the matter, they're just real barbers not getting paid enough to speak a line! Finally, both Bulk & Skull are sporting crew cuts, Lt. Stone seems to like it, but one look into the vanity mirrors and to each other, cause the pair of goofballs to scream at the horror that now adorns their heads!

Back at the Desert Of Despair, the Tengas guard the Vampirus egg outside the entrance to the temple, awaiting for the Rangers to emerge, or the egg to hatch, or both!


The temple gates with the large gold seal on it open again, for no good reason than to kill time by using that reverse stock footage from Kakuranger one last time. Inside the temple, Ninjor has the Ranger teens form a circle around him and joining hands (similar to that of the one they made when being teleported by Alpha in the previous episode). The blue light shines down on them, as Ninjor says their journey is about to begin, telling them to close their eyes and concentrate, he shall guide them on their quest for knowledge & power. Power suddenly flows through all six of our heroes, as Ninjor speaks about something older than time itself, something man has always known the calling of. Light of the light, strength of the soul, ignite this eternal power inside of them, they are Ninja! They are pure of heart, body, mind and spirit, joining with Ninjor in each of these words as they become one with the power of Ninja. Their bodies have become garbed in ninja attire, specified to each Ranger color, and a gold symbol on each chest signifying their ninja-spirit. He asks them to open their eyes to claim their destiny, they do so to behold the power of Ninjetti, err, Ninja! Ninjor says they now possess the power of Ninja deep within their souls, telling to come with him to learn of their new gifts.

Ninjor takes our six heroes outside to the waterfall gardens, and exposes to them the power, grace and beauty of their new Ninjazords! They're seen running into battle (or in place, really), Ninjor states these Zords are driven by the force of the Ninja and infused with the power of light & strength, far superior to their old Zords of the past. He says that where before their power was drawn from the brute strength of the Dinosaurs, it now comes from the swift, intelligent cunning of the Ninja. He says that is more than just a restoration of their Ranger Powers, their new Power Coins have much more enhanced energy (and I should note, the original Dino Coins still exist, separate from these Ninja Coins, albeit trashed beyond usage). Ninjor goes on to say that like before it is important they work together as a team, and to that end, all six Zord can come together to form the Ninja Megafalconzord! Tommy calls the Zords amazing, Ninjor says they will serve them well in their quest to defeat the evils that jeopardize their world, saying they are truly a remarkable group of young people worthy of the Ninja powers. Ninjor summons Rocky to come forward to claim the new power of his Ninjazord, and as he's bathed in a red light, he's told of the mighty Red Ape Ninjazord, told to learn from its wisdom & strength. Aisha will be in control of the fierce Yellow Bear Ninjazord, its might & cunning are also part of her. Billy will command the silent Blue Wolf Ninjazord (silent? it howls like crazy in the footage!), its stealth & accuracy will be an unbeatable combination. Kimberly's is the shining Pink Crane Ninjazord, which possess beauty, grace, and speed that shall shine forth into her own being. Adam will become one with the wise Black Frog Ninjazord, told to learn from its silent courage (he doesn't seem to mind being a measly frog at all). Finally, Tommy observes the skies and beholds his mighty Falcon Ninjazord, told to emerge himself completely in its quest for justice & strength.

Tommy asks how they call on them, Ninjor assures them they'll know when the time comes, but now there is much to do, as they speak Lord Zedd has begun to attack Angel Grove. Adam says they've got to do something, Kimberly forgets Tommy just asked and asks again about calling upon their Zords. Ninjor tells them they have a more immediate danger, the Tenga Warriors are trying to gain access to the temple. He calls them creatures of evil who's vile spirits who must not be allowed to violate the inner purity of the Temple Of Power. In order to defeat them they'll have to activate their Ninja Powers now, Ninjor tells them to look into their hearts and become one with their Ninja Animal spirit. Rocky calls out that he is the ape, mighty & strong! Aisha is the bear, cunning & fierce! Billy is the Wolf, silent & sure! Kimberly is the crane, agile & graceful! Adam is the frog, courageous in spirit! Tommy is the falcon, just & able! They are all become one with their powers, their chest symbols glow with power and shine successfully, Ninjor congratulates them on passing through the portal of power & light, telling them to go forth in the spirit of Ninja. Our heroes rush off to save the temple with their new powers.

Back at Angel Grove's Police Academy, Bulk & Skull go through intense physical training to get into the Junior Patrol. While not intense for most people, the out of shape pals strain to keep up at the littlest things, and this is just the first day! They lead the joggers at first, and have trouble doing push ups and jumping jacks. They end up at the end of the jogging line, Lt. Stone shouting for them to move it! Bulk & Skull ineptly continue doing poorly on everything, causing Jerome to slap his forehead in frustration.

Outside the Temple Of Power in the Desert Of Despair, The Tenga Warriors are searching around for the secret entrance to the cave. They're getting warmer, when the Ninja Rangers appear on the ledge above them! The six heroes, garbed in their ninja outfits from head to toe (so as to conceal the stuntmen's faces), stand together, surprising the birdbrains much like the Tengas surprised them last episode. Rocky tells them in order to get into the temple they'll have to go through them, something which the mighty warriors don't fear. The Ninja Rangers pose and leap down, ready to show them the full extent of their new powers. "Tenga Bye-Bye", one of the last great Mighty RAW songs for PR plays for the first time with lyrics, which are hard to hear over the constant cawing. First we see the gang fighting the Tengas all at once, then it's time for the individual battles. The White Ninja literally leaps around and over the shoulders of a set of Tengas, landing behind them and swiping their feet out from under them, before boasting a question on if the beak-breaths had a nice trip. The Black Ninja whips his way through the crowd of feathered-heads, knocking each down with swift precision, telling them to just give it up. They refuse to listen, so Adam does a mighty leap into the air, landing on the shoulders of a Tenga, whom he kicks on the way down. The Blue Ninja flips off of rocks and does his karate kicking stuff, until a Tenga tries flying into him like was done earlier. This time, Billy grabs the bird's legs and yanks its whole body down, slamming his feathered-gut into the dirt. The White Ninja is off backflipping his way around the area, before getting ganged-up on by several Tengas. They hold him back while another comes flying in for the kill, but Tommy slips out of their grasp by using force, turning just in time to see the Tenga swoop down with legs aimed towards him. White Ninja appears to fall, yet instead all the birdbrains find are his clothes in a heap on the ground! Tommy appears in a safe distance away from (still wearing his Ninja outfit, so no, he isn't naked or anything), reminding them to not believe everything they see, as he dives back into battle.

The Pink Ninja leaps past White Ninja going the other way as she heads forth to counterattack the crazy crows. Flipping into them and throwing a few kicks before stopping to do her special "crane pose". One of the Tengas lunges for her while she poses, but utilizing her new powers, she zooms out of his reach and appears behind him, standing tall and fearless! He turns around and tries grabbing her, but she then zips behind again, giggling and mocking him by saying he has to be quick if he wants to catch her, racing off to continue fighting elsewhere. Speaking of elsewhere, the Red Ninja has his hands full with three Tengas (I should point out that somehow, there are now more Tengas than eggs that Rito left on the moon!). One of the bird-drones takes the skies, Rocky jumps onto its back and rides him through the air like a cowboy riding a horse (or as he says "beakhead"), enjoying the experience for a moment before throwing a powerful kick into the Tenga's back and ground him. The Red Ninja lands on his feet, and begins to pose, hoping up and down and shouting that these powers rule! Yellow Ninja is off fighting a few Tengas atop the mountain cliff. After beating both birdbrains down, she decides to take leave of the ledge by hopping down to the ground. Aisha looks up and spots the two Tengas following her, so she leaps back up into the air and kicks them out of the sky. They fall flat, and Yellow Ninja poses, proclaiming that there ain't no stopping the bear!

Meanwhile at the Command Center, Alpha is working on extensive repairs to the computer consoles, which still lie in ruins around him. He has managed to get the lights back on, and is in the process of fixing the Viewing Globe. He crosses the wires, but soon gets it operational in time to check out the Rangers using their new Ninja powers on the Tengas. Alpha & Zordon are happy the temple wasn't a myth after all, but are shocked to see Tenga Warriors on the scene, realizing Zedd must be onto their plans for repowering. Suddenly the alarm goes off, alerting them to Rito Revolto launching an attack on Angel Grove! Having been out of the loop so long, it seems that Zordon & Alpha had no clue Rito was involved with the destruction of the Thunderzords (no one bothered to tell them?!), as evident by their surprise to see him on Earth. Zordon figured it was only a matter of time before Rito joined forces with his sister. Alpha notes the Rangers are still too far away in the Desert Of Despair to contact, and can only hope they make it back in time, as he watches Rito chuckling evilly on the streets of the city.


The war on the Tenga Troop continues, Yellow & Black Ninjas end up hopping back to back against each other. Aisha calls these new ninja powers amazing, Adam agrees, stating it's like being supercharged! They then skip back into battle with the featherbrained creatures. Red Ninja kicks a few around, boasting that now they have the hang of the powers they should finish these guys off. The beaten and weary Tengas quickly retreat back to the moon as fast as their wings can take them, Tommy asks if they're chickens or just a bunch of turkeys! The Ninja Rangers regroup together in time to watch the Tengas fly off, Kimberly says it feels great to have their powers back, Adam notes that they're not only back, but better than ever. Aisha can't wait to take on Rito again, Rocky and Tommy lock arms, shouting that the Power Rangers are back! With the threat to the temple apparently gone, Ninjor comes up to visit the Ninja team and congratulate them on proving themselves worthy to possess the power of Ninja. He goes on to say that it is a great responsibility and to use their powers wisely, as the road they face will not be easy since the fight between good and evil never is. But he notes Zordon chose well when he selected them to protect the Earth and he couldn't have done better himself. Tommy says that right now they've got to save Angel Grove and asks how they contact the Zords, Ninjor exclaims for them to look within themselves! The six heroes shout "It's Morphin' Time!", crossing their right arms across their chest-emblems and suddenly appearing in the Morpher-face Morphing scenes. The Ninja-attire wearing Rangers call on each of their powers (instead of the name of the animal they draw on, just "[color] Ranger Power!"), while holding their Morphers and the energies flow over them in flashes of bright light, ending with their heads encased in the helmets.

The Power Rangers, in their good old Ranger outfits (despite no longer drawing on the powers that adorn their helmets) stand united, ready to head home to Angel Grove. They wave their arms in the air, surging with their Ranger energies, powering up a collective teleportation! Ninjor remains behind, telling his friends farewell and to remember that they possess the power of Ninja within themselves, stay true to it and it will not fail them. He quickly teleports back inside the temple, leaving behind, unbeknownst to him or anyone else on the side of good, that the Vampirus Egg is still in place, and is beginning to hatch!

[To be concluded; End Credits]

Bulk & Skull get a no-hair raising shock into laughter, during the extended rough cut of the "Haircut revelation" scene! The laughter gets worse when it's revealed Skull broke his mirror! Bulk asks if he broke it on his head, but Skull isn't sure, and the director is heard speaking in the background.

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