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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Ninja Quest, Part 4"
Original Air Date: 09/14/95 Rito battle footage from:
Kakuranger #30 - Saikai Uragiri No Chichi (Reunion With A Traitorous Father)

Kakuranger #31 - Mita Ka!! Shin Shogun (Did You See It!! A New Shogun)
Vampirus battle footage from:
Kakuranger #36 - Anarenbou Ninja!! (
Raging Ninja!!)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-307
*7th episode aired
*119th total Power Rangers episode

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Terence H. Winkless
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Vampirus (voice)

[Opening Credits, New Season 3 version! Featuring a montage of clips from Ninja Quest, new cast shots for everyone, shots of the new Ninjazords, Ninja Megazord, Ninja Megafalconzord, Ninja Ultrazord and Shark Cycles!]

Rito powers up his Bone-sword in preparation for destroying Angel Grove, as the Power Rangers call forth their new set of Ninjazords! Turns out that they never left the Desert Of Despair in the previous episode, and are still there, summoning the Zords, which appear in the city, some millions of miles away! The Red Ape Ninjazord races through the streets, the Black Frog Ninjazord hops down the block, the Pink Crane Ninjazord swoops through the smog, the Blue Wolf Ninjazord zips along the bridge, the Yellow Bear Ninjazord stomps through the construction site, and the White Ninja Falconzord (as Tommy calls it here) soars through the skies above. Rito gets a surprise when he spots the new Zords rushing on the horizon, but his shock turns to overconfidence as he boasts they still won't stop him. Over in the Command Center, Alpha happily points out they got control of their new Zords. Zordon says that as long as the Rangers keep their focus on working as a team (something we've learned they're not good at, what with the Rangers always striking out on thier own so much... oh wait a sec...) they should be able to defeat Rito Revolto.

Rito takes large steps through the city streets and asks for them to give him all they've got, the Blue Wolf howls and does an impressive spinning twist into the air, pummeling Rito with its metal tail. The Yellow Bear growls and slams its front legs into the cement, shaking the ground around Rito, until a second stomping shatters the pavement below his feet and sends Boneboy down. Rito smashes into the concrete and realizes they're now tougher than he thought, just as the Black Frog leaps to the scene with its eyes glowing red. The Frog spews forth a long tongue made of fire, the flames scorching Rito to the bone! Pink Crane dives towards him and unloads a few laserblasts, knocking him senseless and causing him to drop his skelesword. This leaves him open for an attack by the Red Ape, which is roughly the same size as he is, so it's a fair battle. Fair enough indeed, as the Red Ape slices into Rito with its dual-sabers, knocking him over in a dizzying heap. Up in the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd glows red in anger as he realizes Rito's incompetence, shouting as such to Rita & Goldar who stand nearby scoping out the battle. Zedd notes that not only have the Power Rangers secured their Ninja Powers, they also have more powerful Zords! Goldar grunts that he knew something like this would happen, Rita tells her hubby not to worry as her brother will take care of those runty Rangers, plus the Vampirus is waiting to hatch as well! She returns to her Repulsascope, and true to her words, the Vampirus Egg is indeed hatching open over in the Desert Of Despair, a slimy hand breaks its way out from within, and an evil cackling laugh is heard.


Outside the Police Academy, Bulk & Skull stand among the crowd of recruits, listening to Lt. Stone tell them they're all about to enter the most difficult part of their training, the Hangman's obstacle course. Jerome laughs evilly and says he's sure they'll find it a devilishly good time, causing Bulk & Skull to whimper and hug each other! Back at the Zord battle, Red Ape Ninjazord attaches its swords together into one large double-bladed staff, and begins bruising Rito's bony butt badly. Eventually, Rito is knocked over, but he flips right back onto his feet, saying they're not bad, but it's time to introduce him to his flame thrower! A torch cannon appears on his arm in a flash of red, he notes he has 30 million BTU's attached to his back in the fuel tanks, just waiting to roast some Rangers. Rito screams that the heat is on, as he fires the flames at Red Ape, sending the Ninjazord sparking. Pink Crane tries the laserbeam aerial assault again, but Rito blocks the blasts with his right hand and fires his flame thrower with his right arm. The Falconzord continues flying around doing nothing, and when he does, it's just to fire a red beam from his beak, striking Rito's hand in the exact same footage used when the Crane fired its blasts at him.

The Ninjazords have all taken shots at Rito, so now it's time to bring them together! Pink Crane transforms into the head, Yellow Bear the torso, Black Frog the legs, Red Ape the right arm and Blue Wolf the left! Two large metal muzzles, or gloves if you will, latch onto the arms heads, creating fists of steel. The body locks together, transformation is complete, and the Ninja Megazord is born. Rito thinks he can deal with just one target instead of five, firing his flame thrower at the Megazord as it charges towards him. It surpasses the blasts, gets right up on him, powers up the Wolf arm and breaks his flame thrower into pieces! Next, the Megazord powers up the Ape arm, socking Rito right in the breastplate, sending him flying across half the city. The Falconzord cries out, as it swoops in, the Ninja Megazord leaps into the air and links up to make the Ninja Megafalconzord! Rito's ready to take the fight to the skies, turning his torch-fuel tanks strapped to his back into a jetpack. He takes off and lunges off at the Megafalconzord, just as it swings around and swats Rito out of the air with a twirling kick! Rito crashes to the ground, just as the Ninja Megafalconzord drops down from the heavens and gives him a hit to remember, using both charged fists! He's thrown across the city again, this time when he stands up he starts to dematerialize, as his body shines with a strange light. Rito topples over in pain, and explodes, but from the ashes comes the form of a weird spirit of his head with a rose in his mouth. His voice is heard, saying that he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day, the head vanishes into teleportational energy and the rose petals blow away afterwards. The Ninja Megafalconzord stands triumphantly in Angel Grove as the fires Rito left behind burn brightly in front of them.

Soon on the moon, Lord Zedd storms through his throne room, scaring the ever-useless Baboo & Squatt as he shouts about what an incredibly and unbelievably insufferable, wretched, despicable, stupid maneuver Rito displayed. Rito, having recovered from the battle, tries to speak up for himself, but Zedd will never let him hear the end of his failed promises to destroy the Power Rangers. Goldar knew he'd mess it up, Rito admits he made a mistake and just tells them to sue him, as he and Goldar growl in each others faces. Finster, standing next to Rita, who's looking through her Repulsascope, rounds out the cast. Meanwhile on Earth at the Hangman's obstacle course, Bulk & Skull get rung through the wringer trying to prove their physical dexterity to join the Junior Police Patrol. The most of the tires in the tire-run end up wrapped around Bulk's legs, while Skull is seen bouncing on a few next to him. Lt. Stone begins to lose his patience with them, especially when he finds them doing quite a few pull-ups, on a bar set only about 3 feet from the ground. The wall-hop is next, Bulk keeps slamming into it and not getting over, as Skull leaps over nimbly. Jerome grows frustrated with Bulk's incompetence, and I sense any minute now it's going to turn into a scene from "Full Metal Jacket". The unsung ballad "Shape It Up, Bulk & Skull" plays throughout.

Back in the Moon Palace, Rita spots the Vampirus breaking out of its shell through her Repulsascope. She announces with glee that their monster is now fully cooked, getting an eyeful of him as he emerges from the egg in slime and smoke. Rita notices his face and exclaims that that's what she calls UGLY, ugh! Rito notes to Lord Zedd that it may not be pretty, but it'll get the job done, which is better than Zedd can say for him. He states that Vampirus must destroy the temple and capture its power, Rita agreeing that in order to destroy the Rangers' newfound powers you must wipe out the source first. Zedd figures if anyone can do that it'll be Vampirus, Rito reminding him that he didn't screw up after all since he was the one who gave them that egg. Goldar tells him not to be so smug as it hasn't worked out yet. Lord Zedd proclaims his orders to Vampirus, telling his creature of darkness to annihilate the temple of ninja powers and destroy its keeper! In the Desert Of Despair, Vampirus, a purple monster with a large-sleeved robe on, answers his lord in a Leo Gorcy-like voice, telling him he hears him and obeys. Vampy stands atop the temple mountain and laughs while waving his arms around.


In the Command Center, the Ranger teens help Alpha fix most of the disabled computer consoles, Alpha notes they should have the place running in no time. The alarm sounds, Zordon says his sensors indicate a disturbance, he scans Angel Grove, which appears on the Viewing Globe. Our heroes scan the city visually, and notice nothing amiss anywhere, even the Youth Center (a shameless excuse to use that aerial exterior shot of it we've seen a million times, with no cars seen anywhere around it). Everything seems okay, Billy has Alpha try the solar system, but unfortunately the solar scanner still isn't working properly. Tommy mentions that at least they know it isn't something here on Earth, Adam says they'll just have to keep an eye out for trouble.

Meanwhile at the Hangman's obstacle course, Bulk & Skull comically do everything wrong, starting with running the wrong direction in a small maze. Lt. Stone spends most of his time getting on their case, and overly padding out this episode. The bumbling duo lounge with umbrellas and drinks as they sit on tires behind the door at the, uhh, door-opening obstacle. Next, they're seen taking a short cut down the hillside during the usual jogging run. As expected, the hillside is full of thorny cacti, but they find out too late and end up painfully stumbling through. Hope for them yet, Bulk finally makes it over the wall-jump, Skull calls him so athletic. They're soon crawling through a tunnel pipe, figuring since they're dead last they can hide inside from the wrath of Lt. Stone. Skull asks why he couldn't have had them join the Boy Scouts instead, just as Jerome drops in with his whistle blaring. Lt. Stone tells the boys he can be their best friend or their worst nightmare, the decision is up to them, but right now he suggests they move it, screaming such over and over until the crawl away as fast they can.

In the Desert Of Despair, Vampirus upon Ninjor, keeper of the temple of ninja powers to come out and face him Instantly, Vampy gets struck by a bolt from the blue, as Ninjor appears as requested, firing energy blasts as the wicked fiend. Ninjor tells Vampirus that he's not worthy enough to darken the entrance to the temple, the monster says they'll see who's worthy when he destroys both him and the temple. Ninjor asks the overgrown bat what army's going to help him, he states that no army, just evil friends. On cue, Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa clash their power staffs against each other, shouting for their monster to grow, sending a surge of lightning raining down on the Desert Of Despair, causing Vampirus to enlarge in size! Vampy asks what Ninjor says to that, to which Ninjor replies he has a few tricks of his own as he grows to Vampirus' size in the blink of an eye. Ninjor stretches his arms and legs, working out the kinks while stating that it's been a while but it sure feels good. He's a little rusty, but is more than willing to defend the temple against this vile creature, the two circling each other, preparing to fight. At the Command Center, Billy & Alpha finally complete the repairs to the consoles. Everything is back online finally, just in time for Zordon to pinpoint where the disturbance was coming from. Observing the Viewing Globe, they see Vampirus fighting Ninjor, Zordon noting that Zedd wants to destroy Ninjor and capture the Ninja Power for his own. Alpha Ay-yi-yi's upon spotting the Vampirus, Aisha calls it one ugly critter. Adam tells Zordon they've got to go, Kimberly says they can't let the monster harm the temple or Ninjor. Zordon points out that both Ninjor & the temple are key elements to maintaining their powers, for it either one fall into Lord Zedd's hands, all will be lost. Aisha states they can't let that happen, Alpha asks what they should do, and Tommy replies by calling out that It's Morphin' Time! Our heroes Morph into their individual Ranger powered forms, and teleport to the temple entrance at the same time.

The Power Rangers land in the Desert Of Despair, Yellow Ranger shouts to Vampirus that he'd better back off from their friend Ninjor now if he knows what's good for him. Vampirus sarcastically says he's frightened that they're going to run up and bite his ankles, and proceeds to rush into battle with Ninjor. Turns out the Rangers are actually near Angel Grove Lake for some reason, calling upon their Ninjazords yet again, and they do the exact same things as they did earlier in the middle of the city. They all begin to come together into Ninja Megazord. As they do that, Ninjor proves he isn't quite helpless, performing several moves the Ninja Rangers did in the previous episode. When Vampirus lunges at him, Ninjor zips past and appears on the ground behind the monster, laying out and relaxing. The creature tries grabbing him again, he misses once more as Ninjor turns to mist right in its face, suddenly appears riding atop a thick chunk of clouds overhead! The Vampirus monster gets a big surprise as the cloud-flying Ninjor swoops down, whips out his sword and slashes him on the way by, telling him he should never underestimate the power of ninja. Vampy has his own tricks up his large sleeves, somehow sending Ninjor off his cloud and right into a crimson dimension! The creature welcomes the confused Ninjor to his playground, and asks him if he still thinks he has what it takes to defeat him. Ninjor seems to have collapsed on the ground offscreen, but encourages himself to get up by proclaiming that he cannot let Lord Zedd and his evil forces win! Ninjor stands tall, screams that evil makes him so angry and bad just burns him, causing his intense fury to activate a sudden Morph into Warrior Mode. Vampirus cowers in fear as Ninjor's modified form displays the true power of ninja, his sword now attaches to the sheath to make a larger blade staff. Vampy has his own saber, and the two lock swords, Ninjor slices & dices right through him, knocking them both out of the other dimension!

The Ninja Megazord, which was starting coming together a minute ago, now starts over and comes completely together again. It flies into action and hooks up with its six Zord, to create the Ninja Megafalconzord over the skies of the Desert Of Despair, much to Ninjor's delight. Vampirus copies Alpha and shouts "Ay-yi-yi"! upon seeing this, Ninjor tells the creature he's through, while charging up an energy ball between his hands, blasting it off directly into Vampirus. The red ball slams into him and if that wasn't enough, the Ninja Megafalconzord swoops down, double fist punches Vampirus, and sends him flipping across the way, right into a massive internal explosion. Ninja reverts to his normal mode and poses alongside the Megazord, asking when they'll ever learn that evil never triumphs. Over in the Moon Palace, Rito ducks in front of Zedd as he shouts that he's surrounded by complete fools. Rito tells "Eddie" that they'll get them next time and asks to see a great big smile, causing Lord Zedd to scream at the top of his lungs that his name is Zedd, Z-E-D-D, calling him a sniveling weasel. Rito stands corrected that it's Zedd, telling Ed he's got it, oopsing that he's sorry he did it again.


Inside the Command Center, our heroes stand successful in succeeded in their Ninja Quest. Alpha is so excited he could burst a gasket, Aisha telling him not to do that. Zordon exclaims that they did excellent work and he could not be more proud of them, but now if they would observe the Viewing Globe there is someone who has been waiting to speak to them. They turn and spot Ninjor inside his temple on the screen, facing the opposite direction of the transmission and asking if anyone can hear him or if they're even there. Kimberly yells to Ninjor that they're over here, Tommy tells him to turn around, to which the big blue ninja master does, congratulating them on a job well. Now that they have mastered the art of ninja powers they can join forces to protect the temple of power from the evils that inhabit the universe. Rocky remarks that he's got it, Adam seconds that by saying they'll protect & serve. Zordon states that Ninjor is now in alliance with them, from this day forward he'll answer their call for guidance and help. Ninjor says they are one now, simply close their eyes and focus on their collective energy, the power of ninja. Kimberly asks if he'll know (she winks) just like that, he says it'll be just like that, bidding them good-bye until they meet again. Tommy states he doesn't know about them but he's sure glad Ninjor's on their side, all nod and smile, Aisha says that you can never have too many friends like that.

Speaking of friends, some time later at the Angel Grove Police Academy (likely weeks later, given the amount of training needed, but at least a few days as evident by our heroes' change of clothes), Junior Police Patrol graduation ceremonies are commencing, with Lt. Stone welcoming all the families & friends there. Ernie is sitting in the front row with the Ranger teens, saying he's so proud of Bulk & Skull, Tommy dittoing that they all are. Speaking of proud (have I said proud enough lately?), Lt. Stone is proud to introduce everyone today to the newest entrants into the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol (which seems to be the same as the normal police, cept younger and paid less), stating they worked hard for it and all earned it. The procession begins, only about eight people of the twenty or so we saw in the training with Bulk & Skull have graduated, and yet B&S, who failed EVERY obstacle, did! The line of future cops forms in front of the podium where Lt. Stone says the streets of Angel Grove will be safer thanks to these fine young people. Kimberly gives a thumbs-up and shouts "Way to go, guys!" to Bulk & Skull, who soak in the admiration of the female gender as per what they signed up for in the first place. The crowd gives a round of applause, Bulk & Skull do Miss America-waves back before stopping and acting real serious and stern. Lt. Stone orders the Junior Patrollers to give an about face, Bulk & Skull heave to quickly they cause the rest of the cadets to topple over like dominoes. The bumbling duo only did that by accident, but Lt. Stone stabs them with their badges while placing each into their hands, promising he'll have them on parking ticket detail for the rest of their lives. Another round of applause comes from the crowd, as the joggers race by Bulk & Skull without running them down for a change. They yank the badges from under their skins and show them off to the audience while smiling big over their achievements, not realizing it just means the cops in AG really are hurting for help. The Ranger teens & Ernie clap hard.

[End Credits]

Bulk & Skull attempt to jump over a wall in their Police Patrol training, and after several failed attempts, Bulk FINALLY makes it! The full uncut version, with not much added.

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