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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"A Brush With Destiny"
Original Air Date: 09/18/95 Featuring footage from:
Kakuranger #46 - Shinshun Manga Jigoku (New Spring Comic Hell)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-308
*8th episode aired
*120th total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Gilles Wheeler Director: Terence H. Winkless
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Artistmole (voice)
? _AS_ Kimberly's Mother [Note: Played by the same lady who played her in "Return Of An Old Friend"!]

[Opening Credits]

The Youth Center is hosting an Art Benefit for the Junior Police Patrol. What art and policing have to do with each other, I have no idea, but it appears the funding for the program is in as desperate need as the recruitment drive. So, young cops are strewn about the Juice Bar, setting up paintings and statues to be put on display for future auctioning, I suppose, as Tommy & Aisha walk in and head towards Kimberly. Kim's apparently working on some ugly artwork that makes Tommy's Vase Face monster from "Blue Ranger Gone Bad" seem like a masterpiece. She's also preoccupied with some things on her mind, and doesn't notice her friends until they're waving their hands in front of her face. Kim asks them what's up, Tommy says she was really zoned out and asks if she's okay. She says she has good news and bad news, Aisha always likes the good news first, Kim tells them that her Mom is engaged to be married to a French painter. Aisha squeals and congratulates her, Kim points out he's nearby along with her mom, donating a painting of a freaky mole to the benefit. Aisha "oh-la-la"'s that he's kinda of cute, Kim notes that he's really nice and she likes him a lot. Tommy asks what the problem is, she sadly states that he lives in Paris and her mom says they're all moving there. The joyous mood concerning the divorced former Mrs. Hart turns to a somber one as Aisha & Tommy quietly realize that'll mean the end of the Pink Ranger.

Later that night. Kimberly is in bed (same pink nightgown and room as "A Friend In Need", and come to think of it, she looks rather sickly here too!) talking on the phone to Aisha, rhetorically asking her how she can just quit being a Power Ranger and leave the country. Aisha, who's sitting in her room fully clothed (guess her bed time is later than Kim's), tells her to meet them at the park before school the next morning and they'll all think of something. Kim says that sounds good and the two best friends say goodnight, Kimberly soon drifting off into a turbulent slumber (apparently afraid of the dark, as she leaves both her bedside lights on). Moments later, Kim is dreaming in black & white, with color pouring in slowly to her and the surroundings. She's in her nightgown, wandering a foggy corridor when she spots her mother & fiance sitting at a table. He speaks in a French accent, telling Kim's mom she will find the Frenchmen much more complex, she asks why, and he offers to show her. The French human suddenly morphs into a cackling freaky mole creature with a giant paintbrush! He stands up and tells Kimberly she's going to love Paris, she shouts that she's in no way going, only to turn around and see the Pink Ranger standing behind her, waving through iron bars and telling Kim "Au Reviour" and to have a nice life. Kim rushes towards the bars just as the Pink Ranger vanishes, the French mole monster calls Kimberly his little croissant while diabolically laughing. The color fades, and Kim is seen in her bed, struggling with the nightmare raging inside her pretty little head.

Meanwhile on the Moon Palace, Finster hands a hideously wonderful gift for her empress of evil. Rita gladly accepts it, saying that she loves presents and complains to her husband, Lord Zedd, that he never gives her anything but a headache. Zedd tells her that's enough, asking the fur-face what the golden device does. Finster states it enables them to watch the dreams of Earth creatures, such as this nightmare of Kimberly's that is playing right now. The small screen on the device reveals Kim's dream in full color to them, Rita noting the poor, puny, Pink Power Twerp is afraid of the big bad monster. Zedd sits back down in his throne and asks Finster to find a way to make that monster of her dreams real, they'll turn her own nightmares against her!


The next day, the Ranger teens are sitting at a bench in the park, all working on last minute homework assignments. Kimberly shows up, looking like hell, as Tommy notes, she tells her pals that she didn't sleep too well thanks to nightmares all night long, she's so tired she can't even think. Adam suggests they tell Zordon about all this, and Billy makes an ominous statement about how he probably already knows! Aisha asks if she's tried talking this over with her mother, Kim states her mom is so happy right now she doesn't want to spoil it for her. Left with no other options, Kimberly rests her head on the table and blows the hair out of her eyes. Up on the moon, Rita's scoping the scene, remarking for Kimmie to relax and leave the spoiling to her! Finster hops into the room (I should note Goldar is seen, but not heard), happily telling his benevolent masters that he's equipped the device so it is now capable of turning dreams into reality. Lord Zedd calls Finster's work excellent, and orders him to take Rito and some Tengas to Earth, to bring back Kimberly's dream creature. The Tenga Warriors feather-port into the park, Kimberly jumps alert, saying she's gone from one nightmare to another. Our six heroes stand together, and call on Ninja Power, Now! They Morph into their Ninja outfits in an instant, and quickly leap into action.

The six Ninja Rangers bounce into battle with the Tengas, Pink Ninja lands on her feet, albeit rather wobbly from the strain of lack of sleep. Black Ninja is seen fighting a few blackbirds, as is Blue Ninja who kicks some down in front of an odd looking cave. Pink Ninja, however, is succumbing to sleep deprivation, noting to herself that these feather-heads seem even fuzzier than usual as her vision blurs. Yellow Ninja hops around, kicking and striking several Tengas, as does Red Ninja. Meanwhile, a Tenga flies up and knocks Kimberly into several other birdbrains, allowing them grab her and lift her up, taking her away. They pass by White Ninja, who's taking care of business with a few Tengas, until he spots Kim screaming for help. This throws his concentration and allows the crows to overtake him and prevent his rescue of the fair maiden. The mangy buzzards pin Pink Ninja to a tree, she struggles with them just as Rito & Finster show up. The skeleton solider remarks that it's time to be all he can be, marching over to Kimberly and facing her. She tells him he'll never get away with this, he cites the usual laws of good vs. evil in his defense, and when she gets a hand free and attempts to hit him, Rito smacks her arm back, causing her Communicator to slip off her wrist and fall to the ground. Finster finally aims the Dream Extractor at Pink Ninja, zapping her unconscious as it removes the creature from her nightmare and encases it inside the viewing screen on the device. He calls himself "Artistmole", boasting himself their worst nightmare come to life, proving the extraction was successful. Rito tells his playmates it's been fun but they have to run, he & Finster teleport back to the moon (Rito's teleportional method involves his head flying off as his body converts into energy inside it). The Tengas are beaten away by the Ninja Rangers, the birdbrains take off to the skies and our five heroes power down. Kimberly has done so well, while still backed against the tree, Tommy asks her what happened. Kim says she must have blacked out as she doesn't even remember how she got free from the Tengas. Adam wonders what Rita & Zedd wanted, Rocky mentions they didn't send the Tengas down there just to play a game of tag.

Over in the Youth Center, Bulk & Skull are in their Junior Police Patrol uniforms, sleeping on the job. Bulk awakens in a hurry, they were supposed to guard the art donations for the benefit, complaining to Skull that he told him not to let him fall asleep. Skull says that he thought his snoring would scare off any burglars, so he dozed as well. They stand up and take a good look around, noticing the ugly mole picture is missing, Skull figures it was good riddance but Bulk notes that if they don't find that painting they'll be doing pushups for the rest of their lives! The bumbling duo scrambles around the room, searching high and low for the lost painting. Soon at the Angel Grove High School (first appearance this season!), Bulk & Skull (adding leather jackets to their uniformed wardrobe) interrogate people in the halls. Billy & Adam show up, interrupting their disturbing of the peace, Billy asks what's going on to which Bulk replies is top-secret information. Skull blurts out that the weird mole painting disappeared and they're trying to figure out where it went, Bulk yells at the nimrod for revealing the plan, grabbing his pal and pulling him away, telling Billy & Adam they didn't hear that from them. Adam asks Billy if he thinks Zedd & Rita had something to do with the missing painting, and he thinks they could have. Aisha, Rocky & Tommy meet the two Ranger teens as they come down the steps, just in time for their Communicators to go off. They sneak into a nearby empty classroom and answer the call, Zordon tells them to teleport to the Command Center as Angel Grove is under attack. They do so right away, and just after their colorful streaks of light take off, Kimberly passes by the room, wondering where her teammates are. She figures Zordon might know, but upon checking her wrist, she discovers her Communicator is missing! Kim starts to panic, but calms herself down and retraces her steps.

The five Ranger teens teleport to the Command Center, when Alpha asks them where Kimberly is. Aisha thinks she may still be with her uncle, and Zordon states this can't wait, telling them to observe the Viewing Globe. The evil Artistmole appears onscreen, tapping his huge paintbrush to a large palette and then zaps a section of Angel Grove. Zordon mentions he can drain the colors from living things, taking their life-force along with it. Billy figures that's where the art from the benefit went, Rocky wonders what they mean, Adam mentions the stolen painting, and figuring Zedd's track record of turning inanimate objects into monsters, they put two and two together (incorrectly for a change!). Aisha comments they need to find Kim is they want to stand a chance in beating this thing, Zordon promises to search for her but they must go now to fight the monster. Our heroes Morph quickly, and appear on the scene near the lake, where Artistmole is loitering. He admires all the vibrant colors they've brought him, White Ranger telling him they're going to hand him on the wall, but the monster states his brilliant career has only just begun. Tommy has open his big mouth and say things are about to fade to black, Artistmole presses his giant brush to the black paint portion of his palette and fires off some explosive blasts at the Power Rangers. They fall, White Ranger's ego never ceases to surpass him as he says he isn't about to let this second rate artist take them down, rushing off by himself to take care of the clown. Blue Ranger shouts for him to wait as they have to do this together, but Tommy never listens, leaping into Artistmole and passing right through him! Yellow & Black Ranger do the same, the monster's body somehow is made of unstable paint molecules or something, preventing them from hitting him physically.

The Power Rangers regroup, while Artistmole comments about making his greatest masterpiece yet, titled "Rangers In Danger". Aisha says they really need more help without Kimberly there, Tommy agrees and looks the skies, shouting a summon for Ninjor from on high! Ninjor swoops down from above, riding his big thick puffy cloud, announcing that they have nothing to fear, for he is now here. Ninjor leaps from his cloud and lands on the ground, approaching the Rangers, greeting his young friends and asking how he can be of service to them. Artistmole remarks that "thunder-thighs" might not be able to help them but his shade of blue would look lovely on his palette. Ninjor removes his sword from its sheath and prepares to remove the irritant, rushing over and slashing away at Artistmole. Each blow passes right through him, leaving Ninjor scratching his head about this not working the way he thought it would. Artistmole hops up and kicks Ninjor back into the Rangers, whipping out his huge paintbrush and putting the finishing touches on them, beaming out a ray that saps the color from all six of our heroes! Artistmole asks if they're not feeling well as they all look so pale, the colorless Rangers collapse to the ground, White Ranger retains the most color and is able to contact Zordon to let him know they've been drained of their powers!


In the Command Center, Alpha watches the Rangers & Ninjor doing their impression of the sitcom "Hi Honey, I'm Home" as they lie on the ground, devoid of color and power. Zordon tells the droid to continue trying to contact Kimberly, the only person who can help them now, Alpha wonders why she doesn't answer their call. Meanwhile, Kimberly is wandering around the park, retracing her steps to the point when she fought the Tengas. She finally hears the sound of her Communicator beeping, and finds it lying under the tree she had been held against earlier. Snatching it up she breathes a sigh of relief as she answers Zordon, he tells her the Rangers are in danger and to teleport to the Command Center, which she does. Once there, she spots Artistmole on the Viewing Globe and points out that's the monster from her dreams. Alpha mentions the others thought it was stolen from a painting (not too far off, since the monster was inspired by Kim's future French painter step-dad's mole painting that was thought swiped), Zordon says Zedd & Rita brought the monster to life from her subconscious and only she can destroy it by facing her fears. She remarks that she's not afraid of that pathetic Picasso, which Zordon realizes but he was referring to her anxieties of moving far away. Kim admits she's afraid of leaving the Power Rangers and Angel Grove, Zordon remarks that they all tend to fear the unknown, but she must trust her mother has only her best interests at Hart... err, heart. She knows he's right that her mom won't let anything bad happen to her, thanking Zordon. Alpha ay-yi-yi's that these tender moments always overload his circuits. Zordon informs Kim that she's ready to face the monster, and that destroying the Artistmole's palette will release the color forces trapped within. Kimberly shouts that It's Morphin' Time, and Pink Ranger leaps into action.

Pink Ranger appears before the surprised Artistmole, who immediately begins to blast at her with his paintbrush. She races past each blast, leaping over him, bouncing off a tree and lunging back at him, only to have the monster fire her out of the air with his brush-laser. Kim plops to the ground and tells Artistmole she doesn't like his style, he remarks that everyone's a critic. The Colorless Rangers are struggling to stay alive nearby, Ninjor warns Kim to avoid his brush-blasts at all costs, but it's too late. Pink Ranger in pinned to the ground, with the brush aimed right at her head as Artistmole stands above her, threatening to paint her out. Tommy calls out to Kimberly to hang on and remember her friends are always with her, which strikes the right cord inside her. Artistmole raises the brush in the air and is about to lower it back down to erase her energy, when she crosses her arms and blocks the attack. Pink Ranger flips him off her, and when he gets up, she flips into the air and kicks his brush just as he fires it, breaking the end of it! Artistmole stumbles back, and Kimberly pulls out her Blade Blaster, firing on the Mole Man (Copyright 1995. Marvel Entertainment Group, no rights reserved). Rocky calls out for her to aim for the big target called Artistmole's stomach, and upon firing at it, the creature explodes, vowing they haven't seen the last of him. After that, the colors splash back onto the Power Rangers & Ninjor, who exclaims to be reenergized and ready for action! Yellow Ranger proclaims their powers are back and Kimberly did it, Pink Ranger joins with her team and tells them sorry, but better late than never.

Up on the Moon Palace, Rita peers through her Repulsascope and whines about his bumbling beast causing them to lose, he debates it being his beast as it was all her stupid idea! She whatevers his complaint, and shouts that they've got the stop the Power Punks from winning, something which Zedd calls easily done. They lock staffs together and combine evil energizes, aiming the surge of energy down to Earth, striking the revived Artistmole like a bolt from a dark heaven, making him grow. The Power Rangers call on their Ninjazords (in an odd manner, stating "[color] Ranger, [animal], Ninjazord power!} each time, when they usually just go "[color, animal] Ninjazord power!"), and the Ninja Megazord comes together without much of a thought of tackling the creature individually. Interesting to note, the all-American footage Ninja Megazord cockpit premieres here, with our heroes placed inside it: Pink, Red, Yellow in front row; Black & Blue in back. Ninjor calls out for Expansion Mode, growing to the size of the Megazord & giant monster. Artistmole pats his big belly while saying it's time for a little art lesson, Ninjor shouting that the lesson is for him, as he calls on Ninjor Battle Mode (aka Warrior Mode, you get the point, the names are interchangeable). Ninjor Morphs into his second form, focuses some energy into a power ball and launches it off at the creature, who belts out a "sacre bleu" just before getting blasted. The Falconzord finally arrives, Ninja Megafalconzord links together and dives in for a double-arm charged punch attack on the way down towards Artistmole. He rolls down the city streets and explodes, the Rangers (with White Ranger seated between Black & Blue Rangers in the back row) celebrate the victory with high-fives all around. Ninja Megafalconzord & Ninjor Warrior Mode pose triumphantly as the fires continues raging from the remains of the flammable painter monster.

Meanwhile on the moon, Lord Zedd groans that once again Rita's ruined any chance they had of destroying those meddlesome teenagers. Rita turns the blame on Zedd, calling him "radiator face" and mentioning they could have won if only he kept out of it. Zedd takes offense the "radiator face" comment, asking how dare she call him that. She calls it true, quipping he's a piece of New York Rare Steak, but Zedd bites back by stating at least he's not a Hot Dog like she is! Yes, marriage life is nonstop joy.


Bulk & Skull have been run ragged trying to find the lost mole painting, but upon returning to the Youth Center, they find it back where it belongs! The man who returned it is none other than the French artist himself, who gets hassled by the bumbling duo (calling themselves "two of Angel Grove's finest detectives") for stealing it. Kim's mom is with him, standing by her ugly man and his equally ugly painting, he mentions its frame was loose and he merely repaired it overnight. Bulk & Skull let him off with a warning this time, but promise to be back if he tries swiping it again. They depart, their skills as Junior Police Officers really coming in handy already. Kimberly arrives and speaks with her Pink-blouse wearing mother, frantically telling her she loves her very much and is very excited about everything that's happening but is a little worried about losing her friends, changing schools and learning a new language. Kim's mom asks her why she didn't say something about this sooner, the loving daughter explains she didn't want to ruin anything for her, but understands her mother would never do something unless things would be okay. Her mother notes that things will be okay as long as they're honest with one another, the two both smile. Suddenly, a solution to her problem drops by, in the form of Aisha, and her parents (her mom wears Yellow, as per the Ranger-parent rules. Note, the four Ranger guys are seen way in the background briefly)! Aisha asks Kim if she'd like to come stay with her and her family for the rest of the school year. Kim turns around and asks her mother what she thinks, mom doesn't know, as it would be a big imposition on Aisha's parents, the Campbells. Mr. Campbell assures her it's no imposition, Kim's mom asks her if that's what she wants, she tells her she'll finish out the school year and then go to France. Kim's mother doesn't see why not since it would be better for her to finish school there, her fiancee tells Kimberly that anytime she's ready, their home is her home. Smiles all around, Mrs. Campbell assures Kim it's okay, Mr. Campbell welcomes her to their family. Aisha reminds Kim that they are sisters, after all. Giggling hugs are exchanged between the Yellow & Pink Ranger teens.

[End Credits]

It's a lost scene, as Lt. Stone gives Bulk & Skull their first onscreen assignment, to guard the Art Benefit items. He threatens the weasels that if they blow it, he'll send them both back to basic training! They whimper at his stern words, he leaves them with orders to stay alert and remember they're representing Angel Grove's finest. He walks off, Bulk salutes and remarks to Skull about Lt. Stone's nice breath, Skull goes "Uck" and continues chewing his gum, while they do as ordered...

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