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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Final Face Off"
Original Air Date: 10/02/95 Featuring footage from:
Kakuranger #32 - Namen Na Kao Dorobo (
Don't Lick Me, Face Thief)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-312
*14th episode aired
*124th total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Douglas Sloan Director: Armand Garabidian
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Azina
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ The Face Stealer (voice)

[Opening Credits]

Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Billy & Tommy are at the Angel Grove Museum for a class project. Rocky follows a map to the exhibit, completely ignoring the huge signs for it, while Aisha proves her worth by getting them pamphlets to use on their reports. Adam wonders if Kimberly has the same assignment, Tommy says that she came during the week since she was busy today, the rest of the Ranger teams sighing in unison "Gymnastics!", her usual excuse for being away lately. Tommy says they've really got to hand it to her, she's really handling these Pan-Global games (in their first ever mentioning, a bit of clever foreshadowing) very seriously. Bulk & Skull are at the museum also, Skull complains about missing all the Saturday morning cartoons, but Bulk reminds him that if they flunk this report they'll get kicked off the Junior Police Patrol. He says "We're off the force, no uniforms. No uniforms, no babes! Are you with me?" Skull simply notes that he hasn't been with him since the part about flunking the report.

The Ranger teens attend the Ancient History of Kahmala exhibit, featuring artifacts focusing on the legendary Kahmalan Face Stealer. Azina (Warrior Princess?), cultural liaison to the nation of Kahmala, greets them there, asking if any of them have read the story of the Face Stealer. Billy speaks up, mentioning that according to the ancient scriptures, the Kahmalans were terrorized once a year on the day of the fourth full moon by a creature called the Face Stealer. Adam seems to know the story too, saying that the Face Stealer would come down from the sky, and rob the Kahmalans' of their faces, leaving them without souls. Bulk & Skull drop by, scoffing at the whole thing. Azina takes it that they're nonbelievers, Bulk tells the lady that they're in to cold hard facts, wanting evidence before taking the story at (ahem) face value. Skull ponders what lies inside the golden jar, Billy notes that's where the spirit of the Face Stealer is kept, Azina agrees that's what the legend claims. A brave team of warriors donned magical masks, and then defeated & captured the Face Stealer, sealing his spirit in an urn where it will remain for eternity. Bulk & Skull are still not persuaded. But up on the Moon Palace, Rita views the story through her Repulsascope, and is inspired by it, claiming if she had a monster like that she could take care of those pathetic Power Prima Donnas for good. Lord Zedd sarcastically cause this a brilliant idea, noting to her that the whole thing is a foolish fairy tale. Rita asks how he knows, he says she'll believe anything and calls her gullible, joking that he's got a crater on the dark side of the moon he'll sell her cheap! Zedd laughs heartily while returning to his throne, but Rita remains undeterred, calling him "edsel face". Today just happens to be the fourth full moon of the year, so she plans release that wonderful creature, turning every living thing on Earth, including the Power Rangers, into walking zombies! She screams "then we'll see who's gullible!".


Rita is scoping the Earth scene with her Repulsascope, when Rito pops into viewing ("Hey sis, here's looking at you, kid!"), giving her a heck of an eyeful of an eyesore. She yells at him, asking how many times she's told him not to do that. Rito points out that she said she wanted to see him, so he thought he'd get in front of her telescope. Rita tells her brother not to think, it's how he always gets into trouble. She orders him to go down to the museum with Baboo & Squatt to retrieve the Face Stealer's urn. Rito salutes, "Yes sir, ma'am!". Moments later, the Ranger teens just happen to be driving around the Angel Grove museum (in Rocky's good old red jeep), when they suddenly spot Rito walking with Baboo & Squatt towards the entrance. Rocky notes "last time I checked, Baboo & Squatt weren't interested in ancient cultures", before pulling up behind the trio of evil. Once confronted, Rito first tells the Power Punks to beat it as he's got business to attend to. Tommy tells him to save it, but Rito thinks that maybe they'd better save themselves, calling forth a gaggle of Tengas! One quick Ninja Power up, our heroes spiritivly leap over Rito's head, landing closer to the museum entrance, blocking it off from the evil space aliens. Rito calls them a broken record, Tommy boasts that he should learn he can't beat them, but Rito simply keeps the faith by saying there's a first time for everything! The Ninja Ranger pose and call out their color names (Pink Ninja still absent, of course), while Rito orders his fine feathered fiends to attack. White Ninja shouts out "Ninja Attack Bow", apparently referring to their standing position, before rushing out and bouncing into battle, hopping off flagpoles and taking down Tengas. While they're busy, Rito and his two sidekicks head into the museum to get that urn.

Red Ninja utilizes his a few moves we've seen Ninjor pull off, involving his moving faster than the Tenga can catch by blinking into a superfast blur and appearing a few feet behind the birdbrain. Rocky even relaxes on the ground waiting for it to catch him, but of course, it never can. Rito and friends make to the Kahmalan exhibit, though he foolishly (what else is new) has Baboo & Squatt attempt the retrieval of the urn. They knock over several items trying to reach it, Rito asks them where they were when brains were handed out. Blue & Yellow Ninjas tag team a large group of Tengas, managing to send the birdies down by having Billy spin Aisha around in the air by her waist. Back inside, Rito notices someone is coming, Squatt asks what to do, but both Squatt & Rito are left speechless for ideas. A bunch of elementary schoolers show up, wowed by the display of Rito (holding a sign reading "Do Not Touch"), a Gorilla (with a sign reading "extinct"!), Baboo (with a sign reading "Rare Specimen") and Squatt (with a sign reading "Out Of Order"). The trio of evil stand perfectly still, pretending to be stuffed dummies, one kid notes that they sure had ugly looking monsters back then. Squatt whispers "who's he calling ugly?!" but is shushed by Baboo. After the kids soon depart, Rito starts to scold his two living dummies, but figures why does he even bother. The three monsters teleport out of the museum, Rito carrying the Kahmalan Urn.

Black Ninja is mid-fight with a few Tengas, and seems to be losing, especially when he flips over suddenly. But what he dumb dodos find left on the ground is simply his empty suit left! The Rangers soon regroup and power down (I guess those two Tengas were defeated offscreen), before heading inside to see what Zedd's goons are up to. Azina is there, saddened over the wrecking of the exhibit and the theft of the Face Stealer urn. Tommy tells her they're going to look for clues and for her to stay there to wait to see if anything turns up, as our heroes rush off to do just that. Rito takes the urn to the moon (walking into the palace and quipping "Just once, I wish she'd have dinner ready when I get home"), where Rita is happily surprised to see he succeeded. Rito asks "You expected anything less?", Rita remarks "You don't really want me to answer that, do you?", he goes "Uhh... no". Rita then places the urn near Zedd's throne, aims her charged up Wand at it, and pops the top in a fashion similar to her own "uncorking" from the past. The top comes off, and from within arises the Face Stealer, asking who dares awaken him from his slumber! Lord Zedd comes in, wondering what all the racket is, asking who in the galaxy that strange large eared creature is. He introduces himself as the Face Stealer, woken from his silence after 5,000 years. Zedd asks if he calls that a "deep sleep", since it's just a nap where he comes from! Rita thinks her hubby dear owes her an apology, but Zedd is flabbergasted when he realizes that the creature really is who he says and Rita was actually right! At the Command Center, the Ranger teens, now joined by Kimberly, talk with Zordon about if Rita could really unlock the spirit of the Face Stealer. Zordon says that this is unknown, as it's never been determined if this Kahmalan legend has any basis in reality (which proves that the Big Z wasn't aware of everything planetside during his 10,000 years on Earth). Adam realizes that today is the 4th full moon of the year, and that if the legend is true, the Face Stealer will appear. Alpha ay-yi-yi's about not wanting to even think about it. But speak of the devil, the alarms go off, and beheld on the Viewing Globe confirms their fears, the Face Stealer has been released on Angel Grove!


Turning around from this Viewing of the Globe, Adam asks Zordon if the Face Stealer can steal faces like he does in the stories. Zordon says that must assume that it does, as clearly he's a dangerous monster and they'll need the added power of Titanus to defeat him (this, in show numbers, is Titanus' first appearance since Season 1 MMPR, but in airing order, he suddenly pops up, without warning or beforehand knowledge as this episode provides, during "Stop The Hate Master"). He asks Alpha if he has made all the necessary modifications to accommodate the Ninja Ultrazord, and the robot says that he's still completing them. The Ranger teens can't wait, so they must Morph into action and engage the monster in battle immediately. The six Power Rangers appear on the scene of Face Stealer's rampage through the outskirts of Angel Grove. Face Stealer tells them to stand aside as he enters their village to steal faces. Bulk & Skull come a'running from out of nowhere, claiming they got a report of trouble there, but upon spotting the monster, quickly retreat, figuring they'll let the Power Rangers handle this one. Face Stealer lives up to his name by blasting a beam from his mouth, which strikes the bumbling duo and removes their faces, leaving them with just white voids! The Rangers finally start to duel with the clunky looking monster, finding he's stronger than he looks. During the fight, Adam ignores Tommy's caution to 'watch out for that beam' and gets blasted. His helmet remains fine, but as evident by his muffled groaning, his face is missing! Aisha rushes out to his side, but winds up also getting her face swiped through her Morphed costume. Face Stealer just stands there, chuckling and boasting he'll steal all of their faces, while the Rangers walk around, taking their faceless teammates and teleporting back to the Command Center (guess he should have done less chatter and more splatter!).

At the CC, our now-helmetless heroes help remove those of Aisha & Adam. Underneath, they find only blank spaces where their faces once were, not only that, but both of them remain silently still, like statues (their souls stolen, apparently). Billy seems to be the only one who cares that Bulk & Skull are in the same condition, but they were left behind, for obvious reasons. The alarms sound, the Viewing Globe reveal Face Stealer gleefully hopping around the park. Tommy knows they can't fight him for they'll all lose face, and after hearing Zordon's heroic words ("every creature has its weakness, it just has to be found") Billy comes up with a plan to defeat the fascist monster's spell. Billy tells Alpha to take care of Aisha & Adam, while he and the others head back to the museum. They go Morphed, hoping to borrow the Kahmalan magical masks from Azina. Kimberly wonders if the legend is wrong about them, but they figure it's been right so far. Azina just happens to be there (the only person in the whole museum, of course), asking what the Power Rangers are doing there. Red Ranger asks to speak with whoever is in charge of the Kahmalan exhibit (trying to protect his face... err, identity), Azina mentions she is, White Ranger informs her of Face Stealer's rampage. She calls this terrible and asks what she can do, they ask to borrow the masks. Red Ranger asks her to trust them with the ancient artifacts, promising to return them. Our heroes take the masks and teleport back to the monster (near the lake now). Facey is glad to see them back, but once they turn around, holding the odd face masks over the front of their helmet, he's stricken with fright. He asks how dare they show those masks in his presence, firing his face stealing ray at them in anger. The masks are more than just a bad memory to him, but are in fact able to deflect his face theft beam! The beam eventually blasts back at him, causing every face he's stolen to return to it's proper head (Bulk, Skull, Adam, Aisha, and about seven other unknown people's faces fly out of the monster's lard-noggin). The Rangers are cheerful, and back at the Command Center, Adam & Aisha regain their lovely faces, having no memory past getting blasted earlier.

Up on the moon, Zedd curses, and aims to make Face Stealer more powerful by locking his Z-Staff together with Rita's Wand, and making the monster grow to a Zord fighting height! He stomps in place, threatening to devour the faces of everyone in the world. At the Command Center, Alpha informs Zordon that Titanus is now ready for battle. Zordon finds this excellent, telling Aisha & Adam to rejoin the team and call on the power of the Ninja Ultrazord if needed, the ultimate in battle weaponry. They 'back to action', and before you can say "seen it! taped it!", they call upon and form the Ninja MegaFalconzord. It does its high kick move, knocking Face Stealer down for a second. The Megafalconzord then barrels in on him, flying into the air and powering up it's double fist punch, which still doesn't take him out completely. Aisha mentions using the Ultrazord, which Billy finds a good idea. Back on the moon, Zedd is enraged over yet another failure on the horizon, claims he knew this monster was a ridiculous idea, and gives the Urn a mighty heave out the window, causing it to crash down to Earth. The Power Rangers initiate transformation sequence to Ninja Ultrazord, by calling on Titanus, who rolls in using the same old Zyuranger footage as we used to see. He growls, shifts into position, the Ninja MegaFalconzord swoops in, lands inside him, and (using the actual Bandai toys for the footage) links up to create the Ninja Ultrazord! Face Stealer takes a hit from the Ultrazord, goes kaboom, and his spirit is sent back into the Urn, the last place he wanted to go. The Rangers cheer, head down from the Megazord cockpit and quickly reseal the urn, making sure he won't be back again (it's no wonder Ninjor is nowhere to be seen, i'm sure he'd be against sealing someone inside a jar, an experience he knows too well!). Finally, Lord Zedd is glowing red with anger at Rita, pointing out how things always turn out when she tries to take over the world behind his back. Rita annoyingly asks him to just spare her, she doesn't see him doing any better, calling him a radiator face as she walks off. Zedd's totally peeved, exchanging the insult by saying "coming from a twin-horned witch like you, that's a compliment!" before he walks off as well.


The Power Ranger head to the museum to return the artifacts to the Kahmala exhibit. Wonder why they aren't just teleporting in? It's so Bulk & Skull can spot them. Skull wonders if the sight of them with the urn means the Rangers stole it, but Bulk notes that they probably clobbered that big ugly Face Stealer creep and took it back. Bulk has an idea, so the two rush over, halt the Rangers, say this is Junior Police business now, and demand the Warrior Masks and Urn handed over. The Rangers do so, and teleport away, thinking the job well done. Bulk & Skull enter the museum with the stolen items in their possession, hoping to take all the glory for their safe return. Once they get inside the doors, a couple of security guards harass the duo and take them off someplace to beat them up like real cops stereotypically do without listening to their story. Later on at the Juice Bar, the Ranger teens are sitting around being usual stereotypical teenage slackers, when Azina shows up (what the?! is she following them around town?!) and thanks them for their concern but the Face Stealer was returned to them safely. Kimberly congratulates the Kahmalan woman, Azina says they were very lucky and now have extra guards to keep a closer watch. Kim once again gets a few more lines in to make up for his absence, by saying she thinks learning about other cultures is great, but thinks reading about it is better than living it! Everyone laughs, even Azina, who should be offended by the stupid American's ignorance to her noble culture! Viva La Kahmala!

[End credits]

Bulk & Skull's scoffing at the legend of the Face Stealer as seen earlier in the show, is replayed. This time, after the story of the Brave Warriors using the masks as protection is over, Bulk & Skull get a good laugh. Bulk mocks the idea of a little guy inside the urn, speaking in a small voice "help me help me, i'm trapped in an urn", Skull noting that the rent must suck, before the director yells CUT!

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