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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Stop The Hate Monster, Part 1"
Original Air Date: 09/25/95 Featuring footage from:
Kakuranger #27 - Muteki Shougun No Saigo (
End Of The Invincible Shogun)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-313
*12th episode aired
*125th total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Stewart St. John Director: Bob Radler
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ The Hate Master (voice)

[Opening Credits]

Yet another day in Angel Grove High School, where we find an area of the hallway engulfed by a small crowd of young females, reading a piece of paper attached to the wall. That paper lists the new members of the Angel Girls Club, an obviously important and much desired gathering of A.G.'s best. Kimberly & Aisha make their way past the girls and check the list, and find that, surprise, Kim made it in. She then checks for Aisha's name, to no avail. Aisha is a little hurt by this, though Kim thinks this has to be a mistake as the Angel Girls Club is for people dedicated to their community and she's perfect for it. Aisha notes that apparently some people don't think so, pointing out the girls who did get in nearby, who stand around patting themselves on the back materialistically. Kimberly offers to talk to Veronica, head of the Club, for her, but Aisha tells her to forget it as it's not that important. She departs to the Youth Center by herself to mope around and work out. After she leaves, Veronica comes over and congrats Kimberly on becoming an Angel Girls member. Kim asks why Aisha Campbell wasn't accepted, Veronica snobbishly mentions that she didn't have the right "qualifications". Veronica mentions their first meeting is tomorrow afternoon and hopes to see her there. Distraught, Kim heads to the Youth Center to meet up with Aisha, who she finds doing some leg curls on one of the many devices set up for the teens. Aisha already knows she didn't get in the club because Veronica hates her, despite not having a clue as to what she did to make her feel that way towards her. Kimberly sits down next to her, and promises her that she's going to find out the truth behind why she didn't get in (though she basically already did!). Kim puts her arm around Aisha, kisses her on the cheek, and tells her to cheer up. Meanwhile on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd talks about hate, calling it a wonderful word and inspired by all of this Ranger-related talk of it, has an excellent idea. Rita tells him it'd better have something to do with her anniversary present (how many anniversaries in one year does this couple have, anyway?!), hoping he hasn't forgotten. Zedd tells his "poison puss" that he hasn't, promising the best present ever: the Power Rangers, defeated & destroyed. Rita's excited, claiming the thought gives her goose bumps, asking all about his deliciously evil plan. He reveals that he's going to have Finster create a hate monster, which will turn the Rangers against each other, causing them to destroy themselves!


Outside of the Juice Bar, The Ranger guys are cleaning up a large amount of graffiti sprawled on the brick walls around Ernie's Outdoor Cafe. Ernie thanks them for the help, but doesn't have any idea who did this heinous crime right out of an 80's breakdancing movie. Bulk watches nearby, vigilant and in touch with Skull via a headset (Bulk also wears sunglasses and a leather jacket with his badge on it, apparently, this is his 'detective outfit'). Skull is inside the Youth Center, under the table of where the Angel Girls Club meeting is just getting over! His headset doesn't work, so he pulls a Get Smart and uses his shoe as a phone to contact him. Kimberly soon walks over and has a private conversation with Veronica about Aisha, all the while unknowingly the two girls are stepping on the hidden Skull's hands! Veronica tells Kimberly that she's already in so why should she care, Kim notes that Aisha is her friend. Veronica reveals that Aisha's family didn't make the required income an Angel Girls Member should have. Kim is appalled upon discovering the only reason her best friend didn't get into the Club was all reliant on how much money her family made, pointing out to the bitchy Veronica that Mr. Campbell has a very good job (and she should know, since Kim lives with them!). Veronica thinks that apparently his job isn't good enough. Skull painfully attempts to pry his fingers out from under Kim's boot with a fork, but fails. According to Veronica, the only reason Kim got in, despite not being filthy rich, was because her mother's legacy. Kim's mom was in it before her, which means she automatically gets in! Kimberly can't believe her mother would ever have to do with something as fascist as this, figuring if this is the way the Angel Girls Club will be, then she's just going to quit! Veronica thinks that's fine, both girls stomp their feet (onto Skull's sore hands), and storm away. Bulk walks in and sits at the table, looking for his partner, and finding him by following the screams of agony coming from underneath the pink tablecloth. Bulk asks the injured Skull if he found out anything, Skull shakes his head no. Bulk tells him that if they're going to find out who the graffiti bandit is he's going to have to work a lot harder, vowing to nail the vandalizer even if it kills them. Bulk stands up, and steps on Skull's hand, before walking off. Skull can't even get out a scream, but jerking his head up in pain, bonking it on the table, and passing out on the floor.

Back on the moon, Finster gives Lord Zedd a handful of Magic Seeds Of Hate, which he has extracted from the evil of every monster he's ever created (though they just look like glowing tops of carrots!). Zedd pitches them off the balcony towards Earth, and once they've landed on terra firma, Finster tells him to now recite an incantation. Zedd tells him it'd better work, he wants this anniversary present for his little muffin to be gloriously hideous, pinching her on the cheek. Rito & Goldar are in the background (Squatt & Baboo are on the other side of the room), Rito remarks "you call that an anniversary present? pretty cheap, Ed!", Goldar notes she's lucky to get anything. Rita shouts for the "worthless migraines" to shut up. Time to recite the incantation, both Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa do it together, it goes "From the deepest darkness of eternal hate, from the moons of Manta, to the seas of Demon-tate!" This causes the Seeds of Hate to come to life on Earth, in the form of the feathered hair monster known as the wicked Hate Master! He speaks in rap (and sounds an awful lot like Pumpkin Rapper), his first words, "Things couldn't not be any sweeter, cause my masters are Zedd & Rita". Needless to say, his rhymes are whack, but the general point is he's going to spread hate to destroy the Rangers. Meanwhile at the Outdoor Cafe, Kimberly tells Aisha the whole scoop on why she wasn't let in the club. Aisha is baffled and hurt, having thought her family was doing great by having a nice house and not in need of anything. Kim agrees it's ridiculous but wanted to be honest with her. Aisha can't believe there are people who think money makes you a better person. Kim calls that disgusting, which is why she quit the club, claiming that judging people no matter what the reason is just "totally uncool". Aisha tells her she didn't have to do that, but it means a lot to her. She then picks up her bag and heads home to see her Grandmother, who's in town for a while, Aisha promised to spend some time with her. Kim says "oh yeah, I wanna meet her!", despite how Kim is supposedly LIVING with the Campbells now and won't have much of choice of meeting the woman! Aisha thinks it'll give her a chance to think these things over, Kim stands up and gives her hug, telling her to remember that her real friends love and accept her for who she is. Aisha thanks her and leaves, just as the Rangers guys show up (finished with their volunteer community service for the day, I guess), Tommy asks Kim how Aisha is doing, she tells him she seems till pretty bummed. Adam notes that no one likes to feel rejected. Kim asks if they're going home, they say yes, and she asks if she can come with them. They all walk home together.... but a wait a minute, Kim lives with Aisha! Why didn't she just go home with her, instead of heading off with the guys in the wrong direction!? Yes, it's to be conveniently alone with the boys for a certain unspeakable purpose, that purpose being... the plot of the episode!

In the Moon Palace, Rita & Zedd ready their magic wand & Z-staff for the final phase of the plan. Zedd informs us that they must get something the Rangers have touched, so the Hate Master can absorb it and produce Hate Dust! Then he'll cover the Power Pest with it to destroy them, and then the Earth will be theirs, Rita cackles evilly about loving her present. Zedd plans to send Squatt down to gather the dirt the Rangers trample on when they battle the Tengas. The five Ranger teens are taking the long way home apparently, as they're off on a secluded dirt road in the outskirts of town. Billy mentions that what the club did to Aisha was so unfair. Just then, the Tengas swoop down from above and barrel into our heroes before landing on the other side. The Rangers are ready, Morphing quickly into Ninja Ranger Power! The feathers fly everywhere as the Ninja Rangers run (and jump) circles around the birdbrains. Black & Blue Ninjas pull off a neat trick, by standing near other each, shouting "bye bye birdies", and vanish in the blink of an eye. The Tengas wonder where they've gone, the featherheads wander around looking for them, when suddenly the hands of the two missing Ninjas pop out from under the ground, grabbing two Tengas' legs and flipping them over. One Tenga notes he's never seen these kinds of plants before, when Adam & Billy explode from beneath the spoil and leap into the air, taking said Tenga down. More agile action continues in the background between the Ninja Rangers & the Tenga troop. White Ninja hears the cries of Pink Ninja, as Kimberly is getting carted off by a few Tengas (why am I reading this as them taking something "all the Rangers' have touched"? ACK!), till Tommy races to saves her, prompting them to toss her aside. Kim's carefully caught by Tommy, allowing them both to team up for Double Ninja Ranger Power. Pink Ninja hops atop White Ninja's shoulders, both summon their Ninja Laser power from within their chest emblems, and into their hands. Placing their hands together, they combine Laser powers, firing the Pink & White blasts at the whacked out crows, taking them all aback.

Elsewhere, Aisha comes home and finds her Grandmother waiting for her. They hug, and Granny sits her down, happy to see her, but notices something seems wrong. Aisha spills her guts to her Grandma, informing her that a club in school wouldn't let her in because mom & dad don't make the required amount of money. Granny asks her if she'd really want to be a part of something that treats people like that way, she tells her no, but it just hurt her feelings and kinda made her mad. Granny wisely tells her to be strong & confident inside, and rise above it all, by understanding that some people have very small minds. She hands her granddaughter a small box containing a necklace with a heart crystal inside the locket. It's supposedly been in their family for generations, Aisha calls it beautiful and thanks her for it. Granny tells her that whenever she feels down she'll have it to remind her how much she loves her, and to remember that love conquers all. Back at the Tenga battle, Squatt shows up and starts collecting dirt kicked up by the Ninja Rangers during the commotion. Squatt uses a purple evil-Dirt Devil to vacuum up enough dust for Zedd to use, and thanks to our heroes being too busy with the birdbrains, nobody notices him until it's far too late. In fact, White Ninja only thinks Squatt is running back to his master, not paying attention to the small device he has with him. Tommy then gets kicked back by a few Tengas, causing the Rangers to regroup together, in time to watch the Tengas shake their legs and shout "and awaaaaay we go!", retreating through teleportation. Tommy wonders why they'd just leave, opting to contact Zordon to see what this is all about. The Ranger De-Ninjize (and somehow go from out behind the mountains, to in the middle of the park!), only to be surprised by the appearance of the Hate Master! He stands atop the hill, rapping as he takes the dust Squatt collected and rubs it in his hands. Hate Master absorbs the energy from it, Squatt teleports away, and the monster gets ready to party. His funniest line is in reference to the "magic seeds of hate" Finster handed Zedd: "Zedd pulled out all the stops, made me out of carrot tops. Finster claimed they're evil seeds, spectacles is what he needs!" The Hate Master whips up his patented Hate Dust, and tosses it in a floating orange star-like mist above our heroes (who just stand around, stunned by the monster's quick appearance or maybe dumbstruck by his raps). The five Ranger teens struggle, grasping their heads and wondering what's happening, as they're told by the Hate Master to love to hate! At the Command Center, the alarms go off, Alpha 5 detects a high reading of Hate Dust in Angel Grove, Zordon confirms his sensors are telling him the Rangers are being bombarded by hate particles. He tells his assistant to contact them before it is too late, as the particles are destroying the good in them. Alpha tries all he might but is unable to reach them. Hate Master cackles and raps about this being an awesome present for Rita's anniversary as he continues bewitching the Ranger teens.


The Hate Master continues to cast his spell through his rhyming incantation, the Hate Dust spins around and around above the Ranger teens. They refuse to give in, Rocky seems to be overacting in his struggle to fight the hate spell as he jerks his body around while the others just stand there. Hate Master makes another clever pun, signing "Go, Go, Power Particles!", as the dust completely overwhelms our heroes. They're left looking pretty much normal after the orange cloud above their heads has dissipated, but when Zordon contacts the teens to tell them to teleport to the Command Center, Tommy blows up at him, telling him to give orders to someone who cares as tired of listening to him! Billy agrees with attitude, asking himself aloud why he's hanging out with the intellectually challenge. Kim scoffs, asking the "nerd boy" who asked him, Billy sarcastically calls that a good one, Kim mocks him by saying "ooh, you're funny!". Adam turns to Rocky, asking him what he's looking at and if he's got a problem. Rocky tells him he's his problem, and the two get up in each others faces. On the moon, Rita & Zedd hold hands, enjoy Zedd's anniversary present to his "little dust ball", promising that if she sticks with him, he'll make everyone miserable! Rita calls this the best present ever. Zedd then tells his petite pestilence that with the Rangers out of the way, it's time to really start to play. They take their Wand & Staff, lock them together, shout "Make Our Monster Grow", and fire evil magical energy towards Angel Grove in the form of cloud to ground lightning! Hate Master becomes a giant, and gains a sword, while claming this is a good solution to get away from air pollution.

In the CC, Alpha ay-yi-yi's about the grown up monster and the Rangers acting like spoiled babies. Zordon notes that all is not lost, as Aisha has not been effected by Hate Master. He has Alpha contact her, her Communicator goes off just as she is looking through an old photo album with her Grandmother. Granny asks what that sound was, Aisha tells her it's her alarm reminding her of a meeting she forgot about. The wise old African-America woman says that's okay, promising to visit more with her later, kissing Aisha on the forehead and leaving the room. The coast clear, Aisha (now wearing her Grandmother's locket) answers the call, Zordon fills her in about the Hate Master poisoning the mind of the other Rangers. She plans to try to talk to her friends to try to break the hate spell, and teleports to the park. Rocky & Adam are still pointing fingers at each other, much to the evil glee of the other three. Before a fight can break out, Aisha appears, and immediately tells them all to snap out of it! Kim tells her to mind her own business, Billy asks who invited her here, and Tommy calls her a joke, just like the rest of them are. The orange light of the hate particles suddenly swell up and fade away from the Ranger teens' heads, leaving them with migraines, but otherwise, devoid of hatred. Tommy wonders what's going on, the last thing Billy remembers was fighting Tengas. Aisha rushes to her teammates side and notes the spell must have worn off but they've got to move fast as Hate Master is attacking Angel Grove! They Morph into Power Rangers, call on their Ninjazords, and head after the monster, White Ranger (in what I think is the very first Ninjazord single-cockpit footage, one for each Ninjazord is seen this episode) says the only thing he hates now is the Hate Master! Meanwhile in the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd realizes the spell wasn't strong enough to hold the Rangers. Rita whines, fearing her present is ruined. Zedd alleviates her by saying that the Rangers' tendency to good overcame just one dose of hate, now they'll kick up some real dust! Rita asks if he's sure, and he says he thinks so, which she doesn't find too promising. Zedd soon feels confident that with another dose of hate particles, his plan will and must work! Hate Master gets the command (telepathically?), and starts whipping up some more Hate Dust. It forms over each of the Ranger teens heads once again. It takes only moments for the spell to kick back in, causing Kim to say she's not doing this anymore, and for Adam to announce he's through fighting this guy! Aisha, not effected by the spell, asks them what's going and happening. Tommy says he's bailing out of his piece of junk Falconzord, having better things to do. Billy is also ready to forget this, preparing to leave as well. Aisha tells them to wait, but they ignore her pleas and abandon their Zords, Demorphing as they land in the park. Hate Master says to him it's visible, that they're all feeling miserable. The Rangers teens (including Aisha, having followed them down) continue flaming each other nonstop, Tommy says he's sick & tired of being Zordon's little puppet. Aisha tries to talk sense into them, not understanding why she's unaffected by telling them that they're under Hate Master's spell. Kimberly tells her once best friends to stop whining as she's sick of listening to her. Adam's sick of all of them, and is the first to storm off. The others follow, Aisha trying to get them to talk to Zordon since he'll explain everything. Tommy plans to talk to Zordon, he's got a few things to get off his chest! Rocky tells the big man to stand in line, Billy calls Zordon a joke, Kim notes that so is he. Aisha wastes her breath by telling them once more that Hate Master's the one who filled them all with hate.


At the Command Center, the five hateful teens confront Zordon, Tommy telling him they're tired of wasting their time fighting his battles. Adam agrees, from now on he'll have to do his own dirty work! Zordon tells them their minds have been altered by Hate Dust, Kim just tells "gramps" it's a nice try but he's not going to talk them out of it. Billy agrees, saying "we quit!" Tommy doesn't want to see this place or any of them again, Kimberly tells him to believe that he'll get his wish. All five take off their Communicators and toss them on the floor in disgust. Billy notes that the Power Rangers are history, Alpha tries to reminds them that they're all friends. Adam evilly goes "Friends? Not anymore, tin man!". Billy presses a button on the console, and causes the five of them to teleport back to Angel Grove, quite possibly for the last time! Aisha is left behind as the only one with her head on straight! Alpha ay-yi-yi's about the possibility that Zedd has created the ultimate monster. Aisha asks why she was immune to the Hate Master's spell, Zordon has Alpha run a diagnostic scan on her to see why she was not effected like the others, thinking the answer to that riddle might help them free the Rangers from the evil spell (nobody seems to even take into consideration that perhaps the reason she was exempt was because the dust used to make the particles was never trample on by her!). Aisha's worried, asking what'll happen if it doesn't have the answer, and Zordon helps calm her down by saying that "Eventually the Power Rangers will turn their power on each other, destroying themselves. All of us, everyone on Earth, will be at the mercy of Zedd & Rita! Needless to say, those comforting words fail to make Aisha feel better.

[to be continued...; end credits]

Oddly not a blooper, but in fact an extended scene from Episode #315, "The Potion Notion", which had yet to air when this episode first premiered! Rito, alone in the Moon Palace, takes a few peeks into the Repulsascope, hitting himself on the head with a microphone and calling himself stupid. He's got to get that monster back before Ed finds out he sent to Earth! Rito wonders what he was thinking, and upon fumbling away to do such, he gets caught up on the scope, and almost knocks it over! He turns and runs a few feet, before rushing back to retrieve his sword. He's confused about what direction to run to, and eventually throws his arms up as he races away, shouting "what a week i'm having!".

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