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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Changing Of The Zords, Part 1"
Original Air Date: 10/31/95

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-319
*18th episode aired
*131st total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Stewart St. John Director: Jonathan Tzachor
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine "Kat" Hillard
Additional Cast:
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)

[Today on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial in the Spring 96 reairings!); Opening Credits]

At the Juice Bar, sitting at one of the tables, are Katherine & Kimberly. One more person with a K name, and this show gets banned by Civil Rights groups. On the floor beside the table, are a whole lotta bags. Different styles on each, not a brand name among them. They're the disposable "clothing store" type, of course, though everything is neatly packed, and thus, nothing pokes out of the tops. Anyway, Kat quips amazed, "And I thought _I_ liked to shop! You bring a WHOLE new meaning to the word, Kimberly." Aisha walks up, carrying two full drink cups, smiling in agreement with her new Australian pal. She sits, places the drinks in front of Kat & Kim, as Kim stuffs a pink bag down amongst the gaggle of others. She then asks, "Did ya have fun?" Kat replies, "Yeah, I did!" Kim retorts, "Good!" Kat pleasantly comments, "THANK you both SO much for showing me around Angel Grove. I REALLY think I’m gonna like it here!" Kim says, "No problem." Aisha yelps, "Cool!" Kat looks at the watch on her left wrist, and stands up, picking up roughly three or four of the shopping bags, remarking, "Oh. Well, I’d better be off for dinner." Aisha looks at her own watch, and likely aware of Kat's evilly-eliminated Mustang, offers, "Oh, yeah! Us, too! Do you need a ride?" Kat denies, "Oh, no! That's okay. I don't live far." Kim grabs yet another bag among the nearly endless amount at her feet, and hands it to her new buying buddy, noting, "Don't forget!" Kat scoops up the bags, and replies, "Oh, thank you!" Three "byes" are exchanged by all three girls, in a near symphony of high-pitched femininity. Kat takes her wardrobe for the next 10 years with her, and treks across the Youth Center. She reaches the central doorway, and nearly bumps breast-first into Tommy! He enters and greets his new blonde acquaintance a little too politely, "Oh. Hey, Katherine." Kat lovingly admires him, and responds breathlessly, "Hi, Tommy." They exchange smiles briefly, before Tommy says once again, "Hi." He then quickly rushes over to his girlfriend, sitting at the table not far nearby. Kim blurts out, "HEY! Tommy. I just got back. I couldn't WAIT to see you!" Tommy bends down and gives her a big, friendly hug. Kim giggles contently, and gives him a quick & loud smooch on the cheek. Kat begins to exit the room, but slowly pauses and turns at the sound of the couple embracing. The lovebirds break off their hug, and Kim asks, "How are ya?" Tommy replies chipperly, "Good!" Kim rummages through a bag, and notes, "Look what I GOT'cu!" During all of this, Katherine stares at them. Nay, she GLARES at the couple, bitter resentment and jealous very evident on her pale-complexion face. Dawdling enough, Kat's eyes flash with an eerie orange-glow very quickly, as she departs, sulking.

Meanwhile, inside the Evil Palace up on the Moon, Lord Zedd sits at his throne, with his wife, Rita Repulsa, standing by his side (holding his hand). Finster, their elder & wise white dog-like servant & monster-blacksmith, comes shuffling in. Zedd scoffs, "WHAT is it THIS time, Finster? A monster that blows ITSELF up!?" Finster stops in his tracks, bows respectfully, and explains, "NO! I've done something WONderful!" Rita screams, "Done WHAT?!" Finster admits, "After years of failed attempts, I’ve FINALLY deciphered the Scrolls Of Zordnia." Zedd arises from his throne and breaks off the hand-hold with Rita, demanding to know, "What're you talking about?" Finster explains, "The Scrolls show the EXACT location of the Dormant Zords." Goldar, hanging out on the sidelines, wonders facetiously, "What good are Dormant Zords, you FOOL?!" Finster adds with intelligential glee, "By combining the technology from a Ninjazord with a power source, I’ll be able to bring these Zords to life!" Disgruntled from numerous failed plots, Lord Zedd orders without much excited anticipation, "Then DO it, Finster!" Wasting no time, Finster obeys eagerly, "Right away, your grace!" Once he scurries back off to his workshop, Zedd turns to his evilly grinning wife, spreads out his arms, and exclaims, "It's PURE genius! I've done it again!" Rita ignores the false placement of credit, simply concurring with equal evilness, "YES, Zeddie, with our OWN Zords... the Power Rangers are KAPUT!" Zedd & Rita embrace with a loving hug, while both laugh manically at the genesis of this decidedly different scheme.


The following morning at Ernie's Outdoor Cafe, Kat sits at a table, while wearing a large sunhat, sunglasses, and reading a novel. She's so wrapped up in the pages of the book (probably "How To Avoid Warfing Up Hairballs When Trapped In The Form Of A Cat"), that she fails to notice Kimberly approaching. Kim is wearing a multicolored (but mostly pink) one-piece bathing suit, underneath a pair of blue denim overalls, while carrying a backpack over her shoulder. Kim walks up to her new pal, and mentions happily, "Katherine! A bunch of us are going swimming at the lake. You wanna come?" Kat looks up from her book, and admits cautiously, "Oh, that's really sweet, Kim. But I’m not very fond of water." Distraught in a very cute way, Kim figures, "Oh. Okay!" Suddenly, Tommy shows up! He's wearing a white tank-top, and asks, "Are you guys coming to the lake or what?" Kim points out, "_I_ am, but, uhh, Katherine..." Kat quickly stands up at the sight of the great white hunk, finishing Kim's sentence in complete turnaround of her recent remarks, "... Uhh, Changed her mind! After all, how am I gonna meet people if I don't venture out?! I'll just run home and get my suit." Tommy seems delighted, quipping, "All right! Great!" Kim's confused by the Aussie's strange behavior, but goes with the flow, stating, "Okay, meet ya there! C'mon!" Kat nods and replies, "Okay." Kim & Tommy depart, unaware that Katherine is watching their every move suspiciously. Kat lowers her sunglasses, and her eyes flash evilly orange once more. She looks, quite simply, like a cat with a tasty bird in her sights. A falcon, perhaps? Either that or a fellow feline, namely a White Tiger!

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the universe, lies a misty jungle (WHERE exactly is unclear). Finster leads the way through the thick exotic plantlife, with Squatt & Baboo following along. Both of the lower-class henchmonsters are uncomfortable with their humid environments, and fail to remain quiet about it. Squatt groans, "Phew! Woo! Hehehe!" Baboo whines, "We'll NEVER be able to find anything with all this STUFF in the way!" Finster pauses in his tracks, and curiously looks around, noting, "Per my calculations, the Dormant Zords should be right near here. Maybe, by that rock... or, by those trees." Taking a load off, Baboo sits his androgynous butt down on a rock, and grumbles, "I don't see anything!" Squatt wipes his sweaty blue brow, and comments, "Wheww! You know, Finster, sometimes your calculations are off!" Still sitting on the rock, Baboo sighs, "Whew." Squatt wanders over against another rock formation, covered in vines and roots. He leans against it, and exhales, "Phew!" Suddenly, Squatt realizes that he's not touching just another natural boulder chunk. He begins slapping his hand against the smooth, metallic surface, and exclaims in disbelief, "Huh? Uh, oh... uh-oh! LOOK! What's THIS?! I think I found something! Baboo, Finster! Ye-ah! I found one of the Formant Dords! I mean, the Dormant Zords!" Baboo stands up and looks over at his buddy, squinting and gasping, "Huh?" Squatt quickly begins clearing away the roots covering the massive greyish rock-looking foot of the Zord, while announcing in excitement, "Whoo-hoo-hoo-hooo! Yeah! LOOK at this!" Finster hurries over to Squatt's location, and frantically aids in tearing down vines. Squatt cackles maniacally all the while, shoving aside pounds of moss. Baboo also gets in on the clearing action, yanking on some vines, while quipping, "Is this Hollywood, or just Vine?" (a cheesy reference to the famed streets named Hollywood & Vine) Squatt remarks, "Ohh, whoo! It's deVINE, alright!" Finster, Squatt, and Baboo begin slowly backing away from the foot of the Dormant Zord. They gaze upward at its majestic beauty, all three gasping in pure amazement and awe. They nearly strain their Evil Space Alien necks looking upward. We'll just have to take their word for how big and stunning the Zord is for now, since what exactly they see isn't shown.

Over in Angel Grove, by the Lake, Bulk & Skull are on the scene. They're wearing casual versions of their Junior Police Patrol uniforms, with shorts and short-sleeve blue shirts. They face the docks, which is brimming with beachgoing people. The bumbling duo look at one another, as Bulk explains, "Okay, Skull. Our Junior Police Patrol assignment for today is to keep the beach CLEAN, and free of trouble. Got it?!" Skull confirms, "GOT IT!" The two men strut across the dock, as numerous swimmers swim in the waters around them, and others ride on little water buggies with giant wheels! Bulk & Skull inspect things on their clipboards, when, at the far end of the dock, a group of four small children splash around violently. Their screaming and horseplay catches Skull's attention, causing him to point out, "Bulkie... Look at those kids, they're DROWNing!" Bulk is altered to the disturbance, and takes action, announcing bravely, "We gotta save 'em! Hold on, Kids! WE'LL save you!" Both Bulk & Skull pitch their clipboards into the air, as the scene switches to a dramatic slow-motion. Piano music plays, in a parody-istic style of the theme from "Chariots Of Fire." Bulk & Skull begin running down the docks, screaming "NOOOO...!" They slowly begin stripping out of their uniforms, tossing their sunglasses and hats aside, next their belts, and eventually the rest of their outfits. The bumbling duo are now sporting their good old white & black striped, Prison-Style bathing suits (as seen many times before). Focusing only on saving the kids in this Baywatchian scene, Bulk & Skull elbow and unconsciously shove anyone in their way over the side of the docks. Several unsuspecting citizens are pushed into the water, victims of intended heroism. Bulk & Skull eventually leap off the end of the dock, and plummet into the waves. After a massive splash, the bumbling duo realize something's amiss by the fact they're not struggling to keep their heads above water. The four kids, in a circle around the two men, simply stand up, revealing the area to be shallow! The kids laugh at their supposed saviors' expense. Bulk & Skull merely wallow in the shallow waters, sulking embarrassedly, as the cruel laughter of the ungrateful children grows louder.

Over on the shore, near the edge of the park, Katherine heads to the beach. She's got a different outfit on, though it's very much not a bathing suit (for reasons that'll be explained at a later date). Instead, it's a light pink top with beige shorts, perfectly for lounging around in, I guess. She has an orange beach blanket over her shoulder. Kat walks under some trees, totally alone, when she hears Rita Repulsa's voice, beckoning, "HERE, Kitty, kitty, kitty!" She halts her progression, and in the time it takes for the camera to pan back around, we see Rita is now standing directly behind the blonde Aussie! Kat turns around, and changes her expression from seemingly reluctant, to eagerly obeying, as she states with a smile, "Empress!" Rita begins walking around her, mentioning bluntly, "You can SKIP the formalities. The LESS time I have to spend in this park, the BETTER." The intergalactic sorceress spins around and informs her loyal human servant, "_I_ have a job for you!" Kat bows slightly, and asks with some hesitance, "H-How may I be of service?" Rita paces about in the shade, while ordering, "Get your paws on a Power Coins from one of the Ranger Rats. Understand?!" Kat bows her head again, her eyes quickly flashing orange briefly, while she bids monotonously, "As you wish, Empress." Rita Repulsa stresses, "And be CAREFUL not to get caught. It's not yet time to let the CAT out of the bag! Yehaheha!" Katherine vows, "You can COUNT on me, Empress." With psychotic confidence, Rita figures, "Of COURSE I can! _I_ groomed you WELL. Hahahaha!" The queen of evil's body is swallowed by a swarm of yellowish fiery light, causing her to vanish from sight in a teleporting flashing. Kat stands in place, and once all that's left of Rita is a lingering puff of smoke, she smirks wickedly and continues on her way. Closer to the Lake, at a picnic table under some trees, Kimberly & Aisha are getting ready to head out to the water. They stand at the table, stuffing clothes and towels into their respective backpacks. Aisha comments, "We're gonna have SO much fun." Kim agrees, "YES!" Katherine finally arrives, and greets happily, "Hi!" Kim pleasantly replies, "Oh, hey, you made it!" Aisha adds, "Hey!", as she pulls a yellow hat off her head. Wasting no time, Kim sets her blue backpack down, and urges, "Let's GO." Kat stands there, frozen like a deer, staring at the bag (realizing that Kim's got no room on her pink swimsuit to hold her Morpher, of course). Her eyes flash with the usual brief orange glow, once more with evil! Aisha & Kim start dashing out to the beach, when they pause, turn around, and Kim asks Kat, "Are you coming?!" Katherine, her task stalled, obliges with a warm smile, "Uhhh, right behind you!" Kim snickers, "Heh'kay!", and nearly instantly, she returns to racing toward the waters, taking Aisha's hand as they speed down the hill. Kat slips off her dark red purse, placing it on the table beside the backpacks, then tosses her towel atop it. She casually strolls along, following the girls with much less enthusiasm than they have for the lake.

Up on the moon, Rita Repulsa peers into her Repulsascope, watching the scene, and realizes aloud, "She can't steal the Coin with those people around!" Lord Zedd, also on the balcony with her, underscores the importance of it, by mentioning, "We NEED that Coin to get into the Ninja Zord!" Rito Revolto, standing behind them (with Baboo & Squatt to his side, clapping their hands and fidgeting around excitedly), suggests strategically, "Well... create a diversion!" Zedd turns to him, and exclaims nearly beyond belief, "BRILLIANT! You've FINALLY proven yourself to be more than JUST a bag of bones, Rito!" Rito swings his fist in the air, and modestly remarks, "Well, ya know, i'm ALWAYS tryin', Ed!" Agitated by this running joke, Zedd angrily corrects him, "It's ZEDD, you calcium-head!" Rita, who had been smiling at her brother's successful suggestion, now merely sneers at him. Rito nods, and walks off, understanding with a grunt of, "Ah-ha!" Lord Zedd steps down from the balcony somewhat, prompting Rita to join his side, as he schemes, "I'll send the Tengas. In the confusion, Kat will STEAL the Coin, which will allow us to steal a Ninjazord, and copy its technology! Huh!" Rita's face lights up with vicious happiness over her husband's maniacal masterminding. Down on the beach, it's a semi-crowded day for such a small body of water. Most people are lounging around, basking in the sun, much like Katherine, who gives her legs some much needed tanning as she lies on a towel by the shore. Others are tossing a ball around, or riding on rafts out on the water, much like the six Ranger Teens. Tommy, Rocky, and Billy are on a rowboat in the middle of the lake, with Adam off the side, paddling his way along in a black inner tube. Rocky, rowing the boat, waves to his female teammates, "Hey girls!" Just behind them, peddling on one of those floating bikes with the giant wheels, are Kimberly & Aisha. They seem to be having fun, as Aisha eventually waves to the shore, and yells, "Hiiiii!" Kim does the same, adding loudly (as to allow her voice to carry over the waves), "Hey Kat!" Still sunning on the sands, Kat giggles and gives a brief wave of her hand. Suddenly, in a hail of teleportational purple light and a rain of feathers, a gang of Tengas appear. They land right in the center of a crowd of beachgoers, and immediately start cawing and shaking their wings, attempting to terrorize them with considerably success. People all over the beach scream and run for their lives, deserting nor only the shore post-haste, but racing out of the water, as well. Out in the middle of the lake, the Ranger Teens become aware of the disturbance, but remain calm, simply observing from afar. Kat feigns mild fright, remaining on her towel, and curling up a bit, keeping her eye on our heroes. Slowly, making no sudden moves, Tommy, Rocky, and Billy drop over the side of their boat, diving under the water without much of a splash. Adam rolls off his inner tube, and presumably, though not shown, Aisha & Kim dunk themselves into the lake also.

On the shore, the Tengas continue rushing around, grabbing beach items and making a mess of them, as more beach-going citizens of Angel Grove keep trying escape the feathered menaces. Katherine rises up to her feet, and with a sly expression, looks around, makes sure none of the fleeing civilians are watching, and casually strolls off toward the park area. In the shade beneath one of the trees on the beach, Bulk & Skull are checking off their duties on their green & blue clipboards, when they finally spot the trouble brewing on the lakefront. Bulk points at the Tengas, and gasps in terror. Witnessing their caw-filled carnage, the bumbling duo pitch their noteboards in the air, and dash off away from the shore in a quiet panic. Meanwhile, Kat's cat-like calm walk across the sands and up the grassy hill is in strange contrast to the chaos occurring around her. The last few people depart the shallow waters, and scramble to safety as far away from the lake as possible. The Tengas regroup, one flinging someone's discarded clothes or towels around, while another assaults a plastic blow-up raft. Taking a look around, the birds eyes view no people in sight. The main Tenga remarks, "Caw! Think we scared everybody off?!" A second Tenga comments, "Uhahaha! Yeah, it looks that way! There doesn't seem to be a SUNbather in sight!" Scoping out the abandoned boat, inner tube, and wave-riding big-wheel thingy out in the middle of the lake, the first Tenga wonders, "CAW! What happened to the kids on the water?! Did they swim ashore?! 'Cause _I_ didn't see 'em!" Curiously, the gang of birdbrains tread closer to the water, visually searching for signs of the missing six. A third Tenga remarks in a screechy voice, "I dunno! Everything appears to be PERFectly normal to me! I don't think anybody's LEFT here!" The sun reflects lazily off the surface of Angel Grove Lake, gentle rippling across the top with an eerie lifelessness. Then suddenly, ker-splash, ka-boom! Six spouts of Ranger-colored water spray into the air with impressive force, geysers of intensity, taking the Tengas by total surprise. Just as quickly and loudly as they begin, they cease, depositing the Power Rangers in Ninja Form, into action-springing stance up in the air high above. Blue & Black, Yellow & Pink, White & Red, all of them kiyaahing like crazy as "Tenga Bye-Bye" begins to play. The six Ninja Rangers land perfectly in a spaced-out circle around the flock of Tenga Warriors.

It doesn't take long for the first punch to be thrown, by the Black Ninja, in defense of a Tenga attempt to swat its wing at him. He then ducks under another blow thrown by that Tenga, only to have a second Tenga join in, tossing a kick into his gut. Before this birdbrain can hit him with a wing-chop as he's recovering, Adam pulls off one of the perks to being a Ninja Ranger, by splitting into two identical beings! The twin Black Ninjas cartwheel in opposite directions, avoiding the Tenga's strike. Tengas watch in astonishment, as the dual Black Ninja Rangers mirror gesturing poses, with Adam’s double-voice overlapping as he shouts, "A'One... and a'two! KIYAH!" The Tengas are quite fraught by the presence of mystical Ninja clones, one even clutching his feathered head and doing a double take! Basically, to save me doubly describing anything, anything one Black Ninja Ranger does, the other does exactly. They are true identical entities occupying separate physical space. So, Adam bodyflips over the approaching wing-swiping of a Tenga, coming up with a direct kick into its gut, followed by a high kick over its head, before backing into the birdbrain, snatching its wing-arm, then twirling back away and flipping the Tenga over onto its back in the process. Adam’s Ninja clone does all of this too, to another Tenga right beside him. All of that to just intimidate the flock and take down two Tengas, the dual Black Ninja Rangers merge together again, by one standing behind the other, while the one in front does the two-fingers-up hand gesture. They announce, "Goin' solo!", and in a subtle highlight of black energy, Adam becomes whole again, motioning his arms with a hiyaahing posing to prove there’s nobody behind him now.

Doing a series of smooth backflips toward the very edge of the lake’s shore, the Yellow Ninja Ranger finds herself surrounded by several Tenga Warriors. Realizing she’s out of room to maneuver, Aisha poses, then gestures one arm up with the right one down, and bids, "Adios!" In a seamless effect, Yellow Ninja turns into a puff of smoke in a flash of yellow energy! The Aisha-sized mist is carried off with the breeze, leaving the four Tengas squawking in total confusion, as they scramble about the spot of sand she was just standing upon, finding her totally gone. One of those distracted & puzzled Tengas gets a sudden surprise, when a half-red inner tube is tossed around his neck! The Yellow Ninja Ranger is back, standing right behind him, waving and playfully remarking, "Surf’s UP! Haha!" Aisha cuts under the inner tubed Tenga with a footsweep, knocking him down, right before she begins to cartwheel away from the riled-up others. Meanwhile, over on the long dock cutting into the lake, the White Ninja Ranger is backflipping his way down the deserted strip of boards, ‘uh-yah’ing wildly. He finally reaches some Tenga Warriors, and ceases his flipping, turning his attention to a direct approach. A Tenga takes a swipe at him, he pushes it away and slips past, does the same to a second one coming his way, but when reaching a third & fourth at the same time, his decision to toss a high kick is fatal. The Tengas duck, and Tommy turns around to face the first two he slipped past. All four birdbrains gang up on him, and flip him over onto his back on the docks. Typically Tommy, he just lets out his battle cries, even when the Tengas hoist him up reluctantly, and hurl his body into the air! White Ninja plunges into the lake, crying, "Ahhhhhh...!" Once he’s submerged beneath the waves, the gang of Tengas squawkingly cheer for themselves. Their celebration is short lived, as the White Ninja Ranger emerges from the waters on the opposite side of the docks! Despite his usual ‘uh-yaaah!’ shout, none of the Tengas hear him as he does a graceful leap out of the lake, and lands on the dock, totally dry. They do quickly notice him once he’s landed right behind them, but he’s got the drop on them. White Ninja blocks a Tenga’s kick, then strikes back with a punch to the chest, turns and hits another Tenga behind him, then backs up between two more coming his way, extending both arms out and bending down so he’s easily able to send them tripping harshly. One final Tenga Warrior in the background witnesses this in distress, nearly freaking out as he sees Tommy poses amid a heaping pile of his defeated feathered brethren.

Elsewhere along the shore of the lake, Red Ninja Ranger kicks a Tenga Warrior’s back. It staggers onto a boat, anchored in port only by a thick rope. Rocky uses this Tenga’s body like a ramp, and races up his back, onto the boat. Two other Tenga Warriors are chasing after him (also using their dazed and trampled fellow birdbrain’s back), so he doesn’t have time to enjoy the view. Racing into the cabana of the wide ferry-like boat, Red Ninja runs out of room, and turns to face the music. He turns, kicks a Tenga away with a hiyaah, and then ducks under the second Tenga’s failed kick at him, followed by an attempted wing-swipe. Rocky returns the favor, by jabbing that birdbrain in the gut with a forceful blow from his elbows! The Tenga is thrown back, and nearly goes over the side, but is able to grab the cabana rooftop, and hold on, albeit wobbly. Red Ninja is bemused by this futile gesture by the bird drone to save itself, and with his hands on his waist, then a clapping of gloved hands and a quick thumbs up, he states, "Hey, Tenga! Don't go overboard if you don't want to!" The Tenga stabilizes, stepping away from the edge and wiping his feathered brow with a "Phew!" of relief. Rocky shakes his head, and says tongue-in-cheekly, "JUST kidding! Hahah!!" He ducks down and thrusts both his hands into the Tenga Warrior’s gut, sending it twirling into the air, and splashing into the lake. See the end credits for more fun with boat-tossed Tengas. Meanwhile, just above the beach, strolling into the shade, Katherine heads for the deserted area of picnic tables. She reaches her crimson satchel, pushes aside a tiger-designed towel, and reaches in for something or another. Kat’s eyes glance over to Kimberly’s blue backpack lying on the other end of the table. She casually looks back at the beach, makes sure nobody’s watching, takes her belongings, and heads over to Kim’s. Kat sets her stuff aside for a moment, and proceeds to unzip Kim’s backpack. She reaches in, gropes around briefly, and slowly pulls her left hand of it the bag when she finds what she was seeking. Holding the precious golden Crane Ninja Power Coin between her fingers, Kat raises it closer to her wickedly smiling face, touching it with both hands in successful and sinister delight. At that exact moment, down on the shore, the Pink Ninja Ranger collapses onto one knee! She’s in the middle of fighting several Tenga Warriors, when her morphed body is overcome with a major exhaustion. Kim groans, "Ungh!" a few times, before lifting her right arm and warning sternly, "I suggest you BACK off, featherbrain!" Pink Ninja watches the Tengas circle around her like vultures, keeping their distance for the most part, simply gesturing their hands in intimidation. Kim grunts, moans, and pants with weakness, as her vision of the Tengas appearing to us in a blurring range of focusing in and out repeatedly. She puts her hand to her eye-slits, and tries to blink this off, to not much avail.

The cause of her physical power drain is quite obvious to us, as over on the hill, Katherine runs her hand along the stolen Ninja Coin, before pocketing it. She bites her lip and grins, darting her eyes to the side in a brief bout of caution. Kat then rummages through the rest of Kim’s backpack, digging beneath her denim shorts determinedly. She finally comes across another item of interest, a medium-sized photograph. Kat holds it up with both her hands, and stares into it with a vicious expression. The picture is a recent one of Kim (wearing a sun hat and a pink dress) & Tommy (wearing a white shirt with bluejeans), holding hands in the park, both smiling lovingly toward the camera. Katherine vows in a cold yet evil tone, "He WON'T be yours for long, KIMberly." She glances over at the multicolored backpack with yellow hat beside on the picnic table top, and remarks curiously, "Aisha's Power Coin..." Looking from side to side to be sure the coast is clear, Kat figures with a cocky smile, "As long as I'm HERE!" She heads over to retrieve the second Ninja Coin of a female Ranger, taking her towel & satchel with her. But the second he puts her hand on Aisha’s bag, Bulk & Skull pop up behind her, with fatigued expressions. Those quickly switch to brave & vigilant ones, as they stand tall, and Bulk says (while Skull chews his gum and seems to be trying to flirt with the new girl), "Uhh! Hey... Miss!" Katherine stops what she’s doing, and looks at the bumbling duo in prison-barred swimsuits. Bulk offers courageously, "As Angel Grove Junior Police Officers, it is our SWORN duty to lead you to safety." He steps to her side, as Skull nods, the both of them motioning their arms as if to imply they’re allowing the lady to go first. Kat, holding the stolen pic of Tommy & Kim behind her back, steps away from Aisha’s backpack. She’s beginning to do as they’re suggestion, when the both of them dash madly ahead of her, screaming aloud in terror from the chaos occurring on the beach. Skull notably yelps, "Huhhhh! Runawaaaaayyy!", as Bulk merely repeats the ‘hut hut hut!’ as learned in the Academy. Kat pauses for a moment, looks back at Aisha’s bag, and decides not to pursue stealing a second Coin. She walks on, away from the beach (pic still held behind her back), quite a ways behind Bulk & Skull, who’re making great stride in their flee from action, and from the woman they swore to protect!

Elsewhere, down on the shore, the Pink Ninja Ranger continues to feel the rigors of having her Power Coin stolen by evil. She has her right arm out, while clutching her face-mask with her left, and groaning aloud, "Unh, TOMMY!" In the background, the White Ninja Ranger is chopping down two Tenga Warriors on the docks. He hears her weakened plea from across the lake, and replies nobly, "Hang on, Kim!" Tommy leaps high into the air, clearing the waters and landing on shore just beside his lover & teammate. Kimberly is still in the same spot as earlier, barely able to stand, let alone fend off the bird drones surrounding her. White Ninja flips one Tenga over, kicks another in the side, then another in the chest. He guards the Pink Ninja (who is now standing up straighter), urging, "Stay back, Kim." She nods, and lets out a gratefulness noise. Farther inland, Bulk & Skull are racing away from the lake at an equal pace. Katherine has begun to rush along behind them, her bright blonde hair swaying from side to side. She slows down when she notices neither of them is paying her any attention, the pair still making those same sounds as earlier. Kat stops completely, and just as she does, Bulk & Skull become aware that she’s no longer following. She teleports away in her usual flash of Kat-Monster shaped energy, just before the bumbling duo turn around to look at her. Bulk, ceasing his breathless panting, points at where Kat just was, and stammers confusedly, "Hey, did she just... ? How did she... ?" He rubs his face tightly, and rationalizes as much as he can mentally afford (despite how they’re both standing in the shade), "Ohh, must be the heat!" Skull, equally puzzled as to how she vanished so quickly, concurs in a high-pitched tone, "Yeah, must be!" Bulk pats his own face, and mentions, "I-I don't feel so..." Skull quickly adds, "Yeah, me too! Phew!", before rolling his eyes in the back of his head, and passing out, falling forth in a sort of subtle spin so he lands on his back. Bulk’s eyes freeze open, with his left hand still on his cheek, as he topples forward, also passing out, right onto his buddy, presumably.

Down on the shore, the remaining five Tenga Warriors are being beaten back by the six regrouped Ninja Rangers. Outnumbered and weary from the beach blanket brawling, one of the Tengas urges, "Come on, we're outta here!" The five Tengas teleport away in a black flash of purple energy. Our six heroes are unable to stop them, reacting just a little too slowly. In unison, they cross their right arms over their chests, and deactivate their Ninja Ranger powers by basically ripping off the costumes. Restored to their swimwear, the Ranger teens glance about, keeping aware of their surroundings to be sure nobody is witnessing their Ninja demorphing. Kimberly, though, isn’t acting normal, still holding her hand to her forehead while facing downward, moaning faintly. Tommy notices her physical fatigue, and rushes to her side, prompting his other three teammates to do the same. He takes her forehead-touching hand gently, asking in concern, "Kim, are you okay?" Kimberly raises her head back up, and replies softly, "Yeah, I’m fine. That was really weird..." Tommy and the rest of the team breathe a collective sigh of relief, as she scopes around, and wonders, "You guys, where'd Katherine go?" None seem to be aware of the answer, but obviously she fled the scene with just about everyone else (Kim’s stupid question can be attributed to her degrading condition... I hope). At the moment, up on the Moon Palace, Katherine holds up her pilfered prize, showing us the Crane encrusted surface of the golden-colored Pink Ninja Power Coin. She hands it over to Rita Repulsa, who’s standing on the balcony in front of her, and with a devilish smirk, Kat mentions, "Here it is! The Power Coin as you requested, Empress." Rita takes the Coin, and with restrained domination, she asks her husband, "Zeddy... Do you know what this MEANS?" She hands the Power Coin over to Lord Zedd, standing beside her. It falls into his palm, and while admiring it by wiggling his hand, Zedd confirms wickedly, "Yesss... I DO, my little time bomb." Pressing his metal-grated faceplate mouth area to the Coin in his hand, Lord Zedd more or less kisses it, saying aloud, "MmmmmWAH!" He clenches his metal-tipped fingers around the Coin, and schemes, "We can steal the Falconzord, which will render the Rangers defenseless! Once we have its technology, and find the right power source, we will create our OWN fleet of evil, indestructible Zords. And then NO one, will be able to stop us!" Katherine gazes upon her two masters, smiling slyly. Unbeknownst to either of them, Kat is still holding the picture of Tommy & Kim behind her back, a stolen memento all for her.


Back on Earth, at the beach around Angel Grove Lake, the six Ranger Teens are taking advantage of the desertedness of the shore and enjoying the environment. Adam, Rocky & Billy are pitching stones into the water, when the chime from their Communicators beeps aloud in that familiar six tone noise. The three guys, along with Aisha, race over to Tommy & Kimberly on the inner section of the sand. Tommy holds his left arm up, and speaks into the silver Communicator, "We read you, Alpha. What's up?" The voice of Alpha 5 announces urgently, "Goldar and the Tengas have been let loose in the park!" Tommy sighs, "Again?! Aw, man." He lowers his arm and urges his teammates, "We'd better get our stuff and get over there." Billy nods, and says, "C’mon!" Tommy adds breathlessly, "Let’s go." Everybody but Kimberly proceeds briskly across the shore, as she remains behind, clasping her forehead again with her eyes shut. Tommy notices and lags behind, walking back to Kim, and asking, "What is it?!" The others also pause and turn, as Kim admits with weakly half-opened eyes, "I dunno. I never felt like this before." With labored breaths, she takes his hand, and promises, "I'll be okay." Tommy cautiously wonders, "You sure?" Kim brushes aside her tiredness, and replies positively, "Yeah, Let's go." Tommy is reluctantly convinced, remarking, "Okay," as she leads him over to join their teammates in gathering their belongings.

Upon reaching the area of picnic tables beneath the shade of trees on the hill overlooking the lake, the guys get their stuff together (Tommy puts on his white tanktop), while the girls do the same at an adjacent table. Kimberly searches through her backpack thoroughly, even unzipping and checking the second compartments. Realizing what she seeks is gone, she frantically informs her pals, "You guys! My Power Coin's missing!" Aisha looks up, and says in disbelief, "What!?" Kim shuts her eyes and touches her face with her right hand again, giving a distress groan of, "Ohh." The guys, with backpacks, rush over to her side, as she begins to go weak in the knees, slowly making herself sit down on the bench. Tommy tries to comfort her, rubbing her right shoulder, and saying, "Just take it easy, Kim." Kimberly looks down, and raises her left hand, noticing that it’s fluctuating pink energy on both sides! She gasps, and worriedly wonders, "What... what's happening to me!?" Billy observes, and ascertains to her and the others, "Your body! She seems to be experiencing some kind of energy drain." Kim can do nothing but touch her face and appear fraught. Tommy raises his left wrist, can via Communicator, contacts aloud, "Zordon, this is Tommy. Come in." The voice of Zordon replies through the tiny speaker, "Yes, Tommy?" Tommy relays the facts in a helpless tone and a constant shaking of his head, "Kimberly's Power Coin is missing. She seems to be getting weaker." At the Command Center, Zordon, appearing as a big blue head in a tube as per usual, explains, "It must have fallen into evil hands. This is the ONLY explanation." On the hill, his voice continues to explain through the Communicator, loud enough for all six Ranger Teens to hear him, each listening closely, "You MUST use your Power Coins to recharge Kimberly, until she's strong enough to be teleported to the Command Center." Tommy shakes his head again, and confirms, "Right, Zordon." He lowers his arm, and tells his teammates, "Okay, you guys stay here. Ninjor & I will handle Goldar." Aisha looks at Kimberly briefly, and promises warmly to him, "We'll take care of her, Tommy. Be careful." Tommy, standing behind his sitting & woozy girlfriend, looks to the camera, puts his arm around his back, and exclaims, "It's MORPHin' Time!" The lightning bolt hits the orb, and Tommy charges with white energy within his Morpher, summoning, "White Ranger Power!", which he morphs into instantly.

Teleporting offscreen immediately following the morph, the White Ranger leaps mightily into the air, backflipping as he belts out a, "Kiyaaaaaaaaaah!" He lands in the park, standing atop the wooden beams of one of the picnic banisters. Goldar, along with a flock of Tenga Warriors, turns around and sees Tommy after he arrives. The golden henchmonster lets out a snarling and trailing growl, before commenting smugly, "No friends, White Ranger?" Almost on that cue, Ninjor appears just in the background, popping up in the park, and calling attention to himself, "Over HERE!" Goldar spots the big blue Ninja mentor with the Mighty Mouse-esque voice, and roars annoyedly, "Deehhh!" Ninjor gestures his arms, boasting, "The TWO of us can EASILY handle all of you!" Standing amid a knocked over picnic basket with food scattered on the ground, Goldar aims his sword forth, and orders, "Tengas, get them!" The birdbrains squawkingly do so, racing into action, prompting Ninja to do the same. White Ranger kiyaahs, and dives off the top of the banister. The moment he lands, he’s confronted by a pair of Tengas, as Ninjor deals with two or three in the background. White Ranger slips past one, then another, before throw a kick over the second one, prompting it to duck down and roll. A third tries to wing-punch him, but Tommy grabs its arm and flips the bird drone over with a battle-crying maneuver. Spying on this scene from behind a tree, is Katherine. She peeks around the trunk, and keeps her eyes focused on Tommy, when, in a swirling flash of orange energy, Rita Repulsa teleports onto the planet, right behind her. Rita asks her useful human servant, "WELL, my little feline, are you ready for your NEXT assignment?" Kat turns away from the Tenga-beating battle going on in the near distance, and replies obediently, "I'm ALWAYS ready, Empress." Rita pulls the recently stolen Crane Ninja Coin out of her pocket, and hands it back to her, ordering, "Take this Power Coin and use it... to STEAL the Falconzord!" Kat sinisterly smiles as she accepts the Coin, and responds with a nod, "Yes, Empress." Rita laughs wickedly, and teleports back to the moon in a burst of orange flaming energy, which leaves behind a lingering puff of smoke. Katherine, playing with the Ninja Coin between her fingers, turns around to look back at the fight, already in progress. She glances down at the Coin in her hand for a moment, then stares upon the action, as her eyes flash with the orange energy once more.

Meanwhile, at said battle, everything’s continuing as it was going before the interruption. White Ranger blocks about three attempted punches from a Tenga, using various arm-shield methods, before turning to his side and blocking a thrown kick by a second Tenga! Tommy, kiyaahing like crazy during all of this, returns to the first Tenga, grips the purple armor plating on its chest, squeezing the point at the stomach where it narrows. White Ranger then spins the Tenga into the air by this fulcrum point, flipping the bird drone over and onto its back harshly. He then attacks another Tenga with a tossed kick near its beak, followed by a series of smooth footsweeping actions, which result in said Tenga falling down. Two more birdbrains await him, as he remains crouched. Nearby, Ninjor hardly gets screentime, as he bends down and trips an approaching Tenga with a punch to its knees. Watching White Ranger kick the feathers out of several of his soldiers, Goldar laments aloud, "There's SO many of us, and so FEW of them! WHY can't we defeat them?! WHY!?" Ignoring the two squawking and encircling behind him, White Ranger flips his latest sparring partner over, dusts off his hands, and comments, "There we go." He then points at Goldar, and declares, "And NOW it's YOUR turn!" Goldar scoffs, "DON’T be so SURE!" Ninjor hurries over to Tommy’s side, inspiring the beaten flock of Tengas behind them to flee in fear, as he proclaims valiantly, "YOUR time's UP!" Goldar denies with determination, "WRONG! I've only jus BEGUN!" The White Ranger & Ninjor hiyaah, as they pose for action, with their right arms held outward. Suddenly, engulfed in an updraft of mist, Goldar is growling as his golden body is growing to a massive height, without any aid from Rita or Zedd! Towering above the Power Ranger & Ninja mentor, Goldar gloats, "Let's see you defeat me NOW!" A foreshortening shot reveals our two heroes to be barely as tall as Goldar’s giant foot. They back off from the huge henchmonster, with Ninjor yelping, "Ohhh! Woah-ho!" Goldar pokes his left index finger down at them, and amusedly remarks, "Oh, did I SCARE you?!" Tommy steps forward, and cockily taunts in return, "Haha. Now you're just a BIGGER fool, Goldar." Posing with his gloved hands shimmering with white energy, White Ranger aims to the sky, and summons, "I need Falconzord power! Power ready, power up... NOW!"

Flapping away from the bright sun above, the White Falconzord screeches loudly & repeatedly, and it soars through the clouds. White Ranger, with Saba in hand, leaps uhh-yaahingly into the air. He hops into the cockpit of his Zord, motioning his arms forth while activating, "Falconzord, battle mode, NOW! Uhyah!" Utilizing the same method Goldar took to grow, namely the suddenly giant amid an updraft of mist, Ninjor grows to Megazord-sized height, exclaiming with his arms raised intimidatingly, "NNYAH! Goldar, I think you should pick on someone your OWN size!" Goldar, sword in hand and wings fully spread, simply snarls in response, "DEHuhhhhh...!" With the mountainous parkland at their feet, the two equally-sized opponents circle one another, each with an arm held out, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Ninjor figures with a hint of hesitation, "Hmm, well. You don't LOOK so TOUGH!" He points at the henchmonster, and threatens cautiously in a defensive stance, "Ohh... Now, DON’T make me FIGHT you!" Swooping through the skies above them, the Falconzord lets out an animalistic screech. Within the silver & grey cockpit, the White Ranger grips the controls in front of him, focused as he stares out the window, and talks considerable trash, "Okay, Goldar. It's time to put a fork in ya! Oh, you're DONE! One large Goldar with anchovies, comin' up! Hehaha." During this mouthing-off, Katherine teleports into the cockpit, directly behind him, via her Kat-Monster highlighting of orange energy. She smirks suspiciously, looks at Tommy up and down, and then points her right index finger forth, firing a zapping surge of pinkish electricity into his body! White Ranger’s morphed form is jolted with the evil power, causing him to jerk about, crying out in intense pain. The surging effect on his body is neat: it’s multiple rows of four claw-scratches made of the pinkish electricity passing all over him, until he passes out, slumped over in exhaustion. Kat shakes her head, remarking facetiously with sultry wickedness, "Enjoy your little ‘catnap’, Tommy." She then motions her finger in the air, charging it up with energy, and firing another pulse of pinkish power into his unconscious form. The energy-based claw-scratches appear on the White Ranger’s body again, as he’s engulfed in the pinkish light, which fades away, taking him with it. The White Ranger plummets through the air, slowly regaining consciousness as he’s reluctantly teleported out of the Falconzord cockpit by his unseen attacker. He hits the ground in the park hard, falling right on his back, causing him to thrust his hips upward upon landing, and letting out a pained grunt.

None of this is noticed by Goldar & Ninjor, who’re too wrapped up in their own mini-war. With clouds passing through and around their altitudinous bodies, they battle on. Goldar braces his sword, and snarls & growls while thrusting forth. Ninjor has his back to him for a moment, but turns around in time see the approaching blade. He punches it away from him with a groan, which leaves himself open for Goldar to kick him in the big N on his chest! Ninjor moans and doubles over, allowing Goldar to grab his shoulder, yank him back to standing upright, and jab him in the gut with his sword handle’s butt. Roaring fiercly, Goldar slashes his sword through air, striking him directly in the chest. Ninjor topples forward, falling onto his stomach with an agonized grunt. The moment he hits the ground, Ninjor’s giant body transforms into a shrinking blob of blue-centered & gold-bordered energy! It curves into the air, and splashes down on the park lawn, right beside the weary White Ranger, converting back into Ninjor, in human-sized mode. Tommy crawls onto his belly, and groaningly cries out to his ally, "Ninjor! Ugh. Are you okay?!" Ninjor raises his head, and replies confusedly, "I THINK so." White Ranger, still lying on the ground, reaches out to him, and urges, "Hang on! Everything's gonna be okay. Agh!" Up in the Falconzord’s cockpit, Katherine steps up to the controls, locks her hands into them, and looking at the camera, she states with a sadistic smile, "The Falconzord is all YOURS, Lord Zedd." Kat’s eyes flash orange, heralding her whole body flashing with that orange energy, teleporting her away in the ‘Kat-Monster’ highlight method again. The Falconzord flaps through the clouds, under a pure blue sky, screeching as normal. Suddenly, its entire structure is engulfed in a deep pink energy, as it morphs into a majestically glowing, non-metallic, natural-looking white falcon! It rapidly flaps, and soars through the sky. Within the Lunar Palace, Lord Zedd stands in front of his throne, Z-Staff resting against it, with an opened birdcage (with red drape atop it) to his right. Zedd slowly lifts his right arm, curling it a bit while holding it outward, and remarking impressedily, "Rita's pet has done WELL. The Kat has caught the bird. Come HERE, my pretty one." The glowing white falcon flaps onto the scene, coming to a landing on Lord Zedd’s arm! In a flash of pink energy, the white falcon turns into really-real falcon, with brownish feathers upon its back and white ones on its breast. The bird sits calmly on his arm, merely lifting and lowering its neck repeatedly, looking at Zedd with considerable confusion. Lord Zedd mentions schemingly, "Now the stage is set for the final act of my plan. And I know exACTly where to get the power source that I need..."

Back in the park, White Ranger gets on all fours, struggling to recover to his feet from the sneak attack which dumped him there. He encourages his ally, "Ugh... Come on, Ninjor. We can't let Lord Zedd defeat us! Reach out your hand!" Ninjor still lies on his chest, writhing about wearily. He does as requested, reaching out his left hand, and saying in a distraught tone, "Here, Tommy. I'm TRYing!" Ninjor’s entire body, hand & arm included, begins to shine with a light blue energy, as he fades in and out of visibility! White Ranger reaches out with his right hand, drawing closer and closer, noting, "Almost there... Ninjor?! What's happening?!" Ninjor almost gets his partially-translucent fingers to touch his, when his entire body vanishes from sight (they never explain what happened here, but a logical assumption is, utilizing the Falconzord & stolen Ninja Coin’s deep connection to him, Zedd was able to forcibly kidnap Ninjor through his own life & power source). The moment Ninjor disappears, the White Ranger cries out his name, and falls to his knees where his mentor & buddy just was, declaring furiously, "Unh. I'm NOT giving up, Goldar." Towering above with his head literally in the clouds, Goldar boasts triumphantly, "Your paTHETIC! Lord Zedd has your Falconzord, YOU'RE finished!" Tommy arises to his feet, looks up at the giant henchmonster, and denies, "No way!" Goldar bids with evil glee, "Ahehehe! It's been nice chatting with you!" He twirls his sword around, and slides the blade against his hand, bursting out an orange flame of teleportational energy. This is probably the first time he’s ever fled a battle while giant NOT out of losing! When Goldar departs, White Ranger races up, demanding into the thin air, "Goldar! Come back! We're NOT through!" Tommy slams his fist into his other palm, and exclaims in frustration, "MAN!" He then lifts his left wrist, and speaks into the gold & black gauntlet, stating, "Zordon, it's Tommy. Lord Zedd has stolen the Falconzord. What should I do?" Zordon’s voice replies simply, "You must RETURN to the Command Center, Tommy." White Ranger nods, confirming defeatedly, "Yes, Zordon." Tommy lowers his arm, and sulks for a bit, stating in disbelief, "Aw MAN. I can't believe Lord Zedd has finally defeated the Power Rangers." He holds his fists up, and defiantly declaring aloud in the empty park, "Well, I'M not gonna let it happen. If it takes every last OUNCE of my strength, I will see to it that the Power Rangers are triumphant... if it's the LAST thing I ever do."


On the moon, it’s party time at the Lunar Palace. The former Falconzord falcon is inside the cage beside the throne, with the red drape covering the whole shebang (a giant gold Z upon it). Rita Repulsa has a misty-frothing drink in each hand, smiling and spinning around before sitting on the arm of the throne. Baboo cheers as he dances around on the floor before her. cutting back just to grab Squatt’s hand and boogie around with him. Rito waves his bonesword in the air, as Finster shakes his arms high. Lord Zedd holds a small but stout, dark blue, partially translucent jar in his hand, and proclaims to his fellow Evil Space Aliens, "We DID it! We have everything we need to bring our Zords to life! The battle technology from the all-mighty Falconzord, and Ninjor's energy as its POWER source!" He taps his metal-tipped fingers against the top of the jar cradled in his right arm, antagonizing the creature within. Via that same stock footage from his first appearance, Ninjor is once again tiny, and trapped inside of a bottle! Peering up through the opening, he demands angrily, "LET me out of here, you FIEND!" Zedd ceases his tapping, and announces confidently, "THIS is the END of the Power Rangers! Ahah, ahahaha!" Inside the jar, Ninjor declares with arm gesturing, "I WON’T cooperate with your maniacal scheme. NOT me! ForGET about it!" Lord Zedd informs him, "YES, you will, or I’ll turn you into a cosmic milkshake!" As he does this, he begins to violently shake the jar up and down, causing tiny Ninjor to be rocked about, crying out, "Whaoah ah ah ah!" Zedd excitedly taps on the jar again, and asks sadistically, "Did you hear me?! A cosmic milkshake! Ahah, ahahah! Ahah... haha.. Heh." He hands the jar over to his white-furred dog-faced henchmonster, ordering, "Siphon off his energy, Finster, so we can power up our Zords." Finster takes the jar, after Lord Zedd tauntingly taps on the top again, and bids in a mockingly playful tone, "You be nice, little Ninjor!" Rito watches this, and laughs diabolically as he continues to enjoy the celebration along with Squatt. Zedd slaps his hands, and pumps his fists into the air, cheering triumphantly, "AHH! Victory is FUN!"

On Earth, at the Command Center, the six Ranger Teens, still in beach outfits, stand before Zordon. Kimberly holds her hands out, her & Tommy watching as the fingers on her right hand shimmer flowingly with an eerie pink glow. Zordon explains the whole situation to them (and us) in laymen’s terms, "When Ninjor recharged your Power Coins, he linked them with your natural HUMAN energy. Because Kimberly's Power Coin is in evil hands, her body is being affected." Tommy realizes, "Zedd must have used her Power Coin to get inside the Falconzord and take it." Billy leaves out details, as he adds his take on the matter, "Which left Ninjor powerless, and an easy target!" Zordon somberly admits, "Rangers, I'm afraid I have MORE bad news." Tommy groans, and wonders to his friends, "Aww, man, what could be worse than this?!" The Eltarian sage reveals, "I fear that Lord Zedd has discovered the lost Shogunzords. All of his actions indicate that he intends to use them for his OWN evil purposes." (Closed Captions list a different line, the same one heard only in overseas airings: "I fear that Lord Zedd has discovered the lost Zords of Zordnia. Indicating that he intends to create a new fleet of evil fighting machines.") Rocky becomes quite visibly alert and concerned while being told this, worriedly noting, "And with OUR Zords out of commission... we're POWERless against him!" The pink energy fluctuating through Kim’s hand instantly spreads to the rest of her body, quite loudly at that. Her eyes shut and she passes out, collapsing over, prompting Tommy to catch her before she can hit the ground. He frantically asks, "Kimberly! KIM!", as her body is covered in passing spots of slithering pink energy trails. Zordon puts it morbidly, "Retrieving Kimberly's Power Coin is the ONLY answer. Unless we can do that, she WON'T survive." Tommy clutches Kim’s limp and partially glowing body tightly, looking up at Zordon just to give him a helpless expression and a subtle shake of his head. Elsewhere, Katherine sits up in a tree, resting against a branch high above the ground. She holds the golden Pink Crane Ninja Power Coin in her right hand, grinning viciously, though likely not quite aware just how much damage her possession of it is doing to her ‘friend’/mortal enemy & arch rival for Tommy’s interest. Kat then holds up her left hand, and brings up her other stolen item, the picture of Kim & Tommy in happier times. She grips it between both hands, and stares at it with a look of pure contempt. She comments coldly, "Soon, Kimmy will be out of the picture." Kat then places her fingers against the upper center of the pic, tears downward, and liberates Tommy’s side from Kimberly’s! She holds the ripped half of Tommy in one hand, giving it obsessedly-loving smile, which fades quickly as she then crushes the other half firmly in her left hand, crumpling Kim’s side of the pic into a wrinkled wad. Kat smiles grows slowly back into existence, as she grasps Tommy’s pic half with both hands once again. She glances up at the camera and quickly flashes her eyes with an orange evil-energy, planning to make the picture metaphor far more literal.

[To Be Continued...; End Credits.]

On the boat in the lake, the Red Ninja Ranger takes on another Tenga Warrior. He chops its wing, causes it to spin, then smoothly grabs the Tenga and tosses it off the side of the boat (on the opposite side of where he tossed the other Tenga earlier). Rocky hiyaahs during this, and once the Tenga splashes into the waters, he steps onto the edge of the boat, and remarks aloud while waving goodbye to it, "Hey, Tenga! I'd give that dive a 9.5! Hahaha." The Tenga swims around, slowly paddling its soaked feathers, and singing in its crowing-voice, "Row, row, row your boat; Gently down the streeeeam; Tenga, Tenga, Tenga, Tenga; working for Zedd's no dream! CAW!" Rocky waves some more, commenting, "C'mon, Tenga. Smile! I only THREW you off the boat. Don't be as mad as a wet hen! Hehahah!" Red Ninja then looks over at the camera, located on the shore.

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