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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 2"
Original Air Date: 10/17/95 Rito battle footage from:
Kakuranger #30 - Saikai Uragiri No Chichi (Reunion With A Traitorous Father)

Kakuranger #31 - Mita Ka!! Shin Shogun (Did You See It!! A New Shogun)
"Katastrophe" monster battle footage from:
Kakuranger #40 - Heisei Kitsune Gassen (
Heisei Fox Battle)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-318
*17th episode aired
*130th total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Douglas Sloan Director: Douglas Sloan
Starring Cast:
Amy Jo Johnson _AS_ Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Katherine "Kat" Hillard/ "Katastrophe" Monster (voice)
Additional Cast:
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Sandi Sellner _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Saba (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)

[Last time on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial in the Spring 96 reairings!); Opening Credits]

It's the Command Center, nearly immediately after we last saw it. Standing in front of the Viewing Globe are Kimberly, Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Billy, with Alpha 5 nearby, pressing buttons on the console. The gang appears collectively worried about what they see. Rocky notes, "Rito's getting REALLY close to the city, you guys. We GOTTA do something!" Billy quickly loses interest with standing around doing nothing, and begins hanging out at the console, asking, "Alpha, do you have a fix on Tommy's position yet?" The automaton answers distraught, "Ay-yi-yi! His signal is very weak. I can't lock it in!" Zordon's disembodied voice urges, "Keep trying, Alpha. Until we locate them, Tommy and his companion are at the mercy of Lord Zedd." The Viewing Globe shows Tommy, still steering futilely, as Katherine hangs onto his shoulder, their car stuck between dimensions. Suddenly, Tommy's head glows with an orange energy, causing him to pass out in the driver's seat. The car ceases rocking, and the multiwarping starfield surrounding also fades. The image starts to slowly turn to static, causing Kim to stress, "Oh no, he's unconscious. We're losing him! Alpha, do something!" Static fills the globe, as Alpha nervously works at the console, whining, "I'm TRYING, Kimberly!" Billy urges, "Try decreasing the attenuation." Alpha points out, "I HAVE! It had no effect." The globe shows another image, before flickering off again. Aisha remarks, "It's breaking up!" Kim clasps her hands against her mouth in shock, Rocky hangs his head low in frustration, and Alpha laments, "I'm SORRY, Rangers, but the signal is completely gone! Without it, i'll be unable to trace Tommy's location!" Aisha looks at her friends, Kim especially, and then to the Viewing Globe, helplessly worried.

Between dimensions, the starry-field background has frozen, as the Mustang convertible has come to a dead halt. Tommy sits at the driver's seat, slumped over in unconsciousness. Katherine is wide awake, grinning quite evilly. Rita Repulsa's voice echoes in, calling for her trojan feline, "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!" Kat's body suddenly surges with a yellow electric light, in the shape of a cat monster, before teleporting her away from the vehicle. Seconds later, up on the Moon Palace balcony, Rita sits upon the steps, in the proper position to allow Katherine, in her white cat-sized Park Cat form, to teleport into her clutches. Lord Zedd gripes to no avail, "DON'T call that cat back here!" Rita begins stroking and petting PC, lovingly remarking in her grating voice, "You've been a GOOD kitty, Katherine! Remind me to give you an extra saucer of milk." Zedd groans, "Auhh, OH, brother!" Rita gets up, and holds her cat outward, noting, "Isn't she BEAUTIFUL, Zeddy?" Lord Zedd shivers, backing up disgusted, "Get that flea-bitten thing away from me!" Rita cuddles the kitty, stating, "FINE! BE that way! Now we have the White Ranger, right where we WANT him! Hahahaha!" Lord Zedd finally concurs with his wife, wickedly chuckling, "Yesss." Goldar awaits below the steps patiently, but eventually begs, "Master, let ME destroy the White Ranger. I have an old score to settle!" Zedd is receptive to his loyal henchmonster's plea, bidding, "Very well, Goldar. I suppose you have earned that right. Go! Have yourself a little FUN!" Goldar turns around, whips his sword around in the air, vowing, "Dohh! I will NOT disappoint you, Sire!" He motions his hand against the blade, and in a flash of flames, teleports away. Rita continues petting the cat, but pouts, visibly annoyed her husband's letting her back-stabbing former lackey get some action. Lord Zedd turns his attention to his wife, "Now, Rita, about that cat." She turns around, PC cradled in her arms, looking right at the fleshless alien warmonger. Zedd irks allergicly, "Ooh! It's GOT to go!" Inside a dark & misty cave, the Mustang Convertible has ceased its drive between the fabric of reality, and landed inside what seems to be a pocket dimension. Tommy is still knocked out, though his head is slowly rolling from side to side, implying a hint of awareness returning to him. Goldar enters the dark cave, passing a white gargoyle statue on a pedestal. He approaches the car, and boasts to the sleeping Ranger teen, "Nuuagh! SO, White Ranger, ONCE again we meet face to face. Only THIS time, it is _I_ who will be the victor. Huh, hahahehe!" Goldar stands before the vehicle, waving his sword.


Back at the Command Center, Billy presses a random set of buttons, and tweaks a few knobs. His four teammates watch over his shoulder, anxiously awaiting word. He sighs, "STILL nothing!" All express their somber frustration subtly, except Rocky, who stomps his foot and bemoans, "Oh man, what're we gonna DO?!" Zordon speaks up (err, down), informing them, "Rangers, the search for Tommy will have to wait. Rito has reached the outskirts of Angel Grove." Billy rises from his leaning-against-the-console position, and agrees with many sighs, "Sorry to say, but Zordon's right. We're just gonna have to hope Tommy's okay for right now." He talks mostly looking at Kimberly, who nods and smiles, optimistically concurring, "Yeah." Alpha quietly continues pressing buttons off to the side. Billy instantly looks at the camera, steps his legs out wide while putting his right arm around his back, prompting the others to do exactly the same. He then announces, "It's Morphin' Time!" The Morpher sequence plays, each calling upon their Ranger powers: Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red. The five core Power Rangers emerge, fully morphed, in a section of land that's part desert, part forest, and part mountains. They immediately spot the trouble overhead, with Pink Ranger noting, "There he is!", and Red Ranger shouting, "Hey, Rito! Hold it right there!" Rito Revolto's giant bony legs are shown stomping up and down on the outskirts of Angel Grove, with the five tiny Rangers far below in the background. He hears them and turns around to face the team, remarking, "Huh? Ahh, hello there, Power Twerps!" Pink Ranger proclaims, "We won't let you destroy Angel Grove!" Rito bends down and leans in towards the Power Rangers, scoffing mightily, "Oh, YEAH?! And what do you think you're gonna do to stop me?!" His huge skullface gets so close to the normal sized heroes, that his exposed sinus cavities blasts a gust of wind directly against them. The Rangers stagger backwards, coughing and groaning, dust being kicked up all around them. Rocky mentions, "Ugh! Bad breath!" Rito gets up, straining as he arises, stating, "Well, i'd like to stay, but I gotta run. You know how that (grunts) can be!" Red Ranger agrees, "Unfortunately, yes! It's TIME, guys!" The other four exclaim in unison, "Right!" Rocky adds, "Awright, let's do it!" The Rangers motion their arms in the air, trailing sparks of energy match each color, as they summon together, "We need Ninjazord power... NOW!"

The Red Ape Ninjazord races through the city, snarling mad. The Blue Wolf Ninjazord dashes through the streets, howling fiercely. The Yellow Bear Ninjazord growls ferociously. The Black Frog Ninjazord leaps over tall buildings in a single bound, ribbiting like a roar. The Pink Crane Ninjazord swoops through the clouds, screeching loudly. All five Ninjazords run along together, through the outskirts, each making their own noise. Rito Revolto is already in the city, it seems, as he faces the fleet of five spiritual animals. He grunts, "Don't you guys EVER give up!?" Yellow Bear rises slowly up on its hind-legs, and slams back down, causing a thunderous quake to rip through the city. Rito staggers, yelping aloud as he barely manages to keep standing. Yellow Bear slams its weight against the ground again, causing a massive crack in the pavement below Rito's feet. The giant skeleton soldier topples over when he foot becomes lodged in a cement crevice. He hits with a thud, and recalls this being (the same footage used in Ninja Quest and) a reoccurring tactic he keeps literally falling for, as he remarks, "I HATE when that happens." Black Frog slides in, and begins firing a steady stream of pure fires out its mouth like a tongue. The flames splatter against Rito, creating a heavy explosion. Pink Crane flanks sideways through the sky, shooting off several beams of laserpower, each blasting against Rito's chest. Red Ape whips out both of its sabers, and begins bashing the red & white blades into the skeletal soldier's bony body. After several slashes, Ape double-pokes Rito in the chest, knocking him into a roll across the ground. The Ninjazord then blocks both of its sabers into one connected sword. That combined form is used to block Rito's bonesword when he tries a sneak slash. Red Ape returns the gesture by cutting into Rito repeatedly, using both ends of the double-sided saber. A final direct poke, nearly bashing Rito on his skull-helmeted noggin, sends him flipping over into the air. Rito somehow manages to land on his feet, and confidently boasts, "Bringin' out the fancy stuff, are ya? Well, I got one of my own. Check THIS baby out!" In a zap of orange & blue light, Rito's camouflage-colored flame thrower appears on his left arm. He shows it off, having not used it since his last battle with the Ninjazords so long ago. Red Ape stirs nervously at the sight of it. Rito quickly aims and fires it, quipping, "Think fast!" The scorching flaming stream hits Red Ape, frying its metal body slightly with sparks and loud report!

The Pink Crane Ninjazord hovers about, shifting its body into "head" mode. Yellow Bear & Black Frog also reconfigure themselves, into the chest and legs, respectively. Red Ape and Blue Wolf transform into the right and left arms, also respectively. Pink Crane's huge head form locks on last, followed by the metal fist face-sheaths for the arms. They all comes together against a fiery animal backdrop, to create the Ninja Megazord! We finally see the five Power Rangers, sitting inside of the cockpit, located in the eye-visor of the Megazord's head. They motion their arms and proclaim in unison, "Alright! Megazord Battle Mode, power up!" Rito Revolto urges facetiously, "C'mon, Power Twerps! I don't have all day!" The Ninja Megazord poses for action, and starts to walk across the city. Rito fires his flamethrower-arm again, cackling crazily. The Megazord simply walks past the explosions bursting behind it. The sparks and smoke do batter the cockpit, causing the Rangers within to be jolted about considerably. Ninja Megazord presses on, stunning Rito in gasping, "No WAY!" In the cockpit, the Rangers activate together, "Ninja Megazord, Power Punch!" The Blue Wolf arm is winded up and punched in slow-mo, the wolf howling as its metal fist-face bashes into Rito's torch-arm. It's knocked off his arm completely, causing him to yelp, "Yipes!" The Red Ape arm is winded up and punched in slow mo, the ape snarling as its metal fist-face bashes into Rito's chest. He's hurled into the air, crying out all the while, before collapsing against the ground, moaning painfully. Red Ranger exclaims in excitement, "Alright! To the MOON, Rito! Ha ha!" Meanwhile, in the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd sits on the steps of the balcony, with his head resting against his left arm, propped up on his left knee. Rita Repulsa stands in front of him, still cradling PC in her arms. Zedd grumbles, "Ooooh! First her brother, and now this dumb cat!" Rito teleports in behind them, via his usual orange head-blue body method, hanging his head low as he walks up to them. Rita asks, "What're YOU doing here?!," before realizing, "Oh, why do I even BOTHER?!" Rito begins to speak, but just moans in defeat, and slumps his shoulders again, unable to defend his giant-sized failure. Lord Zedd quips, "That's the EXACT same question i've been asking since he arrived!" Rito mocks, snapping his hand like a yapping mouth, "Diddy-ditty-deh!" (he raises his fist intimidatingly at Zedd, but lucky for him, the overlord isn't looking) Rita pets her pussy, and remarks, "Well, I suppose it's a good time for Plan B." Rito rubs his hands, anxiously proclaiming, "Oh, GOOD! A Plan B!" Zedd arises, pushes Rito forcibly back, and stresses, "YOU won't be involved, numbskull!"

At the Command Center, the five triumphant Power Rangers have demorphed, and return to a less physical battle, one they appear to be losing. Billy checks out the consoles, shakes his head, and wonders, "Alpha? Have you tried retracing the signal from Tommy's Communicator?" Alpha 5 admits, "Ay-yi-yi, Billy! It seems that all of our tracking devices are being blocked." Zordon confirms, "Unfortunately, you are correct, Alpha. Rita & Zedd are generating a POWERful shield, that is preventing our signal from getting through." Adam notes distraughtly, "So there's NO way to get to Tommy." Aisha adds with equal dismay, "Or even find out where he is!" Elsewhere, in that dark & misty cavern dimension, Tommy slowly regains consciousness, groaning as he begins looking around, his vision blurry. It starts to come into focus, revealing to him Goldar's ugly gold & blue noggin, gloating, "Uhh-huh-ha! Time to wake up, White Ranger! Ahehehehe! YOU have a date with destiny! Nuhh-hahahaehehe!" Tommy's reflexes are sluggish, he's too groggy to react thanks to the knockout spell. Suddenly, the Mustang Convertible (aka, the Kat-Mobile) glows with a bluish tint, before vanishing from reality altogether (that poor dumpster died, so that Tommy might live). Tommy is flung to the floor once the driver's seat dematerializes, the jolt from hitting the ground is enough to smack him back to full consciousness. Tommy hops back to his fight, pants repeatedly, and gets in a fighting stance. He demands to know, "Alright, Goldar. Where's Katherine?!" Nearby, on a rock, near a marble pillar, a tiny hologram projection image of Rita Repulsa flickers to life. Her wicked laugh stirs Tommy, gaining his attention. Rita's full-body hologram image asks facetiously, "Ahahaha! Well, well, WELL, Tommy! Did we have a NICE nap?" Tommy demands again, "What've you DONE with her?!" Rita replies, "Nothing YOU need to worry about!" Goldar concurs, "YEAH!" The evil sorceress remarks with bemused glee, "After all, what would KIMMIE think?! You spending SO much time worrying about another GIRL! Hahahah!" Tommy is noticeably uncomfortable as she implies his unfaithfulness, turning to threats, "You CAN'T do this, Rita! I won't let you." He turns to the camera, puts his hand around his back, and shouts, "It's MORPHIN Time!" Tommy calls upon the White Ranger Power, and morphs instantly into his white, gold, and black suit of spandex & armor. The White Ranger poses viciously, uhhyaahing and warning, "For the LAST time, tell me where she is!" Rita's hologram snubs her nose, bidding haughtily, "Well! Gotta run! I'VE got a city to destroy! Hahaha!" The projection ceases, and Goldar steps up, boasting, "Take a look around! You're in NO position to be making threats, White Ranger. Ahehe!" Tommy pants deeply, his stancing growing into more of a defensive one, as he realizes the henchmonster is correct.

Back at the Command Center, Billy's toiling at the consoles pays off, as he eagerly states with a smile, "Guys! I think i've got 'em. He should be coming up on the Viewing Globe." Kim clutches Billy's arm happily, and bounces over to the Globe, standing in front to witness the transmission. She breathlessly notices, "Oh no, Goldar. Billy, can you get him out of there?!" Billy laments negatively, "We don't have the power to teleport through Rita & Zedd's shield." On the Viewing Globe, Goldar & the White Ranger begin circling one another around the misty-floored cave. Rocky wonders, "What's he DOing with him?!" Adam adds confusedly, "And where's that girl!?" Aisha figures, "I BET Rita's trying to keep Tommy out of the way, so we won't be at full strength." Zordon confirms, "I believe you are correct, Aisha. As for Tommy's companion, my sensors cannot locate her, anywhere." The Globe shows Tommy getting into what appears to be an attack position, but neither he nor Goldar are doing much but taunting each other. Adam questions, "Billy, can you figure out a way to get through that shield?" Billy replies affirmatively, "Yeah, I think so. Come with me to my lab. Anything that I have that's gonna help us-- it's gonna be there." In the cavern dimension, White Ranger poses some more, remarking, "Alright, you gold monkey, this is it! Time to give it your BEST shot!" Goldar snarls, and does just that, attacking Tommy with a down-slash of his sword. White Ranger ducks, then throws a tornado kick at him, which misses, but allows him to toss another kick from the side. Goldar blocks both, and tries to sword-swipe again, only to have Tommy deflect the blow, slap the blade away, and throw a punch. The henchmonster blocks the hero's jab, and knocks his arm away, sending the White Ranger spinning around briefly. He regains his composure just as Goldar throws a weak kick at him, which he blocks, then returns, which is blocked. Tommy throws his hand at Goldar's head, in a sort of claw, but the evil space alien just leans back to avoid it. White Ranger then tries to backhand Goldar, but misses. Goldar slashes at him, but Tommy ducks, popping back up and getting slammed in the helmet by Goldar's right wing! The monster tries to jab at him with his blade-handle, White Ranger blocks it, then attempts a footsweep, which Goldar jumps over. Speaking of jumping, Tommy then leaps over, and launches himself off the surface of a bolder, allowing him to pull off a falling-sideways drop-kick. Unfortunately, Goldar blocks the attack with his sword, though still stumbles back from the force. He grunts, and vows mightily, "Your efforts are futile! You will NEVER win!"

Up on the Moon Palace Balcony, Rita continues petting PC, while gazing into her Repulsascope, witnessing the fight. She turns away from the view, and comments, "Poor, little Tommy. I'll really miss him... NOT!" Squatt & Baboo suddenly come rushing up the steps. While Squatt fidgets & murmurs excitedly, Baboo informs Rita, "My Queen! Billy & Adam have left the Command Center, and are headed towards Billy's house!" Rita smiles, but it fades when she thinks to ask, "Are they alone!?" Baboo confirms, "Well, YES, Empress! It would be a PERfect time to initiate your Plan B, huh? Well, it WOULD!" Squatt grunts in agreement. Rita smiles again, still rubbing the human-turned-cat's white fur in contemplation. She wanders over to the edge of the balcony, approaches her Magic Wand, mentions to PC, "Yeah... Well, my little feline. The TIME has come!" Rita lowers the rounded top of her Magic Wand against the cat, causing the red orb within to sprout a stream of orange electricity. The feline is engulfed, the energies shaping into the cat-creature face as PC is teleported away, leaving Rita laughing, "Haha haw haw!" Down on Earth, PC teleports onto a patch of grass in the park. Seconds later, she surges with a burst of inner orange electricity again, this time turning into a humanoid-sized orange-furred cat monster! She's got bushy ears like a fox, a brownish mask-face, and a VERY long tail that wraps around her shoulders, plus greyish body armor, and of course, breasts (though oddly, only two! What kind of cat has only two teats?!). The cat creature meows hissingly, obviously sounding like Katherine herself. Let's call her, because "cat monster" is too dull and nothing else was ever given or implied, "Katastrophe."

So, just around the corner, power-walking casually along on a deserted suburban sidewalk, Billy & Adam keep a brisk pace. Billy remarks, "I just hope I have all the correct components at my lab." Suddenly, they regret not teleporting when Katastrophe springs out of the bushes, reerowing viciously. She lands in front of the two teens, offering, "How about a little game of CAT and mouse?!" Billy looks at the camera and leads the motion, "It's Morphin' Time!" Black & Blue Rangers are morphed into action, making their emergence in a double leap-kick. Katastrophe howls, leaps up after them, grabs their legs, and paws them away (notice her armpits are tearing at the seams). Both Rangers slam into the trunks of separate trees, plopping to the ground in winded heaps. They struggle back to their feet, with Black Ranger quipping, "That's ONE sure-footed feline!" Katastrophe taunts, "You're not scaredy cats, are you?!" Blue Ranger urges, "Let's GET her!", and throws a high kick at her, which she ducks. Adam tries a kick, but she blocks it, then spins around in such a way to allow her orange tail to whip into his chest, causing him to flip over in a sparking flash. The cat creature pulls a similar move with Billy, adding a couple of scratches into his blue & white chest to make sure he goes down. Adam cries out his partner's name, prompting Katastrophe to purr, "Now it's YOUR turn!" Black Ranger footsweeps at her, but the cat creature cartwheels over the attack. He then tries a direct punch, but she deflects it, then spins around for a tail-lash, followed by a kick to his backend. Black Ranger staggers forward, stumbling onto the sidewalk by Blue Ranger's feet. Billy asks concerned, "Adam, are you okay?", to which he answers, "Fine!" Katastrophe screeches and meows constantly during the whole fight, motioning her paws intimidatingly. Blue Ranger notes, "She's one tough alley-cat!" Black Ranger points out the obvious, "We CAN'T do this on our own. We need the others!" Billy concurs, lifting his left wrist and announcing into it, "Right! You guys, this is Billy. We got ambushed by one of Rita & Zedd's monsters. We need your help!"

At the Command Center, Rocky replies, "We read you, Billy. We're on our way!" Hey, anyone notice Zordon didn't alert them to the cat monster? That's a sign right there that she's not really some evil space entity. Anyway, Kim & Aisha worriedly look to Rocky, who proclaims, "Let's do it, guys. It's MORPHIN' time!" The trio morph into the Pink, Yellow, and Red Power Rangers. Immediately, all five Rangers are posing mightily in a group together at the sidewalk battlesite. Katastrophe quips, "The whole LITTER!" Red Ranger commands, "Okay, teamwork guys!", the whole team crying out a simultaneous kiaa as they race forth. Katastrophe ducks under Rocky's kick, and then moves on to hop over the side-by-side flipping attack of Yellow & Pink Rangers. Her catwalk comes to a close when she encounters Blue & Black Rangers, who give her a double-kick in the gut, payback for earlier. She staggers back, allowing Kim & Aisha to leap into the air, flipping, and aiming their fists into her back. She mews out a groan from the double-strike, leaving herself open for another black & bluing by Adam & Billy. They jump and twirl in the air together, landing swift simultaneous kicks into her chest again. Rocky leaps a scissor-kick into Katastrophe, sending her flying onto the pavement, bruising her tail. The cat creature recovers, faces the regrouped Rangers, and vows, "This game isn't over YET. NEXT time I won't pussyfoot around!" Katastrophe claws her paws in the air, trailing orange energy, before her whole body surges with it, teleporting her away in a flash. Rocky laments, "NO! She got away!" Billy mentions, "Adam and I better get back to my lab if we want to find Tommy." Kim figures, "We should get back to the Command Center. He might try to contact us." Red Ranger stresses, "Let's bring Tommy home, guys!" The team agrees in unison, "Right!" Rocky orders, "Let's go!", prompting him and the two females to rush off together. Blue Ranger asks his partner, "Ready, Adam?" Black Ranger beats the dead horse, "Let's DO it!", before they both race in a different direction.

Up on the moon, Rita Repulsa peers through her Repulsascope, not liking what she just saw one iota. She angrily expresses frustration, before turning around and shouting, "Ooo! Oooh! Rito, WHERE are you?! Wake UP!" Over in the corner of the room, Rito Revolto is standing with his head slumped over, getting that afternoon nap that he planned on in part 1. The sound of his annoyed sister's voice snaps the skeletal soldier out of his slumber, groggily shaking & rubbing his head while replying in a daze, "Huh?! What?! What-what, what's goin' on? W-where's the fire?!" Lord Zedd sits on his throne, complaining, "They're WORTHless. Neither Goldar, nor that cat, have been able to complete their mission." Rito offers excitedly, "Ooh! Oh-oh! Let me help!" Rita swipes her hand at him, shouting, "Well, DO it, already!" Rito swipes his hands back, whining, "Okay, FINE! SOME people. You offer to HELP, and they just go OFF on ya." He turns and exits through the back passageway, the one with Rita's Planetoid hovering in the sky. Zedd arises, prophetically scoffing, "Rito helping Goldar?! Hahahaha! What an amusing thought. Although, maybe together they finally WILL finally DESTROY the White Ranger!"


In the misty cavern, Goldar grabs White Ranger's arm, and flips his whole body over. He then asks, "Are you ready to surrender YET?!" Tommy struggles back to his feet, reminding him, "You know me better than THAT, Goldar!" Suddenly, Rito pops into the cave behind the Ranger, waving his bonesword wildly, and remarking, "A-ha! I don't know ya, will you surrender to ME?" White Ranger denies, "NEVER!" Goldar & Rito slash at Tommy with their swords at the exact same time. He dodges between the two, kicks at Rito, blocks a kick by Goldar, punches at Rito, block another Goldar blow, punches Rito again, then gets sucker-kicked in the back by Goldar! White Ranger stumbles across the cave, collapsing wearily against a large boulder. Rito puts his hands in the air and cheers, and Goldar gloats, "Dah-hee! It's ALL over now!" White Ranger snaps his head back, and states, "DON'T count your chickens before they hatch, Goldar." He quickly then unsheathes his trusty (and lately very rarely used) white & gold enchanted saber, named Saba! Tommy twirls Saba in the air, and poses with mighty uhyaahs. Goldar growls as he takes a slash at the oncoming White Ranger, but Tommy ducks, engages in a little swordplay with Rito, does the same with Goldar, locks blades with Rito, then kicks the skeletal soldier in the back. Despite knocking Rito away, White Ranger is left open for two rapid kicks in the chest by Goldar, causing him to doubleback in pain. Goldar slashes at him, but Tommy blocks the sword with Saba, the two eventually locking blades. The bitter rivals come literally face to face, as Goldar wonders, "WHY do you continue to fight, White Ranger? Be smart. Join forces with US!" Tommy struggles to break free, scoffing, "Me? Join forces with evil? NEVER!" He repositions his saber around, trying to break out of the blade-lock with an underswing, but he miscalculates his momentum, and Saba goes flying across the cave! White Ranger cries out Saba's name as the enchanted saber lands perfectly on that boulder from earlier. Goldar seems stunned to have relieved him of his weapon, and just stands there in a daze, allowing Tommy to shove him aside and dive for his saber. White Ranger falls to the misty floor, sprawled out, and is just about to grab Saba, when Rito steps on his left wrist! Rito grinds his heel into the Ranger's arm sadistically, boasting, "What's the matter, LOSE somethin'?!"

At the Command Center, Rocky, Aisha & Kim observe the Viewing Globe, possibly witnessing the battle. Aisha sighs, and stresses, "We've GOT to get him outta there." Kim worriedly locks her fingers together, as if praying. Rocky also sighs, before pressing his Communicator, and asking, "Billy, this is Rocky, do you read?!" At Billy's garage-turned-laboratory, Billy is busily using a laser-drill to fuse some circuits on a small microchip board. He ceases this, lifts his arm, and replies, "I read you, Rocky." Rocky's voice wonders, "How's it goin' over there?" Billy, safety goggles on his forehead, admits, "We're STILL having trouble finding the right interrupt frequency. We're still working on it." Adam, safety goggles also on his forehead, plays assistant, walking back and forth carrying things. In the cavern dimension, the White Ranger is pushed around by Goldar, who gives him a kick to the chest, as Rito anxiously awaits in the background. When Tommy staggers back enough, Rito ambushes him, holding his bonesword across the Ranger's chest as he holds him in place, "YeHA! I GOT 'em, Goldy!" Goldar threatens, "Darghh! Since you REFUSE to listen to reason, I guess I have no choice... but to DESTROY you!" White Ranger ceases struggling against the cackling skeletal soldier's grip, instead motioning two-fingers against his helmet with his one free hand. Goldar suddenly turns around, and watches in snarling confusion as Saba slowly levitates off the boulder, being mentally summoned by Tommy! He calls out to his saber, grunting, "Saba! I NEED ya, buddy!" Saba has a little trouble getting off the ground, but once hovering high enough, he jets across the cave, and lands in White Ranger's free hand smoothly. Tommy uses his saber to deflect a sword-slash by Goldar, and says to the sentient blade, "Yeah! I knew you could do it!" White Ranger heaves Rito off of him, then uses Saba to counter-strike both Goldar & Rito's swords before they can even think of attempting to slash at him. He finishes it all off with a fierce Saber-wielding pose.

At Billy's lab, said Ranger teen uses an electric wrench on that microchip board for just a moment. He then lifts it up, plucks its wires out, and notes to his assistant, "GOT it!" They both pull off their goggles, with Adam commending, "Good job, Billy!" Billy urges, "C'mon", as they both then press their Communicators, teleporting away in streaks of black & blue. Inside the Command Center, Kim continues appearing intensely worried for her boyfriend, when the teleporting Ranger teens arrive. They pause to look at the Viewing Globe, but Kim eagerly motions, "Hurry, Billy!" He grabs her arm for some reason, then wanders over to one of the front console areas, and remarking, "Let's hope this works." On the Viewing Globe, the transmission of the battle in the smokey cave continues, showing White Ranger sandwiched between Rito & Goldar. The Evil Space Aliens beat the crap out of Tommy, knocking him toward the camera, despite his saber-wielding prowess. Billy opens up the console, and places the micro-board into the internal wiring, causing it to shimmer with energy. Kim echoes herself, "Hurry, Billy!" Billy closes the console, presses a few random buttons with a smile on his face, and looks toward the Globe, exclaiming, "I got the coordinates!" Zordon commends him, "Good work, Billy." Billy joins his teammates near the Globe, anxiously awaiting any signs of success. Adam asks, "But WILL we be able to get Tommy and that girl out?" Billy replies, "We won't know unless we try," commenting confused, "I don't even SEE that girl!" Zordon informs them, "We've penetrated the shield and locked on to the coordinates. But without sufficient power, Tommy, OR his companion, could be lost in the Morphin' Grin, forever." Kimberly somberly notes, "And if we don't try, this could be the end of both of them."

In the cavern, White Ranger is knocked against the jagged-rocked wall, completely drained and exhausted from constant battle. He braces himself against it and groans aloud, allowing Rito & Goldar to regroup behind him. Goldar boasts, "You know what they say, White Ranger. Revenge is sweet!" Saba speaks to Tommy (for one of the last times), lamenting with his eyes glowing red, "White Ranger, i'm afraid i've failed you. I can see NO way out of our present situation!" Tommy encouraged his enchanted saber, "Don't lose your faith YET, Saba." Rito & Goldar begin to walk toward the weary White Ranger, as Goldar goads, "Not even Zordon himSELF could save you now!" At the Command Center, we lose a bit of exposition, as Kimberly suddenly mentions, "I KNOW it's risky, but we don't have a choice." Billy gropes her arm again, and confirms, "You're right," before asking the team, "Is everybody ready?" Adam gives a vague nod, but nobody says a word, Rocky & Aisha appearing quite hesitant about the whole ordeal. Kim gets into position between Rocky & Adam, when Aisha states, "Wait! He's gonna need all the help he can get." (what the heck is she talking about?! Why wasn't she going to help them at first? I get the feeling something BIG was cut between scenes, likely involving the possibility that using their spiritually tied Ranger powers to help give the teleportational system a boost could result in physical danger to themselves.) She takes Rocky's hand, who takes Kim's hand, who takes Adam's hand. Billy presses a few buttons, then walks over, closing the circle by taking Adam & Aisha's hands. Alpha looks on, as their connected hands begin to crackle & glow with teleportational-colored streaks of light (each of their right hands being their own Ranger color, and their left being the other person's). Back in the cavern dimension, White Ranger nervously glances to his right, as Goldar's sword is jabbing into the rock beside his head. It suddenly twists, and pulls upward, Goldar towering over the helpless Tommy, proclaiming, "And now, White Ranger, I say goodbye to you, FOREVER!" Tommy shields his face as Goldar raises his sword and VERY quickly slashes downward. Luckily, exactly a split second before the blade can touch him, the White Ranger vanishes, in what can only be described as an imploding glow of whitish energy (not similar to the teleportation streak at all). Goldar slices into the misty-floor of the cave, and baffledly looks around. Rito does the same, shouting, "Hey! He's gone!" Goldar wonders, "What?! Where'd he go?!" Rito, dumbfounded as ever, simply responds while looking up and around the roof of the cave, "Duhh, I dunno! He just kinda disappeared!"

At the Command Center, the five Ranger Teens continue holding hands, with crackling energies. Suddenly, in the center of their circle, comes the flash of whitish energy, expanding back to reality, and forming into Tommy, demorphed! He's still crouching and blocking his face in fear, until he realizes the scene has changed and he's been mercifully spared. Kim breaks the chain and lunges at her boyfriend with a deep hug, exclaiming, "Yeah! Ya made it! I'm SO glad you're okay, Tommy." Tommy's at first quite startled and confused by the quick save, smiling and asking, "How'd ya find me?!" Adam credits the brainy one, "You should thank Billy." Tommy gives Billy his 3rd or 4th commending of the day (to which the bashful Blue Ranger nearly blushes), "Aw, THANKS, man. I really owe ya one." Billy, likely thinking that Tommy and the whole team owes him quite a many more than just one, merely pats his pal on the shoulder, and humbly replies, "Hey, i'm always there for you." Tommy remembers his new pal all of a sudden, and says with urgency, "Oh, no. Katherine! We have to find her!" Billy breaks the news, "Rita & Zedd must have her. I haven't been able to locate her position anywhere." Tommy, foolishly appearing as though he blames himself for getting her into the whole mess, sulks. On the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd stomps and complains angrily, "Unbelievable! ONE minute, they have the White Ranger cornered. And the next minute, he's gone! What happened?!" Rita Repulsa replies with equal rage, "I'LL tell you what happened! YOU got in the way of MY plan!" Zedd growls facetiously, "Yeahhh?" Rita adds, "Everything was going just FINE, until you butted your big metal MOUTH in!" The psychotic spouses snarl at one another, before Zedd demands, "Where's that cat? I'M taking charge now!" Rita glances around, calling out, "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!" From within the cloud of mist & filtered light beneath the spinning fanblade to the side of the balcony, Katherine marches forth like a zombie. Rita sighs, "Ahh, THERE you are." Kat faces both of them, nods, and vows in a monotone voice, "Yes, Lord Zedd. I am here to serve you." Her eyes flash orange, before her entire body flares with the orange transforming energies again, morphing her into her "Katastrophe" monster form once more, ferociously meowing, and licking the backs of her paws. Zedd lifts his Z-Staff and holds it over her head, and remarks, "NOW, it's time to go play Pounce The Power Rats!" He zaps her with his staff, causing the cat creature to teleport to Earth. Rita chuckles wickedly. Zedd pumps his red-surging fist in the air, boasting, "Yes! I'm GOOD, if I DO say so myself!"

Over at the Command Center, the joyous reunion is interrupted by the alarm siren blaring. Alpha alerts them, "Ay-yi-yi! There's a disturbance in Angel Grove Park! As if we haven't had ENOUGH trouble today!" The six Ranger Teens face the Viewing Globe, and witness within it the Katastrophe monster harassing a crowd of people in the park. Tommy moans, "Oh no!" Adam mentions to Tommy, "SHE looks familiar. She's the one we had to deal with earlier today." Tommy figures, "Well, I guess we'll have to deal with her again!" He then leads the charge of "It's Morphin' Time", the whole team looking toward the camera, yadda yadda, Morphing Sequence, etc. The six Power Rangers immediately appear in the park, with White Ranger noting the cat creature, "THERE she is!" Katastrophe turns and bids, "Rarow! So we meet AGAIN!" Tommy vows, "Alright, you walking furball. This is as FAR as you're gonna get!" Katastrophe motions her paws, as she scoffs, "And I suppose YOU'RE gonna stop me?! Angel Grove is just one GIANT scratching post to me, and i'm digging my claws in!" On the moon balcony, Lord Zedd picks up his staff, and tells his wife, "I've grown WEARY of this. It's time for the kitty, to become a wildcat!" Rita lifts her Magic Wand, crossing it with his staff, and the both of them merely grunting loudly as they fire their combined evil energies toward the Earth. The surge of magic rips through a cloud as bluish lightning, striking Katastrophe (who is suddenly standing near a factory, instead of in the middle of the park) perfectly. She grows in the blink of an eye, meowing ferociously again. The Rangers are taken aback while being confronted by the giant feline terror. Katastrophe remarks, "It's looks like the PAW is on the other FOOT now, Rangers!" She reaches down and takes a swipe at our heroes, missing them by a few feet as they duck. The cat creature tries it again, but White Ranger spots her in time, shouting, "Look out!" to his teammates. They leap out of the way just before Katastrophe's claw scrapes into the lawn around them. She gives another roaring meow. White Ranger notes, "Ahh, Man, we've got to stop this freaky feline, BEFORE she gets to Angel Grove. Ready? Let's DO it!" All six Power Rangers motion their arms in the air, trailing energy, as they summon in unison, "We need Ninjazord power...", all stepping forward and raising their fists in the air, "... NOW!"

All five Ninjazords come racing onto the scene, likely still pumped from the previous battle. Katastrophe, now wielding a sword, whips it around, and comments, "I guess my NAP will have to WAIT!" The Ninjazords continue running toward the city, when the cat creature suddenly notices something in the sky above, snarling, "Hey, who's THAT?!" Amid the clouds, riding on a cumulous himself, is none other than that Mighty Mouse-like voiced morphin' mentor himself, Ninjor, exclaiming in singsong, "Nin-JOR!" The Ninja Megazord transforms completely, with the five Power Rangers in the cockpit proclaiming, "Ninja Megazord, Battle Mode. Power up, NOW!" In the middle of the city, the giant Katastrophe slashes her sword at the equally giant Ninjor, inspiring him to whip out his own saber, block her blade-wielding arm, then give her chest a few swift slices. Ninjor lowers his saber, then knuckles up, bidding, "Nighty-nite!" as he punches her in the head! Katastrophe topples to the ground, screeching painfully. She recovers, vowing gratingly, "I WILL beat you, Ninjor!" Ninjor clenches his fist, angrily proclaiming, "I canNOT let you win, kitty. Good MUST prevail." His visor flames-on, and his whole body transforms into Warrior Mode. Up in the air, inside the White Falconzord cockpit, White Ranger commands, "Initiate docking sequence... NOW!" The Ninja Megazord awaits the Falconzord's arrive, then leaps into the air, and links up with it. Tommy appears in the Megazord cockpit at the top center, and asks, "ALright, you guys ready to do it? Let's FINISH this feline." The team nods in reassurance to him. Katastrophe howls, as the Ninja MegaFalconzord and Ninjor in Warrior Mode stand together facing her. Ninjor charges up a concentrated ball of energy near his golden chest-N, offering, "Okay, you! Try THIS on for size!" He launches the reddish ball of power at her, striking directly, causing a blast of smoke & sparks that makes her squeal. The Ninja MegaFalconzord is flying through the air again, and inside, the Rangers activate, "Falcon Megazord, Power Punch!" (they've done these things HOW many times, and yet, they've forgotten the proper name?!) Anyway, the Megazord dive-bombs directly over Katastrophe, the Falcon charging up the Wolf & Ape fists with added energy. Both glowing fists slam into her at the same time, sending her screaming high-pitched as she hurls across the city. Katastrophe crawls back to her feet, screeches a moan, then collapses, exploding massively. In the cockpit, all six Power Rangers cheer over their victory. The Ninja MegaFalconzord and Ninjor in Warrior Mode stand amid the smoke & flames, flowering their arms in a triumphant pose. Ninjor puts it straight in a cocky deep tone, "Oh Y-EAH, we B-AD."

For no reasons ever explained, all six Rangers leap out of the Megazord, demorphing in the process. They land together in the park, all frantically glancing around and poised for more battle. The Ranger teens spot something, and rush over to see what it is. Sitting on the trunk on a bent tree is Katherine, dazed, but perfectly unharmed. Do they know she was the Katastrophe monster? It's NEVER stated, yet their attitudes in this scene imply that they do. Kat ignores the rest of the team, staring straight at the leader and sobbing, "Oh, Tommy, thank GOODness. It was AWFUL! There was this witch, and all these horrible monsters!" Tommy promises kindly, "You're okay now, Katherine. Everything's gonna be all right." Kat smiles securely and nods. Up on the moon, Lord Zedd sits at his throne, tapping his metal-tipped fingers and clutching his Z-Staff, as he grumbles, "Urgh. It PAINS me to admit it, but this time Rita was RIGHT. That adorable little Katherine, will prove USEful in the future. Heh heh. QUITE useful."


The six Ranger teens walk along through a field with Katherine, as she relays her story, finishing it off with, "And the next thing I knew I was back here in the park, and you guys walked up." Aisha smilingly notes, "After all that, you're REALLY lucky to be okay." Kat grins, and remarks amused, "I don't wanna EVER go through ANY thing like that again." (NOBODY makes one mention of her missing Mustang Convertible! Did Tommy forget, or did she claim she has "interdimensional insurance"?) Kimberly mentions, "Yeah. We're just glad you're alright, Katherine." The Blonde Australian urges, "PLEASE, Kim. Call me Kat! ALL my friends back home do!" Kim smiles and agrees, "'kay!" Adam also smiles, and wonders, "So, Kat, do you live here, or are you just visiting someone?" Katherine confirms, "Oh, I JUST moved in! My dad got transferred, so we all packed up and came over with 'em." Billy looks at Aisha, causing her to smile at Kat, as he comments, "Well, Angel Grove's a great town. You're really gonna like it here." Aisha concurs, "Yeah." (but fails to note the constant monster attacks, as she just encountered!) Kat smiles, then looks at her watch, and informs them, "Oh, well, I'd better be off. I STILL have some unpacking to do. It was WONderful meeting you all." Tommy offers, "Hey, Kat! If, ah, if you ever need anything, ya know, just let us know." Kat lovingly stares at him, nodding in a swooning tone, "I will, Tommy. Thanks." The two girls bid her "bye," but Katherine just quietly slips away into the park. The six Ranger teens remain in the same spot, grinning like goons. Kimberly finally remarks, "She's really sweet. I LOVE her accent!" Aisha nods in agreement, and Rocky notes, "Yeah, she's REALLY cool." Adam gives us a timeframe of what time of year this episode takes place, as he mentions, "It'll be great when she starts school in the fall." Aisha clasps her hands together, and beams, "Oh, I KNOW!" Tommy grunts, "That'll be cool." Glancing across the lawn, Aisha spots her beloved white cat, lounging around! She calls out in disbelief, "P.C.! I've been looking EVERYwhere for you! I can't believe she made it this far!" Kim is agape, gasping and moaning high-pitched in adoring admiration for the cuddily feline. The team heads over to PC, with Aisha cautiously picking her up, lovingly saying things like, "Oh, come here, baby. Hi, PC. Hey there, baby. Yeah. Oh, come here." She picks the hefty cat up in her arms, where she's gropingly petted Rocky, Kimberly, and Tommy at the same time. Aisha promises, "I am NEVER gonna let you outta my sight!" The Ranger teens chuckle lightly. Kim calls the stray a, "preety keety." PC is bounced around in Aisha's arms, and ends the episode by making her cat-eyes glow an evil shade of green. The moral of the story? Cats have nine lives, but that doesn't mean they can't lead a double life!

[end credits]

Bulk & Skull, still in their Junior Police Patrol uniforms, still wearing white gloves & orange vests from last episode's EC scene, pant breathlessly as they stagger through the park. They've been chasing after PC since that same scene, it seems. The two wheeze in near-unison, Skull being drug along by Bulk, who urges, "Come on!" They both grunt and groan, having been led on quite a long chase. Once downhill far enough into the park, they pause. Bulk calls out between gasps for breath, "Here, kitty kitty!" Skull shouts, "HEY KITTY!!!" Katastrophe answers their call, yelping, "Me-YOW!" Bulk notices her first, gasping, then jabbing his elbow in Skull's chest and pointing her out, "Hey!" The Feline Menace (standing in the spot we saw her teleport to Earth in earlier) purrs, "Hullo, boys! Looking for ME?!" Bulk & Skull scream in terror, clenching their hands like claws, before collapsing. As they've got a grasp on one another, both of the bumbling duo topple backwards together, the two passing out from both fright and exhaustion.

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