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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Master Vile And The Metallic Armor, Part I"
Original Air Date: 11/20/95 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #42 - Goudatsu! Ninja Pawaa (
Stolen! The Ninja Power)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-329
*28th episode aired
*141st total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Mark Litton Director: Bob Radler
Starring Cast:
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Kat (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Stone
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Master Vile (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Blue Globbor (voice)


[Today on MMPR (replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the spring 96 reairings); Opening credits]
The Six Ranger teens, along with Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone, are horsing around. Literally. All nine of them ride horseback out in a sparsely wooded area somewhere. The rationalization of this scene is explained by Aisha, who says, "Lt. Stone, it's terrific that the Police Department sponsored a horse trek for the Nature Appreciation Week." The Junior Police Patrol head officer takes that as a personal compliment, and notes, "It's all in a day's work, young lady." Katherine spots a wide open grassy space in their direction, and points out, "Hey guys, there's a field up ahead. Maybe we can gallop!" Tommy seems quite pleased by this notion, exclaiming, "Alright!" Bulk & Skull are at the opposite end of that spectrum, with Bulk nervously asking his pal, "Did she say gallop?!" Skull replies, "I'm gettin' off this crazy carousel!" He brings his horse to a slow trot, ready to dismount, when Lt. Stone rides over towards him, and states, "Oh no, you don't, Skullovitch! If everyone gallops, so do you. But maybe first we'll rest up. Take in some nature." Bulk facetiously remarks, "Nature's good." Skull rolls his eyes and sarcastically says, "I LOVE nature. Especially from the ground." Quickly, with a loud "Ho!", he brings his horse to a stop, with Bulk & Jerome also yelling that slang word for a prostitute as they dismount their mighty steeds. Up ahead of them, it's bouncy-bouncy time (in Aisha's case, even moreso!), as the six Ranger teens gallop swiftly through the verdant meadow. One of the guys, (likely Rocky, taking after his wild west ancestor) shouts, "Yee-hoo!", as they sprint through the field on their horses. If bets could be placed on one of the horses, i'd go with Rocky's. He's making some impressive speed.

Suddenly, back where Lt. Stone, Bulk & Skull remain standing, the ground begins to rumble and quake. Their horses are frightened by the tremor, the trio barely able to keep them under control and from getting themselves trampled to death. Stone wonders, "What's going on?!", and down the way, Rocky wonders the same, asking, "What's wrong with all the horses!?" Their galloping frolic over, the six Ranger teens lead their horses away from the earthquaking scene as best they can. Nearby, the sky suddenly grows dim, the bright sunlight being shadowed by an ominous unseen force on the horizon. Stone gets a glimpse of the instant eclipse, and shouts, "We'd better get out of here!" The Ranger teens have already gotten their horses to safety, as we see them walking near a ranch house or stable of some kind. The ground continues vibrating rapidly in the unnatural darkness, prompting Tommy to attempt contact on his Communicator with their mention, calling out, "Zordon!? Zordon!? Aw, man! He's not answering! We better check this out." They duck under into a wooded area, and Billy mentions, "Well, it's dark enough. I doubt if Bulk & Skull will notice if we're gone for a few seconds." The six teens press their Communicator buttons, and streak off into the sky in their teleportation colors. While the earth is still rumbling at the ranch, at the Command Center, everything is strangely quiet. No violent shaking, just the lack of sunlight, and the lack of life within the building itself! Our heroes teleport into the Command Center, and discover Alpha 5 standing silently still in the center of the darkened room. The only thing illuminating inside are the Christmas Tree lights against the wall, some of the neon rings on the side pillars, and what little bit of sunlight there is peeking through the oval hole in the roof. Billy quickly rushes to the deactivated automaton, gasping, "Oh no, Alpha's offline!", as he begins adjusting buttons on the robot's back. Kat takes notice of the powerless consoles, saying, "And all the computers are down." Tommy glances to the empty Plasma Tube above them, shouting, "Zordon!" Big Z isn't in right now, but if you leave a message... Well, Rocky cries, "He's gone!", and all of the Ranger teens are stricken with intense shock.

Strange things are not just brewing on Earth, but on the moon as well, namely at the Evil Palace. A bolt of bluish white lightning surges through the balcony, and touches down in the Throne Room. The whole place shakes, causing Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and their four henchmonsters to stumble around in the misty floored darkness. Yes, it seems the power has gone out there as well, as Rita asks, "Huh?! What's happening?! Finster, did you forget to pay the electric bill again!?" (Note, Finster is not shown at all this episode) Where the bolt struck, four large energy snakes shoot up from the floor (two gold and two blue), as a tall figure teleports in. He's masked by a sudden updraft of mist, shrouding his features for a brief moment from all of the evil space aliens in the room. Lord Zedd demands to know, "Who DARES enter unannounced?!" The creatures steps out of the shadows, and asks, "What?! Who DARES ask a question of ME, Master Vile!" He's quite tall, his bodily features are golden, with a large draped robe covering most of himself, a snake head peering out from under his robe on each side of his chest, writhing about. He carries a small scepter in his right hand, small spectacles under his eyes, and has an oddly shaped head, nearly bat-like in that the sides with his ears extend outward vastly. Rita Repulsa is agape at the sight of this man, as she slowly steps forward. Lord Zedd remarks, "Master WHO?!" Rita begins to say, "Zeddie...", prompting her husband to reply, "What? Rita... you know this intruder?" She continues, "... Meet, Master Vile. My FATHER!" Zedd's reaction is priceless, his body jerking widely with surprise, as do Squatt, Baboo, and even Goldar to an extent. Rito Revolto, her bony brother, stands to the side, clutching the blue vase containing Ninjor for some reason (perhaps the table holding it was shaken during the quaking, and he held onto it for safe keeping). He waves at Vile, remarking, "Hiya, dad!" Master Vile stretches his arms outward, and lets out a disturbing laugh.
At skies above the Command Center are still blackened by Master Vile's return to this galaxy. Inside, the central chamber of the CC springs back to life with a few flashes of white light, all energy and electricity suddenly surging back in. Alpha also comes back online, slowly lifting up from his slumped position saying, "Ay... yi... yi. Ay-yi-yi-yi... YI!" Zordon also courses back into view on the Plasma Tube above the six Ranger teens, his transmission from within the interdimensional timewarp reconnected. Tommy asks him, "Zordon, what happened?!", and he informs them, "The Command Center's operating power was temporarily interrupted." Aisha wonders, "Interrupted? By what?!" Zordon reveals, "An immensely evil presence that has crossed the Earth's orbit, casting darkness throughout the planet." Tommy asks, "What sort of evil presence", and Zordon tells him, "I cannot be certain, Tommy. However, I have my suspicions. Behold the Viewing Globe!" The six teens quickly turn around towards the visual-display orb, where some footage of Master Vile getting a diabolical chuckle plays. Zordon states his name, "Master Vile, Rita's father!" Rocky's stunned, "Rita has a father?!" Adam quips, "Nice family tree. First Rito, and now this!" Alpha has the scoop, mentioning, "Master Vile is a VERY dangerous creature. He's conquered the M-51 Galaxy!" In light of this new threat, Zordon speaks to the team, "Alpha and I have been working a new defense mechanism to protect you in battle. A power Metallic Armor!" Adam questions it, "Metallic Armor?" Alpha explains, "The Metallic Armor defensive shields will be built directly into your suits." Zordon adds, "The Armor taps directly into the Morphing Grid. To receive the power, use the word command: 'Metallic Armor, Power-Up!'" Tommy, always up for more power like Tim The Tool Man, smiles and remarks, "Alright! Cool."

With great new toys, there must come a great flaw, as Zordon notes, "But, be warned Rangers. The Metallic Armor should be used ONLY in emergency situations. The effects on your powers could be MUCH more dramatic and should be called upon with extreme caution." Billy's slightly impressed, but a bit depressed, as he mentions, "The Metallic Armor's really cool, Zordon. But we still need the Falconzord & Ninjor, and Rita & Zedd still have both of them." Kat spots another image of the Viewing Globe, that of Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone. The sun has come out, not tomorrow but now, you can bet your bottom dollar that the trio immediately take notice that their six acquaintances are missing. Kat points out, "Guys, I think we have another problem!" They turn to the Globe, and watch as the trio look around for them, though the footage shown actually appears that they're sniffing out a foul smell! In fact, they are, but Skull's dubbed in, "Where are they?!", masks it. Soon near a pond, Bulk, Skull & Lt. Stone lead their horses along, searching for the six vanished teens. Jerome, hinting at a future detective career, says, "I don't know where they could have gone, but... my years of police experience and keen instinct tells me darkness can only mean one thing." Skull adds with a smirk, "Uhh, that Daylights Savings Time is over, sir?!" Lt. Stone turns and replies, "NO, you mental marshmallow! It MEANS there's gonna be a monster attack!" Bulk & Skull freeze in the tracks, and having had one too many bad experiences with evil space aliens this season, their facial expressions gyrate into contortions of fear. Bulk stammers, "Mmmm.... Moooo....", and Skull shouts in terror, "Monster... attack...?!" Stone explains, "We need someone... to ride for help. Any volunteers, step forward." Bulk & Skull, not typically courageous, remain standing still. That is, until their horses snort loudly, and nudge their heads forward sharply, knocking the bumbling duo a few steps forward. Lt. Stone smiles and says, "I KNEW I could count on you two!"

Meanwhile, in the Moon Palace, Master Vile talks down to his daughter about whom she chose to wed, stating, "You married LORD ZEDD!? You couldn't marry someone who had a SKULL?! Grrragh!" (judging by his son and his spaceship, skeletons are important to him!) Rita backs away frightenedly from her father's wrath, ending up next to her hubby. Lord Zedd, noting his metal head structure, replies, "I may not have a SKULL, but I have captured the Falconzord, as well as the great Ninjor. What do you have to say now?!" Master Vile exclaims, "I can't believe it!". Rito, who is standing next to the large cage containing the Falconzord in animal form (a red cloth is draped over it with a giant Z upon it) near the Throne, remarks, "But it's true, dad! Look!" He opens the lid to the blue vase, and proceeds to walk closer. In doing so, the boney warrior trips and tumbles, losing grip of the jar. It shatters against the foggy floor, releasing a Ninjor toy inside it (representative of the real thing, of course)! Rito covers his face in embarrassment, groaning. Ninjor stands up amid the broken pieces of the blue jar, still in shrunken form. He takes a good look at himself and proclaims in his Dudly Do-Right voice, "Aha! I'm free at last! You'll never catch me now!" His small height comes to an advantage, as he disappears under cover of the mist. Master Vile yells at his son, "You miserable excuse for an offspring! How could you let him get away!?" Rito tosses the lid aside and apologizes, "Gee, Pop, i'm sorry! It just happened!" Vile orders his son, "Get him!" Rito leaps into the air and dives for the floor of the Throne Room, landing in the sea of smoke, falling flat on his face. Rita screams at Baboo & Squatt, "Help him out!", and that they do, stumbling over near Rito as he struggles to arise. Master Vile hints at Ninjor's importance, "That tiny twerp is essential to my master plan!" Rita asks, "What IS that, my dreaded father?" Baboo & Squatt dance around the room, trying to step all around in hopes of squishing Ninjor. Rito darts across the place, seeking the wily being elsewhere. Vile explains, "Let's just say it involves a certain crystal. The ZEO Crystal, to be exact!"

Baboo & Squatt eventually end up right on top of Ninjor, or rather, he ends up nearly on top of them, as he suddenly grows to normal size, popping up between them. He asks quickly, "Looking for me, boys?!", before gently stepping out of the way and allowing the two of them to slam into each other while attempting to grab him. They fall to the floor in a twisting heap. Rito spots Ninjor standing there, shouts, "Ah hahaha!", and rushes towards him. The bony soldier fails to see Baboo & Squatt rolling around in the mist, and ends up tripping over and onto them. Ninjor takes the opportunity to boast, "The Zeo Crystal will NEVER be yours, Vile!" Master Vile orders the others, "Seize him!", and that Goldar does, in such a hurried manner that his extended wings nearly knock Rita over! Goldar marches over to Ninjor, swiping his sword, just as the ninja master bids, "Bye-bye!", and teleports out of the Palace while the getting is good! Goldar's failed swipe in the air causes him to swing his body around, and fall directly onto the pile of henchmonsters on the floor with a loud grunt. Poor Rito is hurt, crying, "Ow! Oooh!", and Rita can only reply with a frustrated grunt herself. Seconds later in the Command Center, the six Ranger teens are just standing around wasting time, with Ninjor instantly teleports onto the scene in a flash of lights. Tommy gasps at the sight of the long kidnapped ninja master, prompting Ninjor to reply, "Hello, Rangers! I'm afraid we have important matters to discuss. Master Vile has devised a FIENDISH plot!" They're quite terrified by the sound of this, and Zordon admits, "Just as I expected." Ninjor notes, "He wants the Zeo Crystal." Kat, as unaware of this item as the rest of her time, asks, "The Zeo Crystal?" Zordon of Eltar reveals, "Rangers, the Zeo Crystal is one of the most powerful forces in the universe."

Accompanied by an onscreen flashback, Ninjor explains, "Thousands of years ago, the people of Galaxy M-51 hid it from Master Vile deep inside the Caves Of Deception. They then placed a forcefield around the crystal, preventing anyone who is not pure of heart from even touching it!" The flashback shows two short men in long purple robes placing the Zeo Crystal in the cave, and then using their large golden large staffs to place the spell around it. Tommy says, "We can't take that chance that he'll get to it. Where ARE the Caves Of Deception?" Zordon states, "I'm afraid the Caves Of Deception are on the Moon itself, directly beneath Rita & Zedd's palace." Ninjor fills in on more backstory that we never heard before, telling the teens, "As you know, Zedd took over the alien palace above the caves. His evil corrupted the good in the palace, but cannot destroy the PURE good in the caverns below." Zordon adds, "We thought the crystal would be safe from Zedd, but Master Vile is MUCH older and infinitely wiser in the ways of evil. Further, the crystal's power increases with time. If Master Vile gets the Zeo Crystal, he could rule the ENTIRE universe!" Tommy & Kat look at each other with silent dread. Speaking of the Evil Moon Palace, back in the Throne Room, Lord Zedd knocks Vile's plan. He says, while kicking his foot into the air to stress the never part, "You shall NEVER get the Zeo Crystal! The forcefield will destroy anyone who possesses even an OUNCE of evil!" Rita remarks (facetiously, I might add), "He's right, daddy! He tried to get the Zeo Crystal once, and look what happened to Zeddie's face! Wahh!" She does a mock cry/laugh at her hubby's expense, even Baboo joins in chuckling. Zedd confirms this story is incorrect, as he groans, "Very funny, Rita. The forcefield is nothing to joke about!" Rita gets serious, stating, "No evil has EVER been able to penetrate it!" Master Vile waves his scepter/wand around, telling his little girl, "Don't you worry. Father's home, and i'm going to take care of everything!" Rito stands by his Pop's side, adding, "Yeah!", to his statement.

Master Vile has a large sack (huh huh) in his hands, which writhes about as if something alive and slippery were inside it. He tosses it to Zedd, saying, "You, Brain Boy! Feed it to the Tengas!" Zedd holds it for a second, and queries, "WHAT is it?!", before tossing it across the room to Rito. Vile mentions, "Something to put a little brawn in their beaks!" Rito peeks into the sack, and is quite disgusted, shaking his head rapidly, before tossing the bag over to Squatt. Master Vile states, "Rito and Monkey Boy are coming with me to my Space Skull. Your father will make everything all WRONG!" Rito & Goldar stand next to Vile, as all three teleport out through their various methods (Vile's two snakes come to vibrant life, wrapping around him in energy form; Goldar turns into flames from his sword; and Rito's head bounces off as his body turns into light). Rita, talking about her dad, asks her hubby, "Where's that miserable creature going?!" Lord Zedd lifts his hand to his visor, and fires off some red Zedd-vision towards the balcony, grumbling to her, "Relax, Rita! I'll tell you in moment." He gets a vision of Vile's spaceship, telling her, "Looks like your dad's Space Skull is heading towards Earth!" Rita can only growl with anger, not wanting to be usurped by her own father at conquering the planet. Inside the Space Skull, in a room which resembles more like that of a cave, Rito impatiently asks, "Are we there yet, dad? Huh? ARE we?!" Goldar grunts, and Master Vile shouts, "Quit nagging me, boy! I've got work to do!" He wanders off into a different section of the ship, prompting Rito to remark, "Oh, right... Work." So as to work around the Kaku footage, Rito tells Vile, "Uhh, we'll watch from here! You go get 'em, Pop!", as he and Goldar stare into the adjacent cavern.

Why they chose to keep away from him becomes obvious, as Master Vile suddenly is overcome with a freaky seizure. His body jerks about, lights flash, his eyes and mouth glow, as he screams, "Stand back! I'm about to make a monster that will put ALL of Lord Zedd's creations to shame!" He lets loose some evil laughter, right before gagging, as a large green egg begins to emerge from his mouth! Vile gives oral birth to the egg, dropping it in his hand with loud agony, and then tapping it with his scepter. It breaks, Vile says, "Open sesame!", and the contents are revealed as green ooze! They pour onto the floor, making a thick, gooey puddle, to which Vile snickers sinisterly. He then exclaims, "Behold... the Blue Globbor!", as a small figure rises from the clump of goop. The tiny creature make a few steps in the blue slime, before suddenly glowing bright in said color, and growing to humanoid size. Blue Globbor, or just Globbor for short, stands there, letting out mucus-gurgling growls. He has VERY large hands, with massive blue fingers with suction-cup tips. He drips blue slime everywhere, though his head and part of his chest are actually golden, sorta similar to Vile himself. He has a large head, extending backwards, instead of side to side like the Master. Rito checks this out, and asks, "So, what are you going to do now?!" Master Vile (he and Globbor are standing next to a skull on a rock, with a candle stuck in it) mentions, "I'm going to correct your mistake and capture Ninjor! Then use the Blue Globbor to absorb his powers!" Goldar wonders, "What good will that do, your foulness? I thought you wanted the Zeo Crystal!" Rito seconds that emotion, saying, "Yeah!" Vile reveals, "Exactly! With Ninjor's powers, the Globbor monster will capture Zordon's teenagers. And we will use THEM to free the Zeo Crystal!" Rito wants more, saying, "Ahh! And then? C'mon, sounds like... two words? Come on!" (he does a few hand gestures, ala charades on that last part). Master Vile finishes explaining, "THEN, I will use the crystal's powers to RULE the universe! Master Vile is BACK!" He points his hands to the sky, and the Globbor stands there fidgeting anxiously and ickily.
The actual Skull Ship cockpit is now revealed, a large room with a small throne at the center, with flaming torches to each side, a few white columns, fog on the floor, and vast red eye shapes on the back wall. Master Vile sits on his throne, with Globbor (now in "non-icky" mode, without the massive hands and goops) to one side, and Goldar & Rito to another. He talks towards a mystical viewing screen appearing before them, asking, "Lord Zedd, have you fed the Tengas?" Zedd is on the screen, stating, "Yes, I have...", when Rita pops in front of him, kissing up and excitedly saying, "Of course we did, father dearest! Ahahaha!" The viewing screen switches over to the never before seen Tenga lair on the moon, where Squatt, covering his eyes in fear, tiptoes into the room. Baboo has his back, as he calls out, "Here, Tenga, Tenga, Tengas..." The birdbrains pop out of hiding and snatch the sack out of his hands, and immediately begin cawing loudly as they devour the contents. Master Vile rises from his seat, and exclaims, "Excellent! Order the Tengas to attack the humans!" Goldar likes this idea, groveling, "Oh, Yesss!" Rita chuckles on the screen, as well. Vile takes his boy under his arm, and says, "Stay close, Rito. And learn how a REAL master plays the game of evil!" Rito asks innocently, "Huh, where? Oh! Oh, you! Yeah, I got it! Yeah, dad! Uhh, yeah!" Down on Earth in the Command Center, the alarm sounds aloud. Alpha ay-yi-yi's, "There must be an attack going on!" He starts pressing buttons, as the six Ranger teens, and Ninjor turn to the Viewing Globe. Rocky puts it best, "Look! The Tengas are attacking Bulk & Skull!" The bumbling duo are screaming their lungs raw as they ride horseback, fleeing from a flock of Tenga Warriors! Tommy tells his team, "We better not take any chances guys. It's Morphin' Time!" They reach around their backs and look to the camera, and the Morphing scenes play, each Ranger powering up with their designated color power.

Bulk & Skull gallop through the woods and across the fields, with various Tengas in tow. Bulk cries out, "Horsepower's a myth!", as the birddrones keep close behind. The six Power Rangers flip onto the scene, landing before the Tengas and turning their attention from the bumbling duo. White Ranger states, "Alright, let's take care of business!" The Power Team poses before the cawing crew, ready for some action. The predictable motions are ditched, as the Tengas instantly leap into the air, and one by one, drop down with their feet extended out. Our heroes get struck, one by one, by these surprise jumpkicks by the usually weak and stupid birddrones. They're each knocked back to the ground, with Yellow Ranger the last one left standing. She boasts, "You're not so tough!", prompting a Tenga to smack her over. She rolls across the grass to where her teammates have also fallen. Tommy gets back up, with Rocky at his side, and gloats, "C'mon! We can take these guys!" Each of the Power Rangers attempts to take on a Tenga, with mixed results. The bird brains fight back a lot more fiercely than usual, getting in far more successful blows than ever before. What's even stranger, is that our heroes outnumber them, as Pink & Yellow are stuck doubling up on one. That wily Tenga manages to take both Kat & Aisha down with one fell swoop of his wings & feet! Pink Ranger gets back up, only to have that Tenga spin around and trash her with his clawed toes. She falls down, recovering to remark, "I've never seen the Tengas this strong before!" White Ranger gets battered up against a tree, beaten quite severely by but a single Tenga. Tommy manages to hold off the next blow, struggling to defend himself. He reaches his right wrist to his mouth, and calls out, "Ninjor, we need you!" Only less than an hour of out captivity and Ninjor must teleport out onto the battlefield. He seems not to mind, chuckling with heroic glee, "I'm on my way!" He darts across the woods, shouting in a singsong voice, "Raaangers!" On the Skull Ship, Master Vile spots his target. He pumps his fist, and quips, "It's showtime!" Vile turns to his creation, ordering, "Globbor, steal Ninjor's powers!" The monster nods, and teleports down to Earth with a flash of light from Vile's scepter. The evil master can only laugh with maniacal delight after the plan is set into motion.

Red Ranger is swarmed by several Tengas, while White Ranger has his hands full with just one. Tommy notices help on the horizon, grabbing the bird brain's arm and shouting, "Hey, Ninjor!" The ninja master is nearly to their location, when suddenly a streak of light blue energy spins around his body like an angry bee! Ninjor turns in circles trying to get away from the surprise onslaught, only to have the streak of light clasp to his back, and take physical shape. It's the Blue Globbor, now with a firm hold on Ninjor's body. He grabs tightly to the stunned Ninjor, as he asks, "Hey! Who are you!? Let go of me... you..!" White Ranger spots Ninjor's failing struggle, but is unable to assist. He shouts, "Ninjor, get out of there!", as he swats Tengas away, left and right. Ninjor makes himself grow massive to Zord size, commenting, "Sometimes the best way out is UP!" Without warning, the thunderclouds dump a huge bolt of lightning, as per Rita & Zedd's usual evil energy blasts to make monsters grow. The bolt hits Ninjor on the back, causing the normal sized Globbor, still attached to his neck, to grow to a size equal to his! Globbor continues his intense hold on Ninjor, both towering against the buildings in the city. Ninjor grunts, "It's you again! I'll... Uhhh!" Blue Globbor changes his hands to that of the thick, sticky suction-cup fingertips ones, and presses them against Ninjor's body. Globbor finally speaks, in a very distorted voice, "Now your powers will be mine!!" Ninjor's struggling does no good, as Globbor's hands begin to crackle with electricity, draining the ancient ninja master of his energies. Ninjor's body jerks around rapidly, until both he and Globbor vanish without a trace, teleporting back to the Skull Ship. Sheesh, he gets free only to end up captured a second time! Talk about bad timing!

The Rangers are too busy to notice, except Rocky, who points out, "That blue monster got Ninjor!" He then turns to fight some more Tengas, only to get knocked to the ground. Pink Ranger is tossed against a tree harshly, then Blue, Yellow and Black Rangers are all flung into the air with painful results. White Ranger notes, "Aw, man! These Tengas are out of control!", just before getting kicked and punched until he topples as well. The Tengas, standing victorious, tell Tommy, "You'd better give up!" He replies, "NEVER!", and the Tenga informs him, "It's over!" They storm towards the White Ranger, as he rises up and proclaims, "It's not over until I SAY it's over. You got that?!" He turns to his weary teammates, asking, "You guys holding up okay?" Blue & Black Ranger, clutching their bruised morphed bodies confirm, with Billy saying, "We're hanging in there, but I don't know how much more of this we can take! It's bad!" Adam agrees, "Yeah." Red Ranger recovers, with Yellow & Pink behind. Rocky realizes, "It looks like we got an emergency situation here!", Kat adds, "We really could use some serious help!", and Aisha agrees, "Right!" Tommy nods, and extends his hand to the air, shouting, "Alright, guys. Let's do it!" White Ranger leaps into the air, stretching his arms backward and his chest out when airborne, each of the other five Rangers doing this same move as well. A blinding flash of light engulfs them, and we next see a small gleaming puddle-like circle, with the six Rangers standing amid it. They proclaim in unison, "Metallic Armor, Power Up!", as they shift their arms around, and in a blink, switch over to their new armor. They're now standing together in their new Metallic Armor in the field. The Power Rangers pose triumphantly, showing off their new weapons. Essentially, what the armor is, is sparkily spandex. Each of their costumes glitter exuberantly in the sunlight, with the only real noticeable outfit change being that Yellow Ranger's helmet is more bronze than anything. Oddly, White Ranger's chest shield has nothing special added to it at all, not even glitter! Tommy leads the team, "Alright, time to see what this armor can do!" The team scream, "Right!", together, before charging into battle, all powered up.

The talking Tenga puts his paws to his face and squawks, "Oh no! Shiny new Ranger suits!" Just then, the Metallic Armored White Ranger pops up next to him. One of the armor's enhancements seems to be a sort of "lightspeed reflex" maneuver. Tommy spins his leg around, his body moving so rapidly that he leaves visible trails in the air, as he strikes the Tenga down for the count. White Ranger then stands tall, clenching his fist as his body continues to trailingly vibrate, remarking, "This Metallic Armor's INCREDIBLE!" Elsewhere, three Tengas approach Red Ranger. He also has that trailing effect going, as he moves quite swiftly, blocking attacks from all sides, and counterattacking with intense precision. The Tengas can do nothing but caw and cry as they get beaten to a pulp. Speaking of pulp, Blue Ranger utilizes his Metallic Armor more brutally, ripping into a Tenga with rapid punching. Pink Ranger goes for rapid kicking, then a surprise footsweep. White Ranger does the most memorable Metallic Armor maneuver of them all, as he casually walks through the field. A flock of about four Tengas trails behind him, the bright sun at their backs. Tommy suddenly pauses in his tracks, and poses in his usual stance. The direct sunlight reflects off of his suit and body, being channeled into a wave of energy which glows profusely in a 360 degree motion. The Tengas are floored by the light blast, prompting Tommy to victoriously mention, "Emergency over!" The sun shines even brighter, engulfing the scene and taking us to the next one, some moments later at the Command Center.

Inside, the Ranger teens, now demorphed, mention the events. I find this odd since it implies that not all power is back on in the scanning department, which backs up why Alpha or Zordon didn't try doing something to save Ninjor. Billy informs their Eltarian mentor, "Zordon, we had to use the Metallic Armor on the Tengas. They've NEVER been that strong." Zordon says, "I was afraid it would come to this, Billy. The situation is deteriorating sooner than I thought it would." Tommy agrees and reminds us, "Yeah, we gotta get back the Falconzord, and stop Master Vile from getting the Zeo Crystal." Zordon gives the only option, "Then one of you must capture the Zeo Crystal and DESTROY it. Master Vile will relentlessly seek its power while it is still intact." Billy takes a moment to register this in his overcrowded brain, mentioning, "Wait a minute... You don't mean... ?" Zordon confirms, "Yes, Billy. One of you must journey to the Caves Of Deception underneath Rita & Zedd's palace." Our heroes are uneasy about the notion of this quest, Tommy most of all. He says, "We don't have a choice, guys. I'll do." Katherine adds, "Then so will I." He protests, but she points out, "Tommy, if you don't get through the Caves Of Deception you're gonna need someone to keep Rita & Zedd occupied. I can pretend I changed my mind and tell them I want to be evil again." Aisha's eyes bulge out at the sound of this idea, quite worried for her teammate. Tommy double checks, "Are you SURE you want to do this." She's reluctantly, but notes, "Well, like you said we don't really have a choice." Zordon stresses, "Be warned, Tommy. The Metallic Armor will not operate outside the Earth's atmosphere. You must not count on its protective powers on the moon." Tommy understands, replying, "We'll try our best, Zordon." He looks to Kat, they nod to each other, and strike the pose, Tommy shouting, "It's Morphin' Time!" They both remorph into Pink & White Rangers, and are instantly teleports up to the Evil Moon Palace. They streak up to it, and land inside the Throne Room. It's generally empty, but Kat hears movement, noting, "Someone's coming! Quick, let's hide!" Tommy leads her into a hallway, saying, "Over here!", as they duck out of sight.

Back at the Command Center, Aisha wonders, "How are we going to operate the Shogun AND the Ninja Megazords at the same time?" Billy's already got something cooked up, taking a small replica of the Falconzord (actually from the non-deluxe toy version of it) in his hand and explaining, "You see, this device is hooked into the Command Center's computers, and it imitates the Falconzord's energy readings. So it should enable us to operate both the Shogunzords and the Ninjazords at the same time." Aisha & Adam fold their arms while listening, while Rocky comments, "That's good work, Billy." He thanks his teammate, adding, "I just hope it's enough, though. I mean, it's no substitute for the REAL Falconzord's power." Elsewhere, inside the Skull Ship, Ninjor lies on the floor, shackled in chains, semi-unconscious. He groans while awakening, saying, "Ohhh, what a headache!" Ninjor sits up, and realizes his hands are bound as well. Unable to break free, he sits there fidgeting, until Master Vile walks in with Blue Globbor at his side. Vile states, "It's useless to struggle! My Globbor has already drained most of your powers!" He aims his scepter up and creates a viewing portal, replaying the footage of the ninja master's defeat. Ninjor embarrassingly remarks, "I remember." Once the flashback ceases, he returns to struggling, boasting, "You WON'T get away with this, Vile!" Master Vile asks quite amusingly, "Why does everyone keep saying that to me?! I AM getting away with it!" Ninjor orders him, "Let me go, you... you... villain!" Vile sits at his throne, with a small pot of potpourri burning next to him, as he remarks, "That'll be the day!" He calls on Globbor, who replies, "Yeah, boss?" Vile tells him, "Listen to me. It is time to get the Rangers' attention. Attack the city!" He aims his scepter at the creature, firing a ball of energy, which engulfs the monster immediately after Globbor says, "You got it!" He teleports off the ship, to wreck more havoc.

In the Command Center, the sirens sound. Alpha informs our four remaining heroes, "Oh! Master Vile has launched an attack!", as he presses buttons. Zordon tells them, "Rangers, you MUST defend Angel Grove. May the Power Protect you." Billy, with Falconzord device in hand, leads the charge of positioning and looking into the camera, exclaiming, "It's Morphin' Time!" The four Morph into Power Rangers again, and each board their own color Shogunzords, powering them up in the individual cockpits. The Shogun Megazord transforms together, despite how nobody was piloting the White one. Guess Alpha did it, or something. Inside the Shogun Megazord's cockpit, Blue Ranger presses a few buttons on his side of the wall, saying, "I need to adjust the system for the device to work." On the other side of the cockpit, Black Ranger does some button pressing of his own, stating, "Okay, I'll scan the city for any sign of Master Vile's monster." Billy comments, "Great, Adam. The system changes are complete, but it's gonna take me a couple of minutes to install the remote." He lifts open the interface hatch of one of the consoles, and reveals the detailed wiring within. Red Ranger urges, "Better hurry. We don't have any time to spare!" Blue Ranger places the small Falconzord replica into the console, and mentions, "Got it. Once the device is activated the Ninja Megazord should be on its way. Here it goes." He presses the three buttons on the device in succession, and proclaims, "Ninja Megazord remote online! Let's just hope it works." The triumphant playing of the "Go, Go, Power Rangers!" theme says it all, as the five Ninjazords race through the city for the first time since "Changing Of The Zords". The semi-sentient Zords shift around and quickly form the Ninja Megazord all by themselves, or in reality, by way of the remote device unit.

Adam's scanning has paid off, as he says, "I'm picking up a monster in the middle of some abandoned buildings." Isn't that where they ALWAYS go? Rocky says, "Let's go!", and they do just that. At said sight, Blue Globbor walks around a bunch of skyscrapers, fully grown again with his normal sized arms and hands on. He lets out a loud gargling growl while marching around, awaiting the arrival of the Rangers. On the Skull Ship, the Viewing Portal shows Globbor on the prowl, with Rito, Goldar, and Master Vile enjoying the show. They laugh evilly as Globbor begins to fire off powerful discharges, causing buildings around him to explode. The signal gets interrupted by Lord Zedd, who pops on the screen and says, "Master Vile!" Vile whines, "Hey, I was watching that!" Zedd gloats, "The Rangers are attacking in their Zords. You're going to have as much bad luck as WE'VE had!" Rito & Goldar shake their heads, replying, "Nahh!" Master Vile yells, "WRONG! My Blue Globbor is going to absorb the energy from their Zords!" Zedd is like, "What?!", and Goldar & Rito nod their heads, growling with glee. In the city, the Shogun Megazord gets bombarded by a strange ray of power, hitting directly against the center chestplate. The Megazord stumbles about from the attack, prompting Rocky to ask, "Whoa! What's going on?!" Adam checks the scanner, and mentions, "We're losing power, FAST!" Globbor fires off a few more quicker picker upper beams, draining as much energy as he can from the Shogun Megazord. Billy realizes, "The monster's absorbing the Shogun Megazord's power from a distance! That means he could get into the Ninja Megazord too." The Shogun continues being bleed of energy, unable to move or defend itself. Red Ranger notes to Yellow Ranger, "Man, if the monster drains BOTH Megazords, we're history!" The Shogun Megazord's red eyes glow and quickly dim, as the last remnants of its power begin to funnel out through Globbor's beckoning.
Meanwhile, on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd stands at the balcony, rubbing the top of his fleshless head, with his beloved wife Rita next to him, peering through her Repulsascope. He complains, "That Master Vile makes my brain itch!" Rita remarks, "Ah, you're just jealous cause my daddy's better at being bad than YOU are!" Unbeknownst to them, the White Ranger is just behind the corner, out of sight and hiding out rather well. Pink Ranger has exited seclusion, and makes a "hush" gesture to her morphed lips toward Tommy, as she slowly sneaks across the throne room. Zedd laments, "I wish I had a way to get to the Power Rangers before HE does." Kat stands at the bottom of the balcony steps, and asks aloud, in her sternly evil voice, "What if the Power Rangers were to help you?" Rita replies, "Huh, yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen." It takes a second to register, but Rita immediately lifts her head from the Repulsascope and exclaims, "Hey! Wait a minute, that voice!" She & Zedd turn around, shocked to see the Pink Ranger standing there before them. Kat reaches up and unstraps the snaps on her helmet, and removes it to show her face to them. Zedd & Rita look at each other, growling at the "traitor" to their cause. They step closer to her, and Rita asks, "What are YOU doing here?!" Kat, holding her Pink Ranger helmet at her side, states in her cruel voice, "I changed my mind. Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd... I want to be evil again." Zedd whispers to his wife suspiciously, "I don't know, what do you make of this, Rita?" As the White Ranger eavesdrops from behind the wall, Rita proclaims, "I KNEW my little kitty Kat still had evil in her heart. The Pink Ranger belongs to US!" Katherine simply stands there, with a sinister smile on her face. Is it true?! Did she really change sides!? Oh, my! Well, no, but the excellent episodic promos for this when this originally aired made a pretty good case for it!
[To be continued...; End credits.]
The Skull, "I'm not galloping" scene plays, with actual original dialogue recording. You can hear the true sounds of them riding horses and the nature noise in the background. It plays over a few outtakes, such as: Bulk's eyes rapidly follow a fly around above his head; Lt. Stone does the same, eventually swatting at it, crossing his eyes comedically; The camera tilts sideways near the horses' ass, prompting Bulk to tilt his head as well; That scene finally concludes, with the "Ho!", dismounting scene. Skull says "Ho!", over and over, as he cannot get off his horse! Neither can Lt. Stone, as the horses are bunched too close together to allow them space to hop off! More "Ho!"s than Christmas, Skull & Stone are stuck on their steeds. Bulk, the only one successfully off, calls out to the Ranger teens, who are riding up ahead of them. He says, "hey, uhh, where ya going?!", prompting a laughing Adam to turn his horse around to aid them

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