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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Master Vile And The Metallic Armor, Part II"
Original Air Date: 11/21/95 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #42 - Goudatsu! Ninja Pawaa (
Stolen! The Ninja Power) And:
Kakuranger #43 - Sanshinshou Saigo No Hi (
Last Day Of The Three God Commanders)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-330
*29th episode aired
*142nd total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Mark Litton Director: Bob Radler
Starring Cast:
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Kat (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Master Vile (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Blue Globbor (voice)


[Previously on MMPR (replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings); Opening credits]
Blue Globbor, you saw the Shogun Megazord standing alone, without any power in its heart, without a love of its own! Sort of, as the Globbor turns his attention away from our heroes long enough to smash a cardboard building into a billion biodegradable chunks. The Shogun Megazord just stands there, electricity courses across its arms and legs, outward from the chestplate. This signifies what Yellow Ranger mentions inside the cockpit, "Oh, no! The Shogun Megazord's power's down. We can't move!" Blue Ranger points out, "We're not through yet!" Red Ranger adds, "That monster will be all over us any second now!", and Black Ranger says, "Yeah. Man, we gotta get power from somewhere." Billy tells his teammates, "Hang in there, guys.", as he lifts open the console hatch. It's smoking from the power drain, and once opened, sparks are flying from the overfried wiring. He removes the small Falconzord replica, and states, "I can use the remote control device to determine if the Ninja Megazord has been effected. I'm hooking into the Ninja Megazord system now." Blue Ranger begins turning knobs and dials on his cockpit wall, blinking lights and such flashing as he does this. Aisha remarks, "Oh, man. I hope it works.", and Rocky replies, "It better!", and she adds, "Yeah." Billy's got good news, "The Ninja Megazord is STILL operational. We'll have to go fight in it. We'll need to abandon the Shogun Megazord." Yellow Ranger mentions offhandedly, "Hope Kat & Tommy are alright." Rocky agrees, "Yeah, me too!", as they activate the consoles and prepare to jump ship.

Meanwhile, on the Evil Moon Palace, the morphed but helmetless Pink Ranger stands before Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd. Her expression has changed from "wicked" to that of a scaredy Kat, as Rita walks down the steps from the balcony. The witchy empress says, "So, my precious Kat, you want to be EVIL! Hahaha!" Kat nervously nods, "Yes", prompting Rita to ask with a psychotic chuckle, "You SURE about that, blondie?!" White Ranger watches worriedly, and helplessly, from a hiding place nearby, groaning, "Oh, man...!" Kat looks towards him for support on her ruse, and turns back to Rita (who has Zedd by her side, with Baboo & Squatt behind), informing her, "As sure as i'll ever be." Lord Zedd asks (probably noticing how she quit doing her "evil" voice between episodes), "PROVE it! Step into the Revivifier!" Baboo & Squatt giggle over the mentioning of this, a device Kat is unaware of, wondering, "The WHAT?" Zedd shows her, by whipping up his Z-Staff and firing a bolt of energy across the throne room. It creates a large scale of sorts, with a place to stand on, and a dial on the side reading various degrees of good & bad. Zedd points over to it and states, "If you REALLY want to be evil, it should be no problem for you!" Tommy witnesses as Kat walks over to the Revivifier and approaches the center platform. Squatt spots White Ranger's distraught fidgeting, remarking, "Hey! I see something moving over there! In the corner!" Baboo grabs his shoulder and distracts him, urging, "Pay attention, will you?!" Squatt forgets about the movement, and turns back to the Revivifier, replying to his pal, "D'oh-kay!" Rita pressures Kat into stepping onto the platform, saying, "You DO want to be evil again, don't you?! Well?" Kat remains silent, staring at the device with fear of what's to come. Zedd tells her, "Step right up, little lady", and she slowly does so. Once on the small platform, the Revivifier springs to life, igniting a pink-colored fire at her feet. The crowd of four evil space aliens laugh diabolically, as the Pink Ranger struggles to get free, only to find the sparking at her legs has he locked in. Kat cries, "What's happening to me?!", and Zedd notes, "A little something Finster whipped up for us." Rita explains, "The Revivifier works only on people who were once evil, like YOU! It drains all the good out of you and replaces it with pure evil! Hahaha!" Zedd snickers, and adds, "And it's irreversible! Once the Revivifier has done its work, you'll NEVER break free from our control again!" Kat glances distraughtly at flames at her feet, reluctantly accepting her fate in silence.
White Ranger steps back from the horrifying scene, breathing rapidly in fear for his friend. He touches his wrist and calls out, "Zordon, Lord Zedd & Rita have captured Katherine. They've put in some kind of machine to make her evil." Zordon, in the Command Center, replies, "Tommy, you MUST hurry. Go below the palace to the Caves Of Deception. The Zeo Crystal will absorb any evil they might place in Kat." Tommy pulls himself away from watching his possible love interest being turned to the dark side, and races into the bowels of the castle. Up in the Throne Room, Kat remains standing amid the growing pink flames in the Revivifier. Rita exclaims with glee, "Ahh, good work, Zeddie! The Pink Ranger will SOON be under our command! Ahaha!" Lord Zedd has his red ray vision firing off towards Earth, noting, "YES! And your father's already drained most of the power from their Shogun Megazord." His visor-vision shows the Shogun as its eyes grow dim, as seen in the last episode. Rita laughs, and Zedd suddenly cuts off his viewing of the fight, as he realizes, "Rita! I sense another Ranger in the palace! The White Ranger! He's probably headed for the Caves Of Deception." Rita cries, "What?! Stop him, stop him! He's going to get the Zeo Crystal!" Katherine, unable to assist Tommy in her trapped state, boasts, "You WON'T stop him! The forcefield will destroy anyone evil!" Zedd points out, "Or anyone who was ONCE evil. Like a former Green Ranger!" Rita gloats, "HA! Zordon didn't tell you that, did he? Haha!" Kat tries in vain to break away from the Revivifier, sobbing, "That's NOT true!" Lord Zedd mentions, "Once the Revivifier converts your goodness into evil, you won't CARE about the Rangers anymore!" He and Rita laugh maniacally, prompting Kat to turn and look at the dial on the machine. The needle rises from Good, to Mean, with Cruel, Evil, and REALLY Evil all drawing closer.

Deep beneath the Moon Palace, the White Ranger makes his way into the foggy cavern. He searches for an opening, and upon finding none, he says, "Alright, let's see. Aw, man. Where is it?!" Tommy then tries contacting the Command Center, stating, "Zordon, i'm at the entrance to the cave. But I don't see anything!" Just then, the rock cavern wall behind him cracks open, and glides backward, revealing a strange golden glow within. Zordon warns him, "Be extremely careful, Tommy. Nothing in this cave is what it appears to be!" To make things worse, Goldar suddenly pops up, calling out, "White RAN-ger!" Tommy engages in brief sword-to-saber combat with him, but upon attempting to slice Saba into the golden warrior, White Ranger flips into the air as Goldar vanishes without a trace. He recovers from his fall at the hands of the illusion, prompting Tommy to try his Communicator, saying, "Zordon, you were right! Zordon? Aw, man! We're cut off!" The negative sounding beep confirms such, so White Ranger resheaths Saba, and steps into the opening to the Caves Of Deception. Inside looks much like the outside, the floor covered in a thick river of mist. He walks around the cave, until he's greeted by the four of his Power Ranger teammates he left back on Earth. He's stupid enough to ask, "Huh? Hey, guys, what are you doing here?" Adam replies, "Tommy, the battle's over. We lost." Aisha nods, "It's awful. Katherine's totally evil now." Billy notes, "Vile's agreed to spare us and our families, if we give him the Zeo Crystal." Rocky adds, "Tommy! You've got to join us! Surrender now!" White Ranger doesn't buy it, quickly taking a fighting stance and shouting, "Uhhyahh! My friends would NEVER surrender to Master Vile!" Without warning, the Green Ranger steps forward from behind the others, and speaking with Tommy's voice, says, "You're right, Tommy. They'd join WITH him!" Tommy yells, "NEVER!", and the five evil Rangers charge towards him. White Ranger doesn't move an inch, as they rush at him, all vanishing like ghosts of the past. Speaking of the past, this would mark the final time the original Dragonzord Green Ranger was ever shown. Tommy's surprised by their disappearance, but presses onward.

White Ranger delves further into the Caves Of Deception, and bumps into Rita Repulsa & the Pink Ranger coming the other way! Tommy gasps, "Katherine!", as Rita notes, "You're too late, Tenga bait! I turned your friend evil, and YOU'RE next! Ah-haw!" Kat, still holding her helmet off her head, speaks in her wicked voice again, stating, "Your true nature is evil, Tommy. Deep inside, you know it." The White Ranger refuses to believe it, "NO! I have the Power inside me, and so do you!" Rita laughs, before smudging out of existence, along with the Pink Ranger. Tommy discovers, "Oh, no, not again! Just more illusions!" Sheesh, he seems disappointed that Kat's not bad again! White Ranger continues his search for the Zeo Crystal in the Caves Of Deception, making me wonder what connections these caves have with the Wizard Of Deception from "Return Of The Green Ranger". Meanwhile, back in Angel Grove, the Ninja Megazord towers above the buildings. Inside the cockpit, Blue Ranger says, "Now that we're in the Ninja Megazord, we should be able to give this monster a DESCENT fight. Let's do it!" Black Ranger adds, "Alright! Take this thing down!" Red Ranger mentions, "Power's low!", and Billy explains, "The monster got to this Megazord, too. But we HAVE to fight it." The Megazord hops onto the scene with its Froglegs, landing before the giant Blue Globbor, who asks in his gargley voice, "So you're still ticking, eh?!" The Ninja Megazord stands battle ready, arms in position for a fight. In the clouds above, Master Vile's Space Skull Ship, which resembles the shape & color of his head, cept with a huge skull in the center, flies around. Inside it, the enchained Ninjor promises him, "You'll fail!" Master Vile aims his scepter and orders, "Globbor, attack!" The slimy creature obeys, growling as it charges into action, prompting the Ninja Megazord to do the same. They meet up halfway, clashing arm-to-arms in the city. The Megazord tries hitting it with its Red Ape fist, only to have Globbor block it and strike back, slashing successfully upon the Bear chest. A few more chest slashes, causing some sparks, and even Master Vile is getting excited. He seems to think Globbor is the Tigerzord, as he makes punching motions in the Space Skull, causing the monster to mimic his moves on the Megazord. The barrage of blows knocks the Ninja Megazord aback, causing the four Rangers within great agony, as the consoles spark up and burst around them.

In the Caves Of Deception, the White Ranger finally reaches his intended target, the cavern containing the Zeo Crystal! It sits where it has been for the past several thousand years, atop a glowing rock structure, surrounded by the shining forcefield. Tommy only glimpses its sparkling majesty for a moment, before Kat's voice suddenly calls out his name. He turns to see the helmetless Pink Ranger walking in from the side, to which he amusingly chuckles, "Oh-ho, you've GOT to be kidding. I'm not falling for THAT again." Kat innocently wonders, "Falling for what? Tommy, I wasn't sure you'd make it back in time, so I escaped." Tommy takes a leap of faith, asking, "Katherine?! It's really you?" She softly says, "Of course. Are you alright?" He sighs, "Yeah, i'm fine. But what about you? Are you okay?" Kat nods, "Yeah, but Master Vile's about to take the Zeo Crystal. We HAVE to stop him." She says it with such lack of urgency, that it takes until Tommy hears Master Vile's voice in the room for him to be alerted. Vile, standing atop the bundle of boulders around the Zeo Crystal's centerpiece, gloating, "The crystal, at last! Ahahaha!" Kat mentions, "Here's our chance. Let's get him!" White Ranger hesitates, "But Master Vile hasn't actually made a move towards the crystal. We'd better just wait and see if it's another trick. Could be fake." He calls it well, as Vile's image dissipates into nothing instantly. Tommy laughs, "Oh-ho, just like I said! I'll get the crystal and we'll get out of here." He begins to approach it, when Kat's voice slips back to the sultry evilness again, saying, "Don't." Tommy turns around stunned, as she tells him, "Leave it alone, Ranger." He remarks, "I KNEW it, you're a fake!" Kat shakes her head, stating, "Give it up, Tommy. You have too much evil to approach the Zeo Crystal. The forcefield will destroy you." White Ranger replies, "I'm NOT evil.", and rushes over to grab the crystal. He puts his gloved hands on the large, white, oddly shaped item, causing a flash of light to engulf the room. Katherine smirks evilly as she watches him be attacked by the effects of the ancient forcefield.

Tommy, the Zeo Crystal in hand and still in contact with the forcefield, is judged by his own past deeds. He flashes back to his days as the Evil Green Ranger, such as ripping out the consoles of the Command Center, and attacking the Rangers in their Megazord cockpit from "Green With Evil". But another swirl of energies from the field covers him, as he holds the crystal higher, and more flashbacks play. He's the Green Ranger again, fighting alongside Blue Ranger against Z-Putties from "The Mutiny". Then a rather lengthy flashback from this season, as he battles the Face Stealer with his teammates from "Final Face-Off". His heroism and selfless acts of bravery speak louder than words, and the forcefield dies off, leaving the White Ranger standing purged of pain, with the Zeo Crystal successfully in hand. With the fading of the field, so does the second illusion of Katherine. Tommy makes a triumphant fist in the air, shouting, "Yes! I did it! All-right!" He flips the thick Zeo Crystal over in his hand, and then teleports out of the Caves Of Deception in a streak of white light. In the throne room, the Revivifier dial begins to move from "Mean" to "Cruel". A bright pink glow flows over Kat's morphed body, from the machine's burning effect, the fires growing hotter and higher. The glow reaches her shoulders, just when Tommy teleports in and proclaims, "Fun's over, Zedd!" Rita & Zedd cease their evil laughter, and Zedd actually seems shocked to see the White Ranger there. His wife squawks, "AHH! Get him out of here! Ugh!" Tommy aims the jagged end of the Zeo Crystal towards the Revivifier, yelling, "Katherine, get ready!" The pink glow is literally sucked out of her body, and into the pure goodness of the crystal (where it's negated), leaving her with her perfectly good and well-filled out Morphed body. Kat gasps as she's freed from captivity, quickly hopping off the platform and rushing to White Ranger's side. Rita groans, as Kat happily exclaims, "I KNEW you'd do it!" Tommy, standing next to the birdcage containing the Falconzord, touches the Z-cloth draped cage and remarks, "Zedd, Rita, I believe you have something of ours." Rita & Zedd grumble, with the witch whining, "Auugh, nooo!" Why neither attempt to stop them is unclear, but it's likely has to do with the fact any magical blasts thrown would be absorbed by the Zeo Crystal. Tommy says, "Don't worry, we'll show ourselves out.", and Kat waves goodbye, giggling with a smile as she bids, "Cheers!", as she reaches down for her Morpher buckle. In a blink, Pink & White Ranger teleport out of the Moon Palace, with the Falconzord cage! Rita begins screaming and collapses onto the foggy floor around the throne. Lord Zedd shouts, "They took the Falconzord! WHY didn't you stop them!?"

In Angel Grove city, the giant Blue Globbor monster hacks up some mighty phlegm! He coughs a few squirts of black fluid, which splatters against the Ninja Megazord's Bear chest, Ape arm, and Crane head. It's explosive bile, as it suddenly erupts with sparking blasts moments later. The explosions rock the cockpit with lots of smoke, as inside, Blue Ranger struggles to keep the Megazord afloat. Billy notes as he presses console buttons, "We're taking a major power drain. We may have to abandon the Ninja Megazord, too!" Globbor waves his arms around, victoriously letting out garbled grunts. Suddenly his attention turns to the heavens, when the squawking sound of the White Falconzord rings out. It decents at a plummeting rate, and inside the cockpit, Pink Ranger stands next to the White Ranger, who pilots it. Oddly, there's a special gold falcon symbol encrusted on the door behind them, which is never seen again after this scene (similar to Liefeld's horrid Heroes Reborn Captain America head symbol). I like to think it's there simply due to the fact a few minutes ago, the Falconzord was still in animal form, and is adjusting to its proper robotic setting again. Kat notes that they seem to have not had time to drop by the Command Center, as she says, "Okay, the Zeo Crystal will be safe in the Falconzord's engine room." Tommy replies, "Perfect. Let's take care of business!" The Falconzord lowers its wings into missile firing position, and starts blasting out of its wingtips. The bombardment of bursts strike the Blue Globbor directly, distracting him long enough for the Ninja Megazord to take the air, and link up with the Falconzord to create for the first time in a while, the Ninja MegaFalconzord! White Ranger slips into the Megazord cockpit, apparently sans Pink Ranger, as he tells his four teammates, "Kat & I got the Zeo Crystal, guys! Now let's finish him off!" They salute him and cheer quickly, and prepare to squish the glob. The Ninja MegaFalconzord charges up its arms by the power of the Falcon, and swoops down from above. Its charged up Ape & Wolf fists smash into the creature, sending him hurling across the cityscape. Blue Globbor then drops to the ground, and explodes massively. Pink Ranger's in the Megazord cockpit, noting, "That should take care of him!" She turns to White Ranger, who adds, "And the Zeo Crystal's safe in the Falconzord."

The Space Skull spins around in the clouds somewhere on Earth. Inside it, Master Vile raises his scepter and orders his defeated creature, "Globbor, get up!" Ninjor, still shackled, turns around and checks out the viewing portal, stating, "Huh?! Impossible!" Between the buildings were the monster was destroyed, Blue Globbor ascends from the flames of his apparent demise. Rising up, totally unharmed, and shrugs off the fires burning around him. The Ninja Megazord watches as Globbor says in his gargling voice, "You thought you had me beat?! I'm just getting started!!" He suddenly morphs his arms into their thicker, tentacle like position. In reality, what he's doing is utilizing the absorbed energy from Ninjor, as his arm then changes to a blue and gold style glove similar to Ninjor's! The slime pours over his chest, as a center chestpiece with the circled N crest appears, much like Ninjor's as well. Not to mention, he gets a visor, shoulder pads, and backpack sword & sheath, all copied from the imprisoned ninja master! Ninjor MegaGlobbor stands fully transformed, growling loudly and twitching his arms. In the Skull Ship, Master Vile informs his prisoner, "Ninjor, my Globbor has absorbed ALL of your powers! The Rangers have met their match!"
Ninjor MegaGlobbor, or Ninjblor, or whatever you wish to call him, becomes revealed to the shocked Power Rangers in the Ninja MegaFalconzord. Rocky gasps, ever observantly, "That thing looks like Ninjor!" Globbor whips out Ninjor's sword, and gargley shouts in a James Brown manner, "I feel GOOD!" He gets ready, set, and jumps into the air, Ninjor saber poised above him. Vile's still in control, slicing down his scepter, and causing Globbor to do the same. Three strikes into the Ninja MegaFalconzord, and Ninjblor is facing hardly any resistance. He turns to attack some more, Vile does a double slash movement, and Globbor copies. The Ninja MegaFalconzord is beaten severely, and stumbles backwards. Inside, the cockpit fills with more smoke, and our heroes cry out in more pain. Speaking of pain, in the Space Skull Ship, Ninjor is also groaning. Master Vile asks him, "Sting a little, Ninjor?" And speaking of sting, Ninjor MegaGlobbor charges up one of those balls of chi-power from his chest-N. It's tossed at the Megazord, doing intense damage, the sparks causing our heroes more grief. Ninjor can't stand to witness his allies hurt that way, and struggles to be free of his chains, shouting, "Let me go!" Vile turns him down, "No-oh way! You're going to help me conquer the Rangers!" The Ninja Megafalconzord recovers a bit, and Billy realizes, "Hey, the Shogun Megazord's power's up. We can control it with a remote." Ninjblor attaches his Ninjor saber to the sheath off his back, and swings the extended sword around, making mock karate noises. He charges at the Ninja MegaFalconzord, and starts cutting into it a couple of times successfully. The fourth slash is blocked by the hand of the Shogun Megazord, which grabs the blade in one hand, and punches Blue Globbor away with the other. He rolls along the ground, and recovers just in time to see the Shogun Megazord, walking quite well without a pilot, stand beside the Ninja MegaFalconzord. Inside the latter, Blue Ranger boasts, "There's no way this monster will have enough juice for TWO Megazords!"

Ninjor MegaGlobbor adjusts the extenda-saber, and charges up a blue lightning blast bolt from the end of it. The laserpower strikes both Megazords with explosive results and loads of sparks & smoke. The Ninja MegaFalconzord then leaps into the air, and gives a spinning kick attack. The Frogleg smacks into Globbor, knocking his big golden head for a loop. The Shogun Megazord powers up its right up, and creates its flaming saber. With the power of the mighty ancient buildings of Japan, the Shogun Megazord drops its fiery blade into the Blue Globbor monster. He takes the hit, and lets loose a gargled squeal. Just then, both Megazords turn and look over to the rooftop of one of the buildings. Ninjor is out of the Space Skull, though still chained. He falls over, bursting with sparks, and groaning with weariness. Red Ranger points out, "There's Ninjor! He's hurt!" This distraction allows Globbor enough time to lunge towards them with the Ninjor saber out. The Shogun Megazord blocks the intended attack, and strikes back, slashing into Ninjor MegaGlobbor at close range. Almost immediately after the blow is struck on Globbor, an equal burst of smoke and sparks pops out of Ninjor's chest. The Ninja Megafalconzord bops Ninjblor with its Ape fist, and Ninjor sparks some more. In the Ninja cockpit, Black Ranger wonders, "Hey guys, what's happening to Ninjor?!" Pink Ranger checks some readings on her side console, noting, "It's as if something's striking him. Do you see anything besides the monster?" Rocky says, "No, nothing!" Almost on cue, the two gold and two blue energy snakes slither up atop a building, and hail the teleportation arrival of Master Vile! He cackles maniacally and says, "I LOVE a good battle!" Ninjor turns to him and shouts, "You're a FIEND!" The Megazords also become aware of his presence. Vile calls out, "Rangers! Your Ninjor is connected to my Globbor!" They're distracted by this long enough to allow Globbor the upperhand again, as he leaps in with the extenda-saber, and is in position to strike both. The Shogun Megazord blocks the attack with its own saber, then bashes its blade through Ninjor MegaGlobbor's chest.

Master Vile informs them, "Every blow against my monster hurts your friend. Globbor, now! Finish them off!" Ninjblor slashes the saber at the Shogun & Ninja MegaFalconzords, only to wind up smacked away, causing the monster to roll across the streets. White Ranger mentions, "Aw. man. We can't keep fighting this monster as long as Ninjor's connected to him. If we even TRY to defend ourselves, we'll wind up hurting our friend." The Shogun & Ninja MegaFalconzords stand there, unable to do much of anything at the moment, their hands tied only by the bonds of those binding their ninja mentor. Master Vile grows frustrated with Globbor, commanding, "I told you to FINISH them! Now hop to it, or you'll suffer the wrath of Master Vile!" Ninjor MegaGlobbor lets out a gargled cry, as he tries charging at the Megazords again. This time, the Shogun fails to block the sabered attack, instead getting doubled slashed. The Ninja MegaFalconzord also gets hurt the same way. Ninjblor fires another saber-blast beam, this one proving more damaging than the last. The explosions are so intense, that all six Power Rangers are thrown violently from the cockpit. Not only that, but the Falconzord is knocked off of the Ninja Megazord's back, and dropped to the ground. The Ninja & Shogun Megazords tumble over, their outer hulls smoking. The Power Rangers fall harshly to the pavement in this order: Pink, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, and White. They end up landing rather close together, all recovering from it safely. Rocky asks, "Is everyone alright?", and Kat replies, "Uhh, yeah, I think so." Our heroes stumble around in a daze, the rather dumpy looking alleyway they landed in almost a metaphor for the way they're feeling. Aisha says, "We've got to get back in the Zords." Adam wonders, "Billy, you think they'll still be operational?" Billy puts it bluntly, "I dunno, after the blows they took, i'll be REALLY surprised." Rocky walks over to a fence and beats on it, exclaiming, "We've got to DO something!" He looks up and sees Ninjor MegaGlobbor spinning his saber around triumphantly, proclaiming, "MAN, I'm good!" Globbor holds the saber pointed to the sky, and causes a bombardment of energy to rain down on the grounded Megazords. The Falconzord gets scorched by this attack, the semi-sentient creature screeching in agony.

Master Vile remains on the rooftop and gloats, "And it ALL just gets better from here! Now i'm going to send those wonderful Zords off to a distant galaxy! But first, Globbor, I want you to suck out every last bit of their power!" Globbor, keeping all of the Ninjor accessories on except the gloves, changes his hands over to the oversized suction-cup fingertip ones. He talks in a voice I just now realizes is much like Edgar the Bug from MiB, as he remarks, "Feeding time!", and approaches the powerless Megazords. Vile anxiously watches his monster walk across the city, saying, "Yes! That's the way, Globbor!" The Shogun & Ninja Megazord lie unconscious, their bodies smoking so bad, you can even hear them sizzling. Falconzord, its wings crippled, lifts its head up and down as it lets loose a few loud screeches. Master Vile then exclaims, "Say goodbye to your Zords, Rangers!", and causes all three of the massive machines to vanish in the blink of any eye and a flash of a green light. Blue Globbor suddenly jumps in to where they once were, having just missed feeding on them. Best I can think of to explain why Vile told his monster to feed off them and then pulled them out from under him before he could, is that Vile is a sick & twisted individual. Globbor doesn't seem to care, and shrugs it off, when Vile orders, "Now, on to the Rangers!" The monster squawks, "Yeah!", and suddenly teleports down to smaller size in a blue & gold flash. He also changes modes slightly, ridding himself of the Ninjor visor and regaining smaller hands, as he drops down into the alley with the Power Rangers. They turn around and face him, White Ranger boasting, "We're going to put an end to you, Globbor!" The smiley monster replies, "You won't get the chance!", as he aims his smaller (but still suction-cup tipped) fingers at the six Rangers. Globbor begins to siphon off their powers in a beam of white, mixed with a hint of their colors. Our heroes let out grunts of discomfort, unable to break free from his attack. Billy states, "He's draining our energy! We need extra protection!" Tommy realizes, "You're right! Everybody ready?" They reply in unison, "Yeah!", and he says, "Let's do it!"

They're somehow able to just ignore the suction beam draining them of their power, and do their little arm gestures. Transferring over to the reflective pool of gleaming energy, the six Power Rangers proclaim, "Metallic Armor, Power-Up!" They emerge standing focused in their glittery new costume additions, the sunlight shining brightly off the enhanced metallic surfaces of their suits. Globbor simply ups the ante, by morphing his hands into their oversized mode, and sucks off a large amount of energy from the Rangers. The six stand tall and steadfast, attempting to overcome the siphoning by use of their shiny new outfits. Globbor still gets a bit of their power, but eventually breaks off connection with them, causing the whole team to collapse forward onto some brick debris. White Ranger groans, "I don't know if the Metallic Armor can protect us much longer. We gotta do something! The Zeo Crystal's still in the Falconzord!" Globbor stands there, making funky noises and wriggling his hands. Master Vile suddenly snake-aports into the alley, snickering sinisterly, "I must thank you, White Ranger, for doing the ground work! Without you, I would NEVER have obtained the Zeo Crystal so easily! Ahaha! Now, I have it AND your precious Zords. The Universe is MINE!" Our heroes are so drained, they can't even stand up, let alone try to stop him. Vile excitedly lifts his arms into the air, and states, "I'm going to use the crystal's power to destroy the Earth! But first, there's going to be a PARTY! Finish them!" Globbor does some more power draining with his big hands, the Rangers remain crouched in pain, and Master Vile laughs maniacally. He soon snake-aports away, leaving his monster to do the laughing.

With the monster too busy busting a gut to bust their chops, the Rangers slowly rise to their feet. Tommy says, "If we're gonna get out of here, we've got to think of something FAST." Rocky grunts as he stands, and points out, "We each have a little bit of power left!" Billy mentions, "Maybe if we all try to work together." Adam agrees, nodding and saying, "Yes! Let's do it!" Globbor sarcastically states, "Isn't that cute!" The six Metallic Armored Power Rangers pose, and power up their remaining energies in a concentrated burst of blinding light. Globbor tries shielding his eyes with his oversized hands, and ends up having them both blasted off, just before he's knocked on his slimy blue butt. The Rangers drop back to their knees, nearly depleted of their energy. Tommy suggests, "I say we get out of here, now!" They concur, and leaving Globbor lying on the ground, the six press their buckles and teleport to the Command Center. Once they're gone, poor partially Ninjor-dressed Globbor hops back up and cries, "Hey! Where'd they go!? Come back, Rangers! I'm not done finishing you yet! Master Vile's really gonna be mad at me! Oh nooo!" He shakes the chainlink fence in a frustration tantrum, whining immaturely about failing to destroy the Rangers yet again. Elsewhere, the Space Skull hovers across the city, carrying inside the main chamber nearly a full load of badness. Goldar & Rito on the left, Baboo & Squatt on the right, Master Vile & Rita in the center, and Lord Zedd sitting on the throne. All are prancing about, dancing in diabolical ecstasy, except for Zedd, who sits depressed at the throne with his head slumped over. Rita sings her immortal ballad, "99 Bottles Of Slime", for which she won three Tony awards when she was off touring the galaxy in her one-woman Broadway show, "Dumpster? It's The Pits!" in early season 2. She ceases singing, and embraces her husband's hanging head, saying, "Hey, cheer up, Zeddie-poo! The Earth is mine!! Hahaha!" Vile adds, "And soon, the universe!" Zedd waves his hand, sulkingly ordering her, "Oh, go away!" She gets back to partying, laughing and singing her famous tune some more. Rito & Squatt take the dance floor, busting a move even better than Zack could. Rito finishes off his dance by falling down, and accidentally poking his sister in the leg with his bone-sword!
Meanwhile, at the Juice Bar's outdoor cafe area, owner Ernie does some sweeping up. Bulk & Skull come stumbling in, carrying saddles over their shoulders. Seems that they ditched their horses since last we saw them, and have walked all the way into town, and it shows as they both look as drained as the Rangers. Bulk says, "Ernie! Hey, Ernie", in a weary voice. As they catch their breath, Ernie asks, "Hey guys. What are you doing our here? There's a monster alert out!" Skull dangles his left arm like it's broken, as Bulk replies, "Yeah, we know! We were off horse trekking and we, uhh... I..." Near casually, a flock of Tenga Warriors walk up behind Ernie, frightening the robust restaurant owner. He hides behind Bulk & Skull, as Bulk finishes his statement in a shrill scream, "...FELL OFF MY HOOOOORSE!!!" Ernie, Bulk & Skull point at the birdbrains in terror, screaming to the tops of their lungs. Master Vile, who's about eight feet tall at least, doesn't garner as much fright to them, as he walks up, grabs Bulk by the arm, and commands, "Humans! I want you to go and call everyone out for a party!" He lets Bulk go, and the bumbling buffoon remarks, "Party!?" Skull, his arm still pointed out at the Tengas, weakly responds, "I love parties." Bulk yanks his arm down, but it ends up popping back up again, almost stuck that way. Rita Repulsa steps in and looks to the camera, asking with a malicious smile, "Where's the music?!" A rumba beat begins to play, and she starts laughing, dancing off to the side, with Lord Zedd, now in the party spirit, follows behind. Rito is behind him, carrying a bloodstained bone boombox over his shoulder! Baboo, Squatt, and Goldar trail behind him, with Tengas following, a large unconnected conga line formed. Ernie asks, "What happened to the Rangers?!" Master Vile chuckles, "They're not on the guest list!" Bulk cries, "The Power Rangers must have lost!" This overwhelming revelation of their only protectors failing causes Bulk's body to come to life with a jiggy rhythm, slowly starting to dance around to the beat. Skull stammers, "Lost?!", and his body does the same, despite how he tries forcing it not to. Ernie even begins to try stayin' alive as he shakes his fingers in the air. Bulk goes with the flow, as his arms and legs start moving on their own, taking him out to join in with the evil space aliens.

At the Command Center, the six Power Rangers have de-armorized themselves, and are Morphed, but helmetless. Alpha places the Blue Ranger helmet on the shelf as Billy leans against a console, rubbing his leg and saying in grunted breathes, "Zordon, the Metallic Armor saved us!" Zordon says, "Yes, but Vile's Ninjor-Globbor has badly drained your energies." Adam asks, "Is that why my legs feel like mush?" Tommy states, "We've GOTTA get back the Zeo Crystal and save the Earth." Alpha walks past the set of Ranger teens slumped against the consoles, and looks to the Viewing Globe, remarking, "Ay-yi-yi! The crystal is with the Zords and we can't find them!" The Globe shows Master Vile at the Youth Center, laughing victoriously. Zordon explains, "It will take time for your energies and the Metallic Armor to recharge." Alpha sighs defeatedly. The six weakened teens stare at the Globe, with Tommy asking, "Aw, man. Did Master Vile really win?" His teammates have no answers for him.
[To be concluded...; End credits.]
A quick clapboard shot in front of Adam & Alpha segues into the outtakes; In a shot actually from Part 3, Kat gasps, "Oh, no! They're forcing Bulk & Skull to dance the conga!" The Viewing Globe shows Bulk dancing around the line with a broom in his hand, partying with Goldar right on his tail urging, "Go! Go! Go!", while Ernie hops around behind him. Kat asks, "What could be worse?!" The director then yells "And... cut!" This prompts Billy to start doing a mock conga dance, touching his elbow and humming. Aisha does the same thing. Tommy covers Saba's face at the sight of the Viewing Globe, which makes Kat burst into laughter; Master Vile waves his hands in the air like he just don't care, as Bulk chugs along against his will on the Evil Soul Train, Goldar right behind him. Goldy next has his hands on Bulk's shoulders in the background, as in the foreground, behind Rita, Skull nearly does the Ed Grimly dance as he swings his arm around and clutches his swiveling waistline. Lord Zedd follows, holding his Z-Staff and making a funky hand gesture, like mocking someone with flapping jaws.; Finally, Tommy asks, "Did Master Vile really win?" After a short pause, he points to the camera and says, "YOU decide!"

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