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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"The Sound Of Dischordia"
Original Air Date: 11/25/95 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #50 - Tokusen! Youkaino Yado (
Special Selection! The Ghost Inn) And:
Kakuranger #52 - Saikai Chichi To Musume(
Reunion Between Father And Daughter)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-332
*31st episode aired
*144th total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Stewart St. John Director: Marco Garibaldi
Starring Cast:
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Kat (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Henry Cannon _AS_ Mr. Kaplan
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Master Vile (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Dischordia (voice)


[Today on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings); Opening credits]
In the Angel Grove High School music room one sunny afternoon, Katherine & Aisha are signing their lungs out. The lyrics seem to have been written by Alpha 5, as the girls croon in unison, "Angel Grove! Hi-yi-yi-yi-gh!" They have earphones on, with Aisha sitting at the electronic keyboard. Kat halts the chorus, asking, "Hold on, hold on. Can we try that bit again?" Aisha okays it, and they try-yi-yi the "Angel Grove! Hi-yi-yi-yi..." part, only to have Kat hit a sour note. She takes off her earphones and rests her head on her hand, prompting Aisha to ask, "What's wrong?" Kat sighs, "I just can't get this harmony." Sitting over to the side is Tommy, who stands up and lies, err, admits, "It sounded good to me!" Aisha smiles, as he walks over closer to the girls. Kat somberly states, "Aisha, maybe you should get another partner." Aisha vetoes this (even though she likely originally had the musically inclined Kimberly in mind months ago), saying, "No! I've already entered our names into the contest." Tommy does more kissing up, remarking, "Yeah, Aisha LOVES to write music. Both of you guys can sing. I think you guys have a GREAT chance of winning that school song competition." Kat isn't convinced, depressingly replying, "I dunno..." Suddenly, the off-key musical stylings of Bulk & Skull roar into the vicinity. Their "La-la-la"ing horribly causes the glass door to the music room to virtually shatter in the bumbling duo's wake. Bulk informs his pal, "I'm tell you, i'm a TENOR!" They casually walk through the broken glass, as if failing to realize the door wasn't open, and enter the room, continuing to vocalize terribly. It ceases with Bulk spraying Skull's, and his own, throat with a small refresher bottle. Bulk asks the three Ranger teens, "You guys finished with the room yet? We want to rehearse." Skull adds, "Yeah, for the big contest. And who better to represent Angel Grove than it's own.. very... Junior... Police Patrol?" Mouth spraying, and then they continue doing their worst Opera impressions, prompting Tommy to snicker snidely. Aisha also grins, though Kat doesn't even crack a smile at their antics. As they exit through the other door of the room, Skull points to his chest and motions to Bulk, "Hey! Dia-frag-em!" Bulk grunts and lowers his upperbody, enunciating his crooning a little louder. They pass through the door, and the glass on it ruptures completely from the awful sound, as the other one did. Kat finally snaps out of her blue mood, chuckling at the bumbling duo, and stating, "Aisha, forget what I said. I'll work on the harmony." Tommy cheers, and the two girls high five him.

Elsewhere on the planet, the Space Skull hovers around in the air. Inside it, Master Vile eavesdrops on the teenage trio, commenting to himself, "Bravo, Rangers! You work on your harmony, and i'll work on creating DISharmony. It's time for your sappy singing to end... FOREVER!" Dark thunderclouds roll in the horizon, firing off crimson bolts of lighting. They end up striking in the center of Vile's throne room/ control center, hitting a strange creature standing there in odd attire. She's howls with each hit, writhing about. Master Vile turns to her and proclaims, "YOU will make it so!" The female monster collapses to a bent over position, as the red streaks of lightning continue to surge into her at an accelerated rate. Almost an instant later, she's charged up, and wearing a less restricting outfit. It's Dischordia, the spikey babe as seen in "Master Vile & The Metallic Armor, Part 3!" What she was doing dressed up like she was a minute ago, we're not told, but is back to looking like she did in the last episode now. She stands in almost a down-set-hike position, as she extends our her arms, and lets loose a high-pitched squeal, her body pulsating with the new energy pumped into her. Behind Dischordia, is Vile's throne, and to the right of it, is a statue of an Asian man, kinda similar to a Terra-cotta Warrior. Or else "The Warrior" from 'Facing The Past', but I digress.
Soon at the Youth Center, namely Ernie's Outdoor Cafe, three of the Ranger guys, Billy, Adam, & Rocky, sit at a table. Aisha & Kat show up a while after them, carrying bags of clothes. Adam jokingly asks, "You guys buy out the mall!?" Aisha smirks, and remarks, "Adam, if we're going to sing in front of the school administration, we can't just wear anything!" Kat quips, "And we didn't know what to wear, so we thought we'd buy EVERYTHING!" Aisha shrugs her shoulders, and the two girls giggle as they sit down. Billy comments to Katherine, "I don't supposed this shopping spree is just a way of relieving your anxiety about performing in public, is it?" Rocky mentions, "NO! They're probably just nervous!" Aisha & Kat look at each other and grin, replying, "We ARE!" Everyone gets a laugh from this. Adam comforts, "Don't worry, you guys will be great." Billy concurs, "Yeah, you guys don't have anything to be concerned about." The sound of a police siren slowly grows towards them, the source revealed to be Bulk, decked out in a Highway Patrol officer's helmet and an added electric guitar. He leads his partner in, "Alright, bring it. Come on, Skullovitch, bring it in man! There ya go." Poor Skull is pushing a VERY large speaker on a small dolly, twice the size of him. He cries, "Heavy! Heavy!", and eventually sets it down in the middle of the Cafe, pausing to catch his breath. Bulk notes, "Hey, Skull, we HAVE to start singing in front of people. These people are the perfect audience. They're young, they're hip...", and Skull adds, "They're captive!" Oddly, he's pointing mainly to the Ranger teens, a group he'd once upon a time call a gang of geeks. Bulk calls out to the patrons, "Good afternoon, Ladies & Gentlemen. Skull & I would like to share with you a little.... song." Skull, chewing his gum as always, states, "This is a little ditty we like to call... 'Angel Grove... Rules.'" He picks up his guitar, and on the sound of 1, 2, 3, they begin to play. As badly as ever, of course, this not being the first time they've attempted a career in music. The worlds are unintelligible, the music is loud and noisy, and the people begin to pile out of the cafe with their hands around their ears. The final couple of words are yelled a little more clearly, "We're bad! Yeah! Angel Grove High! Whooo!" Eventually, the giant speak starts smoking, and explodes, ripping the woofer right through the screen. Bulk lifts his helmet visor up and grunts in pain for some reason, Skull grins, and the Ranger teens laugh at their expense.

Up on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd sits at his throne. It's quite crowded around the main platform, with Rita Repulsa standing to one side, and Goldar, Squatt, & Baboo to her's. Master Vile's on the other, with Rito Revolto sitting in front of him. Zedd remarks, "This had better be GOOD, Vile." Finster, having missed the End Of The World Party in the previous episodes, stands in front of the opened palace passageway (the one with Rita's Planetoid hanging in the background) with a microphone stand in front of him. He reads from a small slip of paper a message, which proclaims, "It is my great displeasure to introduce to you, a woman's whose voice will soon spell the end for the Power Rangers! Dischordia!" The wicked lady enters from the passageway, and begins to croon louder and worse than a Broadway singer after a bad sinus infection. Her words are, "Welllll, when it comes to daaaanger! You know i'm no straaaaanger! And soon, i'll take the swan song, of the Poooower Raaaaangeeeers!" During her singing, Rito whoops and cheers her on, pausing only to stick his hand under his armpit and making farting noises. Lord Zedd chuckles and claps constantly at her performance, which Rita jealously notices. Dischordia bows and says, "Thank you! Love ya!", to her applauding audience. Zedd slowly rises from his throne, and mentions, "Dischordia! How well I remember your painful voice. Thank you, for coming to my palace on such short notice!" The evil diva blows a kiss at him, stating, "I'll do ANYTHING for ya, Zeddy Boy!" Rita angrily screams, "Zeddy?!", her facial expressions turning to pure envy over this other woman. Lord Zedd walks over towards Dischordia, explaining, "With your terrible tunes, you'll be able to squelch those Ranger rats, once and for all!" He embraces her hand, and coos, "And what a beautiful noise, it will be!" Master Vile walks up behind him, blocking Rita's view of this hand holding. Once he moves enough, Rita's mouth becomes agape. Dischordia and Zedd cease touching, as she motions and says, "I won't fail ya!"

Meanwhile, at the Campbell residence, nobody's apparently home except Aisha & Katherine. Aisha begins to play a chord on the keyboard, with Kat responding, "I'm ready. Yeah." They've got their headphones on as they prepare to sing into two microphones, likely about to record a demo tape for the school or something. The song begins, with a pop music beat, and as best we can tell, it's really their voices, though done a lot more professionally than just a keyboard and a tape recorder. The words are harmonized between them, "Here we fly at Angel Grove High. And here we rise at Angel Grove Hi-yi-gh. And we'll take on all the limits, and the obstacles, of the roads ahead and the ways ahead, are always, are always bright!" Their song gets cut off by a sound so horrible, they can somehow even hear it over their muffled headphones (which they then take off)! Aisha makes a disgusted face at the awful female singing, asking, "Who's that?!" Kat remarks, "Sounds like some warped CD outside!" They get up and head down the stairs, exiting the door to Aisha's yellow painted house (which makes me wonder if Kat ever told Aisha about all the nights she spent there in Park Cat form). Dischordia's crooning, an enhanced shrilling vocal warm-up, is even louder outside. Kat & Aisha cover their ears, as they step out to the sidewalk and find the monstrous woman standing there. Dischordia laughs maniacally, stating, "Without a doubt, you're REALLY gonna hate THIS one!" The girls take no chances (though they seem to gamble that nobody will be watching them due to the evil singing piercing eardrums in the area) and quickly Morph, with Kat leading the call. Pink & Yellow Power Rangers are activated, and they quickly pose fearsomely at the creature. She introduces herself, "Dischordia's the name, and my villainous voice is my game!" She crosses her hands against her face, and electricity crackles, allowing her to magnify the sound of her howling into a steady stream of sonic bombardment waves. They echo across the street, directly into the pretty little helmeted heads of the gals. They try shielding themselves as best they can, but don't do too well. Aisha says, "I think you should sing tenor!", and Kat jokes, "Yeah, ten or twelve miles AWAY from here!"

Dischordia turns up the volume, pumping more of her shockwaves at the Pink & Yellow Rangers. She sings, "I'll control your mind! Get into my groove! Cause you're the kind, that can really move! Now MOVE!" As the scarlet tinges of energy cover the girls' bodies, Aisha finds her legs dancing about on their own, almost like the humans at the End Of The World Party, making me think there's a connection. Dischordia ceases singing, and gloats, "My songs are taking over your bodies. Soon, i'll control your minds!" She taps her foot, and begins to croon once more, as Kat & Aisha shake their groove thangs like a couple of pepped up ninnies. Kat asks, "What do we do!?", and Aisha replies, "I don't know!" The unstoppable two-stepping totally takes off their beings, alarming those in the Command Center. Alpha 5 cries while looking at the Viewing Globe, "Ay-yi-yi! Katherine & Aisha are under a dancing spell, Zordon!" On the Globe, Dischordia sings, "Got you in my controooooll!", as Pink & Yellow Ranger bust some moves. Zordon tells his automaton assistant, "Alpha, alert the other Rangers and teleport them to the location, immediately!" At the location, Dischordia belts out, "Your bodies are miiine! You'll obey only meeee!" Aisha & Kat's dancing becomes more choreographed, as they do jumping jacks and cross between each other, switching positions while wiggling their boo-tays. Dischordia's loud droning almost drowns out the "ki-yaah"ing of the oncoming Power Rangers, the remaining four leaping onto the scene. White Ranger and the rest block her from their hypnotized teammates, as he comments, "Whoa! Your singing's WAY off key, lady!" Dischordia asks, "What's that? I can't hear yooooou!" Tommy reiterates, "Your concert's been canceled!" You know, they originally wanted Streisand to voice the monster, but James Brolin actually devoured the casting agent upon negotiations? It's true. Maybe. Anyway, the four Rangers charge at her, only to have Dischordia fire off another sonic boom of disharmony, engulfing our heroes as she says, "Let's face the MUS-ic! Raaaaangggeeers!" They cover their ears and groan in agony, prompting the monster to change tunes, "Now here's a little ditty that'll move ya!" She howls again, and gestures her arm, turning up the bass causing the ground to quake. Tommy grunts, "I can't... listen!", but is unable to anything but. Considering how Dischy Chick was a preexisting creature in the universe, you'd think Zordon would have known was she was up to, and would have WARNED them before sending the Rangers in after her! Give them ear plugs or something. Rocky clutches his helmet and shouts, "What's happening?!" Dischordia halts the singing and shaking, ordering, "Let's see you DANCE to my music!" She raises her hand in the arm and snaps her fingers, and commands, "Kick it!" Her howling is played against a techno-pop beat, and the six Power Rangers begin to boogie in time to one another. They point their hands in the air, Saturday Night Fever style, and then begin to shuffle around, hopping in place while shifting positions with one another. Yellow & Pink Rangers hold hands up in the air and dance around in a circle behind them. Dischordia begins to laugh at our heroes embarrassing themselves, remarking, "Can this girl SING, or WHAT?!"
Dischordia proclaims, "Movin' and a'groovin'!", as the Power Rangers dance around against their will. There's all kinds of funky dance moves by the teens, they can only let out groans of frustration as they make literal fools of themselves in front of Aisha's house. Elsewhere, at the Command Center, the Viewing Globe focuses in on White Ranger's body gyrations, as Dischordia's horrid humming blasts through the air. Alpha exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi, Zordon! Dischordia is making the Rangers dance uncontrollably! What are we going to do!?" The floating Eltarian head has no answers, likely wanting to listen to the music. Dischordia sings, "Power twerps, get down with the beat!" She points her finger at Tommy, and fires a crimson wave of energy, causing him to stop dancing, and start prancing across the street. She commands, "Alright, White Ranger! Time to turn over your Power Coin and then your Zord! Ahaha!" On the Evil Moon Palace, Master Vile stares out over the balcony with the other evil space aliens at his side. He waves his scepter in the air, stating, "A beautiful orchestration of PURE evil. Defeating the Rangers is SIMPLE when a true master conducts the plan." His shoulder snakes writhe about as he talks, aren't they the cutest? Back in Angel Grove, Dischordia urges Tommy on, crooning, "Come closerrrr, and closerrr!" White Ranger attempts to struggle to no avail, shaking his tail and groaning, "I can't stop!" He approaches the she-beast, continuing to get jiggy with it, as she touches his helmeted chin and demands, "The Coin & The Zord!" The Funky Boogie Pink Ranger calls from behind, "No! You've got to FIGHT it, Tommy!" White Ranger removes the golden Ninja Coin from his buckle, and fights himself as he slowly begins to open his clenched fist, grunting, "I... can't help myself! I've got to stop listening!" Dischordia touches his wrist as he extends his arm out to her, and replies, "There! That's more like it now!", singing, "Give iiiin! Give in to meee!! Give iiin!", as she reaches into his palm and prepares to pull out his coin. Her vain diva attitude causes her to stall in taking the coin, which will cost her greatly.

At the Command Center, Alpha ay-yi-yi's, "Zordon! Tommy is about to give his Power Coin to Dischordia!" Zordon, who has eyes and can see what's going on for cripes sake, tells him, "Alpha, instruct them to use their Metallic Armor immediately!" The Power Rangers dance-athon comes to a grinding halt when Alpha's voice calls out through their Communicators, saying, "Rangers! Activate the Metallic Armor!" Rocky replies, "Gotcha!", as all six of them seem to somehow shrug off the dance-spell's effects instantaneously. Dischordia punches White Ranger in the gut, and yells, "And now, music lovers, my final number!" Tommy flips his coin in the air, and remarks, "Huh! We've heard enough!" The six Power Rangers summon their newest weapons, shouting, "Metallic Armor, Power-Up" as they stand backed against a reflective pool of gleaming energies. Their suits become coated with a glittery substance, and regrouped together, they stand still as the sun bounces off their costume surfaces. Luckily, no cloud is in sight, blue skies prevailing above. The bright, blinding shine causes Dischordia to shield her eyes, grumbling, "Ahh! I HATE bright light!" White Ranger, whose suit never gleamed so glittery before, stands tall, boasting, "Go for it, Dischordia. Our armor blocks out your tinny tunes!" (though it sounds like he says another T-word there) Red Ranger agrees, "Yeah!", and faced with the six Metallic Armored heroes, the monstrous woman can only croon, "Nooo!" On the Palace Balcony, Rito takes a look through the Repulsascope, and goes, "Uh-oh" to what he sees. Quickly turning around, he informs Vile, Rita & Zedd, "First of all, it's not my fault. But the Power Rangers have broken free!" The trio of evil are stunned by this revelation.

On Earth, Dischordia fearfully backs down as the Rangers approach, trying to fend them off by promising, "Hold it, Rangers. I got a ballad that'll make you cry!" The Metallic Armored six slowly walk towards her, Tommy stating, "Why don't you cry 'I give up' instead?" She's offended, "YOU expect ME to give up? NEVER!", before charging towards them in a fit of anger. Dischordia throws her fists out and howls loudly, only to have White & Red Ranger whip up their echo-trailing forearms, blocking her attack. She comments, "This ain't no hokey pokey!", just before Tommy & Rocky knock her arms away, and utilize the Metallic Armor's superspeed maneuvers to smack her away with double the power. Dischordia stumbles backwards, whining, "Well, I see. WELL!" Red Ranger then pops up and begins to throw a barrage of quicker than the eye can see kicks, knocking her for a loop. White Ranger does something similar, but with his fists only. She staggers in the opposite direction from the blows, ending up between Black & Blue Rangers, symbolic of what she is about to become. Dischordia fails to cease fighting, saying, "You've been a lovely audience, but it's time for you to GO!" She tries throwing a punch at Adam, who zips out of her way at lightspeed, informing her, "Missed me!" Billy races across in a blink, smacks her in the head and avoids any counterattacks, stating, "Me too!" She tries one last time to hit them, extending her arms, but ending up having them duck under and superspeed around her. Dischordia turns around frustrated, just in time to witness Yellow & Pink Rangers, jumping into the air as nothing more than a kiyaahing blur of color. They land with a double kick into her spikey chest, knocking her through the air and against the curb of Aisha's home. Yellow Ranger gloats to the weary creature, "You've belted out your last tune, Dischordia!" The monster recovers, replying, "So? What do you guys know? You're just a bunch of one-hit wonders!" White Ranger tells her, "Your world tour is over, Dischordia!" Since they can't remain in that mode for too long, the Rangers then motion their arms and shout, "Metallic Armor, Power Down!" In a white flash of shimmering light, the six Rangers revert from glittery, to normal spandex. Tommy thinks he's in a heavy metal band from the 80s, saying to the monster, "We don't want you to go away mad, just go away!"

On the Moon Balcony, Master Vile groans, "Impossible!" Lord Zedd pushes the tall creature out of the way, remarking, "Move over, old timer! I'll take it from here!" Rita stands by her man, smiling maliciously and putting her arms around him as he readies his big silver Z-Staff. Vile cries, "It can't be!", waving his arms in the air, while Rito seems to be on Zedd's side, stating, "Yeah! That's right!" to his taking over. Zedd aims his staff to the Earth, and commands, "Ha ha ha! Make my monster grow!!!" A surge of dark magic is launched from his staff, though Rita seems to not be in a wand raising mode for some reason. The energy filters through a thundercloud, and strikes Dischordia, making her grow large. She laughs diabolically, now with a small spiked dagger in her hand, matching her wardrobe. The Rangers stare up in awe at the massive creature, with Tommy remarking, "Wow! We'd better stop her before she serenades the whole world into oblivion!" Rocky agrees, and the team follows White Ranger's lead. They hurry over into a direct line paralleling in front of Aisha's front door. Each Ranger gets into position, their colored energies surging upward into the air as they call out, "We need Shogunzord power, NOW!" Each of the Ranger's Shogunzords are summoned, and boarded, each one stepping into their specific, animal-spirited cockpit. White & Pink double up in the White Shogunzord, as always. Dischordia comments, "Glad you could make it for my big number, Powerpuffs!" The Red Shogunzord gestures it's arms like as to say, "Hey! I love that show!", but in reality to activate the Shogun Megazord. The five Shogunzords run around under a stormy area, and begin to transform into the proper components, becoming the Shogun Megazord soon enough. Inside the Shogun Megazord combined cockpit, they power things up. Tommy asks, "Billy, are we ready to rock?" The Blue Ranger presses a few buttons his side console, twitching a knob while noting, "All systems are activated and ready." As he says this, the Ninjazords are coming together by remote, forming the Ninja Megazord nearby. Not only that, but the Falconzord has been summoned, swooping in, apparently on all its own, as it links up with the Ninja Megazord to form the Ninja MegaFalconzord!

Recently freed from a lengthy captivity, the master of the ninja powers, Ninjor, rides a thick puffy cloud through the sky into battle. He says, "Greetings, friends!", before leaping off his Goku-style transportation, and landing between the two Megazords nearly equal to their size. Ninjor looks at them and states, "Someone forget to invite me? Forgiiiivennn!" He poses with the Ninja Megafalconzord and the Shogun Megazord, the full arsenal of the ninja powers being deployed for a second episode in a row. Dischordia stands across from them in the outskirts of the city, asking, "Do you have any requests before I destroy you?!" Ninjor mentions, "Well, I was hoping...", only to be cut off by her shouting, "Toooo late!" Dischordia waves her hands at the skies, prompting Ninjor and the Megazords (sounds like a musical group, don't it?) to glance skyward. The blue skies turn black with rumbling thunderclouds, which fire off bolts of blue lightning. They strike Dischordia, charging her up to a delightful sounding tune, as her body courses with renewed vigor. Once pumped up, Dischordia's body spikes have grown in a size somewhat. Ninjor stammers, "Why you...", just before she urges, "Come on!", and darts towards them with his small blade at the ready. Ninjor whips out his sword, the Shogun Megazord its solid-flame saber, and Ninja Megafalconzord its fists. They charge directly towards the oncoming creature, with Ninjor stating, "Not so fast!", as he rushes at her. He ends up missing her by a mile, turning to find her already engaging the Megazords in physical combat. Ninjor calls out, "Hey! Over here! Hey!" She bashes at the Megazords a few times with her jagged dagger, before turning attention to Ninjor behind her. Dischordia's quite wily, blocking all attempted sword swipes at her, and striking back with a slash to their chests. Ninjor is ignored again as she takes on the Megazords, prompting the ninja mentor to boast, "Turn around and fight like a... Hey, hey, what ARE you?" Her kicking and slicing at the Ninja Megafalconzord allows the Shogun Megazord ample opportunity to slash her with its saber.

The first hit landed on her causes Dischordia to roll along the ground, and whine, "Need... more... power!" The skies hear her plea, and unload a few more bolts of lightning, very similar to when the Rangers use to create their Thunderzords (same footage, even)! She's repowered up, and laughing heartily because of it. Ninjor can only remark, "Wah-hoo!", as he realizes the Rangers and he have their cut out for them. Rising back to her feet, Dischordia says, "The hits keep coming!", as she leaps into the air and bashes both Megazords with her fits at once. They spark and smoke and stumble back, prompting Ninjor to step in and exclaim, "That's ENOUGH!" He locks his sword with her jagged dagger, and they begin to spar, one on one. Dischordia breaks free and slashes at his chest, before ending up locked blade to blade once more. Ninjor comments, "How 'bout a flip side?", and proceeds to shift his sword, causing her to wind up tossed into the air, flipping onto her back. More lightning bolts crash down, giving an added boost of juice to the storm-addicted music star. Dischordia yells like her name was Spikey Spears, "One MORE time!", and barrels through Ninjor and the two Megazords, slashing at each with her jagged dagger. The Rangers get all shook up in the cockpit, smoke gets in their eyes, and there's a whole lot sparking going on. Dischordia thinks she'll sing it again, ripping through them, this time in the opposite direction. Once reaching the other side of the dazed ninja fleet, she fires off a red beam of energy, blasting them all severely. This blow totals our heroes, to the point that the Falconzord drops off the Ninja Megazord's back as it collapses. Ninjor topples, as does the Shogun Megazord, which also loses grip of its saber. Dischordia asks, "Some show, eh?", and Ninjor can only grumble, "I've... seen... better!" She speaks in a voice that sounds extremely Mae West like, while saying, "Well, I DID knock you off your feet. Didn't I?" Ninjor groans and lies wearily on the ground, his body smoking, the downed Ninja Megazord's body steaming, the Shogun Megazord's writhing structure sizzling, and the Falconzord merely laying there unmoving.

In the Ninja Megazord cockpit, White Ranger struggles to maintain consciousness, stating, "I gotta... ungh... get to the Falconzord!" Said Falconzord is slowly rising and dropping its head, nearly powerless without its pilot. Dischordia chuckles maniacally at the sight of the defeated Megazords. Tommy somehow manages to get to his Zord between scenes, and once in its cockpit, he proclaims, "Alright, ready? White Falconzord, power up!" The majestic metal bird's eyes gleam with restored energy, as it lifts its head and lets out a ferocious screech. The Falconzord takes to the air, inspiring the Ninja Megazord to do the same, likely by remote. The Shogun Megazord, and then Ninjor, all rise back to their feet, as the show MUST go on! White Ranger remarks, "Alright, Dischordia. We've heard enough! It's TIME to take care of business!" The witchy woman grunts, as the Megazords stand before her, Ninjor exerting, "HA!", as he prepares to strike back. Somehow, the dark shroud over the skies clear up, the sunlight shining through brightly once more. Dischordia shields her face, complaining, "Ahh! It's TOO bright!" The Ninja & Shogun Megazords rush over, and punch her simultaneously. She rolls along the ground, screaming, "YeOW!", as she rubs her wounds. Ninjor busts between the Megazords, and yells, "HOLD everything! This is for YOU! Time to POWER-UP!" With the igniting of his short fuse, Ninjor's visor burns with rage, and his giant body shifts around into samurai warrior mode once more, with feeling! Dischordia, still trying to block out the sun from her delicate pupils, cries, "Oh, no!", upon seeing him. The warrior moded Ninjor charges up a ball of red energy from his N-plate, mentioning, "Here's my HOTTEST hit!" He heaves it at her with a powerful grunt, the sphere of scorching heat smashing against her perfectly on target. Dischordia staggers backward after the series of explosions resulting from that blow, causing her to growl, "Whyyy YOU!" In the cockpit of the Shogun Megazord, the five Power Rangers summon, "Shogun MegaFalconzord Power, Now!"

The White Falconzord swoops down from under the light of the sun, and locks onto the Shogun Megazord, as the "Go Go Power Rangers!" theme plays in the background, for one of the last times on the series. Once the cannon tips of the Falconzord's wing are protruding from the Shogun Megazord's chest, the set of eight red barrels begin to discharge a barrage of explosive bursts. Dischordia gets bombarded by these blasts, but remains standing, not ready to take a bow just yet. White Ranger gasps, "Oh wow! Looks like we could use a little help!" Almost on cue, and likely feeling neglected since being called out of retirement, the Carrierzord Titanus rolls onto the scene. Tommy proclaims to the she-beast, "YOU may want to do an encore, but we've heard enough. It's time for your to hear the Power Rangers live and in-concert. So listen up!" Titanus roars loudly, signaling the infamous "use the deluxe toy to make the footage" sequence. Yes, the Shogun MegaFalconzord toy, Pink Shogunzord arm, chest S and all, lands in the Titanus toy, with lots of smoke and lightning effects. The Shogun Ultrazord is formed for the very first (AND very last) time outside of the opening credits, massive explosions behind it. Dischordia shouts, "How DARE you creatures insult my voice, especially before i've finished the song?" She then lets out a disrupting yodel, as Titanus' wheels roll out. The enhanced cannons on Titanus begin to blast, backed up by the added power of the Shogun Megafalconzord. Dischordia feels the backlash of their attack, engulfed in a hail of explosions. White Ranger motions his arm and states, "And now, our GREATEST hit!" In a blinding flash, something she'd have hated, Dischordia explodes, burning up into nothingness. Our six heroes cheer, and slap each other five. Speaking of nothingness, this marks the final onscreen appearances by Ninjor, the Ninja Megazord, and Titanus! Ninjor would get written out later, going back to a jarred life in the temple, but the Ninjazords wouldn't get much in the way of explaining. Though basically implied, they were retired for some future generation to come along one day when needing the power of ninja. Hopefully, though, they remembered to make another map to the temple! On the Moon Balcony, Master Vile groans, "It can't be!", reeling over his second loss in a row to the Rangers. Lord Zedd jumps off his throne, and yells at his father in-law, pointing out, "This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been so meddlesome, Vile!" Rita seems to side with her husband over this issue, shaking her fist at daddy. Master Vile scoffs, "HA! No matter. This will merely give me the impetus to launch my..." Zedd cuts in, asking, "Let me guess... Your 'master plan'?" Vile confirms, "That's right! That's why I'm staying. So you will ALL know who is the greatest evildoer, the galaxy has ever known!" He laughs, and then snake-aports back to his Space Skull. Zedd waves his hand, remarking, "ENOUGH! Bah, another pretender to my throne!" Rita replies concertedly, "Well, i'd WATCH him." Zedd promises to as he sits on his throne, "I'll watch him, alright." His wife asks, "You WILL?", and he finishes, "Watch him FAIL!" They both chuckle evilly.
In the Youth Center, the Angel Grove High School Song Contest is being held. The audience is filled with various teenage students. The stage has a punk group on, singing their submission, a song about, "Jealousy! Driving you insane! Making your deranged!" Now if THAT doesn't describe how the other students must feel about the glory hogging Ranger teens, I don't know what does. Said Ranger teens are sitting in the front row, I mean, where else would they be? Rocky rocks his head to the beat. The couple of school board members sit to the side, judging the punk band. They finish up and pack their belongings, as the principal, Mr. Kaplan, comes onstage and comments, "Thank you, ladies & gentlemen. Now THAT was very, umm.... energetic! Heh heh heh. Billy gives an embarrassed smirk to this for some reason. Kaplan continues, "Alrighty! We're on to the next song contestants. Now, hoping that their duet will be the next school song, here is Aisha & Katherine singing, 'Angel'!" They bring their keyboard and microphone up to the stage, a stagehand helps adjusts the mic for the tall Aussie blonde. The crowd is full of loud cheering from various teens, especially Tommy. I should note the girls are wearing matching outfits, as per their Ranger colors, of course. Aisha begins to play the soft intro on the keyboard, and the song begins as usual. Kat & Aisha sing in harmony the full words, with accompanied synthesized drum beat, "Here we FLY at Angel Grove High. And here we RISE at Angel Grove Hi-yi-gh. And we'll take on all the limits, and the obstacles, of the roads ahead and the ways ahead, are always, they're always bright! Angel Grove... Hi-yi-yi-igh!" That last part is repeated about three times, the four Ranger teen guys bob their heads to the music, grinning like loons. The final chord is struck, with "Angelllll groooooove....", Aisha playing a bass riff on the keyboard, "HIGH!" They begin giggling, as the crowd roars with applause. Kat & Aisha hug, and Tommy shouts, "Alright, Yeah!" Mr. Kaplan meets with the charmed school board, all delighted by their duet. He takes the results and walks up to the stage, saying, "Beautiful song, Beautiful song! I seem to concur with the judges. Congratulations, girls. It's PERFECT for Angel Grove High!" The four Ranger guys rush up onto the stage and hug their female teammates, as the audience claps some more. I call foul, Bulk & Skull didn't even get to try out! They were a shoe-in to win! But on a more depressive offscreen note: Little does Kaplan tell the Kat & Aisha, though, that the judges also decided that a school song was too expensive for their budget, and would not be used after all. Sorry, gals!
[end credits]
An extended mix of Power Rangers dancing against their will. Goofy sound effects add to the amusement. Yellow Ranger does the bat-tusi; Blue Ranger jams on an air guitar, and later walks like an Egyptian. White Ranger's Snoopy Dance closes it out.

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