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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Master Vile And The Metallic Armor, Part III"
Original Air Date: 11/22/95 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #43 - Sanshinshou Saigo No Hi (
Last Day Of The Three God Commanders) And:
Kakuranger #44 - Kizu Darake Dai Gyakuten(
The Wound Filled Great Reversal)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-331
*30th episode aired
*143rd total Power Rangers episode

Writer: Mark Litton Director: Bob Radler
Starring Cast:
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Kat (Pink Ranger)
David Yost _AS_ Billy (Blue Ranger)
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam (Black Ranger)
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha (Yellow Ranger)
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky (Red Ranger)
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy (White Ranger)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Additional Cast:
Richard Genelle _AS_ Ernie
Gregg Bullock _AS_ Lt. Jerome Stone
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Kurt Strauss _AS_ Ninjor (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Master Vile (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Blue Globbor (voice)
? _AS_ Robogoat (voice)
? _AS_ Dischordia (voice)
? _AS_ Incisorator (voice)
? _AS_ See-Monster (voice)


[Previously on MMPR (replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings); Opening credits]
At the Command Center, the six Morphed but helmetless Power Rangers struggle to remain standing. The lack of chairs in the console chamber works against them, as all six of the teens stagger in place, Rocky actually collapses onto a computer shelf. Alpha 5 notes, "Zordon, we've got to restore the Rangers' energy!" Zordon explains, "I am going to attempt to recharge them using a high energy surge from the Morphing Grid." Kat wearily asks, "Is that safe?", and Tommy tells her, "We've got to do something. Go ahead, Zordon." The Eltarian releases the surge as promised, apparently directly from his Plasma Tube. The waves of power course into the six Rangers in the form of their proper colors, and with one quick burst, they're reinvigorated. Rocky stands up easily, exclaiming, "Hey, it's working!" Aisha wonders, "How come I still feel dizzy?", and Billy informs her, "Because we're still recovering from the energy drain. It's going to take some time before our powers are fully restored." (Why don't they demorph and conserve energy, then?!) Tommy glances over at Viewing Globe and points out, "Time is something we DON'T have. Look!" The six turn their attention towards the Globe, witnessing as Squatt & Baboo lead Bulk & Skull into the redecorated Youth Center. Tengas are in abundance behind the bumbling duo, and with no way out, they find that their bodies are moving by themselves again. Skull's shoulder twitches, and Bulk's body jiggles, to the evil rumba beat playing amid the spinning strobe lights. Kat makes it clear, "Oh, no! They're forcing Bulk & Skull to dance the conga!" (see last episode's Bloopers for more of this quick clip).

The Angel Grove Youth Center has been converted in the hottest monster hangout this side of the Onyx Tavern! A stylish sign reading: "Master Vile's End Of The World Party" hangs over the doorway on the entrance to the building, with a long red carpet rolled out for the guests. Lingering around outside are a who's who of evil, such notables as the Hate Master, Slippery Shark, Brick Bully, Fighting Flea, Garbage Mouth, and Robogoat get down and boogie to the catchy mambo beat constantly playing on a loop throughout the area. Several humans, likely teenagers, are dancing with them, likely being forced to against their will by this mesmerizing song of confusion. A black stretched limousine pulls up to the red carpet, with Vampirus sticking out of the sunroof, waving at the onlookers. The monsters pour out of the limo, with the Oysterizer the last one to exit, with Robogoat's voice remarking aloud, "This Vile villain really throws a good baaaaash!" Tengas accompany the crowd of monsters as the enter the building with the hypnotized humans. One such monster shown entering the party, and then shown sitting at a table, is a spikey gal by the name of Dischordia. This is her first appearance, though she'll be seen more prominently in the next episode (interestingly, she has the power to make people dance. Could SHE be behind this mass mayhem of reluctant dancing?). Speaking in her usual diva-style voice, Dischordia tells a little girl taking down orders, "I'll have a hot fudge sundae, with everything on it, and don't hold back on the jalapenos, ya hear?!" Sitting at the table with her are Incisorator (aka Fangenstein, from Changing Of The Zords), and the Invenusable Flytrap. Standing behind them near the window, are Robogoat (who's eating something) and Artistmole. Soon, out on the wide open strobe-lit dance floor, the boney brother of Rita Repulsa pops up and starts spraying silly string, as he proclaims his name & game, "Rito Revolto! Party king and dancin' fool! Let's MAMBO!" Four cheerleaders (purple tops and gold skirts, the AGHS colors) cheer over near the Juice Bar, with Centiback to one side, and See-Monster to another. Incisorator is shown standing on the other side of the dance floor during this, and then a second later, is sitting back at the table across the room, where he proclaims, "Where's my drink?! C'mon, drink!" The little girl taking orders from the trio of creatures snaps her fingers in the air and walks off, causing another victim of child labor to bring a tray full of alien looking beverages to approach them. Incisorator sighs, "Ahh, finally!"

Near the dance floor, See-Monster leads a conga line, prompting him to open his coat and flash everyone with his multitude of eyes as he chuckles maniacally. The line is made up a mix of dancing humans, and monsters, such as Garbage Mouth, Brick Bully, and Vampirus. Over to one side is the band, more specifically, a human playing a piano made up of bones and skulls! Rito, an expert in playing the bone-organ, orders the teen, "No! Faster! D'oh! C'mon, come on! Tickle those ivories!" The boy's speed of playing the keys increases so rapidly, that smoke actually begins to trail up from his fingers. Rito then lifts up his left arm, sniffs his armpit, and exhales, "Ahh! THAT'S it!" Nearby, under the spotlight, Master Vile encourages everyone, "Dance, humans, DANCE! Ahaha!" He spots to check to see if his microphone is on, tapping his finger to the oddly shaped device, which squeaks like a chewtoy when pressed, and asks, "Uhh, is this thing working? Hello? Testing, 1, 2, 3. Ahh!" The dance floor is filled with humans, Tengas, cheerleaders, and monsters dancing, such as Artistmole, Oysterizer, Hate Master, and of course Rito Revolto. Vile interrupts the festivities, as his voice comes roaring over the amplifier, saying, "This is Master Vile speaking! I'm the new landlord in town, and ALL your leases are up!" He raises his arms to the sky, and fires off some blue & gold energy snakes from his sleeves, ala his teleportation, though instead creates a pretty lightshow above them. The crowd fills the dance floor, where they stand and watch Vile's speech. They shield their eyes from the lights, Rita, Zedd, Bulk, Skull, Baboo & Squatt standing in the front row (notice Miss Chief way in the background among the humans, Tengas and monsters). That discharge of power-snakes wasn't just for show, but in fact another of Master Vile's patented sun-eclipsing techniques like he deployed in part 1. The sun gets blotted out by the moon in an instant. Master Vile exclaims into the microphone, "And now, everyone. PARTY like there's no tomorrow... because there's NOT! Hahahahahaa!" Rita laughs wickedly, and Squatt & Baboo jump up and down with evil glee, while Bulk & Skull appear scared even-witlesser. Vile gives a cold heartily laugh in the now sunlight-less room, urging with a wave of his scepter, "Everybody boogie!" The humans continue dancing against their wills, and the strobe lights return to spinning.
The exterior of the Command Center is pitch black once more, thanks to Vile. Our six Ranger heroes stand around watching the world fall apart around them on the Viewing Globe. Tommy notes, "Master Vile's gonna destroy the Earth. Zordon, we've got to DO something, NOW!" The teens turn towards him, and their mentor explains, "It may take several hours to recharge the Metallic Armor." (I should note, that oddly, no mention is made of their Ninja Ranger powers, which they've seemingly abandoned altogether, without reason, by this point in the series) Tommy sighs, "Aw, man. Let's see if we can buy them time." Billy is antsy with an idea, mentioning, "Well I think with Adam & Aisha's help, I can modify the tracking system and locate the Zords." Tommy remarks, "Alright, good. I'll take Kat & Rocky, we'll check out the situation at the Youth Center." Rocky seems quite eager to get out of the CC. Zordon bids them farewell, "Be careful, Rangers. May the Power protect you." Adam wishes Tommy, "Good luck.", to which the White Ranger thanks him in return. Kat, Tommy, and Rocky, taking their helmets with them, teleport out of the CC. Billy exhales deeply, and walks over to the main console with Aisha & Adam.

At the End Of The World Party, the same music continues playing, as humans are now shown doing the limbo. Fighting Flea and a Tenga hold onto a large stick with a snake coiled around it, as Ernie attempts to go under it, but ceases leaning and instead turns to the side to make it under. Rocky, Kat, and Tommy enter the room, and are stunned to see the party going on. Apparently, the Viewing Globe can't get past a barrier around the place to see in, so they're quite surprised at the amount of humans dancing around. They spot the only other Earthlings not busting a move, besides themselves, that being Bulk & Skull. The bumbling duo stand at a table against where the Youth Center meets the Juice Bar, both wearing large sombreros, and twiddling their thumbs! Rocky walks over and says, "Hey, guys!" Bulk lifts up his hat, and quickly yanks it off when he realizes who it is, three of the six teens they last saw on the horse trek in part 1. Bulk asks, "Hey, you guys! What happened to you?!" Skull discards his hat and, remarks, "Yeah, you guys must REALLY have been lost!" The three nervously look at each other, with Kat making the excuse, "You COULD say that. We JUST found our way back to town." Bulk desperately asks, "Have you seen the Power Rangers anywhere?", with Skull adding, "Yeah! Yeah! Have ya?" The three are quite uncomfortable, with Rocky shrugging his shoulders and saying, "Sorry!" Bulk looks to Skull, and the two give frustrated grunts. Bulk points out, "Man, look around, you guys. Master Vile's making everybody dance till they drop!" Skull adds, "Yeah, Master Vile's gonna start the destruction ceremony soon. MAN, those guys are cutting it WAY too close!" His pal mentions, "Face it, Skull, something terrible must have happened to the Rangers." A couple of Tengas sneak up behind the bumbling duo, and squawk, "Come on! No dawdling!" Bulk groans, "Oh, no! Not again!" He and Skull whine as they're forced out onto the dance floor once more by the birddrones.

Tommy notes to his two teammates, "Man, it's never been THIS bad before." Goldar pops up and corrects him, "You mean, it's never been BETTER!" The Ranger teens stand poised to attack the golden warrior, until he mentions. "Do YOU think I need to fight you NOW? Why would I bother, when the Earth already belongs to Master Vile, you Power Bugs!" Goldar merely steps past them and mingles with the crowd, leaving the three uneasy. Their Communicators beep, and still protecting their identities on the cusp of Armageddon, they step behind the decorative items covering the front table before answering. Their leader answers his wristband, "This is Tommy." Billy's voice is on the line, saying, "Tommy, we've located the Zords." Hearing a hint of defeat in his words, Tommy asks, "Billy what's wrong?", and the brainy one says, "Everyone needs to report back. Right away." Kat & Tommy seem to turn to Rocky, who probably still just wants to have fun and have a breakdancing contest with Rito. Momentarily at the Command Center, the three unmorphed Ranger teens meet their morphed but helmetless teammates, before the Viewing Globe. Billy explains, "The Zords and the Zeo Crystal are on a defeated planet in Master Vile's home galaxy, M-51." The Globe shows the Shogun & Ninja Megazords standing cold and lifeless atop a mountain, with the Falconzord position between them. Adam notices their strange textures, mentioning, "It looks like the Zords have been turned to stone!" A closer view of the Megazords shows how true this is, covered head to toe in a dark skin of crunchy coating. Billy explains, "Uhh, actually, no. It's rust. You see, the planet's atmosphere is extremely corrosive to metal. We won't be able to use our shielding there." Tommy turns to the big floating head, asking, "Zordon, how can Master Vile use the Zeo Crystal if it's not even on Earth?" (which sounds like he says "HE'S not even on Earth") Zordon reveals, "Master Vile moved it to the Ninja Megazord and established an energy link. He can activate it from anywhere." (essentially, Vile exploited the symbiotic properties of the Ninjazords for his own benefit). Tommy says, "We gotta destroy it.", and Rocky replies, "Yeah, but, how do we get there?!" Billy points out, "But we DO have enough energy for a long-range group teleportation." Kat asks amazed, "You mean we're going to another galaxy?!" Aisha, who had been off-planet once before in "A Friend In Need", remarks with a smile, "Don't worry, it'll be a SNAP." Zordon states, "You must use your Power Coins to activate the crystal. However, if you drain your powers too much, you will not have enough energy to return home." Aisha's smile fades, and Kat quips to her, "You were saying?" She looks up at her with a 'spoke-too-soon' smirk. Zordon wishes, "Good luck, Rangers!", and Alpha promises, "We'll be waiting for you!" Tommy shouts, "Alright, let's do it!", as he, Kat, and Rocky Morph back into their Power Ranger forms.

The six Power Rangers streak through the atmosphere in their teleportational forms. They depart Earth at an accelerated rate, passing through the cosmos and eventually landing on the desolate surface of the defeated planet in galaxy M-51. Upon touching down, Red Ranger quickly spots their target and points it out, "LOOK! Up there!" They look, and atop the mountain above are the Ninja Megazord, Falconzord, and the Shogun Megazord, rusted in place. Yellow Ranger remarks, "Those Zords don't look like they'll be moving anytime soon." Pink Ranger adds, "Yeah, that rust looks like it's on pretty thick." White Ranger calls it, "Pretty strange.", and Rocky urges, "C'mon! Let's check it out!" The team follows, and soon make it up the dimly lit hill, reaching the foot of the Megazord. It's actually the Shogun Megazord's foot, as evident by the cobblestone-like quality to the texture, but for the story's sake, it's the Ninja Megazord's marred by the rust. Since there are no doors anywhere in sight, Tommy wonders, "Aw, man. How're we gonna get inside?" Blue Ranger has a contingency plan built in, walking up to the foot and mentioning, "The podiatal emergency egress." Black Ranger asks, "The WHAT?!", and Billy reiterates, "The Big Toe Emergency Exit!" They begin to feel their gloved hands across the rusty surface of the Megazord, with Adam stating, "If we can come up with a way to get through this rust, we should be able to find the door." Annoyed with finding no entrance, Adam slams his fist against the metal structure, and says, "What we REALLY need is a big chisel!" This lights a bulb in Billy's head, as he whips out his Blade-Blaster and notes, "Hey! I've got it! This ought to be able to cut right through the rust!" The other five do as Billy says, when he remarks, "Okay, everybody stand back!" They get behind him, and he fires his rarely used laser weapon. Blue Ranger aims the Blade-Blaster in a few areas, explaining, "Just a few blasts in the proper locations, should be enough to expose the door." The four shot causes a small explosion to burst back at them, which Billy says, "It seems the layer of corrosion is much thicker than I anticipated. It's going to requite our concentrated efforts to break through the rest." Tommy leads the charge, "Okay, let's do it." White Ranger steps back, as Saba is pretty much worthless lately, and lets the other four Rangers whip out their good old Blade-Blasters, shifting them around and locking them into laser pistol position. The five Rangers do it together, firing the blasts at once into the precise location, causing the oddly shaped door to slide backwards, opening wide. Blue Ranger states, "There should be a ladder inside." As he and the others rehoslter their Blade-Blasters, Red Ranger offers, "I'll look." He steps into the crevice, and spots what he's searching for, "There's the ladder! Let's climb!" The six race in through the big toe of the Megazord, with Black Ranger lagging being to take a look around at inner workings of the area he's never been in. It looks like a boiler room, with a large metal wheel valve that likely serves no purpose other than to convey how mechanical the structure is.

Back on Earth, at the End Of The World bash, Master Vile laments, "Well, everyone, it's been loads of fun. But now it's time to activate the Zeo Crystal... and destroy the WORLD! Ahahaha!!!" He does his arm-raises energy-snake firing move again, causing the hypnotized humans to cover their heads and eyes while continuing to dance. On the defeated planet, Rocky leads the immensely long ladder climb inside the Megazord. Outside, Vile's connection to the captured Zords is initiated, as the Shogun Mega, Ninja Mega, and Falcon Zords all spring to life. Each of their eyes light up, and fire a red beam of energy outward. The combined beams blast off towards the Earth, and strike a few skyscrapers in Angel Grove, including a mirrored one that gets blown up often. On the Megazord ladder, our heroes get a jolting quake from the discharge of laserblasts. Aisha near loses her grip as she cries, "Whoa! What's happening?!" Tommy encourages his teammates below, "Hang on, guys!", and Billy figures, "Master Vile must be using the Zeo Crystal. We've got to hurry, come on!" The ladder continues shaking, but the Rangers hold steady, increasing their rate of ascent. Kat asks, "Do you think we're too late?", and Tommy replies, "No, keep climbing!" Soon, the Rangers have made it to the top, and search about the vast, darkened metal hallways of the Megazord's internal organs. Rocky finally spots their treasured target, "There it is! The Zeo Crystal!" Tommy says, "Alright, guys. Let's get to work." Red Ranger nods, and enters the area with the glowing rock formation in the center. He's wowed by the look of the chamber where the Zeo Crystal is being held, Yellow Ranger gasping, "Look at this place!" White Ranger notes, "It's the Megazord's engine room!" Energy pulsates throughout the walls, focusing on the circular glowing plate in the front section. Next to that, a platform with the gleaming Zeo Crystal attached rests. Rocky asks, "Man! How are we going to destroy the crystal?" Tommy explains, "Okay, first we have to break Master Vile's connection on the crystal." White Ranger goes to that circular green glowing section, and points it out, "Over here! Okay. The Megazord's panels, I think, are drawing energy from the Morphing Grid." Billy states, "Well, that energy, combined with our Power Coins, should be enough energy to break Master Vile's connection!"

The six stand in a perfect circle around the platform holding the Zeo Crystal. Tommy leads, "Alright, everyone. Link up!" Billy says the term of the day, "Yeah, let's do it!" (they say "let's do it" A LOT, don't they?), and the Rangers each motion their arms, Ninja-power style, into a position against one another. Their hands touching while their arms in the air, our heroes focus on their inner spirits and connections to their Ninja Coins. They grunt and groan while constipating mentally towards the Zeo Crystal, which gleams brighter as smoke pours up from the platform holding it. The crystal finally starts flashing violently, causing the Rangers to cease linkup and cover their faces. White Ranger urges, "Come on, everyone! Concentrate!" Bracing the burst of mist blasting at their bodies like a hurricane, the Rangers each slam both of their fists together just above their Morpher buckles, and the camera aims right at their Power Coins. The six then cross arms in the air once again, focusing on the Zeo Crystal placed between them. The smoke storm dies down, and things appear to be working, until another sudden blast of light knocks our heroes down and cuts off their linkup again. Tommy recovers and stands up, wondering, "Huh? Did it work?" Upon closer inspection of the Zeo Crystal, the White Ranger notices the mist updraft is gone, replaced by six glistening streaks of color (one for each Ranger, including white & black). Tommy exclaims, "Look, you guys! Master Vile's link to the Crystal's been broken! Ah-haa! YES! We did it!" The Power Rangers cheer and pat themselves on the back over a successful mission. Blue Ranger speaks into his Communicator, informing Zordon, "The Zords are under our control and we have full power!" Zordon replies, "You've done an EXCELLENT job, Rangers." Billy takes a look at the spinning gears of the engines around him, and then pumps his fist into the air, shouting, "Yes!" He then tells his team, "Way to go, guys.", as they fall into a lineup behind Tommy, who responds, "Okay, guys. What do you say we check in on this Master Vile?" The six Rangers pose, and then rush off for the cockpits nestled above.

Once more at the End Of The World Party, we find Master Vile proclaiming to his captive audience again. Referring to the brief bit of demolition caused earlier, he says, "So much for the appetizer! Now the main course! Head's up everybody, time for total destruction! Hahahaha!" Vile causes another blinding flash of light, making the humans in the crowd, namely the sombrero-wearing Bulk & Skull, with Ernie behind them, cover their eyes. Upon opening their eyes, the people come to realize what Skull points out, "Bulkie, we're still here!" Bulk grins and snickers devilishly, as he and Skull stare at Master Vile, his promise of death turned out to be a false alarm. Lord Zedd looks to the sky with his red ray vision, and witnesses the six streaks of teleportation energy darting through the universe on way back from M-51. Zedd remarks, "What's this? Rrgh! The Rangers are coming back to Earth!" His wife can only scream, "Ahh!" in regard to this, and while all the monsters in the crowd groan in annoyance, the humans cheer for their saviors. Bulk & Skull the loudest, pumping their fists in the air together and exclaiming excitedly, "YEAH! The POWER Rangers!" Master Vile tries playing it off to the crowd, "Uhh, this is just a minor delay!", before ordering his monster, "Globbor! Return and destroy!" Vile then snake-aports out of the party, realizing the situation is falling apart fast and the party's over. The Blue Globbor, who had likely been hiding in the alley since the last episode, fearing Vile's wrath, grows once again and gargley shouts, "I'm on it!" Globbor is still in Ninjor powered mode, now back with the visor on his face and sheathed sword. The city of Angel Grove is quite dark, due to the eclipse still occurring high above. Ninjor MegaGlobbor walks over and rips a cardboard building into thousands of pieces. On the Space Skull, Master Vile sits at his throne and watches the havoc on the viewing portal. Dozens of citizens flee the exploding debris, as several buildings erupt into fiery explosions at Globbor's hands. Vile remarks, "Yes! That's more like it!" His chained prisoner, Ninjor, continues sitting on the foggy floor, noting, "The Rangers will STOP you, Vile!" The evil overlord ignores him, ordering his monster to, "Attack!"

Ninjblor walks around the abundance of buildings, the area lit only by the burning carnage he created. The monster stands still and boasts, "Time to TRASH this city! Hahaha", as he morphs his arms in a blue light to their meaty, slimy, suction-cup fingertipped forms. The goop runneth over, as Globbor starts to shake off the excessive blue ooze from his hands, spreading it all over the place. In the Space Skull, Ninjor watches in stomach churning horror, "EW! That's disgusting!" Master Vile stands next to him, and aims his scepter into the air, stating, "Nothing like a little glob grease to shake things up!" Meanwhile, back on the defeated planet, it seems the Rangers didn't pilot their Megazords back to Earth after all! Instead, the Ninja Megazord, the Falconzord, and the Shogun Megazord remain there, rusting. Their eyes blink once again, and light up, but this time, instead of creating damage, they teleport back to Angel Grove is a green light! The corrosion upon their surfaces have dissipated upon teleportation, as the three Zords stand tall and repowered amid the cityscape. Ninjor exclaims happily, "The Zords are BACK!" Master Vile orders Globbor to, "Use their energy and transform!" The two Megazords, and the Falconzord between them, fail to move, the Power Rangers having not made it back to Earth yet. Blue Globbor walks up to them, and then starts to shake his arms around. His body overflows with power, as he siphons off some energy from the three Zords. His body changes from resembling Ninjor, to a funky shaped creature, with the facial resemblance of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar! No joke here, he has four faces on his head: The front one the Yellow Aquitar Ranger, his right one the White Aquitian Ranger, his left one the Blue Alien Ranger, and the back head one the Black Aquitian Ranger. His waist area has four golden coin symbols, representing those found on the Ninjazords (and the Alien Rangers, of course, missing Red for some reason), and the N from Ninjor (he also has Ninjor's sword on his back still). The Blue Globbor (or Aquiblor as he could be called now), growls, "How do you like me NOW, Rangers? I've the same power as YOU! I can't lose now!" The Ninja Megazord finally springs to life, as Globbor stands before it making large boasts. This scene plays well on the Viewing Portal in the Space Skull, prompting Master Vile reply, "Well put! Show them, Globbor!" The Falconzord remains still, while the Shogun Megazord begins to squirm. NinjaNinjorShogunMegaFalconGlobbor asks, "Alright! Who's first?!", with neither Megazord stepping up to the challenge. Vile proclaims, "The Ranger reign is finished! Hahaha!", and Ninjor cries, "No! It CAN'T be!" In the pitch black skies above the city, a few bolts of lightning surge between Globbor & the Zords, revealing the face of Master Vile. He says, "And going to be Master Vile's world from now on... your DOOM! Hahaha!" The bolts of golden lightning which created his image in the skies also cause fires to rage around the scene of the massive fight waiting to happen.
Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fires are so delightful. And since there's no place to run? Globbor's going to have fun. Under the inky black sky, with flames bursting in several buildings around the area, the Blue Globbor, charged up with Ninja, Shogun & Falconzord power (plus the morphed heads of four Alien Rangers), prepares to do battle with the Rangers. The Falconzord's head twitches, as Globbor comments, "There's no room for YOU in this world anymore!" Our heroes beg to differ, as the eyes of the three mighty Zords begin to glow with power. Globbor whips out his Ninjor sword, prompting the Ninja Megazord to raise its fists, and the Shogun Megazord to ready its solid-formed flame saber. The six Power Rangers are finally back inside the cockpit of the Ninja Megazord, with Red Ranger exclaiming, "We HAVE to fight!" White Ranger agrees, "He may still be linked to Ninjor. But we have no choice." Tommy slips out of the Megazord, and off into his Falconzord, which gives a loud screech, and then takes off from its perch atop a small building. Master Vile commands, "Globbor! Charge! Now! GO!" Blue Globbor does as told, and whips the Ninjor sword into position while running at the Megazords. The White Falconzord swoops down from above and bashes into him, causing an equal set of sparky explosions on the body of Ninjor in the Skull Ship. Poor chained guy just sits there on the floor, crying, "Ow!", as he feels Globbor's pain. The Shogun Megazord then slashes its saber at the monster a few times, followed by a one-two punch from the Ninja Megazord. Vile grows impatient, asking, "Come on, come on! What's taking so long?!" (I know the feeling!) The Ninja Mega socks Globbor's gut with its Ape arm, causing the creature to spin around, only to get saber-sliced by the Shogun Mega behind it. He turns around again, and tries using his word on the Ninja Mega, and ends up having the swipe blocked and counterattacked with another set of punches. Ninjor takes the extent of the blows, helplessly bursting into sparks.

The White Falconzord swoops down once again, and slams right into the Blue Globbor. The four-headed creature grabs onto the giant bird, and wraps his arms around its wings, preventing it from flying off. He then heaves the Falconzord off, and sends it descending uncontrollably into a cardboard building! With the upperhand now slowly becoming his, Globbor leaps a few times across the city and starts ripping into the dazed Ninja Megazord with his Ninjsword. The Shogun Megazord engages it in battle, saber to sword, leading it away from the smoking carcass of the Ninja Mega. Master Vile demands, "You MUST get them, Globbor, now! Come on! Use more weapons!" Globbor replies like Kool-Aid Man, "Oh, yeah!", and pulls out a small, handheld device of some kind. It seems to be adorned with symbols like the Ninjazords, but we've never seen it before on the series. Globby fires it at the two Megazords, and the laser blasts shake them both up with large explosions. The cockpit of the Ninja Megazord is rocked violently, and Yellow Ranger's side console sparks at her touch, nearly frying her hand. In the Falconzord cockpit, White Ranger mentions, "That monster's using our own powers against us! Aw, man, I wish we had some help." Blue Globbor, with Ninjsword in, rushes at the Megazords, gargley humming the battle song "Charge!" The Shogun Megazord fires up its flame saber, and shoots off a wave of fire energy. Globbor is struck in the chest by this, which causes Ninjor to drop onto his back in the Space Skull, nearly blacking out from the pain. At the Command Center, Alpha 5 rips out a piece of paper from the computer printer, and notes, "My readings show that the Globbor is feeding off the darkness. Daylight COULD defuse some of its energy." Zordon tells his automaton assistant, "Alpha, you MUST stop Master Vile's eclipse." Alpha reads the paper some more, and exclaims, "Zordon! I believe i've discovered the solution!" He then presses a few buttons on the console, and calls out, "Rangers, i'm reversing Master Vile's spell of darkness!" The Command Center glows with a blue aura, as three golden spotlights suddenly shine out from the top of the building, into the sky (ala the Fox Kids logo almost). The sun is finally freed from the forced eclipse, and Alpha continues, "The monster's powers SHOULD weaken in the sunlight!"

Doesn't seem to be the case, as Globbor sword bashes both the Ninja & Shogun Megazords in broad daylight. While the Rangers feel pain from having their cockpit quaked by the monster's attack, Ninjor begins to recover from his reluctant injuries. He lies on the Space Skull floor, stating, "My strength's returning!" Master Vile ignores his comment and shouts, "Aw, who turned on the lights?!", before roaring loudly with anger. Blue Globbor begins to gyrate with explosions (possibly after a hit by the Ninja Megazord, which has its fist up), and baking under the hot sun, the slimy creature starts to gleam with a greenish tint. When it clears, after discharging a bolt of power, Globbor is left standing there back in his original, non-stolen-power form! Ninjor, now back in control of his own ninja power, proclaims, "Okay, Master Vile. Let's REALLY talk business!" He jumps up, and shrugs off the chains like they were nothing. Master Vile, likely fearing Ninjor's rage, twinkles his eyes, and causes himself to grow to giant size. He's in such a hurry, that he actually breaks through the roof of the Space Skull Ship, causing the pillars and other decorative items around his throne to collapse into burning debris all over the place. The ship likely crashes offscreen. The skies grow dark once again, this time with ferocious thunderclouds, as the huge Vile stands atop burning wreckage in the city and boasts, "Just TRY to stop me now, puny little Ninjor!" Ninjor, who is in a wooded area filled with smoke, likely having just escaped from the plummeting Space Skull, clenches his fists in a rage and yells, "Let's see how you deal with someone your own size, Vile!" His visor burns with fiery anger, as his body shifts around into Warrior Mode, and he grows to Zord size-mode, crying out in a singsong voice, "I'm heeeere, Raaangerrrs!" He whips out his sword with sheath attached, and stands beside the Ninja & Shogun Megazords. The White Falconzord circles around, and Tommy spots their freed ninja mentor, pointing him out, "Look guys! Ninjor's back, and he's READY for action!" In the Ninja Megazord, Rocky is overly excited, exclaiming, "Alright! Ninjor! You couldn't have come at a better time!"

Facing the complete Ninja-related armada of giant metal warriors, is Master Vile & the depowered Blue Globbor. Vile tells his creation, "Step aside, Globbor. Let me SHOW you how it's done!" He waves his scepter into the air, trailing reddish energy in a circle (creating a symbol similar to that on the doors to Ninjor's temple), before firing it off in a burst at our heroes. This causes a wave of sparks to engulf Ninjor and the Megazords. The Falconzord is out of the line of fire, which leads Tommy to state, "I'll show YOU how it's done, Master Vile!", as he descends to the ground with the winds locked together. Wing-missile firing mode is unleashed, unloading a barrage of explosive projectiles at both of the evil space aliens from high above the clouds. Globbor storms out of the smoke and charges for the Megazords, only to have Samurai Ninjor fight back. He slashes at Globbor's chest on the way by with his sword, pausing for a pose moment, before whipping back around and tossing a few more slices into the creature's body. Ninjor grunts, "Take THIS!", as he uses the blunt end of his saber to bonk Globby in the head, a little payback for all the pain he caused him. The monster rolls along the ground and ends up with his back up against the Megazords. Blue Ranger points his finger at the slime creature and states, "You're through, Globbor!", and Red Ranger agrees, "Yeah! The tables are turned, now!" Even though they're all in the Ninja cockpit, the Shogun Megazord gets activated first, likely be remote. The Shogun's eyes charge up, as it switches its Saber into flaming blade mode. With the power of big Japanese dojos, the Shogun Megazord drops its fiery sword upon Globbor. The monster howls in agony, which Ninjor is very eager to get a piece of. He says, "MY turn!", as he charges up a chi-powered ball of red energy from his chest N-plate, and hurls it at Globbor. The long lost cousin of Ivan Ooze spins around, letting out one final gurgle, before exploding into a ball of fire and a puff of smoke, leaving no messy remains behind. Warrior Moded Ninjor poses triumphantly, cheering, "Ha ha haaaruh!"

Master Vile remarks, "Monsters come and go, but I won't be so easily destroyed, Rangers! Hahaha!" The crimson eyes of the Shogun Megazord say differently, as they look to the sky, focusing on the screeching majesty of the White Falconzord. It locks wings together, and dives down, causing the arms of the Shogun to detach. This allows the Falconzord's wings to snap together against the center body, with the arms reattaching a moment afterwards, creating the Shogun MegaFalconzord! Vile shrieks at the sight of the set of eight wing cannons protruding out from the Shogun's chest. They begin to glow with a red charge of energy, and suddenly start to fire off blasts of power. Master Vile gets struck by the barrage of bursts, screaming aloud. All six Power Rangers have apparently switched over to the Shogun MegaFalconzord's cockpit, as they're shown inside it now. White Ranger doesn't stay long, saying, "Alright, guys. I'm heading back into the Falconzord." They shout, "Right!", in unison, and he slips out the back exit. Red Ranger grunts, "Let's get moving!", as he and his teammates begin to take control of the Megazord. The Falconzord flies solo in the sky, screeching loudly as he soon links up with the back of the hovering Ninja Megazord. The Ninja Megafalconzord is recreated, and dive-bombs towards Master Vile, surging power into both of the animal spirited fists. With a double Ape-Wolf power punch, the Ninja Megafalconzord slams into Vile, jabbing him directly in the chest. He stumbles back, and ceases painful groaning, as he now starts laughing maniacally while rubbing his stomach. The two Megazords stand next to Ninjor, as they prepare for whatever Vile plans to throw next. Master Vile, his body smoking from all the attacks, gloats, "You'll NEVER defeat me, Rangers! I'll return when you least expect it! You haven't seen the last of Master Vile! Ahahaha!" Vile then snake-aports out of sight, taking with him the stormclouds blocking out the sun. Ninjor, standing between the Shogun Megazord and the Ninja MegaFalconzord, all three posing in the sunlight, states, "Congratulations, Rangers. We ARE victorious!"

Master Vile retreats to the throne room of his Space Skull. He's apparently cleaned up his room, having restored all the pillars to their proper place before his suddenly growth spurt from earlier. Vile sits on the throne, tapping his scepter against his hand and growling, "Neargh! Those wretched Rangers! Arrrgh!" On the viewing portal, Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd are in their own throne room on the moon. Notice, the birdcage with the red Z-cape draped over it is off to the side. I like to think the Rangers teleported it back to them after freeing the Falconzord, sort of as a kind gesture for stealing the crystal from their basement. Rita remarks to her daddy, "Not so easy, Father dearest?", gloating with the experience of having lost to the Rangers hundreds of times. Vile rises from his seat and yells at the portal, "How DARE you talk back to your father! Narrgh! You always WERE an ungrateful, rotten, little brat!" She cries back, "You NEVER understood me!" Vile shrugs her off, "WHATever! I've got more important matters to think about right now." Beneath a large mound of trees in the outskirts of the city, the Space Skull slowly rumbles to the surface. I suspect that's where it crash landed when Vile grew out of it earlier. It unsettles the soil as it floats gently up to the sky, narrowly avoiding contact with some powerlines. Master Vile stands in the mouth of the skull face of his ship, glaring out to the city over the massive teeth. He says to himself, "So I failed once. Big deal! Rita & Zedd have tried to conquer the Earth over a HUNDRED times, and they've never come close! The Rangers think they've won, but they haven't! That was just a small taste of what I have in store for those horrible teenagers. Master Vile is here to stay! Hehahaha!" The Space Skull, with dangling earrings along its sides, glides across the sky. Someone working on Kaku thought proportion was overrated and stuck a giant action figure of Vile in the skull mouth for this shot.

Departing their Megazords between scenes, the six Power Rangers race through a desolate area in the mountainous outskirts of Angel Grove. They hurry quickly, past a set of several boulders, as Blue Ranger mentions, "We're gonna need protection. The crystal could throw off extra energy when we destroy it!" White Ranger leads the way, holding the Zeo Crystal under his arm. Upon hearing Billy's recommendation, the team stops, and Tommy says, "This calls for Metallic Armor!" The Metallic Armor Power-Up shot is used again, the six Rangers amid the swirling pool of reflective energies, surging into their suits. Now powered up in their Metallic Armor, the Rangers listen as Tommy states, "Zordon's right. Master Vile won't rest until he has the crystal. We've GOT to destroy it, so that it won't fall into evil hands." Pink Ranger, her suit sparkling, asks the Blue glittery Ranger, "Billy, is there ANY way it can be destroyed?" Billy clenches his fist in his palm, and ponders for a moment, before turning to Tommy and explaining, "Hmm. I think we should break it into pieces and scatter them. We can't allow any chance for Master Vile to assemble the crystal ever again." White Ranger agrees, saying, "Yeah, he's right.", before turning away from the team, and readying the crystal. Tommy remarks, "Here it goes!", as he heaves the Zeo Crystal into the air. Just before it hits the ground, he whips out Saba (who sadly doesn't get any fancy color additions when in Metallic Armor mode) and cuts the crystal into shards with one sharp swipe. The Zeo Crystal breaks into five perfect pieces and drop into the dirt, each one with a special symbol adorning the top. Symbols which were semi-evident when the crystals was a whole, meaning they were meant to be broken up as it was. Tommy resheaths Saba, and sighs, "Alright, the Zeo Crystal's broken apart. Everybody take a piece. Zordon's creating a temporary hole in time and space for us." How he knew big Z was doing this is unclear, but probably between scenes. Red Ranger picks up the shard with the star on it, Blue Ranger picks up the shard with the triangle, Black Ranger the oval shard, Pink the parallel bars, and Yellow the square (only Red & Blue picked up their color corresponding subcrystals!). Adam stands up with his shard, anxious to be rid of it, saying, "Now let's get rid of the pieces!" Aisha mentions, "Yeah, but we'll only have ten seconds to throw the subcrystals through the Time Hole." Tommy points out, "No one will ever know where they are. Not even us." The five Zeo Subcrystal carrying Rangers aim them towards the sky, and then press their buckle Morphers. With a loud simultaneous "kiyaah", they teleport away, apparently towards the unseen Time Hole. White Ranger is last to leave, wishing, "Man, I sure hope this works." He also teleports away with a loud grunt, exiting the area, which is surrounded by large boulders in a circle. Some kind of Space-time Stonehedge, maybe?
The following day, or a couple of days later, the Ranger teens (now in different clothes, natch), are back at the ranch. They lead their horses across a covered bridge by the reins, as Adam remarks to Rocky, "That was close a call!" His pal replies with a head shake of near astonishment, "Yeah, but we pulled through!" Just behind them are Billy, Tommy, & Kat, with the Aussie blonde stating, "I'm glad Lt. Stone decided to finish the nature appreciation ride this week. I REALLY needed it." Billy concurs, "Yeah. Just think, if Master Vile had gotten his way, all this would be gone." Kat knows, turning the conversation to her other teammate, "Tommy, where you scared in the Caves Of Deception?" Tommy admits, "Yeah, a little. But I knew if I trusted myself I could do the right thing. How about you?" Even though she didn't go into the Caves, she relates to him her feelings on being in the Revivifier, commenting, "Well, it was strange. I was scared. But being a Power Rangers seems to give me more confidence." She giggles slightly and smiles, before mounting her horse, prompting the grinning Tommy to do the same on his. Lt. Stone and Aisha ride up from the side, with Jerome eagerly asking Kat & Tommy, "Sooo, who wants to gallop?" They both reply positively, and the four of them trot off towards the field. Bulk & Skull tempt fate by showing up on horseback again. Bulk pulls his to a stop with a "whoa!", and Skull nervously asks, "Did he say GALLOP?!" Bulk sarcastically responds, "Uhh, no." Skull aims finger in the others' direction, and in a high pitched off-key voice, orders his black horse to, "Chaaaaarge!" Bulk copies him, and instead of going forward, his horse backs down slowly, blocking Skull's from moving. Skull yells, "Get out of the way!", and Bulk finally gets his galloping with a "Hi-yahh! Ho-yaah!" Soon enough, all six Ranger teens are galloping on their horses through the field, with Lt. Stone, Bulk, & Skull following along. If these horses could talk about this ending, I bet they'd say, "No, sir. I don't like it!"
[End credits.]
The Ranger teens gallop on their horses, as the MMPR Theme Instrumental plays. Various riding shots of no real importance. Though, Skull's behavior is quite amusing, lashing at the horse's butt with the reins; Kat gallops elegantly; Lt. Stone salutes as he rides tall and proud; Aisha rides her VERY lucky saddle, hopping rather tightly; Tommy rides past an old church, smiling and looking like he thinks he's the White Stranger; Adam struggles to gallop faster; And Bulk finishes things off, by riding out of control with "bouncy" spring sound effects.

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