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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 3
"Alien Rangers Of Aquitar, Part II"
Original Air Date: 2/6/96 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #12 - Detaa!! Shin Juushou(
They Came Out!! The New Beast Commanders)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-335
*35th episode aired
*147th total Power Rangers episode
*Unofficially, this is episode 2 of the Alien Rangers saga.

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Vickie Bronaugh
Starring Cast:
Michael R. Gotto _AS_ Young Tommy
Julia Jordan _AS_ Young Katherine
Michael J. O'Laskey II _AS_ Young Rocky
"Sicily" _AS_ Young Aisha
Matthew Sakimoto _AS_ Young Adam
Justin Timsit _AS_ Young Billy
Cody Slaton _AS_ Young Bulk
Ross J. Samya _AS_ Young Skull

Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Delphine (White Ranger)
David Bacon _AS_ Aurico (Red Ranger)
Karim Prince _AS_ Cestro (Blue Ranger)
Jim Gray _AS_ Tideus (Yellow Ranger)
Alan Palmer _AS_ Corcus (Black Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Tom Wyner _AS_ Master Vile (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Crabby Cabbie (voice)
? _AS_ Brick Bully (voice)
? _AS_ See-Monster (voice)
? _AS_ Garbage Mouth (voice)
? _AS_ Professor Longnose (voice)
? _AS_ "Lagoonatic" (voice)


[Last Time on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings); Opening credits]
At the Command Center, the six Ranger kids stand in front of the Viewing Globe, with Alpha 5 behind them. On the screen are the Alien Rangers of Aquitar, five strange looking humanoids. Each one has a slightly oversized and oddly formed purple & flesh-color shape on top of their heads (where their hair would be on a human). Their faces are adorned with golden mask-like plates around their eyes and cheekbones. They each wear a special uniformly designed costume, with their Ranger color adorned as the undershirt. The Alien Ranger in the center, a female, speaks first, "Zordon, I, Delphine, leader of the Aquitian Rangers, answer your transmission." Her voice, like the voice of her teammates, has a slightly watery echo reverb to it. Zordon explains the situation, "We are dire need of your assistance. The Earth has been regressed back in time and has come under the attack of Master Vile." Apparently familiar with the maniacal monarch, Delphine says, "Yes, Master Vile. A most.... unwelcome visitor." Zordon laments, "I am afraid your intervention would mean a great risk to your physical well-being. However, we have no choice to humbly request that you take that chance." Delphine asks, "Does not the planet Earth have large bodies of water on it?" Alpha confirms, "Yes! Lakes and oceans full. Not to mention a few swimming pools." Correcting the automaton on the Aquitians' water-type limitations, Delphine, "I am not certain that your particular water sources will sustain us. However, that can be determined when the need arises." Billy brings up arsenal, "What about Zords?", Tommy adding, "Yeah! They'll need them if they're going to have a chance against Master Vile." The only African-Aquitian on the team speaks up, "I am Cestro, expert in engagement technologies. Our Battle Borgs were presented to us over a millennium ago by your great sage, Ninjor." Adam mentions, "We could really use HIM right now." Billy says, "Yeah, unfortunately we won't find the Temple for years!" (Ninjor was back at the temple when the reversal happened, and because of certain physical regression loopholes, the poor guy is now trapped in his jar like he was until "Ninja Quest!" He's probably aware of what's going on, but can't get out of his temple without being released again. Though, considering the Desert Of Despair was supposedly on Rita's Planetoid, and NOT Earth, I'm suspecting Ninjor may have had a falling out with the Rangers over their decision to use the Metallic Armor instead of his Ninja Ranger power.)

On the Viewing Globe, a quick bit of footage, showing the Battle Borgs being called into action, plays. Ignoring the fact it doesn't take place under water, all five of the robotic humanoid style creatures each resemble one of the Ninja-spirits of the Ninjazords. Cestro even states, "Our Battle Borgs possess similar technologies to your own piloted Zords. But unlike yours, we control ours telepathically. They will be at our disposal at a moment's notice." Zordon brings up, "You will have control of our Rangers' Shogunzords, in cases of emergency." (The Shogunzords WEREN'T on Earth before "Changing Of The Zords." Which means they were exempt from time alertations. Plus, the fact they draw off designs from the Ninjazords, means that anyone else with the power of Ninja, like the Aquitians, can in fact control them. Unlike the Ninjazords themselves, which need the Ranger pilots they were specifically made for.) Delphine says, "Do not fear, Zordon. You did right to call upon us. We shall make preparations and set a path to your nearest body of water, right away." She bids good-bye, "Until then..." by motioning her conjoined hands in a particular style. After she does this, the signal cuts out in a frizzing zap. Tommy exclaims happily, "Totally awesome!" Aisha is excited, "They're really coming!" The alarm goes off, and the Viewing Globe switches to the exterior security camera, showing a small black box against the building. Alpha notes, "Ay-yi-yi! Zordon, there's an implosion device outside the Command Center!" Aisha asks, "A what?", and Billy explains, "Like a bomb, but worse." Alpha figures, "Master Vile must have had it planted there!" Rocky wonders, "Why weren't we alerted?" Zordon reveals, "Our security scanners must have weakened, due to the distress transmission sent to Aquitar." Adam stresses, "We don't do something quick, we're ALL going to be history." The kids look at the globe in fear. On the Evil Moon Palace, Master Vile watches the implosion device's fuse burn quicker, through his daughter's Repulsascope. He chuckles wickedly, "Everything is JUST as I planned!" He looks away and turns to the Monster Conference (ALL creatures in attendance last episode are still there), and proclaims, "Yes! Very soon we shall rid the galaxy of Zordon, the good deed doer. And I, Master Vile, shall reign supreme over the universe!" Rito & Goldar cheer loudest, as the assembly of monsters roars wildly with diabolical laughter and anticipation.
In the Command Center, the Ranger children stand before their mentor's Plasma Tube, with Katherine exclaiming, "Zordon, we've got to get out there and disconnect that thing!" Alpha starts pressing buttons, as Zordon refuses her request, "I cannot allow that, Rangers. The danger is too great." The robotic assistant agrees, "Zordon, is right, Rangers. I must go myself. There's no sense in all of you risking your lives as well! Besides, don't worry. There'll always be an Alpha 6 if something should happen to me!" (boy, isn't he right!!) Rocky grunts, "You can't!", but Zordon confirms, "He must, Rocky. It is our ONLY chance. Alpha, I want you to teleport the Rangers out of here." Tommy wants to stand by his bot, sternly stating, "No, we WON'T leave you." Zordon gives them cause to, "Tommy, you must go to Angel Grove beach and await the Alien Rangers. If, for some reason, Alpha & I are not able to guide them, then you six must. I am counting on you. Now, go." Alpha reaches down and picks up a small disc, and hands it to Billy. He mentions, "Here, take this. It will enable you to contact us. It will work just like a miniature Viewing Globe." The hand-sized disc is actually a hologram of sorts, rather similar to the one Billy made in "Blue Ranger Gone Bad." This is a quick fix to the lack of Communicators, which are negated due to the fact our heroes can't access their powers properly. Billy probably COULD correct that, but hasn't the time needed, so instead they'll use this disc for contact purposes in the saga. The brainy boy takes a look at the funky colored surface of the disc, and responds, "Okay, Alpha." The six kids stand into a shoulder-to-shoulder lineup, to make teleporting easier, as Alpha tells them, "Now, into position and get ready." Billy notes, "We're ready," and Alpha turns and starts to pressing buttons on the console. Aisha bids good-bye worriedly, "Be careful. We love you!" This causes a pause in Alpha's movement, as he nervously clears his throat, not sure how to reply to admission of just how much they care about him. He presses a few buttons, turns the knob, and says, "Coordinates and destination are set, now." The six children teleport out in streaks of Ranger-colored light, and once gone, Alpha admits, "I love you, too, Rangers." Zordon reminds him, "You MUST hurry, Alpha." The automaton gets to moving rather melancholily, "I know, Zordon. I'm on my way." The six Ranger kids land at the shore of the Angel Grove Lake, not quite the beach as Zordon implied. Billy mentions, "I guess all we can do now is wait.", as he looks at the disc in his hand. Tommy agrees, and the young heroes silently become patient.

Meanwhile, an exterior shot of the planet Aquitar comes up, showing the blue shimmering world in repose. Deep beneath its vast oceans, lies the "Command Center" for the Alien Rangers, or Aquitian Rangers as they call themselves. I mean, to them, OUR Rangers are likely Alien Rangers as well! Suddenly, from a shot of the outside of their Pod-like structure, five teleportational orbs zoom out of the bottom of the center dome. Each orb is colored matching a Ranger power, with white wavy lines through it, and is shaped like a tri-oval, resembling large water molecules. Anyway, all five follow a tight formation, jet off from Aquitar, through the cosmos, and towards our little old Solar System. Meanwhile, just outside of the Command Center, Alpha 5 has several items he needs laid out along the line leading to the Implosion Device. He readies a pair of clippers, and stresses, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! One wrong move, and it's kapow!" Notice, a tall tree is visible over the side of the Command Center building. Quite unusual since they're in the desert and no exterior shots have shown any trees before. Anyway, Alpha squats down, and tells us what he must do, "First, I have to deactivate the main core of the Implosion Device!" The fuse, which looked like it would have been through burning about thirty seconds after Rito & Goldar lit it, continues burning out. Perhaps it takes a coffee break between scenes! Alpha uses one of the two golden colored devices in his hands, to fire a pink beam of light into the opened side panel of the bomb. Alpha moans, "Ohhhh, Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! Careful, Alpha. I can do to this!" He manages to do it, frying out the main core nervously. He remarks, "Now, if that didn't work, we're finished!" His bowl shaped metal noggin is covered in sweat droplets. So much, that when he carefully places down the laser tool, he picks up a squeegee he had laying on the ground prior to this (he really did come prepared!) Using the window-wiper to clean off his red-blip light eye-visor of the condensation covering it, Alpha sighs, "Ohhh, talk about pressure!" Once cleared, he says, "Ahh, that's MUCH better." He readies the pair of pliers, steadily lowering them to the circuitry inside the Implosion Device inner panel. "Just a quick snip," he reminds himself, as the fuse burns on and on, yet seems to act like the reversal spell is making it go back and start over again every few seconds. Alpha ay-yi-yi's a few times, the burning fuse reaches its destination, and luckily he cuts the wire just in the nick of time. With a humming noise, the fuse ceases blazing up, and the device is disarmed. Alpha exclaims, "Ahh! I did it! I did it! We're saved! What a relief. Next time i'll try it with my eyes OPEN!" He then uses the squeegee to clean off his dripping wet visor some more. Guess we now know why he doesn't go outside often, he sweats like a pigbot!

On the Moon Palace balcony, Master Vile views Alpha's successful disarming of the bomb. He growls, "Argh! Zordon's little food processor on legs has destroy my Implosion Device!" Goldar seems noticeably upset, grumbling loudly at the mention of this failure of what he and Rito were sent to do. Lord Zedd seems happy his father-in-law lost, gloating "Ha! So the great and all-powerful Master Vile, is merely a mutant after all!" Just then, the Aquitian teleport-pods zip past the lunar surface, breaking the "space-sound barrier" of sorts. The sudden backlash of passing intergalactic energy causes a major jolt in the palace, shaking the place up quickly, rocking the monsters. Rita yells, "What is it?!", and Vile replies, "I don't know! But I'm CERTAIN I don't like it! It was something inherently good, and pure!" His daughter whines brattily, "I'm allergic to good! Ewww!" Zedd turns and glances at the huge cutout, err, image of the planet outside the balcony, and states, "Whatever it is, it's headed toward Earth!" Master Vile orders his right hand henchmonsters into action, "Goldar! Rito! Go find out what's going on. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING must interfere with our great monster party!" (seems he's changed views on the gathering from a "conference", to an all out shindig! Vile always did love a get-together, didn't he?) Rito is ecstatic, remarking happily to his golden warrior pal, "Oh, boy! Here we go again!" Goldar slaps him playfully on the chest, and grunts, "Come on, bonehead! Let's rock!" The two teleport out of the room, leaving Finster and the various Kaku monsters cheering for the side of evil.

Elsewhere, back at the lake, Billy holds the Viewing Disc tightly in his palm, and exclaims, "Alpha, you did it! You defused the Implosion Device!" The other Ranger kids get excited by the confirmed well-being of their longtime automaton pal. On the disc, we see a holographic image (stock footage, really) of Alpha looking towards the Viewing Globe, and states, "Just barely, Billy. I made it by the solder of my circuit boards!" Billy adds, "We're still waiting for the Alien Rangers!" Alpha elevates their worries by saying, "Don't worry, Rangers. They'll be there soon. Everything is under control!" As Billy starts at the disc, Young Bulk & Young Skull pop up behind him. Kat quickly shouts, "Billy, Bulk & Skull are right behind you!" Luckily, he acted quickly, squeezing his fingers in such a way to deactivate the image display on the Viewing Disc. Bulk & Skull, both wearing swimming trunks, eye goggles, inner tubes, and other water-toy items, have apparently slipped out of their mothers' clutches mere hours after getting hauled off from the Police Station. The bumbling duo stand there, staring at the group of children with bullying intent. Billy plays off the strange disc, by informing his teammates, "So you see, light catches and reflects upon various objects. Sometimes creating a prism effect." Aisha notes, "How interesting", as Billy wiggles the disc in the sunlight. Bulk remarks, "How BORING", and the kids turn their attention to him. The overweight lad orders the kids around, trying to act cool as he says, "Off the beach, nerds. We have claim on this turf." Speaking of nerds, right as he says this, Rito, Goldar, and a flock of Tenga Warriors teleport in a few feet away! Rito's wicked laughter echoes across to the Ranger kids, who quickly get into a fighting stance, with Rocky saying, "Oh great. This is ALL we need." Bulk & Skull freeze in fear, the second time today they've encountered the skeletal soldier and his birdbrain army, prompting them to drop the items in their hands. Skull mentions, "I dunno about you, Bulkie, but i've had enough with being cool!" Bulk whimpers, "Right behind you, buddy boy!", and the two kids ditch their remaining inflatable toys as they run in a panic down the beach. After they leave, Billy, still clutching the Viewing Disc, glides into a smooth fighting stance. Guess he didn't want Bulk & Skull to see him acting brawny!

Just a few feet up the hill from our heroes, the Evil Space Aliens reside. Rito Revolto spots the kids, and whines, "Oh no! Not the little people again!" Goldar, having never dealt with the Rangers as young kids (even in RBiT!), scoffs, "What's the matter, Rito? Afraid of a few children!?" Rito groans in annoyance and acts tough again, "Ohhhh! Hand over those coins! You don't need 'em anymore!" Tommy boasts, "Forget it, Rito! You'll NEVER get near them." The kids dart off down the shore, inspiring Rito, Goldar, and the Tengas to follow, with Rito crying, "Get 'em!", and Goldar demanding, "Don't let them escape!" The kids don't go far, reaching an area of the sand where a rather large amount of inflatable swimming toys are scattered about. I somehow suspect Bulk & Skull have been swiping them from other people along the beach and hoarding them in that one place. The kids run around the area in a circle, picking up various items, as Rito yells, "Come back here, ya little pip-squeaks!" Goldar follows along, "Yeah, you heard him!" The henchmonsters and the Tengas match every step the Ranger kids take, going in a circle around the bundle of water toys, which works against them. The kids begin to throw all they can pick up at the monsters, large flippers, rafts, beach balls, you name it. Tommy shouts, "Heads up, Rito!", and pitches some things at him. The henchmonsters, taken by surprise, trying dodging the items, to no avail. They cause minor pain to the monsters, Rito crying, "Hey, cut that out, will ya!?", while Goldar grumbles. More rafts and innertubes are tossed, prompting Rito to remark, "Dohhh! Why, you little brats! You think these toys are gonna save you?!" He uses his bone-sword and scoops one of the pail buckets thrown at him up. Suddenly, a roaring thunderous sound rips through the air. Goldar & Rito look up, wondering, "Huh?! What's that?!" The Ranger kids turn towards the water, and witness the event, one of the boys noting, "Hey, look at that!" The five Aquitian teleport-pods come in for a quick landing, flying in sidewards, and then turning vertically, as they touch down on the shore, and transform into the humanoid aliens themselves. Rito & Goldar are baffled, "Huh?!", while the Ranger kids gasp, "Whoa! Cool!"

Cool indeed, the Aquitians' regular outfits are nicely designed, very loose fitting costumes as I described before. The five bulbously-skulled creatures tilt their heads slightly as they soak in their surroundings, looking over the area with curious eyes. The henchmonsters walk closer to the Aquitians, with the always observant Rito remarking, "Hey... something's FISHY about this..." Delphine, who has a long, auburn haired ponytail protruding from the near top-back of her head-mass, adjusts to the Earthen atmosphere in a way we never see the others do. Her neck suddenly sprouts a pair of thick fins, with gills seen visible underneath. This lasts for but a second, as her head returns to the correct position, and her eyes flash a purplous color, similar to the spots on the Aquitians heads and the highlights on their suits. Rito is creeped out by this, gasping, "What in the...?! Dahhh!" He backs off from approaching them, the Tengas cawing in fright, as Goldar points at the other aliens and grunts, "Look!" The five Aquitians each fold their hands into a fingertip-locked position, and slowly raise their arms over their heads. As this happens, their black body-suits begin to shimmer with blue, watery-wave like energy. Goldar mentions to his partner, "Dohhh. This doesn't look good!", and Rito adds nervously, "Pop's not gonna like this, one bit!" The Aquitians, having charged up their hands with their magical water-based powers, gently lower their arms, and then extend out their hands in a rapid burst. Five streams of shimmering sea blue energy is release from their palms, shooting out at the monsters in the form of a fine breeze spray. More like a tidal wave of condensed air, as the blue mist knocks Rito, Goldar, and the Tengas stumbling backwards against their struggling will. The Ranger kids get a huge laugh out of this. Rito recovers, and mentions the old villain adage, "When the going gets tough... RUN AWAY!!" He, Goldar, and the Tengas turn tail and flee, teleporting off the planet as quickly as they can take off, the blue cloud of energy still swirling around the area they were at for a moment afterward.

The five Aquitians finally cease the attack, the blue spray dissipating. Delphine continues looking around the scene, having never been to Earth before in her life, from what we know. The six Ranger youths approach the Aquitians, meeting halfway a few feet from the shore. Tommy greets them, "Welcome. Zordon sent us to meet you. I'm Tommy. We're the Power Rangers!" Delphine, her voice as watery-echoed as on her home planet, holds her hands up, fingertip-connected as a symbol of something (maybe it's an Alien gang sign!), as she says, "Yes, I believe you are. I'm Delphine, leader of the Alien Rangers." (a first for PR, a female Ranger team leader!) The White undershirted Aquitian then introduces the rest of her group to the young children, the Black undershirted one is Corcus (who makes the hand sign and nods his head with an odd pout), the Blue undershirted one is Cestro (who very stern & calmly makes the hand sign), the Red undershirted one is Aurico (who makes the hand sign while nodding and closing his eyes), and the Yellow undershirted one is the first ever male Yellow Ranger on PR, Tideus (who makes the hand sign and turns his head rather Luke Perry-like). Tommy then introduces his teammates to them, each smile and wave at the strangers from another world. The Aquitians take the incentive to step forward, and inspect the humans detailingly. Matched up by color, the Alien Rangers proceed to gently grope and fondle their Power Ranger counterparts in non-sexual ways, I promise. Tideus touches Aisha on the shoulder, Corcus pulls on Adam's hair, Delphine & Tommy compare ponytails, Aurico curiously watches both Rocky & Katherine, and Cestro rubs Billy on the head, as the brainy boy adjusts his wrist-worn Communicator, causing the sound of a dolphin to squeak out of it somehow. The kids giggle, and the Aquitians get used to our heroes. Tommy cuts their hands-on experience short, "We'd better get home before our parents get worried." Billy offers to his pals, "I'll bring Delphine and the rest of the Aquitians to the Command Center." Keeping in with the fact that this is just the present adjusting itself to the past, Billy asks, "Tommy, will you make sure to tell my dad that I'll be a little late?" (if this was TRULY the past, Mr. Cranston wouldn't know Tommy! But since memories have been corrected to fit such things as Tommy and the others living in AG as they would now, Billy's dad would remember him) Tommy agrees, "Sure thing!", and Billy nods.

On the Moon Palace, at the Monster Conference, Rito & Goldar meet with Master Vile, who asks, "Are you CERTAIN that you saw the Alien Rangers?!" Goldar grunts positively, and Rito points out, "Yep, right there! (he points away from the balcony, then corrects himself, pointing off towards the balcony) I mean, right THERE. On Earth!" Vile waves his scepter in the air, complaining, "Curses! That meddlesome Zordon must have called for backup!" Rito confirms, "Uh-huh." Master Vile proclaims to the rowdy crowd of Kaku creatures, "Monsters! The time for battle has come! Prepare yourselves for the mother of all wars!" Rito waves his bone-sword in the air, Goldar raising his sword as well, both cheering. The skeletal soldier barks a bet, "Last one out's a rotten space slug!" This gets all of the mutants & monsters running, the film footage increasing in speed as well, with Goldar yelling, "C'mon, move it!" Poor Finster, trying to keep track of all the monsters there, stands in the doorway to the Planetoid-background hall. He cries, "Wait! Please, exit in an orderly fashion!" They ignore him, rushing out of the throne room in a hurry, literally mowing over the dog-like monster blacksmith. When the dust clears and all the monsters had gone, we find Finster on the floor, his body actually flattened! Only his head remains the normal size, as he laments, "Augh, sometimes I really HATE being a bad guy! Ohhh...." I'm gonna point out right here that a vast majority of the monsters at the conference aren't ever seen again this episode. Most of them apparently didn't make the final battle cut, though would be seen in later multi-monster episodes in the background.

Meanwhile at the Command Center, Zordon finishes filling the Aquitians in on the backstory, "As you can see, our situation is grave. Until we are able to restore our Rangers to their original ages, we are powerless against Master Vile." The five Aquitians stand tall, with their hands in a particular fingertip-locked position, around the short Billy. Delphine replies, "A most... distressing situation. We shall do everything in our power to come to your aid." Cestro admits, "We also live by the sacred code of the Rangers: To destroy evil, and protect all that is good." Alpha walks over and gratefully says, "We can't tell you how much this means to all of us!" Billy concurs, "Putting your lives on the line. I WISH there was something we can do!" Tideus states, "But there IS, Billy. You and the other Human Rangers will be our eyes & our ears as we accustom ourselves to this planet." Suddenly, the siren blares loudly and the alarm goes off, causing the delicate ears of the water-dwelling creatures to ache intensely. They clutch their ear-holes, and groan in agony, with Alpha noting, "Ay-yi-yi! That's our alarm!" The sirens cease, as Alpha heads to the Viewing Globe. There, on the screen, is footage of an orange monster, whom Parliament would likely call Sir Nose D'voidoffunk, but we call Professor Longnose. Alpha exclaims, "Oh! It looks like we're about to be attacked by a large army of terrible monsters!" Indeed, a bunch of monsters have joined Longnose in a rock quarry somewhere near Angel Grove. Why THERE of all places, is unknown. Maybe breaking boulders is the 'test' to decide on what monsters are powerful enough to be worthy of serving with the Prof? Anyway, Corcus stares at the globe, tilting his head as he mentions, "I have... never seen quite so many mutants in one common area." Alpha remarks, "Ay-yi-yi! It's a whole platoon of goons out in the desert!" (Vile said it was a rocky quarry, Alp!) Zordon says, "I am afraid, my alien friends, that it is time for action! I only hope that you may act in time." (Apparently, the Aquitians LIKE be called Aliens by everyone, including aliens who don't normally call other aliens, aliens.) On the Viewing Globe, the monsters fighting with the sinisterly snickering Professor Longnose each ready themselves for battle: Crabby Cabby, Garbage Mouth (who WASN'T at the monster conference!), See-Monster, Brick Bully, and an unnamed green faced, dread-haired, goggle wearing, yellow suit monster with green underarm fins that I nicknamed "Lagoonatic". He also wasn't at the conference earlier, so must have came with Garbage Mouth & Longnose from out in the universe.
In the city of Angel Grove, the five Ranger kids walk quietly around the corner from a big sign on a building which reads "Angel Grove Warehouse District". Which might as well read "come and get it, monsters!" People walking on the other side of the street flee in terror, when a police can rolls up, its speakerphones announcing, "Citizens of Angel Grove, we are under attack! I repeat, we are under attack! You are under mandatory curfew! Return to your homes, immediately!" Why those people were walking around in that area anyway makes you wonder. The Ranger kids, having not yet made it home as desired, take off running, once Tommy says, "Come on, guys. Let's go!" Meanwhile, back at the Command Center, Alpha & Billy press buttons on the console, and bringing up a hologrammatic display above their heads. The five Aquitians raise their arms into the air, and embracing fingertips in a loose lock, all their eyes closed as they telepathically absorb the computer info. Alpha explains, "I've almost got the Aquitians fully briefed on our Ranger Powers!" Billy adds, "They'll definitely know everything there IS to know on calling upon and handling our Zords." Zordon commends them, "Excellent. But you MUST hurry. Time is running out!" The hologrammatic images of the Shogunzords include a side scroll, which goes super fast, and is shown mirror-imaged to our side, so that we can't read it.
[Joe Rovang managed to decipher most of what it said, and here's what he put: "The Zords consist of five robotic units, each serving a purpose for the good of the whole. When combined, the five units become one unit, able to combat most formidable opponents, especially during Sweeps Week. The first unit is a monkey. Yes, a monkey. The second unit is a bird. It's housetrained. Thank goodness. The third unit is a bear. It is one of the few bears in existence which has (braces?). The fourth unit is a wolf, cunning, rabid, and (fierce?). The fifth is a frog. If it gets too hot, it dries up and croaks. (For the Shogun Megazord) ...the attributes of the separate units. It also has freaky big feet and a flaming fish sword. Why a fish? Only Ninjor knows for sure. So, in conclusion, try to read the manuals in the Zords' glove compartments. Good luck, and thanks for flying."]

Moments later, the five Aquitians slowly lower their arms, and return their hands to a locked, pelvic parallel held position. They exhale deeply as they open their eyes, and the hologram vanishes. Delphine states, "Knowledge infusion is completed. We are ready to begin!" Zordon warns, "But I must caution you. You'll be in a desert FAR from any body of water." Delphine understands, "Yes, Zordon. And now... It's Morphin' Time!" She looks into the camera, and crosses her right arm to the left breast of her chest. Instantly, the Alien Ranger Morphing sequence is initiated. Against a space background, the upper body of each Aquitian is shown above a watery-shimmering spinning disc, as a tall purple-like cylinder forms behind them. Each Aquitian has their forearms crossed, as they shout, "[color] Aquitar Ranger Power!" The lineup of calling is White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red. Their bodies are shown switching into spandex costume mode before our eyes, in a spherical pixilation of energy. The Aquitar Rangers end up being teleported while Morphing to the rocky quarry, where we see their suits fully for the first time. Each Ranger helmet has a golden bar across the top of the visor-brow, with their Ninja symbol encrusted upon it. They have no lip-formations where the mouth would be, either. White & black highlights around the visor, the v-neckline, and wrists & ankles also accompany the suits. Each suit is purely of their color, aside from those details, with a z-shaped lightning bolt sign upon their left breast. Golden belts, with Ninja-symbol buckles, laser weapons in their holsters, sword weapons sheathed against their backs. Despite the fact he isn't the leader, the Red Alien Ranger leads the team in battle motioning at the quarry. He proclaims, "Rangers of Aquitar, Full Power!", as the others join in, gesturing while saying in unison, "Power of water, power of light, powers unite!" Professor Longnose quickly exclaims, "Monsters... attack!" His team of creatures do just that, rushing into action with the Alien Rangers, equally matched up. Red Ranger hops into the air, and ends up slamming into Lagoonatic going the opposite way in the sky. Even though he's a fishlike monster, he seems to take his wings and huge claw-hand seriously, as he speaks only in "caw"s! After getting headbutted in the chest, Aurico falls back and whips out his sword weapon. Lagoonatic blocks an intended sword swipe with his large hand-claw, and proceeds to reach over and grab Aurico by his neck with his other arm. With a "caw caw", the monster hurls the dazed Aquitar Ranger into the air, and over the side of a pebble-covered steep hill. He rolls down it, rather harshly.

See-Monster stands atop one of the cliffs and laughs wickedly, before teleporting himself down to the bottom in a flash of energy. Once at the bottom, he opens his fisherman's coat, exposing his abundance of eyeballs, while growling, "Look into my eyes!" The White Aquitar Ranger has no choice but to witness the hypnotically evil sparkling pupils, causing her to become disoriented and stumble around. Crabby Cabby chuckles as pulls a drive by on the sword-wielding Black Aquitar Ranger, rolling through him and knocking him down. The monster pulls back around and slams into Tideus, sending the poor alien reeling into the air. Crabby Cabbie uses a large metal cannon fixed atop where his "Taxi" sign was earlier, to fire a few concussion blasts at the Black Ranger. The explosions hit him from both sides, engulfing him in quarry rock-dust. Garbage Mouth is off running towards the Yellow Aquitar Ranger, with a machine-gun style right arm. He boasts, "I'm gonna TRASH you!", and Corcus replies, "Not likely!" They engage in battle, with the Ranger using his sword to slash at the creature. Garbage Mouth dodges all attacks with his metal arm, and once Corcus breaks off point blank combat, the monster opens fire utilizing his gun-hand. Yellow Ranger leaps out of the way of the incoming blasts, but winds up struck with a stray burst. After he sparks and cries in pain, the Aquitian then whips out his holstered Blaster, and returns fire. Garbage Mouth simply lowers his head, and uses the trashcan lid top of his noggin to shield all incoming laser fire. Nearby, the Blue Aquitar Ranger leaps up into the air and tries to plant a jumpkick on the Brick Bully. Cestro manages to actually land several kicks against the monster's chest, but none even phase the tough creature, causing the Aquitian to drop to the ground on his back, wearily. Professor Longnose, who just stood there with his orange body, bushy grey & white beard, super long snout, a pimp hat, grows tired of watching the Alien Rangers get their water-deprived butts kicked. He shouts, "Enough of this! Time to GROW!" Instantly, the dark clouds above dump a downpour of bluish lightning, striking all six of the monsters and converting them to giant status.

The five Aquitar Rangers stand calmly out in the desert (not the rock quarry anymore). Each has their Power Coin in hand, held between their fingers as they do another hand-sign, lowering their arms slowly while proclaiming simultaneously, "Tidal energies of the galaxy, hear our call! Battle Borgs, Power Up!" The Aquitians throw their Coins into the air, and they suddenly expand in a flash of light, to the five big bad Battle Borgs! Each match the color & Ninja animal spirit of the Ninja & Shogunzords of the Earth Rangers. Except these five sorta-Zords are far more humanoid than those other sets, with very versatile robotic body parts. This comes from the fact they don't form together into a Megazord, and thus are streamlined down to the essentials in fighting flexibility. Upon sporting their entrance to the battle field, Professor Longnose and his crew of giant monsters simply laugh at the quintet of Battle Borgs. He scoffs, "Is that supposed to be a JOKE?!", aiming his handheld fanlike weapon at them. As said earlier, the Aquitians control the huge Borgs by way of telepathy. Down below, Aurico replies, "No joke, Longnose!", and proceeds to rush out toward the camera. This causes his Red Battle Borg to mimic his motions, running toward the group of creatures, motioning its arms (like an Ape, which its face resembles) as it speaks in a watery-echo, robotic voice, "No joke, Longnose!" Soon, in the barren terrain near the mountain range, all five Alien Rangers are running around, controlling their Borgs by way of their body movements. They stick to a certain area, luckily not too wrapped up in the handsfree piloting that they don't smack each other around. This area, btw, is the exact same "boulders in a circle formation" location as seen in "Master Vile & The Metallic Armor", where the Power Rangers broke apart of the Zeo Crystal! Maybe it's a sort of safe haven from villain interference, like an anti-mutant stonehedge?

Anyway, all five Battle Borgs are in action with the gang of evil. Red Battle Borg fights the sharp-edged fan waving Professor Longnose. Black Battle Borg takes on Lagoonatic, trying to dodge his huge claw arm. Blue Battle Borg confronts Brick Bully (much like how the similarly Wolf-faced Blue Shogunzord fought Bricky in "Another Brick In The Wall"!) Yellow Battle Borg has a tough time with See-Monster, due to the creature's new metal-weapon arm. The White Battle Borg flips around the place, while dueling with Garbage Mouth. Poor Crabby Cabbie is stuck driving around all by his lonesome in the far background. He's got nobody to play with! Needless to say, though. The Aquitians are doing better at fighting these monsters with their Borgs than they did fighting in person. Meanwhile, back at the Command Center, Alpha & Billy press buttons. The Automaton assistant remarks, "We're almost locked on their signal!" Billy barks, "Got 'em!", Alpha says, "Excellent!", and instantly, his five de-aged teammates teleport into the room. The kids are alright, with Tommy stating, "Phew! You found us!" Teleportation via Communicators are still down, but from that 'signal' remark, it seems their wristbands still have some good use. Billy replies to the comment, "Of course! Let's go!", and quickly leads the others over to the Viewing Globe. There, the seven of them witness the Battle Borg battle, same footage as before. Adam smiles and exclaims, "Look at 'em, guys!", and his team concurs with cheering praise. Alpha encourages their visiting pals, by stating, "Go Rangers!" (Gorangers?! Those bulky costumed bike riders must have been their alternate choices for help, but were unable to appear unless it was still the 1970s).

At the circle of stones, the Red Aquitar Ranger does a few gestures with his arms, before leaping into the air and remarking, "Take THIS, Longnose!" His Red Battle Borg copies his actions, beating its hands against the ground gorilla-like, and throwing a barrage of super-fast leaps past Professor Longnose. The creature is taken by surprise, as the Borg jumps around, too quickly for him to react. The Borg manages to get several hits into Longnose, concluding with a powerful dropping punch to the chest. The White Aquitar Ranger, the leader of the Alien Rangers despite how Aurico seems to be taking charge this session, begins to do several jumps all over the place. Her White Battle Borg mimics the movements, leaping around the area, before hurling itself into the air, arms crossed. Its focused metal hands strike directly into Garbage Mouth's chest, knocking the creature down with a burst of smoke. Blue & Yellow Aquitian Rangers stand side by side, extending their arms out to the camera, and rotating their hands in unisoned clockwise motion. Cestro & Tideus, as their three teammates continue kicking & jumping around behind them, boast aloud together, "Behold the power of Aquitar!" The Yellow Battle Borg now has See-Monster over its shoulders, and is doing a helicopter maneuver on the monster, spinning around in a circle. The Blue Battle Borg does also, with Brick Bully, but goes against Cestro's commands and turns counterclockwise. We see Yellow & Blue Alien Rangers again, as they initiate this action from the ground, both spinning around in the same direction with their arms up. Tideus remarks, "One good turn deserves another!", as Cestro continues controlling his apparently mirror-brained Borg. See-Monster's enjoyment of the helicopter ride (he lets loose a lengthy happy squeal while being spun), ends when both Battle Borgs heave their spinning cargo at one another. Brick Bully & See-Monster smash into each other, in midair, head to head. We next see Professor Longnose, quite dazed and groggy from his bout with the Red Borg, stumbling around, crying, "I CAN'T believe this!" See-Monster & Brick Bully fall to the ground, and roll to his feet. Garbage Mouth staggers in behind him. Lagoonatic passed wearily in front of Crabby Cabby, who was just sitting there, likely figuring, "I'll run up a HUGE fare, and take the Rangers to court to make them pay for it!" is as much damage as he can do to our heroes.

At the Command Center, Alpha exclaims, "Way to make a comeback, Rangers!", while watching the fight on the pay per Globe. The six young Ranger kids seem genuinely excited by this victory. Billy says, "Let's tell them to put an end to it, once and for all." Tommy nods and leans over, pressing a button on a rarely used side console, and speaking into it, "Delphine! Time for Shogun Megazord power!" Instantly, all five of the Shogunzords zap onto the scene, and just as quickly zap themselves into Megazord form. If you saw the short-lived MMAR preview promo on FK in late Jan/early Feb 96, you'd have seen unused footage of each individual Shogunzords, standing beside their animal spirit/color Battle Borg counterparts! Sadly, this bit of Kaku was left out of PR forever. Anyway, the Shogun Megazord, piloted likely by remote at the Command Center (but never elaborated on), stands on the battle field, with the five Battle Borgs by its side, posing. Professor Longnose gloats, "Think you're tough? Well I'M tougher!" He rushes towards them, waving his fan-blade, and growling maniacally. The Shogun Megazord reacts as only it can, the flaming fish sword is activated and lighted up. After all of the usual huge Japanese building buildup, it drops its fiery saber into Prof. Longnose. In the background, the "Go Go Alien Rangers" theme plays for the first time, which is just the usual "Go Go Power Rangers" one with "Alien" added to the chorus in place of "Power" (all but the final line, which is still "You Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!") Longnose collapses to the ground, a huge slice in his body beginning to glow with golden energy. He explodes massively, oddly causing his giant pimp-hat to fly off upon the first burst of smoke. Where it ends up is anyone's guess, but i'm sure that it wound up in Huggy Bear's Museum Of Pimpdom. After Professor Longnose is nothing but a congested ball of fire, all five of his fellow monsters begin to panic. One is heard crying, "Let's get out of heeeere!", and so, apparently they do. The five evil creatures teleport out, in a splash of greenish energy. They're not mentioned again, so they've likely gone off into the universe with all the other wandering monsters.

The Shogun Megazord stands triumphant with the Battle Borgs surrounding it, posing animal-like. The Alien Rangers slowly motion their right arms in the air, with their hands in two-finger up mode, as they say in unison, "Thanks to Hydro Power, mission IS accomplished." At the Command Center, the Ranger kids and Alpha slap each other five while cheering for their successful new allies. On the Moon Palace, Master Vile takes this defeat harshly. He drops onto his back on the foggy floor, and whines immaturely, "It was a foolproof plan! WHY?!" Prompted by their father's loud sobbing, Rito & Rita help him back to his feet. Rito comforts him, "Upsy-Daisy, daddy! C'mon! Don't take it so hard!" Rita complains to Vile, agitated at his behavior, "Grow up! You're supposed to be the adult around here! Now stop it, you're embarrassing me!" Master Vile has very little patience, as noted by his stressing out and yelling, "That IT! I've had it with the lot of you! I'm going back to my OWN Galaxy, where evil reigns supreme and the bad guys ALWAYS win!" Rita groans, and Rito tries patting his dad on the shoulder, as Vile fires up his blue & gold energy-snakes. Instantly, they whip around, causing a violent flash of light, and a quaking of the ground. Vile teleports away unusually, as his head remains unabsorbed by the snakes, and shoots off into the air. Kinda like how his son teleports, really. He leaves nothing but mist behind in his wake. That and happy monsters. Goldar growls upliftedly, "Well, congratulations, Lord Zedd!" Zedd quickly stands up from his moping place on his throne, and screams, "YEEEESS! I never thought I would be happy to see the goody-goods triumph. But Goldar, I am VERY, VERY happy!" Rita looks at her brother confused, Rito doing the same to her as he scratches his helmet noggin. Lord Zedd leans over, grabs Goldar's golden armored head, and pulls him close to his silver-metal plate-face, planting a big wet smooch! Goldar quickly wipes off his face after Zedd's sudden "Mwah!" is finished, growling in disgust. Rita is also quite sickened by this, though makes you wonder what she thought was worse, the thought of kissing Goldar, or the thought of kissing Zedd! Rito noticeably shivers at this sight. Lord Zedd is through being affectionate, as he evilly proclaims, "Now, we will finish what Master Vile started. This time, however, we shall play by MY rules! HA!" Goldar grunts an affirming growl for his master and near-makeout partner. Ew.
Soon at the Command Center, the Ranger kids, along with Alpha 5 and the five Aquitians, watch a transmission on the Viewing Globe. It's of a crowd of people in the city, being filmed by a news crew, as a reporter stands in front of them and covers the breaking story. What's odd is that they're watching the reporter as she does the report, rather than watching the actual televised broadcast. She says, "The citizens of Angel Grove are once again safe. Thanks to some unknown superheroes, the mandatory curfew has been lifted. This is Channel 6, reporting." (the public reaction to the Alien Rangers seems to be the same as if they'd came to Earth without a time reversal spell in effect. Except everyone's memories of the Power Rangers here have been blocked by the mental regressioning. Notice the city was quick with the curfew and evacuations. So once monsters began attacking, they seemed to regain their memories of many years of monster attacks, and acted accordingly, as opposed to how they would have 10 or so years ago.) Suddenly, the young Bulk & Skull make their frantic way through the crowd. Bulk gets the reporter's attention, "We saw them! We saw the superheroes!" She's intrigued (as so far, only the strange new Battle Borgs have appeared publicly in view of everyone), "You actually saw them, young man?" Bulk confirms, "Uh-huh!", as she points the microphone at Skull, who gestures towards the camera while noting, "Yeah! They were aliens and they flew out of the sky!" Despite how the bumbling duo did in fact see this while at the beach, the reporter disbelieves them, "Of course you did. What an imagination!" Bulk & Skull try protesting, but she ignores their pleas of, "No, no, really!" They instead take the opportunity to act up for the camera, waving heavily and shouting, "Hi!" The reporter finishes her report by stating, "Uhh, to those unknown heroes, all of Angel Grove thanks you." Bulk & Skull reach up and give her bunny ears with their fingers, mocking, "Heh-heh!" The Ranger kids giggle at all of this. Rocky soon turns the Aquitians and adds, "And we thank you, too." Aurico, speaking in his particularly Hispanic accent, mentions, "I'm sure that you would have done the same for us." Aisha smiles and agrees, "Count on it!" Zordon states, "I am not certain how long it will be before Alpha & I can turn the world back to its correct time." Alpha confirms, "It's going to be one BIG job!" Delphine "I wish that we could say that we would stay on your planet indefinitely. However, our initial readings do not offer a positive outlook for an extended stay here." Cestro points out, "The atmosphere on Earth is extremely harsh. And will not allow us to remain for very long." Billy reminds us of the mini-series premise, "Then we have to find a way to turn the Earth back as SOON as possible." Tommy adds, "And in the meantime, help the Aquitians survive on Earth." He then reach in, and extends his hand, palm down, outward. His five teammates join in, laying their extended arms out over his, in a group hand-huddle. A dubbed-in line of Tommy saying, "In the meantime, we've GOT to stick together" is thrown in. They then look to the Alien Rangers, which prompts Delphine to reluctantly copy them by laying her hand atop theirs. She turns to her teammates, and they slowly do the same. Tommy says, "From one Ranger to another, thank you for everything, and welcome to our planet." The Rangers to the tenth power break off their hand-huddling with a jumping break and a triumphant shout of, "Power RANGERS!" The Aquitians don't leap up, or do the proclaiming, as they raise their arms and remain stiff, in a very alien-like way.
[To be continued...; end credits]
Rito & Goldar yell, "Yay!", at the Monster Conference; The Implosion Device fuse continues to burn; Alpha wipes off his sweating visor with a squeegee, while crying, "Ay-yi-yi"!; Billy holds the Viewing Disc and exclaims, "Alpha! You made it!"; In front of the Viewing Globe, Tommy exclaims, "Totally awesome!"; The generic space starfield is shown; The generic pod-like Aquitar home of the Alien Rangers is shown; The Aquitians blow Rito & Goldar down; Rocky looks alert at the beach, remarking, "Oh great, this is all we need!"; A non-Viewing Globe clip of Delphine, from the earlier transmission, as she does the Aquitian finger-locked gesture of "good-bye"; The Alien Rangers, all Morphed, get into position and shout, "Battle Borgs, Power up!"; The streaking balls of gold energy shoot out, and form into the Battle Borgs; And the only real "unseen footage" comes with a non-Viewing Globe shot of Bulk & Skull hamming it up for the cameraman in front of the reporter. They wave their arms around, agitating the reporter, as Skull says, "Hi, mom! It's me!" into the camera off to the side.

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