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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
"Climb Every Fountain"
Original Air Date: 2/7/96 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #13 - Buttobase Fukou(
Drive Away The Sadness)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-336
*36th episode aired
*148th total Power Rangers episode
*Unofficially, this is episode 3 of the Alien Rangers saga. The opening credits would reflect as such from this point on, though the Preshow "today on Power Rangers" thing would still show the old MMPR logo. The announcer would also still called it "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers". Therefore, this wasn't a totally new series per se, but a "series within a series", if you will.

Writer: Douglas Sloan Director: Larry Litton
Starring Cast:
Michael R. Gotto _AS_ Young Tommy
Julia Jordan _AS_ Young Katherine
Michael J. O'Laskey II _AS_ Young Rocky
"Sicily" _AS_ Young Aisha
Matthew Sakimoto _AS_ Young Adam
Justin Timsit _AS_ Young Billy
David Yost _AS_ Billy
Cody Slaton _AS_ Young Bulk
Ross J. Samya _AS_ Young Skull

Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Delphine (White Ranger)
David Bacon _AS_ Aurico (Red Ranger)
Karim Prince _AS_ Cestro (Blue Ranger)
Jim Gray _AS_ Tideus (Yellow Ranger)
Alan Palmer _AS_ Corcus (Black Ranger)
Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Mayor Carrington [Note: Last seen in "Another Brick..."]
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
? _AS_ Slotsky (voice)


Today on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings)]
[Opening credits: Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers! With the MMAR Logo, the slightly altered theme song, and shots from the setup episodes more-or-less showing the Rangers becoming kids and the Aquitians arriving on Earth. Plus various Alien Ranger/ Kakuranger footage. Also, Battle Borgs & Shogunzords. One thing of note, all 6 Power Rangers are co-credited with their youth counterparts. This was contractual, and meant they got some pay for these episodes despite not being on them. Strangely, Bulk & Skull were credited on the opening, but their youth versions were only listed in the end credits. The Alien Rangers also got shoved to the end credits!]
At the Command Center, the five Aquitian Rangers are watching the age-reverted Billy as he works on something. It involves Billy wearing a helmet, with a drop down see-through prismed overlay mask. He also holds a large magnifying glass in front of his face. The overlay mask also has a small green-rimmed square with a hologramic image upon it. Cestro, the technology expert on the Alien Ranger team, tells Billy, "Now move the refractile telemetry oscillator aside." Billy does so, noting, "Got it," before removing his helmet. Delphine comments to her teammates, "He is extremely intelligent by juvenile human standards, is he not?" Cestro agrees, "Yes!", which inspires his fellow Aquitians to erupt with applause for the boy. Billy acts coy and humble about it, even when Cestro pats him on the shoulder, stating, "Very good!" The device Billy was working on is revealed, a small golden box-like item on a platform in the middle of the console room. Billy mentions, "Thanks, you guys. But I hope the Regenerator works in turning us back to normal." Aurico points out, "Billy, if anyone can effectively discover a solution to your problem it IS Cestro." Must be the Blue, huh? Suddenly, Billy's Communicator beeps, sounding like a normal wristwatch (nice to see they found a use for it!) He looks to it and says, "Oh, gosh! I have to go to school! They'll be wondering where I am." Delphine, like a curious animal, jerks her head around, seemingly confused by the notion of being late for school (I guess growing up with fish, always being in a school is second nature to her! Ha!) Cestro takes a look at the Regenerator and states, "Those are the only connections that remain. Regretfully, my hands are too large to make them." Alpha 5 sighs, equally lamenting the situation. Billy, who seems to want to press the Rangers' bad luck of late, puts the Regenerator into his bookbag. He says, "I'll finish it at home, after school. Remember, don't go anywhere, you guys. I don't think the world is QUITE yet ready to be introduced to you. I'll be back to check on you later." He zips up his bag, and his five alien friends quietly obey his wishes. It's not like Zordon would have let them go outside to play, anyway. Billy's reluctance to have the Aquitians be seen in public stems from the media blitz surrounding just their Borgs' debut in last episode.

Meanwhile, on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd excitedly remarks to his wife , "We FINALLY got that tyrant father of yours OUT of here!" Rita Repulsa points at her husband and screams, "Hey! I RESENT that!" Zedd rises from his throne, and states, "And next will be your boneheaded brother. Dah! I still can't believe it! All he had to do was destroy the Power Rangers' Command Center!" Rita changes the subject, "Aw, quit complaining. What WE need is a plan!" Zedd informs her, "You will be happy to know that I already have one!" She is, saying, "How wonderful! What's the plan, oh evil husband? Hehaha!" Lord Zedd explains, "As I see it, the only two things that stand in the way of us conquering Earth, are the Power Brats' Power Coins, and those meddlesome Alien Rangers!" Rita, who knew all of this from having been in the past 2 episodes, quips, "I hate to say 'duh', but... DUH!" Zedd adds, "Don't you see? If we destroy the Power Coins now, the Power Rangers can NEVER be restored! And the alien flying fish, will simply dry up and blow away!" He gets quite anxious while saying this, clapping his hands and motioning their drying up & blowing away with his studded fingertips.
Later that afternoon, just outside the rather crowded Angel Grove Elementary School, the six Ranger kids meet at the side of a bus. Billy mentions to his friends, "Okay, guys. I'll go home, and as soon as I get things started, i'll call you." Adam, likely bored from lack of fighting, asks, "Want some help, Billy?" The brainy one is open to assistance, replying, "Sure, that'd be great." They part ways with the other four, and head off in a different direction. Aisha, Katherine, Tommy and Rocky all head onto the big yellow Angel Grove Unified schoolbus. The driver is so old, that it makes you wonder how he looked before the time reversal. The Ranger kids head towards the back of the bus, and take their seats on the noisy vehicle. Bulk & Skull just happen to be sitting behind them (does everyone live on the same street or something?!) Bulk whispers to the four Ranger youths, "Hey guys. Look what we got!" He opens up a large black bag in his lap, and shows a full arsenal of water balloons. Tommy stupidly wonders, "What are you gonna do with those?" Skull stands up and coolly asks, "What do you think!?", while clutching a yellow water balloon in his hand. Aisha blurts out, "Why don't you act your age?", and Bulk, fondling a purple balloon, replies, "We ARE! We're kids!" The bumbling duo laugh, and the Ranger kids turn around. The bus closes its door, and slowly rolls off. Just after it drives away, Rito Revolto (a piece of a plant sticking out of the skull-faced back of his helmet so as to show he was just hiding in the bushes) walks into the streets and swoons, "Aww, those little Rangers are cute!" He's accompanied by Goldar, who has a large net bundled under his arm. Goldar growls, "Can it! You remember the plan!" Rito agrees, "Sure! I flush them out, you do the rest. It's a piece of cake! Follow ME!" The skeletal warrior puts his best boney foot forward and marches off towards the bus. Goldar nearly weeps as he remarks, "If there's a way to mess this up, i'm sure you'll find it! Grrr..."

Not too far away, in what looks to be the park, the school bus treks along, likely under the speed limit. The senior citizen driving it causally hums a diddy as he pays close attention to the road. Without warning, Rito Revolto leaps atop the bus, (so successfully that he cheers, "Haha! I made it!") and leans over the front window, peering in while upside down. He exclaims, "Hello, mister busdriver!", causing the driver to gasp and nearly have a heart attack. Rito beats against the window, demanding, "Hey! Stop this thing!" The driver obliges, slamming on the breaks in a panicking fit. This causes Rito, who wasn't bracing himself, to be sent flying off the top of the bus. He pounds against the pavement, and grunts, "I could've done without that!" The children inside the bus look alertly at the commotion, with Bulk & Skull spotting the evil space alien and stammering, "M-m-m-monster!" Rito, still sitting on his bruised behind on the asphalt, lifts his left arm, inhales deeply the odor of his armpit, and gets reinvigorated by his own stench, stating, "OOH! That's better!" He gets up, just as the kids all sit back down, more confused than afraid. Rito walks over and knocks on the door to the bus, and when nobody answers, he pries it open with his own hands. While stepping in, he nearly fumbles, hopping up wobbly he notes, "Whoo-whee! That first step's a doozy!" The bus driver informs the talking skeleton, "Hey, you just can't come in here! We've got rules!" Rito scoffs, "Ahh, rules schmules! I'll be out of here before you know it! Say goodnight, pops!" He then hunches down and starts directly into the stunned human's eyes, firing off a bluish beam of energy from his hollow eye sockets. This hypnotizes the bus driver, and puts him to sleep, his head drops against his arms on the steering wheel. Rito pats him on the back and saying comfortingly, "Sleep tight! Hehe! There, that's a good boy." The children all look at the monster with faces of frozen terror, mouths agape, even when the lighthearted creature turns and notes, "Haha! He's drooling on the steering wheel!" Rito lays down his own rules to the kids, "Alright, here's the deal! You give me what I want, and you get to go on your merry way. And if NOT? Well... (scratches helmet).. uhh. I'll figure that out later. But it won't be good! I'll tell ya that!" He growls evilly, and then asks one of his hostages calmly, "Is that scary?" He's then overheard saying something to the effect of, "No? How about this then! Arrrr!", as he towers over the child. It still doesn't give him the results he wants, so he shrugs it off, "Oh, forget it!"

As the henchmonster is distracted, Tommy forms a slight huddle with his teammates, plus Bulk & Skull. He tells them, "I have a plan, guys. Listen up!" A few seconds later, Rito notices the Ranger kids and shouts, "Ah-ha! There ya are, you little pip-squeaks! Come to papa!" Tommy stands up and yells, "Now!", followed by an echo by Rocky, "Go!" Suddenly, every kid on the bus has a ball, literally. Not a single water balloon is thrown, but rather tons of plastic & Nerf-style balls of various colors and sizes. Where in the name of Whammo they got all of them from, especially since only the Ranger kids with B&S were involved with this 'plan', is unknown. Maybe it was "Show And Throw" day at school. Whatever the case, Rito is bombarded by the balls. He growls, "You kids, stop that! Don't make me come back there!" The entire bus starts a' rockin', trying to make Rito regret comin' a' knockin'. Tommy demands, "Beat it!" Rito can't hear him over the screaming children, but when a girl begins to hurl a theater-full of popcorn at him, he shouts, "Ow! Hey, what is that?! Augh, this is sticky! Aw, oh, ugh!" The ironic thing, is that the bus driver ends up getting struck by many fly balls and stray popcorn, yet never wakes up. Talk about nerves of steel when it comes to kids! Rito begins to retreat, whining, "Ohh, i'm gonna tell somebody!" During all the excitement, he dropped his bone-sword into the crowd. Skull winds up with it in his possession, holding it up in the air as he says, "Bulkie! Look! I'm a pirate!" Bulk lowers his sunglasses and doesn't find the sight amusing, asking, "What are you, crazy!?" Rito finally escapes the grade-school beat-down, exiting through the door and crying, "I'm out of here!" Goldar, who has been waiting for the cue of someone leaving the bus to drop the net from above, quickly tosses it down. Rito is ensnared, with Goldar unaware who he really captured. The golden warrior exclaims, "At last! The Power Coins are ours!" The moment he tries lifting his arm into the air in victory, Goldar loses his balance and falls off the roof of the bus. He lands perfectly on top of Rito, crushing him beneath his weight. All the kids on the bus get a big laugh out of this. Rito groans, "Get off me, you big monkey boy! Ohhh!"

Despite not being awoke when pummeled by balls and popcorn, all it takes it a few taps on the shoulder by Tommy for the bus driver to wake up. He asks Tommy & Kat, "Wha-what happened?!", as he brushes off the popcorn coating his body. Tommy simply tells him, "I think you can go now, sir. Everything's okay." He & Kat return to their seats, leaving the driver completely baffled. Back in the backseat, Bulk & Skull play around with Rito's bonesword. As Aisha watches, the sword suddenly comes to life in a purplish humming glow. This freaks Bulk & Skull out, tossing it back and forth before Bulk tells Skull, "Get rid of it!" He does so, heaving it out the window. The bonesword returns to its master, dropping directly on Rito's head, causing his noggin to actually flip up in the air quickly upon being struck. As the bus drives off, Goldar packs up the net and complains to Rito, "You fool! How could you let them get away!?" The skeletal solider stands up and yells, "Me?! Why is it always me?! It was your fault!" Together, they slam the net and the bonesword down on the pavement in frustration. And if you're wondering why they don't just blow the bus up, where's the fun in that? Momentarily back on the Moon Palace, Rita asks her brother, "Can't you do anything right? What is it with you, anyway!?" Rito rubs his right shoulder-bone, and whines, "It wasn't my fault, sis! It was Mr. Goldilocks here!" Goldar growls in response. Lord Zedd orders, "Silence!", as he sits on his throne and views the Earth with his red-ray vision. Peeking into Billy's garage lab, Zedd notes, "Ahh, it seems young Billy is putting the finishing touches on his machine that will return the Rangers back to normal." Rita groans, "Ugh! That twerp is always up to something. Doesn't he sleep?!" Zedd lifts his hand and lets his magic flow through his fingertips, as he commands, "Rito, Goldar! Return to Earth and keep an eye on him!" Goldar immediately obeys, "We're on our way, master!" Poor Rito continues rubbing his shoulder, whining, "Don't wanna!" Lord Zedd mentions, "Once Billy completes his masterpiece, he will bring it to the others. When they are assembled, summon me. By the end of today, the Power Rangers will be finished forever! Haha!"

On Earth, at the Cranston residence, Billy & Adam finish up work on the Regenerator. It's effectively a small golden slot machine toy, with a robotic face & body, and a hat with skyscrapers atop it. Its chest contains the three spinning slot-symbols, which are connected to a similar looking device a few inches away on the table. The second set of dials roll rapidly, and when they quickly cut off, and Billy notes, "This should be the last connection. I don't have NEARLY the equipment that I do in the future. There's no telling WHAT results we'll get." (which explains why he's using such a silly thing as an important tool to returning himself and friends to their original ages) Adam wonders, "Now what?", and Billy explains, "Well, the way I configured the Regenerator, we'll have to use our Power Coins to make it work. Sigh. That should give it the required current." Just outside, Rito has his own sound amplifier up against the exterior wall of the garage. It even has a little white/camoflauge skull-head on the side! Rito listens into the room with the stethoscope earpieces, remarking to Goldar, "Yep! They're in there!" He eavesdrops as Adam asks, "Will the Regenerator have the power to turn the world back, too, Billy?" Billy answers, "I'm dunno if it'll even restore us back to normal! We'll just have to wait and see." Goldar impatiently asks his partner, "Dohhh! What are they saying, already?!" Rito quiets him, "Shh! Wait a minute!" Moments later, Billy, carrying the Regenerator, exits his house with Adam. Billy says, "Let's go meet the others!", and Adam remarks, "I'll sure be glad when this nightmare's over!" Rito & Goldar are just around the shrubs, overhearing everything. Rito exclaims, "Alright! You heard 'em! Let's go get those coins!" Goldar halts his partner, "Hold it! We MUST report back to Lord Zedd!" Rito whines (he's quite cranky today), "Ohhh, c'mon! Are you a monkey, or a mouse?!" Goldar scratches his golden helmet, pondering the question. Rito adds, "Aw, we don't need Ed! Let's go after them, and grab the coins when they're all together. Are ya with me, big fella? Huh?!" Goldar replies, "No, not by choice!", causing Rito to groan.

Soon, Billy & Adam are walking down the sidewalk. I question why they're not teleporting to the Command Center, their safest move in this situation. Who knows! Billy admits to his pal, "I don't know what to do if this doesn't work!" Adam encourages him, "It'll work." Little do they know, that Rito & Goldar are follow their trail down the suburban sidewalk. Rito tiptoes and slightly whispers, "Stay behind me, and KEEP QUIET!" So far so good, until Goldar ends up getting too close to his partner, and bumps into him. Rito turns around, kicks him in the shin, and yells, "Oh! Watch where you're going!" The slow-speed chase continues, as Billy discusses with Adam, "You know what I'm gonna do when everything gets back to normal? I can't WAIT to get back to my computer! I really miss surfing the... Internet?" (which is a bigger mistake, the notion that the Internet didn't exist 7-10 years ago, or that our beloved brainiac wouldn't have a computer as a kid?!) He halts his conversation at the last word, and his walking, prompting Adam to do the same. Rito & Goldar's sinister snickering as they were sneaking up behind them caught Billy's ear. Quickly, the two henchmonsters dive into the mass of bushes in someone's yard. Adam & Billy (switching sides on the sidewalk, a production gaffe) pause for a moment, until Adam asks his teammate, "What's the matter?" Billy shrugs what he thought he heard off, and replies, "Nothing", with a shake of his head. They return to their journey, causing Goldar & Rito to peek their heads out of the bushes and breath a sigh of relief. Rito exhales, "Whoo! That was close!" They get up and continue following the youngsters. Rito reminds Goldar, "Now remember, be quiet and watch where you're going!" He fails to heed his own advice, and slams right into a couple of mailboxes! (notice all the flags are up, yet it's the very late afternoon!) Billy & Adam stop again, and turn around, only to see nobody in sight. Adam asks, "Did you hear something?", Billy confirms, "Yeah!", and Adam wonders, "Do you think someone's following us?" Billy states, "Let's hope not", and the two re-embark on their trip. At this rate, they'll be physically their original ages again by the time they reach their destination!!

Elsewhere, at the Command Center, Alpha runs a glowy knobbed device over a large circuit board, which Cestro is holding as the other Aquitians look on. Alpha comments, "I truly appreciate your help with our retro-animating circuits. They just haven't been running right lately!" Cestro replies, "It is my pleasure, Alpha. Anytime I can share my knowledge, I am pleased to do... so..." His words begin to slur, and his eyes close, as he groans in agony, and begins to slowly collapse. He leans against a console, prompting Aurico to take the circuit board out of his weary possession. Alpha exclaims, "Cestro?! Ay-yi-yi! What's the matter?!" Delphine wiggles her strangely held fingers over his body, while asking, "Are you losing hydration?" Cestro grunts, "I believe so, Delphine. I must take action to counteract this... immediately." As he's talking, Aurico & Corcus begin to show signs of weakening, their facial expressions changing as they begin to moan and slump. Aurico hands the circuit board to Delphine while leaning on her shoulder and stating, "I fear that I am suffering a similar malady." Corcus clutches his stomach and adds, "As am I!" Zordon is shown, but remains rather quiet. Tideus falls victim to the dehydrating domino effect, and starts to struggle to remain standing. Delphine must be like a sponge when it comes to stamina. Alpha looks up to the Plasma Tube and says, "Ay-yi-yi! This is terrible, Zordon! What will we do now?!"
Soon enough, the six Ranger kids meet up outside of what appears to be the water treatment plant. Least, that's what all of those pipes and huge drum-like towers look like to me. Though why meet there of all places, instead of the super-safe Command Center, is unclear. Billy remarks, "Great, you're all here! Did you bring your Power Coins?" The children confirm, "Yeah, we got 'em," as they hand their golden Ninja Powered Coins to Billy. The brainy one holds his creation, and states, "On its lowest setting, the Regenerator should rearrange our molecular structure and turn us back to normal." The other five kids begin cheering enthusiastically, slapping each other five, as things seem to be going their way for a change. Just around the corner, Rito & Goldar continue their hunt for our heroes. Rito urges his partner on, "Would you hurry it up, Goldie?!", prompting Goldar to rush up behind him and reply, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Rito notes, "They've GOT to be around here somewhere! Oh! There they are!" He points them out in the distance, and races their way, Goldar following and shouting, "Let's get 'em!" Billy takes his blessed time loading each of the six Ninja Coins into the slot machine toy. Adam holds the Regenerator as he does this. When the evil henchmonsters make the scene, Tommy yells, "Hurry, Billy!", and Rocky points out, "It's Rito & Goldar!" The two of them, plus Aisha & Kat, get into fighting stance. Adam says to Billy, "I KNEW we were being followed!" (Then why risk meeting out in the open like this?!) Billy takes the Regenerator, and tells Adam, "Step back!" Rito states, "Got 'cha!", and Goldar orders them, "Hold it right there!" Billy places the Regenerator on the ground, activates the slot-dials on the front of it, causing the toy machine to hum to life with a golden glow. Rito wonders, "Hey, what's he doing?" The answer becomes clear, as Billy stands firmly behind the Regenerator. Goldar realizes, "He's activating it!", and Rito says, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get him!", the two darting towards the boy. Electricity starts to flow upward into his young body, and with a flash of bright light, Billy goes from his de-aged form, back into his original teenage state! Talk about hitting the jackpot!

Billy's restored to normal, which Tommy notes, "It worked! You're big again, Billy!" Indeed he is, even wearing a larger version of the clothes he had on as a child! Less than a split-second later, Rito & Goldar pop up beside the re-aged Ranger. Rito jokes, "Well, Billy, I see we've been taking our vitamins! Haha!" Billy asks in his puberty-enhanced voice, "What do you want, Rito?!" The skeletal soldier answers, "Du-Uh! Let's see: Your Power Coins, the Regenerator, and anything else ya got!" Tommy takes the distracted incentive to sprint over, grab the Regenerator off the ground, and get it out of harm's way. He shouts, "Run, guys!", and that's what they do, Billy included. Rito chases them, yelling to his partner, "Let's get them! C'mon, Goldie! Will ya help me here?!", even though Goldar hasn't hesitated one bit. The Ranger kids make a run for it, with Tommy pointing out, "They're after us!" Billy, who seems to have adapted to being small & weak again, forgets he's big enough to properly take them on unmorphed. It's even possible, that if he had the time to get his Ninja Coin out, he could Morph. Instead, he joins his teammates in fleeing. Meanwhile, at the Command Center, Alpha is too busy worried about the Aquitians to notice what's going on with our Earthen heroes. He exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! The closest body of water is the fountain in the town square!" (I thought they said before that the beach was the closest?!) An image of said fountain appears on the Viewing Globe, before the Aquitians, all five, including Delphine, now weary from lack of water exposure. Tideus speaks for the team, "Then the fountain, it is. The dehydration process can be ignored no longer." Zordon agrees, "Tideus is right, Alpha. We must put their health ahead of anything else. We will deal with whatever consequences arise as a result of their absence." Alpha concurs, "Right, Zordon! I'll teleport them to the fountain, immediately." With the flick of a button, the five Aquitians teleport in their usual water molecule-style state, and land in the grassy town square. They turn and see the fountain, in all is watery beauty. Without a word, the Alien Rangers lift their hands above their heads, and send their bodies hovering into the air. They land gently in the middle of the fountain, attracting quite a large crowd of onlookers, who all murmur at the strange sight. The Aquitians lower their hands, and begin to do odd motioning their them, as their bodies start to shine with the aquatic glow of their Ranger powers. Rehydration has begun, but let's hope they don't choke on any of the coins people tossed into the fountain.

Back at the water treatment plant (why didn't the Aquitians go there, instead? I'm sure the kind of liquid they need can be found somewhere in one of the intake pumps), the Ranger kids & Billy continue fleeing aimlessly. I mean, you'd think they'd at least contact Alpha over the Viewing Disc to ask for help in getting to safety. Or that Zordon would notice the Rangers were in peril. Instead, they end up basically backed into a corner, and bump into Rito & Goldar. Rito greets them with evil glee, "Haha! Hi, guys!" Goldar simply waltzes over, says, "I'll take that!", and snatches the Regenerator out of Tommy's hands. Why he didn't attempt to hand it to one of his teammates is unclear, but I suspect the Rangers may be suffering from brain-dehydration. Goldar grabs it and remarks, "Thank you!", Rito chuckling, "Much obliged, kiddies!" Billy gets fed up, and states, "Alright, you guys asked for it!" He marches towards the henchmonsters, acting tough. Rito gets use out of his rarely seen optic-blast attack for a second time today, as he fires a bluish set of beams from his eyes and replies, "Right!" Billy is struck, and flung across the area, against a wall harshly. The Ranger kids quickly rush over to his painfully grunting side. As they do this, Goldar tips the Regenerator over, and empties it of its Ninja Coin contents into his right hand, noting in a singsong voice, "I've got the Power Coins!" Rito & Goldar laugh as the golden warrior clutches the equally golden coins in his palm. The kids ask their injured pal, "Billy, are you alright?!" Billy groans, "I think so." Suddenly, Lord Zedd teleports onto the roof of one of the tank towers in a flash of white lightning. He says, "Excellent work, Rito!", actually impressed by his brother-in-law's deviated from his own plan. Tommy looks up and gasps, "Oh no... Lord Zedd!" Zedd looks down and remarks, "Funny. You all look much smaller than I remember! Oh, Rita?" His witchy wife teleports onto the adjacent tank tower, and proclaims, "Ahh! Let's get on with it! Shall we?" Zedd concurs, "I couldn't agree with you more, my dear!"

As the Ranger kids, and the crouching Billy, watch, Rita & Zedd lift their staff & wand into the air. They aim them down towards a platform between the two water towers, where Goldar is standing, both of his hands held high. In each hand, are three of the Ninja Power Coins. One hand gets struck with Rita's Magic Wand red-beam of energy, and the other with Zedd's Z-Staff white-beam of power. Lucky for the evilly laughing Goldar, their blasting does no harm to his delicate appendages, instead decintergrating the Power Coins within! Each of his hands glow brightly, as the coins are slowly destroyed. The Ranger kids, and Billy, cover their eyes with their arms as they view the lightshow rather somberly. Small popping explosions begin to erupt in Goldar's hands, and before you know it, he lifts his fingers, and lets the golden glittery dust remains of the Ninja Coins fall from his grasp. The combined remnants of the six coins swirl together, and stream off out of sight in a sudden wisp. (if you read the Zeo comic, you'll know what may have happened to their energies) Goldar gloats, "Bye-bye!" as he releases the Ninja Coin sands into the air, brushing his hands off together afterwards. Lord Zedd boasts, "Like golden dust floating in the wind, so shall your planet perish! The time has come, Power Rangers, for you to prepare for the end of your world! Haha!" He points at them, and then teleports back to the moon, Rita laughing wickedly before following along. Rito carries Goldar's sword in his hand with his own bonesword, and the Regenerator in the other. He hands his partner his weapon, remarking, "Let's see. That one's yours, this is mine", before shaking the Regenerator near his ear and saying, "Welp, without the Power Coins, this thing's useless! Haha!" He chucks it aside, the back of the bronze slot machine toy shattering upon crashing to the cement. Rito mentions, "We're out of here!", and he & Goldar teleport back home, fully successful for a change. They leave the Ranger kids worried, with Aisha wondering, "What're we gonna do now?" Billy states, "The Power Coins are gone and the Regenerator's history. There's not much we CAN do.", sighing defeatedly. I should note, that unlike when the Pink Coin was stolen, the Rangers should feel no effects from the destruction of their coins here. They've been effectively cut off from their Ninja Powers forever due to the fact their only "keys" to unlocking them have been reduced to tiny flakes of dust and scattered. Had the Evil Space Aliens swiped the coins and kept them, THEN they'd be in physical harm.

Soon on the moon, Rita looks through her Repulsascope, and views the Aquitians rehydrating in the town square fountain. She remarks, "What a pretty package, wrapped up so nice and neat, and it's not even my birthday! Hahaha!" Lord Zedd sits on his throne, groping his staff excitedly as he states, "Perfect, isn't it? The Aquitian Rangers alone in the center of town, the Power Coins destroyed, what MORE could we ask for?!" Rita walks over to her brother, who quickly nods his head to Zedd's statement, before stopping and scratching his helmet in confusion. Rito then gives a response in a slight whisper, "How 'bout a monster attack? Hahaha!" Rita smiles and chuckles evilly at this. Zedd is astonished, "I can't believe it. Twice in one day your brain has proven operational!" Rito takes a bow, speaking Elvis-y he waves and humbly remarks, "Thank ya, thank ya, you're too kind!" Zedd stands up and notes, "You know, it would be a shame to waste Billy's machine..." Rita agrees, "Excellent idea, Zeddie! Hahaha!" Rito feels neglected, pointing out, "Hey! This was MY idea!" Lord Zedd sits back down and yells, "Nevermind!", as he charges up his Z-Staff and fires it off towards Earth. The bolt of magic strikes the discarded Regenerator, regenerating it into the robotic (later named) Slotsky monster! He marches towards the Ranger kids, who are sitting against one of the pipes at the water plant still. Slotsky exclaims, "Hello, Power Rangers! I've been sent to make a few changes!" The kids hop up and get into a fighting stance, with Billy stepping up and telling them, "Stay back, you guys." Tommy mentions, in regard to his recent loss, "Billy, you can't take this guy by yourself!" Billy comments, "I don't have a choice." Slotsky walks pretty slowly with his big clunky feet, which causes ample time for our six heroes to be suddenly teleported out against their will! The monster looks around confused, asking, "Where'd they go?!"

At the Command Center, Alpha sighs, "Ohhhh!", while walking over to one of the consoles. Instantly, the six humans Rangers teleport in behind him. They breath a sigh of relief, Tommy saying, "Man, that was close! Thanks, Alpha." The automaton assistant replies, "As always, it was my pleasure." (then why didn't he do it sooner?!) Tommy then asks, "Alpha, where are the Aquitians?" Zordon, likely feeling ignored lately, states, "Their hydration levels were dangerously low. We teleported them to the nearest body of water." Aisha turns the attention back to the robot, "Where are they, Alpha?" Alpha answers, "At the fountain in the center of town!" Billy questions him, "Well did you try to contact them and tell them we needed their help?" Zordon explains, "Unfortunately, their telepathic powers do not function during rehydration." The only one of the Earth Rangers restored to their true age, Billy figures, "Well I guess I should go do it on my own, then." Tommy, trying to assert his leadership, says, "I'm coming with you, Billy." In return, Billy gets to not only assert the fact he's the senior member of the Rangers, but that he's the only grown-up on the team, by chuckling and remarking, "Uhh, Tommy, I really hate to say this to you, man. But, I AM older than you, and i'm telling you to stay here for your own good." Tommy nods and accepts his fate, bumping fists with Billy in agreement. Billy sighs and asks, "Alpha, can you teleport me there, right away?" Alpha confirms, "Of course. Prepare for teleportation!" He presses a few buttons, and Billy zips off in a streak of blue light. The five remaining Ranger kids join Alpha's side, and wait patiently in the console room. Billy lands in the wooded surroundings of the town square, so as to not be noticed. Once there, he notices the five Aquitians in the middle of the fountain, doing funky gestures with their hands as their bodies glow continuously. Their eyes are closed, so they're likely unaware that they've drawn a crowd of citizens oogling their rehydrating. Good thing they aren't skinny dipping! Billy dashes over to the side of the pool, and yells, "Guys, guys! It's me, Billy! Hurry, we need your help! There's a monster headed this way!" Slotsky, who moves slower than a snail, is just behind him out in the open field, remarking, "Ahh, there you are, Billy!" The brainy one reiterates, "Correction. The monster's here!" Slotsky's appearance causes the nearby civilians to run around in fear, as he laughs evilly and says, "Haha! Time for fun, Rangers! Tengas, show 'em what ya got!" A flock of Tenga Warriors are summoned down in a hailstorm of feathers. Delphine and her teammates open their eyes and cease hand-movements, though their bodies continue glimmering. She looks around at her fellow Aquitians, before lifting her right fist to her left breast and yelling into the camera, "It's Morphin' Time!" All five of the Aquitians morph at once with a shout of, "Rangers of Aquitar, we need full power!"

The Aquitians emerge from their five-at-once Morphing screen shot, all fully decked out in their proper costumes, proclaiming, "Alien Rangers! Hah!", while posing on dry land in front of the various Angel Grovians. Slotsky responds to their appearance, "Ooo! Fancy-schmantzy!", before ordering the Tengas, "Get 'em, featherbrains!" The Alien Rangers do more posing, with their White Ranger leader stating, "Prepare for attack! Let's go!" They rush off around to the other side of the fountain, while Delphine merely flips into the air over the water. Over to the side, Yellow & Black Alien Rangers jog along, before engaging in battle with a trio of Tengas. Tideus takes his single sparring partner offscreen, while Corcus remains dueling with two birdbrains at once. The bystanders cheer and applaud these strange new Rangers' efforts. Billy joins the crowd, prompting a woman with a dubbed voice (so as to not have to pay her anything extra) to ask, "They're amazing! Who are they?!" He responds, "I dunno. But whoever they are, they're heroes.", putting his hands in his pockets as he proudly views his allies in action. Red & Blue Aquitar Rangers are next to put on a show, flipping into a group of Tengas. Kicks & punches are thrown, and some wing-yanking is done. Aurico focuses on a single Tenga, which tries to kick him in return. The Red Ranger then grabs the birdbrain's leg, wraps his own around it, and takes the birddrone down. Aurico then proceeds to ask, "Is your species ticklish?", before tickling the Tenga's foot with his gloved fingers. Needless to say, the Tenga laughs uncontrollably. The Black Aquitar Ranger hops into the air like the frog he's powered by, and lands amid several Tengas. Another one of the birddrones follows his jumping path, inspiring Corcus to leap into the air again, kick the Tenga up in the sky, then flip down and knock a different Tenga out. He finishes this session off by attacking the final Tenga in the air, and then posing at the edge of the water fountain. Slotsky cries foul, "Hey, no fair! Just wait 'till I get a hold of you!" (speaking of fowl, two Tengas are backing him up for some unexplained reason). The Blue Alien Ranger replies, "You'll get your chance!" Cestro then starts breakdancing, literally! He swivels around on the ground, twirling his legs out and taking a circle of Tengas down in a way that would make even Zack jealous.

The White Aquitar Ranger, the only one of the team with a skirt, bounces around while fighting a Tenga. She jumps all over, before finally planting a leap kick firmly in the featherhead's back, sending him hurling into the water fountain. The Yellow Aquitar Ranger has a Tenga by the legs, and is spinning his around in the air. He finally lets go, causing the birddrone to go flying into the water. Tideus turns around in time to see another Tenga trying to lunge at him. He hops onto the Tenga's shoulders, exclaims, "Ha-ha!", and drops to the ground, with his legs wrapped around the Tenga's neck. The birdbrain is slammed into the grass and knocked for a daze. The Yellow Alien Ranger is then greeted by the thankful crowd of humans, who shout, "Way to go!" as they walk over and shake his hands. Tideus, whose body structure looks especially buffed when Morphed (to distinguish that this Yellow Ranger is definitely not female), poses while flexing his muscles for the grateful citizens. One silly extra thought it would be funny to slap him on the top of his helmet, as if playing bongos! Red Alien Ranger twists a Tenga in his arms and drops him upside down on his head. Aurico turns to a nearby couple and asks them, "Is that alright?" They pat him on the back, overjoyed that he helped save them from the evil bird creature. Over on the rough side of the fountain, Slotsky stands around complaining to his two Tenga companions, "Those Alien Rangers are ruining all my fun! Do something!" The Tenga do something for sure, namely squawk, "All right! We're out of here!" The flock of featherbrains take to the skies, flying off in retreat. The crowd of citizens cheer and applaud even louder, with Billy joining in by clapping. Meanwhile, at the Command Center, Alpha is apparently all alone, as he presses a few buttons. The alarms go off, causing him to exclaim, "Ay-yi-yi! Sensors indicate that Slotsky's at the quarry! Rangers, you MUST get there, right away!" (Closed Captions reveal a totally different line, "My sensors indicate the monster has been increasing in power every 20 seconds. They have to stop him now!")

The five Aquitian Rangers leap into the air, and land at what is supposed to be the quarry. It looks more like a construction yard, given the amount of building supplies scattered about. They actually land atop a stack of cinderblocks, and begin to motion their arms as they proclaim in unison, "Power of water, brought from the sky! Powers of light! Powers unite!" Slotsky looks up at them and boasts, "Wait till you see what's up next!" The Red Alien Ranger replies, "Oh yeah?", sticking up his thumb before turning it over, and saying, "What goes up, must come down!" Aurico then leaps into the air, whips his sword out of his back-sheath, drops towards Slotsky. The monster, now with a large magnet for a hand, blocks the blow and smashes the Aquitian across the chest. The other Alien Rangers are also down on the ground, ready to fight the Regenerator gone bad, though his new magnet hand proves quite useful in bashing each of them. All but the Black Ranger have had the sparks beat out of them. Though a moment later, even Corcus tries to get the drop on him using his sword in a jumping attack. Slotsky dodged the slice with help from his trust magnet hand, and uses it to redirect the Aquitian's momentum. He goes flying off into the gravel, where his teammates join his side. Slotsky quips, "Hey! Check out my magnetic personality!", as he aims his magnet-hand at them. Blue & Yellow's holstered Blasters are sucked up by the metal-attracting ray. Slotsky reverts his right hand back to normal, and takes the Blasters, remarking, "Let's see if these things work!", as he fires them both at the Aquitians. The five Alien Rangers are struck by the large blast of sparks, and when the smoke clears, all that remains are their empty uniforms lying on the dirt in a heap! (an old Ninja Ranger trick.) Slotsky looks around and finds no signs of their bodies, stating, "Guess they work! Hey, come back here, you chickens! I'm not through with you yet!" He has his back turned away for a moment, which is enough time for the Red Aquitar Ranger to tap him on the shoulder and say, "Sir, your food's here." Slotsky stupidly turns around and asks surprised, "Did I order something?" Aurico replies, "Yeah, a knuckle sandwich!", before punching the monster in the face with a special fist-attachment of Ninja-symbol brass knuckles! Slotsky is struck in the chest, and rolls across the ground, laughing maniacally. He gets up and angrily states, "Why, you..." The Alien Rangers regroup, and Aurico asks him, "Well, are you ready to give up yet?" Slotsky throws a tantrum, "No way! You cheated! I'm supposed to win!"

On the lunar Balcony, Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa cross their magical wand & staff together. Zedd growls, "Enough of this nonsense!", and is joined in by his wife as he incants, "Oh mighty scepters, make our monster GROW!" Their combined evil energies fire out towards the Earth, and come crashing through a dark cloud as a massive bolt of lightning. Slotsky is blasted by the evil electricity, and grows to a giant height. The Aquitians waste no time in noticing the urgency of the situation, Red Ranger noting, "We need the Battle Borgs!" His teammates agree simultaneously, "Right!" They each lift their arms above their heads, and hold their golden Power Coins between their fingers. A quick look at Aurico's reveals the Ape animal face on it, rather than the Ninja symbol on his suit. The five Aquitians shout a summon, "Battle Borgs! The Alien Rangers of Aquitar call on your power... NOW!" They toss their coins into the air, causing them to stream out in a golden radiance, before flashing into physical form as the five mighty Ninja-spirited Battle Borgs! Slotsky greets the equally sized fighting machines, "C'mon!", to which the Borgs respond by getting into their own special fighting stances. The monster fires a concussive blast at them with his hand, but the mighty Battle Borgs just keep on coming, marching past the smoke and doing a set of jump flips into the air. We see how they're controlled, as the view switches to the Alien Rangers down at the construction site. Delphine & Cestro leap into the air with their fists out, which causes their White & Blue Borgs to do the same. Slotsky gets hit. Corcus & Tideus guide their Black & Yellow Borgs into doing twin jumping kicks into the monster. Slotsky gets hit again, and tumbles over. This gives incentive for Yellow & Black Rangers to stand shoulder to shoulder, and shout, "Ready positions!" Red Ranger rushes towards them and yells, "Attack mode!", as he jumps up and stands with one foot on each of their shoulders. The Yellow, Black, and Red Battle Borgs mimic these positions, of course. White & Blue Rangers cross arms in a lock, while shouting, "Launch sequence, NOW!" Their Borgs do the same while crouching down in front of the other three Borgs, and speak in a robotic tone, "Launch sequence, now." Aurico does his "thumbs down" motions again, while saying, "Monster, you're finished!" His Red Battle Borg then flips off of Yellow & Black's shoulders, lands on White & Blue's arms, and springs into the air with their launching assistance. Slotsky is taken by surprise, as the Red Ape Borg is flung in his direction. It suddenly reverts into energy mode, a flaming ball of light which rips through the monster's chest, and comes out the other side in its original form, posing victoriously. The other Battle Borgs also pose, as Slotsky screams in agony, and explodes into a blast of fire. The Red Borg does a gorilla-like pose, the Aquitian Rangers cheer for themselves, and the spiritual remains of Slotsky float into the sky. As the "Go Go Alien Rangers" theme plays, the spirit suddenly explodes in midair, leaving no trace behind (though you must wonder where the Regenerator went). The five Battle Borgs stand at ease together.
At the fountain in the town square, the Angel Grove Channel 6 News van rolls up, and the cameraman and male report rush out. A small applauding crowd has gathered around as Mayor Carrington addresses them at a podium (a sign, "Thank You Aquitian Rangers" on it), with the five Aquitians standing by her side. Carrington (who looks as white-haired as normal) speaks, "Citizens of Angel Grove, as you know, our town has come under the attack of horrible alien forces. But thanks to our new friends from a faraway land, all is well. We are safe! And it is for this reason that I present our Aquitian Rangers with the highest honor for bravery: the golden star!" The crowd goes wild, though the Aquitians just look around curiously at the hubbub occurring from their presence. Cestro is especially confused when the female mayor walks over and places the metal of bravery over his bulbous head. She manages to get it over and around his neck without incident, at least. Nearby, the five Ranger kids stand with their age restored teammate up against a van. All have different clothes on than earlier, meaning this must be a different day. They clap for their new friends. Billy gets over his concerns with the public seeing the Alien Rangers, by saying, "Well I guess we don't have to worry about THEM being seen in public anymore." Tommy remarks nasally, "Except they may need celebrity bodyguards now!" The kids snicker. Aisha states, "I think everything's cool. Everything's okay again!" Billy shoots her smiling enthusiasm by noting, "For now, Aisha." Adam agrees, "He's right. We've lost our Power Coins forever." Rocky adds, "Yeah, and Billy's device is ruined." (then build a new one, for cripes sake!) Billy helps further their depression by mentioning, "Not to mention, the Aquitians can't stay here indefinitely. We've got a lot of things to figure out, you guys. Things are just gonna get worse... MUCH worse." Man, this episode should have been sponsored by Prozac!
[To be continued...; end credits]
A quick clapboard slate pops up, showing the date of production for that last scene as 10/3/95. The director tells the cast to, "Go ahead", but Billy was teasing Aisha by touching her shoulder or something, and then when she turns around to look at him, he acts serious and innocent.; Clapboard over Rocky's face; Billy's line flubbed: "Not to mention the Aquitians can't stay here indefinitely. We've a lot..." He makes a funny face of frustration, prompting Tommy to chuckle, and the director to yell cut.; On the bus, Rito scratches his helmet and asks, "Uhh, script girl? What's my line? Bah!"; Clapboard over Rocky's face, part 2; Billy tries again, "Not to mention the...", he starts to smile, Tommy laughs, and Aisha begins to, until the director comments, "Get settled!"; On the bus, Bulk, with his sunglasses lowered, looks at he camera with a sly smirk; A shot of the school bus riding kids cleaning themselves off of all the popcorn tossed; Aisha turns and looks with a disgusted expression; Skull tosses Rito's bonesword out of the window, without the special effects; Tommy looks cluelessly into the camera; Aisha, in the Command Center, makes a funny noise with her mouth as she widens her eyes; And on the bus, Bulk & Skull are frozen with fear. Until the director yells cut, and they return to normal, Skull laughing loudly.

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