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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
"Attack Of The 60' Bulk"
Original Air Date: 2/10/96 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #18 - Haro Kinoko-Kun (
Hello Mushroom Boy)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-338
*38th episode aired
*150th total Power Rangers episode
*Unofficially, this is episode 5 of the Alien Rangers saga.

Writer: Gilles Wheeler Director: Paul Schrier
Starring Cast:
Michael R. Gotto _AS_ Young Tommy
Julia Jordan _AS_ Young Katherine
Michael J. O'Laskey II _AS_ Young Rocky
"Sicily" _AS_ Young Aisha
Matthew Sakimoto _AS_ Young Adam
David Yost _AS_ Billy
Cody Slaton _AS_ Young Bulk
Paul Schrier _AS_ Bulk
Ross J. Samya _AS_ Young Skull

Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Delphine (White Ranger)
David Bacon _AS_ Aurico (Red Ranger)
Karim Prince _AS_ Cestro (Blue Ranger)
Jim Gray _AS_ Tideus (Yellow Ranger)
Alan Palmer _AS_ Corcus (Black Ranger)
Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Mr. Wilton [Played by the same actor as before!]
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Paul Schrier _AS_ Bratboy (voice)


[Today on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings); Opening credits]
At a water park in Angel Grove called Splash City, the elementary school is having a field trip. The Ranger kids are all decked out in their swimming clothes, with towels in their possession. Billy is there also, as is Mr. Wilton (from "Wizard For A Day" and "First Down & Long," he was also Ninjor's American suit actor!). Some people wonder why Wilton hasn't appeared to have de-aged at all, he's still balding and looks no younger. Those people seem to forget an ageless sage named Richard Clark. Besides, he was very militaristic when we first saw him, here he acts less serious. Aisha mentions the setup, "It's REALLY nice of Bulk's uncle to open up the water park for our class. It's gonna be great!" Mr. Wilton, who has been demoted from teacher high schoolers to holding the hands of little kids thanks to the Earth's reversal, doesn't recognize Billy. This is due mainly to how Billy re-aged himself concurrent of the Orb Of Doom's mental & physical alertations of the populus. Or some such. Anyway, Wilton remarks to one of his students, "Tommy, it's also nice of your Uncle William to act as a chaperon!" Billy smirks and states, "Ah, it's my pleasure, Mr. Wilton." The Ranger kids finally reach the inner entrance, and rush over to gaze at the massive aquatic theme park itself. Even Billy & Wilbur are at awe at the sight, despite how it's not really that big compared to some i've seen. Rocky gasps, "This is awesome!" Our heroes need to be careful, though. The last time they played around at an amusement park, the Earth got regressed in age! Mr. Wilton spots some children horsing around offscreen, and yells, "Hey, you two! None of that!" He slips off to go scold them personally. This allows the Ranger kids to discuss more private matters openly. Tommy says, "Man, this is gonna be fun! But I just can't help thinking about the Aquitians." Adam agrees, "Yeah! What if they didn't have enough power to get home?" Rocky adds, "Or if they dried out before getting to water!" Kat asks the elder Ranger, "Billy, can you contact Zordon for us?" He replies sternly, "You KNOW we should only use the Communicator for an emergency!" Majority rules, when all five of the young youths gang up on him and beg, "Aww, come on, Billy! You HAVE to! Please?" He gives in, "Alright! Alright!", prompting the kids to pump their fists and cheer, "Yes!" Billy looks around, makes sure nobody's watching, and lifts the Viewing Disc out of his pocket. He speaks into it, "Zordon, this is Billy. Come in!"

At the Command Center, the big blue head answers, "Billy, I read you. Is everything alright?" Billy responds, "We were wondering if the Aquitians made it home in time to rehydrate." The Ranger kids listen in closely, as Zordon states, "I have not heard from them yet. I'll try to contact them now. Standby." On Aquitar, deep beneath the massive oceans, lies one of many pod-like structures the Aquitians reside in. Within it, the five Alien Rangers are in the process of soaking in their planet's most abundant natural resource, namely the H2O. They stand facing one of the circular windows, doing their hand stance thingy. Suddenly, the Morphin' Master's voice rings out, "Aquitians, this is Zordon of Earth! Please make contact." They turn around, and face the camera, which I suppose would be their own version of the Viewing Globe offscreen. Delphine informs him, "Greetings, Zordon. We are nearly rehydrated. Our regards and thanks to you, and the Earth Rangers." Zordon returns the comment, "And ours to you and the others, Delphine. Zordon out." The five Aquitians nod slowly, holding their hands in the usual finger-locked position. At Splash City, Zordon tells our heroes over the Viewing Disc (which is supposedly showing holograms on its surface, but we're shown none), "Good news, Billy. The Aquitians send their regards and thanks. They are well!" The kids all smile and cheer, Kat exclaiming, "Fantastic!" (notice that Julia clings by Yost's side quite often this episode. Methinks she had a big crush on him!) Zordon goes on to say, "Billy, remind the young Rangers of their current physical form. Their bodies and emotions are much younger, and in need of physical release. Make sure they use this day to have fun!" The kids giggle, and Billy smiles, confirming, "You got it, Zordon!" All but Kat then rush off to start the watery activities, as she remains behind to stare at Billy with doe eyes some more. I'm not kidding!

Elsewhere, on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa stand atop the balcony, looking out over the Earth. Zedd exclaims gleefully, "Yes! Our moment has come! Hahaha!" Rita is on his level, noting, "Great minds thinks alike! With the Aliens and those Ranger Runts busy soaking their heads, the world is our oyster!" Behind the husband & wife of evil, Rito Revolto & Goldar are busy bickering with one another. They point fingers back and forth, murmuring things inaudible. It nearly ends when Rita turns around and calls out for them. Rito pinches his nose to something Goldar says, remarking, "P.U.! If you weren't already a...", as he prepares his fist, and Goldar growls. Zedd gets their attention by demanding, "Silence, you fools!" Goldar whispers another threat to his partner, prompting Rito to reply, "Says you, monkey boy!" Zedd repeats himself, "I said SILENCE!", and the henchmonsters quickly shut their traps. Their dark master continues, explaining, "In my search for a weakness in Zordon's fortress, i've located an ancient scroll map in the long forgotten tunnels beneath the Command Center!" Rita adds, "The map will lead you both to its most vulernable spot, where you will set off a device, which will blow Zordon into antimatter! Haha!" Rito points at his sister and laughs in evil agreement of this wicked plot. Zedd orders, "Now, get going!" Goldar eagerly obeys, saying, "Yes, my lord!", before pointing his finger at the skeletal soldier and remarking, "But i'm not taking THIS talentless fool with me!" Lord Zedd denies his request, "The fool goes, and you'd BEST not fail!" Rito states to his partner, "Just stick with me and you won't get lost!" Goldar reluctantly accepts the orders, but growls at his now officially permanent partner. The two instantly teleport out of the throne room, for what would turn out to be the last time on the series! Now all alone, the evil lovebirds turn to one another. Zedd takes his wife by the hand and gently leads her up the balcony steps, mentioning, "We should give those meddling Morphin' misfits something to keep them busy so cannot interfere with our plans!" She suggests, "Maybe a monster to ruin their fun! Ehehehe!" He strokes her hand and agrees, "Yesss! A BRAT, just like they are! We'll find the meanest kid in their class, and use HIM to make the monster!" Rita giggles and remarks lovingly, "Ahahaha! Oh, Zeddie! You're SO evil!" She runs her fingers through his exposed brain-wrinkles (!), causing him to laugh bashfully, and turn into almost putty in her hands.
As the instrumental version of "Gonna Be Alright" plays, the Rangers kids, and various other children, are shown riding down rafts and on their backs down the tunnels and slides at Splash City. Even Mr. Wilton gets in on the fun! Soon enough, at one of the rides, a massive line has formed. Bulk & Skull, both wearing the black & white striped prison outfit swimming trunks they usually wear when in their older forms, march around like they own the place. Well, as Bulk tells the kids, "Hey, buddy! My uncle owns this park!", as the bumbling duo nudge and shove their way through the line. Skull yells, "Yeah, so, move it or lose it!" They finally reach the front of the line, only to be greeted by a towering bald black guy (who resembles the one they were fearful of in an earlier Season 3 episodes), who just so happens to be the staff lifeguard on duty. Since he looks like the Baywatch version of Shaft, let's call him Staff. Can ya dig it? He asks Bulk & Skull, who freeze in fright upon bumping into him, "What's the problem? Couldn't find the line?" Bulk stammers while straining his neck to make eye contact with the tall man, "Uhh, a line? Is that what that was?" Staff, that funky groovy lifeguard/bouncer, informs him, "Yeah! That's what that is! Yeah, why don't you go get in it?" Bulk replies, "Sure, no problem!" Staff calls that a, "Good idea, bud!" Skull finally speaks, echoing Bulk's statement, before the two of them run off as fast as the increased speed on the film will take them. Staff stands mighty proud of dealing with them jive water-turkeys. Katherine, who's in the line for the ride, watches them skedaddle and giggles profusely. Bulk & Skull race away from the area, hopefully to get backup from Dolemite, who works at the hot dog stand. Up on the lunar balcony, Lord Zedd leans against the railing with his elbows, lamenting, "Earthling children are so mindless, they can't even be mean! There's got to be ONE really rotten kid in that class!" Rita, who is cutely impatient as she slaps her hands against the railing, urges, "Keep looking, my mean man!" He does so, keeping a close visor on the water park. His wife points out, "Huh! Speaking of rotten, Rito & Goldar forgot the destruction fallout mechanism! Those fools!" Zedd merely groans and lowers his metal faceplate to his palm in disgust.

Deep beneath the Command Center, inside one of the long forgotten tunnels said to be located there, Rito & Goldar reach a small platform. The tunnels, btw, aren't cavernous, but rather metal corridors with mist floating around the floors. It's fairly well lit for something forgotten, and in pretty good shape with no cobwebs, spiders, rats, cockroaches or long-bearded S-Mart employees named Ash who've been in hibernation since the middle ages. The platform podium has a clear plastic sleeve in the middle, with the rolled up scroll map inside of it. Rito pulls it out gently, and proceeds to sniff it like a fresh cigar, as he states, "Now we'll know EXACTLY how to destroy the Command Center!" Suddenly, Rita Repulsa appears from offscreen, carrying her Magic Wand and the small implosion device. She screams, "Goldar! You space cadet, you forgot the destruction mechanism!" She hands it to him, and he begins to look it over. The device is silver, with a roundish orb in the middle, and four towers around it with small lights atop them. Rito lets out a loud, "Ah-choo! Whoops!", as he sneezes while opening the scroll. Goldar orders him, "Carry the destruction mechanism! Now gimme the map!" Rito turns him down, "Buzz off, ape boy! I'm in charge of this mission!" Goldar won't give up, telling him, "No chance, you bag of bones!" Rita, who's been standing there watching their quarrel, stresses, "They'll be TWO bags of bones if you don't get your act together!" Rito comes to an agreement, "Fine. There's only ONE way to handle this." He takes the unrolled scroll, and tears it down the center! Rita groans and slaps her forehead in dismay over his stupidity. Her brother remarks, "There, now we BOTH got maps!" Goldar asks his partner, "Have you got rocks in your head?!", to which he replies, "Nope, there's nothing in my head!" Rita finally gets sick of watching the oddest couple in action, and swirl-aports back to the moon. Rito wonders, "What's with HER, anyway!?", and Goldar asks, "Where'd she go?!" The skeletal soldier figures, "Ahh, nevermind. Now look, you take this one. (he hands his map section to Goldar) No, give me that, that's mine! (takes the other from Goldar, and begins to flip it over and turns it upside down, trying to find the proper direction) No, but this..." Their confusion continues, with Goldar left growling as clueless as his partner.

At Splash City, Bulk & Skull race each other up a long wooden tower. They shove people out of the way and are generally rude, but bump into no groovy lifeguards. Together, the bumbling duo glide down a long waterslide. "Shape It Up, Bulk & Skull" plays in instrumental in the background. They hoot and holler as hey frolic in the water, until they reach the bottom. Upon splashing into the pool, the sink straight to the bottom. When they stand up, they look at each other with angry faces for some reason. Up on the side railing, watching them, are Aisha & Rocky. He chuckles as he remarks to her, "Those guys don't know what they're doing, anyhow," to which she smiles and nods. Bulk's offended, saying to Skull, "We'll give those dweebs something to laugh at! Get a bunch of those round tubes and meet me up on the bridge!" Skull asks, "What for, Bulk?", and his pal madly states, "Just get 'em and meet me up there!" Skull does so, swimming off to do the task, as Bulk remains behind, slamming his fist against the water and giving a mean glare up to the Ranger kids. Aisha gives a goofy expression to him, and Rocky notes, "He's just a big baby!", which causes Bulk to growl. On the lunar balcony, Lord Zedd mentions to his wife, "I think i've found a potential monster!" Rita cautions him, "Let's wait and see just how much of a bad boy he can be!" Soon at the water park, Bulk & Skull stand on the bridge which goes over one of the main sliding tunnels. They have a huge stockpile of inflatable innertubes in their possession. Bulk & Skull snicker sinisterly, as they ready some, just as Rocky, Adam & Aisha come zipping down the wet surface. The two stooges begin to toss tube after tube onto the three Ranger kids, landing them perfectly. Aisha cries, "You guys, quit it!", but it's too late. By the time the three reach the pool area at the bottom, they're covered with an abundance of inflatable water wading items (including many which Bulk & Skull DIDN'T throw!). Billy rushes in (as always, Yost never stoops to doing tasteless topless shots, and thus has a tanktop on even when in the water), and begins to free them of their cushy binds. He asks, "Guys, are you alright?! What happened?!" Bulk & Skull walk off from the bridge, guffawing and chortling over their successful prank.

Exiting the pool, and acting like Bulk & Skull peed on them or something (which they probably did! Ew!), Adam removes the last of the tubes from his arms and says, "I can't WAIT to get my hands on those creeps!" Aisha wonders, "Where are those guys?! Don't they know what they were doing was dangerous?" (ah, come on! how was that dangerous?! they were right out in the open, not lodged inside a covered tunnel!) Adam gets his big teammate in on it, telling Billy, "I think we should teach those two a lesson on water safety!" Billy taps his shoulder and takes charge, "Let me handle this. Hopefully they'll listen to me." Rocky, arms folded, remarks, "Those two?! Good luck!", causing Aisha to giggle. On the Moon, Lord Zedd is convinced, "I think we've found the best brat for the job, my dear. Don't you?" Rita agrees, "Let's give him a makeover he'll NEVER forget! Heheahaha!" Zedd concurs, "Yes. Let's!" They laugh maniacally, as they lift their Magic Wand & Z-Staff up, cross them against each other, and fire a combined burst of their magical energies out over the balcony. At Splash City, Bulk & Skull stand around, still busting a gut over their practical joke. Billy marches over and seriously states, "I want to talk to you two. What you did was dangerous!" The young Bulk points his finger in the teenager's face, and talks back, "Look, I do what I want, when I want, HOW I want!" Suddenly, the bolt of evil energies blasts down from the sky, and strikes Bulk's extended finger! He morphs before Skull & Billy's eyes into a giant white prune-headed monster, with a video game controller design for his shoulder pads, a long tongue hanging out, and video game joysticks sticking out of his huge shoes. The creature formally known as Bulk, speaks in an evil tone of his older version's voice, stating, "Whoa! Look out, everybody! I'm Bratboy, and it's MY way or the highway!" Skull begins to whine, stammering, "M-m-monster!", as he runs for his life. Billy asks Bratboy straight to his face, "What did you do to Bulk?!" The monster grabs Billy by the shoulders and says, "That's for me to know, and you to find out!", before hurling him directly into a nearby pool of water. He quickly gets back on his feet and storms back to face the creature. The five Ranger kids spot the commotion and join his side, prompting Bratboy to comment, "Oh goody, the charge of the REALLY light brigade! Heh! What a bunch of losers. But I won't hold it against ya. Let's play a game! I tell you what to do, and you do it! You got it?!" Our heroes (except Billy) get into fighting stance, ready to take him on. Tommy tells the monster, "Forget it, Bratboy! Go back to the freak lab, where you were made!" Bratboy mocks him back, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me! And I'VE got more than sticks & stones in store for you!" Billy reaches into his pocket and pulls out the Viewing Disc, and tries contacting the Command Center. He cries, "Zordon, come in, we need your help!" No answer comes back, only staticy fuzzing. He mentions to his teammates, "Oh no, the Communicator's wet! We'll have to wait till it dries." Adam worries, "What'll we do in the meantime?!" Bratboy chuckles psychotically, as he menaces the powerless Rangers. The Bulk & Skull goofy warbling sound effect plays in the background, against dramatically important music.
Bratboy readies a device worn on his left hand, which appears to be a parody of that old Nintendo Power Glove that kids were ripped off into buying so long ago. He calls it like baseball, "Okay, here's the pitch!", before shooting off a pink laserblast, which the kids manage to duck easily. It splashes into the water, making the monster say it's, "Strike one!" Faced with an out of control creature, Billy desperately tries the Viewing Disc again, and luckily after an affirmative beep, his cry of, "Zordon, we need help!" is heard. Zordon answers, "Billy, can you hear me now?" He responds, "Zordon, how're we supposed to defeat this monster without our powers?!" The Eltarian Sage explains, "It is impossible. Rita & Zedd have made it TOO powerful. I will try to reach the Aquitians." Billy understands, replying, "Right." He then turns his attention to the missing crowd of children that were swimming just earlier, asking, "Guys, where's Mr. Wilton and the other kids?" Aisha points out, "They're over there, eating lunch." Billy nods, "Good. They'll be safe there." (where 'there' is, isn't explained. Probably at 'Staff's High Security Pizza House') Tommy says, "We need to distract him." Bratboy, the him of his sentence, snickers some more, and references how he's just been standing there watching them talk, as he remarks, "Boy! Do I like playing with you guys!" The Ranger kids & Billy grab some discarded water toys, conveniently placed behind them, and arm themselves with them. Tommy shouts, "Hey, Doughhead! Want to play a game?!" Bratboy is up for it, replying, "Yeah! Let's play 'Eliminate The Power Puffs'! Who's first?!" Kat, totally losing her fake accent, steps to the side and yells, "Over here, BRAINIAC!" Adam invites, "Hey ugly, how 'bout me?" Aisha gets tough sounding as she slyly states, "Hey, over here, Bratboy." The monster is overwhelmed by decisions, "Oh! SO many to choose from!" Rocky tries to irritate the creature, by boasting, "Can't catch me, Gnatboy!" The monster growls, "The name is BRATBOY, you braindrain!" With a grunt, Bratboy slams his large foot down, causing the ground to quake within the vicinity. Our heroes barely manage to keep their balance, and the monster is quite amused by this.

Elsewhere, on Aquitar, the Alien Rangers are taking a bubbly breather, and tidal timeout from their hectic schedule of late. Delphine stands in front of the round window, telepathically conversing with Cestro. When Zordon's voice calls out from the camera, all five Aquitians show up and give full attention to what he has to say. He says, "Delphine, the Earth Rangers are in grave danger. They are in need of your help." She informs him, "We are fully rehydrated, Zordon. We're on our way." Delphine turns toward Cestro & Corcus, who nod, and then turns to Tideus & Aurico, who nod as well. Notice, she doesn't actually see them, nor does she need to, due to their telepathic abilities. She turns to the camera and shouts, "It's Morphin' Time!" The five-shot Morph pops up, the Aquitians calling out, "Rangers of Aquitar, we need full power!" Once Morphed, they teleport through the milky way in their water molecule-shaped forms, at a much quicker speed than before. Without haste, they jet towards Earth. Bratboy grows anxious with standing around, and tells the Ranger kids, "Okay, i'm tired of these games!" From out of nowhere, the five Alien Rangers teleport in between him and the humans, and pose vigorously. Bratboy scoffs, "Will you get out of my way?!", as the Ranger kids & Billy slip out of the line of fire upon their allies arrival. The White Aquitar Ranger orders, "Monster! We demand that you cease & desist, immediately!" Bratboy returns the favor, "Oh yeah? Well I demand that you JUMP!" He fires a blast of energy at them, and they do as ordered, leaping out of the way, before regroup amid the rising smoke. The monster comments, "Hey, you're pretty fast! Let's see how fast you are when I start ripping up this place!" The Blue Aquitar Ranger notes, "All the visitors here are in great danger. We must drive him away!" Delphine nods, "Agreed. Bratboy, would you care to join us for a game of chase?" (being around the Ranger kids is rubbing off on them! yeow!) The creature formally known as Bulk is eager, excitedly replying, "Boy! Would I!" He charges at them, and they quickly jump over his big head. He whines, "Hey! You know, that's not fair!"

The Splash City chase is on! The five Alien Rangers dart through the spraying water mists, following along each other in perfect formation. It's doubtful they're getting any needed hydration from this run through the sprinkler system, but what little bit of pureness left in the recycled liquids possibly enhance the moods of the Aquitians. Bratboy is angry at their head-start upperhand, and throws a fit, "We play this my way or NO way!" He slams his foot down in the pool, and causes the whole theme park to quake. The Alien Rangers are shaken about, and halt their running long enough for the monster to catch up. Bratboy spots them and yells, "Hey, you waterlogged wimps! Outrun THIS!" He fires a bolt of pink energy from his right hand, which narrowly misses Red & Blue Rangers, who backflip out of the way, then split off to either side to dodge a second shot. Bratboy aims for the Yellow Aquitian, unloading blasts at him as he boasts, "I got cha now!" Tideus leaps down a ledge on the side of the rock-formation waterfall structure, just as Aurico appears below in the line of sight, calling out to the monster, "Hey, down here!" Bratboy fires a few more shots, which the Red Aquitian backflips through with relative ease. He then jumps down to a lower level, wanting to get down there and take on the one intimidating him. The moment he does this, the Blue Aquitian leaps across his path. The Bulk Creature fires at him, but misses. The White Aquitian tries a similar trick, flipping behind him mere inches from his head. The Black Aquitian announces, "Hey, over here!", but ducks to the side the second Bratboy fires, all taking advantage of the complex design of the park. Bratboy is furious, growling, "Time to shift into overdrive!", as he reaches down, and activates the joystick controllers on his feet. This gives him an added boost of jumping power, allowing him to hop into the air and almost land atop the White & Black Alien Rangers. They backflip, and avoid getting squished, and then when he spreads his arms out to attack, they duck underneath them and jump off into the air. With perfect cannonball form, Delphine & Corcus dive into the deep end of a nearby pool. Bratboy gloats, "Yeah, you can't stay under forever, and I can wait!" Little does he realize, that they're water dwellers, and thus can stay down a lot longer than he thinks. The Black & White Aquitar Rangers swim around at the bottom of the pool, their forms seen visibly stroking their arms through the area.

Bratboy waits by the side of the pool, urging, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" The two Alien Rangers finally give him what he wants, as they both pop out of the waves at the same time, side by side. They shoot up into the air, with the monster waiting to take them on the moment they land. Unfortunately, he's then distracted by the Red & Blue Aquitar Rangers, who call out from behind him. Aurico says, "Oh, Bratboy! You're it!" Cestro eggs him on, motioning his hand and agreeing, "Yes, pursue us!" Bratboy is baited, and follows their lead towards an enclosed wooden tower. The Red Alien leaps up, grabs the side of a post, swings himself around and onto an upper level and encourages the creature, "C'mon!" Bratboy manages to get up the small steps with his huge feet, and lunges for the Blue Alien. Cestro ducks a few times, before finally leaping up, and grabbing an upper floor with his back against the side. He lets out a few karate yells, as he lifts his feet up, and trips the lock on a bucket at the top of the structure, causing it to dump its water contents out all over Bratboy's unsuspecting face. He rubs his eyes, grumbling, as Cestro continues hanging there, clapping his feet together happily. Bratboy wanders around, still partially blinded by the eye soaking. Aurico plays leap frog over the monster's huge head, disorienting Bratboy enough so that he ends up heading for one of the slides. The Yellow Aquitar Ranger is napping, taking a break at the entrance to the side. He yawns and remarks, "Ahh, rested!", just as Bratboy stumbles in. Tideus places down a large green raft, and starts to slap the monster on the leg, remarking, "You're next! Come on, there's people waiting! Get on, there ya go!" Bratboy falls onto the raft, and slips down the slide against his will, leaving the Yellow Aquitian behind bidding goodbye in several ways (likely taught by the humans), "Bon Voyage! Arriverderci! Aloha! See ya! Bye!" Bratboy reaches the wading pool, and screams, "Heeey, you guys are in BIG trouble!" Not that his threats bother the Aquitians. They're sitting over on dry land, lounging around on the various beach chairs and tables set up, enjoying their rehydrated selves immensely. The White Alien Ranger waves, wearing a lei and holding a fruity umbrella drink in her other hand, as she sits on a lounge chair and calls out in a singsong voice, "Helloooo, Gnatboy!" Crouching next to her is the Blue Alien Ranger, who has an orange straw hat on over his Morphed helmet. He remarks to the Yellow Alien Ranger, who's laying on his stomach on a folded out chair, "We DID do a fine job, didn't we?" Tideus confirms, "Perfect, Cestro!", as he clutches his own fruity drink. In the background, the Red Alien Ranger wipes his helmeted forehead with a red cloth, as he sits at a table with the Black Alien Ranger, who is using one of those mirror shiny things to get a tan! Tideus urges mockingly, "Come out now, Bratboy!", Delphine adds, "Yes, do!", and Cestro quips, "Don't get waterlogged!" Bratboy splashes around, stirring in the poolwater, whining, "Aww, just WAIT till I get my hands on you guys!"

Up on the Moon Palace Balcony, Lord Zedd grunts at the sight of the easily tricked creature, "Ohh! How could this be?!" Rita notes, "Never send a boy to do a man's job!" He agrees, "Right! Make our monster GROW!" Zedd & his wife place their magic staves together, and fire another bolt of combined energy at Splash City. Bratboy is struck, and groans, "Ohhh, I don't feel so good!" His body actually circles a sudden whirlpool drain, and shrinks down, only to suddenly appear in giant mode high above the park. The Alien Rangers quit their playing around, and rush to the huge monster's even bigger feet. Bratboy, now probably a little more than 60 feet tall, remarks, "Hey, since you guys love water so much, you're sure to love my polluted water! Here, have some!" He pulls out a long vial of what looks to be normally clear water, and dumps it on them. The polluted contents shower over the Aquitians, who are likely protected from the brunt of the effects by their Morphed costumes. Bratboy laughs as they squirm, "Oh, you guys are all washed up! Hahaha!" The White Alien Ranger stamps her foot against the pool of polluted water floating shallowly around the team, and angrily proclaims, "Argh! You will NEVER defeat us!" Bratboy ignores her boasts, and his short attention span turns elsewhere, "This is no fun! I'll go trash the city!" He stomps off, and makes his way through the tall skyscrapers, frolicking in destruction as he hums, "La-la-la! La-la, la-laaa!" Citizens of Angel Grove flee for their lives at the first glimpse of the giant monster storming their way. The Aquitians rush over to a construction site, where Aurico yells out, "Monster, don't! Don't do it!" Bratboy pays no mind, telling him, "Ahh, buzz off, you puny power parasites!" He proceeds to smash his fist through a cardboard building, ripping it to shreds in a matter of seconds. Delphine realizes and says to her team, "It is time to call our Battle Borgs!" They get to it, raising their Coins into the air and commanding in unison, "Tidal energies of the galaxy, hear our call! Battle Borgs, power up!" The five toss their Coins into the air, and in a flood of light, the set of Ninja-spirited Battle Borgs appear, with the Black Borg in the middle for some reason. Bratboy spots them and quickly fires a few eyebeam blasts at them, which blanket the Borgs in a coat of smoke & sparks.

The Aquitians are taken aback by this attack on their mentally controlled fighting machines. The Red Alien Ranger tells the White, "Delphine, we must go!", to which she adds, "We must STOP him!" Together, they rush outward, causing their Red & White Battle Borgs to do the same. Bratboy fires his left hand glove-cannon at the two Borgs, taking them down with just a double shot. Even though the Borgs simply stumble, Delphine & Aurico are thrown into the air, slamming their backs against the steel hull of a truck trailer. They drop to the ground in a heap, inspiring the always vengeful Black Alien Ranger to cry, "No! You will NOT get away with this!" He darts out to fight the monster up close, just before Red & White recover from their fall, Aurico stressing, "Corcus, be careful!" Bratboy reaches down and shifts his joystick sneaker gear once more, going into, "Overdrive!", as he leaps into the air. He smashes into the Black Borg with the black soles of his shoes, knocking it backward into the arms of the Blue & Yellow Borgs, who fall down like bowling pins while trying to catch it. The Black Alien Ranger is hurtled through the air because of this, though stops short of taking the Blue & Yellow Alien Rangers down with him. Instead, he falls harshly against the dirt a few feet ahead of them. They do rush to his aid in helping him sit up, with the other Aquitians also joining his side. Delphine asks concertedly, "Are you alright?" Corcus grasps at his slightly injured chest and confirms, "Yes, but this game MUST end!" Bratboy lands from his leap, and starts to spin around in a circle, firing an onslaught of eyebeam blasts at all surrounding buildings, while shouting Kool-Aid man style, "Oh YEAH!" Stock footage of various exploding skyscrapers erupt into flames & debris. Back at Splash City, Skull leads a small troupe of children around the park, until they find the Ranger kids & Billy sitting down on a bench. He asks them, "Where's the monster? Where's Bulk!?" Billy, always convincing with the 'uhh', lies and says, "Uhh, we haven't seen him!" Skull adamantly remarks, "But he IS a monster! YOU saw the lightning bolt hit him!" Kat points to the side, "I think he went... that way." The small crowd of students follow Skull, rushing off to the way she pointed. Once the unsuspecting ones have gone, Billy pulls out the Viewing Disc and speaks into it, "Zordon, they used Bulk to make the monster. Maybe we can reach him, get him to fight it from within?" Zordon cautions, "You'd be putting yourself in danger. The Aquitians' Battle Borgs are weak. They may not be able to help you should you need them." Aisha figures the chance is worth it, "Bulk's in danger. He's our friend, and we HAVE to try!" (since when is he their friend!? they were just complaining about him earlier!) Rocky nods and Billy concurs, "You're right. Zordon! Can you get us to the battle location?" Zordon, making note of how depowered they are from the time reversal and constant interplanetary teleporting, states, "The Command Center's power level is already strained. But I will attempt it." Billy calls this, "Great.", and tells his pals, "C'mon!" The six stand up, and awaiting teleportation. In a flash of their Ranger colors, they're streaked into the air.

They land near a large water tank (probably that same sewage treatment plant where Billy got reaged a few shows again), which is supposedly within range of Bratboy's rampage. Tommy shouts, "Bulk! Can you hear us?!" Bratboy puts his hands to his big white raisiny-face, and irritatingly pleads, "Ohh, leave me alone, will ya?!" Kat yells, "Bulk! It's us! We're your friends!" Aisha notes, "They're using you, Bulk!" The monster continues clutching his huge noggin, crying out, "No! I'm Bratboy! I don't have any friends!" Aisha proclaims, "Fight back! What would Skull think?!" The mention of his best friend causes the monster to collapse to his knees, and whine, "I'm not Bulk! I'm... Bulk!" The Black Battle Borg is ready to kick his big butt while it's down, but the Black Alien Ranger urges his teammates, "We MUST restrain our Borgs!" The other four rush to his side, Aurico extends his arm and orders his to, "Stop!" Delphine realizes, "The Earth Rangers are affecting the monster!" Cestro exclaims, "Yes!", and Aurico notes, "You're right!" The Aquitians race over to assist them in this task. Bratboy falls completely onto the ground, and his eyes begin to tear-up. He cries, "What's happening to me?!", as his teardrops drip onto his hands, and cause his body to suddenly ripple with a golden shine. He shrinks in size, having fallen just a few feet away from the Ranger kids & Billy. They watch amazed, as Bratboy reverts to Bulk in a golden light. Not just Bulk, but the normally aged Bulk! He whimpers for a moment, before the Earth's reversal rotation kicks back in, and he becomes his younger self again. The elementary school Bulk stands up and looks around, wondering, "Mommy? Where am I?" On the moon, Rita claims herself as his mother by facetiously remarking, "I'm RIGHT here, sweetie! Haha!" Lord Zedd figures, "Let's help the poor lad!", and placing their Magic Wand & Z-Staff back together, Zedd proclaims, "It's Bratboy, Part 2!" The bolt of combined energies hits Bulk, causing him to remorph into his monster form once more.

Restored to his evil state, Bratboy says that he's, "Back and better than ever!" The Ranger kids are startled by this. Tommy doesn't let up in his encouraging of the bully, telling him, "No, Bulk! Don't let them do this to you, fight it!" Lord Zedd's voice echoes around the area, commanding, "Bratboy! Obey us! Destroy them!" The ever-rebellious side of Farkas Bulkmeier seeps through, growling, "NO-body tells Bratboy what to do!" The monster aims both of his hands into the sky, and fires a double blast of firepower out of the Earth's atmosphere, and towards the Moon Palace! The bluish beam hits the balcony, and causes the entire structure to rock violently. Rita & Zedd are barely able to maintain their balance until the shaking stops. She fixes her grey Viking coned hair, grumbling, "Little brat! Remind me never to have kids!" Lord Zedd, who wanted kids once before his wife puts a spell on his libido, states, "FIRST, let's deal with this one!" They laughs evilly, as they aim their Wand & Staff down at the planet again, though not crossing or combining energies for a change. The white lightning bolt & red beam of magic strike Bratboy, removing his monstrous form from Bulk for good (though Bratboy would later appear separately of Bulk in various evil crowds). The grown-up Bulk appears briefly (due to Paulie directing this episode, of course), but golden flashes down to his younger self in a matter of seconds. Dazed by this instant demorphing, Bulk plops down on his behind against the wet asphalt. The Ranger kids & Billy rush over to his side, comforting him as best they can as he slumps over. Billy asks, "Are you alright?", and the boy groans, "I think so..." The five Alien Rangers finally make the scene a little late for the fun, but get thanked by the elder human, as Billy says, "Once again we're in your debt, Aquitian Rangers." The White Ranger explains, "Not so. You saved US, and by doing so, proved that the heart & mind can be more powerful than any weapon." (Which raises the question, why were the Battle Borgs so weak here? The Aquitians just rehydrated! Maybe the pollution did have an effect?) The Blue Alien Ranger notes to the leader, "Delphine, we MUST return to our planet. This fight has overtaxed our hydration reserves." Delphine confirms, "You're correct, Cestro," and bids, "Goodbye, Rangers. We'll meet again." The Aquitians raise their arms into the air, as the White Aquitar Ranger calls out, "Zordon, we are ready!" They're teleported back into space in their usual large molecule shaped Ranger colored forms. Luckily for our human heroes, Bulk had already passed out and heard nothing of what she said. Billy mentions to his pals, "We better get him back," before lifting the Viewing Disc to his mouth and saying, "Alpha, can you teleport us back to the waterslide park?" At the Command Center, Alpha 5 promises, "As long as I can muster up enough power, i'll get you there!" He presses some buttons on the console, power drained even more by the recent quick visit by the Aquitians. Billy tells him, "Thanks," just as he, the five Ranger kids, and Bulk, all streak into the air as charged particles.

Momentarily at Splash City, Bulk awakens from his slumber, surrounded by the Ranger kids & Billy. In a scene playing homage to end of "The Wizard Of Oz," he gasps, "Wha... what a dream! I was a monster, fighting robots! (points to Tommy) And you were there! (points to Billy) And you! And the Aquitian Rangers!" Billy looks to Tommy and chuckles, prompting the others to do the same, snickering, "Yeah, sure!" Rocky informs him, "You hit your head pretty hard, Bulk." Bulk rubs his leather capped noggin, amnesiac on the details which lead to his passing out. Aisha takes the opportunity to teach him a lesson by saying, "Well NOW you know better than to horse around the pool!" Skull sneaks out of the bushes, with leaves sticking out of his swimming trunks. He exclaims to his best friend, "Hey, Bulk! Are you alright?! One minute, you were you, and another minute you were a big monster!" Bulk scoffs, "Was not!", Skull insists, "You were!", Bulk denies it, Skull tells him otherwise, Bulk denies again, Skull tells him he was too. They walk off, continuing to argue elsewhere. The Ranger kids get a laugh out of this. Suddenly, the Viewing Disc chimes out the usual sound effect of the Communicators, the "go go power rangers" beep (though of a different decibel level). Billy glances around, and pulls it out, squeeze it within his palm to activate it. Zordon speaks, "Rangers, prepare to teleport back to the Command Center. I have news that involves our search for replace your powers." They seem excited, and quickly stand up and getting into position, before Billy replies, "We're ready", and the six are teleported back to base. Speaking of base, deep beneath the Command Center, Rito & Goldar are wandering through the fog-floored halls of the long lost subterranean tunnels. They reach a dead end, which Rito remarks, "Now, according to MY part of the map, we turn right here, and we should be at the door. No, wait! THIS is not a door!" Goldar looks at the blank wall, and groans, "Dohhh! Brilliant!", Rito thanks him for the compliment, before the golden warrior continues, "Now look what you've done!" Rito asks, "What!?", and Goldar complains, "I KNEW you'd botch this up!" His skeletal solider partner defends his position, pulling out his map piece and pointing out, "Hey! It says right HERE on the map, that there's supposed to be a... wait a second. That's where I sneezed!" He wipes his snot off the ancient map embarrassingly. Goldar angrily grumbles, "I ought to disintegrate you right here, Bonebrain!" Rito corrects him, "That's MISTER Bonebrain, to you!", as he walks off a few steps and states, "I'll just blast a hole in the wall and MAKE a doorway!" Goldar remains standing in front of it, urging, "No! Wait!", as Rito aims his bonesword at the wall, and fires a stream of flame-energy. It doesn't put a dent in the steel wall, but does catch the map piece in Goldar's hand on fire! Rito comments, "Listen, I know how to fix that. First thing, is put down the map!" Goldar holds the burning parchment in his hand, and can do nothing but shake his head in dismay over his partner's stupidity.
Meanwhile, inside the Command Center itself, the five Ranger kids & Billy have arrived. Standing in the console room, they patiently listen as Zordon explains the news (possibly also explaining why he's been so quiet lately), "Rangers, there is only one object on Earth strong enough to restore it to its correct present and to restore your powers: The ZEO Crystal!" Tommy references the last time they saw it, in 'Master Vile & The Metallic Armor 3', "But Zordon, its pieces are scattered all over the planet!" Billy adds, "Yeah, didn't you send them through a Time Hole vortex so they'd be really hard to find?" Zordon confirms, "I did, Billy.", but continues explaining, "However, through the powers they emanate, I have pinpointed the countries and time periods where each of them is located. You must seek them out separately, for each one restores a particular Ranger. This is a quest for your roots. During which you will face potentially fatal danger. If you succeed, your part of the crystal will restore your TRUE age and powers GREATER than you ever imagined." Billy, feeling left out because of this, speaks up, "But Zordon! I'm the only one that's regained my age. I think I should go." Zordon has to reiterate what he just said, by turning him down and saying, "No, Billy. The crystal pieces will ONLY respond to those still effected by the Time Warp. You MUST remain here to guide them in their moment of greatest need." Billy reluctantly gives up, and walks over to one of the consoles and leans against it, sulking like a kid stuck in the house during a snow day. Zordon addresses the de-aged Power Rangers, "Tommy, Aisha, Rocky, Adam & Katherine. (they step forward upon being called) Your journey is VERY dangerous, and the outcome uncertain. Will you accept this challenge?" Each of the kids nod individually, in shots reused on the MMAR opening credits. Zordon replies to their wordless acceptions, "Good. Then let the Zeo Quest, begin!" (which is what the video release of most of this saga was called, of course) Alpha, Billy, and the Ranger kids all look up at the big blue head, and the next stage of the saga begins.
[To be continued...; end credits]
Bulk & Skull slide down the waterslide some more; After all the other Ranger kids have left, Billy turns and notices Kat giving him a big, attracted smile. He tries not to dwell on her making doe eyes at him, and quickly looking over her head, and then asking the crew, "What am I supposed to do?!" They all laugh, as does Kat; More Bulk & Skull sliding, ending with the camera crashing right into the back of Skull's head suddenly; Billy speaks into the Viewing Disc, frantically asking, "Zordon?!" It doesn't work, so he glances around and says, "Where's Mr. Whitehead?!" Rocky, Tommy & Aisha all laugh at his line flub, though I wonder if he's talking about Wilton, or the white headed monster!; Bulk & Skull continue sliding, this time with the cameraman's legs visible as the bumbling duo get too close coming down towards him; The camera slides down the tunnel, into the pool, only to end up slipping on its slide, and dropping into the water sideways. The cameraman can be heard gargling for air while partially submerged; Bulk & Skull toss innertubes off the bridge, with one thrown hitting the camera in the wrong way, instead of covering it, knocking it around; Billy gives a worried expression, and then a whimsical one, as he flips the Viewing Disc in the air, the sound crew beeps, and he looks at the camera, smiling.

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