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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
"The Alien Trap"
Original Air Date: 2/8/96 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #15 - Gee! Sugoi Yatsu (
Aarghh! Powerful Creatures) And:
Kakuranger #16 - Aka Suru No Oni Taiji (
The Red Monkey's Demon Extermination)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-337
*37th episode aired
*149th total Power Rangers episode
*Unofficially, this is episode 4 of the Alien Rangers saga.

Writer: Stewart St. John Director: Larry Litton
Starring Cast:
Michael R. Gotto _AS_ Young Tommy
Julia Jordan _AS_ Young Katherine
Michael J. O'Laskey II _AS_ Young Rocky
"Sicily" _AS_ Young Aisha
Matthew Sakimoto _AS_ Young Adam
David Yost _AS_ Billy
Cody Slaton _AS_ Young Bulk
Ross J. Samya _AS_ Young Skull

Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Delphine (White Ranger)
David Bacon _AS_ Aurico (Red Ranger)
Karim Prince _AS_ Cestro (Blue Ranger)
Jim Gray _AS_ Tideus (Yellow Ranger)
Alan Palmer _AS_ Corcus (Black Ranger)
Additional Cast:
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Colin Phillips [Dave Mallow] _AS_ Baboo (voice)
Michael J. Sorich _AS_ Squatt (voice)
? _AS_ Erick The Barbaric (voice)
? _AS_ Merrick The Barbaric (voice)


[Today on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings)]
[Opening credits: The new Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers version gets a tiny change, as Justin Timsit's Young Billy credit is dropped and replaced with his "re-aging" shot from last episode.]
It's another sunny day at the park, as a large, fancy looking makeshift humidifier looking thing goes at full blast. Least, that's what it looks like. It's a tripod, with a clear dish (rim glowing) and a stick coming out of it, which sucks in atmosphere via mist from the air. Who's stuck guarding it? Why the de-aged Tommy & Kat! Young Katherine remarks to her teammate, "I hope Billy gets back soon. This thing's making me nervous!" Young Tommy runs his hand along the machine as it does what it apparently is supposed to, and wishes, "I sure hope it works!" Just behind them, the world's oldest living Confederate widow is sitting a bench. She has a bag of groceries in her lap. She appears to be waiting for the bus, despite the fact that there are no roads visible anywhere! Is she a mugging decoy for the police or something?! Anyway, let's call her Wrinkly Kong. She's as crotchety as they come, scoffing and rolling her eyes as she watches the two kids with the strange device. Good gravy, imagine how old this lady must be BEFORE the time reversal! She must be dust de-aged! Enough with the ribbing on the wicked witch, Kat puts her hand to her chin and asks, "What do you call it again? A molecular hydro..." Tommy smugly corrects her, "It's a Molecular Hydro Atmospheric Generator. It's analyzing the moisture and gasses in our air. It tries to create water similar to Aquitar's, or something like that." Kat works it out through her adorable little head, "And then... Billy is going to make one for the Aliens... so that they can rehydrate!" Overhearing this, Wrinkly grows outraged, and pushes Tommy & Kat away from the device. She speaks as senile as possible, saying, "Oh! You poor darlings! What parent in their right mind, would leave children like you alone?! With such dangerous equipment?! You could get into all sorts of troublllllle!" Tommy & Kat look at each other, baffledly stating, "Dangerous?!" He informs the old coot, "We're fine. Really!" Wrinkly nearly pitches a fit, groaning and grumbling, "Ohhh, well, I-i-i'm left with no choice. I-i'm simply going to have to turn it over to the proper authority!"

Luckily, the recently age-restored Billy shows up and yells out, "HEY! Didn't I tell you kids not to play with my science experiment?" Wrinkly turns and notices the buff teenager in the tight blue shirt, carrying a large plastic box with him. Billy apologizes to the lady, "I'm sorry, ma'am. It appears as though my little brother & sister like to get into trouble." Wrinkly buys his ruse, and heads off to mind her own business, stating rudely, "Well yes! I was just worried!" Billy says, "Thanks. I appreciated it", (and puts his hands down deep in his pockets; Yost does that a LOT, doesn't he?), and just for show, yells loudly, "And if you two keep it up, you're gonna lose your allowance!" Tommy asks confused, "Lose our allowance?!" And now that the hag is gone, he admits to his teammate, "Just trying to make it believable!" Kat asks him, "Did you find what you needed?" He exhales, points to the box in his hand, and replies, "Yeah. C'mon." He takes it over to the bench, and opens it up, revealing inside a bunch of small gadgets. Tommy picks one up and exclaims, "Wow! I don't get it. What do we need all this stuff for if THAT already works?" (meaning the MHAG) Billy explains, "Well, that was just a prototype to see if I could duplicate the water on Aquitar. So now i'm gonna use a similar device that, when placed in the lake, will transform the entire body of water, allowing the Aquitians to rehydrate." Kat reiterates the point to the audience, "So if this works, it means that they can stay on our planet, AND they can help us fight Zedd & Rita?" Tommy adds, "And maybe even get us back to the future!" Billy, likely biting his tongue in trying to not yell at Tommy for being dumb enough to think that they're actually time traveled, smirks, nods and says, "Let's hope." Meanwhile, on the Malicious Moon Palace, Lord Zedd proclaims, "Those Meddling Morphers must be stopped! Hmm, I'll steal Billy's precious generator. That'll put a damper on his rehydrating plans. And then those Alien Ranger drips will HAVE to flee home!" He sits at his throne, it begins to slowly rotate, and he laughs evilly.
Soon at the Command Center, Billy's new, smaller, compact version of the Molecular Hydro Atmospheric Generator is placed on a platform in the center of the console room. Cestro, the Aquitian technology expert and fellow Blue Ranger, overlooks the device with hand-hovering motions around it. Billy does one last connection on it, and states, "There, that should do it. Once I place this in the water, the Molecular Generator will mutate it into a match for Aquitar. Thus allowing you to rehydrate." The device actually has one of those swimming pool chlorine dispenser buoys atop it, panted silver. Cestro commends his ally, "Quite impressive, Billy." Alpha 5 concurs, "Excellent work! Way to go!" Suddenly, the Aquitian starts to grunt with his eyes shut, going into a dehydrated fit before them. Billy helps him stand and asks, "Are you alright?", while Alpha cries, "Ay-yi-yi!" Cestro slightly regains control of his mental facilities, promises, "Just... getting weaker." Zordon points out, "It must be his hydration level." Cestro stresses, "My people and I.... need to rehydrate... soon." Alpha urges, "Ay-yi-yi-yi! We must hurry!" Zordon suggests, "I suggest you try to find a secluded area, Billy. Somewhere where you won't be disturbed by the curious citizens of Angel Grove." Billy brings up, "Well, the north side of Angel Grove Lake is always deserted." Cestro convulse some more, and asks, "Inform the others."

Where are the other four Aquitian Rangers? They're off with the five Ranger kids, by the lake. Not taking in the scenery, but taking in the eatery! The aliens are scarfing down several variations of ice cream, from an ice cream truck parked on the side of the road. Aurico stuffs a nutty Drumstick in his mouth, and begins working on a second. Delphine devours a popsicle, before handing the empty stick to Aisha and asking with a mouthful, "Mmm! My I have another one, please?" The Ranger kids appear impatient, and a bit tired, as they stand there slumping. Aisha hands the White Aquitian an orange popsicle, and notes angrily, "Delphine, that's your FIFTH one!" Tideus nibbles on a red one, and notes, "But, these frozen delights are so... delicious! How can we stop?!" Delphine reaches up while he's talking, and yanks the red popsicle off of the stick. Tideus in turn takes her orange one, and chows down on it. The driver of the ice cream struck annoyedly asks, "Can I please go now?!" Kat confirms, "Yeah, sure. Thanks mister!" He picks up a sign off the floor and places it on the side, reading "SOLD OUT"! Makes me wonder who paid for all of it, or if the guy gave out free samples to the town's new saviors. Down the shore, the young Bulk & Skull are out on the docks, casting fishing lines into the water. They aren't having much luck, apparently. The Ranger kids drag their Aquitians pals away from the truck, and are traveling down the beach, when they spot the bumbling duo. Corcus has several empty popsicle sticks in his mouth, and is trying to force two more in. Aurico is still munching on the nut-sprinkled delights. Tideus has his red one back, having trading with his female teammate yet again. Delphine lets out a dolphin-like purr, as she stops in her tracks (Aisha & Tommy were each pulling one of her arms). She asks, "What are the two you call... Bulk & Skull... doing?" Tommy explains, "They're fishing." Delphine tilts her head while watching them, remarking, "Oh.", before putting the orange popsicle in her mouth. Rocky adds, "They are trying to... uhh, catch the fish." Tideus innocently wonders, "For what purpose?" Adam breaks the news, "Uhh. To eat?" Delphine suddenly spits the popsicle out of her mouth, causing it to land in the sand. Aurico merely shivers, and the others remain pretty much calm. She angrily asks, "To EAT them?!" I guess Aquitians only eat soup and microbes. I doubt their society lives without the natural food chain, which means these four are likely the aquatic equivalent of vegetarians.

Over at the dock, Bulk & Skull are up to no good. No, wait, they aren't doing anything bad for a change! They're just minding their own business, doing what billions of other humans have done before them. Bulk complains about Skull's rod holding form, "No! You gotta hold it tight, like me! Watch the master." Skull attempts to correct his reel, remarking, "I dunno, Bulkie. I get kinda nervous around fish. What if one of 'em jumps up and BITES my eyeball or something!?" Bulk scoffs at his pal's gesturing of such an event occurring, "Get real, dweeb! You have to be in charge around here. King of the sea! Know what i'm saying?" Skull understands, "Sure, KING of the sea!", casting his line out again. Nearby, Delphine and the other Rangers watch. She makes an aquatic clicking sound with her mouth, before stating, "As a species who dwell in the water, we cannot stand idly by and let... those two... disturb the poor, defenseless creatures." The Ranger kids get out of the way, as the Aquitians ditch their ice creams, and proceed to get into position. They summon up a burst of magical energy, which shoots out from their hands into a single combined beam, striking the water directly where Skull's line & hook had landed. He screams as his rod begins to twitch, "Bulkie, I got something!" Bulk aids his gum-chewing friend, "Hold on to it, Skull! Reel that sucker in!" Skull cries, "I'm losin' it!" twice, and Bulk replies twice, "You gotta be King of the Sea!" The bluish beam of energy from the Aquitians reaches the bumbling duo, and eventually yanks both of them into the water. Skull pops up out of the water and screams, "King of the sea, huh?!", as he splashes in Bulk's face. Bulk splashes back, and they remain wading around in the lake. On the shore, the Ranger kids regroup with the Aquitians, Kat giggling, "Looks like those two are all washed up!" Aurico, standing between her and Tommy, starts to wobble in place, mentioning, "That drained me." Similar discomfort arises for his teammates, as Rocky asks, "Aurico, are you alright?!" Tideus replies, with Aisha helping him stand, "We need water.... SOON!" (irony being the huge lake behind them. They need water, water's there, but they're not compatible with it! Which reminds me. Why don't they go back to the fountain? It seemed to work last time!) Tommy points out, "Guys!", as Cestro & Billy appear from behind them. Billy, decked out in a wetsuit and a backpack, guides the weary Cestro by the arm, and says, "We're ready." Rocky has Delphine's arm over his shoulder, and Adam does the same for Corcus.

Meanwhile, at the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd rests on his throne and keeps an eye out on things lakeside. He remarks, "Ahh, perfect. The Goofy Parade is heading for the great outdoors! You two numbskulls are going to show up, for a little fun in the sun!" Said numbskulls are Goldar & Rito, standing a few feet away from him. Goldar merely growls, as Rito, still rubbing his shoulder from his injury last episode, quips, "Hey great! Maybe i'll get a chance to work on gettin' a sun-bone! Hahaha!" Zedd jumps up from his chair and commands, "Silence! Just bring me that device, or i'll see to it that you REALLY get burned!" Back at the lake, Billy leads the gang on a small trail near the shore. He's got Cestro, Aisha now has Delphine, Kat has Tideus, Tommy aids Kat, Rocky helps Aurico, and Adam lets Corcus lean on him. Not quite color-coordinated. Delphine, weakly speaking nearly under her voice, tells Aisha, "Your Lakes are very beautiful. Reminds me of home." Kat takes a look around and notes, "I don't think i've been around here!", prompting Tommy to mention, "Not many people have. It's hard to get to." Not TOO hard, if they can just walk there without needing to teleport. They reach an open sandy shore, with an abandoned wreck of a small boat run aground. Just as they near it, Rito's orange-glowing floating head drops in and taunts them for a second. His body then spins around and grows, his teleportation completing a little slower than usual, as Goldar flame-aports in beside him. Tommy, now helping Aisha with Delphine, pauses the gang and yells, "Look out!" Rito jokes, "Goody! A day at the lake with the Power Runts!" Goldar adds, "Hope ya packed a picnic! Hehehe!" The Rangers of two worlds simply stare back at the henchmonsters, not playing into their remarks. Rito says, "No? Aw, too bad! Just hand over that device!" Billy keeps a tight hold on his backpack (now off his back and in his hands, he's just asking for it get stolen, isn't he?), as Delphine states, "We are in need of that." Rito mocks them, "Aww, i'm sorry to hear that. But ED needs it more! And what the big guy wants, the big guy gets!" Tideus urges his fellow Aquitians, "Concentrate... friends!" The Earthen Rangers slip out of their way, and allow the five Alien Rangers to get together. Though they're all slumped over, and look like they'll be drying out any second now, their angry expressions give Rito pause as he gasps, "Uh-oh!" The Aquitians fire another round of bluish aquatic energy mist-bursts from their hands. Had they left Bulk & Skull alone, maybe they wouldn't be in such a sorry state. Good thing they didn't pass a Red Lobster, or else they'd all be dead! Anyway, they fire their blasts, Rito & Goldar are knocked backwards. They fall into the rundown boat, the force of the fall causing it to slip out of the mud and into the water at a rapid speed. The Rangers help the Aquitians stand up again after they break off the attack. Out on the water, Rito frantically looks around at the quick sailing ship as it goes backwards, wondering, "HEY! What's goin' on here?!" Goldar points out, "We've been launched!" The Golden Winged Warrior is unable to sit up straight, due to his large wingspan being lodged over the sides of the boat. Rito hops up and rushes to help him, quipping Gilligan style, "Hang on, Skipper! Your lil' buddy's comin' to save ya!" With the henchmonsters stuck out in the middle of the lake, the Rangers return to their duties. Billy slips back on his backpack and stresses, "C'mon, let's move. We've got to get the Generator in the water to start the process." They head away from shore, hanging on to the limp Aquitians.

On the Moon Balcony, Lord Zedd views his two goons trying to find ways to get off the boat, while surrounded by water on all sides. Rito & Goldar stupidly forget they can teleport, and remain on the drifting vessel, much to Zedd's dismay. He groans, "What's truly baffling is why I keep RELYING on those two mindless buffoons! Ah! Those pinheads can't do ANYTHING right!" (not quite true, but overall their track record is indeed in the red) He cuts off his Zedd-ray vision, and turns to his equally annoyed wife. Rita slaps her hands against the side railing and complains, "Ohh! Those irritating Aliens are going to rehydrate in the lake!" Zedd is inspired, "Wait! That's it! Of course, the lake! Ah, my dear." She puts her hands on her hips, gives a sly smirk, and remarks, "Zeddy... I see that twisted look in your eye!" Just behind them, Baboo & Squatt stand around being useless. Squatt covers his eyes and whines, "Oh no! He's got that look in his eye again!", while Baboo moans lightly. Lord Zedd turns from the balcony and explains, "Think about it! Billy's device is designed to remove the EARTH'S impurities. BUT, he never took into account LUNAR toxic waste!" Rita replies with psychotic glee, "I think I see where you're going with this! I LIKE it!" They both laugh wickedly, and then Zedd mentions, "After we dump our own space waste into the water, those galactic do-gooders will be destroyed forever!" More maniacal laughter is exchanged, before Rita takes her husband by the arm and they travel back up to the balcony. She coos, "You're a real SMART guy, Zeddy!" He nearly blushes, humbly urging, "Go on!", which she does, adding, "I knew I didn't marry you for your looks!" Rita coyly presses her finger against his exposed chest-muscle, causing him to chuckle joyfully. Zedd states, "And, I can think of no one better to intoxicate the lake, than our very own Erick & Merrick, the Barbaric!" She snickers sinisterly, noting, "Those are rude, crude dudes and I LOVE 'em!" They laugh some more at this. Baboo & Squatt are excited, jumping up and down and clapping. Squatt, who seems to know these monsters, cheers, "Hooray! The Barbaric Brothers! Hoo-hoo-hoo!"

The Barbaric Brothers instantly are on Earth. Why? Because we don't have the costumes for them, as i'll note in a minute. They're only seen in sentai footage, except for one shot. These preexisting alien monsters are named Erick, the blue skinned one, and Merrick, the orange skinned one, according to the toy line. They're never specifically named per color on the episode. They're hard to describe, they just look kinda demonic (similar to PRLG's Shark Brothers around the heads). Each carry a thick silver saber in their possession. They walk around the deserted wooded area near the lake, spying on our heroes. Merrick, who speaks like a stereotypical surfer, remarks, "Like, surf's up, dude!" Erick, who sounds pretty much the same, replies, "Fer sure, bro!" Out in the lake, Billy, with a snorkel and swimming mask on, places the Generator (not to be confused with last episode's Regenerator, which would have sunk to the bottom) on the waves. It bobs around, floating and making beepy noises. Billy tweaks a few wires, and eventually swims back to shore, figuring everything's running operational. Once back on the sand, he walks in front of his de-aged teammates, who are all sitting on the dirt, and informs the Aquitians, "Alright, guys. The device is set. Do your thing." The five Alien Rangers are already in their rehydration stances, each with their hands locked in a special formation. Delphine nods to Billy, and the Aquitians proceed to lift their hands over their heads. Their bodies zoom up into the air, and gently land atop the water near the middle of the lake (the Generator floating right in front of them). The Ranger kids are wowed by this display, having never seen it before. The Aquitians begin to motion their arms slowly, causing their bodies to shimmer with their Ranger colors. The humming noise also implies that rehydration is indeed taking place.

Remember how I said we had none of the Barbaric Brothers' suits? Well, we got a partial one. Merrick's orange body (with a big cape) was used for Incisorator (aka Fangenstein) a few shows ago. Thus, in this next shot, he's only shown from the shoulders down! Wonder where his head went? Hmm. So, Merrick walks over to the water, carrying a small vial of purple liquid. He mentions, "Nothing like a little toxic waste to get your circulation goin'. Heh, going nowhere, that is!" Merrick pours the Ivan Oozey substance into the clear waters of the lake. Just around the bend, our human heroes are too busy watching the Alien Rangers taking a telepathic bath to notice the huge orange creature dumping slime into the lake. Billy says to his teammates, "Well, if my calculations are correct, they should be soaking up Aquitian water now." (Though he says it "Ah-kee-shun" for some reason. It's "Ah-quish-an", Yoster!) Just a reminder, Merrick The Barbaric is relieving a small bottle of his liquid contents nearby. He states, "It's gross a-mundo!", as the last gooey drops trickle out. The entire pool out water near him has turned bright purple from the lunar toxic waste exposure. It spreads pretty quickly, changing the color of the water all the way out to the center of the lake in no time flat. The Aquitians, eyes closed as they continue to absorb the Super Brita-filtered water, are unaware of this until it's too late. Cestro is first to point out, "Something's... happening!", as the lake section around them begins to turn a pinkish purple instantly. On the shore, Billy finally notices the huge pond of purple, standing up and gasping, "Wait! What's happening!?" Tommy asks him, "What's wrong, Billy?", everyone seemingly thinking that unnatural color is normal for the usually polluted lake! I mean, it's kinda hard NOT to notice with that color! Erick & Merrick remain off in the forest of footage, standing around. Erick exclaims, "Cool, dude!", while supposedly watching this sight. Merrick has a small flask of some liquid, possibly more lunar waste, and downs it, while giving a drunken, "Huh-huh!"

Aurico & Cestro are out on the neon pink lake, slowly slumping as they stand. Their bodies are still glowing their Ranger colors, which means they're still soaking in the lunar waste. Aurico gasps, "Losing... focus... Rangers!" Billy can do nothing but stand and watch this occur, while his teammates remain sitting. They all jump up and get into fighting stance, the moment Rito & Goldar reappear! They managed to get their boat to shore once more, with Goldar announcing, "We're baaack! Hehe! I'm afraid the water's unsuitable for swimming, thanks to the Barbaric Brothers! Hehehe!" Rito nods, agreeing, "Yeah!" Though notice, the huge area of the lake behind them? Not a drop of it appears to be anything but the usual clear color! The five Aquitians continue standing atop the pinkish purple water, with their bodies now shimmering that same color as a sign of the poisoning. They wobble around, their arms and postures lowered, weakened by the sneak attack. Billy finally realizes, "Oh no! They've contaminated the lake! QUICK! Get out of the water!" Not like the Alien Rangers could have tried if they wanted to, but Rito makes sure they can't. Using a handheld device with a small white/camoflauge colored skull on the front, he fires off a bluish light beam, remarking, "Not so fast, little fishies!" The beam creates a spinning force field barrier around the Aquitians, locking them in their rehydrating states. Rito quips to the Ranger kids, "Isn't that NICE, boys & girls? Hehe! Aww, I've always wanted my own fishbowl! Haha!" Goldar informs our heroes, "Now the lake contains a chemical that will destroy you, Rangers. I'm afraid there's no way out!" Rito & Goldar begin laughing evilly, as the Aquitians remained trapped, and the Human Rangers just stand there trying to look tough. Over in the woods, Erick waves his saber around and asks, "So, like, should we stick around, ya know, or go get a burrito?" He walks behind his brother, Merrick responding, "Chill out! We gotta make sure those Power Rangers are done for!" Since they're as trapped in sentai footage as the Aquitians are trapped in the barrier, it's up to Rito & Goldar to hold the ground. The five Ranger kids & Billy stand there, looking tough some more, as Rito laughs and mocks, "Haha! Neener, neener, neener!", egging them on.
Rito looks to his left wrist, and notes, "Oh! Looks like time is running out, Power Peewees!" Aisha ceases her fighting stance and pleads nicely, "Rito, let 'em go!" He responds by rubbing his fist to his eyesocket and giving a false, "Boo-hoo!" Goldar boasts, "NEVER, you brats! Once the toxic chemicals have destroyed the Aliens, the end of ALL the Power Rangers will be a reality!" A quick switch shot to the Aquitians reveals their status has not changed since we last saw them. On the Moon Palace Balcony, Rita's big brown eye peers through her Repulsascope. She turns away from it and laughs wickedly, "Ahahah! Look at the little fish squirm! It makes me hungry for sushi!" Rita motions with a belly rub, and smiles evilly. Lord Zedd notes, "That's just an appetizer, my dear. Once the Rangers are history, i'll unleash the Barbaric Brothers on the entire world! Haha!" Speaking of the stock footage creatures, they're walking around in the same shot as when we first saw them. Merrick remarks, "After we destroy the Rangers, I need to wax my board!", and Erick nods, "Sure!" At the Command Center, the alarms flash and sirens ring out. Zordon asks his automaton assistant, "Have you made any progress, Alpha?" He replies, "Ay-yi-yi! I'm still trying to penetrate the forcefield around the Alien Rangers, but it's TOO powerful!" Alpha presses a few buttons, walking all over the console room, trying his best. Zordon urges, "You MUST keep trying, Alpha. If we do not free them, then Zedd's Barbaric Brothers will contaminate ALL of Angel Grove."

Back at the lake, the six Earth Rangers are huddling together, coming up with a plan. Billy whispers to his young pals, "If we can get Rito's controller, I can take the forcefield down." Tommy answers, "I know what to do." The kids all smile and laugh, before the six place their hands together in the center of the circle and break off with a shout, "Leeett's... GO!" They spread out, as Tommy asks Rito & Goldar, "Anybody up for a game of tag?" Aisha quickly slaps him on the shoulder and says, "Tommy, you're it!" He responds, "Alright, catch me if you can!" He rushes off, and the kids give chase. Billy, meanwhile, slips over closer to the shore. Rito turns to Goldar and asks, "What's goin' on?!" Goldar replies in a confused growl, "Duhhh! I dunno! Some kind of trickery!" Rito mentions, "I don't get it!" Tommy darts over and points out, "It's tag, Rito. And I'm it. (not true, Rocky caught him a second ago, and Adam caught him afterwards!) MAN, I love this game." The skeletal soldier exclaims, "Game? I LOVE games! Oh! Oh! I wanna play! I wanna play!" Goldar halts him, "No, you fool! It's some kind of trap!" His partner ignores him, stating, "Nuh-uh!" Tommy mentions, "Whoever catches me, wins. Catch me if you can!", before running away. Rito follows along, yelling, "Why you little... wait till I get my hands on you!" Tommy purposely trips over in the sand, allowing Rito to stand behind him proclaiming, "I win! HAHA!" (without touching him, oops!) Tommy shakes his head, and states, "Nope. You lose!" Quickly, he whips his leg around, and kicks the controller device from his unexpecting hands. It flies into the air, where Billy manages to catch it just beneath a tree near the shore. Rito is taken by such surprise, that Tommy is able to escape his grasp as he stands there looking at his hand and wondering, "Where'd it go?!" Goldar yells at his partner, "Grrr! You fool!" Billy presses a few random buttons on the device, and once the Ranger kids regroup around him, he aims the skullhead on it towards the lake, and fires a beam. It lifts the forcefield off of the Aquitians, to which our young heroes cheer and slap each other five. The Alien Ranger liftoff into the air, escaping the deadly polluted waters of the lake. All sealife in the waters are probably dead by now, or else mutated. Though I suspect, from looking at the footage presented? That the toxic waste only latched on to the small section where the Generator was converting the liquids to Aquitian water. Plus it probably all floated just to the top, given how little of it was dumped. Which means it wasn't a complete natural disaster. Yay!

Back on shore, Goldar scolds Rito, "Dohh! I TOLD you not to fool around! Look what've you done! Lord Zedd will have your skull for this!" Rito tries respond, but can't get a word in edgewise. Goldar finally teleports back to the moon with his usual flash of flames. The skeletal soldier whines, "Ohhh, NOW i'm gonna get it! Oh, well. Might as well get this over with. See ya!" He teleports off to meet his fate. Though next we see the Moon Palace, and neither have arrived just yet (must be stuck in space traffic). Lord Zedd yells to his wife, "Rita! I'm going to send every one of your brother's bones to a different dog pound in Angel Grove!" (are there THAT many dog pounds there?!) Rita replies angrily, "Are you blaming Rito for this mess?!" He says, "Well...", and she adds, "Maybe it was monkey breath!" Zedd, more apt to point the finger at his bro-in-law than his loyal lap-ape, changes the subject, "Ohh, it doesn't matter. I STILL have the Barbaric Brothers!" Rita agrees, "Yeah." He states, "I'll order THEM to tear Angel Grove apart! Heh!" Down by the lake, the weary Aquitians have landed on dry land. The Ranger kids rush to their side, as Billy asks, "Are you guys alright?" Cestro answers, "We're fine, Billy. But wait! Zordon is trying to contact us, telepathically." The five Alien Rangers touch their bulbously shaped temples, and accept the incoming transmission. We see Zordon's big blue head spinning around slowly on a purple bubble above them, saying, "Rangers, the Barbaric Brothers have launched an attack on Angel Grove. Are you strong enough to go into battle?" Cestro, visibly groggy from the foul bath, informs him, "We'll handle the Barbaric Brothers, Zordon." Tommy notices they aren't in tiptop shape, noting, "But you guys are too weak!" Aurico puts their priorities simply, "We are Rangers, Tommy." Delphine turns to the camera and shouts the command, "It's Morphin' Time!" With a five-on-one-screen shot, the Aquitians energize, "Rangers of Aquitar, we need full power!" They quickly Morph, and appear in the middle of the forest. So much for the Barbaric Brothers launching any attack on the city, they haven't really moved an inch! The Red Alien Ranger stands in the middle of his team, which his sword out, held over his shoulder rather cockily for some reason. The leader, the White Alien Ranger, embraces him on the other shoulder and stresses, "We MUST rest use of our energy!" (or something similar, it's kinda garbled, captions read "We must reserve our energy", but doesn't sound like that) Aurico slaps her hand off him playfully, and concurs, "Right!" The Barbaric Brothers are quite displeased to see the Aquitians on the scene. Merrick complains, "You Surf-and-turf Rangers! Now i'm, like, totally bummed out!"

On the Lunar Balcony, Goldar takes a look through the Repulsascope, and notes to Lord Zedd, "The Barbaric Brothers are really mad!" Zedd gloats, "Good! Then they'll be even madder when they're really big!" He walks up to the balcony with Rita, and together they place with Magic Wand & Z-Staff together, calling out, "Grow, monsters, GROW!" as their combined evil energies are unleashed. They blast down as a bombardment of lightning from a dark cloud, striking both Barbaric Brothers and turning them huge. Merrick gasps, "Whoa, mondo! Excellent, Zedd!", and Erick exclaims, "Like, awesome!" Faced with the giant creatures, the five Aquitian Rangers are now out near the desert, sort of as they were in "ARoA2". The Alien Rangers ready their Ninja-spirit Coins, and hurl them into the air, commanding, "Battle Borgs! Power of water, power of light, powers unite!" The five Battle Borgs materialize in a quadruple flash of light, their legs actually doing splits in the air when they first appear, but landing perfectly. The Aquitians shout, "Power up!", and that's what their telepathically controlled mechanoid Zords do. The Barbaric Brothers are impressed, amazed by the Borgs' entrance. Erick insists, "Check this out!", as he and Merrick suddenly show off a power-up of their own. Instantly, both Barbaric Brothers become adorned with metal chest-shoulder, single arm, and shin attachments. The shoulder ones resemble half buzz-saws, and their arm add-ons are actually large drills. Merrick remarks, "Whoa! Dude, no way!", and Erick replies, "WAY, dude! Duh!" They pose, the Battle Borgs repose, and all rush into action against one another. One of the Barbarics' shouts, "Surf's up," quickly. Down below, the Aquitian Rangers start to control their Borgs, running around and kicking into the air. Above them, their Battle Borgs follow the movements, with Black, Yellow & Blue taking on Erick, while Red & White tackle Merrick, near large powerline towers. Our heroes land zero punches on the beasts, while their Borgs sustain several hits. Erick charges up his arm-weapon, which is actually a buzz-saw. He quips, "Dudes, i'm cuttin' in!", as he smashes it at full spin into the Blue & Yellow Battle Borgs. They roll across the ground, causing the Blue & Yellow Alien Rangers to do the same, and feel their Borgs' injuries.

Black Alien Ranger spots their plight, and vows, "I will avenge my companions!" He leaps into the air, causing his Froggy Black Battle Borg to do the same. It lands with a double punch into Erick's full metal jacket. The Barbaric Brother shrugs it off, and proceeds to slash into the Borg's chest. A quick turnaround, and Erick & the Black Borg wind up locked, arm to arm. The monster simply shifts his body weight, and manages to lift the limber Zord into the air, holding it firmly over his shoulders. He begins to twirl around, stating, "Round and round she goes...", prompting Corcus (who isn't spinning in the air despite his Borg's state of being) to cry, "No, you barbarian! Release my Borg, NOW!" Erick continues helicoptering the Black Borg, adding, "... And where she stops, only I know!" He finally lets go, sending the Borg flying through the air, slamming directly into the Blue & Yellow Borgs as they just managed to arise from their downed positions. Somehow, the Black Alien Ranger is also sent heaving into the sky, but instead of knocking his Yellow & Blue teammates over like bowling pins, they're able to catch his falling body and remain standing. Aurico notes to his teammates, "We must use ALL of our powers to defeat them!", and Delphine concurs, "NOW!" The two of them sprint back into action, leaving the others behind, hoping, "Be strong!" Merrick starts to wind up his drill-hand, offering, "Alien dudes, I got somethin' for ya!" He pokes the White Borg in the upperchest, turns, gets kicked by the Red Borg, and then starts drilling into it as well. The Red & White Alien Rangers don't appear to be hurt by this, merely fighting on and keeping their mecha in the game. The White Battle Borg tosses a high kick at Merrick, he ducks, and bashes his drill-hand into it yet again. The Crane-spirited Borg falls, rolls, and collapses unconscious. Delphine stumbles backwards, her Borg's defeated actions now causing her to mimic its. The Red Alien Ranger realizes all of his fellow Aquitians have been taken down, so as "541"'s instrumental rips into full gear in the background, Aurico starts throwing in the swift kicks and rapid punches. His Red Battle Borg responds in kind, attacking Merrick, but doing no good. The Barbaric Brother blocks the blows, and returns with his own, drill-beating the Ape-spirited Borg until it topples. It recovers just to notice it's stuck alone between both of the Barbaric Brothers. Merrick mentions, "Hey, let's play Wipe Out!", and Erick comments, "Cool!" The Red Borg arises, only to get buzz-saw slashed by Erick, then punched, then dazed enough so that it turns its back on the monster, allowing him to latch on. Held helpless, the Red Battle Borg grunts loudly, struggling to break free from Erick's hold as he's told, "He's it!" Merrick readies his drill-arm, stating, "Awesome! Hey, hold still. I don't want to make a mess!"

Down below, four of the Aquitian Rangers stagger around, heavily dehydrated and weary from vicarious battle. The Red Aquitian Ranger stands, struggling as his Borg is, and vows, "You hideous, evil creature! You will NOT get away with this! On the sacred words of the Aquitar, I promise you, you will NOT!" Erick continues holding the Red Battle Borg in place, having a tight grip on the mighty machine. He encourages his brother, "C'mon! Put it in gear!", as he's taking too darn long to reach his destination. Merrick, aiming his drill-arm into position, giggles, "I'm totally stoked, man!" The other Battle Borgs, bodies smoking, just lay on the ground, unable to lift a finger to aid their teammate. Aurico must wet his pants or something, because he gets a recharge in the form of shouting, "Battle Borg, spin!" The Red Borg twists itself around, and slips out of Erick's grasp. His loud screaming seems to imply that Merrick ended up drilling into his own brother, but we don't see it happen. Ahh, our imaginations are wonderful, aren't they? Anyway, the Red Borg rolls back onto its feet successfully. Speaking of back on feet, the other four Alien Rangers join their excited teammate, as he exclaims, "YES! Now the tide of battle has turned!" All five Battle Borgs regroup, and prepare for the final round. Aurico leads the team (since, even though he's not the leader, of course, though judging by how the White Borg acts concerned to the Red one in this last shot, I suspect there's a sort of sleeping around amongst the ranks, which results in him getting more power than he should), ordering, "Combine energy!" Delphine concurs, "Right!", and the five Aquitians fall into a straight line, one behind the other. They then motion their arms outwards, then in for a close forearm cross, shouting, "Energize!" Their Battle Borgs do the same, without the lineup, Red Borg speaking robotically, "Energize." The Borgs then vanish, so all that energizing must have been simply for storage.

The Alien Ranger next do an elaborate stance, while summoning, "We need Shogun Megazord power, NOW!" The five Shogunzords blink in, blink together, and form the Megazord in a jiffy. The Barbaric Brothers give it all they gnarly got, Merrick leading the way with a battle cry of, "Like, Charge!" They wave their arm-weapons around, and rush towards the Shogun Megazord. The massive machine looks down at them, powers up its sword, and quickly drops the flaming blade into the monstrous Bill & Ted creatures. Erick & Merrick moan in agony (saying in unison, "This is BOGUS, man!", and seem to nearly hug one another, as the Shogun Megazord lifts its hand, nods, and moments later, the Barbaric Brothers explode into a quick flash of fire. The Megazord gets into a victory position of standing tall and proud, and I should note, no spirits were shown flying up into the sky for a change! Meanwhile, back on the Moon Palace, Rito (in recycled footage from an earlier season 3 ep) stares into the front end of the Repulsascope. He comments, "Whoa! That's scary lookin'!", before waving back at what he sees, "Hi, there!" Lord Zedd is over standing at his throne, lamenting over the Barbaric's loss, "Is there NO ONE I can count on to stop those obnoxious Aliens?!" Rito leans in closer to the front of the Repulsascope, sticking his rotting noggin right into the lens, noting what he sees is, "Some kind of big, ugly, eye monster!" Rita is on the other side of the scope, and rushes around to yell, "Take your boney paws off of my telescope, you creepy loser!" Her sibling jumps backs and questions, "Who you callin' a creepy loser?! At least I didn't marry ED!" Rito walks down the balcony stairs, and gets pushed at by his sister. Rita screams, "His name is ZEDD! ZEDD!" Said husband shrugs it all off, as he mentions to her, "Ugh, i'm getting one of YOUR headaches now. Bah!"
Soon at the Command Center, Billy inspects the remains of his Molecular Hydro Atmospheric Generator, with the five Aquitians looking on. Delphine asks, "How does it look?" Cestro aids the brainy human in checking it out, finding the whole device covered in the thick purple goop. Billy answers, "The Generator's useless now, and building a new one would take too long." Zordon regrets to inform the Aquitians, "I'm sorry. You have no choice, Rangers. You MUST return home." Tideus kindly refuses, "But we can't leave you, Zordon. Zedd will launch another attack and will be victorious." The Eltarian Sage argues, "To stay would mean to perish. You have already risked your lives to help us." Billy concurs, "Zordon's right. You need to return home. Somehow we'll find a way to deal with Zedd." Aurico is admirative of the human, stating, "Even in your darkest moment, you think not of yourselves, but of us. You are truly brethren, and I am honored to share the power of the Rangers with you, and your friends." Delphine promises, "We go now. But we go not for good. We will search for a way to return. For NEVER has there been a battle that we have run from. Or friends, that we have turned our backs on." She gives Billy a hand-gesture to her chest salute, and says, "Take care, Billy. And may the power protect you." He smiles and inhales deeply, his way of bidding so-long. Delphine looks up, says, "Goodbye, Zordon", he returns the departing announcement. She looks over the automaton assistant, and simply says, "Alpha." He waves and replies, "Goodbye, Aquitians!", before turning around and pressing a few buttons on the console. The five Alien Rangers revert to their water molecule teleportational states, and shoot off into outer space. Billy puts his hands in his pockets (again! argh!), and Alpha asks the question he's asked so often lately, "Ay-yi-yi-yi! What are we going to do NOW, Zordon?!" This really isn't their season, is it? NOTHING goes their way! Yikes!
[To be continued...; end credits]
At the lake, Delphine stops suddenly, pressing her arms down on Kat & Tommy, and letting out a loud aquatic squeal; Tommy informs Kat, "It's a molecular hydro atmospheric generator..."; Wading in the lake, Skull gulps in some seawater and laughs as Bulk bubbles beneath the waves; Tommy informs Kat, part 2: "It's analyzing the wa-water... m-moisiter and gasses in our air..."; Long-view shot of Adam telling the Aquitians about Bulk & Skull eating the fish. Delphine coughs up her popsicle, and it magically pops back up off the sand and into her mouth, thank to the wonders of reversing the footage; Tommy informs Kat, part 3: "It tries to create... create water similar to aq-Aquitar's..."; A quick clapboard slate showing the production date of scene one as 10/3/95, same date as the last scene of the last episode!) over Tommy's face; Tommy does a retake, and grows fed-up with remembering his lines, remarking with a confused face, "I dunno what it is! Billy made it!"; Skull Vs Bulk, the splash battle for the title of King Of The Sea; Delphine makes dolphine-like clicking noises with her mouth, as she looks around frantically after hearing about the concept of eating fish. Corcus twitches his head, with a bunch of popsicle sticks lodged in his mouth; Bulk & Skull prepare for their big lake scene, holding their breath and dunking their heads under water.

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