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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
"Hogday Afternoon, Part I"
Original Air Date: 2/15/96

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-342
*42nd episode aired
*154th total Power Rangers episode
*Unofficially, this is episode 9 of the Alien Rangers saga.

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Isaac Florentine
Starring Cast:
Michael R. Gotto _AS_ Young Tommy
Julia Jordan _AS_ Young Katherine
Michael J. O'Laskey II _AS_ Young Rocky
"Sicily" _AS_ Young Aisha
Matthew Sakimoto _AS_ Young Adam
David Yost _AS_ Billy
Cody Slaton _AS_ Young Bulk
Ross J. Samya _AS_ Young Skull

Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Delphine (White Ranger)
David Bacon _AS_ Aurico (Red Ranger)
Karim Prince _AS_ Cestro (Blue Ranger)
Jim Gray _AS_ Tideus (Yellow Ranger)
Alan Palmer _AS_ Corcus (Black Ranger)
Additional Cast:
? _AS_ Young Tanya
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Finster (voice)
? _AS_ Hydro-Hog (voice)


[Today on MMPR (Replaced by a segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings); Opening credits]
Another funtastic morning at the Command Center, and all is well and normal in the main control onsole room. The Zeo Crystal Transformer, as seen in "Along Came A Spider," is up and running on a platform in the center of the room. It spins around, a light beam emanating upward, with the four recovered Zeo Subcrystals sticking out of it. They're all locked together, into a form which is very similar to the combined shape they had once been in for quite a few thousand years before. The orange light energy flowing through it by the device appears to be trying to return it to said merged form. Billy (wearing a blue flannel overshirt and dark blue undershirt, very similar to the outfits he's been wearing throughout MMAR) checks out this simple test run of the Transformer, with help from Alpha 5. The spinning & lighting up of the device ceases, and Billy is handed a gold wrench-like item by his robotic assistant. Zordon asks, "How are you progressing on the reassembly of the Zeo Crystal, Billy? Do you think it will be functional?" The brainy human, tightening some bolts, replies, "Well, it SHOULD work. But I won't know for sure until Aisha gets back." Zordon states, "At last, the final crystal. I will be greatly relieved once you're all back in the same dimension. It has been MUCH too calm lately." Billy quits messing with the device and notes, "Well, correct me if i'm wrong, Zordon, but... Isn't that a good thing?" The Eltarian adds, "Except that Lord Zedd knows we're seeking out the power of the Zeo Crystal. He will stop at NOTHING to get in our way." Alpha exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi! I hope Aisha gets back soon!" Billy exhales deeply, and expressing facially his mutual feelings on the subject.

Meanwhile, across time & space, somewhere in the plains of Africa, tigers & lions wander about. We even get to see one mother lion licking her baby cub quite considerably. Not far away, the final thundercloud time vortex opens up, and deposits Young Aisha safely onto the ground. The area, I should note, is actually the same location used for the "quarry" shots of late in MMAR. They just disguise it with a large line of boulders in the background, and a huge cloud of mist nearby it. It's effective enough, since the color of the grass matches the Africa stock footage just enough. Aisha, wearing the same yellow long-sleeved shirt, brownish overalls, and satchel as she had on when entering the vortex several days ago, clutches her pigtailed head and remarks, "It feels like my head was sucked through a vacuum cleaner!" She shakes off the effects of time-travelling, and of spending some time in stasis, as she scopes out her location. Aisha notices a lion growling on the prowl in the distance, causing her to startle, squeal, and quip, "Something tells me i'm not in Angel Grove anymore! I think i'd better get my Zeo Crystal and get OUT of here!" The lion seems to get closer, walking casually, mainly due to being nowhere within several million miles from where Aisha is in reality. Back in the present day, on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd mentions, "The Zeo Crystal is almost complete. Do you realize what will happen when they get that final piece!?" He's talking to Rita Repulsa, who's up on the balcony looking through her Repulsascope for a moment. She soon turns to face his throne-sitting position, and reply, "Of course I do! The world will go back to normal and the Power Brats will regain control!" Zedd arises and shouts, "Unacceptable! Contact Goldar. Tell him to steal the crystal once it is completed!" Rita, not wanting to press their incredible luck of late, asks, "Why not set the Implosion Generator, wipe the Command Center off the face of the galaxy, and be done with it?!" Her husband answers her query, "Urrrgh! Because once I claim the power of the Zeo Crystal for my own, NOTHING will stop me!" His wife notes with a wicked grin, "What about the Alien Rangers, huh? They'll put a KINK in your socket!" Zedd informs her, "Not to worry, my dear! I've devised a plan to bring the Hydro-Hog to Earth, but this time, Zordon won't stop me! I'll be beam out a decoy message for him to chase after, while..." Rita finishes his sentence with twisted glee, "... We're sending a REAL message! Oh, Zedd! This time WE'LL be bringing home the BACON!" He laughs, she laughs, lots of evil laughter is exchanged over that swine-inspired joke.
Down at the Command Center, the four age-regressed Earth Rangers stand around the lit up & spinning Zeo Crystal Transformer with Billy & Alpha. Tommy (who's wearing a different outfit than the previous episode) marvels, "I can't believe you finished it so fast!" Billy shares the compliment, by patting Alpha on the back and saying, "Well, I did have a lot of help!" Alpha goes from grateful to worried while replying, "Thanks, Billy! Now if we only had Aisha back, safe & sound!" Rocky (wearing the same outfit we last saw him in) puts his hand on the robot's shoulder and urges, "Try and take it easy, Alpha. You'll get your sensory banks in overload!" Adam (also wearing the same outfit as last time) states knowledgeably, "Aisha can take care of herself." Kat (wearing a different outfit than we last saw her. I've been mentioning outfits as a possible way of determining how much time has passed during the Zeo Quest. I know realize that was an insane and futile gesture, and will now knock it off) mentions, "Now we just need to concentrate on keeping it together until she gets back." It, being the Zeo Crystal, of course.

Speaking of Aisha, over in Africa, she's freaking out in the presence of Simba. She backs up slowly, getting closer to the set of boulders behind her, as she stammers, "Nice kitty! Whooaaa, nice kitty! Nice kitty! Nice kitty! Oh man!" The lion walks through the plains, snarling, likely thinking he needs to find an MGM movie to appear in soon. Aisha has backed up as far as she can go, directly against a boulder. Suddenly, an arm grabs her shoulder, causing her to scream, and fall firmly on her rear end. While sitting on the ground reluctantly, the hand touches her shoulder again, rather gently. Aisha looks at the person the hand is connected to, finding a young African girl in orange & yellow tribal attire crouching down near her. The girl puts her fingers to her lips and makes a "shhh!"ushing sound. Aisha groans, "Ohhh-kay," causing the other girl to grin widely. The lion winds up distracted by a branch, and wanders off in the opposite direction. Aisha & the tribal girl peek their heads out from behind the rock, and once the coast is clear, the emerge from hiding. Aisha breathes her trademark sigh of relief, "Thank GOODness!" She turns to the other girl and asks, "Thanks. Where'd you come from?" The tribal child, around Aisha's current physical age, replies in perfect English, "My name's Tanya. I've been watching this particular lion for a few days now, trying to make sure he didn't harm anyone." Aisha, always the vet's pet, notes, "He looked like he was sick!" Tanya confirms, "He is! ALL the animals are getting sick now." Aisha questions, "Some sort of plague?" Tanya confirms again, "Yes. They've become confused and weak, making them all the more dangerous." Empathetic to their plight, Aisha sighs, "That's awful!" Tanya wonders aloud, "I don't mean to be rude, but... WHO are you, and why are you here?!" The former Yellow Ranger states, "My name is Aisha. I was sent here to find something VERY important." Tanya encourages her, "You better come back with me, for now. It's a long way back to camp, and you wouldn't want to get caught here when night falls." She then hurries off, with Aisha in tow, asking, "The camp? Do you live here?" Tanya explains, "I do NOW. My parents were explorers. Three years ago, they were lost in an expedition, and the local people took me in. I've been here ever since." They stop walking, as Aisha wonders, "What about family?" Tanya mentions, "Well, it's always just been the three of us. But now, I have a large family with wonderful people! Except..." Aisha asks, "Except what?", and Tanya continues somberly, "... The animals! They could destroy our whole existence!" She stares at the ground quietly, and walks on, as Aisha lags behind a bit, contemplating the strange situation she's landed into.

Up on the Malicious Moon Palace, Lord Zedd charges up his Z-Staff with white magical energy. He fires a few bolts off the side of the balcony, while grunting, "Huargggh! There, THAT should do it!" Rita's right up against his shoulder the moment he's done, enthusiastically saying, "Well?! What're you waiting for?! Let's send that little piggy to market! Hahaha!" Zedd tells his wife, "Will you relax?! That was only the decoy beam. Just the ticket to get old Alpha's circuits all lit up! Hehe!" It does the job, as in the Command Center, Alpha monitors the actions and exclaims, "Oh, ay-yi-yi! Zedd's up to his old tricks again, Zordon! I detect a transmission beam headed for Aquitar!" (not quite true, since in "Sowing The Sea Of Evil", Zedd was trying to bring Hydro-Hog to Earth via a teleportation ray, having supposedly already communicated with him offscreen) Zordon orders, "You must take the same precaution we did last time, Alpha, and block the transmission." The automaton assistant starts pressing buttons and sighs worriedly, "Ohhh! Right away, Zordon!" We see an exterior shot of the planet Earth, just like in the previous episode. A bluish beam is shot from around Africa (okay, so it's more likely just the point on the atmosphere where it exits from), and charges up into outer space. It manages to engage the white lightning bolt of Zedd's magic, cutting it off before it can get any further. Both beams short each other out, leaving nothing behind but a pretty starfield background. Over on the Lunar Balcony, Rita gasps to her hubby, "Ah! You were right! Zordon's already blocking that beam! Hurry up and send the real one!" Zedd stands there, groaning, until his wife elbows him and urges, "C'mon! Do it!" He yells, "Would you be patient!? Our timing has got to be PER-fect." Zedd chuckles sinisterly, and fires his Z-Staff into space once again.

Once the beam is cast, he proclaims, "Hydro-Hog of Aquitar! Appear to me at once!" Just over the balcony, a hologrammatic image of said creature appears (he looks as I described him in the previous spoiler). Hydro-Hog, sounding quite gruff, answers, "Yeah, Zedd! Whadda ya want THIS time?!" Lord Zedd quips, "Finally, a decent connection!", and states, "Hydro-Hog, how would you like to drain the Earth of its water supply, and destroy the Alien Rangers at the very... same.. time?!" Hydro-Hog guffaws, "So, ya can't get rid of them on your own, eh? Heh heh heh!" Rita kisses up to the Emperor of the Dark Waters, "We don't have the power of evaporation at our fingertips like YOU do, oh wart breath! Hehe!" Hydro-Hog figures, "Ahh, what the hey! It HAS been kind of boring here on Aquitar without the Fish Rangers to harass! I guess i'll do it!" Zedd announces, "Excellent! Prepare to leave, at ONCE!" Hydro-Hog replies, "Whadda think, I gotta lot of bags to pack?! I'm on my way!" The image transmission ends, leaving Rita smiling evilly and remarking excitedly, "What a blissful picture! Five Alien Rangers dehydrated and all dried up like prunes! I could CRY if I weren't so happy!" Her husband can only chuckle maniacally as he leans against the balcony, admiring her beauty. Across the way, at the Command Center, or rather, deep in the caverns of the mountain its rested atop, we find Rito Revolto & Goldar as they've been lately. Namely, wandering through the vast metal corridors without a clue as to where they're at. Oddly, there's no resolution to the last episode's plot, where Goldar fled the area when Rito accidentally activated the Implosion Generator. Goldar's back, walking around with Rito, and in fact, in this scene, the bomb is completely absent! Maybe Rito has it in his back pocket or something. Anyway, they step softly through the metal foggy hallways, with Rito loudly laughing, "Heheh, can you imagine what Zordon would say if he knew we were walking around down here?! HA HA!" He quickly grabs his own mouth, realizing that was a bit too loud, given their close nature to the Command Center itself. Goldar also silences him, slapping his stomach and lowly growling, "Quiet! Shhh!" Rito joins in on the "shhh", both henchmonsters putting their fingers to their mouths ala Tanya from earlier. The skeletal soldier then whispers, "Let's keep going!" Goldar aims his sword down a second corridor, and tells him, "No, that way!" That way it is, heading onward, both creatures chuckling & snickering.

Some levels above, in the Command Center console room, Billy moves the Zeo Crystal Transformer table away from the center of the room. Rocky & Adam help Alpha on one of the computer walls, while Tommy & Kat work on another. Good thing Billy moved the table, as the five Aquitians teleport into the room, nearly on top of where the table was. Alpha asks them, "What are YOU doing here? I thought you were all rehydrating down by the lake!" (what?! I thought they couldn't rehydrate there without a water purifier!) Delphine explains, "Our sensory perceptions began to detect danger approaching Earth." Zordon confirms their telepathic senses, "Your instincts are correct, Delphine. Observe the Viewing Globe! The Alien Rangers narrowly missed encountering Lord Zedd's latest monster!" The humans and Aquitians turn to the Globe, and witness Angel Grove Lake, as a creature falls from the sky and lands in the water. Adam wonders, "What's going on?", and Rocky answers, "I think we're about to find out." Aurico states ominously, "It is bad. VERY bad." At the lake, several children are playing with water toys, along with an adult or three. Bulk & Skull are there as well, and it should be noted that every person there has a black wetsuit on! Why? I have no clue! It makes no sense! Are they in a fanclub of the Alien Rangers, and thus, are hanging out in wetsuits to frolic with the Aquitians? Whatever! Bulk & Skull grab their boogieboards and charge into the water. On the beach, Hydro-Hog steps his big green scaly foot on the sand, and boasts, "Hahaha! Water, water, everywhere! And all for ME to drink! Hahaha!" A woman spots him and screams, quickly grabbing her daughter and running. Those in the water also swim as fast away from the evil space creature as fast as they can, with Bulk & Skull frozen in wheeping terror. Hydro-Hog waddles towards the water, remarking, "I'm gonna have fun here, today!" The humans flee as best they can, and even Bulk & Skull join in once they regain their train of thought. Hydro-Hog, appearing on the Viewing Globe, stops and asks the panicking people at the lake, "What's the matter!? I just wanna get a little drink! Hawhawhawhaw!" Katherine asks those around here, "What is it?!" Tideus points to the screen and gasps in fear, "The Hydro-Hog!" Cestro nervously exclaims, "Zedd & Rita have succeeded in bringing it to Earth!" Billy realizes, "That means he's going to start in on the Earth's water supply." Delphine states, "We must go at once and try to stop this reprehensible creature before it is too late!" Zordon questions their abilities, "But do you think that you and your Battle Borgs can defeat the Hydro-Hog here on Earth?" Corcus mentions, "Our Battle Borgs have never been able to defeat the Hydro-Hog!" (thus, why "Along Came A Spider" was the final onscreen appearance of the Borgs!) Delphine decides, "Then we shall call on the Shogunzords, if necessary!", she adds, "I have seen planets reduced to wastelands before this terrible predator. We MUST act quickly." She looks to the camera, crosses her arm across her chest, and with Aurico doing the same at her side, she shouts, "It's MORPHIN' time!"

The five Aquitians, on a five-in-one screen Morph, call on their Aquitar Ranger powers. They Morph into the Alien Rangers, and teleport to the lake at the same time. At the lake, Hydro-Hog gets a kick out of watching the waterlogged humans squirm, unable to get far away from the monster. The Aquitian Rangers land near the woods and pose, as the White Ranger proclaims, "That's enough, Hydro-Hog!" He says, "Alien Rangers, what took ya!?" Delphine vows, "You'll NOT destroy this planet!" Hydro-Hog asks, "Who's gonna stop me?! You?! I doubt THAT!" He turns and continues his journey to the water, not afraid of the Rangers behind him at all. The Red Alien Ranger points out, "He's heading for the lake! Quickly, we must position ourselves between him and the water's edge!" The White Alien Ranger agrees, "Right!", and the five leap into the air, and drop down in front of him on the beach. Black & White Aquitian Ranger engage Hydro-Hog first in combat, both kicking and gut-punching him together. He shrugs them off with a heave of his belly and a slip of his wrist. Blue & Yellow Aquitian Rangers march in and try to forcibly hold him back, but the Emperor of the Dark Waters hits them on their backs, and knocks them to the ground. As they lay there dazed, he reaches down, grabs the swords off their backs. When they stand up to try to get them back, he slashes into Tideus & Cestro with their own sabers! Blue & Yellow are down, but Red Aquitian Ranger stands in his way, brandishing his own sword. Aurico remarks, "Well, if you wanna play that way!", prompting White & Black Aquitians to pull out their swords as well, Corcus adding, "Then we will, too!" He and Delphine lunge at Hydro-Hog with their sabers, just to get bashed down by his impressive use of their teammates' swords. They roll to Red Ranger's feet, which inspires him to jump up and try to slash at the creature with his own sword. Hydro-Hog blocks the attack with one of his stolen sabers, and knocks Aurico into the air with the other one. He lands near Delphine, who asks, "Are you alright?", he replies, "Yes!" Red, White, and Black Alien Rangers recover from the attacks, and get their swords at the ready. Hydro-Hog boasts, "C'mon! Who's next?!" as he plays with the swiped swords.

Red Alien Ranger has a plan, informing his three teammates, "We MUST lead him away from the lake!" They slowly walk sideways in the opposite direction of the water, making sure Hydro-Hog's attention is simply on them. White Alien Ranger notes to her pal, "That could be easier said than done!" Over in the water, the stupid humans have ceased fleeing, and are standing around cheering the Aquitians on. Bulk & Skull the loudest, encouraging them to, "C'mon! Get tough!" The three remaining (where in the name of boiling water are Cestro & Tideus?!) Alien Rangers pace closer to the creature, swords drawn and poised. Aurico asks them, "All set?", they shout in unison, "Right!", and he replies, "Then let's do it!" Red Ranger is the first to strike, getting his blown deflected by Hydro-Hog's mastery of the sword. Black & White attempt to attack him rather quickly, but fail, instead falling back and letting Aurico do all the work. He keeps Hydro-Hog's swords busy, with some sharp ducks and counter-strikes. Delphine orders, "Let's surround him, Rangers!" Red Aquitar Ranger ends up locking his sword with the monster's, holding him in place, and asking his teammates, "Are you ready?!" Black Aquitar Ranger announces, "Ready when you are!" Aurico breaks off from Hydro-Hog, leaving the creature piping mad, and yelling, "Haha! Give up?!" White Aquitar Ranger cries, "Never!", and charges towards him, with Black doing the same, both have their swords extended out. They both jumpflip over Hydro-Hog, landing on opposite sites of the obese monster. Hydro-Hog plays water possum, "Hey! Watch this!", as he drops to the sand after they land, "Hehe! I've fallen, and I can't get up! Hehahaha! (choke, gag)" (notice in some shots, he has both swords in hand, while in others, one of the swords is on the ground next to him!) He stops fidgeting, making the Aquitians believe he's really been hurt, despite how neither Delphine nor Corcus touched him! Red Alien Ranger exclaims, "We finally defeated him! Yeah!" Black Alien Ranger, as gullible as he is soluble, stupidly walks over to Hydro's apparently unconscious body, and proclaims, "The galaxy is finally safe!" Suddenly, Hydro-Hog shouts, "Wroooong!", whips his left arm up, and knocks Corcus' legs out from under him. He flips over in the air uncontrollably, landing on his back against the dirt and falling limp. The people in the water stop cheering, and grow frustrated, Bulk especially.

White Aquitian Ranger cries, "Corcus, are you hurt?!" Busy doing this, she's unaware that Hydro-Hog has popped up behind her, and proceeds to smack her out of the way. The monster remarks, "Hehaha! HE'S okay, but I dunno if the same can be said for YOU!" Delphine stands up and tries to slash him with her sword. Hydro blocks it with his stolen saber, and shifts her around, so that he's able to grab the back of her neck. He then begins to siphon off her hydration, sucking it out of her body by way of blue-green energy waves. She screams in agony, as the monster laughs the whole thing up. The humans wading in the lake continue cheering our heroes on, with Bulk shouting anxiously, "Come on!" On the shore, Blue & Yellow Alien Rangers finally reappear, regrouping with Red, as he notes, "The Hydro-Hog is draining the water from her body! We must stop him!" Cestro concurs, "You're right, Aurico, and quickly!" The other two reply in unison, "Right!", but remain standing around as Delphine is depleted of all her precious hydration. Hydro-Hog finally lets her go, having absorbed her aquatic energy. The White Alien Ranger falls limply to the ground, groaning weakly. Hydro-Hog quips, "One freeze-dried Aquitian Ranger, for your viewing pleasure!" Speaking of which, he's being watched on the Viewing Globe still, at the Command Center. Rocky nervously rubs his hands together, and Tommy shouts, "Zordon! They're weakening!" (technically, just Delphine, so far) Zordon replies, "I know, Tommy. I know." The camera pans down, and takes us just a level or two below the console room. In one of the upper hallways, against a wall, is a golden plaque with the words "Command Center This Way" with an arrow pointing the direction! Is Zordon asking for the backdoor to be found, or what? Rito, holding the Implosion Generator (still blinking and lit up, as it was last episode. Apparently just phase one of activation, and nothing to worry about after all!), leads the way through the hall. He complains to his partner, "Look, monkey breath, I keep tellin' ya. We're going the wrong way!" Goldar grumbles, "Oh, you! You know nothing!" They halt in the middle of the corridor for no reason, allowing Goldar opportunity to glance over and spot the plaque. He remarks, "Hey look! A sign! 'Command Center This Way'! What do ya know!" Rito snickers, "HA! I told ya so!" His partner ignores Rito's idoticy for once, and just growls, "Yeah, yeah!" The skeletal soldier exclaims, "It's SHOWtime! Ahahaha!", as they march on, with the golden warrior proclaiming, "It's the beginning of the end for those Power Rangers!" The camera zooms back in on the plaque.
So, the situation at the lake is pretty much the same. Humans in the water, sidelining the event, as the Red, Blue, Black and Yellow Alien Rangers try to take on Hydro-Hog without aid from their leader. Lots of fighting occurs offscreen, but once we do get to see it, Corcus is knocked back onto the ground, and stomped on by the monster. Seems Hydro-Hog's absorption of hydration isn't just limited to his hands, as he's able to siphon water from the Black Aquitian Ranger with his foot! He also has the Blue Alien Ranger held in a tight shoulder lock, allowing him to dehydrate two Aquitians at the same time. (Cestro has his sword back, though it doesn't do him any good) Hydro-Hog boasts, "Trashing you Alien Dweebs, and a new planet all in one day! I love it!" The Red Alien Ranger is shown just behind him, wearily fumbling and apparently having been relieved of his hydration between scenes as well. Out in the water, Skull screams, "C'mon!" (I doubt he could do better himself.) The final un-dehydrated Alien Ranger, the Yellow Aquitian says, "It's all up to ME now!" Tideus leaps into the air, grabs his sword from Hydro-Hog's distracted clutches. The moment he lands, Hydro-Hog states, "Four down and one to go!", and rushes over to grab the Yellow Ranger by the arm. Out in the water, Bulk yells, "Let's go!", the humans' cheering doing the Aquitians not one bit of good. Tideus, his energy being absorbed as he struggles to speak, groans, "I can't let this happen!" Hydro-Hog informs him, "Too late, bub! You're already a goner!" The first Ranger down, Delphine, crawls along the sand, and approaches the water's edge. Her morphed arm reaches for the lake, but is just a few inches short, as she gasps, "I must... rehydrate!" Her bluish aquatic essence (like a shadow version of her arm) extends outward as she drops her hand down, it strains to reach the H20. Hydro-Hog shows up, stomps her aqua-arm into nothingness, and towers over her, saying, "Oh no, you don't! You don't get it, do ya? It's over! Finished! You lost!" He kicks her aside, and the White Aquitar Ranger rolls down the shore, away from the lake.

Hydro-Hog proclaims, "In the blink of an eye, ALL the water on this planet will belong to me!" He motions his hands to his dolphin-buckle, his eyes shine, and he points his arm to the sky, firing a beam of energy. This causes an eruption in the center of the lake, which creates a massive tornado of water! The Aquitians, recovering from the attack, stand up, just in time to get knocked aback by the wind gusts of the aqua-twister. They shield their helmeted faces with their arms, as a huge gale of wind begins to pound them. The humans in the lake scream and cry, as the tornado spins around just a few feet behind them. Everyone knows it's windy, as the sudden storm causes water toys to tossed about. Corcus lies on the ground, trying to crawl against the force of abnormal nature, grunting, "It's too... strong!" Aurico, who was standing next to him, gets thrown around in the breeze. Cestro & Tideus fight the current of air being blasted at them, and manage to remain upright through heavy struggle. Delphine yells to her teammates, "Everybody... try to reach... the waterrrr!" She leans forward, trying her best to get to the lake, only to find the gusting winds are preventing her from doing so. Corcus replies, "I'm trying!", but ends up getting drug across the sand on his stomach as the wind whips him back. Bulk & Skull bob up and down, getting their mouths full of water reluctantly as they panic. Tideus & Cestro eventually fall, the wind reaching extreme intensity. Hydro-Hog is unaffected by it, standing on the shore, with the water tornado and panicking people behind him. He gloats with evil glee, "Mine! ALL mine! Huh-huh-huhhahe!"

Elsewhere across time and space, Tanya & Aisha trek through the wilderness. Aisha asks the native girl, "How much farther? I REALLY have to continue my quest." Tanya mentions, "It's still a ways, but... what exactly are you looking for?" They halt their progression, and Aisha explains, "It's KIND of hard to explain. It's a piece of a crystal, and it's REALLY important that I find it." Tanya says, "Hopefully Ashalla will be able to help you. She's the smartest woman I know!" Aisha asks, "Who's Ashalla?", and Tanya reveals, "She leads the people I live with." The former Ranger wonders, "Does she know what's making the animals sick?" Tanya replies, "NO one does! Not even the wildlife researchers! They say this could destroy our WHOLE ecosystem if we don't do something." Aisha points out, "I used to work at an animal shelter. I wonder if I could help?" Tanya simply states, "Right now, we're looking for a miracle." She sighs, and remarks, "We'd better move fast! The sun will be setting soon." They return to walking, with Aisha questioning, "What happens when the sun sets?" Tanya explains, "The animals! Some are very dangerous and unpredictable, because of the sickness." Aisha looks a bit worried, but sticks close to her newfound friend.

Back in the present, barely beneath the Command Center, we find out what happened to Alpha 4! Or at least a spare head and chestplate for Alpha 5, sitting in a cardboard box, covered in cobwebs. There's a large set of cardboard boxes around this corridor, each labeled "Command Center" Not to mention several dust-covered spare consoles and an extra Viewing Globe! Rito is first to enter this makeshift storage room, examining the area and commenting, "Yep! Uh-huh. This looks like the place, alright! Now we're cookin', baby!" He leans against a stack of boxes, which topple under his weight, causing him to tumble over into them. Goldar, who fights with a few strands of cobwebs dangling from the ceiling, gives a frustrated grunt at his partner's moronic pratfall. Rito stumbles against the boxes, yelling, "Ahh! Help! Ohh! Hey! I meant to do that!" He rebounds from the fall nicely, keeping perfect hold of both his sword and the Implosion Generator. Goldar shushes him again, "Quiet! You're going to wake the whole neighborhood!" Noticing a thick web-strand attached to his partner's face, Rito lifts his bonesword up, cuts it loose and remarks, "You don't get out much, do ya?" Goldar wipes his blue ape-like face free of the rest of the webbing, and groans, "Dohhh, get a life, will ya?!" Rito swivels his head around on his neck, as he replies with an attitude, "I GOT a life, and i'm LOVIN' it!" Goldar scoffs, "You call that... living?! You're pathetic!" Rito shakes the gob of cobweb off his sword, and then tosses the whole weapon aside, thanking his partner, "Oh, how very NICE of you to notice!" He then breaks off one of the flashing towers off the side of the bomb, and states, "Anyway, let's set this implosion device, and BLOW this popsicle stand!" Goldar orders, "Put THOSE... over THERE... NOW!" Rito whines, "Why do I always have to do iiiit?!" The golden warrior shouts, "Rito! We've GOT to separate the pieces of the Implosion Generator to ensure complete coverage!" The skeletal soldier gets it through his thick skull, "Aww, certainty! Why didn't ya just say so!? You know me, always happy to help!" Rito eagerly shuffles off to do the task, leaving Goldar standing them, clutching his face, and asking aloud, "How did I ever get saddled with this dolt?! Grrrr!" Placing Blinking Tower #1 on the top of a cardboard box, Rito mentions, "There ya go! Stay! Good boy!", and pats the top of it. He waves Blinking Tower #2 in the air, before placing it atop a stack of black suitcases, saying, "And I'll put one riiiiight... here! Yes!" Blinking Tower #3 is placed against one of the dusty old consoles, as Rito snickers, "And one would fit just dandy here, and it's bye-bye Zordon! Hahaha!"

Back at the beach, the huge blue-swirling waterspout tornado thing blasts quite a bit of wind throughout the location. The "innocent" (ie, stupid humans who could have fled but didn't and are paying for it now) bystanders flop around in the waters just near it. Why they haven't been blown out of the water, or sucked into it, is unclear. On shore, the five Alien Rangers have been able to regroup, as they struggle to fight against the winds blasting against them (all have their swords drawn, like that'd help any!). Yellow Aquitar Ranger vows, "We must protect the children!" Black Aquitar Ranger notes, "But the wind is too strong for us!" Corcus then loses his footing and is thrown back by a gust. Red Aquitar Ranger adds, "We cannot let that stop us from... trying to save them!" Hydro-Hog, the source of all the commotion, asks facetiously, "What'sa matter?! Thoisty!?" Aurico grips his throat, seemingly confirming the monster's remark, as he falls to his knees and cries, "I don't care about us, just leave the children alone!" Hydro-Hog replies, "What?! The kids?! I'm not gonna hurt the kids! I'm just gonna leave 'em high & dry! Haha!" Corcus yells, "What?!", and Delphine asks, "Then let them... come out of the... water!" Hydro-Hog obliges with evil laughter, "Well! Whatever you say! Haha!" The winds die down, only to have the aqua-twister suddenly expand! It engulfs the Alien Rangers, shaking them a bit and knocking them down. It not only expands, but sucks up every ounce of water in the lake with a quick burst, taking with it a shark pool-toy, but leaving all of the humans in the lake perfectly unharmed. They're flapping their arms, like they're attempting to stay afloat, only to gently touchdown on the bottom of the dried up lake. Bulk & Skull, who weren't on their boogieboards a moment ago, suddenly are, as they paddle their arms and legs, screaming. They halt when they realize there's no water anywhere in sight, nor is the ground around them muddy in the least. The scorching sun beats down on the Earth, and the dried up lake. The five Alien Rangers stagger across the cracked dirt, drying up just as fast as the lake did. The White Aquitian gasps, "Hydration level... dangerously low! We MUST get some water! Zordon! We need your help!" She reaches for the sky, better collapsing into a heap on the ground, along with her teammates. Her white gloved hand is the last to drop, as the sun-baked Aquitians lay near death under the waterless heat of the sun.

At the Command Center, the former human Rangers turn from the Viewing Globe, with Tommy noting, "Zordon! We HAVE to help them!" Zordon finally gives in and provides assistant by ordering his assistant, "Alpha, teleport the Aquitian Rangers to the Angel Grove Public Pool, immediately!" Alpha obeys, "Right away, Zordon! Oh, ay-yi-yi! I hope it's not too late!" He heads over to the teleportation section of the console, and activates the system. The five Alien Rangers go from tanning their lives away at the lake, to roasting on an open tile at the pool. As they pass through their Water Molecule shape teleport pods, they reluctantly demorph. The five Aquitians land in the now-empty pool, and collapse in a line across the shallow end. They're in pretty much "push up positions," as they struggle to remain conscious. Cestro asks, "What's happening?! So... weak!" Delphine mentions, "We've lost... ALL power!" To make matters worse, Hydro-Hog has followed them to the pool! He basks in their defeat, laughing maniacally while gloating, "Like I ALWAYS say, the early bird catches the worm! OR, in this case, catches the water! Ahahahahaha!" The fallen Aquitians can do nothing but wriggle on the ground, having not an ounce of strength to attack their worst enemy. The sadistical SOB-fish doesn't even bother finishing them off, letting them endure more agonizing suffering from mass dehydration. Elsewhere, under the Command Center, Rito places the 4th and final Blinking Implosion Tower atop Alpha's discarded spare head! He remarks to his partner, "And the last one, right here. Whadda ya think, Goldy? Should we make like bananas and split? Hahaha!" Goldar growls affirmatively, "For ONCE, I agree with you! Uh hehehe!" Rito admires the central detonation piece of the Implosion Generator in his hand, and remarks, "Well it had to happen, sooner or later!" Up on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd laments to his wife, "Oh no. We forgot to tell Rito & Goldar to grab the completed Zeo Crystal before destroying the Command Center!" Rita turns around and screams, "Finster! Get in here!" Her loyal lapdog rushes into the throneroom and asks, "Ohhh, yes, my queen? What can I do for you?" She yells, "Find out where Rito & Goldar are so I don't have to go looking for them! Hurry!" Finster obeys calmly, "Yes! Right away, your majesty!" Rita grunts angrily, and the white henchmonster shuffles off to do the deed. Back in the Command Center Storage Room, Rito holds the detonator up in the air, wiggles his fingers, and waits for the right moment. Goldar exclaims, "ALL-right!", and Rito says, "One little push, and the final countdown begins!" Goldar anxiously yells, "Well?! DO IT!" Rito hits the button on the top of the roundish bomb, causing the digital display on the side to read in red digits, "999", and counting down with loud beeps for each passing second. The skeletal soldier proclaims, "Did it! Done deal! No turning back now! Haha... I think." He scratches his helmet, possibly wondering if there's a deactivation switch on it.
Moments later, Rito goes, "Oh!", and Goldar asks, "Rita?! What're you doing here?!", as they receive some unexpected company. Rita Repulsa appears in the storage room, informing her henchmonsters, "I came to stop you from activating the Generator. You haven't yet, have you?!" Rito hides the blinking detonator device behind his back, the display now at "961", and plays dumb to his sis, "Uhh, the generator?" Goldar growls, "Uhh... Actually, we... uhhh..." Rito, having recovered his bonesword between scenes, slaps his partner in the gut with it, to shut him up from saying too much. The skeletal soldier tells Rita, "Not to worry, sis! In fact, you caught us JUST in time!" Rita remarks, "Good! Zedd wants me to put a hold on destroying the Command Center, until the Zeo Crystals are fully formed. Then, you GRAB it and bring it back to the palace! Hehaha!" Goldar wonders, "Doh! When will it be done?" She mentions, "I'll let you know. AND, if you mess up this time? Don't BOTHER coming back!" Rita teleports back to the moon, in her traditional red whirl of energy. Rito pulls the detonator out from behind him, and breathes a sigh of relief, "Whoah! Now THAT was a little too close! Don't cha think?" Goldar bops him with the butt of his sword, and complains, "Are you crazy?! Why didn't you tell her the truth?!" Rito figures, "What's the big deal!? All we gotta do is grab that crystal before this thing goes off, and we got it made!" Goldar grumbles, "You're... NUTS!" Rito playfully slaps his bonesword at his partner's chest, and encourages him to, "C'mon, relax, Goldy! Stop stressin', think positive! You'll live longer! Just as long as this thing doesn't go off! Hehehe!" Goldar slaps his own face, and knocks his fist against his golden headpiece, as Rito fiddles around with the Implosion device. Just a level or two above them, in the Command Center console room, Alpha busily presses buttons. Billy tells him, "Alpha, you gotta find a large source of water for the Alien Rangers to rehydrate in." The automaton replies, "I'm trying, Billy! But that Hydro-Hog is quicker than lightning! Water is evaporating everywhere!" Zordon urges, "You MUST keep trying, Alpha. The Alien Rangers will soon run out of time." Alpha cries, "Ooo, Ay-yi-yi!", and returns to button pressing. Billy aids him, while in the background, his four teammates stand around the Zeo Crystal Transformer, waiting for something to do. Meanwhen, across the vortex, sunset has reached Africa. Aisha & Tanya's silhouettes are shown against a dark orange backdrop, signifying dusk in the motherland. They race across the fields, with Tanya yelling, "Oh no! The sun has gone down!" Aisha tries comforting her new pal, "Don't worry! We'll be okay!" Tanya stresses urgency, "I wasn't kidding, Aisha. We're in DANGER!" They hustle as quick as they can, and though no animals are visible (likely all off puking, since they're "sick"), the jungle drum beats play loudly and dramatically. Finally, in the present time, the five Aquitians remain crippled in the bone-dry swimming pool. They fidget about, but can't get there bodies up. Delphine extends her hand outward, and pleads weakly, "Help.... help us... !" She slowly switches hands, moaning as stares at it as she reaches for assistance, which doesn't come! Good thing Bulk & Skull are still at the dried up lake, otherwise they'd be skateboarding all over the Aquitians in that emptied pool!
[To be concluded...; end credits]
The Alien Rangers back up, and lay gently down in a heap on the dried out ground. Delphine yawns, and Aurico asks, "He wants us to back up and do it again? Okay!"; Hydro-Hog, lakeside, calls for, "Makeup!" A man from the crew approaches him, and remarks, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"; Rita seems to forget her line, smiling normally, groaning and turning around; Bulk & Skull, lying on their boogieboards on the dried up lake, look around, wondering, "Huh?!" over and over; Aisha tilts over on her side and rubs her eyes while groaning; Due to a quick cut, Tanya looks like she teleports in out of nowhere, giggling all the while; Bulk & Skull continue laying there confused. They look at each other, and shrug off the whole event; The five Alien Rangers stagger into a dehydrated heap, in footage sped up comedically; Delphine looks at Alpha, forgets her lines, and lifts her palms up quickly while getting ready for a take; The Alien Rangers are all knocked backward by an unseen force, though Black & Red don't quite fall to the ground like their teammates; Goldar slaps his golden helmet with both his hand and his sword, exclaiming, "I've GOT to get a new agent!"; Near the line of boulders, Tanya stands in front of Aisha, giggling, "I forgot the... thing!"

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