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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
"Hogday Afternoon, Part II"
Original Air Date: 2/17/96 Featuring Footage From:
Kakuranger #23 - Dengekii!! Shiroi Kaichou (
A Shock!! The Strange White Bird)

*Season 3
*Official Fox Kids Show Number PR-343
*43rd episode aired
*154th total Power Rangers episode
*Unofficially, this is episode 9 of the Alien Rangers saga. *Offically, this is the FINAL Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode. The continuity would continue, of course.

Writers: Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson Director: Isaac Florentine
Starring Cast:
Michael R. Gotto _AS_ Young Tommy
Jason David Frank _AS_ Tommy
Julia Jordan _AS_ Young Katherine
Catherine Sutherland _AS_ Kat
Michael J. O'Laskey II _AS_ Young Rocky
Steve Cardenas _AS_ Rocky
"Sicily" _AS_ Young Aisha
Karan Ashley _AS_ Aisha
Matthew Sakimoto _AS_ Young Adam
Johnny Yong Bosch _AS_ Adam
David Yost _AS_ Billy
? _AS_ Young Tanya
Nakia Burrise _AS_ Tanya
Cody Slaton _AS_ Young Bulk
Paul Schrier _AS_ Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Ross J. Samya _AS_ Young Skull
Jason Narvy _AS_ Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Rajia Baroudi _AS_ Delphine (White Ranger)
David Bacon _AS_ Aurico (Red Ranger)
Karim Prince _AS_ Cestro (Blue Ranger)
Jim Gray _AS_ Tideus (Yellow Ranger)
Alan Palmer _AS_ Corcus (Black Ranger)

Additional Cast:
Shell Danielson _AS_ Reporter [Note: Also the Co-writer!]
Bob Manahan _AS_ Zordon (voice)
Donene Kistler _AS_ Alpha 5
Richard Wood _AS_ Alpha 5 (voice)
Carla Perez _AS_ Rita Repulsa
Barbara Goodson _AS_ Rita Repulsa (voice)
Ed Neil _AS_ Lord Zedd
Robert Axelrod _AS_ Lord Zedd (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan _AS_ Goldar (voice)
Bob Pappenbrook _AS_ Rito Revolto (voice)
? _AS_ Hydro-Hog (voice)


[Previously on MMPR (Replaced by the FINAL? segment of the Zeo Serial Preview during the Spring 96 reairings); Opening credits]
A violent stormcloud rages in the atmosphere of the planet Earth. Lightning strikes all about, as more and more clouds grow around it, forcibly. The source is the blue swirling aqua-tornado created by the Hydro-Hog. It sucks up every body of water, lake, reservoir, you name it. The twister leaves nothing behind but bone dry holes in the ground with dried up dirt and withering vegetation. In the Command Center, our heroes watch the Viewing Globe, as a female reporter stands amid the brittle ground of what was once a pond or something. She explains the situation on a global scale, "Scientists are baffled by the extraordinary water shortage that the world is facing. Weathermen around the world have joined forces to investigate the massive cloud coverage that is apparently sapping and collecting the world's water supply." The female reporter, by the way, is also the co-writer of many PR episodes, Shell Danielson. The cameraman pans up to the cloud coverage in the distance, as thunder rumbles loudly, and more water is added to the mass evaporation effecting the planet. Alpha exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! This is terrible! The whole planet is in danger!" Billy, always thinking, watches the weather phenomenon (likely know as "El Hydro") and remarks, "There's got to be a way to release the water from that cloud bank." Tommy stresses, "We've GOT to come up with something fast. The Alien Rangers can't last much longer." Zordon turns their attention away from the Globe, when he says, "Alpha, you and Billy must devise a mechanism that will reverse the cloud's polarity and cause it to return the water." The automaton eagerly replies, "Right, Zordon!" Rocky, as antsy as his other de-aged teammates from lack of battle, asks, "Is there anything WE can do?" Billy somberly puts it simply, "Just hope for rain." (I thought the term was "Pray for rain"? Oh well. I'm sure the Rangers are more worried now that since there's No Rain, Zedd & Rita might release a giant version of the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video. Frightening!)
Momentarily, Billy & Alpha have begun work on the mechanism Zordon suggested. It's a laser cannon type device, which the two tweak with fancy sparkly power drills. Billy's got a green-light one, and Alpha a pinkish light bulb. Their tasks cease when Tommy & Adam walk in from one of the darkened side rooms, carrying two small bottles of a clear liquid. Tommy tells them, "We found some water!" Alpha replies, "That's the FIRST good news we've had all day!" Adam remarks, "You were right, Alpha. It was in the Command Center's earthquake readiness kit." (despite how Rocky once said there are no earthquakes in Angel Grove, go fig) Billy mentions, "You guys should get that to Delphine and the others, right away!" Alpha states, "I've sent the other Rangers out in search of more water. I'll tell them to join you!" The automaton hits some buttons on a console, Tommy & Adam clutch the bottled water, and Tommy says, "We're out of here!" The two Ranger kids teleport off into the sky, in their usual black & white streaks of energy. The only human Ranger left not playing divining-rod, Billy asks the robotic assistant, "So what do you think, Alpha? Is this Hyper-Ionization beam gonna work?" Alpha replies, "I am relatively sure it will work, Billy. But, just how effective it will be, I'm afraid I cannot say!" Billy figures, "Well, it's just got to relieve enough water from that cloud to get the Alien Rangers back on their feet." Alpha concurs, "Right!", and the two go back to work, firing up their sparkily tools and adjusting the laser device to the best of their ability.

Meanwhile, at the Angel Grove Public Pool, the five Aquitians are as we last left them, laid out along the bottom of the empty pool. They're in agony over lack of hydration, struggling to remain breathing. The Aquitians are still squirming around on the ground in push-up positions, though Delphine has her hand extended out as per the end of the last episode. Help finally arrives to the gagging and flopping fish people, in the form of Adam & Tommy teleporting into the pool. They rush over to their allies, with Tommy handing Delphine the bottle of water and urging her to, "Here, drink this!" She eagerly gulps down the precious liquid, and manages to reply, "Thank you!", between slurps. Adam does the same for Cestro, it seems. Tommy promises the dehydrated Aquitians, "We're going to figure this WHOLE thing out, Delphine. Just hang on." The look on Tommy's face says otherwise, as his faith has been seriously tested by the streak of bad luck of late. Up on the Moon Palace balcony, Rita peers through her Repulsascope with maniacal delight. She chuckles, "Heh, YES!", before turning to her throne-sitting husband and squealing, "HA! That Hydro-Hog has REALLY done the job! There's NO way the little Power Brats could revive those Alien Rangers with a few drops of water! Hahaha!" Lord Zedd arises and exclaims, "YES, my putrid pet! Soon, the Command Center shall cease to exist, and then the Zeo Crystal shall be...." Rita cuts in, "OURS! Hahaha!" Zedd says under his breath, still getting the hang of this 'share and share alike' marriage thing, "Ah, yes. 'Ours'."

Across time and space, in an Africa village, darkness has fallen. Surrounding the blazing fire in the center of the settlement, are various villagers. They're likely eating guano or whatever it is that that the tribal people do. An old woman is approached by Aisha & Tanya, who both apparently made is safely through the plains without any incident from the fevered animals. The old woman, a wise lady indeed as she even can speak English, sees the girls and says warmly, "Tanya, you know better than to be out after nightfall!" The young African-American girl turned African girl replies, "I'm sorry, Ashalla! I was tracking that lion and then..." Aisha cuts in, backing up her new friend's claim by saying, "She ended up rescuing me. I'm Aisha, and I apologize if I caused any problems." Ashalla gets a peculiar gleam in her eye upon seeing Aisha fully in the fire's light. She remarks, "Let me take a look at you. Why, it's as if I was looking at my own reflection, 50 years ago!" Aisha realizes a connection, "I remember my mom telling me about my Great Aunt Ashalla. Do you think... ?" (like that's a common name?!) Ashalla confirms it, "Yes! It is a sign! You are HOME!" Tanya & Aisha look at each other, and shrug their shoulders, a bit confused as to what all of this is meaning. Soon, they've spent some time resting by the fire and warming their bones. Aisha strikes up a conversation with the wise woman (you think she has a cane like the other wise people during the Zeo Quest?), "Tanya told me about the animals." Ashalla explains, "This is a dark time for us. The animals represent our future. When they cease to exist, so shall we. That is why you have come! To learn, to reach your potential, to deliver us from this great time of struggle. YOU are the chosen one." Aisha has trouble soaking this info into her cute little brain, noting, "But I was sent here on a quest to FIND something." Ashalla mentions, "I have often called on the power of MY personal talisman when I am unsure. I give it to YOU, now. In hopes that you will stay." She opens up a small chest near her feet, revealing an eerie green glow from within, unsettling Aisha's nerves. She gasps and slowly reaches into the chest, picking up the glowing object. It's the final Zeo Subcrystal, which changes its illuminating color to yellow upon contact with Aisha. Not only that, but the yellow energy flows through her arms and upperchest as she holds it. The glowing stops as Aisha admires the shard, and states, "This is what I was sent here to find!" Ashalla reveals, "We were told, that there would be a time when it would save us. Perhaps, that day is here." Aisha lowers the Zeo Subcrystal onto her lap, and appears unsure about what the wise woman wants from her.

Meanwhile, back in the present at the Angel Grove Public Pool, Kat drags along a wooden wagon with several bottles of water inside it. Rocky helps keep it steady. Kat yells (accent now 100% gone) out to her teammates within the pool, "We managed to find a few more bottles of water!" Adam smiles and commends them, "Way to go, guys!" The humans help out in a line. Rocky picks up a bottom, hands it to Adam, who hands it to Kat, who hands it to Tommy hanging onto the pool ladder. Tommy mentions, "We just have to do everything we can to keep them hydrated." He rushes over and begins to help Aurico drink down the tapwater. Kat soon follows and aides Tideus, noting to Tommy, "They're not doing so well, are they?" He simply shakes his head and stares off to the side, this lack of fighting and more Ranger power than he ever deserved must be killing him! Elsewhere, back in the Command Center, Billy installs a small green liquid tube into the laser device. Once it's inserted, he shouts, "Done!" Zordon orders his assistant, "Alpha, bring up the cumulous cloud on the Viewing Globe and aim the Hyper-Ionization beam directly into it." Alpha obeys, "Right away, Zordon! Ay-yi-yi! I hope this works!" Zordon continues, "Billy, the Alien Rangers' vital signs are beginning to weaken. Proceed at once!" Billy does so, turning the laser device towards the Viewing Globe, and saying, "Right, Zordon. Cross your digits, Alpha! Here goes." He fires the orange beam into the Globe, causing it to seemingly ride along the transmission signal and fire off into the massive mass of clouds. The violent thunderstorm raging within the forced evaporation structure gets broken into by the ion-ray. Billy holds tight onto the control grips of the laser gun, and strangely, his body glows blue as he shoots the beam! Alpha encourages him, "That's it, Billy! You've got it! Steady now, steady!" The Hyper-Ionization beam pays off, as the orange ray rips into the clouds, and causes them to snap their hold on the world's water supply. Thunder and lightning rips about, as it begins to rain for the first time in days.

At the pool, several discarded empty bottles get doused. So focused on the task of filling the Aquitians up with tapwater, Tommy doesn't even realize that it's raining until he's soaked! He exclaims happily while staring at the sky, "YES! It's raining!" Adam remarks, "Billy & Alpha, to the rescue!" The five Aquitians start to do their little hydration stance, raising their motioning hands into the air, and absorbing the essence of the water splashing down around them. Delphine groans contentedly, "Better... Much better!" Just as quickly as it began, the downpour ends, the beam blasting having been only a temporary solution. Kat cries, "Oh no! The rain is stopping!" Aurico tells them, "It is enough. Enough to finish the Hydro-Hog." The Aquitians arise, reenergized and reinvigorated. Rocky cautions them, "Careful! You guys aren't fully rehydrated yet!" They ignore his pleads, and Delphine leads the charge by looking into the camera and shouting, "It's... MORPHIN' time!" The Quintet of Aquitians morph into the Aquitar powered Alien Rangers, once more with feeling! They end up teleporting onto a rooftop of a building, where they pose, perfectly morphed with two humanoid shaped stone sculptures behind standing them. Hydro-Hog is on a roof level just above them, rubbing his thick stomach as he remarks, "Huh-huh! Nothing stops me, once I get a thirst for a planet!" He immediately jumps off the building, landing on the ground level below. The Red Aquitar Ranger does his "thumbs down" hand motion, and proclaims, "Wrong, Hydro-Hog!" The five Alien Rangers leap flip into the air, and follow him to the bottom floor. He's waiting for them, with a large metal anchor at his disposal! Hydro-Hog heaves the anchor at Blue & Black Aquitar Rangers, causing them sparkily pain. White & Yellow Aquitar Rangers try to take the monster by surprise, jumping at him with their swords drawn. He gets wise to their attack, and flashes out of the way, appearing just a few feet behind where they land. His weapon switches from an anchor, to an elongated fin-saber. Tideus & Delphine turn around, and try striking at him, only to have their sword swipes blocked by Hydro-Hog's fin-blade. He returns the gesture by slashing into both of them, taking the Alien Rangers down with ease (if you notice, in the background, is a working water fountain! Guess he missed a spot!). The final Aquitar Ranger, Aurico, hops in and tries bombarding Hydro-Hog's belly with a barrage of midair kicks. The Emperor of the Dark Waters merely laughs it off, and while circling the Red Ranger, he gloats, "It's gonna take more than a polliwog like you to stop me!" Hydro-Hog instantly ditches his fin-saber and begins to throw mini water-mines, resembling those on his shoulders, yelling, "Here, catch!" Aurico fails to, and gets rained down by explosives. He avoids being blown away, and rolls along the ground, before leaping back into the air, with his sword ready. Up on the moon, Lord Zedd tells his wife, "We need to put an end to those meddling Alien interlopers!" Rita concurs, "Hah! It's time to make our monster grow! And then we can squash those Ranger Runts like flies!" Zedd's arms crackle with red energy as he grabs his Z-Staff, crosses it with Rita's Magic Wand, and the two fire their combined powers towards Earth, shouting in unison, "Make our monster grow! Hahaha!" He's not really THEIR monster, but they fire their collective energies through the usual thundercloud, dropping down in a hail of lightning. Hydro-Hog is struck, grows to the size of the skyscrapers, and comments, "Hoooahh! Getta load a'me!"
The giant Hydro-Hog boasts, "I'm gonna crush you like sea-lice!" The five Alien Rangers, their usual Battle Borgs useless against this menace, summon, "Shogun Megazord power!" They stand in a row, their hands held in a particularly ninja stance. Their bodies suddenly zip into their Ranger colored energies, and reappear against a black screen, each having "turned into" their personal Shogunzord. The similarly stanced Shogunzords then turn and face the camera, before zipping into colored energy again, and forming together into the mighty Shogun Megazord! The huge Hydro-Hog, wielding his sword once more, waddles across the city, figuring, "This is gonna be easy! Heha!" He swipes at the equally sized Shogun Megazord, but it deflects the blow with its arm. A second & third strike, this time at the Megazord's chest, are successful, causing a flash of sparks. Hydro-Hog giggles evilly, and switches sides with its opponent, before slashing into the Shogun Megazord's shoulder and causing another sparking burst. The Megazord finally activates its right arm flaming fish-saber, whipping it up, charging it up against the backdrop of a large Japanese building, and dropping it down. This final blow is not as finishing as normal, as Hydro-Hog is able to grab the saber's blade (which cease being just a long torch and solidifies) without being harmed! The Shogun Megazord seems shocked, as Hydro-Hog holds the blade and gloats, "Uh-uh-uh! You don't get to win like that this time! Face it, Rangers. I've got you outclassed!" He leads the Megazord around, shoves the fish-saber upward, and then while its dazed, bashes into its hull a couple of times with his fin-sword! Hydro-Hog has the time of his watery life, ripping into the weakened Shogun Megazord. He dances around the city, trashing buildings to pieces in between striking at the disoriented Megazord. Hydro-Hog jabs his sword into the Megazord one last time, causing it to stumble aback some. Given enough space, the Emperor of the Dark Waters then coughs up a fireball from his mouth, shooting it directly into the Megazord. That's all it takes to make the ancient fighting machine explode massively, drop its fish-saber, and fall limply forward, body smoking all the while (though it actually appears to vanish as it falls!).

Elsewhere, in the Command Center Storage Room, Rito Revolto & Goldar are attempt to the best of the henchmonster ability to disarm the Implosion Generator they brought with them to the 'backdoor' of the console room. They have several tools out, likely from one of the storage boxes surrounding them. The central detonator of the bomb is placed atop some suitcases, as they sit around it. Rito picks his nose-hole and flings the booger off, as Goldar asks him, "So, how do we turn this thing off?" The skeletal soldier hastily remarks, "Easy. Iiiiit's.... HAMMER time!" He picks up a hammer, and prepares to bash the device to smithereens. Goldar luckily halts him (with a wrench in his hand), and cautions, "Whoa-whoa-whoa. Not THAT." Rito drops the hammer and sulks, wanting desperately to clock in some destruction today, even if it involves destroying himself! Goldar states, "I'll do it myself!", and begins to use the wrench (and a fork in his other hand!) to carefully mess with the inner workings of the Implosion Generator. Rito whines, "Ohhh, I NEVER have any fun!" A level or two above them, in the console room of the Command Center, the Viewing Globe is busy showing stuff we've already seen. Namely, the "Alien Rangers pose near the stones as Hydro-Hog is up above them". Our human heroes turn away from the Globe, as Tommy says, "The Shogun Megazord is down! Zordon, we have to help them!" Zordon replies, "The Hydro-Hog is too powerful for the Shogunzord alone. It appears they need additional power." Billy brainstorms quickly and blurts out, "The Falconzord! I can use the remote control device to initiate the Shogun MegaFalconzord!" Zordon states, "Excellent idea, Billy! Do so, at once!" Billy looks over, and there the tiny Falconzord replica is, sitting atop a console. He picks it up, and prepares to install it into the computer base. Why they didn't think of this sooner, is unclear. The remote device is quite handy when it comes to bypassing certain obstacles involving their Megazords. The human Rangers are unable to access their Ninjazords due to the age regression (and now lack of coins), but this cheat trick will be able to make the semi-sentient Falconzord think otherwise.

The giant, sword-wielding Hydro-Hog casually walks through the city, proclaiming, "Haha! NOTHING can stop me now!" Suddenly, the screeching cry of the White Falconzord makes the scene for the first time since "The Sound Of Dischordia"! It swoops in from under the glow of the sun high above, passing through the clouds on a direct decent towards Angel Grove. Its eyes glowing with intent, the Falconzord locks its metal wings together, and begins to unload a barrage of missiles at the monster! Hydro-Hog is taken unawares, blasted completely by the wing-tip explosives, and dropping his fin-saber. While the Emperor of the Dark Waters is dazed from the sneak attack, the White Falconzord dives underneath a nearby bridge, and flaps around the city, stretching out its wings. Hydro-Hog recovers and remarks, "So, you wanna play rough?!", before firing a fireball cough at the majestic flying machine. The Falconzord merely speeds up, and jets across the streets, dodging every blast shot its way. After distracting the evil creature with some fancy flying, the Falconzord zooms off towards the Shogun Megazord. The "Go Go Alien Rangers" theme plays heavily in the back ground, mostly instrumental, for the final time in the series. The Falconzord successfully links up with the Shogun Megazord, locking in between its shoulders as per usual. The Shogun MegaFalconzord stands triumphantly initiated before Hydro-Hog, who trembles while scoffing, "Should I be impressed?!" The red wingtips sticking out of the Megazord's chest suddenly light up, and unload a full munitions' worth of firepower into the air. Hydro-Hog is struck by every single blast shot his way, screaming in agony as his body explodes. He topples over, and bursts into a scorching ball of fire, apparently leaving nothing behind. I honestly suspect he "got away", given the nature of Head Baddies in PR, though got knocked down a notch in the Aquitar Food Chain. This also marks the final appearance of the Shogun Megazord and the Falconzord. They're never seen again, though most likely end up borrowed by the Aquitians for use on their home planet.

At the Command Center, the five Earth Rangers slap each other an equal number (five), and cheer for their successful allies. Alpha giggles and exclaims, "Yippee! Haha! Heh-heh!" On the Viewing Globe, the demorphed Aquitians appear, having returned to the still-empty pool. Delphine contacts them, saying, "Zordon, we must go in search of water. We are teleporting back to the lake." (we must assume, since its never said, that all water evaporated into the clouds were safely returned to their original source after Hoggy got wasted) Zordon replies gratefully, "We cannot possibly thank you enough, Rangers. Now go rest, and rehydrate yourselves." Adam remarks to his pals, "I just wish Aisha would get back. We really NEED that crystal." Alpha pats him on the shoulder, until Zordon states, "Alpha, we must find a way to make contact with Aisha. Begin scanning all temporal dimensions for her biorhythms." The automaton obeys, "Right away, Zordon!", and starts pressing buttons on the console. Meanwhen, dawn has come to Africa. Aisha, Tanya & Ashalla have either been up all night, or got just a few hours sleep. They're out in a field, darkness blanketing their bodies as the orange glow of daybreak on the horizon. Ashalla asks her ward, "You are absolutely certain about this?" Tanya nods, "Yes, we are." Aisha, clutching her Zeo Subcrystal, tells the wise woman, "We have to go back to where Tanya originally found me." Ashalla gives them permission, "Very well. It is AB-solutely for the best!" She hugs the two girls tightly, and lets them go. As they walk off, Ashalla waves, bidding, "Safe journey, little one!" In the present, on the Viewing Globe, a statical transmission begins to appear on the Viewing Globe. Alpha exclaims, "Zordon! I'm getting a signal through the time hole!" The signal becomes clear, showing Aisha & Tanya wandering through the African plains, the sun now fully out. Kat happily shouts upon seeing her 'best friend', "It's Aisha!" Rocky wonders, "Who's that with her?" Adam spots what's under his longtime pal's arm, and points out, "She has the crystal!" Alpha cheers, "Hooray!" Zordon states, "Prepare for transmission and teleportation. It's time to bring Aisha home."

Soon, in Africa, Aisha & Tanya have returned to the place the quest began, the line of boulders in the field. Tanya asks the Ranger girl worriedly, "What if I don't fit in? What if they don't want me?" Aisha promises, "They'll love as much as I do." (Sheesh, they JUST met!) Suddenly, a hologram image of Zordon's big blue head appears in the big blue cloudy skies above. He calls out from beyond the veil of time, "Aisha, do you have the crystal in your possession?" Tanya points up the head, and asks Aisha, "Is that... Zordon?" Aisha nods and smiles, before replying to her mentor, "Zordon, this is Tanya. I'm sending her back with my crystal. I HAVE to stay here. With my knowledge with animals, and my experience as a Power Ranger, I KNOW I can help find a cure for this plague." Zordon reveals, "My instincts told this would happen with one of you. We shall miss you greatly, Aisha. We are ALL proud of your accomplishments." Aisha says somberly, "I'm not gonna say goodbye, you guys. I love you, and being a part of you has meant EVERY-thing to me." Zordon explains, "We ALL feel the same about you. Aisha, your decision to remain has altered the course of your family's history, and you will find that they have joined you when the world is returned to the future." (It's unclear if Zordon means that because she stayed in Africa while a "kid", that her family now lives there. It's very unlikely, since the world WASN'T regressed through time, just physically reversed. Rather, because she's remained there with her Great Aunt, a family connection, when time resettles itself, the timeline will be adjusted so that her mom and dad have decided to move there between the scenes. Her time in Angel Grove hasn't been erased, but instead, the days before/during the Earth's reversal have been altered so her family abruptly chose to move to Africa! Freaky, ain't it?) Aisha smiles and remarks, "YES! I KNEW I was making the right choice. Somehow, I feel this is where I belong. THIS is the answer to my quest." She looks over to Tanya, and asks her calmly, "Are you ready?", as she holds the Zeo Subcrystal in both hands, and extends her arms outward, palms up. Tanya admits, "I'm a little nervous," before reaching in and taking hold of the shard with both her hands. The crystal glows yellow, the energy coursing through Tanya's arms as she pulls its towards herself. Aisha agrees, "Yeah, me too." Zordon comforts the uneasy girl, "You need not be frightened, Tanya. Know that the power will protect you." Tanya looks to Aisha, and tells her, "Bye. I'll make you proud." The thundercloud time vortex suddenly opens above the girl in tribal clothes, as the symbol atop the Zeo Subcrystal, that of Parallel Bars, is fired off into the air in yellow energy. I say parallel instead of "double", for a simple reason. It represents Tanya & Aisha's parallel lives, how each are nearly mirror image to one another, until they met, and switched places without skipping a beat. The image is fired off, and Tanya is sucked into the vortex. Aisha sighs in response to her departing replacement, "You already have."

In the present, at the Command Center, our human heroes watch this on the Viewing Globe. Tears roll down Kat's face, as she sobs, "I'm gonna miss her." Billy rubs her shoulders and pats them comfortingly. Adam & Rocky, having been best pals with Aisha since they were kids, seem quite shaken up as well. They turn around when Zordon tells them, "We must all be strong, and welcome Tanya with open arms. This is a VERY brave thing that she has done." A moment later, the yellow parallel bars retract, the time vortex opens one last time, and Tanya is deposited into the console room, clutching the Subcrystal. She curiously glances around, until Billy approaches her and smiles, saying, "Tanya, welcome." Tanya notes, "You must be... Billy." He confirms, nodding, "Right." She hands over the final Zeo Shard, "This is for you." He takes the Subcrystal, and begins admiring its design. Zordon commands, "Billy, now it is time to put the Zeo Crystal in order!" Billy confirms, "Right, Zordon." Alpha heads over to the center table, where the Zeo Transformer is in place. He activates something on the side it, and moves out of the way as Billy heads over, remarks, "Here goes nothing" with a sigh, and readies the final piece. He holds the Subcrystal above his head, aiming it into the slot next to the other four shards inside the device. Tanya's eyes widen, as she witnesses the crystal glow yellow, as Billy impales it into the Transformer, along with its fellow Zeo Subcrystals. They all begin to glow in unison, their colors now mixing into a vibrant rainbow as they hum loudly, and the Transformer starts to spin around. The kids get excited, and Alpha exclaims, "It's working, Billy! Oh, isn't it wonderful?!" The completed Zeo Crystal in the center of the device starts to cast out a beam of bluish white energy into the sky. No less than a few seconds pass after the Transformer's begun doing what it was built for, and the ground begins to quake rapidly. Everyone in the console room, except Alpha, are knocked off their feet by the instant earthquake. Below them, in the Storage Room, Rito & Goldar also feel the vibrating effects, though mistake the cause of it. Rito screams, "Ahhh! The implosion device! It's goin' off!" Goldar grabs the central bomb sphere off the quaking stack of cases, and corrects his partner, "No, it hasn't, you nincompoop!" Rito whines, "Yes, it iiiisss!", and Goldar points out, "It's still ticking!"

An exterior shot of the planet Earth. Frozen, still in place. In a quick white flash, the five energy symbols of the Zeo Crystal appear surrounding the atmosphere. The Red Star, the Blue Triangle, the Green Square, the Yellow Parallel Bars, the Pink Oval. They begin to spin around the globe in a counterclockwise motion, causing the world to follow their direction. The physical reversal to Earth caused by the Orb Of Doom is being undone, at last! Over on the Evil Moon Palace, Lord Zedd sits on his throne, and seems not to care that his father-in-law's lengthy scheme has finally ended. Instead, he's proclaiming, "The Zeo Crystal and all its power shall be OURS in mere moments!" Rita, who's over near her Repulsascope, adds with wicked glee, "Ahh, yes! We'll let those Power Punks have a few moments of power, and then take it all AWAY! OH! It feels so GOOD to be so MEAN!" The husband & wife would-be conquerors of the universe, engage in a few moments of malicious laughter together. Down in Angel Grove, Bulk & Skull have since last episode fled the lake, changed into their typical punk attire, and are hanging out at the kiddie park. They ARE kids, after all. The bumbling duo rock back and forth on the swing-set, with Bulk saying, "Okay, the first one who gets the highest, wins!" Skull agrees, "Alright!", and the two start to swing their little hearts out. Bulk belts a Tarzan-like yelp, and the best buddies laugh in unison. The bumbling duo grunt loudly upon an upswing, and Bulk exclaims, "I win!" As he reaches the maximum height, a white flash engulfs them, restoring the status quo and proper ages to everyone on the planet! The normally aged Bulk & Skull continue swinging on the swings, their dimwitted mindset having not really changed much since childhood. Bulk remarks, "Altitude, baby!", gloating about his victory in the bet. His sudden weight increase causes the two chains to snap on the swing, and send him slamming, butt-first, into the sand! Skull gives his trademark laugh, while rubbing in, "You're a LOSER, Bulkie!" The strain he's been putting on the swings also causes his chains to snap, and he ends up flying off over next to his pal on the ground. They're dazed from the fall, and from the disorientation of the time-spell's correction. Bulk slowly realizes, "What're we doing here?!" Skull looks at the broken chains and vows, "I won't tell anybody if you don't!" Bulk nods and replies, "Mm-hmm!", Skull giggles, and they rush off to likely get back to their duties of slacking off as Junior Policemen. An interesting question is raised here. How much of the reversal does everyone on Earth remember? It's never addressed, so it's possible that time was corrected physically back to the point where it left off. It'd probably just be a trip down memory lane to them, especially if they found themselves doing something they hadn't in 7-10 years, like Bulk & Skull.

At the Command Center, Billy is the first teen to lift his head after the quaking ends. He was of normal age during the reversal, thanks to his Regenerator (though the Zeo Crystal's correction of the planet WILL have effects on his Power Coin experiment much later in the series), and so he appears as usual. He glances over to see how the others fared. Tommy sits up, reaches around his head and feels his ponytail, then looks at his large hands. Now back at his original age, Tommy exclaims, "We're back!" Rocky, his hair back to being short (as opposed to long like his younger self), shouts, "It worked!", while sitting up. He's under one of the console shelves while doing so, and ends up bonking his head on it! Rocky rubs his noggin for a second, then playfully slaps Billy's leg, commending him on the job, "Way to go, Billy!" The Transformer's creator smiles and tells his age-restored teammates, "It's good to have you guys back again!" Zordon states, "Welcome back, Rangers! And congratulations on a job well done!" They begin to stand up, one by one. Adam, who has hair far shorter than when the Orb was activated, adjusts his collar. Kat, whose hair seems a bit longer, smiles and looks over for the final member of their group, asking, "Tanya! Are you okay?" The girl in tribal attire arises, appearing as a teenager somewhere around their ages. She looks quite different physically than they first met her, such as her skin color is a tad bit lighter, and her nose is somewhat changed, but her optimistic demeanor remains. She smiles widely, and looks at the Ranger teens, saying, "After everything that's happened today, I KNOW it's going to take me a while to get the hang of things." Notice, everyone is wearing 'adult sized' versions of all the outfits they had on as kids. Adam helps the bent-over Alpha stand upright, smiles at Tanya, and tells her, "Don't worry. We'll be there to help you every step of the way." Zordon orders, "Alpha, please locate Aisha again. We have to make sure she's made it through the transition safely." The automaton obeys, "Right away, Zordon!", and presses some buttons. The teens huddle near the Viewing Globe, and await the transmission.

The screen shows Aisha, restored to her true age (Karan Ashley in her final appearance on the series, this quick shot the compromise for her ending her contract early), heading back towards the African village. Billy notes, "It looks like she made it through the transition just fine." Aisha happily hugs Ashalla, who tells her, "Welcome home, child!" This scene seems to imply that Tanya came from a point in time DURING the time reversal. Otherwise? She just lost 7-10 years of her life! The fact Aisha turned back to normal while still "elsewhen in time", backs this claim up considerably. It obviously wasn't happening concurrent with the events in this two parter, but rather, some recent point within the past few weeks that the planet had been under the Orb's spell. Anyway, Kat waves at the Globe, bidding somberly, "Bye, Aisha!" (she won't be forgotten, as we'll see in a future episode) Zordon adds, "It is also time to bid farewell to our OTHER friends." Tommy promises, "We'll do that in person, Zordon." Alpha talks to the new recruit, "Tanya, we would like you to remain HERE, so that we may fill you in on some details." Kat informs her, "Don't worry, Tanya. You'll be in GOOD hands." The former reluctant African girl seems not to care, but Alpha pats her on the back and says, "They'll be back soon!" Tommy tells his team, "Alright! Let's do it!" Even though their powers are gone (which Billy once used as an excuse for why they couldn't), they six teens press the button on the side of the Communicators, and teleport out of the Command Center in their usual streaks of light. I'm thinking it has more to do with the fact the CC's regained a lot of its lost power output thanks to the planet being restored to its normal physiology. Anywank, in the Storage Room beneath the console room, Goldar still has the detonator in his grubby paws. Nervously, he tosses it into the air, saying, "I don't wanna hold it, YOU hold it!" Rito, biting his fingertips and is barely able to catch it in time. He whines, "Ahhh, ME?! No way!" He jerkily places it back on the holster on the stack of cases in front of them. Goldar grabs it anxiously, worriedly yelling, "You're gonna make it go off!" Rito cowers with his hands against his face, crying, "Awww! Don't say 'go off'! No!" Goldar growls and clutches the bomb between his trembling fingers.

Elsewhere, at Angel Grove Lake, the five Aquitians stand in a line on the deserted beach. All of the water has been restored to the lake, that much is for certain. The five Ranger teens teleport directly in front of them, and extend their hands out in greeting. This scene is quite similar to the Aquitians meeting them to begin with in "ARoA2", come to think of it. They pair up facing like this: Cestro to Adam, Kat to Tideus, Delphine to Tommy, Billy to Aurico, and Rocky to Corcus. Cestro & Adam seem to do a kind of funky special handshake, Kat's with Tideus is more elegant, Billy just nods at the stance-locked Aurico, and Rocky bumps fists with Corcus. Tommy's with Delphine is pretty basic. He tells her, "Thank you!", and she replies, "Tommy? Yes, of course it is." The Aquitians are seeing our human heroes for the first time in their normal ages, if you recall. Tommy adds, "We've come to say goodbye." Rocky confirms, "Yes, you must get back to your planet and get well!" Billy tells the Aliens, "I don't even know how to thank you for everything you've done." Aurico replies, "You would do the same for us." Kat agrees, "In a heartbeat!" Adam smirks and states, "We'll miss you." Cestro returns the gesture, "And we, you. But our own environment awaits." Corcus admits, "We have learned MUCH from your planet." Delphine bids, "Till we meet again, Power Rangers of Earth." The five Aquitians bow before their respected allies in arms. Tommy retorts, "Until we meet again, Rangers of Aquitar." The five humans bow in return, with Tommy giving the female leader of the Alien Rangers a flirty grin. She seems attracted to his mature form, and slips in a quick sly wink at him, causing him to chuckle. The Aquitians step back and get into position, motioning their arms and causing their bodies to shimmer with blue wavy aquatic energy. In the blink of an eye, the Aquitians transform into their intergalactic teleportational forms, Ranger-colored water molecule shapes. They shoot off into the sky, and depart the planet Earth (apparently from Egypt!), one last time. They head home to Aquitar, though will return to our side of the galaxy one day in the future.
In the Storage Room, the Implosion Generator detonator clock has reached the 50 seconds remaining mark! Either the henchmonsters' meddling with it caused it to speed up a bit, or it's been upwards to about 16 hours since they activated it. Rito Revolto & Goldar stare as much impatiently as nervously at the central bomb sphere, both moaning and biting their fingertips worriedly. Rito groans, "I don't like this thing! Ohhh, the suspense is KILLING me!", and Goldar's fearful teeth chattering grows a bit louder. From out of nowhere, Rita Repulsa's voice echoes into the room, screaming, "ALRIGHT, you numbskulls! Go get the crystal! NOW!" That's the call they've been waiting for, so the two henchmonsters grab their respective swords and arise. Rito exclaims, "Whoa! Finally! We're outta here!" Goldar urges, "We gotta hurry! The Implosion Device is gonna blow!" Rito remarks, "Talk about cuttin' it close!", just before he activates his personal teleportation method (his skull glowing orange, his body glowing blue, his body shrinking and hitching a ride in his head as it bounces off into the air), with Goldar doing the same (the orange flame body engulf method). They both vanish from the Storage Room, and a tall black box behind them reads in red letters "Alpha 4"! In the Command Center console room, Alpha 5 speaks to Tanya, filling her in on some details. He begins to say, "Morphing is when you...", only to be cut off when both Rito & Goldar teleport into the other side of the room! Alpha squeals "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!" and Tanya screams loudly, as they're taken by surprise by the evil space alien invaders. Rito even seems a bit shocked, groaning in surprise as his head does one of those cartoon astonishment facial extensions (in other words, his face shoots outward towards Alpha & Tanya)! Alpha announces in his typical robotic voice, "Intruder alert! Intruder alert!" It doesn't stop Goldar from approaching the Zeo Crystal Transformer on the table in the middle of the room. He reaches in and grabs the completed Zeo Crystal from within it (guess they shouldn't have left it lying around!). Zordon, helpless to stop them, commands, "Goldar! Rito! I ORDER you to leave at once!" The crystal appears to glow with a dark orange color when Goldar picks it up, and informs the Eltarian, "Duhhh, we were just on our way out!" Rito agrees, "Yeah! And so's the Zeo Crystal!" He puts his hand to his mouth and blows a kiss, which causes his head to flip off his body and land perfectly back in place, before shouting the immortal line, "CIAO, BAY-BAY!" Goldar & Rito instantly teleport out with the Zeo Crystal in their possession. Where they teleport to is unknown, but the subject of much debate. Alpha waves his hands around, at a loss for words. Tanya breathes heavily, having just had her first encounter with a monster, make that two!

Less than a moment later, the five Ranger teens teleport into the room, at the exact spot where Rito & Goldar just where. They don't realize anything's amiss, until Alpha exclaims, "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!!" Tommy asks, "Alpha, what's wrong?" The automaton points out, "Goldar & Rito have stolen the Zeo Crystal!" Kat heads over to the empty Transformer and gasps with her hand at her mouth, "Oh no!" Things only get worse, a level or two below them. The Implosion Generator detonator begins to tick louder and louder, the blinking device towers placed throughout the room also grow more intense. The central sphere's clock reaches 5 seconds and counting down! The digital display strikes zero, the bomb is activated, and fires off the first implosive burst. In the console room, the whole place comes alive with destructive sparks all over the place, as the entire foundation rumbles beneath their feet. Our heroes brace themselves as best they can, but get knocked nearly off their feet by only the first wave of detonation. Tanya screams, "What's happening?!", but Alpha can only reply in a dazed moan. Zordon orders, "Rangers, you must evacuate the Command Center!" Adam yells back loyally, "We can't leave you!", just before the second set of explosions fire up around him and his teammates. Smoke starts to fill the room, and once the fiery flashing ceases quaking them about, Alpha shouts, "Get out of here NOW, Rangers! Hurry! GO!" Rocky urges as loud as he can, "Come with us, Alpha!" The third set of implosive bursts then begin ripping through the Command Center, totally flooring our heroes, as debris flies through the air. Zordon tells his longtime companion, "Alpha, teleport them out, NOW!" Alpha obliges as best he can, walking cautiously across the room and replying, "Ay-yi-yi! Right, Zordon!" When he gets over near the teleportation console, he staggers. Billy screams, "Alpha! Noooooo!" and darts over to aid his pal. Alpha cries, "Ay-yi-yiiii!", while covering his head. Billy dives onto the console next to Alpha, and shields him from the impending blast. Rocky shouts, "No! Billy! What're you doing?!" It's too late, another set of implosive bursts fill the room, causing the console Billy is clutching to explode with a shower of sparks into his frail human body. He groans in agony, attempting to shield his eyes as he takes on the full force of the blinding computer destruction. The moment the flashing grinds to a slight halt, Alpha reaches the teleport section, presses some buttons, and yells, "Teleportation sequence activated!" All six of the weary teenagers are teleported out in a flash, Tanya's teleport color turns out to be Yellow! Once the Rangers are out of the room, Alpha cries, "Ay-yi-yi-yi! Zordonnnnn! I don't know what to do! Ay-yi-yi-yiiiii!!!" Debris rains down on his little robotic head, the consoles start sparking around him, and the whole place becomes a white-flashing inferno of implosive destruction. Alpha seemingly falls against the teleport console, and his screaming trails off.

On the ground level of the desert around the mountain the Command Center is rested atop, the six Ranger teens teleport safely onto the dirt. They're in pretty much the same position as they were when teleported out of the console room, with Billy apart from the rest, his arms held up near his face. The second they touchdown, they slump reluctantly down to the ground. Billy falls limply onto his stomach, apparently unconscious. Adam & Tommy quickly hop back to their feet, and stare up at the Command Center building high above them. Before their very eyes, the whole structure erupts in a massive fireball, debris flying everywhere as the entire building is engulfed in flames! The shockwave from the blast is so great, they're knocked off their feet from the force of the destruction. The Command Center explodes from several points of view, until the fiery sparking blasts swallow the screen, which fades to white. When the smoke clears, the teens are dusting themselves off. Tommy groans and looks around, asking, "Everybody okay?" Tanya, Adam, and Rocky all fail to reply, simply grunting as they struggle to pull themselves up from the ground. Kat sighs a reply to her wannabe boyfriend, "Yeah, I think so." She glances up to the mountain top, before looking down and spotting the missing member of their merry band of Morphin' misfits. Kat screams bloodcurdlingly at what she sees, "BILLY!" Billy lies in the dirt, seemingly devoid of life. Luckily, her voice is so loud that it wakes him up, as he stirs and opens his eyes. The five teens rush over to their injured teammate's side, as he lifts himself up and looks towards the top of the mountain. Billy ignores his own pains to cry, "NO! (cough, cough) PLEASE!" His teammates look at what he's witnessing in agony, a charred, singed husk of what used to be the Command Center. Only the very bottom part of the building remains, with mangled debris sticking out of its smoking carcass. Adam notes somberly, "Ah, man. It's GONE!" Kat gasps, "Zordon and Alpha!" Tanya asks, "Do you think they could have survived?" Tommy frowns angrily and shakes his head, stating, "I don't know." Kat turns to the team leader and wonders, "Tommy, what are we going to do?" He can only look down and slightly shake his head, before replying simply, "But this could be the end of the Power Rangers." Kat sadly mourns the apparent loss of their mentors and friends, and the loss of her birthday due to the time reversion. Tommy, Tanya, Katherine, Adam, Rocky, and Billy all stand up and stare depressingly up at what remains of the Command Center. The ominously dark version of the "Go Go Power Rangers" chime plays in the background.
[end credits!]
The Command Center exterior shot explodes!: Billy wakes up from his fall, and can only smile & giggle; Kat somberly looks up at the CC's remains, and begins to laugh; In the console room, Billy looks at the camera as he leans against the sparking computer. He smiles, almost enjoying the smoking lightshow appearing to come from within his rear end; At the lake, Tideus mocks our heroes, by giving a fake kung-fu stance and kiyaa shout; Young Kat's tearful face looks directly into the camera; Young Tommy makes a "my nose is snotty" face to the camera; Billy places the final Subcrystal into the socket and smiles at the camera; Young Aisha closes one eye and grins widely; Young Kat holds a bottle of water and starts smiling; Young Tommy & Young Kat, inside the empty pool, start to laugh with their Aquitian friends; At the lake, Delphine looks at Tommy and says gritting her teeth, "Let's DO it!" (talking to the crew, not him... I think); The Implosion Generator clock reaches zero, and starts back over at 999!; At the lake, the director yells cut, Tommy looks up and does a Keanu-like, "Whoah!"; In the Command Center, the first explosive blast jerks Kat next to the Transformer, causing her to begin laughing; Billy, in the shot where he's supposed to scream for Alpha, merely looks over and smiles into the camera; Young Adam, in the pool, holds an empty water bottle and laughs, twice, at Young Tommy; At the lake, Delphine, facing Tommy, apologizes and giggles, "I'm so sorry! Hehehe!"

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